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泉州省中医医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗泉州不孕不育症需要检查哪些项目After a nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone was discharged Wednesday from a Rome hospital, a doctor there described the experimental treatments the patient had received as “absolutely miraculous.”在塞拉利昂感染埃拉病毒的一位护士周三从罗马一家医院出院,该院一位医生形容病患接受的试验治疗的效果“绝对如奇迹一般”。They included MIL77, a product from China that was also given to a British Army nurse who recovered from Ebola at a London hospital in March. It is a near copy of what many believed was the most promising Ebola therapy: a cocktail of antibodies known as ZMapp, the result of a collaboration between the ed States and Canada.治疗中使用了中国生产的MIL77,伦敦一家医院在三月也用这个药品治疗了一位感染埃拉的英国陆军护士,现已治愈。该药几乎原样复制了最被人看好的埃拉疗法,也就是被称作ZMapp的抗体综合剂,后者是美国与加拿大合作的成果。While ZMapp was mired in production delays last fall and winter and quickly became unavailable, a small private Chinese company, Beijing Mabworks, raced ahead, helping produce about 100 doses of MIL77. That means more potentially lifesaving treatments for desperate patients. But it has also led to patent infringement concerns by American officials, and to disagreements over when experimental Ebola therapies should be offered to patients only in carefully controlled studies and when they should be made more available for compassionate reasons.ZMapp的生产在去年秋冬陷入困难,很快就断供了,一家叫作“北京天广实生物技术有限公司”的小型中国民营公司因此迎头赶上,制造了100剂MIL77。这意味着有更多绝望的病人可以得到挽救生命的治疗。但侵犯专利权的问题已经引起美国官员注意,而实验性的埃拉疗法何时应该仅限于在严格管控的研究中施用,何时应该基于同情心提供给更多人,各方的看法也存在分歧。Feng Li, chief executive of Beijing Mabworks, said his company was motivated to fight a global emergency and had made a licensing agreement with ZMapp’s intellectual property rights holder. “People think international collaboration could easily happen between the U.S. and Canada,” he said, “but these days, China could play a role” by making emergency response drugs “better and faster in some cases.”天广实的首席执行官李锋表示,公司是希望去应对一场全球急难,并且与ZMapp的知识产权持有者签署了授权协议。“人们认为美加之间易于发展国际合作,”他说,“但如今,中国也可以在其中发挥作用”,有时能在应急药品的制作上“达成更好、更快的结果”。ZMapp is being tested in a clinical trial in the ed States and Sierra Leone, where the government reported nine new cases of Ebola on Thursday, one of the highest daily totals in months.ZMapp在美国与塞拉利昂进行临床试验,后者的政府在周四有九起新病例,是数个月来单日最多的一天。Last summer, when Ebola was raging out of control, ZMapp raised hopes after it was given to two American aid workers with the disease. Both recovered. Scientists had aly shown that ZMapp could save monkeys injected with what would have been a lethal dose of the virus.埃拉病毒在去年夏天失控。但受到感染的两位美国救援工作者获得ZMapp后都已痊愈,因此唤起一线希望。科学家发现,ZMapp可以让注射了致死病毒量的猴子存活。Tobacco plants were engineered to produce ZMapp, a mixture of three antibodies designed to attach to the covering of the virus, neutralize it and attract killer immune cells. That was an unusual production method, chosen in part to meet the requirements of an American government grant that promotes innovation. However, there were no facilities capable of producing large amounts of the treatment.ZMapp使用经过改造的烟叶植物进行生产,它混合了三种抗体,可以附着在病毒令其失去效力,然后吸引杀手免疫细胞发挥效果。用烟叶制作抗体的生产方法并不常见,选择它的其中一个原因是,研发获得了美国政府的一项鼓励创新资金,因此要符合该拨款的要求。