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鹤上镇中心医院怎样猴屿乡上环哪家医院最好的It’s being called the world’s worst food crisis since the 1970s. Around the globe, food prices have risen about 40% in the last year, sparking protests and violence in at least 14 countries, and pushing the problem to center stage at the ed Nations. "The rapidly escalating crisis of food availability around the world has reached emergency proportions." Economists blame the runaway prices on an imbalance between the world’s supply of food and a recent rise in demand. Demand has been growing rapidly as a result of rapid income growth in many developing countries, especially as you know, in China, in India, and elsewhere in Asia. Even as the world is eating more, some farmers in the west have turned to growing corn or sugar cane or something other than food to produce fuel. This year, as much as a quarter of the US corn crop will go to ethanol plants reducing the land available to grow food. Grain has also become increasingly valuable on the global market, partly because droughts around the world, especially in Australia, have led to poor harvests. Other grain-producing countries, such as Argentina and Ukraine have cut back grain exports in a bid to control inflation at home. The result in spikes and cost of food has sparked violent protests in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. In recent months, Egypt was rocked by two days of riots over high food prices and low wages. Demonstrators took to the streets in Peru, and crowds looted in Somalia. In Haiti, violent protests claimed several lives and cost Haitian Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis his job. In Vietnam panic shoppers flocked to markets to stock up on rice which rose 100% over a 48-hour period. Local consumers saw people lining up to buy rice in other countries on TV, so they got in a panic. But Vietnam produces rice. It is impossible for our country to have a rice shortage problem. Hardest-hit by the food crisis are the world’s poor. People in developing countries spend up to 70% of their income on food. So rising prices can quickly lead to hunger. But even in wealthy countries, consumers are feeling pinched. In the US, many shoppers are clipping coupons and cutting back on luxury items. US food prices in 2008 are forecast to rise about double the increases of recent years. Experts expect world food prices to rise even further. But even when supply and demand find a new equilibrium, few expect prices to drop much, if any, suggesting that more expensive food is here to stay.Vocabulary Mix runaway: happening very easily or quickly, and not able to be controlledsugar cane: A tall tropical southeast Asian grass(Saccharum officinarum) having thick, solid, tough stems that are a chief commercial source of sugar. bid: an attempt to do something200811/55518长乐妇保医院有哪些专家 The conditions aren't always ideal in summer,but today is a good day. Without the usual throng of winter skiiers to crowd him, L has more room to carve up the 1 . 250 kilometers north of Bergen lies Alesund, a pretty harbor town based directly on the sea that sps across 3 islands. It too was originally built from wood but sadly was destroyed by fire in 1904. The rebuilding of Alesund was carried out in an astonishingly short time, with 391 buildings erected 3 years laters. The 50 architects who redesigned the town had a stong international influence, so decided to go with an Art Nouveau style. Carlo and Luss have just arrived here and they are on the way to the harbor for a special sight-seeing tour. Like many 2 of the town, their tour guide is a local fisherman and knows these waters well. The town's waterways crisscross, making it easy to see the traditonal