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河南省郑州华山医院美容科河南永久脱毛哪家医院好How much oil is really left around the world? Let’s begin in the Mid East, which has about 2/3 of the world’s proven oil reserves. Saudi Arabia is at the top, with 266 billion barrels. Iraq and Iran are also rich in crude along with Kuwait and the ed Arab Emirates. But it might surprise you that Canada has a lot of oil too, some 178 billion barrels. Much of it rests in the tar sands of Alberta. It is a gigantic strip mining operation. Environmentalists score it a disaster, leaving behind toxic chemicals, stripping forests and contaminating the water supply.Now, let’s go south to Venezuela and parts of Mexico. Much of their oil, like Canada’s, feeds the veracious appetite for crude in the ed States, which is the world’s biggest consumer of oil. Yet, did you know that the U.S. has some 21 billion barrels in reserve, so why doesn’t it produce more? With the U.S. government bans most offshore drilling except in the Gulf of Mexico for environmental reasons.So, what does Russia fit in all of this? It's flush with cash from its oil reserves and it is the world’s second largest producer.Let’s take a look at Africa now. Libya has the most oil reserves on the continent, about 39 billion barrels. And further the south, Nigeria has lots of crude but lots of problems too. Militants routinely attack oil instillations and kidnap workers, disrupting production and making the world prices soar.All that’s said, who is going to quench the global thirst for oil in the future? Will it could be that Brazil becomes the US major exporter with the discovery of a huge offshore oil field. The oil is in a great depth, some 4 miles below the ocean’s surface, but experts say, it is recoverable. And that may be the future for oil, going to great extremes to get it out of the ground. Analysts estimate there’s another trillion barrels of oil yet to be discovered, but they say it would be found in remote places like the Arctic Ocean. So, it’s going to cost a lot of money to get it from the ground into your fuel tank.200812/59403河南省郑州华山整形美容医院吸脂手术怎么样 Earthquake fears on the west coast西海岸担心地震影响 Fingers crossed老天保佑A row over a rickety viaduct一场关于山区高速路的争吵AFTERSHOCKS from Japan rattled America's west coast last week, as consumers in California rushed to buy iodine tablets they do not need and politicians in Seattle bickered about a quake-damaged highway many want to demolish.上周,日本地震的后续灾变震动了美国西海岸地区,加州消费者疯狂购买并非急需的碘片。西雅图的官员为地震受损的高速公路争吵,其中大部分需要拆除。Scientists say there is no chance that dangerous radiation will cross the Pacific. So the run on potassium iodide pills, which can block the absorption of radioactive iodine, made little sense. Californian health authorities warned residents not to compound their anxiety by eating the pills, which can cause intestinal distress and severe rashes.专家指出,危害性放射物质不会横跨太平洋,从而影响西岸地区。因此疯购碘片并认为其能减少辐射伤害的想法是错误的。加州卫生部告知居民,不要因为恐惧胡乱食用碘片,否者易患肠道疾病和严重皮疹。In Seattle, meanwhile, the Japanese quake reminded residents that the Pacific north-west is primed for a comparable catastrophe-and is far less prepared than Japan to cope with it. The Cascadia subduction zone, just 50 miles off the coast and stretching from northern California to southern British Columbia, is accumulating stresses that could unleash an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and generate its own tsunami. The last 'big one'off the coast of Oregon and Washington is believed to have occurred in 1700, and some recent studies suggest that the chance of another occurring within the next 50 years is about one in three.