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必背句型:A:He calimed diplomatic immy to avoid being arrested.为了避免被捕,他声称享有外交豁免权B:Does he really have diplomatic immy?他真的有外交豁免权吗?She stopped the car to avoid being fined.为了避免罚款她停下了车They run to school to avoid being late.为了避免迟到,他们跑向了学校What did he do to avoid being punished?为了避免受罚他做了什么?延伸阅读:A:You can look the international law.你可以查询这部国际法B:The international law is out of date.这个国际法已过期My computer is out of date.我的电脑过时了The food is out of date.这些食物已过期The milk is out of date.牛奶已过期 691。

必背句型:A:The adjudicator has to decide impartially between the two parties.判决者必须在双方当事人中作公正的裁决B:They must do like this.他们必须这么做The adjudicator has to decide impartially between the two parties.判决者必须在双方当事人中作公正的裁决You have to make a decision between the price of the price and quality.你们必须在价格和质量中做裁决You have to decide between the price and quality.你们必须在价格和质量中做裁决延伸阅读:A:What was the next step after that?在那之后是什么?B:The clerk of the court out the charges.法庭书记员宣读了控告书The clerk of the court out the indictment.法庭书记员宣读了控告书The person out the investigation.这个人宣读了调查报告They want to out mediation agreement.他们想要宣读调解书 39。

Europe’s corridors of power are echoing to the cries of agitated equivocation. Yes, Vladimir Putin has violated sacred international norms and put at risk the security of the European continent. Yes, European leaders must roundly condemn the Russian president for his seizure of Ukrainian territory. And yes, those who believe in international law should do something more than wag a finger. All this is well understood. We must not, however, get carried away.欧洲的权力走廊回荡着紧张激动而又模棱两可的呼喊声。没错,弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)违反了神圣的国际规范,可能危及欧洲大陆的安全。没错,欧洲各国领导人必须严厉谴责普京侵占乌克兰领土。没错,那些相信国际法的人们除了表示反对之外,还应该采取一些实际的行动。所有这些都完全可以理解。但是我们不能想当然。In Britain, ministers fret that economic retaliation would jeopardise the City of London’s money laundering operations. Russia, with its reliable multi-billion-dollar supply of dirty money, is a much cherished customer in the capital’s booming property market. In Germany, business leaders implore Angela Merkel, the chancellor, not to threaten lucrative exports or invite interruption of Russian gas supplies. In Rome Matteo Renzi, the new prime minister, is told he must not upset Italy’s powerful energy bosses.在英国,部长们担心经济报复将会影响伦敦金融城(City of London)的洗钱活动。源源不断供应巨额脏钱的俄罗斯,是伦敦繁荣的房地产市场的“贵宾”客户。在德国,商界领导人恳请总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)不要影响他们有利可图的出口,或者促使俄罗斯切断天然气供应。在罗马,刚刚上台的总理马泰#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)被告知,他不能让意大利有权有势的能源行业领袖的日子难过。It would be nice to imagine that EU leaders had framed a carefully calibrated response to Mr Putin’s aggression. Blending prudence with toughness, Europe is eschewing draconian sanctions now in order to de-escalate the conflict, but will step up the pressure decisively if Mr Putin refuses to admit Ukrainian sovereignty in Crimea. This indeed was the EU summit’s official message. Sad to say, Europe’s caution has been the handmaiden of pusillanimity rather than of diplomatic calculation; and without evidence of serious resolve Mr Putin has no reason to step back.人们期盼欧盟(EU)领导人针对普京的挑衅框定了一套精心校准的应对措施——结合审慎与强硬,欧洲回避实施严厉制裁,为冲突降温创造条件,但如果普京拒绝承认乌克兰在克里米亚的主权,欧洲就会果断加大压力。