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武汉尿道炎治疗的方法武汉华夏男子医院男科常规检查费用孝感看泌尿科怎么样 11.Singapore President Nathan Lee Hsien Loong in Sworn in as a Third Term as Prime Minister Ceremony Speech11. 新加坡总统纳丹在李显龙宣誓就任第三任总理仪式上的演讲Singapore was never meant to be sovereign on its own 新加坡从来都是主权国家。To survive, we had to be different, indeed exceptional. 为了生存,我们的确不得不标新立异。We progressed and thrived because we built strong institutions founded on sound values我们之所以能够不断进步,不断繁荣,是因为我们建立了以正确的价值观为基础的强有力的机世制integrity, meritocracy, equality of opportunities, compassion and mutual respect between Singaporeans of different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. 诚信、任人唯贤、机会平等、富有同情心,以及不同种族、宗教和社会背景的人能够相互尊重。The government, judiciary, civil service, unions, schools and the media have promoted the interests of the common people. 政府、司法部门、行政部门、工会、学校和媒体都为老百姓的利益着想。The public, private and people sectors have built a national consensus on what are the challenges and how we can overcome them. 公共部门和私有部门在什么是挑战以及如何战胜挑战方面都形成全国的共识。The people and government are united.人民与政府紧密团结在一起。These are valuable strengths and intangible assets critical to Singapores long-term survival and continued success. 这些宝贵的力量和无形资产是新加坡得以长期立足和不断取得胜利的关键因素。We must do all we can to preserve them.我们必须尽我们所能来保持这种力量和资产。Looking ahead, the pace of change in the wor1d will only increase. 展望未来,世界变革的步伐只会加快。Our economic and security environment is aly undergoing sea change. 我们的经济和安全环境正经历翻天覆地的变化。201609/466056英语日常口语 74:Alone at New Year独自过新年本单元是关于独自过新年的对话Alice: Ah Kitty, there never was anything wrong with you, was there? I told Helen you were ok, but she wouldn't listen. She had to listen to the vet though. He said you were the healthiest cat he'd ever seen.Anyway Kitty, Happy New Year: it's just you and me tonight. I didn't plan it this way Kitty, do you remember? I made all those resolutions last year: I was going to meet a gorgeous man. He was going to be funny, and rich too. And I did meet him, Kitty, we were going to get married and everything, ok, he hadn't asked me yet, but I had high hopes. But I didn't know he had a skeleton in his closet: a wife and two children. Oh well Kitty, that's that eh? Ooh Kitty, who could that be? It's very late?Vocabulary: 词汇 resolutions: 决心promises you make to yourself about how you are going to improve your life by changing your behaviour; people often make resolutions at New Yearto have high hopes: 对未来感到乐观to feel very positive and optimistic about the future of somethinghe had a skeleton in his closet: 他有个不可告人之事(秘密)he had a secret about something bad that happened in the pastthat's that: 事情就这样了the situation is completed and can not be changed本单元语言点是用 going to 表示未来计划,请看下面的解释和例句The future in the pastGoing to: future plans 用Going to表示未来计划 Speakers of English use to be + 'going to' + base verb (without 'to') to talk about plans for the future. I'm going to visit my uncle in Thailand next Spring.I'm going to wash the dishes.I'm going to Poland for Christmas. Time expressions can be used if the speaker wants to say when the action will happen. I'm going to visit my uncle in Thailand next Spring. But it is not always necessary to use a time expression: 'going to' refers to an unspecified time in the future.I'm going to wash the dishes.'Going to go' can be shortened to 'going'.I'm going to Poland for Christmas. 