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Members of a Beijing diving club had the chance to experience China's Great Wall in a way few others have by exploring a section of the landmark that was submerged in the cloudy waters of a reservoir."There is no doubting that the Great Wall of China is, er, is one of the greatest historical artifacts in the world. And to be able to see and experience a part of it in a way that, uh, very few other people get to do, with all the added romance of being underwater, I, I think that's a very special experience and it's a way to get in touch with history and a way that few people get the opportunity to do."Built to ward off invaders, the Great Wall of China was constructed in sections over several centuries. Construction began in the 3rd century . Sections were then built and rebuilt through the 16th century A.D.In the early 1980s, the Chinese government flooded the northern coastal area of Tianjin crossed by the Great Wall to resolve water shortages. It's reported that most of the submerged section of the Great Wall now lies at a maximum depth of 65 feet.参考中文翻译:北京潜水俱乐部的会员有机会通过他人少有的方式体验长城,他们将探索该里程碑淹没在茫茫水库中的一部分。“毫无疑问,中国长城是世界上的一个历史性的杰作。通过那种很少有人经历的方式来观看和体验万里长城的一部分,在加上水下所增加的浪漫气息,我认为是一次非常特别的经历,是接触历史的一种方式,是其他人没有机会经历的一种方式。”万里长城为了抵御入侵而建造,分了几个段落,经历了几个世纪才建成。建造工作从公元前3世纪开始,一直到公元16世纪,都在不段扩建和重建。上世纪80年代,中国政府为了解决水资源短缺的问题,使得天津以北沿海地区长城的一部分被淹没。据报道,长城被淹没的工段大部分最深处达到65英尺。200812/57574武汉睾丸摸起来有个疙瘩Space exploration太空探索The end of the Space Age太空时代的结束Inner space is useful. Outer space is history 研究内太空才有用,让外太空研究成为历史Jun 30th 2011 | from the print edition HOW big is the Earth? Any encyclopedia will give you an answer: its equatorial diameter is 12,756km, or, for those who prefer to think that way, 7,926 miles. Ah, but then there is the atmosphere. Should that count? Perhaps the planet’s true diameter is actually nearer 13,000km, including all its air. But even that may no longer be an adequate measure. For the Earth now reaches farther still. The vacuum surrounding it buzzes with artificial satellites, forming a sort of technosphere beyond the atmosphere. Most of these satellites circle only a few hundred kilometres above the planet’s solid surface. Many, though, form a ring like Saturn’s at a distance of 36,000km, the place at which an object takes 24 hours to orbit the Earth and thus hovers continuously over the same point of the planet.地球有多大?任何一本百科全书都会给你:赤道直径是12,756公里,或者,用英里来表达7,926英里。嗯,但是大气层有多大呢?也能计算吗? 包括空气(大气层)在内,地球的直径可能接近13,000公里。甚至连这个数据也不够充分。因为现在地球的变化太大(远离平静的状态)。包围大气层的外部空间人造卫星来去匆匆,形成一个在大气层外面的所谓技术层。大部分卫星绕行高度离地球地表仅几百公里。然而,在距地球36,000公里的轨道上物体绕转地球一周的时间为24小时,这个物体飞行时持续面对的是地球上的不变的同一个点,这样许多地球同步卫星的运行会形成一个类似的土星环。Viewed this way, the Earth is quite a lot larger than the traditional textbook answer. And viewed this way, the Space Age has been a roaring success. Telecommunications, weather forecasting, agriculture, forestry and even the search for minerals have all been revolutionised. So has warfare. No power can any longer mobilise its armed forces in secret. The exact location of every building on the planet can be known. And satellite-based global-positioning systems will guide a smart bomb to that location on demand.从这个方面看,地球比传统的教科书上的回答其实要大很多。这样看来,太空时代已经有了相当的成功。电信业,天气预测,农业,林业,甚至是在矿藏搜寻方面都有了彻底变革。战争也同样如此,再也没有政府能秘密地调兵遣将。这颗星球上的每一幢建筑物的位置都能被精确掌握。基于卫星的全球定位系统能按要求指引智能炸弹到达目标。201107/143344武汉男人包皮过长影响生育Jimmy Kimmel behind the promo scene Behind the scene of Jimmy Kimmel Live promo From Hollywood it's Jimmy Kimmel Live!If you watched the Oscar Night without speeding through the commercials, you may have noticed that a promo for our show starring me and the actor Tom Cruise. Aired was me saving Tom from burning house. We shot the promo the other night and thought it might be fun to show you just how we did it. So join us now as we go behind the scenes at the making of what we in the television industry call a promo.Tom will be here at any minute. It is gonna be some hand-holding in this, because, you know, he is not... he's used to doing, doing movies. I mean, this is a promo. So, I'll do what I can to