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感人!警犬“旺财”的葬礼 -- 1:: 来源:   昨天,武汉公安局民警为警犬旺财举行了简短庄严的葬礼它是一条拉布拉多犬,参与北京奥运安保时曾搜出危险物品十余件;还曾在爆炸案中搜出千克爆炸物……获公安部通令嘉奖,被评为功勋犬它守护了我们的安全,现在它走了,最后,送送它……  Hero police dog buried in Wuhan   A police officer holds a portrait of Wangcai, a dog that died Wednesday after dedicating its -year life to police duty, at a funeral in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, Oct 9, .   Officers carry the portrait and casket containing the dog, to the burial site. Born in at a police dog training base, Wangcai took part in security work at the Beijing Olympic Games and helped solve a major criminal case.   A police officer places a bouquet on Wangcai's grave.   Medals Wangcai was awarded in perming its duties are buried along with the dog.   Police officers pay a final tribute to Wangcai.。

  • iPhone被判抄袭,苹果也“山寨”? --19 :7:5 来源: 北京知识产权局在一场专利纠纷中裁定苹果公司侵权 Beijing’s Intellectual Property Office has ruled against Apple in a patent dispute brought by a Chinese handset maker.北京知识产权局在一场由中国手机制造商提出的专利纠纷中裁定苹果公司侵权The iPhone 6 and 6S models are similar to Shenzhen Baili’s little-known 0C phone, the authority ruled.当局认为6和6S型号苹果手机与深圳佰利公司名不见传的的0C手机相似In theory, this could lead to iPhone sales being halted in Beijing but sales continue as Apple has appealed to a higher court.理论上,这将可能导致苹果手机在北京被禁止销售,但在苹果公司向更高法院上诉过程中销售仍将继续The tech giant said the handset is still available throughout China.该科技巨头说仍然可以在中国各地购买到苹果手机"iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE models are all available sale today in China. We appealed an administrative order from a regional patent tribunal in Beijing last month and as a result the order has been stayed pending review by the Beijing IP Court," the firm said.“苹果6,6 Plus,6s,6s Plus和SE现在仍在中国销售我们上个月已通过当地专利法庭提出行政诉讼,北京知识产权法院对此案还在审理中,”苹果公司说Analyst Ben Wood, from CCS Insight, told the B he was confident that Apple would resolve the situation.CCS Insight的分析师Ben Wood对B说他确信苹果能解决好这个问题"Large companies will always be reluctant to settle if they feel they don’t have a case to answer, but the Chinese market is so strategic to Apple that if they have to settle, they will," he told the B.“大企业在认为自己不需要回应时,总是不情愿去解决,但中国市场对于苹果公司很重要,如果必须解决,他们会这么做,”他对B说"This is a constant challenge all large tech firms.“这对于大型科技公司总是个巨大的挑战”"Typically these sorts of legal spats are a game of brinkmanship."“通常这类法律纠纷是一场边缘游戏”This is likely to anger Chinese consumers who love their iPhones.这很可能激怒热爱自己苹果手机的中国消费者Baili is not a well-known company - they’re not particularly popular.佰利是个不知名的公司——他们不是特别受欢迎China is Apple’s second-largest market, but the patent ruling just adds to the company’s problems: its iTunes Books and Movie apps were recently shut down by the authorities, and it just lost a lawsuit against a Chinese leather goods maker which stamps the name "IPHONE" on its luggage.中国是苹果公司的第二大市场,但是专利裁决给该公司添加了不少麻烦:它的 iTunes Books 和Movie apps被当局关闭,而且它刚在与中国皮革制造商的官司中败诉,该制造商的行李包上印有“IPHONE”Earlier this month, senior US officials warned American companies felt increasingly unwelcome in China, while the European Business Council noted its members were encountering a "hostile environment" in the country.这个月早些时候,美国高级官员警告说,美国企业在中国感到越来越不欢迎,同时欧洲工商理事会指出,它的成员在中国面临“恶劣的环境”。
