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Polls Suggest Close Race Between Obama, McCain民调:奥巴马小幅领先麦凯恩  Recent public opinion polls in the U.S. presidential race give Democrat Barack Obama a lead over Republican John McCain. But the lead is less than expected given some Democratic advantages this election year. 最近有关美国总统竞选的民意调查发现,即将获得民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克.奥巴马领先于共和党的约翰.麦凯恩。但是,鉴于民主党在今年选举中的一些有利因素,奥巴马领先的幅度要比预料的小。Recent surveys give Senator Obama a lead of between three and six percentage points over Senator McCain with the election a little more than four months away. 现在距离美国总统大选还有四个多月的时间。最新的民意调查显示,奥巴马领先共和党的麦凯恩大约3到6个百分点。Democrats are encouraged about their chances of winning back the White House this year after eight years of Republican control under President Bush. 在布什的领导下,经历了八年的共和党统治后,民主党人对今年能有机会赢回白宫深感鼓舞。But some Republicans are pleasantly surprised at the closeness of the race given the public's general unhappiness with the economy, the war in Iraq and Mr. Bush's tenure. 鉴于民众对经济疲软、伊拉克战争以及布什任期的不满,一些共和党人对两人在竞选中比分如此接近感到惊喜。Quinnipiac University pollster Clay Richards says a large number of voters apparently have aly made up their minds about which candidate to support in November. 奎尼匹埃克大学从事民意调查的克莱.理查兹说,很显然,很大一批选民对将在11月的选举中持哪位候选人已经作出了决定。"Between 75 and 80 percent of voters said that their minds are made up," he noted. "So, the campaign, at this very early point, may come down to a battle for about 20 to 25 percent of the voters, with the rest having aly committed." 理查兹说:“大约75%到80%的选民说,他们已经作出了决定。因此,竞选到目前这个阶段可能就是对20%到25%的选民的争夺。剩下的人已经决定了。”A recent Quinnipiac poll in three crucial battleground states in November found that economic concerns were pushing more working class voters to support Obama. Those states were Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, all expected to be competitive in November. 奎尼匹埃克大学在三个竞争激烈的关键州的调查显示,美国民众对经济的担忧促使较多的工薪阶层选民更倾向持奥巴马。这几个州分别是俄亥俄州、宾夕法尼亚州以及佛罗里达州。预计在11月的选举中,这几个州的竞争都将非常激烈。Obama had trouble winning working class support in his primary battles with former rival Hillary Clinton, but pollster Clay Richards says he appears to be making some inroads. 奥巴马在初选中,也就是在与对手希拉里.克林顿争夺民主党提名时,在争取工薪阶层选民时遇到了困难。但是理查兹说,目前,奥巴马似乎已经取得一些进展。"Obama is doing better among them than other Democratic candidates have done in the past," he added. "And if he maintains this kind of lead, or this kind of balance among blue collar whites, he will probably carry these three states." 他说:“奥巴马在工薪阶层选民中的持率高于过去其他任何民主党候选人。如果他能在蓝领白人中保持这样的领先势头,或者这样的均势,那么,他就很有可能拿下这几个州。”Republican John McCain finds himself in the difficult position of trying to succeed an unpopular president from his own party at a time when Americans are worried about the economy and rising fuel prices and believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. 共和党的麦凯恩也发现自己目前想要继任本党的一位不受欢迎的总统,处境堪忧。美国人目前对经济、昂贵的油价忧虑重重,而且他们认为美国目前的发展方向是错误的。McCain has staked his presidential hopes on the belief that Americans would prefer victory in the war in Iraq to a hasty withdrawal of U.S. troops. 麦凯恩相信美国民众更希望赢得伊拉克战争,而不是草率地撤走美国军队,他把自己获胜的希望寄托在这个信念上。Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown says Americans have concluded the Iraq war was not worth the cost, but he adds that they remain divided on what to do next. 奎尼匹埃克大学的另一位民意调查员彼德.布朗说,美国民众认为,伊拉克战争得不偿失。他补充说,他们只是对下一步如何走有分歧。"By a 2-1 margin, voters think the war was a mistake," he noted. "But when we asked them where do we want to go from here and give them two choices. One, the McCain position of no fixed timetable for withdrawal and make the decision based on the security situation on the ground, and the Obama approach of a fixed timetable, they are basically split down the middle." 布朗说:“选民中认为伊拉克战争是错的比例占三分之二。然而当被问到下一步该怎么走,并给他们两个选择时, 一个是麦凯恩的立场,不设定撤军的时间表,根据当地的安全局势情况再作定夺;或是奥巴马的立场,设定时间表。他们的反应基本上是一半对一半。”Senator McCain will emphasize his experience in the military and in Congress in the campaign, and will argue that Obama has too little experience in foreign policy and national security matters. 麦凯恩参议员在选举中将强调他的从军经历以及他在国会的经验。而且他还会说,奥巴马参议员在外交和国家安全事务上均缺乏经验。Brookings Institution political scholar Thomas Mann says Senator Obama has some work to do in that area. 布鲁金斯学会的政治学者托马斯.曼说,在这个领域奥巴马还得下一番大功夫。"Some people have doubts about his qualifications as commander in chief," he explained. "So, he has a hurdle to clear, a threshold to reach that he is trustworthy on matters pertaining to national security." 他说:“有些人对奥巴马是否有资格担任统帅感到怀疑。因此,他需要越过这个障碍,这个门槛,让别人相信,他在国家安全事务问题上是值得信赖的。”Another factor that could keep the election close is Senator McCain's proven appeal to moderate and independent voters, who often tip the election in favor of one candidate over another. 竞选难分高下的另一个原因是,麦凯恩参议员已经实在温和派和独立选民中很有亲和力。这股力量经常能决定选举,使得选举结果倾向某一位的候选人。Democrats argue that McCain's close support of President Bush's policy on Iraq would lead to what they call a third Bush term. 民主党人说,麦凯恩是如此持布什总统的伊拉克政策,因此,用他们的话说,麦凯恩的胜利等同于布什的第三个任期。But analyst John Fortier of the American Enterprise Institute contends McCain may be able to counter some of those expected Democratic attacks.  但是美国企业研究所的分析人士约翰.福捷说,麦凯恩有能力反击预料中的民主党人的攻击。"McCain does have the ability to distance himself from Bush, though, more than other Republicans," he said. "He is not somebody with a newly found moderation. McCain goes a long way back where he has been something of a maverick and opposing Bush, so I think he is going to be more able to resist that sort of criticism." 他说:“与其他共和党人相比,麦凯恩确实有能力与布什拉开距离。他不是最近才突然走上中间温和路线的。很久以前,麦凯恩就一直是个特立独行的人,他反对布什。 因此我认为,他有能力对这一类的攻击予以反击。”