这的确是欧盟峰会传递的官方信息。遗憾的是,欧洲的谨慎是出于胆怯,而非外交盘算的结果;而如果看不到坚定决心的据,普京没有理由退缩。The EU would have gained a shred of credibility had it followed President Barack Obama’s lead. Visa restrictions and the like have some force when, as is the case with Russia, members of the elite like to travel widely in the course of stashing and spending their billions. At the other end of the spectrum should lie a threat of broad financial sanctions against Russia akin to those applied to Iran.如果欧盟效仿美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的做法,尚可获得少许可信度。禁发签之类的措施会产生一些效果,因为俄罗斯的精英人士为了藏匿并消费他们的巨额资金需要大量旅行。回应措施的另一头应该是威胁对俄罗斯采取广泛的金融制裁,类似于对伊朗实施的制裁。Yet, even if Europeans were to agree eventually to travel some distance along the sanctions road, piecemeal retaliation is only part of the necessary response to Russia’s territorial grab. The seizure of Crimea and Mr Putin’s threat of a march into eastern Ukraine requires a fundamental change in mindset. The so-called reset in western ties with Russia needs to be reset, and the boundaries of engagement redrawn.然而,即便欧洲最终同意实施一些制裁,零敲碎打的报复也只是对俄罗斯侵占领土行为必要回应的一部分。克里米亚被侵占以及普京威胁出兵乌克兰东部,要求我们从根本上转变心态。有必要重新考虑西方与俄罗斯关系的所谓“重启”,重新划定双方接触的界限。The albeit rather thbare premise behind the west’s approach has hitherto been that Moscow wants to be included, if with some exceptions, in a rules-based order. That, however much he rails against cruel history, Mr Putin wants to remain a member of the club. Hence Russia’s participation in the G8, its “strategic partnershipwith the EU, the Nato-Russia Council in Brussels, membership of the World Trade Organisation and so on.此前西方的做法有一个颇为陈腐的前提:即便有一些例外情况,但莫斯科总体上希望参与一种基于规则的秩序;无论怎么抱怨无情的历史,普京仍希望留在俱乐部内。因此俄罗斯国集G8)成员,与欧盟建立“战略合作关系”,参加布鲁塞尔的北俄罗斯理事会(Nato-Russia Council),并加入了世界贸易组WTO)等等。We know now that this is a charade. The march into Ukraine confirmed what should have been recognised some time ago: that Mr Putin’s regime has no respect for international rules and norms. When the game is going against it, its answer is to put tanks on to the chessboard. Rules are for weak westerners, not for resurgent Russia.我们现在知道,这一切只是假象。出兵乌克兰实了世人早就应该意识到的一个事实:普京政权根本不尊重国际规则和规范。当棋局对己不利的时候,俄罗斯就会把坦克开上棋盘。规则是针对软弱的西方人、而不是针对重新崛起的俄罗斯的。Mr Putin’s performance since the weekend one perfectly mimed by Sergei Lavrov, the weather-beaten cold warrior in charge of the foreign ministry has been almost as illuminating as the invasion itself. There are no Russian troops in Crimea, Moscow insists, even as its forces (albeit without insignia) appear on our television screens seizing Ukrainian military bases. “We have no control over them Mr Lavrov declares, without so much as a blink of the columns of heavily armed soldiers. The idea is cynically simple: night can become day and white become black if only you say so often enough.普京近日的表现几乎和入侵本身一样说明问题。饱经风霜的冷战专家、俄罗斯外长谢尔#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)完美地亦步亦趋。莫斯科方面坚称,克里米亚没有俄罗斯军队,即便俄罗斯士兵(虽然没有佩戴徽章)夺取乌克兰军事基地的画面传遍世界各地的电视屏幕。拉夫罗夫对那些全副武装、列队行进的军人视若不见,瞪着眼睛宣称:“我们对这些人没有控制。”这其中的理念既简单又讽刺:只要你不断重复,就能把黑的说成白的,白的说成黑的。This is the strategy of a regime that has taken itself out of the international system. In its own mind Moscow can break any rule it likes and then deny the fact of the transgression. If Mr Putin can be so dismissive of law and treaties in matters of war and peace, why should he respect any of the other rules of the game?