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2019年06月18日 04:52:44来源:新华报

Apple is warning iPhone users not to fall for an internet hoax that leaves handsets useless and irreparable.针对近日出现的一则网络恶作剧,苹果公司提醒iPhone用户不要上当,否则iPhone可能崩溃,且不可恢复。A fake advertisement claims that changing the date on your iPhone to 1 January 1970 will give you a retro Apple design—it doesn#39;t.一条假冒的广告声称:把你iPhone上的时间调成1970年1月1日,你的手机会呈现复古风——其实并没有。And the date change will cause your phone to become permanently stuck while rebooting if it#39;s switched off or runs out of battery.改成这个日期后,如因关机或电量耗尽而重启,你的iPhone将永久性死机。The bug affects the likes of the iPad Air, Mini 2 and any iPhone 5s onwards.该漏洞会影响到iPad Air、Mini 2以及任何iPhone 5s之后的机型。The glitch was discovered last week, but a fake photo has been circulating on social media encouraging people to switch the date on iPhones 5s and upwards.这一漏洞是上周被发现的,此后就有一条骗人的图片在社交媒体流传,鼓动网友给自己的iPhones 5s等机型修改显示时间。Users were meant to be able to discover an Easter egg in the form of a 1970s-style multicolored Apple logo and design.虚假信息声称,iPhone用户改时间后,会在手机上发现一个有色苹果商标的复活节蛋,呈现出上世纪70年代的风格。Instead, when the phone is turned off and turned on again, it refuses to reboot, displaying the Apple home screen and going no further.不过事实情况是,手机被重启后,再也无法运行,会一直显示苹果主界面,无法进行任何进一步操作。Incidentally, Apple wasn#39;t even around in 1970. It was founded six years after that.顺便告诉你,1970年的时候还没有苹果公司呢。苹果成立于1976年。Any iOS device with a 64 bit processor will be affected.任何配置了64位处理器的iOS设备都会中招。So the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3 and 4, and the sixth-generation iPod Touch.包括了iPhone 5s、6、6 Plus、6s、6s Plus,以及iPad Air 2、iPad Mini 3、4和第六代iPod Touch。Apple confirmed the issue on its website, and said an upcoming software update would provide a solution.苹果公司已在官网上确认了该问题的存在,并表示即将发布软件更新解决这一问题。Taking the device to an Apple store and getting a new one seems to be the only answer for iPhone users who have fallen victim to the hoax at the moment.对于已经中招的iPhone用户,凭旧手机到苹果商店换一部新的似乎是唯一解决途径。 /201602/426830。

  • Hybrid Rice杂交水稻Since the foundation of the People#39;s Republic of China, China has made one after another outstanding achievements in agriculture technology, one of which is the successful development of indica hybrid rice. With the application of this technology since 1976, China#39;s total rice cultivation lands have grown such rice, which added rice output by some 240 billion kilograms up till 1994.What’s more, this technology was exported to other countries.新中国成立以来,中国在农业科技上的一项举世瞩目的成就是籼型杂交水稻的育成。这项技术自1976年在全国大面积推广以后,仅至1994年,就已使中国的稻谷累计增产达2400亿公斤。此外,该技术还被出口到美国等国家和地区。The research of indica hybrid began in 1964, when a teacher from Hunan Province, Yuan Longping first put forward the idea of utilizing the heterosis in rice and initiated the research on hybrid rice in China. At the beginning, he discovered male-sterile rice. Then he brought forward the third hybriding paddy and carried out experiments on farmland. Yuan Longping made breakthrough in 1973. He was the first person to develop indica hybrid rice. The new technology was tested in many areas of South China in 1974 and 1975, and then extended to other areas. China became the first country that is capable of producing hybrid rice. Yuan Long-ping is the first scientist who successfully altered the self-pollinating characteristic of rice and realized large-scale farming of hybrid rice. This earned him the title ;Farther of Hybrid Rice;. The achievements of Yuan Longping greatly solved the food shortage, and provided as a solution the worldwide starvation. It is regarded as the fifth invention after China#39;s Four Major Inventions, and is acclaimed as the Second Green Revolution.杂交水稻的研究始于1964年。当时任职于湖南省安江农校的袁隆平最先发现了水稻天然雄性不育株,便带领助手们开展了有关研究。他首先发现了雄性不育株,以后又率先提出了通过培育水稻三系进行杂交的设想,并进行了田间实验。1973年终于获得突破性进展,在世界上第一个育成强优势灿型杂交水稻,1974至1975年在中国南方多处试种效果良好,1976年后开始大面积推广。从此,中国成为世界上第一个实现利用水稻杂交优势的国家。袁隆平也被誉为“杂交水稻之父”。他的成果不仅在很大程度上解决了中国人的吃饭问题,而且也被认为是解决世界性饥饿问题的法宝。国际上甚至把杂交稻当作中国继四大发明之后的第五大发明,誉为“第二次绿色革命”。 /201602/419397。
  • China is planning to launch a Mars probe in the year 2020 to carry out an independent exploration of the Red Planet after a joint mission with Russia failed in 2011, said Ye Peijian, a top space scientist and national political adviser.近日,全国政协委员、顶级空间科学家叶培建透露,在2011年与俄罗斯的联合任务失败之后,我国计划于2020年发射火星探测器,对火星开展独立探索。The probe is expected to reach Mars in 2021 after a flight of seven to ten months, he said on Friday during the annual session of the national political advisory body in Beijing. ;Consensus has been reached among policymakers and leading scientists,; he said.该探测器预计将飞行7-10个月,于2021年到达火星。叶培建委员是在上周五全国政协会议期间透露这一消息的。他说:“政策制定者和科学家之间已经达成了共识。”China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, the main contractor of China#39;s space missions, said on Friday that the Mars exploration is among the 10 major orders that Long March 5, the country#39;s next-generation heavy lift rocket, has received so far.作为中国太空任务的主要承办公司,中国航天科技集团公司上周五表示,探索火星是我国新一代重型火箭长征五号已经接受的10大订单中的一个。Other orders include the Chang#39;e-5 lunar probe mission that is expected to bring back soil from the moon around 2017, and the much-anticipated space station#39;s core module that will be launched around 2020.其他订单还包括嫦娥五号的探月任务,该任务被寄希望于2017年从月球带回泥土。此外还有2020年左右发射的备受期待的空间站核心舱等。The size and structure of the Mars probe will be similar to Chang#39;e-3, China#39;s first lunar lander that was launched in 2013, though there are many differences, he said.叶培建还透露,尽管有许多不同之处,但是我国火星探测器的大小和结构,与我国于2013年发射的第一个月球着陆器嫦娥三号相似。At present, scientists have started making technological preparations for communications, possible landing on the Mars, and how to deal with the planet#39;s extreme environment, he said.叶培建表示,目前,科学家们已经开始对包括通讯、着陆的可能性以及火星极端环境的处理进行着各项技术准备。;There are many challenges in front of us ... but I think it is likely we will send the probe to Mars given our all-out efforts, the know-how we gained from past missions and everybody#39;s support,; he said.他说:“我们面临着许多挑战,但是我想,通过过去的发射经验以及每个人的努力,我们一定会竭尽所能地将探测器发射到火星上去的。” /201603/430266。
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