McCain also faces a lingering challenge in trying to shore up support among conservative Republicans. Some conservatives distrust McCain and have been unhappy in the past when he has disagreed with President Bush and been critical of the Republican Party. 不过,麦凯恩在争取赢得保守的共和党人持方面可能还会遇到一些挥之不去的挑战。一些保守派并不信任麦凯恩。他们对麦凯恩过去与布什持不同意见、并一直在批评共和党深感不满。200806/42407Conditions of applying for a visa签条件A: I have heard that you are going to Singapore for an international educational conference next month, is it true?A: 我听说你下一个月要去新加坡参加一次国际教育会议,这是真的吗?B: Yes, if eveything goes smoothly.B: 是的,假如一切都很顺利的话。A: Wonderful. It is really a valuable chance to get to know some knowledge frontier as well as the latest teaching skills. Isnt it marvelous? Congratulations!A: 那真是太好了。这绝对是一次了解学术前沿知识和最先进的教学方法的大好机会。这是太棒了。祝贺你啊!B: Thank you. But the procedures to go to another country is very complicated, its a big headache. I really do not know how to make it. I have heard that the procedures to apply for a business visa are not that easy.B: 谢谢你。但是出国的手续很复杂啊,这是目前我最头疼的一件事了。我都不知道该怎么办。听说商务签的程序还不简单呢。A: Dont worry so much. I went to attend an international meeting last year, and I know there are some requirements to be satisfied if you are applying for a business visa, but it is not that difficult as you have imagined. Firstly you need to have an invitation letter, which is a necessity, because the officer in the visa office will need this to confirm that there are really some proper business reasons for you to go to another country and without any ill intention.A: 你不用太过担心这个问题。我去年去参加过一个国际会议,我知道要申请商务签的话是有一些要求应该满足,但并不是像你想象的那么复杂。首先你需要的是一封邀请函,这是必须的东西,因为签办公室要用你的邀请函来确认你确实有真实的商务原因要进入他国而没有任何的不良意图。B: OK, I see. That means the invitation letter is the basic document I need to have. Then I will e-mail the organizer of this conference to provide me with an invitation letter.B: 我明白了,也就是说我首先需要的是最基本的文件就是一封邀请函。那么我会给这次会议的主办方发一封电子邮件,要求他们给我发一封邀请函。A: And the immigration Bureau will ask you to be physically healthy, no criminal record, and no threat to the national security. That means you have to ask the personal department of our school to provide a certificate to confirm that you do not have any of the problems.A: 并且移民局会要求商务考察者身体健康,无刑事犯罪记录,对某国的国家安全不会构成威胁。所以你要到我们学校的人事部门让他们给你出具一份明来实你没有以上问题。 B: OK, this is not difficult. B: 好的,这个并不难。A: So, we are almost there. It is not that complicated as you imagined, huh?A: 基本上就是这些了。没有你想象的那么复杂,是不是?B: Yes, you are right. Thank you so much. You are really helpful. I am really honored to have a friend like you.B: 是啊,你说得对。真是非常感谢你。你对我帮助很大,我很荣幸能有你这样的朋友。 /201603/428809

Russian FM: No Timetable for Pullout From Georgia俄外长:协议未定从格撤军时间表  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Russian troops have no timetable for withdrawing from Georgia under a cease-fire agreement both sides have signed. Lavrov told reporters in Moscow today the pullout is contingent on the security situation in the region. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫说,俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚签署的停火协议并没有设定俄军从格鲁吉亚撤军的时间表。拉夫罗夫星期六在莫斯科告诉记者说,是否撤军应视这一地区的安全局势而定。President Dmitry Medvedev signed the six-point agreement in Sochi, the Black Sea resort town that is home to a presidential summer residence. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在黑海海滨度假地、俄罗斯夏季总统府所在地索契签署了这项6点协议。Under the terms of the agreement, both sides will pull back their armed forces to the positions held before the fighting broke out earlier this month, when Georgia launch a massive attack on the Russia-backed breakaway province South Ossetia. 根据协议,双方都必须把各自的武装部队撤回到战事发生前的位置。这个月早些时候,格鲁吉亚对得到俄罗斯持的争取独立的南奥塞梯发动大规模军事行动,俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚随即发生冲突。A Ministry of Defense spokesman General Anatoly Nogovitsyn said the conditions for work to begin are now in place. 俄罗斯国防部发言人诺戈维岑将军说,各项工作已经准备就绪。Nogovitsyn said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the document with the peace agreement today and it has aly been signed by Russia and Georgia without any changes made. 诺戈维岑将军说,俄罗斯外交部今天收到了和平协议文件。俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚都已经签署了文件,文件没有任何修改。But, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists Saturday that there was no set timetable for the withdrawal of Russian troops, saying it will take "as long as needed," depending, in part, on what he described as "additional security measures." 但是俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫星期六对媒体表示,协议并没有设定俄罗斯撤军的时间表。 他说,撤军将部分取决于“额外的安全措施”,“需要多久就是多久”。Earlier, Nogovitsyn said that Russian peacekeepers will never leave the Georgian breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. He denied Georgia's allegations that Russia bombed a key railway bridge west of the capital Tbilisi hours before Moscow signed the cease-fire agreement. 诺戈维岑早些时候还说,俄罗斯维和部队永远不会撤出格鲁吉亚争取独立的两个省份南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹。格鲁吉亚指控俄罗斯在签署停火协议几个小时之前炸毁了格鲁吉亚首都第比利斯以西的一条主要铁路桥,诺戈维岑对此予以否认。Television images showed a portion of the Kaspi region bridge destroyed. 电视画面显示卡斯皮地区铁路桥的一段被炸毁。Witnesses say Russian troops remain entrenched deep in Georgian territory, away from the Abkhazian and South Ossetian borders, and that they still surround the key city of Gori. 目击者说,俄罗斯军队继续留在格鲁吉亚境内远离阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯边界的地方。另外,俄军仍然包围着格鲁吉亚的主要城市哥里。The ed States demanded on Friday that Russia pull out of Georgia immediately, accusing Moscow of "bullying" its tiny southern neighbor by sending in troops and tanks. 美国星期五要求俄罗斯立即从格鲁吉亚撤军,并指责俄罗斯向这个南部邻国派遣部队和坦克,“欺负”这个弱小国家。On Saturday, U.S. President George Bush called Russia's response to Georgia's actions "completely unacceptable," in his weekly radio address. Mr. Bush said that the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia must remain part of Georgia. 美国总统布什星期六在例行的每周广播讲话中表示,俄罗斯对格鲁吉亚的行动做出的反应是“完全不能接受的”。布什说,格鲁吉亚争取独立的两个省份南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹必须留在格鲁吉亚。200808/46144