然而,现在没有设施适合制作大量药剂。Then China jumped in. The scarcity of ZMapp was “a spark, like lightning to me,” said Boyan Zhang, chief scientific officer at Beijing Mabworks. Supported by Chinese government grants, the company had developed mammalian cells capable of quickly producing antibodies targeted against cancer and viral diseases in humans, and its leaders decided to use the same process to develop an Ebola remedy.中国因此投入生产。天广实的首席科学顾问张彦表示,ZMapp的稀缺“让我灵光乍现”。在中国政府的持下,这家公司先前研发出一种哺乳类细胞,可以快速制造对抗癌症与病毒性疾患的抗体。公司高层决定利用同一方法开发埃拉的疗法。China, highly attuned to infectious diseases since the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2003, had many citizens working in West Africa. “The entire country was mobilized,” Mifang Liang of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said at the China-U.S. Relations Conference in Houston last month.经历2003年严重急性呼吸综合症爆发后对传染病有深刻了解的中国,有许多国民在西非工作。“整个国家都动员起来,”中国疾病预防控制中心研究员梁米芳上个月在休斯顿的中美关系研讨会(China-U.S. Relations Conference)上表示。The Chinese government issued a directive last summer that helped inspire the production not only of MIL77 but also of an Ebola vaccine, which is currently in human safety studies; rapid Ebola diagnostic tests; and copies of antiviral drugs made by companies in other countries. Dr. Zijian Feng, deputy general director of the China C.D.C., said involvement in emergency public health assistance served to “elevate our presence in the international stage and also elevate our capabilities.”中国政府去年夏天发布的一项命令,不仅鼓励了MIL77的制作,还促成埃拉疫苗的研发(目前已经进展到人体安全的研究)、埃拉病毒快速诊断测试、以及仿造其他国家药厂的抗病毒药物。疾病预防控制中心副主任冯子健表示,参与公共卫生急难协助可以“提升我们在国际层面的知名度,并提升我们的能力”。Within three months, using information in ZMapp’s patent, Dr. Li and his colleagues had copied the active part of ZMapp and used the company’s specialized cells to produce the antibodies. A month later, with the help of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Hisun, they had 100 doses.李锋和他的同事利用ZMapp专利的信息,在三个月内复制了ZMapp的有效部分,然后利用公司的特制细胞制造抗体。一个月后,在中国药厂海正药业的帮助下,已经生产出100剂。But some American officials expressed concern. The ed States government holds a patent on one of the antibodies in ZMapp, which was developed with support from American and Canadian military research agencies, a legacy of fears that Ebola could be used as a biological weapon by the Soviet Union or, later, by terrorists.但是部分美国官员表达了他们的顾虑。美国政府持有ZMapp中的一种抗体的专利,其研发获得了美国和加拿大军方研究机构的持,因为担心埃拉可能被早前的苏联或之后的恐怖分子用作生化武器。“If you use it, you’re supposed to get permission to do it, even for research purposes,” said Robin Robinson, director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, part of the ed States Department of Health and Human Services. He said the Chinese scientists might have infringed patents if they tried to sell MIL77 outside China without an agreement with Mapp Biopharmaceutical, the small American company with intellectual property rights to ZMapp.“如果你使用它,你就应该获得许可,甚至是为了研究目的”,美国卫生与公共务部(Department of Health and Human Services)属下的生物医学高级研究和发展(Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority)局长罗宾·罗宾逊(Robin Robinson)说道。他说,如果中国科学家试图在中国以外地区销售MIL77,却没有与拥有ZMapp知识产权的美国小型公司Mapp生物制药(Mapp Biopharmaceutical)达成协议的话,他们或许已经侵犯了专利。