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小燕下班后,跟Larry到一家爱尔兰酒吧去喝酒。今天我们要学两个常用语,一个是tough call, 一个是tone it down. (Sound of a bar and Irish music in the background) LL: Wow, Xiaoyan, you must be exhausted. Did you work a full shift? XY: 我今天连着当了两班,double Shift, 快累瘫了。好在这是纽约,能赚不少小费。 LL: So let's eat and drink, shall we? Here's the . XY: 好啊,我饿极了。你觉得点点儿什么好? LL: It's a tough call, Xiaoyan. There are a lot of great choices, so it's difficult to say that one in particular is the best. XY: 这有什么好难的!我告诉你什么叫难吧,我的日子才叫难呢! LL: You know? You are different than Li Hua when you don't understand something. She's so sweet...and you're... XY: 我怎么样?你是不是觉得我太张扬,不够温柔?我跟李华可不一样。(语气中带有一丝嫉妒) LL: 'A tough call' is a difficult decision to make, especially when there are so many choices or when something is not clear. For example, choosing the best meal on this is a tough call, because so many choices are good! XY: 我知道了,tough call是说很难选择。你是说菜单上很多东西好像都不错,所以很难决定,it's a tough call. 你看,这还有这么多种啤酒,我真不知道该点哪种。It's a tough call too. LL: Not for me! Excuse me, waiter, I'll have a Guinness please. Make that two Guinnesses, because my friend here is battling a tough call on what beer to order. So have you had to make any other tough calls in your life recently, Xiaoyan? XY: 有啊。我正拿不定主意,不知道该回去读书,还是再在金龙干一年,多赚点钱。It's really a tough call! LL: Yeah, especially since you live in New York, where there are lots of opportunities, yet high costs of living. Ah, here come our beers! XY: 来,让我们为年轻和机会干杯。 ******* LL: The beers are good! How do you like your food, Xiaoyan? Is it better than Golden Dragon's food? XY: Ha! That's not a tough call at all. 金龙的菜是最好的! (Cut off due to blaring music音乐声音放大) LL: (Shouting over the music)Wow that's loud! I wish they'd tone it down! XY: 什么? Tone it down? 你是想说 turn it down 吧。 LL: Just a minute. (to the waiter) Hey, could you turn down the music, please? We're trying to have a conversation, and we can't hear each other's voices. Thanks! (音乐声音变小) XY: Larry, tone it down和turn it down的区别到底在哪里啊? LL: Well, 'turn it down' means to reduce the noise level of things like music and overall voice level. 'Tone it down' means to cool the overall tone or attitude that someone or someplace has. XY: 我有点明白了。Turn it down是降低音量。Tone it down是降低声调、语气、改善态度、变得更为和缓的意思。Tone it down能用来指行动吗?比如说,我想请你吃饭,因为我觉得你... LL: Oh my, Xiaoyan. I think you DO need to tone it down. Perhaps you've had too many beers, haha! XY: 那其他情况呢?比如说生活习惯和穿着打扮,can we use 'tone it down' for that, too? LL: Yes. If people are acting out of control, or if they are wearing obnoxious clothing to a formal party, then they need to tone it down. XY: (生气地) 你是说我的穿着、举止不得体吗? LL: Hey, Xiaoyan, tone it down. There's no reason to get excited and upset at me. I don't mean YOU specifically. I'm talking about a situation in general. XY: 那好,这次原谅你。啊,你看那个男的,怎么穿了一件粉红色的外衣,太离谱了。Now, HE needs to tone it down. 不好,他好像冲我们走过来了。 LL: It's your lucky day, Xiaoyan. He's coming over here to buy you a drink! XY: 不好,三十六计走为上!我们赶快买单吧。 LL: Absolutely. Check please! 我们今天学习了两个常用语。一个是tough call, 意思上很难做的选择。另一个是tone it down, 是指降低语音、语调,让举止、态度变得更加和缓的意思。 /200812/59632新东方口语词汇一招鲜 3 新东方口语词汇一招鲜文本下载 /200709/17984

