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Business商业报道Watching television看电视Cracking the screens分开的屏幕Media bosses hope mobile devices will help, rather than hurt, television媒体老板希望移动设备能够帮助而不是伤害电视业IN THE television business, as at buffets, people crave seconds.电视业务,就像自助餐,人们渴望快捷。A series is deemed a success if it is renewed for another season.如果能一个赛季续约就被认为是一系列的成功。The industry is currently obsessed with the second screen—mobile phones and tablets that people play with while they watch TV.该行业目前无法摆脱于第二屏幕-他们在看电视时玩手机和平板电脑。Around three-quarters of American internet users regularly fiddle with a mobile device while watching the gogglebox.大约四分之三的美国互联网用户经常边玩手机边看电视。Media executives are abuzz working out how to turn this distraction into profitable transactions.媒体高管们正在讨论如何将这种分心转成有利可图的交易。Twitter, a social-media firm which published its filing on October 3rd for an initial public offering, has big ambitions for little screens.Twitter,一个在10月3日提交其首次公开募股的社交媒体公司,其在小屏幕上有很大的野心。It trumpets its role as a complement to TV, pointing out that Americans sent 24m tweets during this years Super Bowl and that 45% of the TV ads during the event invited viewers to tweet about them.它鼓吹其对电视的补充作用,并指出美国人在今年的超级碗发出两千四百万微和45%的电视广告在活动期间邀请观众发关于他们的微。The firm has launched Twitter Amplify, a service that lets media firms and others tweet clips of shows or sporting events.该公司已经推出了增强的Twitter,一个让媒体公司和其他企业的微关注节目或体育赛事的务。These carry sponsorship messages from advertisers and make money for both the TV company and Twitter.这些可以从广告公司带来赞助消息并为电视公司和Twitter赚钱。Old-fashioned TV companies see the opportunity too, and insist the second screen will not hurt their first, and primary, source of advertising revenue.传统的电视公司也发现了这个机遇,坚持认为第二屏幕不会伤害他们首要的和初级的广告收入来源。Viewers who are multitasking with other devices tend to tune in for longer, because they are commenting on the shows online or interacting with extra content through the networks apps.携有其他设备的多任务观众往往收听时间更长,因为他们会在线发表或通过应用软件交流其他的内容。A survey by Bravo, an American network owned by Comcast, found that viewers using mobile phones were also more likely to sit through adverts.美国网络康卡斯特旗下的布拉沃的一项调查发现观众使用手机更有可能把广告看完。TV executives predict it will become more common to sync TV and mobile ads, so marketing messages are reinforced across the two screens.电视高管预测电视和移动广告同步将变得更加普遍,所以营销信息在两个屏幕之间得到加强。On October 7th, Nielsen, a firm whose ratings determine how much TV networks get paid for ads, launched a new product that analyses how many people comment about shows on Twitter.10月7日,评级决定电视网络收取多少广告费的尼尔森公司推出一款新产品, 分析有多少人在推特上节目。Sporting events and talent shows present the greatest opportunity, because they attract passionate fans who like to chatter online.体育赛事和选秀节目提供了最大的机会,因为他们可以吸引热情的球迷在线交流。Some shows, such as The X Factor, encourage voting, and others feature social-media comments on live TV.一些节目,比如X因子鼓励投票和其他社交媒体电视直播功能。There are now as many start-ups vying to profit from the second screen as there are Real Housewives.现在有许多新公司从第二屏幕争夺利润,因为有真正的家庭主妇。A daft name, like Zeebox or Viggle, is mandatory.一定要取一个像Zeebox或Viggle的愚蠢名字。But with more screens, advertising may become confusing.但是屏幕再多广告可能会变得混乱。Firms will start to advertise on mobiles while viewers watch a TV ad for a rival product, predicts Charles Muirhead of Rightster, an online- platform.