I thought youd be pleased to go with Tom, after your time in the stationery cupboard with him!我想共同经历过文件柜的事情后,你会很高兴和汤姆一起去的。I was just finding an envelope Denise.丹尼斯,我只是在找信封。Anyway, Im worried about booking the flights online.总之,我担心的是在网上订机票。I usually book flights at a travel agents.我通常是在旅行中介那里订机票。Its company policy now, we have to do everything online – even my food shopping – but don’t tell Paul.这是公司政策,我们在网上做一切事情,甚至包括我购买的食物,但别告诉保罗。Oh right. So where shall I begin?好的。那么我从何开始呢?Pull up a chair Anna and well log on.拉过来一把椅子,安娜,我们先登录。Right lets start with the British Airlines website.好的,让我们从英国航空公司网开始。There. London to Marseille.这里,伦敦到马赛。What is the outbound date?出发日期是什么时候?Going out tomorrow, back tomorrow.明天去,明天回。Business class or Economy class?商务舱还是经济舱?I think well say Economy.我想是经济舱。Thats cheaper I guess.我猜这个更便宜。Whats this mean? Flexible or fixed?这是什么意思?弹性或固定?A flexible ticket means you can change your flight but a fixed one means you cant – and thats cheaper so well choose that one.弹性机票的意思是你可以更改航班,但固定机票不能更改,这个更便宜,所以我们选这个。Ill book you on the 8am flight from Heathrow and flying home at 6pm.我给你定了早上8点希思罗机场的票,回来的时间是下午6点。I just need to type in your full names now and select your seats.我只需现在输入你的全名,选好你的座位。 /201704/506749

  Katie Couric : Alan Deutschman is a senior writer of Fast Company Magazine, who wrote the cover story for the July issue entitled "Is your boss a psychopath? ". Alan , good morning , nice to see you! Alan Deutschman: Good morning , Katie Katie Couric : Don't many bosses share at least a couple of these traits, in other words , there are couple of bad qualities in them? Alan Deutschman : You know most people have some of these traits to a small degree . The difference is a psychopath hazard in spades. Katie Couric: Right. And the combination of psychopathic behavior and power's probably pretty lethal. Alan Deutschman: That's right. And the power is the magnet for psychopath, you know they're , ur, they're attracted by, they want things that are thrilling . they want games that they can win and so companies give them that arena. Katie Couric: Alright. We have a little quiz that people can take at home, so they can get their pencil in and paper out to find out if their boss may be a psychopath. The first question is : "Is your boss a superficially charming or grandiose", right? Alan Deutschman: That's right. These people, they're very charming, they are very likable, they are seductive. They want you to be their friends and their ally, but it's really all about them. " Katie Couric: Somewhat is you mark one, and yes sure you mark two. What about lacking empathy? Why are psychopathic bosses so lacking it or unable to relate to their , to their , ur , workers? Alan Deutschman: Well these people aren't like you and me. They are profoundly selfish. They don't care about you , they don't care about their feelings . They can lay you off , they can fire you, they can backstab you . It does not make them worry. Katie Couric: Ok do they fake that they're empathetic at least? Alan Deutschman: That's right. They are great actors , they are like Hollywood actors , and they can lie , they can manipulate . They don't have feelings for us , but they know how to play our feelings. Katie Couric: OK. In fact that's the next question: "Does your boss lie or manipulate? " And I was gonna say, many corporate psychopaths will refuse to take responsibilities as we've seen in some of these corporate cases, right? Alan Deutschman: It's amazing. You see these people and they are convicted. They might even go to prison, but they don't say they did anything wrong , they say they varied victims actually. Katie Couric: All right. Now we add up our scores I'm not sure if anyone could keep up with this, but one to four means you shouldn't worry. Your boss is probably just frustrated. Five to six means you should be afraid, and seven to eight means you should be very afraid. So what do you do if you are very afraid or afraid? How do you deal with someone like this? Alan Deutschman: Well, the first thing to do is to be suspicious of flattery. Because these people they will try to disarm you, so they can then use you or backstab you. So they'll come with extreme flattery. So you'll like them and you'll think they're your friends and your loyalists, and your guard will be down. Katie Couric: You say question authority, avoid suspicious activities and assess the damage to your life. And in a nutshell, what does that mean exactly? Alan Deutschman: That means that just because your boss says something is ok, it doesn't mean it is ok. And you know a lot of things can be in your job description, but lying, cheating and stealing or helping someone else to do those things or covering up. That's not legit. Katie Couric: And a psychopath would often try to get you into his or her web, so you are partaking these activities which could spot from some serious trouble for you down the road right? Alan Deutschman: That's right. And for the company, that's how things like Enron happened. Katie Couric: And so when do you know you need to quit, because it's hard to find a job these days. Alan Deutschman: It is. You know it's hard to have a good job. The economy isn't great, but since something emotional damage. It's just too much Katie Couric: And it's hard to get to human resources and say , My boss is a psychopath, so you know you have pretty limited options, right? but at times as you said, sometimes enough is enough. " Alan Deutschman: That's right.200707/15206

