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I decided to switch banks recently, and after looking at my options, I went Mar Vista National Bank. I drove over to the bank, parked next to the drive-through teller lanes, and walked inside. I made my way to the new s desk, and was greeted by John, one of the customer service representatives there. I told him I wanted to open a new checking and savings . He said he#818;Auml;ocirc;d be happy to help me, and gave me a m to fill out with my personal inmation, including place of employment, home address, and so th. I had to show him a government-issued ID and give him my Social Security number. John asked if I wanted an interest-bearing with overdraft protection. Technically, he said, the savings is a money market where I can earn interest daily. The checking was free if I had direct deposit, and my checks were also free. I signed on the dotted line, gave him the minimum deposit to open the , and thanked him his help. I'm glad I got that out of the way. Now all I need to do is make some money to put into my s!Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 68。

Byung: This is what Im talking about! It time to upgrade to a big-screen TV and this is the perfect place to buy one.秉:这就是我要谈论的!是时候把电视机升级一下,换成一个大屏幕的在这里买一台再完美不过了Nelly: They certainly have a large selection. These new TVs have pictures that are much sharper than our current one.内丽:他们肯定有许多电视供我们选择这些新电视的画面比我们现有的清楚多了Byung: There no comparison. These new TVs have a much better resolution. Just look at the brightness and the contrast! Our old TV looks washed out by comparison.秉:没有可比性这些新电视的分辨率要高许多看看亮度和对比度!对比之下,我们的老电视机像褪色了似的Nelly: And listen to that sound quality. It like being in a movie theater with surround sound.内丽:再听听音质就像置身于响着环绕立体声的电影院一样Byung: Yeah, it time we moved into the 1st century.秉:是的,我们早该进入1世纪了Nelly: According to what Ive , with a viewing distance of feet, we should look a screen size of about 0 inches.内丽:我以前读过一篇文章,说观看时最好距离电视英尺远,那我们应该买屏幕大约有0英寸的电视Byung: I was thinking more like a 60-inch screen.秉:我还以为60寸屏的会更合适Nelly: A 60-inch TV?! That would take up the entire living room wall.内丽:60英寸的电视?那会把起居室的整面墙都占了吧Byung: That exactly what I had in mind!秉:我正是这么想的!原文译文属! 60。

We take great pains to come to this world not to be sad those unhappy things we see every day, because we have cried enough since we were born.我们辛辛苦苦来到这个世界上,可不是为了每天看到的那些不美好而伤心的,我们生下来的时候就已经哭够了And us, nobody can survive when the time comes.而且我们啊,谁也不能活着回去So don’t waste time feeling disappointed.所以,不要把时间都用来低落了On the contrary, we should go to believe, to be alone, to love, to hate, to idle away time, to take risk, to dream and to regret.去相信,去孤单,去爱去恨去浪费,去闯去梦去后悔You must believe that there is no tomorrow where we can’t arrive.你一定要相信,不会有到不了的明天 893。

Being told I would be expected to talk here, I inquired what sort of talk I ought to make. They said it should be something suitable to youth-something didactic, instructive, or something in the nature of good advice.获悉人们希望我在这里讲几句时,我就问他们我该讲些什 么他们希望我讲些适合年轻人的东西——一些教诲性、有教 育意义的东西,或是一些好的建议这太好了!Very well. I have a few things in my mind which I have often longed to say the instruction of the young;我倒是一直想 给年轻人提点建议呢,为人在年轻时期, it is in one tender early years that such things will best take root and be most enduring and most valuable. First, then. I will say to you my young friends-and I say it beseechingly, urgingly.