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DAKAR, Senegal—Only days after declaring the lowest number of new Ebola cases in Guinea and Sierra Leone this year, officials at the World Health Organization said Tuesday that there had been a nearly fourfold increase during the most recent week of reporting, to about 35 new cases.塞内加尔达喀尔——世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)宣布几内亚及塞拉利昂今年的新增埃拉病例数量达到最低,但就在几天之后,也就是周二,世卫组织官员表示,在最近一周,新增病例提高了将近四倍,达到35例。With Liberia, the other West African nation at the center of the epidemic, being declared free of Ebola this month, the recent drop in infections in Sierra Leone and Guinea had offered hope that the worst Ebola outbreak in history might end soon.随着利比里亚——另一个爆发埃拉疫情的西非国家——本月宣布埃拉疫情结束,塞拉利昂和几内亚的感染病例也有所减少,人们满怀希望地认为,史上最严重的埃拉疫情可能很快就能结束。Officials warned against ing too much into the latest uptick, given the steep overall decline in Ebola cases. As recently as the week of March 15, there were 95 new cases in Guinea alone. A May 13 report showed the lowest weekly total this year: nine new cases, seven in Guinea and two in Sierra Leone.官员们警告称,由于埃拉病例总数大幅下降,不应对最近病例的增加做出过度解读。就在3月15日那周,单单是几内亚就出现了95例新增病例,5月13日一份报告中的数据显示,那一周是今年新增病例最少的一周:九例,其中几内亚七例,塞拉利昂两例。Health officials said that sharp falls and rises were normal as an epidemic approached its end. But they also said that some persistent risky practices, like unsafe burials of Ebola victims in Guinea, had contributed to the rise.卫生官员表示,随着疫情接近尾声,病例的剧增和锐减都是正常的。但他们还表示,一些持续存在的危险做法部分导致了病例的增加,比如几内亚地区埋葬埃拉患者的危险行为。Most of the new cases, about 27, are in Guinea, and one area in particular is a problem spot: the Forecariah district southeast of the capital, Conakry. It is far from where the outbreak started, in Guinea’s Forest Region, but it is in an area where there has been resistance to the sanitary burials necessary to contain Ebola.大部分新病例——大约27例——出现在几内亚,有一个地区已经成为重点疫区:首都科纳克里东南部的福雷卡里亚区,那里距离几内亚森林区的疫情源头非常远。但在福雷卡里亚区,以卫生的方式掩埋遗体的做法遇到过阻力。卫生的掩埋方法是遏制埃拉疫情的必要手段。“We’ve been concerned about a number of cases coming from there, of people dying in the community,” said Dr. Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the W.H.O., referring to the failure to turn corpses over to the authorities in Ebola hot spots, a refusal that has bedeviled health officials since the outbreak began.“我们一直担心这个社区会出现一些病例,导致很多患者死亡,”世卫组织发言人玛格丽特·哈里斯(Margaret Harris)说,她指的是人们未能将尸体移交给埃拉疫区的官方机构处理的情况。从疫情爆发以来,拒绝交出尸体的做法让卫生官员深受困扰。“There is still some concern that there are unsafe burials going on,” she said. “The burial issue is still a very tough one.”“我们仍然担心还有一些不安全的埋葬行为,”她说。“埋葬问题非常棘手。”Dr. Harris said a team of experts had been sent to the Forecariah area to help combat the sp of the disease.哈里斯表示,已经派出专家小组前往福雷卡里亚区,帮助遏制疫情的蔓延。“It doesn’t surprise us that within the tail of the epidemic there are peaks and valleys,” said Brice de la Vigne, the Brussels operations director of Doctors Without Borders, which has led the response to the epidemic over the last 14 months.“在疫情终结之前会出现病例增加和减少的情况,我们对此并没有感到吃惊,”无国界医生(Doctors Without Borders)驻布鲁塞尔的运营总监布里斯·德拉维涅(Brice de la Vigne)说。该组织在过去14个月中领导着应对埃拉疫情的行动。“This is not scaring us beyond reason; it is normal,” Mr. de la Vigne said, but “we know that there are still people who are contaminating themselves at funerals.”“这绝不会把我们吓跑,这很正常,”德拉维涅说,但“我们知道仍然有人在葬礼上感染疾病”。