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武汉华夏男科医院社保能用吗武汉市第六医院男性专科My fellow Americans,我的美国同胞们,This week, in the company of astronauts, I was honored to sign the NASA Transition Authorization Act right into law.本周,在宇航员们的陪伴下,我很荣幸签署NASA过渡授权法案成为法律。With this legislation, we renew our national commitment to NASAS mission of exploration and discovery.在这一法律框架下,我们重申对NASA探索和发现使命的承诺。And We continue a tradition that is as old as mankind.我们继续着人类自古以来的传统。We look to the heavens with wonder and curiosity.我们面对天空仍然充满着怀疑和好奇。More than two decades ago, one scientist followed his curiosity and dramatically changed our understanding of the universe.20多年前,一个科学家带着他的好奇,戏剧性地改变了我们对宇宙的理解。The year was 1995. Taxpayers were spending billions and billions of dollars on NASAs Hubble Space Telescope.那是在1995年。纳税人在NASA的哈勃太空望远镜上花了几十亿几十亿的资金。The astronomer in charge had a novel idea.负责望远镜的天文学家有了新点子。He wanted to use the expensive telescope in a totally unconventional way.他想用完全非传统的方式来使用这昂贵的天文望远镜。Instead of pointing Hubbles eye at nearby stars or distant formations, Robert Williams wanted to peer into the void.让哈勃不再盯着附近的星球或者遥远的星系,罗伯特.威廉姆斯要进入虚空世界。He aimed the massive telescope at one of the emptiest regions of the night sky.他将大量的望远镜瞄准夜空中最空旷的地方。201704/504043湖北省汉口包皮手术多少钱 VOA流行美语 55: ALREADY / ONE TO TALK今天Michael和李华到了一家中餐馆吃饭,二人正在点菜。李华学到了两个词儿:aly和one to talk。L: 啊,我的天啊,我饿死了。这菜单上每一个菜我都爱吃。M: OK, just order something aly!L: Michael, 你说什么?我什么菜都还没点,连务生都还没来呢,你怎么就说"aly"呢?M: No, no, Li Hua, I said, "Order something aly!" I meant that you should hurry up.L: 噢,所以,你在这儿用了"aly",就是叫我快一点啊。可是你把这个字用在句子的最后面,这种用法好奇怪哟!M: When we say "aly" at the end of a sentence, sometimes we are showing that we are impatient, that we want somebody to stop waiting and to do something.L: 噢,我懂了。你能不能再给我举个例子啊?M: OK. Remember when we were stopped at a light earlier today? The car in front of me didn't move when the light turned green, so I yelled -- "Come on, move aly!"L: 嗯,我懂了,我懂了,这个习惯用语很简单嘛。M: Yeah? Well, go ahead! Make a sentence aly!L: O.K. 你不是老是说那个叫Cindy的女孩儿有多可爱吗? So come on, ask her out aly!M: Um, well, the sentence is correct, but I don't really know Cindy that well. I'm a little shy around girls, you know.L: 管他呢,你怕什么? Just talk to her aly!M: Well, actually I've talked to her before, but I was really nervous. I did get her phone number. I told her I might call her if I missed class and needed to borrow her notes.L: 啊,你已经有她的电话号码啦!那你还等什么?要是她肯把电话号码给你,她对你一定有兴趣的。 Call her aly!M: All right! All right! Shut up aly! I'll call her.L: 嘿, Michael,我是要帮你的忙啊!你干嘛跟我发脾气?M: I'm sorry, Li Hua. I shouldn't have told you to shut up. Hey, the waiter is coming. I'm hungry. Go ahead and choose something aly!L: 嗯,我想我要点宫爆鸡丁。******L: 嗨,Michael, 你知不知道有的时候你可真无礼啊。M: I'm rude? You're one to talk, Li Hua!L: 哎,你说我什么,Michael?你要是还在生气的话,我现在就走了。M: Please, calm down Li Hua. I said, "You're one to talk." I meant that you shouldn't say I am rude when you yourself are rude.L: 好了,我知道有的时候我也很粗鲁啦。所以,Michael,你说:You're one to talk,是不是就是说我们俩都半斤八两,我不用说你,其实我自己也是很粗鲁的?M: That's right. When you told me I can be rude, I thought that that was rude. So I said, "You're one to talk!" That means, you have the same problem, so you shouldn't criticize me.L: 噢,我懂了,其实我也不是要对你那么粗鲁。我只是替你担心,因为你老是说你很寂寞,可是你又不肯主动去找女孩子,你太害羞了。M: I'm shy? You're one to talk! What about you? You are always too shy to meet new guys.L: Well, 在中国,女孩子本来就不会主动去约男孩子的嘛!总是男的要去找女的。