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激光去痤疮要哪家医院好厦门皮肤过敏修复哪家效果好二年级英语作文:My weekend --1 01:8:39 来源: Hi, this is Lisa. I am going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday, I’m going to do my homework. Then, I’m going to buy a book about Harry Potter. Itrsquo my favourite book. I have a lot of posters of Harry Potter. After lunch, I’m going to visit my grandparents and play with my cousi, Denis and and Alice.They are active. Deis likes singing very much. Alice likes drawing pictures. We often play hide-and-seek together. In the evening, I’ll help my mom clean the house. I like help my mom with the housework. My mom always says I am a good girl. After that, I am going to the book about Harry Potter. That will be fun.On Sunday, I am going to the stamp show in Qinghui Garde. I like collecting stam. I have got 0 stam. In the evening, I am going to back school. What about you? What are you going to do on the weekend? Can you tell me, please?厦门中山医院位置 保险 Iurance-- ::59 EMILY: I want to ask you about something.ANNA: Yes?EMILY: My colleagues at work say I should get health insurance. What do you think?ANNA: I think it's important. I can give you my insurance agent's card if you want.EMILY: But I'm not sure what kind I need.In Taiwan, we have a national insurance program. But here you have nothing.ANNA: Yes, I know. Many countries have national health insurance. America doesn't.EMILY: Why is that?ANNA: Well, it's because of American culture.Most Americans think the government should be small.That means the government should not be in charge of everything.Americans think private companies can do things better than the government can.So we depend on private companies insurance.EMILY: But isn't that expensive? I mean, what about poor people?Can they afd insurance too?ANNA: You're right, Emily. It is expensive.And many people criticize the American way. They say it is not fair to poor people.They say the health systems are better in other countries. Especially in Europe.EMILY: But what do you think?ANNA: I don't know. I just do my best to have good insurance. It's important.EMILY: It's confusing, though. There are so many companies.And so many different kinds of insurance. What should I get?ANNA: I like the company I have now.So I recommend them. What you need to decide is what kind of coverage you want.EMILY: Coverage?ANNA: Yes. Coverage means what the insurance will cover. example, maybe you plan to have a baby.Then you should choose an insurance that covers pregnancy.Otherwise, you shouldn't pay pregnancy coverage. Do you understand?EMILY: Yes. So I need to talk to the agent.ANNA: That's right. Would you like the number?EMILY: Alright.ANNA: My agent is Bonnie Smith. She is really helpful.I am confident she can answer your questions.EMILY: Thanks, Anna. I always appreciate your advice.ANNA: Don't mention it.爱茉莉:我想请教你一些事安娜:请说爱茉莉:我的同事说我应该要有健康保险,你认为呢?安娜:那很重要如果你要的话,我可以给你我保险代理人的名片爱茉莉:但是我不确定需要哪一种在台湾我们有全民健康保险的方案,但是这里什么都没有安娜:是的,我知道很多国家都有全民健康保险,而美国没有爱茉莉:为什么会这样?安娜:那是美国文化的缘故大多数的美国人认为政府应该精简就是说政府不应该掌控每件事他们认为民营企业可以做得比政府好所以我们的保险全靠私人公司爱茉莉:那样不是比较贵吗?那么穷人怎么办?他们付担得起保费吗?安娜:没错,是很贵,爱茉莉很多人批评美国的做法,说这样对穷人不公平他们说健康体制在其它国家做得比较好,特别是欧洲国家爱茉莉:那么你认为呢?安娜:我不知道我尽力找个好的保险就是了,这很重要爱茉莉:这真让人困扰,有那么多家公司那么多种保险,我要选什么呢?安娜:我喜欢我现在的保险公司所以我推荐他们你要做的是决定要什么保险项目爱茉莉:保险项目?安娜:是的,是指你想要保哪些险例如你计划生小孩的话就要保怀险不然你就不用付怀项目的保费,了解吗?爱茉莉:是的所以我需要和代理人谈谈安娜:没错,你要电话号码吗?爱茉莉:好的安娜:我的代理人是娜邦妮?史密斯,她真的很帮忙我相信她能够解答你的疑问爱茉莉:谢谢你,安娜我一直很感激你的建议安娜:别客气快乐的周末(Hay Weekend) -- ::53 来源: 快乐的周末(Hay Weekend)   hello, i'm ni minya. i'm going to have a happy weekend!  on saturday, i'm going to visit my uncle. he lives in a small country. when i'm going to visit him, i will be very happy.on sunday, i'm going to go shopping. i will buy many things that i like.  so this will be a happy weekend. and you?厦门去疤多少钱

龙海市妇女儿童医院韩式三点多少钱K歌情人 Music and Lyrics 英文剧本 --19 3:: 来源: K歌情人 Music and Lyrics 英文剧本 I never thought That I could be so satisfied Every time that I look in your angel eyes A shock inside me That words just can't describe And there's no explaining Something in the way you move I can't deny Every word from your lips is a lullaby A twist of fate makes life worthwhile You are gold and silver I said I wasn't gonna lose my head - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart I wasn't gonna fall in love again - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart And I just can't let you go I can't lose this feeling These precious moments We have so few Let's go far away Where there's nothing to do but play You've shown to me That my destiny's with you And there's no explaining I said I wasn't gonna lose my head - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart I wasn't gonna fall in love again - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart And I just can't let you go I can't lose this feeling A twist of fate makes life worthwhile You are gold and silver I said I wasn't gonna lose my head - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart I wasn't gonna fall in love again - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart And I just Can't let you go PoP was one of the biggest bands of the '80s... ...but today they're known as Colin Thompson's old group. Colin, or as he's been dubbed by the queen, "Sir Colin"... ...has gone on to sell millions of records, star in blockbuster films... ...and create his own cologne, "A Whiff of Colin." But here's a question: Can you remember the name of the other guy in PoP? Whatever happened to Alex Fletcher? Tonight we find out on Battle of the '80s Has-Beens. We think it's gonna be bigger than American Idol. So, what do you think, Alex? Well, I love it. It's brilliant on so many levels, I don't even know where to start. Good you. Because some of the people we've approached... ...have had a little problem with the term "has-been." Have they? Have they? You see, I don't share that. I am a happy has-been. Really. It's a very clear statement: "I live in the past. Everything good I ever did was long ago. Don't expect anything new or exciting from me now." Really takes the pressure off. Especially on a first date. Good you. So we've aly taped several shows... ...and we're going to start airing them this week. And some of the permers include REO Speedwagon... - Speedwagon. ...Flock of Seagulls... The Flock? Okay. ...Debbie Gibson, Tiffany... - Debbie. - History there. ...and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. So "Relax." Nice one. Good. Okay. Worthy adversaries, all. And how many songs would I actually get to perm? I'd like to do two, you know? A ballad and then maybe a more up-tempo number... ...where I get to shake it a bit. I can't promise any of the acts that they'll be singing. Sorry? Confused. What would we be doing, then? Boxing. That's why the show is called Battle of the '80s Has-Beens. Only the winner gets to sing. Right, right, right. Got you. - Afternoon, Mr. Fletcher. - Hello, willy. Have a good day. Yes, well, enjoyed it so far. - All right. There he is. - Oh, my manager. All right, listen, I had no idea they meant boxing. Nobody said a word to me, I swear. No, it's not a problem. I can definitely take Flock of Seagulls. We did a tour with them in '89 and we beat them severely. They cried like little girls. All right, listen. It's my fault and I hate myself it, but I'm not upset. And do you know why? You've been at my liquor. Because of her. Cora Corman. Biggest star in the world. Bigger than Britney and Christina put together. And guess who she loves. Her country? You. She's a huge PoP fan and she wants to meet you, Alex. Hang on, hang on. Khan, I've missed you. Alex, I have Sophie here you. That sounds like fun. Who is she? She's here to do your plants. But Jane does my plants. She can be in and out in five minutes, and this is really the best time her. It seems she cannot be stopped. Send her up. So start again. Cora Corman... why do you have a plant lady? Why do you even have plants? Because from time to time... ...ladies accompany me back to the apartment... ...and one once mentioned that plants make women comtable. Is that true? Plants make women comtable? Well, maybe if I had plants I'd still be married. Yes, I think that was the problem. Not Susan's affair and raging nymphomania... ...but your lack of vegetation. Hang on. - Hi, I'm Sophie Fisher. - I'm Alex Fletcher. - You didn't get the message from Jane? - No. I haven't listened to my... She was supposed to let you know I'd be doing plants. Very