  • 银幕上的青春季——年北京国际电影节佳片推荐 -- :: 来源:i1st 导读:广大电影发烧友们,一年一度的电影盛宴——北京国际电影节本周将盛大开幕啦!月日至3日,海量电影等你来赏评~世纪君为大家精选了几部北影节展映的优秀青春片,它们展现出的青春不仅有爱情和友谊,更是压力和责任International movie festivals usually draw crowds of film buffs, hoping to see the latest cinematic marvels to hit the big screen.国际电影节总能吸引不少电影发烧友,他们希望见新晋影史传奇在大银幕上的风光This year’s Beijing International Film Festival, which runs from April to 3, offers a long lineup of critically acclaimed films, many of which dissect the trials of youth. These films go the themes typically associated with young people – treacly romance, everlasting friendship–in favor of more complex meditations on life. Their protagonists, young as they are, confront invisible ces far greater than themselves, pressures and anxieties that stretch back generations.今年的北京国际电影节于月日至3日举办,届时将展映大批口碑极佳的电影,其中不乏剖析、审视青年人的佳作这些电影通过融合常与年轻人联系在一起的两大主题——甜蜜的爱情和永恒的友谊,突出了对生活的多重反思电影中年轻的主人公们要面对自己难以克的无形力量,他们面临着几代人共有的压力和焦虑The Intern, instance, depicts a young entrepreneur striving to balance her career and family. Another anglophone film, Brooklyn, transports viewers from a small Irish town to New York City, where its heroine learns to thrive in a growing Irish immigrant commy. A third English-language film, Straight Outta Compton, dramatizes the real-life ascent of a group of young rappers who take music as a platm to denounce racial injustice.以电影《实习生为例,它讲述了一个年轻企业家试图平衡事业和家庭的故事另外一部英语电影《布鲁克林则把观众从一个爱尔兰小镇带到了纽约,电影的女主人公必须学习如何在快速壮大的爱尔兰移民团体中成长第三部英文电影《冲出康普顿则改编自一群年轻说唱歌手真实的励志故事,他们以音乐为平台,谴责种族歧视There are also stories that reinterpret the meaning of family and emphasize the weight increasingly placed on young shoulders. Our Little Sister explores what happens when three young women adopt their stepsister, while the immigration drama Dheepan presents a family bound not by blood, but by necessity.还有影片重新诠释了家庭的意义,聚焦年轻人肩上越来越沉重的责任《海街日记探讨了三接纳同父异母的之后会发生什么,而移民电影《流浪的迪潘则展现了一个不以血缘而以需求为纽带的家庭Each of these films showcases what it means to be young–and all the uncertainties that entails. They’re sure to leave you inspired, as you walk out of the cinema.每部电影都向我们展示了年轻意味着什么,以及它包含的所有不确定性当你走出电影院,它们一定会让你有所感悟Brooklyn《布鲁克林Directed by John Crowley IrelandUK导演:约翰?克劳利 爱尔兰英国Brooklyn is a film about a young Irish girl who must choose between two lovers and two countries at the same time.电影《布鲁克林讲述了一个年轻爱尔兰女孩必须同时在两个爱人和两个国家之间做出选择的故事Adapted from Irish novelist Colm Toibin’s best selling novel, Brooklyn is set in both Ireland and US, the two countries that the protagonist Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) calls home. In her native Ireland, Eilis had few prospects, an underpaid job and a grim future in a small town. When she immigrates to the US, she feels homesick but nevertheless finds her niche. She starts to attend night school in ing, has a promising career and finds love with a handsome Italian-American named Tony (Emory Cohen).