M: That's not a good excuse. I think you're just too picky.L: 什么?你说我太挑剔?You're one to talk! 你自己不也老是说你碰不到既聪明又有教养的女孩?你这不也自以为是吗?M: I'm too proud of myself? You're one to talk! You wouldn't even consider going out with a guy if he didn't have a Master's degree.L: 好了,好了,Michael, 我们不要再吵了,反正也吵不出什么道理来。M: Yeah, sorry, let's just forget about it. Hey look, our food is here.L: So eat aly! 咱们早该吃了。MC: 各位听众,李华今天和Michael一起在餐馆点菜的时候,学到了两个美国用语的用法。Aly用在命令式句子的后面时,相当于普通话里面常说的:"早该如何如何"的意思。You're one to talk!则相当于"你竟然敢说这话,我们俩都半斤八两"的意思。 /200602/3130So if you think about what it means to learn arithmetic or to learn to ,因此,如果你思考学习算术和阅读意义何在,youre actually, literally rewriting your own brain.那实际上你就是在重写你自己的大脑。Youre changing the microstructure of your brain as you go along.你在学习的过程中,也正在改变大脑的微型结构。So in a broad sense, we dont need to think about technology as only little gadgets,所以,广义而言,我们不必认为技术只是一些小装置,like these things here,如上面列举的那些。but even institutions and techniques, psychological methods and so forth.还应包括甚至像制度,技能,心理学方法等等。Forms of organization can have a profound impact on human nature.组织机构的不同形式可对人类本质产生深远影响。Looking ahead, there is a range of technologies that are almost certain to be developed sooner or later.遥望未来,一系列技术迟早会被研发出来。We are very ignorant about what the time scale for these things are,虽然我们对这些技术何时面世一无所知,but they all are consistent with everything we know about physical laws, laws of chemistry, etc.但它们必然与我们所知的一切知识相一致,包括物理定律、化学定律等等。Its possible to assume, setting aside a possibility of catastrophe,我们可以假定,排除人类遭受大灾难的可能性,that sooner or later we will develop all of these.迟早我们都会发展出所有这些技术。And even just a couple of these would be enough to transform the human condition.而且,仅仅这其中的几项就足够改变人类的处境。So lets look at some of the dimensions of human nature that seem to leave room for improvement.那么,让我们看看人类本质中哪些部分是有进步空间的。Health span is a big and urgent thing,寿命长短是一个巨大而紧迫的问题,because if youre not alive,因为如果你死了,then all the other things will be to little avail.那么所有其他事情都一无所用了。Intellectual capacity -- lets take that box,智力——看那个方框,which falls into a lot of different sub-categories:它可以分为许多不同的子目录memory, concentration, mental energy, intelligence, empathy.,注意力,精神能量,理解力,情感共鸣。These are really great things.这些都是非常美妙的东西。Part of the reason why we value these traits is that they make us better at competing with other people我们之所以重视这些特质,一方面是因为它们能令我们在与他人的竞争中处于更有利的位置,theyre positional goods.所以它们是地位商品。201608/457681武汉华夏男子男科医院治包皮要多少钱

武汉市华夏男科医院不孕不育科The people of the ed Kingdom have voted to leave the European Union. Inevitably, there will be a period of uncertainty and adjustment following this result. But as the Prime Minister said just this morning, there will be no initial change in the way our people can travel, in the way our goods can move or the way our services can be sold. And it will take some time for the ed Kingdom to establish new relationships with Europe and the rest of the world. So some market and economic volatility can be expected as this process unfolds. But we are well prepared for this. Her Majestys Treasury and the Bank of England have engaged in extensive contingency planning and the chancellor and I have remained in close contact, including through the night and this morning. Itd be clear the Bank of England will not hesitate to take additional measures as required as markets adjust and as the UK economy moves forward. Those economic adjustments will