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佛山新世纪男科医院是公立?佛山禅城区男科医院哪家好spew ———— 喷出(不及物动词)英文释义 (Intransitive verb) To flow out with great force.例句 A great river of lava began to spew from the volcanos crater with a deep, trembling roar.一大股岩浆开始从火山口喷出,发生深沉而可怕的吼声。 /201607/455741佛山市中医院泌尿外科 Ah hello! Welcome back to Tip Top Trading – the UKs leading wholesaler of imitation fruit.你好!欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,英国主要的仿真水果批发商。Today youre joining us in the middle of the action!今天,你将和我们一起参与其中!Anna is with an important client Mr Lime, from Citrus Ventures.安娜正和来自Citrus Ventures公司的重要客户Lime先生在一起。Hes angry and shell have to calm him down.他很生气,而她将必须让他冷静下来。She could cope brilliantly here or this could be a horrible mess!她可以处理得很得当,也可以把它变成一团糟!Well Mr Lime, how can I help you?Lime先生,我能帮你做什么?On Monday I was meant to receive 8,000 plastic grapefruit from Tip Top Trading. Yes.我本该在周一收到8000个来自Tip Top Trading的塑料葡萄。 是的。The delivery was made on Tuesday. Oh dear.结果周二才送到。 天啊。And instead of 8,000 plastic grapefruit, I got 800,000 plastic pineapples!而且我收到的不是8000个塑料葡萄,而是80万个塑料菠萝!Right Anna, this is serious.是的,安娜,这很严重。Youre going to have to apologise and show that you really mean it.你必须要道歉,并且表现得很真诚。Say: Im really sorry to hear that.比如说:我真的很抱歉听到这个消息。Im really sorry to hear that, Mr Lime.Lime先生,我真的很抱歉听到这个消息。What on earth am I going to do with 800,000 plastic pineapples?我究竟要怎么处理80万个塑料菠萝?Show Mr Lime that you understand the problem.告诉Lime先生你懂他的苦恼。These are phrases you can use: Thats totally unacceptable.你可以使用这些表达方式:太让人难以接受了。 /201612/483607Tom is looking for some his old work but…汤姆正在帮我找一些他曾经做过的项目,但是……Really? ! To be honest, this isn’t Tom’s speciality.是吗?!不过说实话,那可不是汤姆的专长啊。At a time like this I would ask Denise.这种问题我一般都会问丹尼斯。Denise! ? -Yes… she may only be the office assistant but she always has words of wisdom.丹尼斯?-是啊……虽然她只是办公室助理,但有时候她说的话还挺有道理。Right… custard creams or chocolate digestives? What?对了……来点蛋奶巧克力或全麦饼干?什么?Biscuits? Oh… custard creams please.点心?蛋奶饼干吧。Err, Denise, I know you’re busy but could you spare a few minutes of your time please?丹尼斯,我知道你很忙,不过能打扰你几分钟时间吗?Of course Anna, always happy to help you.好啊,安娜,需要帮忙随时找我好了,我很乐意。Well you know the stock management control system?你知道库存管理控制系统吗?The one you’ve now got to work out… well done for getting that!你正在负责的那个嘛……恭喜你得到这个机会!Thanks. It was OK writing it down for Paul but how do I put it in to practice?谢谢。让我给保罗写点建议是没问题,但是我该怎么把它们付诸实践呢?There’s just too much to do!有太多事情要做了!Calm down Anna. You’ll be fine.冷静,安娜。你没问题的。The first thing you need to do is to look at our current system.首先,你要做的第一件事情就是先去看看我们现有的管理系统。Look at our current system. How do I do that?看看我们现在的系统。我该怎么做?Easy! Just take the lift down to the warehouse and speak to Mr Ingle and then write down what you find很容易啊!坐电梯下去到仓库,和英格尔先生聊聊然后写下你了解到的东西,and draw up an action plan of tasks you need to do – like a shopping list – I’m very good at those.再写一份你需要执行的行动计划,就像写购物清单那样,这个我可是很在行。Go and see Mr Ingle? Oh do I have to.去找英格尔先生?天啊,我真的要去吗。He’s ok really Anna.他人不错,安娜。If you approach him in the right way he won’t bite your head off!只要你跟他谈话的方式没错,他是不会无故冲你发火的! /201702/483867佛山新世纪医院有检查不育不孕吗