电影改编自爱尔兰作家科尔姆?托宾的畅销小说,《布鲁克林的背景设定在爱尔兰和美国,这两个国家都是主人公艾莉丝(西尔莎?罗南饰)口中的家乡在出生地爱尔兰,艾莉丝在一个小镇里过着毫无希望的生活,干着收入微薄的工作,面临着残酷的未来当移民到美国后,她开始思念故乡,尽管如此,她还是找到了自己的位置她开始上夜校学习会计,找到了一份前途大好的工作,还和意大利帅哥托尼(艾莫里?科恩饰)坠入爱河Complications arise when Eilis returns to Ireland her sister’s funeral. During her brief stay, she becomes more in demand than she’d ever imagined. She gets a job as an ant and attracts the attention of a desirable local bachelor, Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson).当艾莉丝返回爱尔兰参加的葬礼时,新的状况出现了在爱尔兰的短暂停留,她发现自己变得比想象中更受欢迎她找到了一份会计的工作,还受到了当地优质单身汉吉姆?法雷尔(多姆纳尔?格里森饰)的青睐Like many young people, Eilis stands at a crossroad. The decisions she makes will ultimately determine whom she spends the rest of her life with, where she lives and what career she pursues. Eilis’ struggles in the US have transmed her from a fearful girl into a confident, self-reliant woman, and it is her newfound insight into her own character that allows her to make the fateful choice.和许多年轻人一样,艾莉丝站在了人生的十字路口她的选择将决定她将和谁共度一生,在哪里生活,追求怎样的事业在美国奋斗的经历让这个曾经恐惧不安的女孩成为了自信、独立的女人,也正是她新发现的自己个性中的洞察力,让她能够做出命运的选择 over a century, American cinema has explored the immigrant experience, and an array of movies have depicted the struggles of migrants coming to the US. What makes Brooklyn fresh is its small town story and empowered female protagonist who feels torn between different worlds. “In Ireland, Eilis is a daughter with a history; in America she is a woman with a future; in both she is filled with displaced longing,” Guardian movie critic Mark Kermode wrote.一个多世纪以来,美国电影一直在探究移民的经历,不少影片描绘了初来美国的移民的艰难奋斗而让《布鲁克林与众不同的则是它讲述的小镇故事和它赋予女主人公选择两个不同世界的权利,这个抉择让她心痛英国《卫报电影员马克?柯默德写道:“在爱尔兰,艾莉丝是个有故事的女儿;而在美国她是一个有未来的女性;而无论哪个选择都让她有背井离乡的感觉”。
  • 南京高校开展“亲吻陌生人”活动 有人献出初吻 -- :58:38 来源: 近两天来,一篇名为《在大学里和陌生人kiss,原来是这样的一种体验的文章在南京航空航天大学的朋友圈里热传,点击率已达到6之高These two days, an entitled ; strangers kiss, was such an experience micro channel is transmitted at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)rsquo;s micro-channel circle of friends, where there have been 6 hits.近两天来,一篇名为《在大学里和陌生人kiss,原来是这样的一种体验的文章在南京航空航天大学的朋友圈里热传,点击率已达到6之高According to Modern Express reporter, the author is Liu Ke, an undergraduate in NUAA. He and a group of students who are interested in photography created the photography team. In mid-March, they launched the rsquo;Hello Strangerrsquo; campaign in Nanjing universities and many students responded to this activity. Participants were asked to kiss with a stranger and express trust between each other. Some even gave the first kiss in this activity.《现代快报的记者在第一时间获悉消息,该文章的作者柳可是南航在读本科生,他和一群爱好摄影的同学创建了摄影团队3月中旬,他们在南京高校发起;你好,陌生人;活动,获得不少大学生响应活动要求参与者与陌生人亲吻,以表达彼此间的信任有人甚至参加活动献出了初吻;Although strangers know nothing about each other, but you can really get a warming feeling in your heart with the most tender human touch.; On April , Liu expressed in the micro-channel public number rsquo;Southern wrote the photo;.