be supported by a resilient UK financial system – one that the Bank of England has consistently strengthened over the course of the last seven years. The capital requirements of our largest banks are now ten times higher than before the financial crisis. And the Bank of England has stress tested those banks against scenarios far more severe than our country currently faces. As a result of these actions, UK banks have raised over #163;130bn of new capital, and now have more than #163;600bn of high-quality liquid assets. So what does this matter? Well, that substantial capital and huge liquidity gives banks the flexibility they need to continue to lend to UK businesses and households, even during challenging times. Moreover, as a backstop, and to support the functioning of markets, the Bank of England stands y to provide more than #163;250bn of additional funds through its normal market operations. The Bank of England is also able to provide substantial liquidity in foreign currency, if required. And we expect institutions to draw on this funding if and when appropriate, just as we expect them to draw on their own resources as needed in order to provide credit, to support markets and to supply other financial services to the real economy. In the coming weeks, the Bank will assess economic conditions and we will consider any additional policy responses. A few months ago, the Bank judged that the risks around the referendum were the most significant, near-term domestic risks to financial stability. To mitigate them, the Bank has put in place extensive contingency plans. And these plans begin with ensuring that the core of our financial system is well-capitalised, is liquid and strong. This resilience is backed up by the Bank of Englands liquidity facilities in sterling and foreign currencies. And all of these resources will support orderly market functioning in the face of any short-term volatility. The Bank will continue to consult and cooperate with all relevant domestic and international authorities to ensure that the UK financial system can absorb any stresses and can do its job of concentrating on serving the real economy. That economy will adjust to new trading relationships that will be put in place over time. And its these public and private decisions which will determine the UKs long-term economic prospects. The best contribution of the Bank of England, the best contribution we can make to this process is to continue to pursue relentlessly our responsibilities for monetary and financial stability. These are unchanged. And weve taken all the necessary steps to prepare for todays events. And in the future, we will not hesitate to take any additional measures required to meet our responsibilities as the ed Kingdom moves forward. Thank you very much!201607/454365武汉华夏医院人员工 I actually brought this up with my wife.我也跟我的老婆提起过这件事,Shes a musical instrument maker, and she does a lot of wood carving for a living.她是一位乐器制造家,也把制作木雕当成一种职业。So I asked her, ;Could you, like, literally carve some ears out of an apple for us?;所以我问她,“你可以为我们用苹果雕刻出一些耳朵吗?”And she did. So I took her ears to the lab.她真的做到了。后来我带着她雕刻的耳朵去了实验室。We then started preparing them. Yeah, I know.我们开始筹备实验。是的,我知道(这看起来很惊悚)。Its a good lab, man.伙计们,这可是个很棒的实验室。And then we grew cells on them. And this is the result.之后我们在上面培植细胞。结果是这样的。Listen, my lab is not in the ear-manufacturing business.