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Emily Mortimer and myself, we hail from the U.K., where we pride ourselves on having a Stiff Upper Lip.艾米莉·莫迪默和我从美国发来问候,我们正在这里玩一个叫做木头人的游戏We are raised to be unflappable and keep our emotions in check.我们从小就被教育遇事要保持冷静,控制住自己的情绪But we now live in America now and we want to put our emotional resolve to the test.但我们现在都在美国,我们想测试一下自己控制情绪的能力Ladies and gentlemen, we will now attempt the most emotional challenge imaginable.女士们先生们,我们即将尝试的是我们所能想到的最能引起情绪波动的场景To test if we can keep a stiff upper lip, we will exchange our wedding vows!为了测试出我们是否能很好地控制自己,我们将会宣读婚礼誓言Hello, I am father Reggie Watts from our lady of funk, perpetual funk.你们好,我是雷吉·沃茨。一个脾气暴躁的天主教神父We are gathered here today to join two of my favorite people in the universe.我们今天聚集在这里,是为了见我最喜欢的两个人的结合Mr. James Corden, leader of the LLS Show on CBS.詹姆斯·柯登先生,CBS深夜秀的主持人Emily, everything that you have done has been absolutely incredible.艾米莉,你的所有表演都令人惊叹I will say that HBOS Doll and Em couldnt exist without you.HBO的《俩好》若是没有了你,将不复存在So without further ado, with my powers invested who I am.那么话不多说,藉着上帝赐予我的权力James, would you like to begin? Thank you.詹姆斯,你先开始可以吗?好的Emily, I love you.艾米莉,我爱你You are the light of my life. You are the light of my life.你是我的生命之光。你是我的生命之光You are the reason for me getting up—I can do this. I can do this.你是我振作的理由——我能做到的。我能说完Nothing is more important—没有什么比——Nothing is more important—没有什么比——Keep it together. Keep it together.冷静。冷静Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip.不要有情绪波动。不要有情绪波动God, this is hard. Since the day—since—天,这太难了。自从那天——自从——OK. All right. All right. Just take a breath.行了。差不多了。可以了。深呼吸Emily, please, then you would.艾米莉,到你了James, you are the best person I have ever met.詹姆斯,你是我遇到过的最美好的人I love you so much. I love everything...I love everything about you.我深爱着你,我深爱着...我深爱着你的一切I love—I love the way you make me feel. I love the way you make me think.我爱——我爱着你带给我的感觉。我喜欢你让我联想到的一切I love the way you make me laugh!我喜欢你逗我开心Sorry. Its OK. Its fine. Its fine. I got it.抱歉。好了,好了,没事。让我来Take a deep breath. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip.深呼吸,保持冷静,保持冷静,保持冷静James. Yeah. OK. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip. OK.詹姆斯,好。冷静,冷静,好了Emily. Yes?艾米莉。嗯I promise to always take care of you.我承诺我会永远照顾你I promise to be strong for you.我承诺我会永远保护你I promise to be there for you because youre my rock.我承诺我会永远守护你,因为你是我的依靠Please. Please. No, no, no, no. Please.好了,好了,停停停停,差不多了I think that it is obvious that these two love each other so dearly, so very much that很显然,这两人都如此深切地爱着对方,那么it is at this point that I would like to say with great privilege,此刻藉着上帝赐予我的权力,by the powers invested in me—by the power invested—I cant.我庄严地——藉着上帝赐予——我做不到Ladies and gentlemen, Emily Mortimer!女士们先生们,今天的嘉宾是艾米莉·莫迪默That was Stiff Upper Lip. Well be right back.以上是我们的木头人游戏。精马上回来201706/513901Okay, Im up.Have a look at this place.我爬上来了 看看这个地方Thing is trying to keep your direction amongst all of this scrub.重要的就是要在这灌木丛生的树林里 认清自己的方向Probably the easiest thing to do is follow between that rock pinnacle and that one.也许最简单的方法就是 顺着那个山顶 走到另外一个山顶And then in the far distance...you see like a saddle.继续前进 在那边最远处 能看到一个鞍形山口Pass between that,and thats gonna lead me down to the floodplain.越过那里 我就能到达漫滩Okay. Lets get down off this thing.好了 我们下去吧As you head to the floodplain,the vegetation becomes thicker and greener.距离漫滩越来越近 树丛也越来越茂密翠绿But now were entering more dangerous territory.但是现在我们进入了一个更加危险的地带Come here, come here.Straight through there is a crocodile.过来 过来 那里有一只鳄鱼You just see the ridges on its back,very distinct.Down, down, down.Yeah, its a salty.