公司Muirhead Rightster在一个在线视频平台预测观众看电视上竞争对手的广告时公司将开始在手机上做广告。And media firms must be careful not to besiege viewers with too many ads and novel features.媒体公司必须小心不要用太多广告和新颖特点烦扰观众。Theres a fine line between providing consumers with information they want and annoying them, says Alan Wurtzel, president of research at NUniversal, a media firm.媒体公司nbc环球的总裁艾伦说提供的是观众想要的信息还是厌烦的信息是有一条明显的界限的。The second screen is unlikely to be as lucrative as many hope.第二个屏幕并不是像希望的那样有利可图。For one, its impact will be limited to certain shows.其一, 其影响将被限制在特定的节目。Second-screen applications work best when people watch live TV, says Jonathan Reynaga of Tiny Horse, a digital-media firm.一个叫Tiny Horse的数字媒体公司的Jonathan Reynaga 说第二屏幕在人们观看直播电视时应用最好。But more people are watching shows on demand.但是更多的人正在看节目点播。No one is sure whether the money spent on advertising will grow thanks to the second screen, or simply come out of marketers overall TV budgets.没有人能说清楚花在广告上的钱的增长得益于第二屏幕或简单地来自营销人员的整体电视预算。At a recent gathering of TV executives in Cannes, Dan Rose, who oversees partnerships for Facebook, gave a slick presentation about his firms ambitions for making money from TV.最近在戛纳举办的一次电视行业高管的聚会上,丹罗斯负责为Facebook寻找合作伙伴,他做了一次漂亮的演示表达了他们公司从电视赚钱的野心。He did not discuss whether the advertising pie would shrink for TV companies.他没有讨论电视广告是否将会缩水。The audience must have found themselves wondering.观众必须发现自己想。He left the stage without taking questions.他离开了舞台但没有回答问题。 /201310/260641

  Business商业报道Miners in Zimbabwe津巴布韦的矿业公司Zimplats happens本地化进程如期而至,津巴布韦铂金矿业公司无奈顺从Robert Mugabes government wins a victory for indigenisation 罗伯特?穆加贝政府因本地化策略获胜WHEN, a year ago, Zimbabwe confirmed plans to make all white- and foreign-owned companies cede a 51% stake of their local operations to black Zimbabweans, it was taken as a bit of a joke.一年前,当津巴布韦确定迫使所有白人或外国控股的公司在当地运作的51%的股票转让给津巴布韦黑人时,大家都将其视为一个玩笑,another populist ploy by President Robert Mugabes Zanu-PF party to attract support ahead of impending elections. 这是总统罗伯特?穆加贝的非洲民族联盟在为即将到来的大选赢得持的平民主义伎俩。As late as last August David Brown, head of Impala Platinum , the worlds second-biggest platinum producer, was still confident that the 51% will not happen.就算在八月份,全球第二大铂金生产商帕拉铂金公司的CEO大卫·布朗仍然非常自信那51%股票转让是不会发生的Well, it has done, leaving other miners in Zimbabwe shaking in their boots. 然而,这一进程终究到来,津巴布韦其他的矿业公司为此惊慌失措。After months of haggling and threats, Impala this week announced a plan to transfer at an appropriate value a 51% holding in Zimplats, its Zimbabwean subsidiary. 历经数月的讨价还价和威胁恐吓之后,帕拉铂金公司宣布了以合适价格转让其子公司津巴布韦白金矿业公司51%股权的计划。Zimplats, in which Impala has an 87% stake, is the biggest platinum producer in the country, with a market value of around .2 billion. 帕拉铂金公司拥有津巴布韦白金矿业公司87%的股权。津巴布韦白金矿业公司是该国最大的铂金生产者,市值大约12亿美元。Together with the smaller Mimosa mine in Zimbabwe, in which Impala owns a 50% stake, it accounts for over 40% of the London-listed miners global platinum reserves.加上帕拉铂金公司拥有50%股权的较小的含羞草铂金矿,它占伦敦上市的矿业公司全球铂金储量的40%。Saviour Kasukuwere , Zimbabwes powerful minister of indigenisation and youth, has accepted the plan in principle as complying with the indigenisation law. 津巴布韦本土化部部长萨维奥·卡苏库维利原则上已经接受了该计划,该计划原则上和本地化法一致。But the details—particularly what price will be paid for the shares—have been left to a joint technical team. 但是细节问题,特别是股票的价格问题都留给联合技术小组解决。