Adding to the cases are renewed efforts by officials to find the sick, said Sylvie Jonckheere, a Doctors Without Borders official in Conakry. “They’ve been doing a roundup,” she said. “They have plenty of people looking for the sick in the villages. It’s not really different from what we’ve seen with Ebola in the past.”无国界医生驻科纳克里的官员西尔维·约恩克海勒(Sylvie Jonckheere)表示,官员们新一轮寻找患者的行动,也导致了发现病例增加。“他们一直在搜罗,”她说。“派很多人在村子里寻找患者。这与我们过去看到的埃拉疫情没什么不同。”It is not a coincidence that the disease is lingering longest in Guinea, where the outbreak began 18 months ago. In Guinea, resistance to the intervention of outsiders — doctors, health officials, politicians — has been stronger than in either Sierra Leone or Liberia.埃拉在几内亚传播时间最长并非巧合,18个月前,疫情就是在几内亚爆发的。几内亚对外界——医生、卫生官员、政治人物——干预的抗拒要比塞拉利昂或利比里亚强烈。Guinea has reacted with occasional violence to efforts to contain the disease. In the Forest Region, eight officials and journalists were killed by villagers during an anti-Ebola rally in September. Before that, doctors and health officials were repeatedly attacked, and villages were classified as “closed” or “open” by health officials, depending on whether they would allow outsiders in to fight the disease.在几内亚,也不时有民众以暴力手段抵制控制疫情的行动。去年9月,在森林区,八名官员和记者在一场反埃拉的集会上被村民打死。在那之前,医生和卫生官员多次遭袭,卫生官员根据村庄是否允许外部人士进入对抗疫情,将各个村庄分为“封闭”和“开放”两种。More than 11,000 people have died of Ebola in the three countries, and there have been over 26,000 confirmed, probable and suspected cases, according to the W.H.O.’s May 13 situation report on the epidemic.世卫组织5月13日公布的疫情报告显示,在这三个国家中,已有逾1.1万人死于埃拉,另有超过2.6万例确诊病例及潜在和疑似病例。But one telling statistic in the report indicates how sharply the Ebola epidemic has dropped off: Out of 55 districts in the three countries that had reported at least one case of the disease, 43 have not reported a single one for more than six weeks.但该报告中一项重要的数据说明,埃拉病例正在大幅减少:在这三个国家里,曾经报告过至少一个病例的55个地区里,有43个地区在六个多星期的时间里,没有报告过任何病例。 /201505/376286

ROME — Samantha Cristoforetti had an espresso on Sunday that was out of this world, and she did it in the name of science.罗马——周日,萨曼莎·克里斯托弗雷蒂(Samantha Cristoforetti)享用了一杯世间难寻的意式浓缩咖啡,而且是以科学的名义。Ms. Cristoforetti is an astronaut, the seventh Italian and the first Italian woman to venture into orbit. She has been at the International Space Station since November, and over the weekend got to do something quintessentially Italian: She became the first person to drink an authentic serving of what she called “the finest organic suspension ever devised” in space.克里斯托弗雷蒂是一名宇航员,她是进入过太空的第七名意大利航天员,也是首位意大利女性。从去年11月以来,她一直待在国际空间站(International Space Station)里。上周末,她做成了一件非常具有意大利特色的事情:她成了第一个在太空品尝到纯正意式浓缩咖啡(espresso)的人。她把这杯咖啡称作太空中“有史以来最细腻的有机悬浮液”。“Fresh espresso in the new Zero-G cup! To boldly brew ... ” she posted on social media, where she has been chronicling her stay on the station with photos and explanatory s.“新的零重力杯里的新鲜意式浓缩!大胆地煮……”她在社交媒体上说。她一直在上面用照片和视频记录自己在空间站的生活。However much she may have enjoyed her first espresso in more than five months, making the drink in orbit was no lark, but “a very serious study in fluid physics,” Roberto Battiston, president of ASI, the Italian space agency, wrote in an emailed statement. “Until Sunday, we didn’t know exactly how hot fluids under high pressure reacted” in the near-weightless environment of the space station, he said. “Now we do.”