Art Nouveau buildings. It's 10 o'clock in the evening,but Norway's long summer nights mean tourists can get the most out of their day. Alesund is only 400 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle where the sun shines at midnight. Visitors can experience almost 20 hours of sunlight a day. And at this time of year, the sunsets are spectacular. Carlo and Luss's Norwegian voyage comes to a romantic end in Alesund.Yeah, Scuba Duba, skulkers goes all the way. At the extreme sports weekend in Voss, the last few contestants are fighting for victory in a swooping contest. Swooping is a type of sky diving where the aim is to jump out of a plane and get as close to the ground as possible without actually touching it. This requires you to pinpoint the moment on the course.注释:① erect vt. 使竖立;建造;安装 adj. 竖立的;笔直的;因性刺激而勃起的vi. 直立;勃起 vt.使竖立;建造;安装例句:1. She held her head erect and her back straight. 她昂着头,把背挺得笔直。2. Her mother was an erect, square-shouldered, defiant woman. 她的妈妈是一位挺胸直立,双肩宽阔而顽强的女人。 ② direct adj. 直接的;直系的;亲身的;恰好的 vt. 管理;指挥;导演;指向vi. 指导;指挥 adv. 直接地;正好;按直系关系例句:1. She cast her eyes down to avoid direct eye contact. 她垂下双目以避免对视。2. I'll book you on a direct flight to London. 我将为你预订直飞伦敦的航班。③ swoop vi. 猛扑;突然袭击;突然下降;飞扑n. 猛扑;俯冲;突然袭击 vt. 攫取;抓去例句:1. He lost all his wealth all at one swoop. 他一下子失去了所有的财产。2. We decided to swoop down upon the enemy there. 我们决定突袭驻在那里的敌人。 课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157439长乐做无痛人流好不好

长乐区人流安全医院Seven People Killed in Kashmir Violence印控克什米尔暴力冲突致7人丧生  Fighting between suspected Muslim militants and Indian troops in a forest area of Indian administered Kashmir has entered its fourth day on Sunday. The violence close to the line of control has claimed seven lives, including three security personnel. 在印控克什米尔,被怀疑是穆斯林激进分子的人和印度军队在一个森林地带的交战已经进入第四天。这次发生在控制线附近的暴力已经造成7人丧生,其中包括3名安全人员。Fighting between Indian security forces and suspected Muslim militants resumed at dawn Sunday after a night-long break. The violence began on Thursday, when Indian troops attacked suspected militant hideouts in a mountainous forest area near Mendhar in Poonch district of Indian administered Kashmir. 印度安全部队和穆斯林激进分子嫌疑人之间的交战在经过一个夜晚的平息后于佛晓时分又重燃战火。这次暴力事件从星期四开始。当时印度军队在印控克什米尔浦克区附近门德哈的一个崇山峻岭地带,对激进分子嫌疑人的藏身之地发动攻击。The area is close to the line of control that divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Officials say four militants have been killed in the fighting so far while two troops and a special police officer have also been killed. 这个地区在分割印度和巴基斯坦的克什米尔控制线附近。有关官员说,4名激进分子在交战中被打死,两名政府军人和一名特种警察也被打死。The special police officer Naresh Kumar was the last to die on Saturday. The Indian wire agency Press Trust of India ed unnamed officials as saying that up to ten militants were hiding in the area including some top commanders of two to three Muslim militant groups. It reported that heavy fog and low visibility were prolonging the encounter. 特种警察库马尔是星期六死亡的最后一人。印度报业托拉斯援引一位不愿透露姓名官员的话说,多达10名激进分子躲藏在这个地区,其中包括两到三个穆斯林激进组织的一些高级指挥官。报导说,大雾和能见度很低延长了这次冲突的时间。S. N. Acharya, an army spokesman in Jammu, said the exact number of militant was not known. 在查谟的军方发言人阿查里雅说,激进分子的确切人数目前还不得而知。"The Encounter at Chattral area in Batidhar forests is still on. The Exact number [of militants] I don't have, but there may be a group of militants," said S. N. Acharya. “在巴蒂哈森林的杰德尔地区的交战目前仍然没有结束。我不知道激进分子的确切人数,但是那里可能有一伙激进分子。”It is one of the longest skirmishes in recent months, and the first since the legislative elections in Indian administered Kashmir held in November and December. 这次小规模交战是最近几个月来持续时间最长的冲突之一,也是去年11月和12月在印控克什米尔举行议会选举以来的首次冲突。The elections saw over 60 per cent turnout despite a boycott call by Kashmiri separatists, who argued that the polls strengthen India's hold over the disputed region. 