nice. Lovely. Well, come on in. Thank you. I hope you have your own watering can. Jane told me that everyone had their own. But this last guy, Mr. Werther, about 80, he didn't have his own watering can... ...so he starts yelling at me and screaming at me in German: I'm fluent enough to know what he's saying. You haven't been cursed at till you've been cursed at in German. I know what you mean. I dated a fr? Ulein once. Plant stuff is in the kitchen under the sink. And I have my own can. Oh, well, vielen Dank. Hi, I'm Chris Riley, Alex's manager. Oh, Sophie Fisher. Nice to meet you. So kitchen? - Yeah. - Great. So Cora Corman, huh? How great is that? Do you believe it? All right, wait, wait, wait. Is it even a good idea? Pros and cons. Pros: She's a huge star, great publicity, terrific money. Cons? No matter what you do, in 0 years we'll both be dead. Okay. Huge star, great publicity, terrific money versus eventual death. I think we have to think about it. Okay, good, because Cora is shooting a tonight. - She wants to meet both of us right after. - Tonight? - Tonight? - Yes, tonight. You all right? Do you have a Band-Aid and antibiotic cream? No, no. And sadly, I think I've lent out my iron lung. Okay. Well, then I'm gonna go because, you know, this could get infected. And it's not clotting yet, but, I mean, I'm a little hypochondriacal. You just... You can never be too careful. Anyway, I'll come back and finish. So come again. I mean, you live here. I'll come again. I'm gonna go get this looked at. You should really have a first-aid kit. Thank you. Have a good night. I'll see you. Weird. - Don't give her a key. - No. So you said something about tonight. Tonight we meet Cora. I've got to have my Buddha's delight Om shanti, shanti I've got to have my Buddha's delight Om shanti, shanti I want a revelation And sweet salvation And the eternal fire Show me the eternal fire Like sitting meditation You give me elevation Can you take me higher? She seems like a very spiritual kid. Yeah. It's nice to see a young woman exploring religion. I'm not satisfied if I don't get My Buddha's delight And cut. Terrific. - Hey, I'm Ray, Cora's manager. - Chris Riley. - Nice to meet you. - Alex Fletcher. - Great to meet you. - Hi, Ray...? Just Ray. Cora's this way, come on. Follow me. C, this is Alex Fletcher and his manager, Chris Riley. - We loved the . It was unbelievable. - Yeah. You know, I wish I brought my daughter. She worships you. I'm divorced. But that's another story. Mr. Fletcher, it's a pleasure. Your song "Dance with Me Tonight" got me through my parents' divorce when I was 7. Really? Wow. Yeah, because I recorded that when I was 9, so... Yeah. I want my fans to know the same spiritual uplift that your music gave me. That would be lovely. I have a few tunes it would be nice to update. Oh, I don't live in the past, Mr. Fletcher. It was so long ago. I want you to write a new song. - Okay. - You see... ...I recently broke up with my boyfriend. We had been together almost two months. It was a terrible experience. But then I a book by Guru Mathashavi called A Way Back Into Love. And that will be the title of our new song. And in two weeks when I open my tour at Madison Square Garden... ...we'll perm it together. Okay. Here's the snag... we also wanna put the song on her new CD... ...which is pretty much finished, so we need it by Friday. - This Friday? - Yeah, but don't feel any pressure. We've got seven other retro artists working on "way Back Into Love"... ...so if you blow it, we're covered. Mr. Fletcher, don't look at this as a competition. If it's meant to be, it will be. It's destiny. Yes. Or not. Okay. I can't possibly write a song by Friday. What could she be thinking of? All right. Look, look, can I be honest with you? You're my manager. I would have to fire you. We need this. Let's not be desperate. We have the state fairs, Knott's Berry Farm. They've canceled. Knott's Berry canceled? Look. We're still on the Indiana State Fair, okay? But Texas and Arkansas dropped us. - The Apple Picking? - The Apple Picking Festival is a go... ...but Great Adventure only wants three nights instead of . All right? My God. I had no idea. Why didn't you tell me these things? Why...? I'm telling... I'm telling you now. Alex, it's been years since PoP. There's new old acts coming up all the time. Tears Fears is going on tour. There's talk of a Spice Girl reunion . - That's not my audience. - Ricky Martin. I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm finished. I'm finished. - No, you're not dead. - I'm gonna wind up doing bar mitzvahs. No, you're not. Thirteen-year-old kids have no idea who you are. Well, that's good to know. What about you? You might actually have to take on another client. Look, don't worry about me. What we gotta concentrate on is refreshing your image. Then we'll get Knott's Berry and Great Adventure. Who knows? - We might even get Disneyland. - Don't tease me. I'm very vulnerable. Tell you something, Alex. You do a song Cora... ...and there is a spot you in the Magic Kingdom, baby. Writing a song. I thought I was done with that whole nightmare. Just one song. That's all we need. One song. But it's so... ...time-consuming, you know? And I haven't written years. And I need a lyricist. And it's never worked with anyone except Colin. Look, I know it's not easy to get somebody good this fast... ...but there is this guy. Supposedly he's very hip, very edgy. He just worked with Avril. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm just a bit blocked here. If you don't like the lyrics, be straight with me. No, no, no, no. The lyrics are very, very powerful. Maybe you want something more commercial? More PoP-y? Just hold that thinly veiled insult one second. - Hello. - Hey. - Khan said I could just come up? - They were able to save the whole hand. I know. I made too big a deal out of it. It's just that I hate infections. But then again, who likes them? - Maybe the people who make penicillin. - There's two sides to every story. True. Except the Nazis. I can't really see the other side of that argument. Excuse me? I'm sorry. I didn't even see you there. Hi. I'm Sophie Fisher. Yeah, Sophie, this is Greg Antonsky. He's a noted lyricist. Really? Well, I don't wanna get in your way. And I can see that I aly have. So I'm off to the kitchen. Don't tell me. She's kind of hot. Good. Yeah. I'm glad you enjoyed her. She's coming back in here, right? I would imagine so. Unless she goes directly back to the mother ship. How about: Give it up, I'm a bad hot witch I look real good, but I'm a nasty bitch I can scream and claw And curdle your blood But you'll die on your way back into love No. Start on a minor third. Try that. Right. So: Give it up, I'm a bad hot witch I look real good, but I'm a nasty... Come on. You're missing the point. From the first line. "Give it up, I'm a bad hot witch" is okay. But then it should be... But with some magic, I just might switch Sorry. What did you say? I don't remember. I think it was, "But with some magic, I just might switch." - That is actually quite intriguing. - That's not my lyric. No, I know, but it's a lovely phrase. Look, if you can't handle anything except moon and June... ...why don't we just let plant girl finish the lyrics? Plant girl. Give it up, I'm a bad hot witch But with some magic, I just might switch - Finish it. - I'm just here to cater to the plants. And you are doing a fine job, if I may say so. Although that one is plastic. This is a waste of time. Let's fly my broom to the stars above And we'll charm our way back into love what's the next line, "Feelings, nothing more than feelings"? You people disgust me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten involved. I have no filtering system. No. That's fine, that's fine. He had to get back to his job at Hallmark anyway. Listen, have you ever done any writing? I mean, everybody's done some writing, you know? Well, not everybody. Illiteracy is a growing epidemic in this country. I write slogans weight-Not... ...this weight reduction company that my sister runs. Did you ever hear of the band PoP? Yeah, of course, everybody has. My sister Rhonda loved them. They had that ridiculous hair and those ridiculous outfits and... Oh, my God, you're one of them. That hair was very much in style then. - I'm very sorry. - Yeah, that's fine. But I would love to talk to you about maybe writing some lyrics. But I don't write lyrics. Well, we