Larry和李华在Larry的朋友Sam家开party。李华今天要学两个常用语,party foul和split. LL: Gosh, I am SO sorry, Li Hua! I just spilled some of my drink on you. What a party foul! LH: 没事的,Larry. 只不过是点儿汽水而已,一下就弄干净了。不过,什么是party foul 啊? LL: A party foul is when you do something really embarrassing at a party - like spill your drink on someone. LH: 噢,foul 在体育比赛里是犯规的意思,那 party foul 就是指开派对的时候出丑喽。 LL: Right, and nobody really likes to commit a party foul, but sometimes when you are having a lot of fun and there are a lot of people together in one place, it is easy to do something stupid. LH: 发生 party foul 的时候,其他人会怎样呢? LL: Sometimes they stare or it gets very quiet - or other times some one might yell, "Party foul!" And everyone will laugh. LH: 那可真够丢人的。不过,洒点儿饮料不算什么,我见过更糟糕的party foul。 LL: Really? What is the worse party foul you've seen? LH: 有一次我去参加朋友的婚礼。大家跳舞的时候,发生了我见过的超级party foul. LL: Don't keep me in suspense, Li Hua! Tell me about this party foul. What happened? LH: 有个客人踩在了新娘的婚纱上,把婚纱撕掉了一大块。所有人都傻了,大厅里鸦雀无声。 LL: Yikes! That really is a major party foul. What happened then? LH: 新郎和新娘处理得很好,他们知道那个客人一定很难堪,所以马上开了个玩笑,帮他解围。 LL: I think the most embarrassing party foul I committed was the time I went to a party in a suit. LH: 穿西装去参加派对有什么不对吗? LL: Well, I received an invitation to a very fancy New Year's Eve party once from my boss. I didn't the invitation very closely though. LH: Uh-oh. 你犯了什么不可饶恕的 party foul 吗? LL: Well, when I showed up at the party and all the men were wearing tuxedos, I knew I had committed a party foul. LH: 别人都穿正式的燕尾,只有你一个人穿西装,肯定特尴尬吧?哎,时间不早了,咱们是不是该走了? ****** LL: This has been a nice party, but you are right, Li Hua. We really should split. LH: We need to split. Split 不是把东西劈成两半的意思吗? LL: It is, but split S-P-L-I-T is also a slang term meaning to leave a place - and sometimes to leave a place quickly. LH: 噢,原来是马上离开的意思。我前天晚上看了一个老的西部片,有个匪徒杀人后就说他要 split town, 逃出城。 LL: That's a good example, Li Hua. That meant he had to get out of town quickly, before the police figured out he had committed the crime. LH: 好吧,Larry, 我准备好了,Let's split! 我们走吧。 LL: That's a perfect use of "split", Li Hua! But before we split, we really should go find Sam and thank him for a fun evening. LH: 对啊,不跟主人打招呼就走,别人会觉得我们没礼貌的。 LL: You're right, Li Hua. Oh, there is Sam over there. I'm going to go over and tell him we are going to split. LH: 等等,Larry. 你看,还有这么多人呢,我们不会走得太早了吧? LL: No, I don't think it is too early for us to split. We've been here a couple of hours aly. Plus, Sam will understand. He knows I have to work tomorrow - and that you have to teach classes. LH: 那好,我在这儿等你。 (Party sounds and music) LL: There. I told Sam we were going to split, and that we had a great time. LH: Sam 没有不高兴吧? LL: Oh, no. Not at all. In fact, he said he was glad we came and hoped we would come again the next time he had a party. 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是party foul, 是在part上出丑的意思。另一个是split,是赶快走的意思。 /200810/53421

30:Making suggestionsConversation 1Key words and phrasesbirthdaypartyholdideaZheng:Tomorrow's carl's birthday?Louise:Yes.Let's hold a brithday party for him,shall we?Zheng:Good idea!Let's make y then.Conversation 2Key words and phrasesoutingsuburbsoundsuggestA:What a nice day!Why don't we go for an outing?B:Sure.Where would you suggest?A:How about going to the suburbs?B:Sounds good.Conversation 3Key words and phrasesstomachacheneedrestYe Ting:I've got a stomachache.Kevin:Well, you'd better lie down now.You need a good rest.Ye Ting:All right.I'll do that.Additional useful expressionsVocabularyadviceanotherat oncecarefulgo on a dietrathermaybemoodmovieshallshouldtake one's advicetonightwatchI'd like to make a suggestion.What do you suggest?I'll take your advice.Won't you join us?Why don't you give him a call?You should be more careful.You'd better go on a diet.How about going to the movies tonight?I am not in the mood to go out.Maybe another time.I'd rather watch TV at home.Shall we go now? /200811/56356