get him through it.Now you know Jimmy just kept calling and calling, begging his manager and producer and lawyers.When I got the call saying that Tommy wanted to do something with me, you know, I had two questions, what time and where and when. He kept saying he had two questions which were actually three. But I guess it was more like two because he was pretty redundant.Well, I’ve never been in an action movie. I’ve never "acted".I’ve been fortunate because I have worked with so many great actors in my career. This is a nice change. Jimmy, it’s a big night for you. You’re Tom Cruise fan...Yeah, of course, yeah.Thanks man.Yeah.Interview with the Vampire, Born on the Fourth of July, Top Gun, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.I dig your stuff too, you know.Yeah, you do?Yeah.Like what? I don’t wanna, you know, I know but like what stuff of mine have you liked?You know, the stuff for you talking, you know, that with the guy, you know, Top Ten Lists. That’s hilarious and Jay Walking. I love that stuff. It’s great, man. Let’s go.Three, two, go.Wow, I was great. I was really good. You see that?Where is Kimmel? Why are we always waiting on Kimmel?Action!Jimmy Kimmel. You saved my life. Yes, I did. Go in to save my cat.Cat? (I need my cat.) Ok, Ok. Should I go in this house?Well, I was, I thought I was really good. Tom'll get it, get it.Get caring me.Please, save my cat. I’ll do your show. But please, save my cat.(Lovely, lovely) I feel like he would kill Hitler now. Yeah, exactly. You guys had fun on set? Yea, Jimmy, he is a big kid.(Oh, me? How about this guy?) He’s always pranking.(I’m always pranking?) Always. You see that?He is looking at him. No. but earlier. He is burning my tie to make it look like my tie went on fire. Billy, isn't that awesome? Ah…That’s all right. That’s a good time. We are having fun to do.Yea, sometimes we had a lot of fun.Yea, this is great. Last one.Save my cat. Done.(three, two)Awesome. This has been the Behind the Scenes of Jimmy Kimmel Live Thirty Second Promo for the Academy Awards, promoting the Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Academy Awards promo.Do you leave anything for me to say?They told me to say that...That one, I figure, it split up.They said that I should do the whole thing.(Who did?) They did. (Who’s they?) Them.Who told him that? Jimmy Kimmel. You saved my life. That’s right. And here now in case you missed it earlier, the fruits of our labor, the product of our blood, sweat and tears, our baby, the promo. Jimmy Kimmel, man, you saved my life.I did and I want you to know that I would never set your house on fire intentionally and just so you'd owed me and have to do my show.That never crossed my mind.Good, cause not the case here.You set my house on fire? OK, look, I’ll do you show. But please, please save my cat.Done.I don’t have a cat. Jimmy Kimmel Live Late Nights on A.Thanks coming. We’ll be right back with Robin Thicke.03/65605IBM's centenary百年IBM The test of time时间的考验Which of today’s technology giants might still be standing tall a century after their founding?今天的科技巨头,哪一个也能在它成立后仍续领风骚一百年?Jun 9th 2011 | from the print editionIT IS not, by any means, the world’s oldest company. There are Japanese hotels dating back to the 8th century, German breweries that hail from the 11th and an Italian bank with roots in the 15th. What is unusual about IBM, which celebrates its 100th birthday next week, is that it has been so successful for so long in the fast-moving field of technology. How has it done it?它绝对不是是世界上历史最悠久的公司。日本酒店可追溯到8世纪,德国啤酒厂的诞生于11世纪,而意大利起源于15世纪。下周庆祝它的100岁生日的IBM公司与众不同的是,它长久以来在日新月异的技术领域的已经获得如此成功。 它是怎样做到的呢?IBM’s secret is that it is built around an idea that transcends any particular product or technology. Its strategy is to package technology for use by businesses. At first this meant making punch-card tabulators, but IBM moved on to magnetic-tape systems, mainframes, PCs, and most recently services and consulting. Building a company around an idea, rather than a specific technology, makes it easier to adapt when industry “platform shifts” occur (see article).IBM公司的秘诀在于它围绕着“超越任何具体产品和技术”的宗旨。