Larry Zeitlin, president of Mapp, said the Chinese scientists had reached out to him after creating MIL77 and had been collaborative.Mapp公司总裁拉里·泽特林(Larry Zeitlin)表示中国科学家已经在研制出MIL77之后与他接洽,并表现得愿意合作。Dr. Robinson said his agency had worked with Mapp and larger companies — including Regeneron in Tarrytown, N.Y., and Genentech in South San Francisco — to use methods similar to the Chinese researchers’ to increase production of ZMapp and other antibody-based treatments for Ebola.罗宾逊士表示他的机构已经与Mapp和一些更大的公司合作,包括位于纽约州塔里敦(Tarrytown)的Regeneron和旧金山南部的美国基因工程技术公司(Genentech),以使用与中国研究人员类似的方法增加ZMapp和其他基于抗体的埃拉药物的生产。But aid groups treating patients in West Africa had trouble getting information on those efforts, said Dr. Annick Antierens, coordinator of research partnerships for Doctors Without Borders. So they began to explore using Chinese-made MIL77.但是救援组织在救治西非的病人时,在获得有关这些努力的信息方面有困难,无国界医生组织(Doctors Without Borders)的研究伙伴关系协调员安妮克·安蒂伦斯士(Annick Antierens)表示。所以他们开始尝试使用中国制造的MIL77。“We said, ‘You have people dying like flies, and there’s a product that seems to be O.K.,’ ” Dr. Antierens said. But as the number of Ebola patients declined in West Africa with the waning epidemic and ZMapp finally became available, she said, American officials and scientists expressed concerns that the use of MIL77 could interfere with the clinical testing and licensing of ZMapp.“我们说,‘人们像苍蝇一般死去,而有一种药物似乎有效’”,安蒂伦斯士表示。但西非的埃拉病人数量随着传播的减弱和ZMapp变得可获取而减少,她说,美国官员和科学家表达了他们对使用MIL77可能干扰了ZMapp的临床试验和批准的顾虑。Doctors Without Borders and some other aid groups have balked at participating in the ZMapp trial because it is randomized and patients only have a 50 percent chance of receiving the treatment. That is a standard procedure in many trials so that researchers can compare patient outcomes and determine whether the treatment was effective and not harmful.无国界医生组织和其他救援组织已经在是否参加ZMapp试用上犹豫不决,因为这是随机化的而且病人只有50%的机会得到治疗。这是许多药物测试的标准流程,这样研究人员才能比较病人的结果,并确定治疗是否是有效而无害的。At Royal Free Hospital in London several months ago, two healthy workers with serious exposure to Ebola were given MIL77. Neither of the workers ended up developing the disease, said Dr. Michael Jacobs, who treated them.几个月前在伦敦皇家自由医院(Royal Free Hospital),两位健康的但密集接触埃拉的工作人员被注射了MIL77。两人最终都没有感染埃拉,治疗他们的迈克尔·雅各布士(Michael Jacobs)说。When the British Army nurse, Cpl. Anna Cross, tested positive for Ebola in March, she also agreed to receive MIL77, which had shown promising results in guinea pigs and nonhuman primates at the Public Health Agency of Canada.当英国陆军护士,安娜·克罗斯下士(Anna Cross)在三月的埃拉测试中呈阳性时,她也同意接受MIL77治疗。而在加拿大公共卫生局(Public Health Agency of Canada),MIL77已经在豚鼠和非人类灵长类动物上显示了令人满意的结果。The London hospital has since decided not to join the American-run clinical trial of ZMapp because of the randomizing requirement. It has opted instead to keep a supply of MIL77 for use in any Ebola patients treated in Britain or the European Union.这家伦敦医院因此决定不加入由美国进行的Zmapp临床测试,原因是其随机化的要求。作为代替,其决定保持MIL77的供应,用以所有英国和欧盟内的埃拉病人的治疗。“We’ve challenged ourselves about whether that is the right decision or not,” Dr. Jacobs said. “In the end, I have to do my best for the patient in front of me.”“我们已经在这是否是个正确决定的问题上质疑了自己,”雅各布士说,“最后,我必须为我面前的病人做到最好。”