这是一个自绝于国际体系的政权的典型战略。在莫斯科一厢情愿的世界里,它可以随心所欲地踢开任何规则,然后否认违规的事实。如果普京在事关战争与和平的问题上都可以对法律和条约如此不屑一顾,他为何要尊重其他游戏规则呢?Some wonder whether western governments should boycott the next meeting of the G8 in Sochi. The more apposite question is why on earth they should continue with the pretext that Russia is part of the club. The same can be said of other agreements on trade, investment and energy under discussion with Moscow. Why sign accords that one side feels no obligation to respect?一些人提出,西方各国政府是不是应该抵制原定在索契举行的G8下一次会议?其实更贴切的问题是,他们为什么要继续硬撑俄罗斯仍是西方俱乐部一员这个门面?西方与莫斯科正在谈判的其他协定(涉及贸易、投资和能源)也是如此。为何要签署某一方觉得自己没有义务遵守的协定?Of course, there will always be business to be done with Mr Putin. Russia is an important power. But the west should shed its illusions in favour of a transactional approach. Interests will sometimes coincide and sometimes collide. There may be bargains to be struck and trade-offs to be made when it suits both sides. But Europe should not imagine the Kremlin leadership is playing on the same board. Oddly enough, hard-nosed realpolitik could over time promote a better relationship.当然,西方总是会与普京打交道。俄罗斯是一个重要的大国。但西方应该放弃幻想,转而采取一种交易型的方式。西方与俄罗斯的利益有时会重合,有时会发生冲突。当利益一致时,双方可以达成交易,进行礼尚往来。但欧洲不应指望克里姆林宫领导人遵守规则。奇怪的是,长远而言,务实的现实主义政治可能带来更好的关系。As for Ukraine, the west’s goal should never be to wrench it out of the arms of Moscow. Russia has deep interests, rooted in history, culture and security, in the future of its neighbour. Europe’s objective should be the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and a constitution and a government that properly represents all sections of the population. Economic ties with the west should not exclude a strong partnership with Russia.就乌克兰来说,西方的目标永远也不应该是帮助其摆脱莫斯科的影响。出于历史、文化和安全方面的原因,乌克兰的未来对俄罗斯有着深层次的利害关系。欧洲的目标应当是恢复乌克兰的领土完整,并建立一个恰当代表乌克兰社会各界的宪法和政府。乌克兰与西方建立经济联系,不应意味着排除与俄罗斯紧密合作。Mr Putin says he shares this ambition. The problem is that the Russian president also insists that none of his troops is in Crimea.普京表示他认可这种抱负。问题在于,这位俄罗斯总统还坚称他的军队不在克里米亚。来 /201403/279308。

Britain’s intelligence agencies spied on foreign politicians and officials at two G20 meetings in London in , according to documents leaked by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden.美国爆料人爱德华#8226;斯诺Edward Snowden)泄露出的文档显示,在0国集G20)伦敦峰会期间,英国情报机构对外国政治家和官员进行了监听和信息监控。The classified documents, reported by the Guardian, show that GCHQ, the intelligence service, intercepted the communications of visiting delegations at London meetings in April and September .这些刊登于英囀?卫报The Guardian)的秘密文档显示,英国情报部门英国国家通信总局(GCHQ)截获009月至9月之间到伦敦参加峰会的代表团成员之间的通信内容。According to the newspaper, the documents suggest that GCHQ set up internet cafés and used an email interception programme and key-logging software to spy on G20 delegatesuse of computers.报载文档显示,GCHQ设立了网吧,并使用电子邮件截获程序和键盘记录软件来监控G20代表的计算机使用情况。One of the documents leaked by Mr Snowden suggests this tactic allowed UK intelligence services to gain “sustained intelligence options against [those delegates] even after conference has finished斯诺登泄露的一份文档显示,这种做法让英国情报机构获得了“即便会议结束后也能继续对(这些代表)采取情报行动的能力”。