听我说,我的实验室并不参与制造耳朵的生意。People have actually been working on this for decades.人们已经研究这一项目几十年了。Heres the issue: commercial scaffolds can be really expensive and problematic,问题在于:商业化的骨架组织价格极高,而且问题重重。because theyre sourced from proprietary products, animals or cadavers.因为它们来源于专利产品,动物或尸体。We used an apple and it cost pennies.我们只用了一个几分钱的苹果。Whats also really cool here is its not that hard to make these things.更炫酷的是,制造这些东西并不是很难。The equipment you need can be built from garbage, and the key processing step only requires soap and water.你所需要的设备可以由废品打造,而且关键的加工步骤只需要肥皂和水。So what we did was put all the instructions online as open source.于是,我们把制作教程公开上传到网上。And then we founded a mission-driven company,然后我们成立了一家身负使命的公司,and were developing kits to make it easier for anyone with a sink and a soldering iron to make these things at home.旨在开发成套的工具,让任何有水槽和焊铁的人能够很方便的在家完成这些。201609/467507武汉人民医院泌尿外科主任

武汉华夏泌尿外科But for all the real progress that weve made, we know its not enough.尽管我们取得了很多实质性的进步,但我们知道这些仍不够。Our economy doesnt work as well or grow as fast我们的经济体运作得不够有效、增长得不够迅速。when a few prosper at the expense of a growing middle class and ladders for folks who want to get into the middle class.因为少数人富裕的实现牺牲了不断壮大的中产阶级的利益,切断了底层人群进入中产阶级的路径。Thats the economic argument.这虽是经济方面的争论,But stark inequality is also corrosive to our democratic ideal.但是固化的不公平也正在侵蚀我们的民主理想。While the top one percent has amassed a bigger share of wealth and income,当最富裕的1%人群聚敛越来越多的财富,too many families, in inner cities and in rural counties, have been left behind,很多城市中心和乡村社区的家庭都被抛在了后面。the laid-off factory worker; the waitress or health care worker whos just barely getting by and struggling to pay the bills,下岗的工厂工人、务生和医护人员的生活仅能勉强维持,他们的薪资仅能持账单偿付。convinced that the game is fixed against them, that their government only serves the interests of the powerful,他们相信游戏规则永远于他们不利,他们的政府只为利益群体和权势务。thats a recipe for more cynicism and polarization in our politics.这些加深了愤世嫉俗的情绪和政治领域的极化。But there are no quick fixes to this long-term trend.但是针对这种长期形成的问题,没有快速解决方案。I agree, our trade should be fair and not just free.我同意我们应该在推行自由贸易的同时重视贸易公平。But the next wave of economic dislocations wont come from overseas.但是其他国家的影响不会是下一次经济危机爆发的原因,It will come from the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good, middle-class jobs obsolete.持续的自动化发展才会带来这样的后果。自动化将使许多优质岗位上的中产阶级工人被取代。And so were going to have to forge a new social compact to guarantee all our kids the education they need,因此,我们必须达成一份新的社会契约以保所有孩子能够接受他们所需的教育,to give workers the power to unionize for better wages;以给予工人联合在一起的力量从而争取更高薪资,to update the social safety net to reflect the way we live now,以完善社会保障从而使其更加适应我们现在的生活状况,and make more reforms to the tax code, so corporations and individuals以推进税收改革,从而使那些公司和个人who reap the most from this new economy dont avoid their obligations to the country thats made their very success possible.那些在我们经济体中攫取最多的公司和个人承担起对国家的义务,因为他们正是仰赖国家才得以取得成功。201701/488682 We didnt get our authority from the board of selectmen我们既没有得到行政委员会的授权or the emergency management director or the ed Way.也没有被应急办主任或是Uited Way批准We just started answering questions and making decisions because someone, anyone, had to.我们只不过开始回答问题并且做出决定,因为必须有人这么做And why not me? Im a campaign organizer.为什么这个人不是我?我是选举组织者Im good at Facebook.我玩Facebook玩的很好And theres two of me.