它的战略就是打包技术供企业使用。起初,它那战略意味着制造卡片穿孔机,但IBM(最后)转向磁带系统、大型电脑、个人电脑、以及最近的咨询与务。公司围绕着这宗旨,而不是具体的技术,这样使它更容易地适应产业“平台转变”。True, IBM’s longevity is also due, in part, to dumb luck. It almost came unstuck early on because its bosses were hesitant to abandon punch cards. And it had a near-death experience in 1993 before Lou Gerstner realised that the best way to package technology for use by businesses was to focus on services. An elegant organising idea is no use if a company cannot come up with good products or services, or if it has clueless bosses. But on the basis of this simple formula—that a company should focus on an idea, rather than a technology—which of today’s young tech giants look best placed to live to 100?的确,IBM的长寿也可部分地归因于得来全不费工夫的好运气。在早期,它差不多就要倒闭,因为它的老板在放弃卡片穿孔机事宜上犹疑不决。而它在1993年一度濒临倒闭,直到郭士纳(Lou Gerstner)意识到打包技术供企业使用的最好的方法是把重点放在务上。一流的组织宗旨是没有用的,如果公司不能把它转化为好的产品或务,或者如果公司老板无能的话。但是基于这简单的准则——一个公司应该专注于某一个想法,而不是某一种技术——而今的年轻科技巨头中,哪一个看起来最像能活到100?201106/140431武汉蔡甸区男科专家

湖北省新华医院有治疗前列腺炎吗武汉蔡甸区治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好A terror attack in Norway last week, which was carried out by an extreme right-wing Norwegian man, has raised questions about security threats in Europe. Is the perceived threat from Islamic extremism has overshadowed security threats from the extreme left and right? 挪威上周发生的恐怖袭击是由一名极右翼挪威男子制造的,这次事件使人们提出欧洲的安全威胁问题。Non-Islamist threats After last week's attack in Norway, the European Union's criminal intelligence agency Europol said it would set up a team of experts to investigate non-Islamist threats in Scandinavian countries. It said that task force may in the future stretch to a larger range of European nations. 欧盟刑事情报机构欧洲刑警组织说,它将组建一个专家团队来调查北欧国家面临的非伊斯兰威胁。该机构表示,这个特别小组的调查范围未来可能扩展到其他欧洲国家。Blanka Kolenikova, a Europe analyst at IHS Global Insight in London, says expanding the focus of security reviews may be useful. IHS环球透视驻伦敦的欧洲事务分析师布兰卡·科勒尼克娃说,扩大安全审查的焦点可能会有帮助。"It can be said that maybe that there is a feel that the threat of Islamic extremism was recently in the center of the attention and maybe other forms of extremism, like this far right extremism, has slipped from the radar of the security agencies," Kolenikova said. 科勒尼克娃说:“可以这么说,我们可能感到来自伊斯兰极端主义的威胁是人们最近关注的焦点,而其它形式的极端主义、例如极右主义躲过了安全机构的雷达侦察。”In a report this year Europol said there were no European right-wing terror attacks in 2010. It said extreme left wing groups carried out 45 attacks. 欧洲刑警组织在今年发布的一份报告中称,2010年欧洲没有发生右翼恐怖袭击。该机构说,极左翼组织发动了45次袭击。The overall view was that right-wing groups didn't have cohesion or public support. But it did say those on the right were increasingly active on the web. 总的看法是右翼组织没有凝聚力或公共持。但该机构确实指出,右翼势力在网络上日渐活跃。201108/146768Annie Leonard has dedicated herself to changing America's throw-away culture.The Berkeley, California resident has been obsessed with stuff for more than 20 years - both good stuff that is thrown out and toxic stuff that poisons the planet and its people. 安妮·雷纳德为废物而着迷已经有20多年了,无论被当废物扔掉的好东西,还是危害地球和人类的有毒物质。她致力于改变美国的乱扔文化。Early awarenessLeonard grew up in Seattle, Washington, spending her summers in the forests of the Cascade Mountains. With her school promoting environmental issues, she grew concerned about the increasing numbers of clear cuts - areas where all the trees have been cut down. So it's no wonder she wanted to be a public lands and forest activist. The interest in stuff came later.安妮·雷纳德在华盛顿州西雅图市长大,暑假通常在喀斯开山脉的大森林里度过。因此,她希望成为一名为保护公共土地和森林而奔走的人,也就不足为奇了。"It wasn't until I went to college in New York City that I became obsessed with garbage," she says.雷纳德说:“我对皆伐区、也就是全部树木被砍伐的空地日益增多感到非常不安。不过我直到去纽约市上大学之后,才开始对废物着迷。”Walking to class at Barnard College, it was hard not to notice the shoulder-high piles of garbage bags stacked along the city streets. Wondering what was inside, Leonard started what was to become a lifelong habit. She opened a garbage bag.走在去巴纳德学院上课的路上,很难不注意到街道两旁一堆堆齐肩高的垃圾。雷纳德很好奇垃圾袋里究竟装了什么东西。于是她打开了一个垃圾袋看。而这从此成为她终生的习惯。201102/125313宜昌市中心人民医院龟头炎症武汉切包皮过长费用

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