The Guardian says that GCHQ penetrated the security on delegatesmobile phones to monitor their email messages and phone calls at the time of the meetings. The documents suggest that GCHQ supplied 45 analysts with a live round-the-clock summary of who was phoning whom at the summit.《卫报》表示,GCHQ破解了会议代表手机上的保密措施,对他们在会议期间的电子邮件和手机通话进行监控。这些文档显示,GCHQ昼夜不停地实时向45名分析人士提供了峰会期间谁正与谁通电话的情况通报。The documents suggest that the then Turkish finance minister, Mehmet Simsek, and possibly 15 other members of his party were targeted.文档显示,土耳其时任财长穆罕默德#8226;希姆塞克(Mehmet Simsek)和该国代表团中大5名其他成员都成为了被监控对象。The US’s National Security Agency also attempted to eavesdrop on the Russian leader, Dmitry Medvedev, as his phone calls passed through satellite links to Moscow, according to the documents.文档显示,美国国家安全局(NSA)也曾试图窃听俄罗斯领导人德米特里#8226;梅德韦杰Dmitri Medvedev)的手机通话,因为他的手机通话是通过卫星链路传回莫斯科的。There was no immediate response to the allegations from the UK government last night.英国政府昨晚没有立即对这些指称进行回应。The revelations follow previous leaks from Mr Snowden revealing US intelligence agency surveillance of domestic phone use and international internet access.在这次英国情报机构的监控行动被曝光之前,斯诺登曾透露美国情报机构对国内手机通话和国际互联网进行监控。They come as David Cameron, the prime minister, prepares to host leaders of the G8 nations in Northern Ireland today.斯诺登最新爆料之际,英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)准备今天在北爱尔兰会见八国集G8)领导人。It has long been assumed that major western states use their intelligence services to spy on foreign politicians in order to further their countrieseconomic interests.外界长期传言称,主要西方国家都动用情报机构监控外国政治家,以便增进本国的经济利益。In recent months, the US administration has been highly vocal in accusing China of failing to halt billions of pounds of theft of intellectual property from the west. China has always denied the accusation.近几个月来,美国政府一直在高声谴责中国未能阻止国内从西方窃取价值数十亿英镑知识产权的黑客活动。中国则始终对这样的指控予以否认。However, It is highly unusual for documents purporting to detail such activities especially involving spying on top delegations to be leaked to the media.然而,旨在详细记录这类行动(尤其是涉及监控高级别代表团的行动)的文档被透露给媒体,是一件极不寻常的事。Under legislation passed in 1994, such foreign surveillance is sanctioned as being necessary for “the economic wellbeing of the UK根据1994年通过的法案,这类对外监控行动得到了批准,是维护“英国经济福祉”的必要措施。来 /201306/244449。

In the aftermath of dramatic events like Mondays bombing attack at the Boston Marathon, its a truth of our times that millions of people will get early bits of news via social media.在类似波士顿爆炸案这样的重大突发事件之后,数百万人会通过社交媒体获得早期报道,这是我们时代的事实。To be sure, sites like Twitter and Facebook were used extensively by police, relief groups and governments to share important information about the bombings. But theres also a more unfortunate side to how the Web responds to sudden bad news.诚然,警方、救援团体、政府在分享有关爆炸的重要信息方面大量使用twitter和facebook这样的社交网站,但网络在应对突发坏消息方面还有更不幸的一面。Sometimes accidentally and sometimes maliciously, false information gets loose. And in the rapid-fire digital echo chamber, it doesnt take long to sp.有些出于无心,有些则是故意,假消息不断涌现,而在当今时代,这些不实信息会迅速扩散传播;On days like this, Twitter shows its best amp; worst: loads of info at huge speed, but often false amp; sometimes deliberately so,; said Mark Blank-Settle, of the B College of Journalism, in a post on the site.“在发生这样重大事件的日子,推特展现了它最好和最坏的一面:信息得以快速传播,但经常有假消息还是故意散播开的”,B新闻学院的马克在网上一篇报道中这样说道。