In the past, Mr Kasukuwere has insisted there will be no compensation because the minerals under the ground aly belong to us.过去,卡苏库维利坚持不给补偿,因为地下的矿产本就属于我们,So why should we pay?我们为什么为之付费?Besides, the cash-strapped government, which pays employees an average of just 0 a month, does not have the funds.而且政府资金紧缺,公务员每月平均薪水仅为250美元,更没有相关资金补偿。Under Impalas proposals, a 10% stake in Zimplats would be sold to a community trust and a further 10% to an employee trust after an independent valuation. 帕拉铂金公司提议津巴布韦白金矿业公司10%的股份将会出售给社会信托,而另外10%的股份在独立估价后会售与员工信托。Zimplats will lend the two trusts the money for the share purchases, which they will repay from dividends—assuming these continue. 津巴布韦白金矿业公司将会借贷给两个信托公司用于购买股份,两个公司将用分红偿还。The company expects fair-value compensation for a tract of land ceded to the government in 2006. 该公司希望能够就2006年割让给政府的大片土地获得合理补偿。Only on receipt of that, Zimplats says, would it make available for sale a final 31% stake for cash at an independently determined fair value. 巴布韦白金矿业公司表示唯有接受那个条件,最后31%的股份才会以独立估定的合理价格出售。But the government has not yet agreed to any of this.但是政府还没有同意这一要求。After a decade of recession between 1998 and 2008, when GDP halved, Zimbabwes economy is growing again, thanks to the replacement of its worthless currency by the dollar in , and the worldwide commodity boom. 津巴布韦1998年到2008年十年的经济衰退之后GDP减半。由于年将其不值钱的货币替代为美元且全球商品繁荣,津巴布韦经济才开始复苏。But foreign investors are sorely needed to ensure that the recovery continues. 但是国外投资者亟需确认经济复苏仍会继续。They are reluctant to commit themselves as long as what one potential investor described as this madness continues.只要那位投资者称之为疯狂举动的本地化仍在继续,国外投资者就不愿意投资。And continue it will. 这一举动当然会继续。Buoyed b y winning his first big scalp , Mr Kasukuwere will now be pursuing others, including foreign-owned banks and retailers, with threats of revoking licences, seizing assets and even jailing executives. 卡苏库维利正因为赢得头场胜利而得意洋洋,他会利用吊销执照,没收资产甚至拘禁经理等手段威胁其他人,包括外资和零售商。He says he wants the whole indigenisation process completed before the elections. 他表示想在大选前完成所有的本地化进程。Those could be held later this year, if Mr Mugabe gets his way .如果穆加贝先生得偿所愿,大选就在今年晚些时候举行。 /201307/247592

  Books and Arts; Book Review;New French film; Friends united;An unlikely comic hit;文艺;书评;新法国电影;朋友一心;一部不大可能成为大片的喜剧;French film-makers are good at turning out silly comedies that foreigners find unwatchable. They have a better export record with highbrow, low-plot movies, set in chic apartments with parquet floors, that feel moodily French. Just occasionally, however, they come up with a comic gem. “Intouchables”, directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, is one of those cleverly pitched, well-scripted, feel-good comic films typically crafted in Hollywood; it is a delight to see that the French can sometimes pull them off too. With more than 4m tickets sold since it opened earlier this month, the film is set to be a boxoffice smash.法国影人善于制作外国人觉得没什么看头的无厘头喜剧。他们在出口平铺直叙的、设定在镶木地板的现代公寓里的、让人感受跃动法兰西的文艺片方面有着较好记录。但他们也偶尔出产喜剧精品:由奥利弗·纳卡切与埃里克·托勒达诺执导的《不可触及》就是那种巧妙定位、精心编写、让人感觉不错的通常是由好莱坞制作的喜剧片。我们乐见法国人有时也能赢得如此评价。自本月上旬首映以来,随着票房超过400万,该片必将成为大热。Based on a true story, it follows the improbable relationship between Philippe, a quadriplegic aristocrat (Fran?ois Cluzet), and Driss (Omar Sy), a gregarious Senegal-born youth from the banlieues, the grim housing estates that ring Paris. On his release from prison, Driss is hired by Philippe in a moment of recklessness as a live-in help at his Paris mansion. Philippe is warned that banlieue youths have “no pity”. No pity, replies the wheelchair-bound former paraglider wryly, is just what I want.