  Unlike the fertilizer bomb used in Oklahoma City, device analysis reveals that the New Jersey bomb is made from common household items. The problem is that there are so many things that can be used to make a bomb whether it'd be a digital watch, batteries, or even liquid explosive, they can look like aftershave lotion. By themselves, they look quite innocuous, but assembled together is when they become deadly. For that reason, the Explosives maintains a huge supply of potential bomb-making ingredients. We keep an extensive collection of known standard, clocks, batteries, watches, wire, anything that can be used to make a bomb, we try to keep a sample of, so that we can to try to identify using those the piece that we have in. Using these elements, examiners begin to reconstruct the bomb that killed the New Jersey executive. We actually lay it all out here in the laboratory and see if we can figure out how it fit together and how it came apart which sometimes will tell us what the type of explosive was used. So in this, as the bomb is reassembled, examiners realize they are dealing with a serial bomber who's eluded them for years, the infamous Unabomber. Probably one of the toughest cases that our unit has faced was the Unabomber case. 16 devices, 17 years of investigation, clearly, that was the one that caused us the most trouble. While serial bombers tend to be meticulous and cleverly illusive, the secret to identifying them is to uncover what the FBI calls the bomber's signature. The way they wrap wires, the way they tie knots, the materials that they choose to put into the bomb, those things can often indicate to us that we're dealing with someone who's building a series of bombs. In fact, Sachtleben says the Unabomber literally signed his bombs. Over several devices, he put the letters “FC” in there to let us know that's who it was. But there was even more of a signature than that. We could tell after looking at the 16 bombs that he had made-------the way that he put his batteries in there, the way that the wires were connected, the soldering that he did. Many of those things indicate to us that it was the same personThanks to device analysis and a lucky break, the Unabomber was later identified as this man, Ted Kaczynski. The evidence gathered by the FBI Explosives was instrumental in putting him away for a life. Device analysis is also crucial to solving both the Olympic and abortion clinic bombings. This is a replica of the deadly terrorist bomb that rocked the Olympic Games.innocuous: harmless, not causing injury or damage; not offensiveelude: avoid; shirk, escapesoldering: act of fusing metal surfaces together with solder 200809/50874。

  Japan Urges Industrialized Nations to Give More Aid, Fight Global Warming日本呼吁更多援助及应对全球变暖   Japan is telling the world's most industrialized nations that urgent action is needed on global climate change and development assistance for impoverished nations. Senior officials from advanced industrial nations are gathering in northern Japan for what is seen as a preview of a major summit this July.  日本对世界工业最发达的国家说,需要在全球气候变化和对贫穷国家进行开发援助方面采取紧急行动。来自先进工业国家的高级官员正聚集日本北部就今年7月召开的一次主要峰会召开预备会议。韩国也派特使参加了这次会议。 Development ministers from the world's richest nations are putting their heads together on some of the global economy's most urgent issues.  来自世界最富裕国家的开发部长们正在商讨一些全球经济最紧迫的问题。Japan is hosting the meeting of delegates from the so-called G8, or group of eight industrialized nations. They include Britain, Italy, Canada, the ed States, France, Russia, Germany and host, Japan. Delegates from major emerging industrial powerhouses, such as China, India, Brazil and South Korea are also attending. 日本主持了八国集团代表会议。八国集团也称为八个工业化国家集团,包括英国、意大利、加拿大、美国、法国、俄罗斯、德国和东道国日本。来自正在崛起的工业化大国中国、印度、巴西和韩国等也参加了这次会议。The talks are seen as a prelude to a summit conference scheduled for July. Japan's Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda attended Saturday's session, and called for immediate steps on global climate change. 这次会谈被看作是计划于7月召开的八国集团峰会的一次预备会。日本首相福田康夫出席了星期六的会议,他呼吁对全球气候变化采取紧急步骤。Mr. Fukuda says everyone, not just government and industry, needs to participate in the fight against global warming. 福田康夫说,不仅仅是政府和企业,每个人都需要参与阻止全球变暖的战斗。The Japanese prime minister said a major "overhaul" of modern lifestyles is the only way to reduce gas emissions from the consumption of carbon-based fuels. 福田康夫说,“彻底改变”现代生活方式是减少碳基燃料消费所产生的温室气体排放的唯一途径。Besides global warming, envoys are focusing on issues of urgently needed aid and investment for the world's poorest nations, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Advocacy groups say richer nations have failed to uphold promises of aid to Africa, and that the continent is suffering from a severe shortage of basic infrastructure. 除了全球变暖问题之外,与会代表还把讨论的重点放在急需援助和向世界最贫穷的国家投资的问题上,尤其是在撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲国家。一些倡议组织说,由于富国未能兑现向非洲国家的援助承诺,非洲大陆正在遭受基础设施严重短缺的痛苦。The Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development says Japan, until recently the world's top donor of international aid, slipped last year to fifth place. Overall, the OECD says foreign aid from the 22 major donor countries it measures dropped more than eight percent in 2007, to about 3 billion. 总部设在巴黎的经济合作与开发组织表示,不久前一直是全世界国际援助最大捐赠国的日本,去年的国际援助跌入第五位,经济开发与合作组织表示,总的来说,根据这个组织对来自世界22个主要捐赠国的外援统计数字,2007年下降幅度超过8%,只有大约1千零30亿美元。Japanese officials say they will lead the way in introducing more robust and transparent aid policies. The G8 meeting wraps up Sunday. Heads of government from G8 nations will gather in northern Japan in July. 日本官员表示,日本将带头采取更强有力和更透明的援助政策。这次八国峰会预备会议于星期天结束。八国集团的政府首脑们将于7月汇聚日本北部举行八国峰会。 200804/33768