同时,日本地震令美国西北部,太平洋沿岸的西雅图居民,准备迎接一场大灾难的到来,他们的准备活动可并不比日本差。距离海岸50英里的卡斯卡地亚俯冲带,从加州北部延伸至英属哥伦比亚南部,预计可以缓冲9级地震及其造成的海啸。俄勒冈州和华盛顿州海岸,最近的一次大地震发生在1700年。近期的研究表明,未来50年里,新地震发生的概率只有1/3。The pre-eminent symbol of poor earthquake preparedness in the region is Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct. It is a grubby-looking, double-decked elevated highway that was built in the 1950s and carries about 110,000 vehicles a day along the city's waterfront. A magnitude-6.8 quake damaged and temporarily closed it in 2001. State experts have since estimated that the odds of an earthquake bringing it down are one in ten over the next decade.该地区对抗震最弱的环节是西雅图至阿拉斯加的高架桥。这条高速路肮脏污浊,双层高架,建于20世纪50年代,建在海岸边,每天通行量约为11万车次,。2001年一场6.8级地震令其受损并短时停运,美国专家已研究明,未来十年,这条高速路若地震毁坏的可能性为1/10。Concern about thousands of commuters being crushed between slabs of falling concrete has pushed the city, state and federal governments to approve a plan that would replace the viaduct with a tunnel. But fear of downtown gridlock is pushing back the closure and demolition of the viaduct until at least 2016, when the tunnel is supposed to be y.考虑到地震可能造成成千上万的市民被压在混凝土之下,市、省及联邦政府决定实行新计划:将高架桥改为隧道。但是,现阶段的城市交通大堵塞,道路供不应求,可能使高架桥才能关闭和拆除延迟到2016年。届时,隧道才能全部修建完毕。Having seen the devastation in Japan, Seattle's mayor, Mike McGinn, said on March 14th that the city needs to rethink. He called for the viaduct to be closed next year. He was immediately accused of fear-mongering, not to mention endangering local commerce. And state officials responded by saying that while the highway is vulnerable to an earthquake, the risk is no greater than before Japan's disaster. They said they were simply trying to balance safety with protecting the economy. To that end, they temporarily closed the viaduct last weekend to install new gates that automatically block access one minute after a quake is detected.见识了日本地震灾难,西雅图市长,麦克麦凯金恩于14号称,本市应该重新考虑,并且呼吁明年就关闭高架桥。很快,他被指散播恐慌性言论,更别提此举对本地经济的影响。本州官员回应到,这条高速路很容易受地震影响,其危险性不亚于之前的日本,他们称他们将尽可能找到安全和经济的平衡点。上周此高速被短暂关闭,为安装新入口装置——当地震发生后一分钟,通道口将自动关闭。201104/132373Clinton Names Envoy to Expedite Guantanamo Closure克林顿任命关闭关塔纳中心特使  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named a senior U.S. diplomat Thursday to help expedite President Obama's order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp within a year. Daniel Fried, now Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, will, among other things, work to persuade other countries to accept Guantanamo detainees. 美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿星期四任命了一位资深美国外交官来帮助迅速完成奥巴马总统有关在一年内关闭关塔纳湾拘留中心的命令。目前负责欧洲和欧亚事务的助理国务卿丹尼尔.弗雷德在众多的工作之外还要努力劝说其它国家接收关塔纳湾拘留中心的被押人员。The decision to tap Assistant Secretary Fried, one of the State Department's highest-profile diplomats, for the Guantanamo post underscores the priority the Obama administration puts on closing the controversial detention facility. 弗雷德助理国务卿是美国国务院知名度最高的外交官员之一,任命他负责关塔纳湾拘留中心的决定凸显了奥巴马政府把关闭这一具有争议的拘留中心作为其优先考虑的事项。Fried, a former U.S. Ambassador to Poland, worked at the White House National Security Council during the Clinton administration.  弗雷德是原美国驻波兰大使,在克林顿总统任期内曾在白宫国家安全委员会工作。As Assistant Secretary for Europe in the Bush administration, Fried was a key figure in executing U.S. policy on Kosovo, European missile defense, and last year's Russia-Georgia conflict. 布什总统任期内,他又担任负责欧洲事务的助理国务卿。弗雷德在执行美国有关科索沃、欧洲导弹防御系统的政策、以及处理去年俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚冲突方面是一个关键性人物。Announcing the appointment at a news briefing, State Department Acting Spokesman Robert Wood said Fried's European experience will be valuable as the administration turns to European countries, among others, to accept Guantanamo detainees who cannot be returned to their home countries. 