But Dr. H. Clifford Lane, clinical director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said it was important to test ZMapp properly to determine whether using antibodies to treat Ebola really works.但是国家过敏和传染病研究所(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)临床主任克利福德·莱恩士(Clifford Lane)表示,用合适的手段测试ZMapp以确定使用抗体治疗埃拉是否有效是至关重要的。“There are interventions that look so logical, that should be effective, that prove not to be,” he said. “Without randomization, you have no way to control for all the different variables that come into play when you’re dealing with a patient.”“有一些干预看起来很符合逻辑,应该是有效的,但被明并不是,”他说。“没有随机化,你在治疗病人时就无法控制所有不同的、有影响的变量”。 /201506/380868泉州妇幼保健医院打胎证明 Here’s some good news for everyone: salaries are expected to increase by 5.4% on average globally in 2015.现在宣布一则人人喜闻乐见的好消息:2015年全球平均薪酬有望上涨5.4%。That’s the key finding in a study from Hay Group, a global management consultancy firm, which was published this week. The results represent an increase from last year when the global average rose 5.2%.这是管理咨询公司合益集团(Hay Group)上周发布的一项研究中的关键内容。研究结果显示,2015年的全球涨薪幅度将高于2014年的5.2%。The U.S. is expected to see a modest increase of 3%, according to the report, up slightly from 2014’s 2.8% increase. And when that increase is adjusted for inflation, you should only expect a 1% bump on average.报告指出,美国员工的平均薪酬增幅适度,为3%,比2014年的2.8%稍有上升,但是在计入通胀因素之后,平均涨幅仅为1%。The data were taken from Hay Group’s PayNet, which manages data for over 16 million workers in 24,000 organizations in 110 countries. The report also draws on inflation data from the Economist Intelligence to determine just how effective the salary increases will be for each country surveyed.这些数据来自于合益集团薪酬福利数据库(PayNet),此数据库包含110个国家、24,000个组织、1,600多万名员工的薪酬福利数据。报告还参考了经济学人智库(Economist Intelligence )的通胀数据,以此考量被调查国家薪酬的实际涨幅。While the global figure may show an optimistic outlook overall for workers, inflation rates, especially in some emerging economies, will mean lower paychecks for some.虽然全球薪酬的增长率表明整体的劳动力市场前景乐观,但是通胀率依然让部分国家,特别是新兴经济体的实际薪酬有所下降。“This average masks a significant slowdown in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia and Ukraine, which have been the key drivers of growth in recent years,” the report said.报告中指出,“这一平均数字掩盖了巴西、俄罗斯和乌克兰等新兴市场薪酬增长明显放缓的趋势,而这些国家近年来一直是全球薪酬增长的主要推动者,”Workers in these countries can expect to see salary rises of 6.1%, 6.8% and 6.8%, respectively. However, when adjusted for inflation, which is expected to be high in these countries, workers will actually experience real wage cuts of 0.4%, 0.7% and 3.9%.巴西、俄罗斯和乌克兰三国的预计工人薪酬增长分别为6.1%、6.8% 和6.8%,但是如果将这些国家未来将面临的高通胀考虑在内,那么工人的实际工资将分别减少0.4%、0.7% 和 3.9%。“Real pay is now rising in many European markets, but in key emerging economies, which have been the boom area of the last 10 years, real wages are falling,” said Ben Frost, a consultant at Hay Group, in a statement.合益集团顾问本o福斯特在一份声明中表示,“许多欧洲国家的实际薪酬正在提高,而主要新兴经济体虽然在过去10年内增长迅猛,但是实际薪酬却正在下降,”Countries such as Greece, Ireland and the U.K. got a shout out in the report for “signs of hope” after struggling economically recently. The countries are expected to see significant salary bumps.报告中,希腊、爱尔兰和英国等国家尤为引人注目,在经过近期的经济低迷后,出现了“希望的曙光”,这些国家的薪酬有望出现大幅上涨。 /201501/351924德化县妇幼保健医院预约挂号系统