  97. 中国足球队击败了日本队,从而取得了参加半决赛的资格。 [误] The Chinese football team beat the Japanese team, and is qualified to play in the half-finals. [正] The Chinese football team beat the Japanese team, and is qualified to play in the semifinals.注:semi- 是英语里的一个前缀,表示“半”,例如:automatic 是“自动的”,那么 semiautomatic 就表示“半自动的”;diameter 指“直径”,那么 semi diameter 就指“半径”;monthly 指“月刊”,那么 semi-monthly 就表示“半月刊”。以上这些都跟 semifinal(半决赛)一样,是约定俗成的。 /200806/43017

  政坛名人时常语出惊人,好比委内瑞拉总统查韦斯,在拉美首脑峰会上与哥伦比亚总统互掐,逼得对方冒出一句“to be a man”,随即被无数人引用,成为新的政坛流行语。俄罗斯总理普京也有许多原创性 “佳句”,一经报道便成为俄罗斯老少妇孺纷纷引用的流行语。我们来看看都有哪些:Good luck is for idiots, we were just working hard.运气是为白痴准备的,而我们只要努力工作就行。Our job is not only to poke the holes in the ground.我们的工作不是在地上挖洞。(被问到油田开采的时候)If a person likes everything it means he is an idiot.一个人要是什么都喜欢,他肯定是白痴。 I was working like a slave on galleys.我忙得和船上厨房里的奴隶一样。(这一句比喻形象而巧妙,一经说出就成为俄罗斯国内引用率极高的流行语。)Do you want me to eat dirt from a flowerpot?你想让我把花盆里的土都吃了还是咋地?(被问到能否做出保的时候)They pulled it out of their noses and rubbed it on paper.他们把从鼻孔里弄出来的东西涂抹到纸上。(西方记者)We'll follow terrorists everywhere. We will corner the bandits in the toilet and wipe them out.我们将对恐怖分子追击到底,哪怕追到厕所里,也要灭了他们。。


  我跟我朋友一起去河边。 Incorrect english:“I with my friends went to the river.”Correct english:“I went to the river with my friends.”解释:现在我们讨论的是“somebody does something with somebody”句型。汉语词序是“somebody with somebody does something'’的句型时,英语却是“somebody does something with somebody'’;英语里的“with somebody'’应位于谓语后面,而不是谓语前面,这与汉语恰恰相反。 Examples:“I ate lunch with my brother today.”OR“I ate lunch today with my brother.”“John will go fishing with his father.”注意:这条规则适用于各种不同对象,及过去、现在、将来等不同时态。资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句You are driving me up the wall. 你惹恼我了。喷倒老美Bill在期末考试中挂科了,他十分灰心,决定去找好朋友帮忙。朋友给他提了很多意见,但Bill总觉得不妥,一个劲地追问是否有更好的办法,好友被惹恼了:“I have give you lots of advice. You are driving me up the wall.”Bill心想:“我可从来没让你撞墙。”想聊就聊Bill: I have failed in my final examination. What can I do now?比尔:我在期末考试中挂科了,我该怎么办才好?Tom:You have asked me several times about it. You are driving me up the wall.汤姆:你都已经问过我很多次了,你惹恼我了。知识点津drive sb up the wall中,drive是“驱赶, 迫使”的意思,表面意思为“将人往墙上拽”,引申意为“某个情况促使人非常紧张、难受,将某人逼上绝境”。 /201012/119963虽然高考报名人数不断下降,但高校的录取人数还在增加,一出一入之间,高招录取率不断攀升。预计今年全国平均录取率比去年增加近4个百分点,达到72.3%。黑龙江省的高招录取率去年就达到了90.77%,福建省的高招录取率今年也必然突破90%,海南、辽宁、北京、上海四地也很有可能在今年进入“90%俱乐部”。 我们来看一段英文报道:More than 9 million of China's students are currently taking the world's largest standardized college entrance test.超过900万的中国学生目前正在参加世界最大规模的考试——高考。Construction sites across the country have been ordered to suspend work at night and noon, so as to create a peaceful environment for students to prepare for the exam.全国的工地被勒令在晚上和中午停止施工,以确保给考生一个复习迎考的安静环境。Bans on private cars in Beijing, which is notorious for its heavy traffic, have been temporarily lifted to allow parents to send their children to the city's examination venues.因为拥挤的交通状况,北京对道路实行了暂时的管制以保父母及时将儿女送入考场。According to the Ministry of Education, this year's average college enrollment rate will be 72.3 percent.根据教育部数据显示,今年的高考平均录取率是72.3%。【讲解】文中出现的“average college enrollment rate”就是“平均录取率”的意思,“enrollment”是指“录取”,“高考”的直接翻译就是“gaokao” ,还可以译成“National Matriculation Examination”或者“National College Entrance Examination”,文中的“examination venue”是指“考试地点”,“key universities”是指“重点大学”。 /201106/139774