月日,柳可在南航微信平台的公众号;南航photo;中写道:;尽管我们彼此陌生,对对方一无所知,但如若可以真心相对,就可以用人类最温柔的接触,让一种温暖的感情在心里升起;;;Young man told reporters that they had invited students from colleges in Nanjing city to come to take part in this ;dramatic encounter; - to wear goggles and to communicate with strangers through kisses.柳可告诉记者,他们邀请南京高校名大学生,来到南航参与;戏剧性的相遇;;;戴上眼罩,在没有见过对方的情况下,用亲吻的方式来交流感情At first the idea came from a similar period of online . ;After I watch the , I want to have a try and see everyonersquo;s attitude.; As soon as the activity was launched, there were many college students coming to sign up, with the age range from 18 to 3 years old. One of them even gave the first kiss.起初这个创意来自于网上一段类似的视频柳可表示:;看了视频,我也想做一次尝试,看看大家的态度;活动一推出,就有不少大学生来报名他们年龄基本都在18-3岁之间,其中一人还是初吻Bee kissing, Liu reminded the participants to wear decently. They made pairs according to a random combination of ;first come, first served;. On March 19, Liu shot the and the clip, then he put it online on April . He stressed that ;this is just a kiss, an opporty to express trust to strangers, because strangers have no hatred between lovers falling into the gap. There is also no quarrel trouble. It is just pure trust and a little expectation about the strangers kiss.;在亲吻前,柳可倡议参与者穿着大方得体,根据先来后到随机组合配对3月19日,柳可拍完视频,并将其进行剪辑,在月日当天于网上推出他强调,;这只是一个亲吻而已,只是想表达对陌生人的信任因为陌生人没有情侣间日久生恨的隔阂,没有任何争吵质疑的烦恼只是单纯的信任,还有一点小小和陌生人lsquo;初吻rsquo;的期待; privacy reasons, Liu could not provide the Modern Express reporter those participantsrsquo; school names, their own names and phone numbers. However, the participants expressed their attitude through his posted. The youngest student was only 18 years old, the biggest was 3 years old. A lot of people expressed their feelings of rsquo;very strange, would like to try.rsquo; rsquo;I feel very interestingrsquo; rsquo;Since we are young, I wanted to try it out. If I miss the feeling, it will be particularly untunate.rsquo;出于隐私考虑,柳可并没有向现代快报记者提供参与学生的学校名、姓名以及电话不过,参与者通过他发布的视频表达了自己的态度在这些参与者之中,年龄最小的只有18岁,最大的3岁很多人表示对亲吻;很新奇,想尝试一下;;觉得蛮有意思的;;既然是年轻人,就想出来试一下感觉如果错过了,就特别可惜;A girl who have never kissed expressed her feelings, ; I feel a little strange and nervous since it is my first experience.; When asked about the meanings kiss, she said, ;I think it is an intimate relationship in the best of times, which can make the relationship with each other much closer;. However, some people also said: ;In addition to the secretion of hormones, I think itrsquo;s pointless.; After the event, almost everyone said they did not regret to participate in this activity. Because of the need photos and s, Liu can not participate in the micro-channel pair kissing. Many Users made comments after they watched the photos and s : ;If it is really the first kiss, it will be quite significant.; ;Why do we graduate so early,rsquo;; Some users even said: rsquo;.. Ma Ma watched and laughed, saying that you really