泉州哪家医院做无痛人流比较安全Braised Three-Yellow Chicken三黄鸡-黄焖鸡 According to the legend, Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of Ming Dynasty, enjoys fine wine and delicacies day in and day out after seizing the capital city. Too much familiarity breeds contempt; gradually he finds everything tasteless and unappetizing. Once the national mastermind Liu Bowen brings him a bowl of chicken, Zhu Yuanzhang praises it repeatedly after eating that and askes what it is.相传明朝开国皇帝朱元璋攻下京城后,天天美酒佳肴,日久生腻,食则无味,品肉无香。一日,国师刘伯温送去一碗鸡肉,朱元璋吃后赞不绝口,问:这是何物?Liu Bowen thinks for a while and says the chicken is originated from Xianju of Zhejiang. It is shaped like a gold ingot with yellow crest, feather and mouth so that it is also called ingot chicken. The small but lean body makes it delicious and nutritious. Emperor Zhu then replies with a smile, “what a chicken with yellow crest, feather and mouth!” so he names it three-yellow chicken and since then it becomes well-known and indispensable in the imperial court.刘伯温想了想,答曰:此鸡产自浙江仙居,冠黄、羽黄、啄黄,体小肉健、美味可口、营养丰富,型如元宝,又名元宝鸡。朱元璋笑曰:好一个「冠黄、羽黄、啄黄」,故赐名「三黄鸡」。黄焖鸡主食材为三黄鸡的鸡大腿,从此,三黄鸡名扬天下,同时也成了宫廷必备品之一。The main food material of braised three-yellow chicken is chicken thigh; to cater to the emperor’s taste, the chefs in the imperial kitchen cook them in constantly changing and wonderfully various ways. The favor for three-yellow chicken soon extends from the court to folks from whom many other unique cooking skills develop.朱元璋对三黄鸡赞不决口,宫廷御厨对三黄鸡的烹制也是花样百出,日新月异。宫廷的青睐扩散到民间,民间也逐渐形成了众多的三黄鸡独特的烹调技术。 /201505/374437泉州新阳光妇产医院打胎有风险么? 泉州医院妇产科排名

泉州市附属第二医院妇科在线咨询 If you’re like a lot of Americans, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to work out more. If you’re like a lot of Americans, you’ll join a gym this January as part of that plan. And if you’re like a lot of Americans, you won’t go very much.你是不是和很多美国人一样,新年规划之一是要多锻炼,并在今年1月为此办了一张健身卡,但实际上却不会常去?Our overoptimism about how much we will work out has been the subject of academic research. Nearly a decade ago, the economists Stefano DellaVigna and Ulrike Malmendier published “Paying Not to Go to the Gym,” a paper in which they found that members at three Boston gyms went an average of 4.3 times a month. With monthly membership fees of just over , that meant an average of per visit — well above the charge to work out as a nonmember.关于我们对自己会进行多少锻炼过分乐观的问题,一直是学术研究的对象。近10年前,经济学者斯特凡诺·德拉维尼亚(Stefano DellaVigna)和乌尔丽克·马尔门迪尔(Ulrike Malmendier)发表了一篇名为《付了钱却不去健身》(Paying Not to Go to the Gym)的文章。他们在研究中发现,波士顿三家健身房的会员平均每月去4.3次。在月会员费略高于70美元(约合440元人民币)的情况下,这意味着每去一次平均花费17美元,远高于非会员锻炼一次10美元的收费。So why didn’t they just pay per visit? Because they overestimated how often they would go. The authors surveyed gym members who, on average, said they would work out about 9.5 times a month, more than twice the actual attendance observed in the study. People remained in denial about their gym attendance even after they’d stopped going entirely: On average, nonattending gym members did not cancel until 2.3 months after their last visit, paying for 7 worth of completely unused gym access.那么,他们为什么不每次单独交钱呢?因为他们高估了自己去健身的频率。文章作者对健身房会员做了一项调查。受访者希望平均每月锻炼9.5次,是研究中观察到的实际次数的两倍多。