国务院代理发言人罗伯特.伍德在宣布上述任命的新闻发布会上表示,在政府转向欧洲国家以及其它国家,请求他们接收关塔纳湾拘留中心的被押人员的同时,弗雷德在欧洲事务方面将提供非常宝贵的经验。"I think if you look at Assistant Secretary Fried's background, he's got a great deal of experience in working with countries in Europe and other places around the globe," he said. "The secretary [of state] felt that in order to help facilitate this process, we need somebody who's got the skills and insight who can do this, and she and others felt that Dan [Fried] was the appropriate choice for this." 他说:“我认为,如果你查看弗雷德助理国务卿的背景,就可以发现,他在与欧洲和全球其它国家打交道方面经验非常丰富。(克林顿)国务卿感到,为了让关闭关塔纳湾拘留中心的进程更加顺利,需要一位既有技能、又有见识的人来承担这个工作。国务卿和其他人都认为,弗雷德是合适的人选。”The Bush administration opened the Guantanamo camp in 2002 to house terrorism suspects, many of them detained in the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan.  布什政府2002年开设关塔纳湾拘留中心,关押恐怖嫌疑人、其中很多人在美国领导的阿富汗战争中被关押。Most detainees have been held without formal charges and the camp has long been the target of criticism from human rights groups and other governments. 由于大多数被关押人员没有受到正式起诉就被拘押,因此这个拘留中心长期以来一直是人权组织和其他国家政府批评的对象。Hundreds of the camp's original detainees have been repatriated or otherwise re-settled, but it still houses about 250 inmates. Fried will work to find countries to accept the 60 or more detainees who will not face U.S. criminal charges, some of whom would risk persecution if returned to their nations of birth.  虽然有数百名原被关押人员已经被遣返或重新得到安置,但是拘留中心仍关押了大约250名犯人。弗雷德将努力劝说一些国家接收60名或更多不会受到美国刑事起诉的被关押人员,其中一些人一旦返回自己的出生国有可能受到迫害。Fried will remain in his European affairs post until the person nominated to succeed him, former Clinton White House foreign policy aide Philip Gordon, is confirmed by the Senate.  弗雷德将继续负责欧洲事务,直到被任命接替他的人、原克林顿白宫外交政策助手戈登得到参议院确认。The Guantanamo portfolio has been handled on an interim basis by the State Department's ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues, Clinton Williamson, who will return to that task full-time when Fried becomes available. 关塔纳湾拘留中心事务一直由国务院负责战争问题的无任所大使威廉姆森临时处理,弗雷德接手新任命后,威廉姆森将全职回到原来的工作。03/64521郑州/华山医院丰胸价格

安阳市去除疤痕多少钱Munich Security Conference Could Signal New Era in US-EU Relations美派遣高级代表团出席慕尼黑会议  The ed States is sending a high-profile delegation to a key security conference that opened in Munich, Germany Friday, marking a new page in transatlantic relations under the Obama administration. 美国派遣一个级别很高的代表团前往德国慕尼黑参加星期五在那里开始的一个重要安全会议。这标志着奥巴马政府翻开了大西洋两岸关系的新篇章。The conference, which runs from Friday through Sunday, is likely to tackle a number of key issues - from Afghanistan and the Middle East, to energy security, the Russia-Georgia conflict last year and U.S. missile defense plans in Eastern Europe. 这次安全会议在星期五和星期六召开,可能会讨论许多重要议题,包括阿富汗和中东局势、能源安全、去年俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚发生的冲突、以及美国在东欧部署导弹防御体系的计划等。Some heavy hitters are expected to attend, including French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and NATO head Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. The Obama administration is also sending a high-ranking delegation headed by Vice President Joseph Biden.  预计一些很有影响力的政界人物将出席会议,包括法国总统萨科齐、德国总理默克尔、阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和北约秘书长夏侯雅伯。奥巴马政府将派副总统拜登率高级代表团出席这次会议。Experts this as signalling Washington wants to open a new page in transatlantic relations. Nick Witney, the former head of the European Defense Agency in Paris, says the Munich meeting is one marker ahead of an April NATO summit in France and Germany, in which President Obama is expected to attend. 