  Welcome! The team at Tip Top Trading are hard at work, making plans for the launch and presentation of their latest product: the revolutionary, almost real Imperial Lemon.欢迎!Tip Top Trading的团队成员们正在努力工作,为了推出展示最新的产品制定计划,那就是革命性的,近乎真实的皇家柠檬。They are brainstorming, sharing ideas on how to make their lemon a success.他们正在群策群力,为了能使柠檬成功推出而献计献策。But it needs to be bright!但是它得亮一些!This is much more exciting.这样更有意思。But having three colours would work better.但有三种颜色效果会更好。There is a lot of disagreement going on, which is putting Annas vocabulary to the test!这之中有很多分歧,考验安娜词汇的时候到了!Right, Im taking the final decision: the colour scheme will be green and yellow, so thats that.好吧,我来说最后的决定:配色将是绿色和黄色,就这样。Now, the first presentation will be to er, Mr, er, Slime. Mr Lime.第一个报告的是Slime先生。 是Lime先生。Oh, er, Mr Lime that bit of biscuit looked like ans – Mr Lime, thank you Annabel. Anna.Lime先生,那一小块棕色看起来像是“s”,谢谢你,安娜贝尔。 是安娜。Mr Lime and his team at Citrus Ventures. Ideas please!Lime先生和他的Citrus Ventures团队。请问有什么想法!Why dont we offer Citrus Ventures a special opening offer: 20% off Imperial Lemon orders made this month.我们何不给Citrus Ventures一个特殊开价:本月订购皇家柠檬八折。We could even do that for all our regular clients.我们甚至可以给常客这个折扣。That would be a big risk. No.这太冒险了。 不对。 /201612/483818Bush Arrives in Slovenia for US-EU Summit布什抵达斯洛文尼亚参加美欧峰会 U.S. President George Bush is in Slovenia for talks with the leaders of the European Union. The agenda includes economic and security matters. 美国总统布什正在斯洛文尼亚同欧盟领导人举行会谈。会谈的内容包括经济和安全议题。These trans-Atlantic summits have traditionally focused on economic issues. And President Bush says he is eager to discuss money matters with the leaders of the European Union. 跨大西洋的首脑会议历来注重经济议题。布什总统说,他渴望同欧盟领导人讨论货币议题。"The U.S. economy has continued to grow in the face of unprecedented challenges," he said. "We [have] got to keep our economies flexible; both the U.S. economy and European economies need to be flexible in order to deal with today's challenges." 他说:“美国经济虽面临前所未有的挑战,但仍在增长。我们必须保持经济的灵活性。为了应对当今的挑战,美国和欧洲经济都需要具有灵活性。”He says he wants to talk to them about joint action to address the high cost of energy. He says currency issues will also be discussed, including concerns about the strength of the U.S. dollar. 他说,他想和欧盟领导人讨论如何采取共同行动解决高能源价格问题。他说,他们还将讨论货币问题,包括对疲软美元汇率的担忧。"I will talk about our nation's commitment to a strong dollar," said President Bush. "A strong dollar is in our nation's interests. It is in the interests of the global economy." 布什说:“我将谈到,美国承诺保持美元的强势。美元坚挺符合美国的国家利益,也符合全球经济的利益。”In recent years, these summits have also begun to tackle trans-Atlantic security concerns. And the White House says the talks at a castle just outside Ljubljana will cover efforts to ease tensions in the Balkans and bring peace to the Middle East. 最近几年,美欧峰会也开始着手应对跨大西洋的一些安全忧虑。白宫说,这次会晤在卢布尔雅那郊外一座城堡里举行,将涉及为缓解巴尔干地区紧张关系和实现中东和平所作的努力。President Bush has made clear he is eager to talk about Iran's nuclear program. And as he left the White House, he left no doubt he wants to talk to the Europeans about stepping up their commitment to the young democracy in Afghanistan. 布什总统清楚地表示,他迫切希望讨论伊朗的核项目。布什在离开白宫时曾明确表示,他想对欧洲国家说,他们要为帮助阿富汗年青的民主政府承担更多义务。"The countries I am going to have committed troops to Afghanistan, and I, of course, want to thank them, and remind them there is a lot of work to be done," he said. 他说:“我即将访问的国家向阿富汗派遣了部队。我当然要感谢他们,并要提醒他们,还有许多工作要做。”White House officials say they expect no dramatic announcements following the president's talks with European Union leaders in Slovenia, which currently holds the six-month rotating E.U. presidency. 白宫有关官员说,他们预计,布什在斯洛文尼亚同欧盟领导人会谈之后不会宣布什么出人意料的消息。斯洛文尼亚目前担任欧盟轮值主席国,任期六个月。In addition to Slovenia's prime minister, European Union participants in the talks will include European Commission President Jose Barroso, and E.U. security chief Javier Solana. 除斯洛文尼亚总理外,参见会谈的欧盟领导人还包括欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐和欧盟安全政策高级代表索拉纳。Experts in trans-Atlantic relations say they have seen a shift in President Bush's attitude toward dealings with Europe that is bearing fruit at the end of his term.John K. Glenn is head of the foreign policy program at the German Marshall Fund of the ed States.He says President Bush has made a concerted effort since his re-election in 2004 to move beyond differences with Europe over Iraq."And so we kind of set aside Iraq off the trans-Atlantic agenda as a way to look at these other issues because there is certainly enough to be done and enough pressure on both the ed States and Europe," said Glenn.After the summit talks with E.U. leaders, President Bush will head to Germany where he will mark the 60th anniversary of the implementation of the Marshall Plan and the Berlin airlift. He will then travel to Italy, France and the ed Kingdom. 200806/41613