好的建议极易在心 底扎根,并能终生受用那么,首先,年轻朋友们——我要真 诚地告诫你们:Always obey your parents, when they are present. This is the best policy in the long run, because if you dont, they will make you.一定要听父母的话 长远来讲这是最聪明的做法,如果 你不听话,他们就会逼着你听话Most parents think they know better than you do, and you can generally make more by humoring that superstition than you can by acting on your own better judgment.大多数父母认为他们知道得 比你们多,在这种情况下,与其基亍自己的判断行事,还不如 迎合他们的想法,这样你会收获更多Be respectful to your superiors, if you have any, also to strangers, and sometimes to others. If a person offend you, and you are in doubt as to whether it was intentional or not, do not resort to extreme measures; simply watch your chance and hit him with a brick. That will be sufficient.如果你有上级的话,请尊重他们,对陌生人和他人也是如 此如果某个人得罪了你,而你也不知道他是否是故意的,那就不要采用极端做法,而要等待时机,给他当头一棒,这就够 了If you shall find that he had not intended any offense, come out frankly and confess yourself in the wrong when you struck him; acknowledge it like a man and say you didnt mean to.如果发现他并非有意伤害你,那么,你就应该站出来,坦 白承认教训他的事;要像一个男子汉一样承认错误并说明自己 并非有意还有就是,切勿使用暴力Yes, always avoid violence; in this age of charity and kindliness, the time has gone by such things. Leave dynamite to the low and unrefined.在这个和平友好的年代, 暴力已经过时了让我们谴责这些低俗的举止、粉碎暴力吧!Go to bed early, get up early- this is wise. Some authorities say get up with the sun; some say get up with one thing, others with another. But a lark is really the best thing to get up with.早睡早起——这是十分明智的有些人主动起床,也有些 人被迫起床当然在百灵鸟的歌声中起床是最惬意不过了It gives you a splendid reputation with everybody to know that you get up with the lark; and if you get the right kind of lark, and work at him right, you can easily train him to get up at half past nine, every time-it no trick at all.当 人人都知道你与百灵鸟同迎清晨,你便会备受称赞,如果你得 到一只中意的百灵鸟,并自己的意愿训练它,让他九点半, 甚至是任何时候起床都不是件难事——当然,这并不是说要耍 诡计Now as to the matter of lying, you want to be very careful about lying; otherwise you are nearly sure to get caught. Once caught, you can never again be in the eyes to the good and the pure, what you were bee.现在,我们来谈谈说谎吧要说谎,就得小心谨慎,否则 很容易穿帮一旦被揭穿,别人就不再认为你是善良的和纯洁 的,他们眼中的你就不是从前的你了Many a young person has injured himself permanently through a single clumsy and ill finished lie, the result of carelessness born of incomplete training. Some authorities hold that the young out not to lie at all.很多年轻人就因为一个| 笨拙或并不圆满的谎言永远地伤害了自己,原因在于他们不够 谨慎且缺乏训练有些人认为,年轻人不能撒谎That of course, is putting it rather stronger than necessary; still while I cannot go quite so far as that, I do maintain, and I believe I am right, that the young ought to be temperate in the use of this great art until practice and experience shall give them that confidence, elegance, and precision which alone can make the accomplishment graceful and profitable.当然,这有 些偏激我不会这么偏激,而是始终相信自己是有道理的,我 认为,年轻人应适当运用这门伟大的艺术,通过训练和实践, 他们将变得自信、优雅和精确,而这些恰恰可以使他们完美出色地完成任务Patience, diligence, painstaking attention to detail-these are requirements; these in time, will make the student perfect; upon these only, may he rely as the sure foundation future eminence.耐心、勤奋和对细节的认真揣-都是年轻人必须具备的条件随着时间的流逝,这些要素将会使你们揉 于完美,而你们也只有仰仗这些要素才能成就日后的辉煌Think what tedious years of study, thought, practice, experience, went to the equipment of that peerless old master who was able to impose upon the whole world the lofty and sounding maxim that ;Truth is mighty and will prevail the most majestic compound fracture of fact which any of woman born has yet achieved.