取材于真实故事的影片围绕四肢瘫痪的贵族菲利佩(弗兰科斯·库泽特饰)与来自暴力街区(环巴黎的糟糕的居民区)的爱跟人打交道的塞内加尔裔青年迪瑞斯(奥马尔·塞饰)之间本没什么交集的关系展开。出狱后,菲利佩毅然雇佣迪瑞斯为他巴黎宅邸里的全职护工。有人警告菲利佩说暴力街区的青年不值得“怜悯”。这位在轮椅上动弹不得的前滑翔伞运动员反唇相讥:不值得“怜悯”的青年正是我要的。Less deftly handled, the treatment of such a subject could have fallen into a number of traps. Instead, the film’s light touch finds comedy in both men’s handicaps: the one physical, the other social. Each, in his own unsentimental way, understands the other better than do those around them. This unlikely chemistry is captured in the opening sequence, when Driss roars through the streets of night-time Paris, funk music at full blast and Philippe in the passenger seat, giving his employer the thrill of the Maserati he owns but cannot drive.如果不巧妙处理,这样的题材可能会落入很多固定套数。相反,影片在两个人的缺陷中触及到了喜剧元素:一个是身体上的;一个是社会上的。抛开感情色,他们比他们周围任何人都更了解对方。这种不太可能的化学反应发生在开场一幕:迪瑞斯将朋克音乐开到最大音量,驾驶着玛莎拉蒂轰鸣着穿过夜晚的巴黎街道时,他为他的雇主、坐在乘客位子上的菲利佩带来了这部他拥有的却没法开的豪车所带来的快感。French critics have been thoroughly charmed. Le Figaro newspaper called the film “faultless”. Paris-Match described it as “the best scripted, best acted, funniest and most moving that we have seen in a long time”. It has surely launched Mr Sy, a black comedian best-known for a short nightly sketch on Canal Plus, a television channel, on the way to stardom. Bob and Harvey Weinstein, two Hollywood producers, have acquired the rights for America and Britain. Here’s hoping that English-language audiences will get to see the original French version, and not just a remake.法国家们完全被迷倒了。《费加罗报》称这部电影“完美无瑕”。《巴黎竞赛画报》将它描述为“有史以来我们看过的编得最好、演得最好、最搞笑、最感人的电影。”这部戏肯定会将塞先生,这位因法国加号频道(canal+)晚间短片出名的黑人喜剧演员推向星光大道。两位好莱坞制片人鲍勃和哈维·温斯坦已经获得英国和美国版版权。英语国家的观众也希望看到法国原版,而不仅仅是翻拍版。 /201305/240864。

  Nobody likes being lonely.没人喜欢孤独。As it turns out, loneliness can be unhealthy as well. 事实明,孤独对身体健康也能造成危害。The study was done by psychologist John Cacioppo at the University of Chicago.这项研究是由芝加哥大学心理学家约翰·卡奇普完成。He had thirty three male college students and twenty one female students spend five nights in a lab where their sleep could be carefully monitored.33名男大学生及21名女大学生被测试者在一个实验室中度过5晚,而这些人的睡眠则被仔细监控。That was done by having them catch Zs while wearing a special skull-cap that had devices for measuring eye motions, head motions, and brain waves.这是通过熟睡时戴着一顶测量眼球动作,头部动作及脑电波的特殊帽子完成的结果。Why? Because different kinds of waves are generated by your brain as you sleep, and the motions of your body-especially your eyes-give information about how your sleep is going.为什么?因为大脑在你熟睡时会产生不同类型的波,而身体的运动,特别是你的眼睛,展现出你的睡眠如何的信息。Afterward, the students filled out a questionnaire describing themselves.测试之后,学生们填了一份描述自己的调查问卷。In particular Cacioppo wanted to know what their social lives were like, to see if there was any connection between your social life and how well you sleep.卡奇普想了解他们的社会生活状况,来看看社会生活与睡眠之间是否有什么联系。There was indeed a connection.确实是有联系。Everyone slept for about the same amount of time, but the volunteers who rated themselves as the loneliest were also the ones who were most likely to wake up during the night.每个人都睡了大约相同时间,但认为自己最孤独的志愿者同样也最有可能在夜晚醒来。