甚至在彻底不去了以后,人们也依然不愿承认自己去健身房的实际频率。不再去的人注销会员资格的时间,与他们最后一次去平均相隔2.3个月,也就是说他们花187美元买的务根本没用过。Lightly used gym memberships aren’t limited to Boston. The last annual shareholder filing from Town Sports International, the parent company of New York Sports Clubs, showed the company had 497,000 members making 29.1 million annual visits; that is, the average member visited five times a month.健身房会员资格利用不充分的情况并不仅限于波士顿。纽约运动俱乐部(New York Sports Clubs)的母公司城镇运动国际(Town Sports International)最新的一份年度股东备案文件显示,公司有49.7万名会员,全年的健身人次是2910万,即平均每名会员每月去五次。Since pay-now, work out-later isn’t working as a strategy, economists have been searching for other solutions to get people into the gym more often.由于“现在付钱、以后锻炼”的策略不起作用,经济学家们一直在寻找其他解决方案,以提高人们去健身房的频率。“We describe a field experiment measuring the impact of bundling instantly gratifying but guilt-inducing ‘want’ experiences (enjoying page-turner audiobooks) with valuable ‘should’ behaviors providing delayed rewards (exercising),” wrote the economists Katherine Milkman, Julia Minson and Kevin Volpp of Wharton in a 2013 research paper. They gave Penn undergraduates free iPods loaded with audiobooks of their choice, but told them they could listen to them only at the gym.“我们描述的是一项实地试验,衡量将‘想做’的事情和‘应该做’的事情结合在一起的效应。‘想做’的是当时令人高兴但却会引起内疚的事情(听引人入胜的有声读物),而‘应该做’的是有价值且会在日后带来回馈的事情(锻炼),”沃顿商学院的经济学者凯瑟琳·米尔克曼(Katherine Milkman)、朱莉娅·明森(Julia Minson)和凯文·沃尔普(Kevin Volpp)在2013年的一篇研究论文中写道。他们给宾夕法尼亚大学的本科生提供免费的iPod,里面有学生自己选择的有声读物,但又要求学生,只能在健身房里听。This worked for a while: The undergrads given the iPods went to the gym about 50 percent more often than others who were just given a Barnes amp; Noble gift card to spend as they pleased. (A third group, given a book iPod to take home but encouraged to listen only at the gym, placed in between the other two.) But that lasted for about seven weeks. Thanksgiving break came, and the students returned to school having fallen out of love with their audiobooks; they no longer worked out more than their peers in the control group.这个办法一度奏效:得到了iPod的本科生去健身房的频率,比只拿到了巴诺书店(Barnes amp; Noble)礼品卡且可以自行决定其用途的学生高出了大约50%。(还有一个小组的学生也得到了有声读物。研究人员让他们把有声读物存在自己家里的iPod上,但鼓励他们只在健身房听。这组学生去健身房的频率介于另外两组之间。)但这种情况只持续了大约七周。感恩节假期结束后,返校的学生已经不再受到有声读物的诱惑,锻炼的频率也不再高于控制组的成员。“It was a bummer from the perspective that we’d like to design interventions that work forever,” said Ms. Milkman. But she also noted that there are lots of opportunities to try again. Gym visits don’t just pick up at New Year’s but at the start of each week, each semester, after holidays, and even after birthdays (though not 21st birthdays). The key is getting one of the fresh starts to stick.“从我们希望设计永久有效的干预这个角度来说,这种结果令人失望,”米尔克曼说。不过她也指出,有很多重新尝试的机会。去健身房的人次增加不仅出现在新年伊始,也出现在每周和每学期开始的时候,以及节假日甚至生日(但并不包括达到合法饮酒年龄的那个生日)过后。关键是让其中一种坚持下去。Heather Royer, an economist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, thinks she has hit on a way. In partnership with a Fortune 500 company, she and her research partners ran an experiment that combined two interventions: One to get people to start going to the gym, and another to keep them there. For four weeks, the company paid its employees to work out, per visit up to three times a week. After those four weeks, there were no more payments, but some workers were offered a “commitment contract”: They could set aside their own money that would be released to them only if they worked out over the next two months; otherwise, it would be given away to charity.