看它的脊背 清晰可辨 低点 低点 是只咸水鳄You can tell its not a freshwater.Freshwater have that long, narrow snout.我们能够辨别出这不是只淡水鳄鱼 淡水鳄的嘴很长很窄Look at the size of him, though.Freshwater would live off just fish.但是这只却不是 淡水鳄只以鱼类为食This guy,anythings on the ,including us.但是这家伙 什么都吃 人类也不例外Dont be deceived by the name ;Saltwater crocodiles.;不要被;咸水鳄;的名字蒙骗了These guys have been found up to 100 miles inland.这些家伙在100英里的内陆也找得到There are loads and loads of stories of campers thinking theyre safe,back from the waters edge,有很多很多的相关故事 野营者们以为它们是安全的 却在离海岸十万八千里的地方and then getting taken by saltwater crocodiles.被咸水鳄袭击了201701/487342If we can now imagine Hadrians Wall as not such a bad posting,如果我们难以理解 哈德良长城的存在不无裨益its because our sense of what life was like at the time则都因我们对于那个世界的认知has been transformed by one of the most astonishing finds of recent archaeology the so-called Vindolanda Tablets.因一项最近惊人的考古发现所改观 这就是被称为文都拉多便签的发现Theyre scraps of Roman correspondence, jottings,scribblings and drafts of letters thrown away as rubbish by their authors almost 2,000 years ago.这些是两千年前 罗马人的通信札记涂鸦 以及一些被丢弃无用的草稿For 25 years,archaeologists here have been digging up these letters,1,300 of them, from seven metres below the ground.历时二十五年 这里的考古学家不断挖掘这些信件 自七米的地下挖掘出一千三百件文物Up theyve come,lovingly separated from dirt, debris and each other and painstakingly deciphered.文物出土之后 他们悉心将泥土残骸以及粘连的文物剥离 并煞费苦心地破译字符At once poignantly fragile and miraculously enduring,一时间 这脆弱得可怜的碎片竟成不朽the voices of the Roman frontier in the windy North Country,loud, clear and strong.罗马先驱在北国风声中的声音 响亮 清晰 掷地有声From Masculus to Tribune Serianus.Greeting.Please instruct as to what you want us to do tomorrow.自马斯克勒斯 至萨瑞奥里斯护民官 您好 请指示明日安排Are we all to return with the standard or only half of us?我们全撤退还是只撤退一半My troops have no beer. Please order some to be sent.营里啤酒告罄 请求调派I sent you two pairs of socks and sandals,and two pairs of underpants.我寄给你了两双袜子和便鞋 还有两条底裤Greet Elpus Tetricus and your messmates,with whom I pray you get on.问候艾帕斯·泰特库斯与你的战友们 祈祷你们能相处融洽He beat me and threatened to pour my goods down the drain.他打我还威胁把我的东西 都倒进排水沟I implore your mercifulness not to allow me,an innocent from overseas,to be beaten by rods as if a criminal.我乞求你 不要让我 一个漂洋过海的无辜人 像罪人一样被鞭笞凌辱I warmly invite you to my birthday party on the third day before the Ides of September.我诚挚地邀请您参加我的生日聚会 聚会时间定在九月十日Please come,as it will be so much more enjoyable if you were here.请务必赏光 您的到来 将令寒舍蓬荜生辉 /201607/452584It was as a politician that John was most obviously a wretched failure.作为政治家来说 再也没有 比约翰更加一败涂地的了Under his father, the empire had been sustained by a shrewd combination of charisma and feudal loyalty.其父在位时 这个国家维系于 君主的号召力和对封建制度的忠诚 两者间的巧妙结合Johns problem was his difficulty in believing that anyone would ever be more than a fair-weather friend.约翰的问题在于不信任别人 总是认为别人不过是酒肉之交So he relied on blackmail and extortion,threats to the barons rather than promises.对待贵族 他只崇尚敲诈勒索和胁迫 宁我负天下人 莫让天下人负我Assuming disloyalty, he ended up guaranteeing it.结果却事与愿违So when John needed the barons most,when Normandy was threatened by the French king,they werent there for him.当诺曼底受到法王威胁 约翰最需要他们的紧要关头 贵族们却没有伸出援手The result was a catastrophic defeat.最终导致了灾难性的失败The loss of Normandy ripped the heart out of Angevin power.痛失诺曼底令安茹王朝元气大伤Whether or not there was a secret meeting at Bury st Edmunds,无论英格兰的所有大贵族是否在with all the major nobles in England sworn to force John to accept reform,its certainly true that from defeat sprang rebellion.柏立艾蒙秘密会谈 立誓要逼迫约翰接受改革 可以肯定的是 失败催生了叛变At some point, the barons drafted a document that went well beyond forcing John to stop being vindictive,在这个时候 贵族们起草了一份文件 不仅禁止国王实施报复proposing, instead, a catalogue of things the king would not be allowed to do.It was called Magna Carta.同时还列出了一连串 国王不得越过的雷池 这就是《大宪章》 /201609/469205