amazing.rsquo;一位女生之前从来没有与人接过吻,对于这次体验,她表示;因为这是我的第一次体验,所以有一点新奇与紧张;对于亲吻的意义,她表示,;亲吻是一段亲密关系中最美好的体现,它可以拉近彼此的关系;但也有人说:;除了分泌荷尔蒙外,没什么意义;活动结束后,几乎所有人都说不后悔参与这次活动由于要拍摄照片和视频,柳可没有参与这次配对亲吻看完微信和视频,很多网友留言:;如果是初吻的话还是挺有意义的;;为何毕业早了呢;还有网友说:;妈妈边看边笑,看完后跟我说你们年轻人真神奇;Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering (microblogging) Mental Health Education Center Liu Fuliang teacher said, he often said in the class of psychology that desire and heterosexual contact is normal during the college time, but the students need to use correct behaviors to acquire the psychological satisfaction.南京理工大学心理健康教育务中心刘富良老师说,他在教授心理学这门课程时常说, 在读大学这个年龄段,学生渴望和异性接触是正常的,但要用健康行为方式获得心理的满足He said that kiss was originally a move between lovers. ;Kissing between strangers can express confidence, but it is a little beyond the acceptance and I feel too earth-shattering.rsquo; In the interpersonal communication, a certain relationship corresponds to a certain behavior. Ordinary relationship will be normally shown by slight handshaking or hanging up on shoulders or hugging. Kissing on the cheek can be a reflection of closer relationship. Kiss or other physical contact are what the couples usually do in their romantic relationship.;他表示,亲吻原本是恋人间的举动;在陌生人间用亲吻表达信任,尺度挺大,我觉得太突兀了;在人际交往中,一定的关系对应一定的举动普通关系顶多是握手稍亲近一点的可以勾肩搭背或拥抱再亲密一些,可亲吻脸颊再进一步的恋人关系才可能发展到亲吻或其他身体接触Liu Fuliang believes that strangers lack the basic understanding between each other. Such intimate act as kiss is uncoordinated with the general impersonal development . Kiss also involves the issue of the exchange of saliva, which has health risks to some degree. It is normal students who are in the budding youth to pursue fresh experience and excitement, but they should pay attention to taking a more suitable manner, such as taking photos or give a friendly hug.刘富良认为,陌生人之间连基本的了解都没有,就直接跨越到亲吻这样高度亲密的举动,和一般人际关系发展是不协调的亲吻还涉及到唾液交换的问题,有健康隐患大学生处于青春萌动的年龄段,追求新奇体验、追求刺激很正常但可采取比较合适的方式,如合影或友情拥抱等Students have different ways of expressing emotions in different eras. Fang is one of post-60s generation, who enrolled Nanjing University in the 1980s . He said the strangers did not have the feelings of distrust at that time. Everyone was enthusiastic. They would shake hands and give self-introductions at the first meeting. Not to mention kissing among strangers, even hugging was very excessive. Kiss was the privilege between couples. Student Liu was born in the late 1990s. He said it was also impossible two strangers to kiss. Usually people would see that a pair who were falling in love feeding each other in public places.不同时代的大学生表达情感的方式也不尽相同方先生是60后,上世纪80年代就读于南京大学他表示在当时那个年代,陌生人之间没有不信任的感觉大家都很热情,第一次见面通常会握手或互相介绍一下彼此陌生人间别说亲吻,就算拥抱也是很过分的亲吻这种举动只在恋人之间才有刘先生是上世纪90年代末的大学生,他说,那时也不可能两个陌生人之间就亲吻了顶多是谈情说爱的一对,在公共场合喂饭之类Zhang was the college student in the first years of this century. She said: ; In fact, kissing strangers is not an extraordinary thing. Wersquo;ve just fallen behind the times and been shot dead on the beach by post-90s; She warded Liu Kersquo;s micro letter to her college roommates in the circle of friends and their roommates made comments that ;rsquo;hormone is a wonderful thing.;85后的小张是本世纪头年的大学生,她说:;其实陌生人亲吻已经不算出格了我们只是跟不上时代,被90后拍死在了沙滩上;她把柳可的微信转发到她的大学室友朋友圈,室友们评价说:;荷尔蒙是个美好的东西;。
