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Turkey on Monday sent back to Russia the body of a pilot killed when his plane was shot down by the Turkish air force for allegedly violating its air space on the Syrian border, reports said.据报道称,土耳其于本周一将遇难的飞行员尸体返还给俄罗斯。该名飞行员在土耳其空军警告入侵土与叙利亚接壤领空处被击萀?A Russian plane carrying the body of Oleg Peshkov left Ankaras Esenboga International Airport airport for Russia, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported, without giving further details. His body had at the weekend been taken from Syria to southern Turkey and then flown to Ankara.安纳托利亚新闻社报道,一架俄方飞机将奥列格·佩什科夫的遗体从安卡拉的埃森阿机场带离。他的遗体在周末由叙利亚运送至土耳其南部,再由飞机运至安卡拉。Both pilots aboard the Su-24 war plane ejected and parachuted to the ground on the Syrian side of the border after being shot down by Turkish F-16s in the November 24 incident. Peshkov was killed in circumstances that have yet to be fully explained while the second pilot, Konstantin Murakhtin, was rescued unharmed and has aly spoken to Russian media.14日的事故之中,苏-24上的两名飞行员都在土耳其F-16开火前于叙土边境处跳伞。佩什科夫在怎样的情况下被杀不得而知。而另一名飞行员康斯坦丁·穆拉赫京则被援救,并无大碍,并已经接受了俄方媒体的采访。Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had at the weekend announced that the body had been handed over to Turkey from the Syrian side of the border, as Ankara seeks to limit the damage from Russias reaction. Turkish officials and pro-government media have been at pains to emphasise that Peshkovs corpse is being transferred honourably and in line with military convention.上周末,土耳其总理达武特奥卢宣布遇难飞行员的遗体已经在土叙边境被移交给土耳其。土耳其政府努力减少俄罗斯方面的负面影响。土耳其官方和当地亲政府的媒体不遗余力地强调佩什科夫的遗体移交过程充满荣耀,并且遵守了军队的传统。There had then been an Orthodox Christian service for him in Hatay, which still has a Christian minority. The corpse was then flown on Sunday afternoon to Ankaras airport where it was greeted with a military ceremony by the Turkish army and attended by Russian embassy officials.在基督教小众化的哈塔伊,人们为他的遗体举行了东正教仪式。遗体于上周日下午空运至安卡拉机场,在那里土耳其军方和俄罗斯大使馆官员为其举行了军队的悼念仪式。The incident has led to a sharp deterioration of relations, with Moscow, a major trade partner and Turkeys largest energy supplier, on Saturday announcing a package of economic sanctions against Turkey.在本周六。这场事故引发了土俄两国间关系的迅速恶化。作为土耳其主要的贸易伙伴和能源供应者,俄罗斯于上周六宣布了一系列对土的经济制裁计划;If we all act rationally, then this crisis with Russia is containable,; Turkish newspapers ed Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was as saying Monday. ;We understand the feelings about the loss of the Russian pilot but our sensitivities about border security should also be understood,; he added.周一,土耳其当地报纸援引其总理的话称:“如果我们彼此都理性做事,土耳其同俄罗斯之间的危机是可以控制的。他补充道:“我们明白失去一名飞行员的痛苦。但是我们对于边防的高度警惕也应得到谅解。”来 /201512/413169Gunmen kidnapped 18 Turkish workers Wednesday in Iraqs capital.星期三,手在伊拉克首都绑架8名土耳其工人。The workers, who were part of a crew building a football stadium, were taken in the mainly Shiite Habibiya district in northeastern Baghdad.这些正在修建一座足球场的工人在巴格达东北部什叶派穆斯林聚居的哈比比亚城区被绑架。There was no indication of the identity of the kidnappers or their motive.目前还不清楚绑架者的身份以及他们的目的。Turkeys Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said Turkish authorities were in contact with those in Iraq.土耳其副总理库尔图尔姆斯说,土耳其当局与伊拉克方面保持着接触。Last year, Islamic State militants seized 49 Turkish hostages from Turkeys consulate in Mosul and held them for more than three months before releasing the group. Those hostages included diplomats, soldiers and children.去年,伊斯兰国激进分子在土耳其驻苏尔领事馆扣押了49名土耳其人质,三个多月后才释放他们。人质中包括外交官、军人和儿童。来 /201509/397485