【视频讲解】From the start of the year to the first week in March, Uber’s market share in America has fallen from around 80% to 74%, according to 7Park Data, which tracks the industry. Lyft, a smaller ride-hailing firm, seems to have been the chief beneficiary. The dip in market share for Uber could reverse, though the firm is unlikely to grow as effortlessly as in the past. There is, at least, still plenty of room to expand at home. Only around 6% of American mobile-phone users hail a ride through Uber and Lyft once a month or more.据追踪该行业市况的市场调查公司7Park Data的数据,从今年初到3月第一周,优步在美国的市场份额已从约80%下降至74%。较小型的网约车公司Lyft似乎是主要受益者。虽然优步已不大可能像以前那样毫不费力就实现增长,但它还是有可能扭转微跌的市场份额。至少在美国国内还有很大的扩张空间。在美国手机用户中,仅6%会每月通过优步和Lyft打车一次或以上。track v.追踪- tracking numberchief adj.主要的beneficiary n.受益人- benefit n.好处- beneficial adj.有益的dip n. 下跌 (drop)- a dip in popularityreverse v.扭转Yet Uber’s enormous valuation also depends on the firm pulling off a harder task: dominating most markets for ride-hailing around the world. Fortunately, there is little evidence that Mr Kalanick’s antics have dented its prospects outside America. But the goal of worldwide dominion remains distant, even though no other private technology firm has ever spent so much money to gain a global foothold. It is competing against a strong competitor, Grab, in South-East Asia and was spending billions to compete against its Chinese rival, Didi, until it struck a deal last year to withdraw from the country in exchange for a 20% stake in that firm.但要撑起它的巨额估值,优步还要完成一项更艰巨的任务:成为全球多数市场的网约车霸主。幸运的是,几乎没有迹象表明卡兰尼克的乖张言行有损公司在美国以外市场的前景。但要实现称霸全球的目标依旧遥遥无期,尽管还没有哪家私人科技公司像优步一样花费巨资来建立全球布局。优步正与强劲的对手Grab争夺东南亚市场。而之前优步已花费数十亿美元与中国的竞争对手滴滴出行一较高下,直至去年与之达成协议而退出中国市场,换取了滴滴20%的股份。enormous adj.巨大的pull off 克困难顺利完成 (to carry out despite difficulties)There is little evidence that...没有据表明...antics n.愚蠢举动dent v.削减prospect n.前景dominion n.统治distant adj.遥远的foothold n.立足之处strike a deal 达成协议stake n.股份Investors particularly want to see the ride-hailing giant reach profitability in developed markets. Its sales, of around .5bn in 2016, are growing rapidly, but it has to spend a lot in American cities where there are rival local firms such as Lyft and (smaller) ones such as Juno and Via. For every dollar that Lyft spends in subsidising fares, it costs Uber four times the amount to hold onto customers and drivers, because of its far larger size. Foreign expansion adds still more expense, and it is unclear whether the competition at home and abroad, which hurts Uber’s chance of becoming profitable, will ever ease up.投资者尤其希望这家网约车巨头能在发达市场实现盈利。其销售额在2016年约为55亿美元,正快速增长,但优步需要在有本土对手公司Lyft以及Juno和Via等更小型公司出没的美国城市花费大量资金扩展。Lyft每花一美元补贴车费,优步就需要花四倍的成本来挽留顾客和司机,因为它的规模大得多。海外扩展进一步增加了出,国内外的竞争削弱了优步实现盈利的机会,而这些竞争是否会减弱还是个未知数。profitability n.利润,盈利subsidise v.补贴fare n.费用hold onto 紧紧抓住ease up 减轻There are other threats to watch out for. Uber’s performance depends on its software working smoothly and not being hit by outages, and this could suffer if more executives on the technical side leave. It may also struggle to hire talented engineers during this rough patch.还有其他威胁需要留心。优步的表现要靠其软件无间断地顺畅运行,假如更多技术高管离职,这方面可能受到影响。在这段艰难时期,优步要觅得才华出众的工程师也非易事。outage n.短缺 (lost in storage)patch n.时期 (a period of time)- Im going through a tough patch.201705/510407

TED演讲视频:科技能够解决我们的大问题吗?1969年,巴兹·奥尔德林踏上月球月球的历史性一步开启了人类科技的新纪元。科技的力量曾经解决过我们所有的大问题。来到今天,发生了什么?我们能展现给自己的难道只剩下手机应用了?科技杂志编辑Jason Pontin详细阐述了我们利用科技解决重大问题时所受到的挑战。201702/493264

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