这次选举的投票率超过60%,尽管克什米尔分离主义份子呼吁要抵制选举。克什米尔分离主义份子声称,这次选举会加强印度对有争议地区的控制。The Kashmiri government is expected to assume office on Monday, when Omar Abdullah, a third generation politician, will take over as the chief minister of Indian administered Kashmir. 克什米尔政府预计将于星期一就职,到那时,第三代政治家奥马尔.阿卜杜拉将作为首席部长接管印控克什米尔。01/60443首占镇中心医院看病贵么 Barack Obama and the Republicans奥巴马与共和党A beatable president能被击败的总统But only if a Republican candidate starts laying out a sensible plan for the American economy条件是共和党候选人开始为美国经济开出良方Jun 9th 2011 | from the print edition NEXT week a collection of largely unknown Republicans will hold the first proper TV debate of the 2012 presidential campaign. Whoever eventually wins their party’s nomination then has to take on Barack Obama, the giant of American politics. The president has a huge war-chest, his own party firmly behind him and a rare capacity to inspire. Yet he is vulnerable. This week a poll showed him in a dead heat with Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner. America’s sluggish recovery will give any challenger a chance. The question is whether any Republican has the personality and especially the ideas to take him on. For the best way to make this race competitive—and the best thing for America—is to force voters to confront the hard choices their country has to make.下周,一群大都不知名的共和党人将举行2012年总统选举的第一次电视辩论。 无论谁获胜取得本党的题目都将面对奥巴马——这位美国政坛的巨人。总统有巨额的竞选经费,以及他的政党作为坚实的后盾,还有罕见的号召力。然而他仍然是脆弱的。本周的民调显示他与前美国麻州州长罗姆尼的持率持平,后者现在可谓是共和党的领军式人物。美国经济迟缓恢复将为任何挑战者提供机会。问题在于是否任何共和党人都具有向奥巴马挑战所需的个人魅力特别是政纲。使这场竞赛更具竞争性的最好方式——以及对美国最有益的——是迫使选民直面这个国家的艰难抉择。201106/140428长乐做无痛人流能报销吗

长乐市妇幼保健院中药科Israeli Troops Invade Gaza, Fighting Continues以军与哈马斯武装在加沙多处交火 Fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants has been reported from several areas in Gaza after Israel launched a ground offensive into the Palestinian territory Saturday evening. Israel says 30 of its troops have been wounded, two seriously and it claims to have killed or wounded dozens of Hamas militants. Gaza officials put the Palestinian death toll from the week-long Israeli operations at around 500. 以色列星期六晚上对加沙地带巴勒斯坦人领土发动地面攻势之后,有报导说,以色列部队和哈马斯激进分子在加沙好几个地方交火。以色列说,有30名军人受伤,其中两人伤势严重,以方同时声称击毙和击伤几十名哈马斯激进分子。加沙地带官员说,以色列一个星期来的军事行动造成大约500名巴勒斯坦人丧生。Israeli soldiers crossed the border under cover of darkness Saturday night and fanned out across areas of the northern Gaza Strip.  星期六晚上,以色列军人在夜色的掩护下跨过边界,挺进加沙北部大片地区。Troops and tanks are reported to have moved into positions, including around Gaza City. Tanks are reported dug in at some former Israeli settlements in Gaza and the military action is reported to have effectively cut the Gaza Strip in two between north and south. 据报导,军队和坦克已经进入包括在加沙城周围的阵地;坦克开进加沙地带过去以色列人的定居点,军事行动实际上已经把加沙地带分割为南北两部分。Israel used its infantry, tanks, artillery, war planes and navy to hit more than 40 targets just overnight.  以色列动用步兵、坦克、炮兵、战机和海军,一夜之间打击了40多个目标。Speaking before an Israeli cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the decision to launch the ground offensive was made Friday.  以色列总理奥尔默特在星期天的一次内阁会议上说,发动地面攻势的决定是星期五做出的。Mr. Olmert said the decision was not made lightly and only after months of waiting and after hopes for calm were dashed.  奥尔默特说:“这不是一个轻率的决定,这个决定是在等待了好几个月、对平静的希望完全破灭之后才做出的。”Mr. Olmert vowed that the government did everything before deciding on this operation. "It was unavoidable," he said. 奥尔默特保,政府是在尽了最大努力之后才决定采取这次行动的。他说:“这是不可避免的。”Israel has said all along it had no choice but to launch military action after talks with Hamas on extending a cease-fire broke down in December and militants stepped up rocket fire against southern Israel. 以色列方面一直表示,以方别无选择,只能采取军事行动,因为此前和哈马斯就延长停火举行的会谈12月破裂,哈马斯激进分子加紧了对以色列南部地区的火箭弹攻击。Israel initially launched air strikes just over a week ago, pounding targets it said were linked to Hamas and its infrastructure in Gaza. 