想 想那位无可匹敌的大师吧,多年沉闷乏味的学习、思考、实践 和练习才使他得以在世人面前说出这样的经典语句一一 “真理 有着巨大的力量,并将战胜一切”——这是最伟大的悖论,是凡人所能达到的最高境界 the history of our race, and each individual experience, are sewn thick with evidences that a truth is not hard to kill, and that a lie well told is immortal. There is in Boston a monument of the man who discovered anesthesia; many people are aware, in these latter days, that that man didnt discover it at all, but stole the discovery from another man. Is this truth mighty, and will it prevail? Ah no, my hearers, the monument is made of hardy material, but the lie it tells will outlast it a million years.历史和个人的经历都深刻地表明* 真理易被推翻,但绝妙的谎言却永远颠扑不破波士顿立有一 座纪念麻醉术发明者的纪念碑但后来,很多人发现,这个人 根本不是麻醉术的发明者,他不过是窃取了他人的成果真理 的力量真的很强大吗?它能战胜一切吗?哦,不,朋友们,那 座纪念碑是用很坚固的材料做成,但它所昭示的谎言将比纪念 碑本身还要久一百万年An awkward, feeble, leaky lie is a thing which you ought to make it your unceasing study to avoid; such a lie as that has no more real permanence than an average truth. Why, you might as well tell the truth at once and be done with it. A feeble, stupid, preposterous lie will not live two years-except it be a slander upon somebody.笨拙、没有说力和漏洞百出的谎言 是你应当通过不断学习去避免的,这样的谎言还不及一般真理 长久为什么呢,你还是说出真相吧,现在就说一个没有说 力、可笑、荒谬的谎言不会存在两年——除非它是对某人的 诽谤It is indestructible, then of course, but that is no merit of yours. A final word begin your practice of this gracious and beautiful art early-begin now. If I had begun earlier, I could have learned how.当然,这样的谎言牢不可破,但这对你的名誉没有什么 f好处一句话:尽早练习这门高尚而美丽的艺术吧——现在就 开始要是我当年入门早,现在就已经学会了Never handle firearms carelessly. The sorrow and suffering that have been caused through the innocent but heedless handling of firearms by the young! Only four days ago, right in the next farm house to the one where I am spending the summer, a grandmother, old and gray and sweet, one of the loveliest spirits in the land, was sitting at her work, when her young grandson crept in and got down an old, battered, rusty gun which had not been touched many years and was supposed not to be loaded, and pointed it at her, laughing and threatening to shoot.切不要随便玩弄械年轻人因为无知和不小心摆弄 械而造成痛苦和伤害的例子太多了!就在天前,我避暑的 农舍隔壁住着一位满头银发、和蔼可亲的老奶奶,她是世界 上最可亲的老人家之一了当时,她正坐在那儿干活她的 小孙子蹑手蹑脚溜了进来,还拿着一管旧的、变了形的、绣 迹斑斑的,这好多年没用了,大家都以为里边没装子弹 孙子用指着她,笑着威胁她In her fright she ran screaming and pleading toward the door on the other side of the room; but as she passed him he placed the gun almost against her very breast and pulled the trigger! He had supposed it was not loaded. And he was right-it wasnt.她十分惊恐惊叫着跑开了, 并在门的另一侧求饶但当她从他身边走过时,他用几乎 顶着她的胸膛,并且扣动了板机!他以为膛里没子弹的 确是——里确实没子弹,So there wasnt any harm done. It is the only case of that kind I ever heard of. Theree, just the same, dont you meddle with old unloaded firearms; they are the most deadly and unerring hings that have ever been created by man. You dont have to take any pains at all with them; you dont have to have a rest, you dont have to have any sights on the gun, you dont have to take aim, even.所以并没有造成什么伤害这是 我听过的唯一一桩例外,同样地,不要去碰没有装子 弹的它们是人类制造出的最精确的夺命工具不要在上浪费精力,不要给装架,不要装瞄准器,甚至不要 去瞄准No, you just pick out a relative and bang away, and you are sure to get him. A youth who cant hit a cathedral at thirty yards with a Gatling gun in three quarters of an hour, can take up an old empty musket and bag his grandmother every time, at a hundred.