could just kick some ideas around, repot the ficus. I don't think so. I appreciate the offer, though. I have to go babysit my sister now. I mean, her kids. She's 38 now, so... Thank you. Okay, listen. Do you know who Cora Corman is? Oh, yeah. My niece loves her. Okay, well, I'm writing a song her, so if you change your mind... ...and the idea of working with me is of any interest at all, please just call, okay? Or if you just fancy a good laugh, I am perming at the Hilton tonight. Well, thank you. I mean, but I can't, you know. I'm sorry. "I just can't," she says mysteriously. But I just can't. - I'm sorry. Thank you the offer. - Yes. Oh, my God. Go to the next level, weirdo. You have to go to the next level. It's your parents. Go get into bed. Get into bed. This is not a drill. - But we haven't even brushed our teeth. - Get in there. Get in there. Get into bed. - Hey. - Hi. - How was the movie? - I enjoyed it. - He fell asleep. - I enjoy sleeping. - How was dinner? - Really nice place. It's really hard to enjoy dinner when you run a weight-loss center. - Lf I get fat, there goes my fiscal year. - Honey, you're not fat. You're not about to open a branch in Boca. But thank you, sweetie. - How'd everything go here? - Oh, yeah. Good. Great. The kids ate and went to sleep. Yeah, it... They're really bad children. Okay, okay. Everybody goes to bed. I'm sending your father in there. Whoa, we're so scared. And then I'm coming in. I'll just go check to make sure they're still breathing. Hey, wanna do some stress eating? Just a piece of diet cheesecake. This thing happened to me today... I don't know. I'm just gonna go home. You seem so jumpy tonight. You know, I feel a little guilty about something. How unusual you. Okay, listen. I have to tell you. I met that guy from that band you used to like. Alex Fletcher from PoP? Oh, my God. Anyway, I do Jane's plant service. I'm taking over her while she's gone. And anyway, she does his apartment, so I was there. Actually, it was the second time. And he invited me to come see him perm tonight. Gary, I'm going out! Oh, my God. I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him. - That really wasn't the end of the story. - Come on. Help me dress. Should I wear the red one? I saw you across the dance floor Out of the corner of my eye I felt a connection I don't know how, I don't know why I shouldn't have stayed When I saw you there With another man But as we slipped away I thought I heard you say: "This wasn't part of the plan" Just a meaningless kiss It wasn't supposed to end up like this Just a meaningless kiss Just a meaningless kiss We knew it was wrong But we couldn't resist Just a meaningless kiss 'Till I fell in love with you Girls, tell me the truth. Are these pants too tight? Oh, my God, I gotta get up there. And here we are two years later Too late to turn back now We've gotta finish What we shouldn't have started We gotta walk away somehow But it's easier said than done When two hearts beat as one And three hearts are one too many That's why we shouldn't have ever begun Just a meaningless kiss We knew it was wrong But we couldn't resist Just a meaningless kiss 'Till I fell in love with you We can't go on like this ever When we're not meant to be together So leave me here on my own From now on I guess I've gotta dance alone It wasn't supposed to end up like this - Alex! - Alex! - Hello, girls. - Alex, I'm Barbara. In Boston, in 1989, I came back to your hotel... If you wanna see Alex again, check his website the tour schedule. And the Knott's Berry Farm show is temporarily postponed, okay? Great show, huh? They love you. They're hot you. Of course, they're also hot because so many are going through menopause. Wait a minute. Barbara from Boston. From Boston. I do remember that Barbara. I do. I'm going back one second. No. That's how we wind up getting chased by angry husbands. - Not necessarily. She... - Hi. Well, hi. Hello. Hello, hello. Very good news. Yes. Chris, you remember Sophie? Planted in my memory. I just wanted to apologize being so cryptic earlier. - This is my sister, Rhonda. - Hi. I'm sorry. I've... You were so great tonight. We've met, haven't we? Right? We were practically a duet there. I know. Anyway, could I get a quick autograph? You may, Rhonda. - Could I get a picture too? - Only if you're single. I've been married years, but nothing's written in stone. Could you scootch? Thanks. Also, I really wanted to thank you your offer. - What offer? - While Greg, the rhyming psychopath... Thanks again him. - Was in my apartment, Sophie spouted some really interesting lyrics. I thought she was doing plants. I'm holding a pose here. - I appreciate it... - I need a song by Friday... ...and it is amazingly difficult to find a sane lyricist. Why don't you just write the lyrics yourself? - That's really not a strength of his. - That's absolutely right. I once rhymed "you and me" with "autopsy." Well, that's not necessarily bad. You could do something with that. You know? Figuring out you and me Is like doing a love autopsy - You see, you see. That's quite good. - That's not bad. - Go on. More. How does it go? - I have no idea. Someone could have sculpted us in this time. You know what? Let me take it. They could operate all day long And never figure out what went wrong My God, you are... You are Cole Porter in panties. Of course, having said that, Cole Porter probably did wear panties. Anyway, thank you inviting us. Okay, I'm just gonna take a real quick one. Let me take it. Let me take it, Sophie. - Thank you so much. That was great. - Hang on. Nice to meet you guys. Bye-bye. So this is where Sophie works, eh? Yeah. She is gonna be right out. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you very much. So how much do you weigh? I fluctuate. Yeah. Okay, look, I am terribly sorry to barge in like this... ...but I have decided I cannot take no an answer. - I told you that... - You're not a writer. Except when you are writing poems and short stories... ...in the New School literary magazine. I Googled you. And you were good. Look, I'm flattered. I mean, you're one of six people in the world who's actually those... ...but that doesn't mean I can write a song. You aly did. Five minutes, that's all I ask. Please, step in. You'll enjoy this. This is a treat. Mr. Fletcher. Nice to see you. - Very nice to see you, Mia, how are you? - Wonderful. I just want to get... Can I try the new Mason Hamlin? - Sure, absolutely. Be my guest. - Thank you very much. Thanks. Please. This is... It's just a little something that you might possibly recognize. Figuring out you and me Is like doing a love autopsy They could operate all day long And never figure out what went wrong Love autopsy Love autopsy What went wrong? God. That melody is so beautiful. But I've never written a song. A song. I know, I know. And if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I just don't think I am. I think you may be a born lyricist. We don't have very long, but what I'd like to do, in an ideal world... ...is continue the "Autopsy" song. But I think it's gonna be very hard to get back from there... ...into "way Back Into Love," which is the title that Cora demands. What we could do is continue with Greg "the Angel of Death's" version. That's plagiarism. Yes. Yes, yes. Good. Excellent. I would never in a million years use someone else's work. I'm very glad you agree. So, what we need, we need something brand-new. - So let's see. A song Cora. - Yes. - Has to be called "A way Back Into Love." - Correct. And it has to be something Cora would sing about. Good. And it has to be something you would sing about. Good, yeah. - What would you sing about? - Whatever gets me the job, really. Oh, that's inspiring. Okay. Two people searching love, salvation. Good, good, I love that. Love lost, love found. Love lost again. Yes, this is starting to sound a little bit like luggage, but good. Thanks. That's really helpful. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just spit it out. - They're just lyrics. - "Just lyrics"? Lyrics are important. They're just not as important as melody. I really don't think you get it. Oh, you look angry. Click your pen. A melody is like seeing someone the first time. The physical attraction. Sex. I so get that. But then, as you get to know the person, that's the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It's the combination of the two that makes it magic. Let's go a walk. - A walk? What, now? - Yeah. Out on the streets you see things and, you know, hear things and eat things. It all sort of unlocks your mind. This is good. This is good. When you hit a wall, you gotta change the subject. So why did PoP break up? I mean, Rhonda told me that you guys were friends growing up? We were, yes, and then Colin met a new manager... ...who convinced him he was the star of the band. Shortly after, he left, taking the last three songs we'd written together... ...and putting them on his solo album which went on to sell eight million records. But how did you deal with that? Oh, with drugs, alcohol... ...and ultimately, my own solo album. Cool. This copy has been in the racks six years. - Come on. - No, no. I check every week. You see, I made a little mark, there on the back. See? It sold only 50,000 copies, most of those to my mother. Rolling Stone called it "a crass, contrived eft... ...not even good enough a dentist chair." Well, I'm sure there were other reviews. There were, there were. But none as good as that one. And they were right, by the way. Yeah. To cut a long story short, I gave up trying to write... ...lost an incredible amount of money and then my apartment. Chris stuck by me, booked me an '80s reunion night on Long Island. And suddenly, they liked me again. It was weird. It was like I'd never been away. The audience was a tad older, as was I... ...but we were very, very profoundly happy to see each other again. And it went on from there. Cruises. Reunion s. Knott's Berry Farm, which I'm sure you're familiar with. Busch Gardens, that's one of my big fixtures of the year. What else can I tell you? I really appreciate you opening up to me like this. I know what it's like to live with a shadow overhead. What? Shadow. I've been living with a shadow overhead Now, that's a nice melody, isn't it? - It's good. - Thank you. Thank you. Mind you, what do you know? You don't even like melody. I never said that. You prefer the lyrics. I don't trust you. Your turn, what's next? I think that we should get some breakfast. Please, come on, we're finally on a roll here. Listen again. I've been living with a shadow overhead There'll be no more rhymes until I'm fed Please, seriously, seriously. I've been living with a shadow overhead I could be inspired With just a piece of b - I have the perfect place. - Wait a minute. It's just on the next corner. - Keep moving and keep writing. - All right. I've been looking someone to shed some light - That's good. That's good. - Yeah? Shadows and light. You're deep. Okay, we need two more lines of Cora verse. What's next? Soph? Sophie? What are you doing? Nothing. I thought I saw someone, but it wasn't him. So it's fine. - Oh, there he is. - What? A very nice picture, though. That's funny. Interestingly enough, I mean... well, it is a bookstore. - So, you know, that does happen. - What? Gosh, where were we? Okay. Shadow overhead Okay, can I just say, with all due respect, that you are clearly... what is the word? - Insane at this moment. And because, according to Chris, we have less than 36 hours... ...bee Cora goes to do Leno, at which point my career is over... ...it would be infinitely better me if you were sane. So how can I help? Do you know this book? Sally Michaels? Yes, yes. Big bestseller. Yes. - Have you it? - No, of course not. Last book I was The Alex Fletcher Story by the editors of Teen Dream Magazine. Why? I'm Sally Michaels. I saw that they were giving these courses on writing at the New School... ...so I signed up. And my teacher was Sloan Cates. Brilliant, handsome. The truth is, I was in love with him. And we began spending every minute together. Which is why I was sort of surprised when his fiancée showed up. Yeah, he never mentioned that he was engaged to a history professor... ...who was on a year-long sabbatical in Spain. And when she popped in an unexpected visit... ...it sort of turned into a reenactment of the Inquisition. And that... And that was that? That was the end of that? Yeah. We never saw each other again. I dropped the class and a year later, his new novel showed up. The Sally what's-it novel. "The tale of a student with exalted literary aspirations... ...who lures a brilliant writer into an affair so she can take advantage of his connections. But when he tries to break it off, she devotes herself to ruining his life." Well, I mean, that obviously wasn't you. Well, she's a lit major from Long Island, 5'", my color hair, all my habits. You know, talks to herself and asks too many questions. Her parents founded a weight reduction company... ...that now her sister runs. Well, anyway, I... Since then, every time I pick up a pen... ...l'm haunted by those words that he wrote, you know? "She was a brilliant mimic." You know. "She could ape Dorothy Parker or Emily Dickinson... ...but stripped of someone else's literary clothes... ...she was a vacant, empty imitation of a writer." First of all, you can't listen to some jerk. He's not a jerk. He's a National Book Award winner. Well, then, get the best revenge, write a hit song. Honestly, I don't think a pop song is gonna impress Sloan Cates. Oh, no, of course not. Pop is just morons. got that. - I didn't mean anything by it. - Brain-dead, or taken too many drugs. You know what I'd say to you and Sloan Cates? You can take all the novels in the world... ...and not one of them will make you feel as good as fast as: That is real poetry. Those are real poets. Smokey Robinson, Stevie wonder, Bob Dylan, the Beatles. Okay. What if one of your heroes came up to you and said... You know, Smokey, what if he said: "Alex Fletcher, you are a horrible songwriter"? How would you react? I know Smokey a little bit. He's too nice a gentleman ever to say such a thing. Dylan might. Dylan would, actually. In fact, Dylan did. Okay, Dylan walks up to you and he says, "You are a horrible songwriter." - How do you react? - I would be horribly depressed. Yes. I would. I would. But then, after, you know, months of brooding... ...I would find a lyricist... ...and write a song about how horribly depressed I was. And it would be a big hit, everyone would love me, and I'd make lots of money. Suddenly I'd be less depressed than if I just sat around... ...being a little bit self-indulgent, letting my misery eat away at me... ...until I'd become an emotional wreck and creatively completely moribund. Yes, moribund. - Okay, let's go. Come on. - All right. I've been living with a shadow overhead I've been sleeping With a clown above my bed - "Clown" is not right. What is that word? - It's "cloud." - Write more clearly. How can l...? - Why would you have a clown in your bed? - It would not be the first time. - Yeah, I'm not surprised. - Write in capital letters. - Why don't you write it? I'm sorry, Khan. We're gonna come back in one second. You dictate, I'll write. And I will write like a human... ...and not like a small Pekingese dog. What are you doing, you madwoman? You're destroying my apartment. I can't write from across the room. Well, you're not writing here. Get back to your corner. I can't have you here. - I'll be blocked. I'll be completely stuck. - So go out the other side. I've never been the other side. Push, push. Push, push. Good. Better. You're still a fraction close. Just... Just back off, just one... Just... Just... There, fine, good. Okay. And I don't think those chords are right. It has to sound different than the verse. What kind of different did you have in mind? I don't know. Something sadder, you know? And I still don't like my line about "places in my mind." - It's fine. - Fine isn't good. We only have time fine. I tell you what. We'll change "places in my mind"... ...if I can keep the chord sequence into the bridge. This isn't a negotiation. It's either right or wrong, inspired or insipid. It's in the morning. We're not writing the last movement of the "Jupiter Symphony." It's a song someone who's last hit was "welcome to Bootytown." Please, get back to work. I still don't like it. And it's "Entering Bootytown." And another thing, the whole top section... I mean, it's so close. We're just not there yet. We just... we have to focus and stay, you know... ...completely understanding of what we're trying to say. Okay, you may now start killing the next one. All I wanna do Is find a way back into love I can't make it through Without a way back into love You know, I'm tone-deaf. Hey, what do you think of