以色列是在一个多星期之前开始空袭加沙地带的,轰炸以方所称与哈马斯相关的目标和哈马斯在加沙的基础设施。But, Hamas has remained defiant, warning that it would turn Gaza into a graveyard for the Israelis.Casualties are reported on both sides, including Israeli soldiers, Hamas fighters and Palestinian civilians, including children. 据报导,双方都有伤亡,其中包括以色列军人、哈马斯战斗人员以及巴勒斯坦平民,其中还有一些儿童。According to tallies by medical officials in Gaza the Palestinian death toll from Israeli military operations is now around 500. 据加沙地带的医务人员统计,以色列军事行动已经造成大约500名巴勒斯坦人死亡。01/60445 Chicago's new police superintendent芝加哥的新警察总管The new blue新蓝上任Newark’s crime-cutting cop comes to Chicago 纽瓦克犯罪控制警察到达芝加哥 May 5th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print editionRAHM EMANUEL, soon to be sworn in as Chicago’s new mayor, is making crime a priority. He wants to put 1,000 more officers on the streets. He wants to tackle youth violence; nearly half of the victims of last year’s 436 murders were between 10 and 25 years old. And he wants to shake up a police department that is demoralised and in need of change. So on May 2nd he tapped Garry McCarthy (pictured), Newark’s police director, as the city’s new top cop. 不久就要宣誓就职芝加哥新市长的RAHM EMANUEL 把治理犯罪作为上任之后要处理的第一要务。他想要在街上安插1000多名警察,治理青少年暴力也是他的计划之一。就去年而言,436名谋杀被害者中,几乎有一半的受害者年龄在10到25岁之间。他想要重振急需改变的警察局的士气。因此在5月2日,RAHM EMANUEL任命纽瓦克警察总指挥Garry McCarthy(如图)为芝加哥市的新警长。Mr McCarthy’s track record is excellent. Five years ago some police stations in Newark, New Jersey’s biggest city, did not even have a computer. Many officers worked only on weekdays, heading home at 5pm. The police department did not have a centralised narcotics division because of fears of police corruption. Drugs were sold openly on the city’s grim streets. Mr McCarthy, who rose through the ranks of New York’s police department, shifted desk jobs to the street, where officers were ordered to clamp down on petty crime as well as the more serious stuff. He implemented CompStat, an effective data-driven policing strategy he helped create when he was with the NYPD. He installed a surveillance system to take on gun crime.McCarthy先生过去的工作记录十分优秀。5年前,一些位于新泽西最大的城市纽瓦克的警局甚至还没有电,许多工作人员仅在周一到周五的工作日上班,一到下午五点就下班回家。整个警局因担心贪污腐败的问题而缺乏凝聚力。毒品在背街小岛公开兜售。McCathy先生,这位曾将纽约警察局提升了档次的官员,他将纽瓦克警察局的办公地点由办公室转移到街道上去 。警察们严厉打击犯罪及各种突发事件,他还采用了一种称为CompStat的策略,这是他协助NYPD研究出的一种以数据驱动的警用策略。除此之外,McCarthy先生还安装了一种测量系统以应对犯罪。Police productivity increased, sick days decreased and crime began to fall. In 2008 Newark led the nation in murder reduction with a 32% decrease. March 2010 was Newark’s first murder free month in decades—37 days without a killing. This past year, however, has been difficult. Crime has increased. Last summer saw 35 murders, carjackings plagued the city and in November 167 police jobs were cut because of a budget gap and an impasse with the police union. Chicago might well have looked attractive. 警察的效率提高了,痛苦的日子少了,犯罪率也开始下降。2008年,纽瓦克的犯罪率下降了32%,引领了全国犯罪下降率之风。2010年的三月是纽瓦格几十年来第一次的无犯罪月——37天内没有谋杀案。然而相比于2010年,年的情况就痛苦多了,不仅犯罪率上升,夏季就有35宗谋杀案件,劫持汽车时间折磨着整个城市。09年11月,由于预算不足及与警察联盟无法达成一致,167名警察下岗。而本来美丽迷人的芝加哥城也黯然失色。He will have to win the trust of Chicago’s police officers. Mr McCarthy will fight gangs by joining forces with community groups, as he did in Newark. He will emphasise beat policing, posting police around the clock in crime-ridden areas. “He will be a good fit for Chicago”, predicts David Kennedy of John Jay School of Criminal Justice. He is both a “cop’s cop” and open to innovation.McCathy先生定将赢得芝加哥当地警方的信赖。他还将要加入当地社区警队打击黑恶帮派团伙,就像他在纽瓦格做的那样。同时他还要着重警方策略的调整,在案件多发地带安排更多的警力。JOHN JAY犯罪司法学校的DAVID KENNEDY预测到“芝加哥将会是他大显身手的地方”。McCarthy 先生既是一个警察中的警察也是一个不折不扣的革新者。201105/135920长乐哪里做无痛人流便宜漳港街道妇女医院男科怎么样



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