'I'm going to go to Poland for Christmas.'Was going to: the future in the past 过去未来式(用was going to表示过去未来发生的动作)Sometimes we make plans for the future, but the plans don't actually happen. Speakers of English use was/were + 'going to' + base verb (without 'to') to look back at the plans we made but didn't do. I was going to visit my uncle in Thailand last Spring, but I couldn't afford a ticket.I was going to wash the dishes, but there wasn't enough time.I was going to go to Poland for Christmas, but I stayed in France. Time expressions can be used if the speaker wants to say when the action should have happened. I was going to visit my uncle in Thailand last Spring. But it is not always necessary to use a time expression. I was going to wash the dishes. I was going to meet a gorgeous man. He was going to be funny, and rich too. When the subject of the sentence is I/he/she/it, use 'was'. I was going to meet a gorgeous man. He was going to be funny, and rich too. When the subject of the sentence is you/we/they, use 'were'.We were going to get married.Was/were going to: pronunciation 注意was/were going to的发音 In spoken English, the phrase 'going to' can be pronounced word by word, especially when speaking slowly, or in formal situations. /200708/16883黄冈红安县看男科医院

武汉华夏咨询Before March, 2011, I was a photographic retoucher based in New York City.2011年3月之前,我是摄影修片师,常驻纽约市。Were pale, gray creatures.我们苍白无力、面如死灰。We hide in dark, windowless rooms, and generally avoid sunlight.我们总呆在漆黑一片、不见天日的屋子里,工作室没有窗,主要是为了抵御阳光。We make skinny models skinnier, perfect skin more perfect, and the impossible possible,我们帮苗条的模特变得更苗条,把完美的肌肤修缮得更无懈可击,把不可能的事变成了可能,and we get criticized in the press all the time,我们一直被媒体批判,but some of us are actually talented artists但是我们其实是才华横溢的艺术家,with years of experience and a real appreciation for images and photography.经验丰富,懂得欣赏图片和照片。On March 11, 2011, I watched from home, as the rest of the world did, as the tragic events unfolded in Japan.2011年3月11日,正如全球其他人一样,我在家里看到日本上演的悲剧。Soon after, an organization I volunteer with,不久之后,我参加做志愿者的一个组织All Hands Volunteers, were on the ground, within days, working as part of the response efforts.“携手志愿者”团队马上就赶赴了现场,仅仅在几天之内,在当地开展应急救援活动。I, along with hundreds of other volunteers, knew we couldnt just sit at home,我和其他百余名志愿者都深知:我们不能在家干等着。so I decided to join them for three weeks.因此我也决定加入他们的行列,做3周志愿救援活动。On May the 13th, I made my way to the town of Ohfunato.5月13日,我来到日本大船渡县,Its a small fishing town in Iwate Prefecture, about 50,000 people,那是日本岩手县的一个小渔村,人口大约只有5万人,one of the first that was hit by the wave.是当时第一波受灾的地方。The waters here have been recorded at reaching over 24 meters in height, and traveled over two miles inland.当时的海啸洪峰最高时刻高达逾24米,冲击到内陆足足有2英里的地方。As you can imagine, the town had been devastated.你可以想象,这个小镇肯定备受摧残。We pulled debris from canals and ditches.我们拨开运河和水沟里的瓦砾,We cleaned schools. We de-mudded and gutted homes y for renovation and rehabilitation.我们帮助学校和那些被埋没的房屋打扫、清理,以便重建、翻新。We cleared tons and tons of stinking, rotting fish carcasses from the local fish processing plant.我们清理了大量的发臭、腐烂的鱼尸骨,那些鱼都是当地工厂里加工、处理的鱼。We got dirty, and we loved it.我们自己也变得又脏又臭,但是我们心里很舒坦。For weeks, all the volunteers and locals alike had been finding similar things.一连几周,所有的志愿者和当地居民一样,都找到了一些类似的东西。Theyd been finding photos and photo albums and cameras and SD cards.他们不断地发现照片、相册、相机和SD储存卡。And everyone was doing the same.每个人对此的反应和行动也如出一辙。They were collecting them up, and handing them in to various places around the different towns for safekeeping.他们把这些照片等东西收集起来,把它们送往各个镇里进行保管。Now, it wasnt until this point that I realized直至现在,我才意识到,that these photos were such a huge part of the personal loss these people had felt.丢失了这些照片肯定是这些人失去的一块重大部分。As they had run from the wave, and for their lives,当他们遭受海啸袭击之时,可想而知,必然四处奔波,寻求一线生机,absolutely everything they had, everything had to be left behind.自然把其他东西,他们的所有东西都抛诸脑后。At the end of my first week there, I found myself helping out in an evacuation center in the town.我呆在日本的第一周的最后几天,我发现自己在帮该镇的一个疏散中心,I was helping clean the onsen, the communal onsen, the huge giant bathtubs.帮助一个公社温泉清扫社里的巨大浴盆。This happened to also be a place in the town where the evacuation center was collecting the photos.刚好当地的疏散中心正在收集人们丢失的照片,This is where people were handing them in,人们把收集到的照片送到那个公社温泉,and I was honored that day that they actually trusted me to help them start hand-cleaning them.