  • 来北京不了解这些经典小吃你就out啦 --01 :55:38 来源: 夏天到了,街边小吃重磅来袭!以下是小编为您精心挑选的北京王府井小吃街十大不可错过的美食 Beijing’s popular Wangfuijing Snack Street is a stop all visitors should take advantage of a chance to experience some traditional Chinese snacks. Whether it’s a bug on a stick or the belly of a lamb, Wangfujing offers snacks all palates. Below are a few common snacks tried by our intern journalists during their first visit to the well-known snack street. The photos are taken on June on Wangfuijing Snack Street, one of the famous snack streets in Beijing.到北京旅游的游客都要到王府井小吃街品尝中国的传统小吃无论是树上的昆虫还是羊肚在王府井应有尽有下面是本报实习记者在王府井亲自品尝后为读者力荐的美食,以下图片于6月日拍摄于北京著名小吃街--王府井小吃街Fried Insect The shops provide a variety of insects, such as scorpion, pupa and grasshopper. Fried insect is one of the special street foods in Beijing and many people enjoy it, especially scorpion and pupa. Scorpion is very crunchy and tastes like dried fish.炸昆虫的种类繁多:蝎子、蚕蛹和蚂蚱炸昆虫是北京特色小吃之一,受到人们的喜爱,其中炸蝎子和炸蚕蛹备受推崇炸蝎子口感酥脆,尝起来像鱼干Kebab Kebab is made of meat, mostly from pig, chicken, cow and lamb. The meat is put onto a skewer and then roasted; the chef flavors the meat with cumin powder and chili powder. Kebab is very delicious and common in China; moreover, it is very cheap.烤肉串包括猪肉串、鸡肉串、牛肉串和羊肉串等,肉串在扦子上进行烤制,主要的调料是小茴香粉和辣椒粉烤肉串在中国很常见,且物美价廉Beijing’s dumplings are different from other countries’ dumplings. The filling is made with ground pork, ground beef or shrimp and vegetables. Many people eat the dumpling with different sauces, like vinegar, chili sauce or oil and garlic.北京的饺子和其他国家的都不一样北京饺子的馅料包括搅好的猪肉、牛肉和大虾以及蔬菜许多人吃饺子时喜欢搭配蒜和醋、辣椒酱、辣椒油等不同酱料Steamed buns are a famous and traditional food in Beijing. The bun is made of flour and meat, usually pork and beef, but some are made of vegetables only. Steamed buns are common and convenient to eat.蒸包子是北京有名的传统食品,有猪肉馅包子、牛肉馅包子也有素馅包子蒸包子较为常见,吃起来非常方便The Chinese street crepe is similar to the Mexican burrito; however, the traditional Mexican tortilla is replaced with a thin, flat pancake and then filled with traditional Chinese veggies, such as Chinese cabbage, lettuce, mug bean sprouts and carrots. Common meats found inside these wraps include pork, chicken or duck. The pancake is made of flour and egg and the veggies and meat inside are seasoned with herbs such as parsley. The crepe is topped with a brown sauce that is a nice mixture between sweet and salty.这道中国街头小吃和墨西哥卷饼有异曲同工之妙,然而传统的墨西哥玉米圆饼却被又薄又平的煎饼所取代,里面放入大白菜、生菜、豆芽和胡萝卜在内的传统中式蔬菜和猪肉、鸡肉和鸭肉之类的肉类,再搭配香芹等香料,再抹上一层甜面酱Many people afraid that eating stinky tofu will make their mouth become smelly. In fact, it doesn’t. Stinky tofu is common in places like Hong Kong and Taiwan. The fermented tofu is fried, then the chef puts a mixed sauce on top of the tofu with some coriander.