有关专家认为,美国这么做意味着华盛顿希望开创新的大西洋两岸关系。欧洲防务局前负责人惠特尼在巴黎表示,慕尼黑会议是今年4月在法国和德国召开的北约首脑会议的前奏,预计奥巴马总统会亲自出席4月的首脑会议。"This is going to be a pretty momentous event," he said. "It will be the first Obama trip to Europe. It'll also be the occasion for France coming back into NATO after a 43-year absence. So that event is very much dominating the horizon at the moment.  他说:“这将是一次颇具历史意义的会议。这将是奥巴马当选后第一次去欧洲,也将是法国在缺席43年后重返北约的契机。所以,这一会议目前是人们最为关注的。”Analysts believe the Munich conference will be an occasion for Washington to seek more European assistance in securing peace in the Middle East - and fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.  分析人士认为,美国将在慕尼黑会议上寻求欧洲国家为确保中东和平和打击阿富汗塔利班提供更多的帮助。"I think we've had plenty of signals aly from the Obama administration that they do want to reengage with the Europeans as serious international security partners," Witney said. "There is another side to that, of course, which Obama has made explicitly clear: He's naturally only going to take Europeans seriously if the Europeans take themselves seriously and are prepared to pull their weight in dealing with international security problems - the first of which of course is Afghanistan.  惠特尼说:“我认为,奥巴马政府已经多次发出信号,表示希望重新将欧洲作为美国重要的国际安全伙伴。当然,问题还有另外一面,奥巴马也非常清楚地表明,那就是:只有当欧洲国家认真地负起责任,准备在处理国际安全问题中发挥重要作用时,奥巴马才会把欧洲当作重要的伙伴。而这些国际问题中首先需要解决的当然是阿富汗问题。”Iran's nuclear program is another critical issue - and the Obama administration has signalled it is willing to talk directly with Tehran. But Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani, who is expected in Munich, has ruled out any talks with U.S. officials there. 伊朗的核项目是另一个关键议题,奥巴马政府已经表示愿意直接同伊朗会谈。但是,预计将出席慕尼黑安全会议的伊朗议长拉里贾尼表示,不会同美国官员在会议期间展开任何会谈。02/61910河南省人民医院 绣眉手术多少钱 US Expects "Difficult" Beijing Talks on North Korean Disarmament美国预计北韩无核化会谈将很艰难 The U.S. State Department said it expects a meeting in Beijing next week on ending North Korea's nuclear program to be difficult, but that no consideration is being given to scrapping the six-party talks. The senior U.S. delegate to the talks Friday ended a two day set of preparatory meetings in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart. 美国国务院表示,预计下周在北京召开的北韩无核化六方会谈将很困难,但是并没有取消这轮会谈的想法。参加会谈的美国高级代表星期五结束了在新加坡同北韩代表举行的两天预备会议。Officials at the U.S. State Department said the Chinese- sponsored meeting due to begin Monday will likely be no less difficult than previous meetings on the North Korean nuclear program. But they said even though China has yet to officially announce the meeting, they do expect the six-party session to go forward as planned. 有关官员说,这次由中国担任东道国的六方会谈定于星期一开始。这次有关北韩核项目问题的会议的难度不会小於先前的几轮会谈。不过他们说,虽然中国还没有正式宣布举行会谈的消息,但他们预计这次六方会谈能够如期举行。All six heads of delegations to the long-running talks are to convene in Beijing to approve a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities North Korea made last June. 六方会谈已经进行了很长时间。所有参与国的首席谈判代表这一次将在北京开会,争取批准一项计划,用于核实北韩去年6月提交的北韩核项目材料及活动清单的真实性。Approval of a verification protocol is to open the way to the final phase of the intricate agreement reached last year, under which North Korea is to eventually scrap its nuclear program, including weapons, in return for energy aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties. 去年各方达成一项复杂的协议。根据该协议,北韩最终将放弃核项目,包括核武器,以换取其它五方提供的经济援助和外交利益。批准核实机制为实施该协议最后一个阶段的内容打开了大门。The latest snag in the process involves whether disarmament inspectors can remove samples from North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear complex for outside analysis. 这一进程遇到的最新阻碍是,负责检查北韩非核化工作的人员是否可以从宁边核反应堆拿走采样,到外面进行分析。