不,你只要拿起一样类似的东西并且“砰砰”两下, 保你会击中目标^r?个在5分钟之内无法用加特林击中 30码远的教堂的年轻人,可能会用一破旧的没装子弹的 在一百码处次次击中他的奶奶Think what Waterloo would have been if one of the armies had been boys armed with old muskets supposed not to be loaded, and the other army had been composed of their female relations. The very thought of it make one shudder.想想看,如果滑铁卢战役中 的一方是拿着没装子弹的的孩子们,另一方是他们的女性 亲戚,结果会如何呢?只要想想,就会让人不寒而栗,There are many sorts of books; but good ones are the sort the young to . Remember that. They are a great, an inestimable, and unspeakable means of improvement. Theree be careful in your selection, my young friends; be very careful; confine yourselves exclusively to Robertson Sermons, Baxter Saint Rest, The Innocents Abroad, and works of that kind.书有各种各样的,但好书才适合年轻人阅读请记住,好 书能让你不断完善自身,这种作用力强大,不可估量且难以名 状,年轻的朋友们,请谨慎选择你们的读物,要十分谨 慎你们应该专门读罗伯逊的《道德启示录、巴克斯特的《圣 徒的安息和《傻瓜出国记等作品But I have said enough. I hope you will treasure up the instructions which I have given you, and make them a guide to your feet and a light to your understanding. Build your character thoughtfully and painstakingly upon these precepts, and by and by, when you have got it built, you will be surprised and gratified to see how nicely and sharply it resembles everybody else.我说得已经够多了我希望你们能珍惜这些建议,让它们 成为你的向导,点燃你们思想的火花照这些建议去努力培 养自己的性格吧慢悝地,一旦你塑造好了自己的性格,你将 惊喜而欣慰地发现,自己和他人是如此相似。

Kelly: What we need are a few people in the industry to talk up our new company.凯利:我们需要几位业内人士力捧我们的新公司John: Im on top of that. Im really well connected, as you know, and Ive aly put in a few calls to a few of the movers and shakers in our business.约翰:我是首要人选如你所知,我的人际关系良好,并且我已经联系了不少非常有影响力的业内人士Kelly: I didnt know you had such a vast network of contacts.凯利:我不知道你的人际关系网如此庞大John: Oh, sure I do. I dont mean to name drop, but you know Kevin Martinez at McQ Corp? Im pretty tight with him. And Eva Arribas at Syntect? She and I go way back.约翰:啊,当然啦我并不是想自抬身价,但你知道McQ公司的凯文·马丁内斯吗?我跟他关系密切还有Syntect公司的伊娃·阿瑞波斯?我跟她交情也很好Kelly: Wow, those are some heavy hitters!凯利:哇,他们都是重磅人物!John: Youve said it. And Kevin owes me one, and Eva would bend over backwards me.约翰:正是凯文欠我一个人情,伊娃也会不留余力地持我Kelly: It great! What did they say when you asked them to get the word out about us?凯利:太棒了!你请他们来宣传我们公司时,他们怎么说?John: Um, Im still waiting to hear back from them. Im sure theyll call back any day now.约翰:额,我仍在等他们的消息他们随时可能回电话原文译文属!。

When I am dead, My dearest,当我死了的时候,亲爱的Sing no sad songs me;别为我唱悲伤的歌Plant thou no roses at my head,我坟上不必安插蔷薇Nor shady cypress tree也无需浓荫的柏树Be the green grass above me让盖着我的轻轻的草With showers and dewdrops wet;霖着雨,也沾着露珠And if thou wilt, get.要是你甘心,忘了我I shall not see the shadows,我再不见地面的青荫I shall not feel the rain;觉不到雨露的甜蜜I shall not hear the nightingale再听不到夜莺的歌喉Sing on, as if in pain;在黑夜里倾吐悲啼And dreaming through the twilight.在悠久的昏暮中迷惘That doth not rise nor set,阳光不升起也不消翳Haply I may remember,我也许,也许我记得你And haply may get.我也许,我也许忘记 78959。