许多人担心吃了臭豆腐嘴里会有气味,实际上这种担心是没有必要的臭豆腐在香港和台湾十分常见豆腐经过发酵后再进行炸制,炸熟后淋上一层酱汁,配上香菜后即可食用Baodu is a traditional Beijing cuisine made by Muslims and is made of lamb or cow stomach. The cooking process of Baodu is like a work of art. The chef cooks it in front of the customer, using water to fry the stomach quickly. Then the chef adds some sesame, chili and garlic sauce on the top of Baodu.爆肚是北京一道传统清真美食,是用羊和牛的胃口制成的爆肚的制作过程简直称得上艺术创作,厨师在顾客面前快速地将肚仁焯熟,再淋上一层芝麻、辣椒和蒜泥Tanghulu consists of fruit with a firm candy covering served on a stick; it is the perfect amount of food a healthy desert snack. It often consists of 7-8 pieces of fruit, which may be strawberries, pineapples, grapes or Chinese hawthorn. The one in the photo contains mostly strawberries with a Chinese hawthorn at the end. The candy-covered strawberries provide a crunchy burst of sweet heaven.水果外面裹上糖浆再串到棍子上便制成了糖葫芦糖葫芦是一道健康的小吃甜点每串糖葫芦上一般串7到8个水果,水果可以使草莓、菠萝、葡萄或者山楂照片中的糖葫芦上主要是草莓,最底下的是一颗山楂裹着糖浆的草莓吃起来又脆又甜Suannai is a traditional yogurt of Beijing. It is heated milk that is made in a barrel, mixed with some sugar or honey then chilled bee packaging. The first taste is fresh and cool, but the aftertaste is sour,as it is a fermented drink. The good and bad thing about this item is that it has no preservatives. This is good the body but not so good those who enjoy the taste of western-style yogurt.老酸奶指的是北京传统酸奶其制作工艺为在桶里加热牛奶,放入糖或者蜂蜜,待冷却后进行包装老酸奶尝起来口感清凉,回味却有一丝酸酸的味道,原因在于老酸奶是一种经过发酵的牛奶老酸奶不添加防腐剂,保了食用的安全性,但不利于保存喝老酸奶对身体有好处,可有些喝惯了西式酸奶的人却不太喜欢老酸奶的味道Syrup of plum, called suan mei tang in Chinese, is a kind a plum juice which is sweet and sour. Many Chinese love to drink it in summer. Drinking suan mei tang in summer can help people to feel cool . It is a traditional drink in Beijing.酸梅汤是一种口感酸甜的梅汁,是中国人夏季的必备饮料酸梅汤是北京的一种传统饮料,夏天喝起来令人感到凉爽。
  • “下大雨”小心被淋成“落汤鸡“~ -- :6:01 来源:chinadaily 又到雨季,出门别忘记带伞,小心遇到“大雨”秒变“落汤鸡”一起来学习一下下面这些花样表达吧 The hiking is cancelled since it's raining cats and dogs. 徒步旅行被取消了,因为下着倾盆大雨 Because of the heavy rain, he was late school. 由于下大雨,他上学迟到了 It was raining heavily yesterday when school was over. I was all wet when I got home. 昨天放学的时候在下大雨我到家时全身都湿了 I'm saying that it's pouring outside. 我是说外面在下大雨 If it rains hard we have to put off the match. 如果下大雨,比赛只有延期 Heavy thundery rain fell throughout Thursday. 星期四下了一整天的雷暴雨 The climbers were trapped by a fierce storm which went on days. 登山者被一连几天的强风暴雨给困住了 Weather ecast said there would be a heavy downpour tomorrow. 天气预报说明天有大暴雨 The River Frome had burst its banks after torrential rain. 暴雨过后弗罗姆河决堤了 ****** Neither of us had taken an umbrella and we arrived at the party looking like a pair of drowned rats. 我们两人都没带伞,到达晚会的时候看上去像落汤鸡 My goodness, you're soaked through. Where's your car? 天哪,你都成落汤鸡了你的车呢? He was completely drenched by the rain. 他被雨淋得完全成了落汤鸡 Untunately, Tom was caught in the rain. 真不幸,汤姆在雨中被淋成了落汤鸡 We arrived home completely sodden. 我们回到家时已成落汤鸡了 The shower stroked me to the skin. 阵雨淋得我像落汤鸡。
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