Not only that, they stayed down in deep sleep less than other people did.不仅如此,他们的深度睡眠少于其他人。What do these findings mean?这些发现意味着什么?The researchers themselves note that it isnt clear yet which is the cart and which is the horse.研究者们自己注意到并不清楚本末。That is, does being lonely interfere with a healthful nights sleep?也就是说,孤独是否会影响健康的夜间睡眠?Or, on the other hand, do people who sleep poorly for one reason or another wind up irritable and difficult to deal with, making it harder to have friends?抑或是另一方面, 因为这样或那样原因人的睡眠很糟糕最终易怒,难以相处,最终交友困难?One way or the other, lonely feels bad-and sleep shows it, too.不管怎样,孤独的滋味不咋样,就连睡眠也表明了这点。201310/260802

  Don:Yael, every day I grow closer to my goal of mind control.唐:雅艾尔,我觉得每天都离自己精神控制的目标更近了一步。Yael:What do you mean, Don?雅艾尔:此话怎讲?DON:Check out this study from Ohio State University that says nodding your head to signal approval and shaking your head to signal disapproval not only lets others know what youre thinking, but also influences your own thoughts.唐:看看这项俄亥俄州立大学的研究,它指出对赞成信号点头,摇头以示不赞同信号不仅让别人知道你在想什么,而且也会影响你自己的想法。So I figure, Ill just tell our listeners to nod their heads while listening to our show, and then unleash the propaganda!所以我认为,让听众在听我们节目时点点头,然后为我们大力宣传!YAEL:Whoa, there, Don. The study youre talking about never suggested that shaking or nodding your head actually changes your thoughts.雅艾尔:哇,这里,唐。你所谈论的研究从未表面摇动或点头实际上会改变你的想法。DON:It doesnt?唐:难道不是这样吗?YAEL:No. The study found that if you nod your head, even if you do it on purpose, you become more confident about your own thoughts, and if you shake it, you become less confident about them.雅艾尔:不是的。研究发现,如果点头,甚至如果你出于目的这样做,你会对自己的想法变得更自信,如果你摇头,你就会变得不那么有信心。For example, the studys participants were instructed to listen to one of two editorials--one which was well-argued, and one which wasnt.举例来说,这项研究的参与者被要求听两个社论,其中一个论充分,另一个则完全背离。When asked about it later, those participants who nodded their heads while listening agreed more strongly with the good editorial...当之后被问及时,那些听过更为强烈认同的社论后参与者都会点头。DON:See, it is brainwashing!唐:看,这是在洗脑!YAEL:and disagreed more strongly with the poorly reasoned editorial.雅艾尔:并且更为强烈不认同论不充分的社论。By nodding, they confirmed their thoughts, positive or negative.通过点头,他们实了自己积极或消极的想法。And the same thing happened when people were asked to write with their dominant hand, and then with their non- dominant hand.而当人们被要求用惯用手,然后是非优势手书写时也发生了同样的事情。When asked how confident they felt about the ideas they wrote down, those participants who wrote with their dominant hand felt more confident than those who didnt.当被问及对于他们所写的信心如何时, 相比非优势手的试验者,那些用惯用手的参与者们感到更自信。DON:Okay, Yael. Lets try it. Nod your head yes and Ill tell you how great I am.唐:好吧,雅艾尔。让我们试一试。你点头说是,我会告诉你我有多厉害。YAEL:Give it up, Don!雅艾尔:放弃吧,唐!DON:Rats, foiled again! 唐:哦,我又失败了! 201311/264843Religion in Turkey土耳其的宗教Erasing the Christian past抹煞基督教的历史A fine Byzantine church in Turkey has been converted into a mosque土耳其一座精致的拜占庭教堂成了清真寺Jul 27th 2013 | TRABZON |From the print editionSinful paintings on the ceiling?天花板上的水画有罪吗?ON JULY 5th the mufti of Trabzon gathered with other citizens for the first Friday prayers of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, not at a mosque but at an ancient Byzantine church. The gathering was a symbolic re-enactment of the conquest in 1462 of this ancient Greek Black Sea port by Mehmet II, the Ottoman sultan who had wrested Constantinople from the Byzantines in 1453. He marked his victory by converting the Haghia Sophia cathedral of today’s Istanbul into a mosque.7月5日特拉布宗的穆夫提和其他居民一道参加斋月的一个星期五礼拜,他们聚会的地方不是清真寺而是一座古老的拜占庭教堂。