Chief U.S. delegate Christopher Hill said North Korea agreed to sampling, at least verbally, in talks in Pyongyang in July. The North Koreans later said they made no such commitment. 美国首席谈判代表、负责东亚事务的助理国务卿希尔说,在今年7月于平壤举行的谈判中,北韩至少在口头上同意允许核查人员进行采样。不过北韩官员后来表示没有做过这种承诺。Hill, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs, met in Singapore with his North Korean counterpart Kim Kye-Gwan. Both said Friday they had extensive discussions on verification issues but did not indicate they had reached a final agreement. 希尔本周在新加坡会晤了北韩首席谈判代表金桂冠。双方星期五都表示在核项目确认问题上进行了深入讨论,但并没有说他们达成了最终协议。At a news briefing here, Deputy State Department Spokesman Robert Wood said that would be the goal of the six-way meeting, which will include South Korea, Russia and Japan, along with the ed States, North Korea and host China: 在美国国务院的一次新闻简报会上,副发言人伍德说,就核实问题达成最终协议将是六方会谈的目标。六方会谈的参与国包括韩国、俄罗斯、日本、美国、北韩和中国。"Really where we are now is trying to get those understandings and assurances that the North Koreans provided Chris [Hill], in addition to those understandings on verification, to get all of this on paper and codified at the six-party heads of delegation meeting. So the negotiations on that will take place in Beijing and hopefully we will have a final verification protocol after that meeting," said Wood. 伍德说:“我们目前真正想做的是把北韩向希尔所表达的那种理解和保,以及双方在核实问题上的理解都在六方会谈时写在书面上,成为正式文件。各方会在北京进行谈判,我们希望在会谈后能够看到最终的核实机制。”Both Wood and North Korean envoy Kim in Singapore said there was no reason why the Beijing meeting should not go forward, despite the lack of an official announcement. 伍德和北韩特使金桂冠都表示,虽然中国还没有正式宣布将在北京举行六方会谈,但是会谈没有理由不举行。Wood said Assistant Secretary Hill will go to Seoul on Saturday and then on to Beijing Sunday where he will consult with the Japanese, Chinese, South Korean and Russian envoys on the eve of the opening of the six-way meeting. 伍德说,希尔将在星期六前往首尔,在星期天前往北京,在六方会谈召开前夕听取日本、中国、韩国和俄罗斯谈判代表们的意见。Their discussions will also cover a delivery schedule for heavy fuel oil committed to North Korea in return for the disablement of the Yongbyon reactor complex. North Korea has slowed the disablement process, saying that nearly half the one million tons of fuel it has been promised has not been delivered.Japan has refused to join other parties in providing oil, because it said Pyongyang has not fully accounted for Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea agents in the 1980's.200812/58063郑州华山医院打美白针价钱费用

郑州金水区提眉手术多少钱Madagascar High Court Endorses New President马法院持军方让拉乔利纳当总统  Madagascar's highest court has backed the military's move to replace President Marc Ravalomanana with his rival, opposition leader Andry Rajoelina. But some African leaders are questioning whether the move is constitutional. 马达加斯加最高法院持军方让反对派领导人拉乔利纳取代拉瓦卢马纳纳担任总统的做法。不过,有些非洲国家领导人对这种做法是否符合宪法规定提出质疑。Madagascar's constitutional court declared Wednesday on national radio that opposition leader Andry Rajoelina has become president of the republic. 马达加斯加宪法法院星期三通过国家广播电台宣布,反对派领导人拉乔利纳成为国家总统。The court noted that President Marc Ravalomanana had resigned and handed power to the military. It said this left the decision to the military. The army said it did not wish to wield power but rather wanted Mr. Rajoelina to take charge. 法院指出,拉瓦卢马纳纳总统已经辞职,并把权力交给军方。宪法法院表示,这就等于让军方决定由谁担任总统。军方表示,军方不希望执掌国家权力,而是希望拉乔利纳担任总统。The 34-year-old Rajoelina, who is six years younger than the minimum age required by the constitution to be president, earlier announced he was forming an interim government that would revise the constitution and hold elections within two years. 拉乔利纳现年34岁,比宪法规定的总统最低年龄还差6岁。拉乔利纳早些时候宣布,他将组成过渡政府,过渡政府将修改宪法,并在两年内举行大选。In a speech Tuesday at a central plaza, Mr. Rajoelina thanked the military for its support. 