South and North Korean ships exchanged warning shots near a disputed maritime border on Tuesday, highlighting the countriesvolatile relationship just three days after a high-level meeting raised hopes of a thaw.韩国和朝鲜巡逻艇周二在边界附近一处争议海域发生交火。三天前,两国刚举行一场高层会谈,让外界看到两国改善关系的希望。Seoul’s defence ministry said that a North Korean naval vessel had strayed on Tuesday morning half a nautical mile over the Northern Limit Line a border set down by the US-led UN force at the end of the Korean war, which has never been accepted by Pyongyang.韩国国防部称,周二早晨,一艘朝鲜船只越过了“北方界线.5海里。“北方界线”是朝鲜战争结束时由美国领导的联合国盟军划定的,但朝鲜一直不予承认。A South Korean ship fired heavy machinegun rounds as a warning, and the North Korean ship returned warning fire before retreating, having spent about 10 minutes south of the NLL.一艘韩方巡逻艇随即向朝鲜巡逻艇开火。朝鲜巡逻艇在开火回击后撤退,此时已在“北方界线”南侧停留了0分钟。No damage or injuries were reported in contrast with other clashes in the region over the past decade, notably North Korea’s shelling of a South Korean island in 2010, which killed four people.目前尚未有损失或伤亡的报告。However, the incident will temper optimism over the visit on Saturday of an unusually high-level North Korean delegation to Incheon, near South Korea’s capital, to mark the close of the Asian Games in the city.但此次事件还是为朝韩关系再度蒙上阴影。仅在上周六,朝鲜派出罕见的高规格代表团访问韩国仁川市,出席了在那里举行的亚运会闭幕式。来 /201410/333548

LONDON Perhaps befitting a battle that ended French hegemony in Europe, Paris, it seems, has been outflanked once again.伦敦——或许与终结法国在欧洲的霸权的那场战役一样,巴黎似乎再次被打败了。After it objected to a decision in March by Belgium to introduce a new 2 euro coin to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the Belgians retreated, scrapping 180,000 coins they had aly minted.为了纪念拿破仑在滑铁卢战00周年,比利时于今月决定推出一款新欧元硬币。但是在巴黎对此表示反对之后,比利时人作出了让步,销毁了他们已经制造出来的18万枚硬币。But victory for France is proving elusive.不过事实明,胜利对于法国来说似乎转瞬即逝。This week, Belgium decided to circumvent French resistance by invoking a little-known European Union rule that allows countries to issue euro coins of their choice, provided they are in an irregular denomination.本周,比利时决定援引一条鲜为人知的欧盟规定,从而绕开法国的阻挠。根据这条规定,各国可以自行选择发行欧元硬币,只要面值不常见即可。That led to the unveiling of a 2.50 coin a first in Belgium and 70,000 of them have now been minted. The coins, which can only be spent inside Belgium, display a monument of a lion atop a cone-shaped hill on the site of France’s humiliation, as well as lines indicating where troops were positioned when forces led by Britain and Prussia defeated Napoleon in the countryside near Brussels.于是,比利时推出了面值为2.5欧元的硬币——这在比利时历史上是头一遭——并已铸造了7万枚。这些硬币只能在比利时境内使用,上面的图案是一座狮子纪念碑耸立在法国受辱之地的锥形山丘上,下方还有线条代表着由英国和普鲁士带领的军队在这片靠近布鲁塞尔的郊区击败拿破仑时军队部署的位置。Johan Van Overtveldt, the Belgian finance minister, insisted on Monday that the new coins were not meant to provoke Gallic anger.比利时财政大臣约翰·范奥维尔威尔特(Johan Van Overtveldt)周一坚称,铸造这些新硬币并不是为了挑起法国人的愤怒情绪。“The goal is not to revive old quarrels in a modern Europe and there are more important things to sort out,he was ed as saying by Agence France-Presse. “But there’s been no battle in recent history as important as Waterloo, or indeed one that captures the imagination in the same way.”