  India's Runaway Economic Growth Expected to Slow Down Marginally美经济减缓会使印度经济增长减慢 In India, questions are being raised over how a possible economic downturn in the ed States will impact India's fast-growing economy. India's economy is expected to slow down slightly, but continue to grow at a healthy pace in the coming year. 在印度,人们提出了美国经济可能出现的减缓将对印度高速增长的经济产生什么影响的问题。预计,印度的经济会稍微减慢,但是在今后的一年时间里会继续以健康的步伐增长。Four years ago, retired army officer, Rakesh Dhir, invested a large chunk of his savings in the Indian stock market. 4年前,退休军官拉克什.迪尔把他很大一部分的储蓄都投资在印度股市上。His investments multiplied rapidly as the market grew by an average of more than 40 per cent a year, prompting him to put more money into stocks. 随著股市平均每年以40%多的速度增长,他的投资很快就翻了几番。Dhir, like millions of other middle class investors, was optimistic that the stock market would continue to flourish in an economy that has been growing at a rate of more than eight percent since 2003.像数以百万计其他中产阶级的投资人一样,迪尔乐观地认为,在一个自从2003年以来一直以8%以上的速度增长的经济里,股市会继续繁荣。But in January, the Mumbai stock index, the Sensex, plunged along with other Asian markets, amid fears of a global economic downturn sparked by a possible recession in the ed States. In the weeks since, stunned investors have seen the Sensex lose more than 20 per cent from its peak earlier this year. 但是在1月,由于美国可能出现的衰退引发全球经济下滑的担忧,孟买券交易所同亚洲其他股市一样出现大幅度的下跌。在那以后的几个星期,投资人大为震惊地看到Sensex指数比今年早些时候的高峰下跌了20%多。The stock market's volatility has triggered concerns among people like Dhir about how hard India will be hit by a potential slowdown in the West.股市的动荡使迪尔这些人担忧西方可能出现的经济减缓将对印度带来多大的冲击。"Hearing stories about recession in the West, I keep wondering whether I should stay invested in the stock market or not. It keeps me awake nights," said Dhir.他说:“我在听到有关西方国家经济衰退的报导时,我就一直在想,我是否应该继续投资于股市。这使我晚上睡不着。”Economists are trying to calm such fears. Saumitra Chaudhuri, is a member of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. He says a potential U.S. recession will have only a moderate impact on economic growth in India.经济学家试图平息这种担忧。乔杜里是印度总理经济顾问委员会的成员。他说,美国经济可能出现的衰退只会对印度的经济增长带来温和的影响。"There will be some impact, however the direct impact from a ed States slowdown is not very large, because the bulk of the Indian economy still caters to meeting domestic demand, not export demand," he said.他说:“会有些影响,但是,美国经济的减缓所带来的直接影响不会很大,因为印度经济的大部分仍然是用来满足国内需求,而不是出口的需求。”India's domestic demand comes from its 50 million-strong middle class. Their growing incomes have fueled purchases of automobiles, mobile phones and homes, and contributed to rapid businesses growth. 印度的国内需求来自于5000多万中产阶级。他们日益增加的收入推动了汽车、手机和住房的销售,而且促进了商业的快速发展。However, economists warn that consumer demand will not be as buoyant as it was in previous years - primarily because rising inflation in the past year has prompted the government to raise interest rates.然而,经济学家警告说,消费者需求将不像前几年那样强劲,主要是因为过去一年来日益上涨的通货膨胀促使政府提高利率。Chaudhuri warns that more expensive credit could mean less spending. 乔杜里警告说,成本更高的信贷可能意味著消费的减少。"Prices of all kinds of goods, particularly food and commodities are going through the roof," he said. "When you have a very high inflationary situation, inflationary pressure, it is likely that the action you might take to reduce that inflationary potential from being realized would actually slow the economy down a bit more."他说:“各种东西,尤其是食品和商品的价格都扶摇直上。在出现很高的通货膨胀的情况下,为了减少通胀可能造成实际后果而采取的行动,实际上可能会使经济发展减慢一些。”The government says it expects the economy to expand at 8.7 per cent in the coming year, compared to 9.6 per cent a year ago.印度政府表示,它预计经济在今后一年会以8.7%的速度扩张,而一年前国内生产总值的涨幅是9.6%。For investors looking for clues about the stock market, the decrease may be disheartening. But India is still expected to rank among the world's fastest growing economies. 对于那些希望知道股市是涨还是跌的投资人来说,这种减速可能会使他们感到沮丧。但是印度预计仍然可以被列为世界上增长最快的经济体之一。200803/32672Teamwork has helped the weavers find a neat solution to the problems posed by the Kalahari sun. But some creatures are even better equipped. Ground squirrels have y-made parasols. Under the shadow of their fluffy tails, they can resume foraging while the sun is still high in the sky. But the trouble with being active at this time of day is that so are cold-blood animals, like the cape cobra. Ground squirrels have such quick reflexes, they're in no real danger. But they're still anxious to be rid of it. They now use their bushy tails to intimidate and frustrate the snake, rather like a red rag to a bull. It's all too much for the cobra, better to just slip away quietly. As the evening draws in, temperatures in the Kalahari can plummet. Sociable weavers retreat to their insulated nest chambers, and by snuggling together can sleep warm and comfortable through the night. Small mammals, like ground squirrels and meerkats return to the safety and warmth of their burrows. Time now to lie low, prepare the warren and bond. Today, despite its extreme temperatures, the Kalahari is Africa's mildest desert. words:1.y-made:aly made, prepared, or available现成的2.plummet:a plumb bob,decline directly铅锤,垂直下降200807/44764

  Bush Renews Call for Expanded Domestic Oil Drilling布什再促国会授权多开采国内石油President Bush is again urging Congress to authorize expanded domestic oil drilling in order to combat record-high gasoline prices. Mr. Bush spoke after a cabinet meeting, one day after speaking to workers at a factory in Ohio on the same topic.  为了解决创记录的高油价问题,美国总统布什再次敦促国会授权扩大对国内储藏的石油的开采。布什是在内阁会议后作出上述表示的。Despite a dip in global oil prices during the past week, Americans are paying more than twice as much for gasoline as they did just a few years ago. 尽管过去一个星期以来,世界石油价格有所下降,但是,与几年前相比,美国人付的汽油价格还是超出了两倍多。President Bush says the price spike is the result of basic economic forces: global demand for oil that is growing faster than the supply. 布什总统说,石油价格上涨是最基本的供求关系造成的,那就是,全球石油的需求增长快于供应。Speaking from the Rose Garden, Mr. Bush said there is a clear solution. 布什在白宫玫瑰园说,解决办法很明确。"To reduce pressure on prices, we need to increase the supply of oil - especially here at home," said President Bush. 布什总统说:“为了缓解价格压力, 我们必须增加石油的供应, 尤其是国内的供应。”