拉乔利纳星期二在一个中心广场讲话时感谢军方的持。He praised the army for taking over a presidential office in the city center and invited the people to come with him to occupy it. Soldiers had seized the building a few hours before. 拉乔利纳在市中心感谢军方接管总统府,他邀请大家跟他一道进入这座建筑。马达加斯加军人一度占领这座总统府几个小时。Mr. Ravalomana announced Tuesday he was stepping down due to the crisis characterized by what he called a polarization of opinion within the army and the citizenry. 拉瓦卢马纳纳星期二宣布,鉴于目前的危机,他决定辞职。他称这场危机的突出表现是军队和公民内部观点对立。He said it is crucial to re-establish order so that we can work together. We all love our country, he said, and appealed for serenity. 拉瓦卢马纳纳说,现在关键的是恢复法治,这样我们才能共事。他说,我们都热爱我们的国家,他还恳请持者保持平静。The dramatic transfer of power brought to a head weeks of confrontation that killed more than 100 people and hurt tourism and foreign investment. 马达加斯加新首脑产生于这场戏剧性的权力移交,此前,这个国家经过了几个星期的对峙局面,造成100多人丧生,旅游业和外国投资受到打击。The capital was calm and businesses operated normally although some embassies were closed. Residents expressed different opinions on the legality of the transition, but most expressed hope for peace and stability. 马达加斯加首都安塔那那利佛恢复了平静,商家开始正常营业,但仍有几家大使馆没有恢复办公。尽管当地居民对这次权力转移的合法性表达了不同的看法,但大多数人希望国家和睦与稳定。But some African governments expressed concerns over the legality of the transition. 不过,有些非洲国家政府对马达加斯加这次总统权力转移表示担忧。Zambia says it is rejecting what it called the unconstitutional change of government and called for Madagascar's suspension in the African Union and Southern African Development Community, SADC. 赞比亚表示不接受这次不符合宪法的政府更迭,并呼吁非洲联盟和南部非洲发展共同体暂停马达加斯加的成员国资格。The African Union said its Peace and Security council would review Madagascar's situation this week. 非洲联盟表示,非盟和平与安全理事会这个星期将审议马达加斯加的局势。The Chairman of SADC, South Africa's President Kgalema Motlanthe, said its security organ would meet Thursday to discuss the development. He said SADC would never accept the unconstitutional transfer of power from a democratically elected government. 南部非洲发展共同体主席、南非总统莫特兰蒂说,该组织安全机构星期四开会,讨论马达加斯加的事态。他说,南部非洲发展共同体决不会接受通过违宪手段让一个民选政府交出权力。The European Union and ed States have said that an unconstitutional transfer of power could bring sanctions.03/64972 U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has arrived in Haiti, where he has come to express his support for victims of Tuesday's massive earthquake.联合国秘书长潘基文已抵达海地,他特地来到此地向星期二大地震的受难者表示持。Mr. Ban said he is going to Haiti with a "very heavy heart." "The damage, the destruction, the loss of life, are just overwhelming. Therefore, we need unprecedented international support to Haitian people," he said.潘基文说,他带着非常沉重的心情前往海地。潘基文说:“地震带来破坏、毁灭和生命的丧失。所以我们需要给予海地人民空前未有的国际持。”The U.N. chief spoke to reporters aboard his flight from New York. The plane carried several of his senior advisors as well as U.N. staff and aid supplies.这位联合国秘书长在从纽约起飞的飞机上向记者发表了谈话。这架飞机载有他的几名资深顾问、联合国工作人员以及救援物资。Mr. Ban says the ed Nations has three priorities now in Haiti.潘基文说,联合国目前在海地有三大当务之急。"First, to save lives - as many lives as possible. We are running against time. This is aly it the 4th day, but there is hope that we can and we may save some more lives," he said.潘基文说:“第一要挽救生命,抢救尽可能多的生命。我们要争分夺秒。这已经是第四天了,但是我们还有希望能够拯救或者可以拯救更多的生命。”The organization also hopes to provide urgently needed humanitarian assistance, including tents, water, medical supplies and other services. Mr. Ban said food distribution is improving and the U.N. is now feeding at least 40,000 people a day. 联合国还希望 提供急需的人道援,包括帐篷、水、医疗物资和其它各种务。潘基文说,食品分发工作正在改进,联合国目前每天至少供给四万人食品。201001/94898郑州/消除肿眼泡的方法新乡市第二人民医院去除狐臭多少钱




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