当时我十分有幸得到了他们的信任,让我开始清洗、还原那些照片。Now, it was emotional and it was inspiring,那些时刻令人触动,也非常有激励意义,and Ive always heard about thinking outside the box,我一直听人们说:要有创意!but it wasnt until I had actually gotten outside of my box that something happened.直到那时清理那些照片,我才真的做到了所谓的“创新”。As I looked through the photos, there were some were over a hundred years old,当我翻看那些照片时,有些甚至有逾百年的历史,some still in the envelope from the processing lab,有些仍被保存在加工实验室的信封里,I couldnt help but think as a retoucher我不禁从一个修图师的角度思考,that I could fix that tear and mend that scratch,或许我可以帮他们修复这些被撕破和被划痕的照片,and I knew hundreds of people who could do the same.而且我也认识很多会修图的人可以帮他们复原这些照片。So that evening, I just reached out on Facebook所以,当天傍晚,我就登陆脸谱网(Facebook)and asked a few of them, and by morning问了一些修图师朋友,还没到第二天早上,the response had been so overwhelming and so positive, I knew we had to give it a go.就有很多很多回复消息,说他们乐意帮忙,我知道我们应该行动起来,So we started retouching photos.于是我们就开始了修图行动。201605/446000湖北省新华医院看男科好吗 58. I should say... 我得说······ 用法透视 这个句型用来表达自己的看法,但这看法多少有些遗憾、感叹或出乎意料。 持范例 1. What do you think of the city? It's very busy and crowded, I should say. 你觉得这个城市怎么样?我得说,这是个非常繁忙拥挤的城市。 2. I should say it's really beyond my expectation. 我得说这确实出乎意料。 3. Well done, I should say. 干得好,我得说。 会话记忆 A: Do you know that scientists replicated a sheep into an identical clone. 你知道吗,科学家复制了一头一模一样的克隆羊。 B: I heard about that. It was successful. 我听说过,很成功。 A: It's a big jump in science. Maybe more like a leap. 这是科学上的一大跃进,也许说成飞跃更合适。 B: I should say, it stunned me. I can't imagine what they will think of next. 我得说,我很吃惊。我不能想象下一步科学家们想做什么 /200705/13337武汉早泄检查费用

武汉尖锐湿疣治疗费用And relief is what we are determined to give them.而我们决定向民众伸出援手。I want every American to know that action on Obamacare is an urgent necessity.我想让每位美国人知道:对奥巴马医改的行动是紧急而必要的。The law is collapsing around us, and if we do not act to save Americans from this wreckage,这个法案正在我们身边崩塌,如果我们不行动起来将美国人从废墟中解救出来,it will take our healthcare system all the way down with it.医保系统将随之堕入深渊。If we do nothing, millions more innocent Americans will be hurt – and badly hurt.如果我们坐视不管,成百上千的无辜美国民众将受到伤害,很严重的伤害。That’s why we must repeal and replace Obamacare.这就是我们必须撤销和取代奥巴马医改的原因。House Republicans have put forward a plan that gets rid of this terrible law众议院共和党人已经提出一个计划,该计划要摆脱这个糟糕法案,and replaces it with reforms that empower states and consumers.并用向各州和消费者授权的改革取代它。You will have the choice and the freedom to make the decisions that are right for your family.你会拥有选择权和自由,来决定适合你家的医保计划。The House plan follows the guidelines I laid out in my recent address to Congress众议院的计划遵循我最近在国会讲话时列出的指导方针expanding choice, lowering costs, and providing healthcare access for all.扩大选择、降低成本、为所有人提供医疗使用权。201705/509650 Thank you very much. Thank you Thank you so much. Thank you Thank you. Please, please have a seat. 非常感谢大家 谢谢非常感谢大家 谢谢谢谢大家 请入座Thank you Thank you, President Spar, trustees, President Bollinger Hello, Class of 2012. 谢谢大家谢谢你们 斯巴院长 各位校董 伯林格校长2012届毕业生 你们好Congratulations on reaching this day Thank you for the honor of being able to be a part of it There are so many people who are proud of you. 祝贺你们迎来了这一天感谢你们让我有幸来参加这个活动有很多人为你们感到骄傲Your parents, family, faculty, friends all who share in this achievement So please give them a big round of applause. 你们的父母 家人 师长和朋友都为取得这一成就出了力因此 请为他们热烈鼓掌To all the moms who are here today you could not ask for a better Mothers Day gift than to see all of these folks graduate. 今天在座的各位母亲们再也没有比看到所有这些孩子们毕业更好的母亲节礼物了I have to say, though whenever I come to these things I start thinking about Malia and Sasha graduating. 但是我得说每当我来到这种场合就会想到玛莉娅和萨夏将来毕业的情景And I start tearing up and its terrible I dont know how you guys are holding it together I will begin by telling a hard truth. 我就会热泪盈眶 真不好意思我不知道你们大家是怎么把持得住的我一开始就要说明一个确凿的事实201609/467370湖北省中医院男科咨询武汉男科医院切包皮那家好




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