而且我有两个账号The point is, if theres a flood or a fire or a hurricane,重点是,只要发生洪水,火灾,或者飓风,you, or somebody like you, are going to step up and start organizing things.你,或者像你一样的人,都会站出来组织救灾The other point is that it is hard.不过当中充满困难Lying on the ground after another 17-hour day,又一次工作了17个小时之后躺在地上,Caitria and I would empty our pockets and try to place dozens of scraps of paper into context --Caitria和我掏空口袋,努力把掏出的纸片上的信息整理出来all bits of information that had to be remembered and matched in order to help someone.任何值得记住和需要匹配的信息,为了帮助别人After another day and a shower at the shelter, we realized it shouldnt be this hard.又过了一天,在避难所洗了个澡,我们意识到事情不应该这么困难In a country like ours where we breathe wi-fi,在我们这样的国家可以享受无线网络务leveraging technology for a faster recovery should be a no-brainer.利用科技去加速重建应该很简单Systems like the ones that we were creating on the fly could exist ahead of time.像我们在飞机上建立的那种系统能提前做好准备And if some community member is in this organizing position in every area after every disaster,如果有社区居民,无论在哪儿,每次灾难后都挺身而出these tools should exist.这些办法就会存在So we decided to build them -- a recovery in a box,因此我们决定去为他们--创建一个;重建箱;something that could be deployed after every disaster by any local organizer.它装着一套在灾难后可以被当地人利用的东西I decided to stay in the country,我决定留在自己的国家give up the masters in Moscow and to work full-time to make this happen.而不去莫斯科读硕士,然后全力为实现这一目标努力In the course of the past year, weve become experts in the field of community-powered disaster recovery.通过去年的经历,我们成为了社区援灾害救助领域的专家And there are three main problems that weve observed with the way things work currently.我们观察到三个主要问题,它们有关目前的工作方式The tools. Large aid organizations are exceptional at bringing massive resources to bear after a disaster,首先是工具,大型救助组织提供了重要的灾后补给资源but they often fulfill very specific missions and then they leave.但是通常在完成特定任务之后就离开了This leaves local residents to deal with the thousands of spontaneous volunteers, thousands of donations,这使居民需要自己处理涌入的志愿者和物资and all with no training and no tools.他们没有经验和工具So they use Post-its or Excel or Facebook.所以他们才用即时贴,Excel或者FacebookBut none of these tools allow you to value high-priority information amidst all of the photos and well wishes.但这些会影响你从图片和祝福中甄别重要信息The timing.第二是时间的把握Disaster relief is essentially a backwards political campaign.灾难救助其实是政治选举的反过程In a political campaign, you start with no interest and no capacity to turn that into action.在一场政治选举中,开始你没有兴趣和能力去实践You build both gradually until a moment of peak mobilization at the time of the election.后来兴趣和能力逐渐累积,直到在选举当天达到顶点In a disaster, however, you start with all of the interest and none of the capacity.在一场灾难当中,你则是从兴趣出发而不是能力And youve only got about seven days to capture并且你只有7天的时间去搜罗...50 percent of all of the Web searches that will ever be made to help your area.可以利用的那50%的网络信息,去帮助你所在的地区Then some sporting event happens,然后遇到一些事情需要冒险and youve got only the resources that youve collected thus far to meet the next five years of recovery needs.可是你只能用手头有限的资源去应对灾后5年的重建需要This is the slide for Katrina.屏幕上是卡特里娜飓风This is the curve for Joplin.这是桥普林And this is the curve for the Dallas tornadoes in April where we deployed software.这是四月份达拉斯的龙卷风,我们用软件进行了分析Theres a gap here.这里有个缺口Affected households have to wait for the insurance adjuster to visit before they can start accepting help on their properties.受损家庭必须先等保险公司勘察之后,才能接受援助保护财产And youve only got about four days of interest in Dallas.而且在达拉斯,热情只持续了只有四天201605/444141武汉比较好的医院武汉硬不起是什么原因



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