this? Just keep writing. Cora is leaving in an hour. Listen, I was thinking that "corners" was such a better word than "spaces." "in the mind." "The corners of my mind," rather than "the spaces." It just seems to have a better boundary to it, you know? Should I speak to you about this later? Okay. It sounds so good. I can't believe it. And now... ...vocals. No, you see, you have to sing into the microphone. It won't follow you. - But I can't. - It's a duet a man and a woman. We are as close as we've got. Your headphones and a level. You look nice. You should wear them all the time. How is that? - Yes? - Okay! It's okay. And... ..."way Back Into Love." Take one. Oh, God. I'm getting really nervous. You'll be fine. Just use your normal nice voice... ...that I've heard so much of in the last three days. It's like my throat's closing up. It's like anaphylactic. It's fine. It's just a three-minute song. I've been living with a shadow overhead I've been sleeping with a... Just a little bit louder. This song is intended humans. "Way Back Into Love." Take two. I've been living with a shadow overhead I've been sleeping With a cloud above my bed I've been lonely so long Trapped in the past I just can't seem to move on I've been hiding all my hopes And dreams away Just in case I ever need 'em Again someday I've been setting aside time To clear a little space In the corners of my mind All I wanna do Is find a way back into love I can't make it through Without a way back into love Hey, hey! Taxi! She's gonna have a baby! Hey, what if that were true? Another one. - Oh, my God. It's Cora. - Okay, stay calm. - C, you remember Alex Fletcher. - How are you, C? - Hi, Alex. - Sophie Fisher, my lyricist. Hi. Aspiring lyricist, actually. So Ray tells me you have a song. We do. A little ditty. It's just a rough... Yeah, go ahead, take it. Help yourself. Oh, we're gonna do it now? Great, great. No time like the present. Very rough. Just put together in my little studio. Both of us singing. She's gonna hear my voice, it's gonna ruin it. It's gonna be fine. Anyone see Battle of the '80s Has-Beens the other night? That Debbie Gibson, she can take a punch. I didn't see it. This is the song I've been looking . I can't wait to work on it. Congratulations, guys. We gotta book. Thank you so much. Looking ward to working with you guys. Congratulations. - D Money! - Let's go home. This way, folks. It's unbelievable. We got the job. I thank you. Thank you. I thank you, I thank you... Yes? Chris, she loved it. Unbelievable! Definitely. Where are you? Okay, got it. Got it. We're going to dinner. Come on. To Sophie Fisher, the woman who paved my way back to Knott's Berry Farm. Gloria, I love your dress. Oh, thank you. It's nice to clean up after a day of work. Where do you work? I'm a therapist at Columbia-Presbyterian. I'm working on a study examining the relationship... Oh, my God. That's a strike against us, right? I mean... what is it? What? - Sloan. - Sloan? Mr. Cates, good evening. How are you? Nice to see you. I'd say about two minutes. - Hi, how you doing? - Here it comes. Here's the thing... Is she all right? Yeah, she always does this. It's her way of working up an appetite. Hang on. Hello? Sophie? He's at the bar. I know. I know. I know. I saw him. I saw him. He's not that great, you know. I saw the beginnings of a bald patch. - Why, come and have a look. - Oh, he has a great head of hair. Oh, God. I think I'll just stay in here until he leaves. Maybe you could send in a salad and an iced tea? Right. I'll get the waiter. Would you like the dessert cart as well? Look, this is ridiculous. I've been dreaming about confronting him too. I had a speech prepared over a year. Would you like to hear it? Very, very much. Hello there. Good evening. Sloan, even though Sally Michaels only lives on paper... ...I live in the world. And I can never give you using me as raw material... ...to create a fictional monster. Sally Michaels is my own personal ghost... ...a shadow hanging over each phone call and cup of iced tea. And one cold day, when age has robbed your mind of its fertile phrases... ...and your hand of its dexterity, all the success won't be able to shield you... ...from the pain you've caused and the shame you deserve. Or something like that. But now I know I could never actually say it to him. No. You have to say that. You have to say that. You have to say it now. Now is the perfect time. You're on top of the world. You wrote a song the biggest act in the universe. - But I can't. - Yeah, you can. People wait to see an ex-lover when things are going well. It never happens. You can make relationship history here. But I can't. I mean, look at me. I haven't showered in days. I'm covered in songwriting grime. The helicopter flew bugs in my teeth. Yes, yes, yes. You are a little mangy. Wait. Wait. Stay. Sorry, Gloria. Can I ask you a great favor? Could you accompany me to the ladies' room? He's a good guy. Go ahead. - Thank you. Thanks. - Sure. Be right back. - That's fantastic. - You look great. Eleven years of therapy and I finally help someone. Good luck, honey. Thank you so much. Yes, thank you. Thank you, doctor. It doesn't really fit. - No, on the contrary. It fits you perfectly. - Really? I'm not saying you should go to confession like that... ...but what you're about to do, it's perfect. Okay. Are you y? I think I'm developing a sudden coronary blockage. Those pass very quickly, okay? Shortness of breath. Blurred vision. - You're fine. - Scurvy? You're beautiful. No, it's fine. "I don't write bestsellers because I despise humanity." And I said, "No, John, you don't write bestsellers because the feeling is mutual." Should I have stopped? Should I have stopped right there? Was it over? Hi. Sophie. My God, Sophie. How are you? I'm fine, yeah. Good, it's great to see you. - Alex Fletcher. Hi, how are you? - Hey, Alex. Sloan Cates. How are you? Well, it's been an eternity. You look incredible. Then you were always mysteriously seductive, weren't you? She is writing a song Cora Corman. What? No. Wait. You're a songwriter? L... I wrote... Brilliant lyrics. Fantastic lyrics. A lot of people are talking about them, actually. I had a pen, a paper and wrote... Sloan, the thing is, even though Sally Michaels only lives on paper... ...Sophie lives in the real world. She can never give you... - Mr. Cates, your table's y. - Great, thanks, Stefan. Listen, I'll be right there, guys. I'm sorry. They're throwing this little dinner thing me. It's crazy how lavish people get no matter how cheap they are... ...when Hollywood comes calling. - Hollywood. I've sold out. They're making a film out of Sally Michaels. - Really? - Yeah. It's been crazy. I wrote the script. We're seeing actresses. It's been... You know. But listen, it's great seeing you. Let's get together, okay? Take care of yourself. Take care, Allen. Well... ...must feel good to get that over with. I just wanna go home. Okay. Okay. Okay. Hang on. Just hang on one second. One second. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to bother you. It would mean the world if you'd just let her say what she came to say. I know what she came here to say, okay? Some sad little story about how I ruined her life... ...while the truth is... ...that she seduced me so that I'd help get her published, okay? Come on. You were engaged and you never even told her. I'd say we're done talking. Bye-bye. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Wait. Do me a favor. Why don't you just shove off? I appreciate your request, but why don't you just shove off? - Take it easy, my friend. - I don't believe I will take it easy. All right. All right! Don't hurt his hair. He's working Adventureland this weekend. I'm giving up. My face is in the butter. Thank you. - Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. It's just my PoP hip. It comes from years of doing our patented dance move. My God, I've suffered my art. No, the thing that really hurts is my upper gum. I think I may have impaled myself on a dinner roll. Good thing they didn't have bsticks. I could've lost an eye. Well, you should get some ice on that. Only if it's attached to some whiskey. Oh, God. I can't believe you convinced me to do that. Now I'm more of a joke to him than ever. And to top it off... ...l'll have my own personal nightmare playing on 3000 screens. And you know what the worst part is? You stole some poor woman's dress? The worst part is that he still has some kind of power over me. I still care what he thinks. I'm sorry, but how? How can that possibly be? The guy is a jerk. Well, that's easy you to say, but... No. He is a jerk. He is a jerk. It's not a question. He is a jerk. No, he is, he's a jerk. He's a jerk. Okay, here's what I think. I think that the truth is that you are terrified of losing Sally Michaels... ...because you'd have nothing to hide behind and you'd have to stand on your own feet. Wow. I didn't see that coming. No. Well... ...I have amazing insight. I would use it on myself, only I don't have any problems. And I will tell you my other insight. I think you are way too talented and gifted... ...and unusual to let anyone keep you from standing. That's wonderfully sensitive, Alex. Especially from a man who wears such tight pants. It ces all the blood to my heart. Listen. You were amazing tonight. As were you. The few syllables you got out were absolutely devastating. Does this feel any better? It would if it was on the right side. And that... ...felt much better. - Hello? Hello? - Hey, buddy. How's my hit songwriter? Hang on. Just... Just hang on. You don't sound right. Maybe it's the connect... Hello? I have a strange situation here. Oh, you've got a strange situation? I'm at Beth's soccer game with my ex-wife who's here with my ex-gardener. They came on a riding mower. I slept with Sophie. You slept with Sophie? Remember your blood pressure. You're a tall man. You need all you can get. Are you out of your mind? Alex, this is terrible. Unless, of course, you're happy about it, and then I couldn't be more pleased you. - Should we do pros and cons? - Not necessary. - I think she's up. I gotta go. - We got a show today. Two o'clock. I'm gonna pick you up in a little while. I want you to wear the white shirt with the fan-friendly pants. Too much. Too much. Hanging up on you. Hanging up. Good morning. - Hi. - That was Chris just checking in. So I'm gonna help clean up a little bit... ...seeing as we don't have any work today. Right. Fine. Thank you. Very nice of you. I would obviously invite you to stay, it's just that I have a show today. - Oh, really? - Oh, yes. A big one. I'm headlining at Adventureland Amusement Park: Long Island's family fun center. Biggest outdoor amusement center east of Rye Playland. - You have my permission to be impressed. - Sounds great. - Okay. - Yeah. - So. - So. I mean, you... You could come. I said I wasn't gonna lose my head - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart I wasn't gonna fall in love again - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart And I just can't let you go I can't lose this feeling Okay. Let's hear everyone clapping. Hey, come on. These guys over here on line at the Little Dipper, let's hear you clapping. Don't... Don't if you don't want to. A twist of fate makes life worthwhile You are gold and silver I said I wasn't gonna lose my head - But then pop goes my heart - Pop goes my heart And I just can't let you go Thank you very much. Thank you, Adventureland. Thank you. Thank you. That was great. That was great. - Yeah? - Yeah. Good show. All right, you gotta do the encore. - Do I really have to? - It's in the contract. Wanna do "Meaningless Kiss" or "Dance with Me Tonight"? This is embarrassing. They don't want it. No, it's not. These songs, they're fantastic. I mean, I've never heard most of them bee... ...but they're full of wonderful melodic surprises and they're catchy... ...and they're making people happy and they're just good. So you should be incredibly proud to sing them. You're not just saying that because you've been on the wave ride? They're good, really good. Okay, then. "Dance with Me Tonight," please. It's not often one man gets to say that to another with such joy. Thank you. Okay. PoP face. Thank you. It's been so long Since I've known right from wrong Got no job Sometimes I just sit down and sob Wondering if anything will go right Or will you dance with me tonight When the sun departs I feel a hole down in my heart Put on some shoes Come down here and listen to the blues Wondering if anything will go right Or will you dance with me tonight I'm looking at you You're looking at me We're the only two off the dance floor Do you see what I see? Two broken lives Working in harmony Might make a decent time So get up and dance with me It was a great show. You should be very pleased. How much money did we make? I don't talk business in front of a non-client. You know that. Actually, I'm thinking about signing with you. Well, well, thank you, Sophie. That's... That's terrific. In that case, I don't think it's right to talk about one client's business affairs... ...in front of another client. I'm discreet that way. You don't know how much money we made, do you? I have a ballpark figure. Is it enough a nice dinner? Dinner. I'm supposed to go to Rhonda's dinner. I'm late. Oh, God, help. You know, she wouldn't yell at me if you came. Oh, very well. I can't go. I'm losing my mind. You've got me frazzled. - Oh, there you go. You're gonna love these. - Thank you. That's plenty. Honestly. Trust me, you're gonna want even more than that. Say when. When, when, when. Thank you. Thank you. That's plenty. Thank you. - One more. Trust me. - No. Listen, now, I don't wanna be presumptuous: : : ...but I'm about to open a new weight-Not in Boca... ...and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to perm. Sounds wonderful. I permed at a fat farm once. They loved me. I threw out treats from the stage. They went crazy. It was like a dietetic Altamont. That's funny. - Honey, no cell phones at the table. - Could be Jessie about the meeting. If we break the rules, what'll the kids think? Don't. Sorry, Alex. Very rude. Weirdo, is there a way we could go to the Cora show? - That would be so cool. - We could work that out. I believe we can. I believe we've become close friends. Don't bug him with stuff like that. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Apologies. I know the rules. Turn it off. Oh, no, honey. You go right ahead. You're a guest. You sure? You want me to call Jessie back while I'm...? I'll be very quick. Chris, yes? Say that again. Cora's people what? What? Is it about the song? Really? - What does he say? - It's Sophie. Really? Okay. Okay, got it. Cora is back in town tomorrow... ...and wants to meet us at her studio to work on the song. And she wants to know if we like wheatgrass. - Sounds ominous. - Are you worried? - Well, I don't... You know, yeah. - Lf you're not worried, I'm not worried. You've got your worried eyes. You look like a little worried doggy. Sophie, bring those dishes in here, hon. Okay, honey. You lead, I'll follow. - There you go. There you go. - What? Nothing. Just looking. What? What? What, what, what? - Well, look. As your older sister... - Seven years older. Now, that's just uncalled . Why do you do that? It just... It hurts, you know? Look. I like Alex, you know. I mean, he's Alex Fletcher. So hot. And he ate my mashed potatoes. Yes. It was a magical evening. But look, hon, you don't fall a lot. And I've seen the way you look at him, so if you are falling him... ...just please, please make sure he's passionate about you. Well, you know, I mean, I'm not falling. We're just working together, you know? And besides, the one time we slept together, it's been totally professional. - You did not. - I did. You slept with Alex Fletcher? Oh, my God. Don't worry about it, all right? Besides, you know, how do you know who's passionate? You know, I think you... I think you just see it in their eyes. And you feel it in their touch. In Gary's case, it was when he said to his mother, "I'm marrying her anyway." God, I hate her. I don't know. I think it's just when they do something extraordinary. Soph, just be careful, okay? Okay. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger. With claps, and: Ready to spin. And: Well, that was fun. It was, it was, it was. Except those potatoes. What I imagine eating insulation would taste like. So Cora tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow, :00, her studio, 19th Street. - Should I meet you there? - That would be fine. Although I was gonna take a cab. And seeing as I live further uptown than you... ...I could, theoretically, pick you up. You could if I was on the street at, say, like, 9:0. I would probably see you, depending how brightly you were dressed. I'd wear orange so you couldn't miss me. You could get some road work done while you wait. Well, goodbye and thank you. Thank you very much this. I enjoyed it. - And thank you your support today. - Thank you. Today was great. - It was. - Okay. Bye. Goodbye. - Goodbye. - Goodbye. I want you to hear the new intro to "way Back Into Love." So imagine this: Instead of just starting the song with the piano... ...we get this heavy Indian thing going, very rhythmic. Derek, give me a beat: Steamy and sticky. Way back into love She's been living With a shadow overhead She's been sleeping With a cloud above her bed Go Cora, go Cora Cora Corman and Alex Fletcher Got a new song that's gonna getcha Way back into love Way back into love Way back into love You know, I think that I will get some wheatgrass after all. - You don't like it? - No. No, no, no, it's not that. She had her eye on that wheatgrass since we came in. What you're doing, that thing there, is great. It's steamy and it's sticky, you know. Which is... One is normally enough, but the combo's just amazing. C, time the press shoot. I really like what we came up with. Oh, and add another verse. It doesn't feel like the song ends yet. Another verse? Right. That would be an honor, C. I'm having a little pre-recording session party at my place. I want you both to come. Great. I think though, that... That there... But wait... Cheers. Thanks a lot, Ray. Thanks, Derek. Nice one. Don't speak. Don't say anything. You didn't actually like that orgasm set to the Gandhi soundtrack, did you? Well, I thought it was, you know, horrible. I mean, it simultaneously destroyed two musical cultures in under a minute. We have to tell her. No, no. I don't think we do. Honestly, if she wants to dance, let her dance. I don't understand. Wait. I'm sorry. I don't understand. Your heroes, the Beatles, Smokey, they would never let this happen. That's a completely different thing. They were geniuses. They wrote dinner. I write dessert. No. You're better than dessert. That's why I'm gonna tell her what I think at the party. - You are not gonna do that. - Yes, I am. - No, you are not. - Yes, I am. In that case, you are no longer invited. What? She invited me. She invited us, as a team. Now that we disagree, we no longer present a ed front... ...and are thus un-teamed the purposes of the invitation. So are you going? - I might. I don't wanna be rude. - I don't wanna be rude either. You don't think that telling the hostess... ...that she's destroyed two musical cultures is rude? I'm enrolling you in charm school. I have to say what I think. I can't work this way. You can't work this way? You've been a songwriter six days. God created the universe in six days. And he never had a hit. Okay, he did. He had "He's Got the whole world in..." I'm going to the party. You are not going to the party. You, young lady, are grounded. You're grounded. Come back here. - Please. I'm a little bit desperate. Please. - I'll see you there. You won't. You won't because you're not invited. They won't let you in. - Hey, Ray. - Alex, my man. - How are you? - I'm good, man. How you doing? So is Sophie here? You know what? I haven't seen her. Yeah. - Chris? - Who? - You know, my manager. - I'm sorry. Have fun. - Yeah. - Hey, Michelle. Good to see you, babe. Hey, how's it going? Hey, Ray, what's up, man? How's it going? Hey. - Where's Sophie? - Hang on. Hang on. God, she's here. Please don't let her through. Don't let her through. We cannot let her talk to Cora. She's gonna ruin everything. - Who? - Sophie. She hates the song. - She hates the song you wrote? - Yes. She hates it. But she wrote the song. Why does she hate it? We had a little disagreement. Hi there, Soph, how are you? - Hey, Sophie. - Good evening. So you brought something, did you, Sophie? Yes. My mother told me, "Never go to a party empty-handed"... ...so I went to the Zen Eatery and got a selection of cookies. No, thank you. Nirvana Nougat. Hey. It's my favorite writers. Hi, C. How are you? We brought you some cookies, from all of us. Thank you. Derek. Cora, I really wanted to talk to you... About the fact that we're gonna have to leave early... ...to finish this song which has become important to us... ...in both an artistic and spiritual sense. You can't leave yet. Come see the house. I wanna show you the roof. It's upstairs. Do you know...? Well... Cora, I definitely see how much you've thought about the song and... Great roof. In a very interesting place as well, right at the top... - Sophie was about to say something. - Was she? I don't think she was. No. She looks like she's about to say something, then just... clams up. What I wanted to say is that I appreciate that you're bringing thought to the music... ...but I really and honestly feel that we're pandering. Which means trying to make others like you, which I think is a really nice thing. I do a lot of it. "Just going out pandering, be back soon." The song is about the struggle, you know, to show your true feelings. And your very confident sexual display... ...is, you know, a total contradiction of the fear and insecurity. No, I don't think so. And my fans really love it when I dance. - You're a wonderful dancer. - That's a fair point. - My last CD only went to number two. - But in this case, if you trust us... And Shakira is breathing down my neck. So I wanna dance. You shall dance. But thank you your honesty, Sophie. Cherish your passion. - Well, thank you. - Cora, Timberlake's here. Wants to say hi. Nice to see you, C. Talk to you later. And I'm looking ward to the new last verse. - Cora, wait. - It's over. It was a very nice try, but you have hit the karmic wall. With no help from you. You just stood there. Talk about pandering. I did not pander. I just told her what she wanted to hear. - I'm gonna go tell her the truth. - You just did. Are you gonna use flash cards this time? You're stubborn. And you're not stubborn enough to stand up what's good. I mean, I just don't wanna see you do what you did on your solo album. Yes, yes, yes. I bought it. The last copy. All right, well, I insist on paying you back immediately. 9.99, right? Do you have a penny? You were trying so hard to get a hit that it wasn't you. The songs were soulless. I agree. But ours has soul, so... But not if we ruin it. And you know that. Why are you so scared to care? Because it won't matter. Because behind all her Buddhism-in-a-thong philosophy... ...what she cares about is seats filled and s sold. Nothing's gonna make her your pal... ...any more than years with Colin made him mine. Because in the end, it's all just business. - What is? - All of it. Everything. That's why they call it the music business. It's a good thing. I wish everything in life was that clear. I want something from you, you want something from me. No false promises or expectations. Well. Congratulations on your feel-good song. Can I get you a drink? There's plenty of time. We have the night, part of the morning... ...teeniest little bit of the afternoon. I can't it. What does that...? What does that say? "Sorry, I can't do this." Sorry, I can't do this Not sure about the scansion. What...? What, are you leaving? Yeah. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll think of something later. There is no later. She needs the song tomorrow. If we don't give it to her, she's gonna go to someone else. I will have lost the job. I'm sorry. - Okay, look. - No, I want to help. I do. I wanna help you finish, but I can't. I can't write when I feel like this. I'm not inspired. I don't care. I don't care if you're inspired. Inspiration's amateurs. I just want four lines. Please. I just want four lines. - I can't. - Oh, but you can and you won't. - Are you saying I wanted this to happen? - I'm saying that's what you do. You push and push and move the furniture around... ...and talk all the time... ...and screw everything up just like he said. Who's he? What are you talking about? What are you saying? I the book because I wanted to come to you and say: "You're not at all like Sally Michaels." But actually, he's got you spot on. - What are you saying? - I'm saying Sloan Cates was right. Oh, my God. Please take that back. The poor, innocent, helpless "'I can't write,' she says to herself" girl... ...has co-authored three-quarters of a hit... ...and is holding it ransom because she can't get what she wants. You think life is this fairy tale. When it turns out that everything doesn't end happily, you