这次集会象征性地重演了1462年奥斯曼苏丹穆罕默德二世攻占这个古老的希腊黑海港口。穆罕默德二世于1453年夺取了拜占庭的君士坦丁堡。为了纪念胜利,他把今天伊斯坦布尔的圣索菲亚大教堂变成一座清真寺。Haghia Sophia’s sister of the same name in Trabzon is less grand. Yet with its dazzling frescoes and magnificent setting overlooking the sea, the 13th-century building is regarded as one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture. As with other Christian monuments, the Haghia Sophia in Trabzon has become a symbol in the battle between secularists and Islamists. It was converted into a mosque around the 16th century and, after other incarnations, became a museum in 1964. But the Islamists won the last round in 2012 when a local court accepted the claim by the General Directorate of the Pious Foundations, the government body responsible for Turkey’s historic mosques, that the Haghia Sophia belonged to the foundation of Mehmet II and was being “illegally occupied” by the culture ministry.特拉布宗也有圣索菲亚大教堂,其规模不如伊斯坦布尔的那座恢宏。它有精美的壁画,从这座教堂可以俯瞰大海。这座建于13世纪的教堂堪称拜占庭建筑的典范。特拉布宗的圣索菲亚大教堂还有其他的基督教遗迹成了世俗主义者和伊斯兰教徒冲突的象征。16世纪左右,这座教堂成了清真寺,1964年又变成了物馆。最后还是伊斯兰教徒赢了,2012年当地法庭接受了虔信基金会总局提出(负责土耳其历史上有名的清真寺的政府机关)的诉求:圣索菲亚大教堂是穆罕默德二世创建的,正遭受文化部的“非法侵占”。The decision provoked surprising anger in a city notorious for its ultra-nationalist views. “It’s about erasing the Christian past, reviving Ottomanism,” says a local historian. “There are enough mosques in Trabzon, half of them empty, what was the need?” chimes in Zeki Bakar, a neighborhood councillor. A lawsuit has been brought to undo the conversion.这座城市因为极端民族主义观点而声名狼藉,这个决定叫人光火。当地的一位历史学家说:这是抹煞基督教的历史,复辟奥斯曼主义。Zeki Bakar的社区委员附和说:“特拉布宗的清真寺够用了,半数清真寺是空着的,还差这一个吗?”已经有人提出诉讼,要法庭改变这个决定。Even so, the mildly Islamist Justice and Development (AK) government carried out the conversion in time for Ramadan. A red carpet now obscures exquisite floor mosaics. Shutters and tents beneath the central dome shield Muslim worshippers from “sinful” paintings of the Holy Trinity. Shiny steel taps with plastic stools for ablutions clutter a once-verdant garden filled with ancient sculptures.即便如此,为了过斋月,温和的伊斯兰教正义和发展党掌权的政府还是把教堂变成了清真寺。现在红地毯盖上了地板上精致的图案。中央穹顶下面的百叶窗和帷幕把做礼拜的穆斯林和 “罪恶的”三位一体水画隔离开来。从前翠绿的花园里有古老的雕塑,现在为了斋戒沐浴,装了带着闪亮水龙头的塑料凳。Mazhar Yildirimhan of the Pious Foundations Directorate’s office in Trabzon shrugs off complaints as propaganda. But for experts the conversion is tragic, and will inevitably lead to damaging the building. “It seems to follow closely that of Haghia Sophia in Iznik,” warns Antony Eastmond of the Courtauld Institute of Art, referring to another conversion.虔信基金会总局驻特拉布宗办公室的Mazhar Yildirimhan对抗议不屑一顾,认为这种抗议在蛊惑人心。在专家看来,教堂变清真寺是个悲剧,必然会给这座建筑造成破坏。考特奥德艺术学院的Antony Eastmond警告说:“伊兹尼克的圣索菲亚教堂成为清真寺的日子可能不远了。”All this is prompting anxiety that the Haghia Sophia in Istanbul “will be next”. These fears are overdone. Restoration work on the famous basilica has continued under a decade of AK rule and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister, has dismissed worries about its fate. Yet Mr Yildirimhan makes no secret of his desire for a conversion, which he says is shared by fellow Muslims. “It was ordained by the sultan,” he says. “We have all the records.”