Seamus:What that?谢默斯:这是什么?Cathy:It a planning book our wedding.凯西:这是我们婚礼的策划书Seamus:We arent getting married a year and a half.谢默斯:我们一年半了都还没结婚Cathy:I know, but there are so many things to plan.凯西:我懂,但是有很多事情要计划We have to book the hall far in advance, you know, and once we set the date, we have to send out save-the-date notifications to our friends and family.我们需要提前很久预订场所,你知道,一旦日子定了,我们就必须给朋友和家人发送预约通知Seamus:I thought that the point of putting off the wedding until we finish school is to take the pressure off and allow us time to plan-later.谢默斯:我认为婚礼应该推迟,直到我们完成学业减轻压力,给之后的计划腾出时间Cathy:It is, but it never too early to start planning a wedding.凯西:的确如此,但开始筹划一场婚礼永远不会为时过早Im meeting with a wedding coordinator next week to get the ball rolling.我下周会从见一位婚礼协调员开始Seamus:A wedding coordinator?!谢默斯:婚礼协调员? !We dont need a wedding coordinator.我们根本不需要We can make all of the arrangements ourselves.我们可以自己做出所有安排Cathy:You have no idea what goes into pulling off a wedding and reception.凯西:你可不知道婚礼和宴客该怎么办There are caterers, photographers and graphers, entertainers, ice sculptors, animal trainers, and...有承办人,摄影师和摄像师、演员、冰雕塑家、动物训练师,还有…Seamus:Are you serious?!谢默斯:你是认真的吗? !Youre not planning a wedding.你这不是筹划结婚Youre starting a circus!你简直是要开个马戏团! 7。

原创朗读:MrPan Alone holding an oil-paper umbrella,撑着油纸伞,独自I wander along a long solitary lane in the rain,彷徨在悠长,悠长又寂寥的雨巷,Hoping to encounter a girl like a bouquet of lilacs我希望逢着一个丁香一样的Gnawed by anxiety and resentment.结着愁怨的姑娘A girl她是有The color of lilacs,丁香一样的颜色,The fragrance of lilacs,丁香一样的芬芳,The worries of lilacs,丁香一样的忧愁,Feeling melancholy in the rain,在雨中哀怨,Plaintive and hesitating.哀怨又彷徨She wanders along the solitary lane in the rain,她彷徨在这寂寥的雨巷,Holding an oil-paper umbrella撑着油纸伞Just as I do,象我一样,Just like me,象我一样地Walking slowly in silence,默默行着,Aloof, sad and melancholy.冷漠,凄凉,又惆怅Silently she comes closer,她默默地走近,Closer, giving me a glance like a sigh;走近,又投出,太息一样的眼光,Then she floats past like a dream,她飘过,象梦一般地,Dreary and blank like a dream.象梦一般地凄婉迷茫Like a lilac象梦中飘过Floating past in a dream,一丁香地,the girl floats past me;我身旁飘过这女郎;Silently she goes further and further, to the crumbling wall,她静默地远了,远了,到了颓圮的篱墙,Out of the lane in the rain.走尽这雨巷In the mournful melody of the rain,在雨的哀曲中,Her color has faded,消了她的颜色,Her fragrance has disappeared,散了她的芬芳,Vanished into the void;消散了;Even her glance like a sigh,甚至她的太息般的眼光,Melancholy like lilacs.丁香般的惆怅Alone holding an oil-paper umbrella,撑着油纸伞,独自I wander along a long solitary lane in the rain,彷徨在悠长,悠长又寂寥的雨巷,Hoping to pass a girl like a bouquet of lilacs我希望飘过一个丁香一样的Gnawed by anxiety and resentment.结着愁怨的姑娘更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 788。

特别声明该文章为语段选自《书虫之《苔丝,语段精讲为可可编辑编写品嚼语段At first he stayed up in his room most of the time in the evenings,ing and playing his harp.起先,到了晚上他就待在自己的房间里,靠读读书、弹弹竖琴度过大部分时间But he soon preferred to human nature by taking his meals in the general dining-room with the dairy people.可是不久,他更愿意到公共餐室和奶场其他人一道吃饭,来体会人类的天性The longer he stayed, the more Clare liked living with these simple country people.和大家在一起的时间越长,克莱尔就越喜欢和这些淳朴的乡下人生活在一起No longer did he see them as lacking in intelligence.他不再把他们看做缺乏智慧、没有见地的人了He realized they were no different from him: he and they were all people walking on the dusty road which ends in death.他领悟到他们跟他没有什么不同:他和他们一样都是风尘仆仆的赶路人,他们的最终归宿都是死亡He began to like working outside.He was learning about nature and about life.他开始喜欢上户外的工作了他在学习更多关于自然和关于生活的知识He came to know the changing seasons,morning and evening,different winds,waters and mists,shade and silence,and the voices of nature.他渐渐感悟到了变化的四季,清晨和黄昏,各种各样的风,水域和云雾,阴影和沉寂,以及自然界发出的种种声音All this he had never known bee.对这一切,他过去是一无所知的 55。