can't deal with it. Mama says I can't, Daddy says I can But now my body just wants to slam Slam - C, Alex Fletcher is here. - Hey, Alex. C, could l...? Could I have a quick word? Thanks a lot. - Derek, how are you? Good to see you. - Alex Fletcher. Yo, so how's my girl Sophie, man? Yeah, no, she's keeping it pretty real. Yeah, what a girl. C, hi. Listen, it's about the new last verse. It's not completely med in the classical sense yet. It's more a kind of string of words that you can connect in almost any way. - I think it's quite innovative. - I got the lyrics. Sophie faxed them over this morning. They are so beautiful. It's what I always wanted to say to my boyfriend. It's the perfect end to the song. There are moments When I don't know if it's real Or if anybody feels the way I feel I need inspiration Not just another negotiation All I wanna do Is find a way back into... - Is everything okay? - Yeah, yeah. Sorry, sorry. I just... I just completely, I don't know, spaced out. That's okay. Let's take it from the top with the new intro. Yep. Great. Yeah, Cora Corman and Alex Fletcher Way back into love Hi. Hello. I bought these your children because one should never show up empty-handed. They're aliens. Clearly, I have no children. Here. - Here, let me get that you. - Thank you. I am gonna go to the office. - I am too. Have fun with those. - Bye. Put them there, thanks. You coming to the concert tomorrow? Can't disappoint Lucy. Yes, yes, very important. Chris is bringing his daughter as well, so should be fun. I just wanted to say I thought your last verse was fantastic. Thank you, Alex. And I'm very sorry about what I said. Well, you know, life isn't a fairy tale and I have to grow up... ...and I'm gonna do that in Florida. Well, that's just ridiculous. No one grows up in Florida. Unless they're an orange. Well, I'm managing the new weight-Not branch in Boca Raton. You should be writing, not fighting cellulite. Well, I can do both. We need a new marketing campaign. Swimsuit season is coming up. Thing is... ...I can't... ...compose without you. Thanks, but I don't think it's a good idea. All right. You're obviously very busy. Good luck. You too. Cora! - Gracie, aren't you excited? - Let's go. You know what? You guys, just go. I think I'm gonna skip it. - No, come on. You can't skip it. - You know what, kids? I'm gonna talk to your aunt, okay? Gary, take them in. - Should I meet you...? - Do it. How hard is it? - Go, walk, sit. - Find your seats. Honey, I need a second. Thank you. Love you. You're a good man. Now, listen to me. Those kids have told all of their friends that their aunt wrote Cora's new hit song. And they wanna share this with you. You gotta go in. Yeah. No, I know. I know. I just... I don't know how I'm gonna go in there and look at him. I know. It's just one night, though, and I really think you need this. And then he'll go his way and you'll go yours. Okay? Do you have her autograph? - Isn't this exciting? - Yeah. This is so cool. - Yeah, weirdo. This is so cool. - It's great. We're in the Cora fan club. Can we? Please, Mom? - Okay. - Cora! Cora! Cora! Cora! - Look, there she is! - Is that Cora? I'm starting to believe, boy That this was meant to be, boy 'Cause I believe in karma Boy, do you believe in karma? Each time you put your lips to mine It's like a taste of Buddha's delight - Hey, Gary. - Come on. I'm just watching. Tell me all your fantasies tonight And I will make them happen 'cause I'm not satisfied if I don't get My Buddha's delight Om shanti, shanti This Tuesday on The CW, it's Battle of the '80s Has-Beens... ...featuring Tiffany battling reigning champion Debbie Gibson... ...followed by a bout between Adam Ant and Billy Idol. Tuesday night on The CW. Five minutes, Mr. Fletcher. Entering Bootytown So shake my booty now 'Cause your booty Is the way into his heart New York, I love you! Shanti, shanti. What's that mean? And now I'd like you to hear something very special. - Oh, Soph. - Something very different. It's a new song. This is it, weirdo, your song. - I don't think I can listen to this. - A song no one has heard bee... ...written by Mr. Alex Fletcher. Wait. What? Alex Fletcher and my sister. How quickly they get. Let's just go and come back when the song's over. You and me. - Actually, I'm gonna go. - No. What? - Yeah, no. I'm fine. Just... - Are you sure? Yeah, I'm fine. I just wanna be alone. Just take care of the kids. It's never been easy me To find words to go along with a melody But this time there's actually Something on my mind So please give These few brief awkward lines Since I met you My whole life has changed It's not just my furniture You've rearranged I was living in the past But somehow you've brought me back And I haven't felt like this Since bee Frankie said, "Relax" And though I know Based on my track record I might not seem like the safest bet All I'm asking you Is don't write me off just yet years I've been telling myself The same old story That I'm happy to live off My so-called mer glories But you've given me a reason To take another chance Now I need you despite the fact That you've killed all my plants And though I know I've aly blown more chances Than anyone should ever get All I'm asking you Is don't write me off just yet Don't write me off just yet Alex! - Nobody backstage. - I have to get up there. I know Cora. - I don't care what you want. - I know Cora. I wrote this song. She's okay. - There's nobody backstage. - I said she's okay, right? - Well, you vouch her, then. - Thank you. What's wrong with you? As soon as Cora's done "Slam," we'll need you on-stage. Okay, got it. Got it. Thanks very much. Cheers. Slam Mama says I can't, Daddy says I can But now my body just wants to slam Slam Come to a concert, don't bring anything? Alex, that song. Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. It's the best I could do. You could fix it. No. That song was dinner. Mama says I can't, Daddy says I can Thank you! I want you to hear my new single. Thank you! "Way Back Into Love," music and lyrics by Sophie Fisher and Alex Fletcher. What happened to steamy and sticky? I explained to Cora that it violated the very core of the lyric... ...and corrupted the purity of the song. When that didn't work, I told her it would help me win you back. And that did it. Turns out that although she thought the Dalai Lama was, incredibly, a llama... ...she is, in fact, quite the romantic. - Go. Go. Go. - Okay, Mr. Fletcher. Thank you. Trapped in the past I just can't seem to move on I've been hiding all my hopes And dreams away Just in case I ever need 'em Again someday I've been setting aside time To clear a little space In the corners of my mind All I wanna do Is find a way back into love I can't make it through Without a way back into love I've been watching But the stars refuse to shine I've been searching But I just don't see the signs I know that it's out there There's gotta be something my soul somewhere I've been looking someone To shed some light Not somebody just to get me Through the night I could use some direction And I'm open to your suggestions All I wanna do Is find a way back into love I can't make it through Without a way back into love And if I open my heart to you I'm hoping you'll show me what to do And if you help me to start again You know that I'll be there you in the end 情人 Music Lyrics厦门欧菲整形美容医院专家 不可能-- :7:31   Not likely.   不可能   likely是"可能"的意思表示"可能性"的词还有possibly和probably. possibly说明有50%的可能性,probably的可能性最高,likely所表达的可能性则位于它们之间这些表达方式可用的场合很多比如你的朋友Bill有迟到的习惯   当有人问你:"Do you think Bill will come up on time at this evening party?"   你就可以答,"Not likely."杏林区肉眼泡吸脂多少钱

厦门欧菲香薰祛痘My Favorite Teacher --19 :: 来源: Everyone has his favorite teacher ,so do I. My favourite teacher is Miss Wei, our English teacher. We felt English very difficuit when we began to study English. Miss Wei had a good idea to solve the problem. One day, Miss Wei came into the classroom with some fruits, such as apples,bananas,and oranges. She said: “Today we are going to learn the names of the fruits. You can eat the fruits if you can tell me their names in English . ”All the students listened carefully and studied hard . Someone even stood up to answer questions. Class was over ,and the fruits were all eaten. From then on ,I am more and more interested in English, and I want to say from my heart: “ Thank you, Miss Wei!” 福建厦门第一医院周日上班吗厦门牙齿补洞哪家好



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