这些都让人们越发担忧伊斯坦布尔的圣索菲亚教堂“将成为下一个”。这些担心有点过头了。在伊斯兰教正义和发展党和总理雷杰普#8226;塔伊普#8226;埃尔多安十年执政期间,对著名大教堂的修复工作一直在持续。然而Yildirimhan先生没有掩饰把教堂变成清真寺的愿望,他说这也是穆斯林教胞的心愿:“这是苏丹下令建造的建筑,所有的记录我们都有。”201308/252607They respond to touch, temperature, currents, and the cycles of the sun and the moon.它们对触碰,温度,洋流及日月的交替都有反应。And their tiny movements combined to give each colony a rhythm of its own.它们轻微的运动形成整个群落的一种独特节奏。The polyps cant build the reef alone.珊瑚虫自己不能建造珊瑚礁。For this, they need parterners that are even smaller.它们需要一种体积更小的同伴。Within each polyps tentacles are millions of tiny brown dots.每个珊瑚虫的触角里都有无数的小棕点。Each is a microscopic plant, which transform sunlight into food and energy for the corals.每一个都是显微镜下才能看到的植物。它们将太阳能转化为食物和能量提供给珊瑚。Its a miraculous parternship that allows the corals to turn the minerals in the water into limestone, building their stony skeletons.这是一种绝妙的合作关系,这使得珊瑚能将水中的矿物质转化为石灰岩从而形成它们石质的骨架。In this way, each colony grows.只有这样每一个珊瑚群才能生长。If we were able to watch a reef over several years, wed see a continuely growing marine metropolis.如果我们每隔几年就观察一次某块珊瑚礁,我们将会发现一个规模持续扩大的海底都市。Its intricate architecture provides homes for thousands of creatures.它错综复杂的构造给无数生物提供住所。201408/322228

  And you have a dog that you rescued from a pound in Louisiana,right?你有只 手从路易斯安那州的一个收留所里救出来的 对吧And whats the name of your dog? Hes called Bear. Bear. Its a good name for dog.你的叫什么名字 它叫熊 熊 真是个好名Thats kind of dog you are looking for,Taylor,right? im obcessed.这就是你想要的 对吧 对吧 对 就是这样的He was supposed to be a big mans dog.But he just kind of got stumted.它是个大胚子 但却有点营养不良He is a big mans dog,he looks de-size to the picture.不管怎么说 它有只大 照片有点失真而已Is just the head or something? Or what?是因为只拍了头吗 还是什么别的原因Yeah,he kind of...I dont know why he looks so big in the picture,对 他有点 我不知道为什么他在照片显得那么大I want to see no man we are. he looks cute.他真的还是只小 它看着好萌Well his tongue certainly looks big anyway.For his mouth or something?不管怎么说 他舌头真够大的 还是有别的原因It looks like a Gene simmons dog or something.他看起来就像是GENE SIMMONS的It looks like a curtain.Was it a, hum it is like a curtain.看着像个帘子 是啊 是像个帘子Was it the puppy when you got it from the pound?Yeah,he was like 5 weeks old.你在收留所发现它的时候它是幼犬么 对 他才五周大And it was kind of like tour to end of their time,right?但是他的生命即将结束 对吗Is that what I ? yeah,he was. Yeah,he was in the 5-day-kill shelter.我从哪里读到的 是的 它五天没人领养就会被杀掉And it was his forth day.Lucky dog.那天是他的第四天 幸运的And you walked in that day.And a couple of days later,那天你走了进去 然后几天之后just by coincidence,i had to go back to L.A.我偶然要回到洛杉矶And this is not my usual way of travelling,but we had like a private plane.这不是我平时的旅行方式 但那天我们有架私人的飞机So I took him from the worst pound in Monroe,Louisiana and he was sitting on所以我就把大熊从路易斯安那州门罗市 最糟糕的收留所带回来 所以第二天她就坐在了a little private jet the next day. on a private jet. Its hilarious. its awesome.私人小喷气飞机里 私人喷气飞机 太搞了 真棒Having a cocktail looking forward out of the window,so long, suckers.喝着鸡尾酒 还看着窗外 永别了 倒霉蛋们We were staying at the Four Seasons afterwards.之后我们呆在四季酒店的房间里They didnt have and dog food so i got him a little plate of prosciutto.他们没有粮 所以我给了他一小盘火腿注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/262754