  本节目由《看老美》摄制组授权发布!别致的室内装修,现场音乐演出,更重要的是,富有创意的人群,这就是客斯比餐厅的特色。邀上三五个好友,听着乐队的演奏,浅酌几杯,再跟邻桌的创意工作者们交流交流,明天就会有新的点子出笼了。不出笼的话就再回到这儿熏陶熏陶。美国的连锁餐厅很多,但这种特色餐厅更不少。乍一看,老美对吃的并不讲究,早上一块摊饼,中午一个汉堡,晚上一盘意大利面。等你放眼一看,美食的铁杆粉丝处处皆是,各种特色餐厅更是琳琅满目。北加州有一家法国餐厅叫法国洗衣房,位于风景优美的酒乡纳帕谷。如果你想预订座位的话,得提前好几个月打电话,他们的位子就有这么紧俏!据说有一次拉丁歌后洛佩兹想走后门,碰了一鼻子灰。如果说法国洗衣房代表的是正统高档餐厅的话,我们采访的餐厅客斯比就代表比较草根性的,注重情调和务人群的。如果你想要在短时间内体验各种主题餐厅,那我们就建议你去了。那里有各色花俏的主题餐厅吸引着世界各地的游客接踵而来,有厅里杵着一辆赛车的NASCAR赛车餐厅,到可以在进餐的时候体验热带雨林雷阵雨的热带雨林餐厅,保让你目不暇接。 /05/7156917 At a restaurantConverastion 1Waiter:How many in your party?Customer:Four.Waiter:Could you wait a moment?Customer:No problem.key words and phrasesbe y to do somethingordersureConversation 2Waiter:Are you y to order?Customer:Could you give us a second ,please?Waiter:Sure.key words and phrasescokeConversation 3 Waiter:What would you like to drink?Customer:Coke ,please.Waiter:For everyone?Customer:Yes,please.vocabularyrecommendspecialityvegetablesaladdessertbe keen on sthenjoycheckAdditional useful expressionsCould you recommend something?What are your specialities?I'd like a vegetable salad.Can I look at your dessert ?Can I have a glass of water please?I'm not very keen on fish.Enjoy your meal!Let me know if you need anything alse.Check please. /200811/55651

  Blogging客热潮中,几乎每个网民(net user)一夜之间都有了自己的客.有些人坚持每天跟新,有的人则是三天打鱼两天晒网,还有些人几个月新鲜之后,就把跟新客的事彻底放在一边了.现在又有了移动客,用手机就可以上网发表文,大家跟新客的频率会不会加快呢?

  资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句I have to cut my losses. 我得改道走。喷倒老美Jenny要去纽约看朋友,不巧的是遇到了交通堵塞,他所乘的客车已经卡在路上1个多小时了,Jenny很着急,问问司机还得等多长时间。司机答道:“ I have to cut my losses.”Jenny心想:为了省钱就得一直等?这样做太不合理了。想聊就聊Jenny: We have waited for a long time. When will we start?詹妮:我们已经等了很长时间了我们什么时候能开动啊?Ben: Take it easy. I have to cut my losses.本:别着急,我得改道走。知识点津cut one’s losses 从字面上理解,是要减少损失,让事情的风险性降低。此处用cut one’s losses表示“趁损失不大而及早放弃”,在堵车的情境下翻译为改道走。。


  365天英语口语 第36讲:用餐中劝酒夹菜暂无文本 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200809/50357

  经常关注新闻报道的人可能会注意到,处于报道中心的人们在应对不想回答的敏感问题时,通常都会用到四个字“无可奉告”。在英文里,对应的就是两个单词no comment。今天,我们就来说说其它可以表达同样意思的句子。1. I have no comment.无可奉告。 /201007/109667

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