For weeks, the president has urged the Democrat-controlled Congress to rescind a ban on new off-shore drilling, which he says could provide as much as 10 years worth of oil at current U.S. consumption levels. 几个星期以来,总统一直在敦促民主党控制的国会取消对新的开采近海石油的禁令。布什说,以目前的石油消费水平,新增加的近海油田可以提供将近10年的石油供应。"The time for action is now," said Mr. Bush. "This is a difficult period for millions of American families. Every extra dollar they have to spend because of high gas prices is one less dollar they can use to put food on the table, pay the rent or meet [pay] their mortgages. The American people are rightly frustrated by the failure of Democratic leaders in Congress to enact common-sense solutions like the development of oil resources on the outer-continental shelf." 他说:“现在是采取行动的时候了。对数百万美国家庭来说,现在是困难时期。他们为高昂的汽油价格每多付一美元,就意味着为食物,房租或是房贷少付一美元。美国人对国会民主党领袖感到失望是可以理解的。民主党人没能找到通过开发大陆架石油资源等常识性的解决办法。”Democratic congressional leaders point out that, according to petroleum experts, it would take a decade or more before new oil exploration yielded significant supplies of crude, and that the actual impact on gasoline prices would likely be marginal. 民主党国会领导人指出,根据石油专家的意见,需要10年或是更多的时间才能使得新的石油开采能够供应充足的原油。即便成功,对汽油价格的实际影响很可能也是微乎其微。Instead, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged the administration to tap into America's stockpile of emergency fuel, known as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, while focusing on conservation and alternative sources of energy. 相反,众议院议长南希.佩罗西敦促布什政府动用美国储存的紧急石油储备,既战略储备油。同时集中精力找到节约用油的办法和替代能源。President Bush says draining the emergency stockpile makes no sense when new sources of oil can be exploited at home. Mr. Bush has also endorsed higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles and greater investment in alternative energy. 布什总统说,在国内有新的石油资源可以利用时,动用战略储备石油毫无道理。布什还持提高机动车辆的燃油效率标准,并加大对替代能源的投资。Polls show Americans rate economic issues, including high energy prices, as their top concerns. 民意测验显示,美国人认为经济问题,包括高昂的油价,是他们最担心的问题之一。200807/45207

  From a planet.......let me get out of here....stay where you are....Humanoid aliens have been good business in the 20th century. B moviemakers in particular have found a winning formula in showing semi-human space creatures with their fanatical urge to conquer earth.This is bent on conquering the world...Ah..I don't think it's very likely that the earth has been visited by intelligent aliens. In fact, the whole business of travel from one star system to another, physical travel, I think it's really rather fantastic, it's much easier to send messages and communicate with your friendly aliens next door than physically get in a spacecraft and go and visit.We don't yet have the know-how to detect them, let alone travel to them if they exist. It’s clear that only a technologically superior race could visit us, in the meantime, we strain to pick up unfamiliar radio signals and scan the heavens for clues. In almost 40 years, there has been only 4 possible messages, all of them false alarms. An alien signal heading for earth could come from any direction. To speed up the search, a SETI program called Project Phoenix has made some choices.Project Phoenix has a fairly straightforward philosophy. We point our telescope in the direction of nearby sun-like stars, stars that are cousins of our own sun. Those are the ones (who), we think, are most likely to have planets somewhat similar to earth around them and maybe with an, an advanced civilization on one of those planets. No star in the search is farther away than 150 light years and like our sun, each one is over 3 billion years old, plenty of time for intelligent life to have developed radio technology. The president of the SETI Institute, Frank Drake pioneered the techniques used in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. He doesn't rule out the idea that someone is tuned in to us.The space around Earth is full of radio signals, and particularly television signals, which we have transmitted over roughly the last 50 years. In fact, there is a shell around the earth, 50 light years in radius, full of our signals, and in that shell there are about 1,500 stars which are now receiving our signals, and if anyone is there, they are able to find out all about us by watching our television. Quick, quick, brand in Richard Hudnut whole family...quick, quick.. cut your winding time in half...Hey, cut the effort...your cresol lotion ...quick quick quick and quick Can SETI transmit powerful radio signals of its own? Hoping for a response? Some people think that Project Phoenix actually broadcasts inquiries into space and we wait for replies from the aliens. Well, we don't do that, and the reason is quite simple. Say, say the nearest extraterrestrial is 100 light years away, well, our question would take 100 years to get there and if they deigned to reply, it will be another 100 years before their answer gets back to us. 200 years have gone by, you've probably lost interest and surely your funding is gone away.There may well be a communication's technology that we don't know about yet, as we were unaware of radio waves only a century ago. Technology is definitely on the move. After a walk on our own moon, we began exploring new worlds by remote control, using more and more advanced spacecraft, among the most successful missions, was Voyager II. humanoid: a machine or creature with the appearance and qualities of a human有人的特点的know-how: practical knowledge and ability:实际知识, 技术秘诀, 诀窍straightforward: easy to understand or simple:简单的, 易懂的rule out: to decide or state that something is impossible or will not happen划去, 排除, 取消deign to do sth: to do something unwillingly and in a way that shows that you think you are too important to do it:屈尊降贵做某事200808/46325。