As always, news discovered online (or anywhere else, really) should be double-checked before its passed along -- especially in times of tragedy.同平时一样,在传播网上以及任何其他途径得来的消息之前应当进行核实,尤其是在这样的悲剧时刻。Here are some of the most widely shared untrue news items weve found on social media in the past 24 hours.以下是CNN在过4小时内在社交网站上发现的有关波士顿爆炸案传播得最广的一些不实新闻。Man planned to propose, girlfriend killed男子计划终点线求婚,女朋友却被炸死Among the many gripping images to emerge from the bombings aftermath was one of a man in a red shirt, kneeling on the ground cradling a woman in his arms. It went viral -- with a heartbreaking, but fake, story attached.爆炸案发生后出现了众多引人注意的照片,其中有一张拍的是,一名穿红色衬衣的男子跪在地上,手臂抱着一名女性。这张图片迅速传开,但是人们给它加上了一个令人心碎却不实的故事;The man in the red shirt planned to propose to his girlfriend as he crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon, but she passed away; it s. ;Most of us will never experience this amount of emotional pain.;“穿红色衬衣的男子计划在跨过波士顿马拉松比赛终点线后向女朋友求婚,但她却过世了”,故事写道,“我们中的大多数人永远不会体会到那样深重的情感痛苦。”The image is, in fact, real. It comes from the Boston Globe and was shared through Getty Images. But the agencys caption merely describes the scene as a man comforting an injured woman at the finish line.实际上,图片是真实的,来自《波士顿环球报》,通过盖蒂图片社分享到网络上。但图片社的图片说明只是称:那是一名男子在终点线安慰一名受伤女子。That didnt stop it from making the rounds in a big way. A somewhat misleading Facebook account pretending to represent actor Will Ferrell (it calls itself a ;parody; but has 385,000 likes) shared the post. By Tuesday morning, the picture had more than 448,000 ;likes; and had been shared over 92,000 times.这个事实并没有阻止“求婚”说法大量传播。一个冒充好莱坞演员威尔·法瑞尔的Facebook账号转发了这张图片(该账号自称是恶搞,却85000个“赞”)。至周二早上,这张图片已48,000个“赞”,被分享超2,000次。Young girl died at finish line小女孩在终点线遇难Another heart-wrenching image of a supposed victim went viral. In this one, a young girl running in a road race is pictured, with text saying she died in one of the blasts. As an added cruel twist, the post says she was ;running for the Sandy Hook victims.;另一张据称是受害者的图片也在网上大量传播,这张照片令人心碎。照片中一名小女孩在跑步,文字描述称她死于波士顿爆炸案的其中一起爆炸中,甚至还称,她是为了去年底的桑迪胡克校园击案遇难者而参加波士顿马拉松的。那次击案导致20名小学生死亡,在美国全国掀起控大讨论。But a quick look at the photo shows that her runners bib is from the Joe Cassella 5K in Great Falls, Virginia. Also, the Boston Marathon does not allow runners that young.但仔细看看照片就可以发现,她的胸牌上写着,她参加的是弗吉尼亚州大瀑布城的卡塞公里跑。此外,据悉波士顿马拉松并不允许这么小的选手参赛。On Google+, one of the users who shared the image followed it with ;poor little girl..got killed in boston..):; By Tuesday, it had more than 500 comments and had become a ;Whats Hot; post on the site -- appearing in the feeds of all users who havent turned off that feature.一名用户在Google+分享这张图片,加上了文字描述:“可怜的小女孩,在波士顿遇难”。至16日,它已00个,入选热门贴子,并出现在所用订阅用户的推送中。On Tuesday, organizers of that race shot down the tale on their Facebook account. ;We would like to clarify that the picture circulating on the web and Twitter of a little girl wearing a Joe Cassella 5K bib claiming to have been killed at the Boston marathon is being used fraudulently,; the page for the Joe Cassella Foundation. The group raises funds for the families of children who are ill in the Washington area.46日,卡塞拉基金会也出面辟谣:“我们想澄清一下,在网络和Twitter上传播的一张戴着卡塞公里跑胸牌的女孩跑步的图片被错误使用。该慈善组织为在华盛顿地区生病孩子的家庭筹集款项。