  Most people will agree they cannot remember much, if anything, prior to around age four. 大部分人都很难回忆起四岁以前的事情。What is remembered often comes in ;spot; images, floating in an otherwise gray area of uncertainty. 能记得东西都是来自于一些影像点,漂浮在不确定的灰色区域里。Yet when we look at a two or three year-old,perception and basic cognition appear to be in place and to have been functioning for a good long while. Why are those years lost to us?但是当我们看一个两,三岁的小孩子时,感觉和基本认知都已经形成并且发挥作用有一段时间了。为什么我们那些年的记忆却消失了呢?One possibility is that memory in humans requires a narrative context. ;Narrative context; means that it isnt enough to provide, say, a random visual image to the brain in order for it to form a working memory: 一种可能性是人类的记忆需要一个叙事语境。但“叙事语境”也不是什么都能提供,或者说,大脑中的任意的一个片段都能产生一个流动的记忆:the image needs to be put in place alongside a number of other images, with which it helps to establish a pattern. 这种影像需要被置于一系列的影像中,这样才足以建立一个图景。The very first time you see a tree, your brain cant do anything with it yet ---the information may simply be stored until it can be connected to other things, such as the back yard where you saw it, its size and color, or events of significance that occurred at the same time. 你第一次看见大树的时候,你的大脑可能不会做出任何反应——但到你下次再看见类似的东西的时候,这种印象又会蹦出来。例如,你曾经见过的后院,随之后院的面积,颜色,还有一切相关的事物都会同时出现。Once enough relationships are in place, it then becomes possible to remember -- not just ;tree; as an abstraction, but ;the big green tree I saw when I was walking this morning behind the house.;一旦足够的关系是到位时,它就变成了可能记住——不仅仅是“树”作为一种抽象概念,而是“大青翠树我走路的时候我看到今天早上在他的房子后面。”Learning words probably aids in this process, but is not strictly necessary. Still, the brain may provide context for memories by telling itself miniature stories, complete with setting, characters, and relationships. 在这个过程中可能会学到东西,但并不一定是必须。尽管如此,大脑可以联系前后关系进行记忆,从而完成与背景,人物,和人际关系的缩影。According to this idea, early childhood events occur at a time before we have developed enough narrative skills to tell the stories necessary for the formation of memories. 由此看来,早期无法回忆的童年往事,往往发生在我们还不具备充分的、能够阐述情节以构成记忆的技能之前。No narrative context, no long-term memory -- end of story. 没有叙事背景,没有长期记忆——故事结束。 201308/253540

  Scientists have long been aware of the link between drinking andsmoking.科学家们长期以来一直在研究喝酒和抽烟之间的联系。In fact, eighty to ninety percent of alcoholics alsosmoke, which is about three times the rate in the generalpopulation.事实上,在那些喝酒的人当中,80%到90%都抽烟,这个比率是总人数的3倍。But a recent study suggests that what youredealing with isnt just behavioral–it also has to do with brainchemistry.但最近有研究称这不仅与人的行为有关,而且与大脑化学反应也有一定关系。The study suggests that alcohol increases the pleasurable effects of nicotine.这项研究表明酒精可以增强尼古丁令人愉快的效果。Participants drankan alcoholicbeverage and smoked either a regular cigarette or a nicotine free one.参与者喝一杯酒精饮料后再抽一烟或者抽一不含尼古丁的香烟。Those whosmoked nicotine-free cigarettes didnt report as much satisfaction, which indicates that the nicotineitself plays a critical role in the interaction.那些抽没有尼古丁香烟的人并没有感受到满足感,由此表明尼古丁在相互影响时自身起到关键性作用。And then theres all that lowering of inhibitions that happens when you drink. 如果喝酒的话就会降低抑制作用。It doesnt take muchalcohol to increase the pleasures of nicotine.只需少量的酒精就能增加尼抽烟的的快感。Once scientists get to the bottom of thepharmacological interaction that happens between alcohol and nicotine, they may have a betterunderstanding of how to treat both addictions more effectively.曾经有科学家弄清酒精和尼古丁之间药物影响的真相,这让他们更好的了解如何有效地治疗酗酒和吸烟上瘾的人。 201404/293871。




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