“这样做并非是想在当今的欧洲重燃旧的纷争——我们还有更重要的事情需要解决,”法新社(Agence France-Presse)援引他的话报道。“但是在近代历史中,没有哪场战役比滑铁卢战役更重要,也的确没有哪场战役像它一样激起人们的兴趣。”There is no doubt that the European Union has bigger struggles to wage at the moment. But in its small way, the skirmish has signaled the challenges facing European integration, and the limits of Europe’s open borders at overcoming old nationalist impulses.毫无疑问,欧盟有更大的问题需要处理。但从小的方面来看,这次纠纷表明了欧洲一体化面临的挑战,以及在克由来已久的民族主义冲动方面,欧洲开放的边界存在的局限性。Tensions among the 19 countries that use the euro have mounted as Greece teeters perilously close to defaulting on its debt.随着希腊债务违约的风险加大,使用欧元9个国家间的关系也愈加紧张。Yet history has its own currency in Europe, which even a common currency has yet to overcome. Back in March, officials in Paris wrote a letter to the European authorities insisting that the Battle of Waterloo, which took place on June 18, 1815, and altered the shape of European history, had a deep and damaging resonance in the collective French consciousness.不过在欧洲,各家自有通行的历史论断,即便使用统一货币也不能改变这一点。今月,巴黎的官员致函欧盟当局,坚称滑铁卢战役深深伤害了法国民众的集体情感。这场于18158日爆发的战役改变了欧洲历史的格局。France protested Belgium’s plans for its original coin by saying that basking in France’s defeat threatened to undermine European unity, troubled enough aly. The 2 coin, it said, could spur an “unfavorable reaction in France.In Belgium, the victory embodied in the 2.50 coin is being lauded as if the tiny country had itself triumphed on the battlefield.法国反对比利时的铸币计划,理由是以法国的战败为乐可能会破坏欧洲的团结,而这里的麻烦已经够多了。法国称,这款面欧元的硬币可能会在法国引发“令人不快的反应”。在比利时,推出2.5欧元硬币代表的胜利却受到了人们的称赞,就好像这个小国自己在战场上打了胜仗一样。“Belgium creativity at its best!Jean-Yves Jault, the Brussels-based head of corporate communications for Toyota Europe, boasted on Twitter.丰田欧洲(Toyota Europe)驻布鲁塞尔的企业公关部门负责人让-伊夫·Jean-Yves Jault)在Twitter上夸赞,“这是比利时最好的创意!”Nevertheless, the move has inspired no little annoyance in France. An article on the website of Bfmtv, the French broadcaster, noted that 200 years later, the defeat of Napoleon was “still hard to swallow.”尽管如此,此举在法国引发了不少恼怒情绪。法国电视台Bfmtv的网站上有一篇文章指出,200年后,拿破仑战败的事实“仍然让人难以接受”。The article asked whether France was a “poor loser,even as it stressed that the 2.50 coin would not be legal tender outside of Belgium, where it is to be sold in plastic bags at a cost of 6.这篇文章提出,法国是不是一个“输不起的败者”?但又同时强调,除了在比利时,这款面.5欧元的硬币不属合法货币。在比利时,它装在塑料包装里售卖,标欧元。In Britain, where the 19th-century poet laureate Robert Southey called the Battle of Waterloo “the greatest deliverance that civilized society has experiencedsince Charles Martel repelled an Islamic conquest of Europe in 732, the new 2.50 coin aroused similar adulation.19世纪的英国桂冠诗人罗伯特·骚塞(Robert Southey)称,滑铁卢战役是自查尔斯·马特Charles Martel)于公32年击退攻取欧洲的伊斯兰大军以来,“文明社会经历的最伟大的解救”。这款新.5欧元硬币引发了类似的吹捧。“Well done Belgium beat the French at their own game of finding ways around EU rules, the English should take note!!Michael Dunn, from Stratford-upon-Avon, wrote on Twitter.来自英格兰埃文河畔斯特拉福德镇的迈克尔·邓Michael Dunn)在Twitter上写道,“干得漂亮。比利时用法国惯用的想方设法绕过欧盟规定的把戏击败了法国,英国人该好好看看!!”Others were less impressed. On Facebook, Manuel Di Pietrantonio suggested that the value of the dispute was about 2.50.其他一些人则没有这么强烈的感觉。曼纽尔·迪彼得兰托尼Manuel Di Pietrantonio)在Facebook上表示,这场争端就.5欧元。来 /201506/380033

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