佛山市中医医院包皮手术怎么样Democratic Candidates to Debate Before Crucial Primary克林顿和奥巴马准备关键宾州辩论  Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are preparing to face-off in a nationally televised debate Wednesday evening in Pennsylvania, just days ahead of the critical Democratic primary in that state. The debate is likely to draw a large audience. 美国国会参议员克林顿和奥巴马在为星期三晚上在宾夕法尼亚州进行全国转播的电视辩论做准备。几天后,宾州将举行关键的民主党总统候选人初选。这场辩论可能会吸引很多观众。 Senator Hillary Clinton is favored to win in Pennsylvania, and will need the victory to try to create political momentum for the rest of the primaries into early June. 克林顿参议员是赢得宾州初选的热门人物,她需要这场胜利来创造一股政治势头,把初选维持到6月初。 "Pennsylvania will determine whether Hillary Clinton can actually finish the primary season," explains political analyst Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. "If she loses, or even if it is a squeaker, I think she is probably out. If however, she finishes 53-47, 54-46 or better, she is in. She will be in [the race] through June 3, and Obama will have to deal with that." 维吉尼亚大学的政治分析家萨巴托解释了其中的原因。他说:“宾州将决定克林顿是否能在实际上完成初选。如果她在这个州失利,或者说,如果两人的持率很接近的话,我认为,克林顿可能会被淘汰出局。但是,如果她以53%对47%,或者以54%对46%的比例取胜的话,那么两个人的竞争还没有结束。克林顿的竞选将维持到6月3号,奥巴马必须面对这种形势。”Larry Sabato says the pollsters and other experts he knows in Pennsylvania believe Clinton has a lead of between four and seven percentage points ahead of next Tuesday's primary and is likely to win. 萨巴托说,他认识的宾州选举分析人士和其他专家认为,克林顿在下星期二的初选中领先的幅度是4%到7%,她很可能会获胜。"The demographics of the state favor her," Sabato said. "It is an older state, it is a working-class Democrat state. Plus Governor Ed Rendell and Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia have really put their own political reputations at stake here by backing her so strongly. They can't afford to have Obama win, it will damage their political futures."  萨巴托说:“宾州的人口组成对克林顿有利。这个州的人口平均年龄比较大。这个州有很多持民主党的蓝领工人。再加上州长伦德尔和费城市长纳特尔实实在在地用他们的政治声誉来坚决持克林顿。这两个人不能承受奥巴马的胜利,那将损害他们的政治前途。”Senator Obama has been on the defensive this week over comments he made describing small town voters as "bitter" over their economic circumstances. His Democratic rival Senator Clinton and Republican candidate Senator John McCain have both called the remarks "elitist."  奥巴马本星期一直处于守势,他在为自己有关小城镇选民对他们的经济处境不满的讲话作辩解。奥巴马的民主党对手克林顿和共和党候选人麦凯恩都说奥巴马的讲话是精英论的论调。On Tuesday, Senator Obama was campaigning in Pennsylvania when a voter suggested Senator Clinton's "elitist" accusation may have racial overtones. 星期二,奥巴马在宾州竞选的时候,一位选民说,克林顿对奥巴马的精英论指责可能带有种族主义的色。"Let me say this. I don't think there are racial overtones to the attacks going on right now," Obama said. "I think that, you know, it's politics. This is what we do politically, when we start getting behind in races then we start going on the attack." 奥巴马说:“我要这样讲,我不认为现在对我的抨击带有种族色。我认为,这是政治。这是政治手段。在竞选中落后的人要开始发动攻势。”Senator Obama is hoping for a close finish in Pennsylvania to maintain his lead in the number of delegates needed to win the nomination, and to protect his frontrunner status going into early May primaries in North Carolina and Indiana. 奥巴马希望在宾州的初选中两人的持率很接近,这样就能保持他本人为赢得民主党提名而在党代表人数方面的领先地位,保护他的领先者的地位来进入5月初北卡罗莱纳州和印第安那州的初选。 200804/35293佛山中医治疗前列腺肥大的医院 顺德区新世纪医院地址

佛山那家诊前列腺Did a secret police infiltrator inside Fathers for Justice first propose the idea of kidnapping Tony Blair’s son? That's what some members of the organization now suspect. It started as a simple conversation between a group of protestors in a pub just before Christmas, but memories of that night are confused, some who were there say no one talked about kidnapping, others say a plan was mentioned but quickly dismissed. Whatever the truth, anti-terrorist police visited the men soon after, so does this mark the end of the Fathers for Justice Movements. Our home affairs correspondent Simon Israel reports. . . .may listen and make a clear roar.... It appears this headline-grabbing allegation emerged from the post Santa protest staged by rival groups in the Fathers for Justice campaign just before Christmas. While threats and suggested antics were the talk of the town in this pub opposite the road across the Justice family division, several of those who took part say they remember it well, and it did not include any mention of kidnapping the Prime Minister's youngest child. Several, who were in the George were later to be visited and warned by anti-terrorist officers. " that was actually , entirely unrelated, and the two things are entirely unrelated, that was a rare matter of a conversation overheard in a pub just before Christmas , about something entirely different (that) had nothing to do with kidnapping . . um . .Leo Blair, um, the guys were visited and they were given warnings that if they pull off anything within the Westminster area, there is a likelihood that they'd be shot. " "Alright, nothing to do, so nothing in that conversation threw up the idea of kidnapping the Prime Minister's son then. " "Nothing at all. " "Were you there? " "I. . I was there, yes. " (. . daddy. . ) But still, the allegation that Leo Blair was to be the target for abduction landed on the desk of a senior officer of Scotland Yard, via a source who summoned the protest group suspect was a special branch infiltrator. Certainly Channel 4 News understands that that branch of the security services were none too happy about today's leak. Given the history of Fathers for Justice and the current heightened state of alert, any hint of a threat to the Prime Minister and his family has to be taken seriously. But just because police have launched an inquiry, / doesn’t necessarily add credibility to the original allegation. Whether this is a fantasy land or not, the kidnap idea is a far cry from the highly publicized superhero's stunts at Buckingham Palace and that purple powder incident during Prime Minister's question time. Their real target however has always been the family courts and presiding judges, whose hearings and decisions on parental access to children where they claimed bias and never made public. Their campaign hasn't made a jot of difference. "that the group is really being dead in the water, . . um. . , for a while. . um. . , that doesn't mean that it can't come back, I mean it, it could well do, you could see a stunt sunny day soon that / may not be quite as sensational as kidnapping the Prime Minister's son, but it could still be quite interesting. " "We are mainstream movement. We've been the most high-profile campaign group, in this country, for the last three years, you know, we have a job to do, there is a question you know you are right to ask, the question, is you know, is longevity of the group established. Have we done, have we , you know, expand our use by day. " Today's headlines may've well answered that question, and brought forward the inevitable extinction of a movement which marveled in comic street stunts, but achieved little else.200805/39188 佛山市治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好佛山市顺德区桂洲医院治疗早泄多少钱



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