  South Korea Calls on North to Tone Down Rhetoric韩国指责北韩诽谤并制造紧张空气  South Korean officials have issued their first formal response to recent moves by North Korea, labeling some of the North's recent statements "inappropriate." The exchange comes as high-level American and South Korean envoys warn time is running out in diplomacy to end North Korea's nuclear weapons programs.  韩国官员针对北韩最近的行为第一次作出正式回应,说北韩最近的某些声明“不恰当”。与此同时,美国和韩国的高级官员警告说,有关终止北韩核武器项目的外交努力所剩时间已经不多。South Korean Major-General Kwon Oh-sung has sent a radio message to his North Korean counterpart, reassuring Pyongyang the South remains committed to a key non-aggression agreement between the two sides. 韩国少将权五淞向北韩军方发出信息,表示韩国仍然信守双方互不侵犯的主要条约。However, the message rebukes the North for what it describes as recent "deliberate slander and fostering of tensions" which the South finds deeply regretful. 但是他也指责北韩最近的言论“故意诽谤并制造了紧张空气”,韩国对此深感遗憾。The message comes a day after North Korea's main official newspaper lashed out at South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, calling him a "traitor" and accusing him of disrupting North-South relations.  这一信息发出的一天前,北韩主要官方报刊载文猛烈攻击韩国总统李明,把他称为“卖国贼”,指称他破坏南北韩关系。North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950. The two sides never formally ended the resulting war, which was halted by an armistice in 1953. Recent events have reminded the world how tense this peninsula remains. 北韩1950年入侵韩国。双方从未正式结束交战,仅以1953年签订的一项停火协议中止了这场战争。最近的事态提醒国际社会朝鲜半岛的局势仍有多紧张。Several days ago, North Korea warned it may turn the South into a "sea of ashes." That was a response to testimony by South Korea's joint chiefs of staff chairman that Seoul has contingency plans to preemptively strike North Korean nuclear weapons sites.  几天前,北韩警告说,它可以把韩国夷为焦土。那是对韩国高级将领有关北韩核问题一番话的反应。韩国韩国参谋长联席会议主席说,首尔有向北韩核武器基地进行先发制人袭击的应变计划。Earlier last month, North Korea expelled South Korean managers from a joint industrial park in the Northern city, Kaesong. South Korean media reports e military officials who say South Korea has scrambled jets at least ten times since President Lee's February inauguration, to respond to North Korean warplanes approaching the North-South border. 3月上旬,北韩把韩国管理人员驱逐出北方城市开城的联合工业区。韩国新闻界报导援引军方官员的话说,自从李明总统就任以来,韩国喷气式飞机已经紧急起飞至少10次以应对接近韩国边界的北韩战斗机。Mr. Lee is much firmer on the issue of North Korea's nuclear weapons than his predecessors. He says future North-South cooperation is dependent on Pyongyang fulfilling its promises to end those weapons programs. 李明总统在北韩的核武器问题上比他的前任要强硬得多。他说,南北韩的未来协作取决于平壤是否兑现承诺,解除核武器项目。The chief American envoy to the multinational nuclear talks, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, is in Seoul to discuss the North's four-month delay in providing a nuclear declaration it said would be y by the end of last year. 朝核六方会谈中的美国首席谈判代表、助理国务卿希尔目前正在首尔访问,讨论北韩已经拖延了4个月尚未呈交的核项目清单。北韩原来答应在去年年底前交出这份清单。Hill warns the diplomatic process is "running out of time," and that North Korea, known formally as the DPRK (Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea), must make a commitment. 希尔警告,外交努力所剩时间已经不多了,北韩务必信守承诺。"I think the problem is the DPRK needs to make this fundamental decision," he said. "Again, I think we have made progress on the declaration but, until we complete the declaration, we won't have succeeded." 希尔说:“我认为问题在于北韩必须作出抉择。我想再次指出,我们已经在北韩报告核项目的问题上取得了进展,但是没有完整的清单,就不能说取得了成功。”Hill dismisses recent North Korean rhetoric against the South as "entirely propagandistic" and directed "entirely at domestic audiences." He says the comments will have little impact on the multinational nuclear diplomacy.  希尔指出,最近北韩针对韩国的抨击“纯属政治宣传,而且完全是针对国内听众”。他说,有关对朝核六方会谈几乎没有什么影响。200804/33231

  6 保险范围3句英文任你选There are three basic covers, namely, Free from Particular Average, With Particular Average and All Risks.主要条款有平安险、水渍险及综合险 3种。We are able to cover all kinds of risks for transportation by sea, land and air.我们可以办理海运、陆运及空运的所有险别。We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinds of risks for sea transport, such as FPA, WPA, All Risks and Extraneous Risks.我们可以承保海洋运输的所有险别,例如平安险、水渍险、综合险、附加险。半个句型要记牢such as (比如;诸如……)Tip:such as用法很多,此处表示举例,意为;例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的;相当于 like或 for example。如: There are few poets such as Keats and Shelly. (像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。) /201605/434143

  Er, ask Denise. She should know.问丹尼斯,她应该知道。Ok, thanks Tom, Ill ask her.好的,谢谢汤姆,我会问她的。Id warned her, you know, I said Victoria, if you dont change your hairdresser... Denise? One day youll… hold on a moment.我警告过她,我说:“维多利亚,如果你不换发型师……” 丹尼斯? 终有一天你会……等会儿。Anna? Please email me the background file on CBL.安娜? 请把CBL公司的背景资料用邮件发我。Er! Thank you.谢了。Who does that girl think she is?那女孩以为自己是谁?Anna...new girl...I told you about her...yes with the saucepans, thats the one.新来的女孩,安娜。我跟你说过她。对,就是拿炖锅的那个人。Shes only been here five minutes and shes aly acting like the Queen of Sheba.她刚来了五分钟,就好像希巴女王一样。Oh and Denise, please send it to me within five minutes, Paul needs it soon. Thank you.丹尼斯,请在五分钟内发给我,保罗急着要呢,谢谢。Well, honestly!的确!Good to see whos the boss, eh Denise? Really!很高兴知道谁是领导了吧,丹尼斯? 确实!Er, Anna, I think youve upset Denise. Upset Denise?安娜,我想你让丹尼斯生气了。 让丹尼斯生气了?You were a bit rude when you asked her for help. Was I?你求她帮忙时有点无礼。 我有吗?Remember what I said Anna.记得我说的吗,安娜。Just using ‘please’ to ask someone to do something can sound a little rude.只用“请”来让某人做某事的话听起来有点无礼。 /201612/483597

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