Race organizers will donate for retweets波士顿马拉松组织方将为转发捐款A Twitter account sprouted up under the handle @_BostonMarathon. Posing as the organizers of the race, whoever is behind the account tweeted: ;For every retweet we receive we will donate to the #BostonMarathon victims #PrayForBoston.;@_BostonMarathon是仿冒波士顿马拉松组织方的假账号(正牌账号是@BostonMarathon,没有下划线),这个假账号称:“每转发此推文一次,我们将向波士顿马拉松炸弹袭击案件的受害者捐美元。”By Monday evening, the post had been retweeted more than 50,000 times. It was, of course, fake. And to its credit, Twitter disabled the account soon afterward.5日晚,这条推文已被转发了5万多次。当然这是假的。Twitter官方也很快就封了那个帐户。It wasnt the only Twitter phony. Another widely talked-about account, @Hope4Boston, shared both the image of the 8-year-old girl who supposedly died and a photo of a young boy, running in a race, who was another supposed victim.另一个用户@Hope4Boston,分享了据称在爆炸案中遇难的8岁女孩和另一张据称也是在爆炸案中遇难的小男孩参加比赛的图片。Eight-year-old Martin Richard was one of three confirmed fatalities as of Tuesday morning. But he was watching the race, not running in it.8岁的马丁·理查德是三名已实的爆炸案死者之一,但他当时是在观看马拉松比赛,而不是参加比赛。The ;Hope for Boston; account was created on March 24, according to the Web tool When Did You Join Twitter? But account holders are able to change their handles and names on the site.根据网络工具“你何时加入twitter显示,@Hope4Boston4日建立的,但是帐户持有人可以更名。Authorities shut down cell phone service政府关闭了移动电话务Reports flew around social media, mainly Twitter, on Monday that police in Boston had shut down cellular networks to prevent an attacker from using a cell phone to detonate another explosive. At least one media report ed an unnamed source with information to that effect, before later recanting.网上还流传这样的消息5日当天波士顿警方关闭了移动网络以防止袭击者用手机来引爆另一个爆炸物。至少有一个媒体使用“匿名消息人士”说法报道这个信息,但媒体随后又撤回报道。In truth, Bostons wireless network was simply overwhelmed with the volume of calls and other communications in the aftermath of the attack. Service was slow and spotty, but never shut down. Verizon and other mobile carriers confirmed theyd never been contacted by officials asking them to shut off service.真相是:波士顿无线网络只是由于袭击事件发生后巨大的通话量和其它通讯而承受了非常大的压力,务很慢而且时有时无,但从未关闭过。Verizon和其它手机运营商实,政府官员们从未就关闭务联络过他们。Soon after the bombings, mobile carriers were beefing up their networks in the Boston area. ATamp;T made its Wi-Fi system publicly available for free to help take the load off traditional phone lines.在爆炸发生后不久,移动运营商在波士顿地区加强了他们的网络。ATamp;T免费开通了它的Wi-Fi系统,以帮助缓解传统电话线的流量。Conspiracy theories阴谋说We almost hate to even address this stuff. Well start with a bottom line: Anyone saying they know what happened at this point is making it up.我们非常不想讨论这方面的内容,先从最基本的开始:现在说知道真相的人都是在编造谎言。But that didnt stop far-fetched imaginings, often based in political ideology, from flying almost immediately after the attack.但这并没有阻止牵强的想像在袭击事件发生后就立刻传播,而且经常是以政治意识形态为基础的。At least one Web user was y for this. He registered a website -- bostonmarathonconspiracy.com -- on Monday. Clicking the link reveals a white page with black text ing:;I bought this domain to keep some conspiracy theory kook from owning it. Please keep the victims of this event and their families in your thoughts. Thank you.;至少有一名网民已为此作好了准备,他周一注册了bostonmarathonconspiracy.com的域名(波士顿马拉松阴谋论)。这个网站没有任何设计,只有一行黑体字:“我购买这一域名是为了阻止一些阴谋论者拥有它。请想想这个爆炸案的受害者和他们的家人。谢谢你。”来 /201304/235783。

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