加州大学圣巴巴拉分校(University of California, Santa Barbara)的经济学者希瑟·罗耶(Heather Royer)认为自己发现了一种方法。她和研究伙伴与一家财富500强(Fortune 500)公司合作,进行了一项实验,将两种干预结合起来:一种是让人们开始去健身,另一种是让他们坚持下去。在四周的时间里,这家公司出钱让员工去锻炼,每次奖励10美元,一周最多三次。四周过后,公司不再发钱,但部分员工签署了一份“承诺合约”:他们自己留出一部分钱,接下来两个月如果坚持锻炼,就会还给他们;如果没能坚持锻炼,这些钱将被捐给慈善机构。Even though those commitment contracts ended three months after the start of the study, the effects on workout frequency persisted for years: Three years after the study, the workers who had been offered the contracts remained 20 percent more likely to work out than those who had not been offered any incentives. By inducing a habit with cash payments, and then reinforcing that habit with self-funded payments, the researchers were able to permanently change workout habits for at least some people.尽管这类承诺合约在研究开始三个月后就到期了,但它们对锻炼频率的影响却持续了多年:研究项目过去三年后,当初签署合约的员工健身的几率,依然比那些什么激励都没得到的人高20%。通过用现金奖励的方式培养一种习惯,然后再用自己出钱的方式来巩固习惯,研究人员永久性地改变了至少部分人的锻炼习惯。The researchers at Wharton also found demand for continuing self-control devices: After study completion, 61 percent of subjects said they’d be willing to pay for gym-only audio books as a measure to help themselves work out.沃顿商学院的研究人员还发现,需要有持续性的自我控制策略:研究结束后,61%的实验对象表示愿意出钱购买只能在健身房听的有声读物,以此作为促进他们锻炼的手段。So why don’t gyms offer these kinds of devices to drive members to work out more?那么,健身房为何不提供这类措施,促使会员多锻炼呢?“They have a little bit of a conflict of interest,” says Richard Thaler, a behavioral economist at the University of Chicago. The fact that lots of people join gyms and rarely go to them isn’t great for our national waistline, but it’s pretty good for people who own gyms. “If they succeeded in getting people to go to the gym three times a week instead of three times a month, they wouldn’t be able to have as many members.”“这里有一点利益冲突,”芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)行为经济学家理查德·塞勒(Richard Thaler)说。很多人办了健身卡却很少去这个事实,对国民腰围不利,但对健身房老板却很有利。“如果他们成功地让人们一周去三次健身房,而不是一个月三次,可能就没法接纳那么多会员了。”The more promising avenue may be employers. Ms. Royer hopes to later demonstrate not just that commitment contracts work to get employees to the gym, but also that they save employers enough through improved health to be worth paying for.更靠谱的途径可能在于雇主。罗耶随后希望明,承诺合约不仅可以颇有成效地促使雇员去健身房,还可以通过改善员工的健康,为雇主省下足够多的钱,从而让雇主的投入物有所值。For now, you can use a service like Stickk to set up your own commitment contract: Promise to go to the gym, and set aside money that will be given to charity if you don’t. For extra incentive, you can even use an anti-charity: If you don’t work out, your money will be given to a cause you hate. That’s more likely to keep you working out through beach season than simply paying up front for a gym membership.目前,你可以用Stickk等务制定自己的承诺合约:承诺去健身房,并留出一些钱,如果不去便捐给慈善机构。如果需要额外的激励,你甚至可以利用自己不喜欢的机构:如果不锻炼,你的钱就会捐给你讨厌的某项事业。和预先花钱办健身房会员卡相比,这种做法更有可能让你在整个去沙滩游玩的季节坚持锻炼。 /201502/357880泉州新阳光女子人流怎么样泉州新阳光医院路线



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