无论她多么享受这五个多月以来的第一杯意式浓缩,在太空中制作这杯饮料可不是为了好玩,而是“一项非常严肃的流体物理学研究,”意大利航天局(ASI)局长罗伯托·巴蒂斯顿(Roberto Battiston)在一份邮件声明中说。“在上周日之前,我们都不能确切地知道,热流体在高压下会出现何种反应,”他说。“现在我们得到了。”A special espresso maker, named ISSpresso, was designed for the task by Argotec, an engineering and software firm based in Turin, and the Italian coffee producer Lavazza, with help from the space agency. It was included among the experiments and technical demonstrations that Ms. Cristoforetti, a captain in the Italian Air Force, was scheduled to carry out on her mission to the station, which ends in mid-May.这台特制的意式浓缩咖啡机叫做ISSpresso,在ASI的帮助下,由位于都灵的设计和软件公司亚果科技(Argotec)和意大利咖啡生产商Lavazza制作。它是克里斯托弗雷蒂计划在空间站完成的实验和技术演示中的一项。克里斯托弗雷蒂是意大利空军的一名飞行员,她的这次任务将于5月中旬结束。“Coffee represents one of the distinctive elements of Italian culture,” said a spokeswoman for the agency, who requested anonymity under her agency’s rules for employees.“咖啡是意大利文化中的独特元素之一,”航天局的一名发言人说。由于该局对雇员的相关规定,她要求匿名。Making a proper espresso — a singular alchemy of high temperature, water pressure and perfectly tamped coffee — is difficult enough to master on earth. Microgravity conditions made the task still more complicated, and Argotec took two years to work out how to do it.制作一杯像样的意式浓缩咖啡——这个流程需要高温、水压,还要把咖啡粉完美地压实——在地球上就已经很难了。微重力条件让这个任务更加复杂,亚果科技花了两年时间才解决这个问题。“We developed our hardware on the basis of the parameters for making good coffee, while considering safety requirements,” said Valerio Di Tana, an engineer at the company.“我们根据制作好咖啡的标准开发了我们的硬件设备,同时还考虑了安全方面的要求,”公司的工程师瓦莱里奥 ·迪塔纳(Valerio Di Tana)说。The squat, 44-pound machine wound up looking something like an old-fashioned laboratory incubator, built from military-standard components. “You don’t see those on terrestrial machines,” Mr. Di Tana said.这台低矮的机器重44磅(约合20千克),采用军工标准的零件打造而成,看上去就像是一台旧式的实验室孵化器。“你在地球上的机器里看不到这些零件,”迪塔纳说。The dripless system is even designed to emit a small waft of coffee odor when the straw is inserted into the pouch containing the brew. Two small flaps on the side allow an astronaut to hold it without burning a hand.通过不滴水系统的特殊设计,当把吸管插入盛有咖啡的小袋时,还可以释放出少量的咖啡香气。侧面设计了两个小活板,宇航员拿着的时候不会烫手。The ISSpresso machine makes other hot drinks as well, including tea and consommé. “This is important from the nutritional aspect, but also gives the astronauts a psychological boost,” David Avino, the managing director of Argotec, said in a telephone interview on Monday.这台ISSpresso还能制作其他热饮,包括茶和清炖肉汤。“它不仅能在提供营养方面能够发挥作用,还能让宇航员在心理上更加振奋,”亚果科技的执行董事戴维·阿维诺(David Avino)周一接受电话采访时说。The company had aly begun the project when another Italian astronaut, Luca Parmitano, remarked in a June 2013 interview from the space station that the one thing he really missed in space “was a good cup of espresso.”在这家公司启动这个项目之后不久,2013年6月,另一名意大利宇航员卢卡·帕米塔诺(Luca Parmitano)在空间站接受采访时曾说,他在太空中唯一十分想念的东西,“就是一杯香醇的意式浓缩咖啡”。 /201505/373444

Many beauty products, endorsed by some of the world#39;s most glamorous celebrities, promise things that are simply too good to be true. These products claim to use the most advanced science involving DNA, stem cells and nanotechnology. They boast of effects such as “refueling surface skin cells” and giving skin “a dewy glow”.许多化妆品都由名人代言,他们承诺的效果如此美妙简直难以置信。这些产品声称使用了最先进的技术,包括DNA、干细胞还有纳米技术。他们号称可以用来“激活表皮细胞”,给肌肤“水润光泽”。Can we believe in all these claims? This is the question asked by a new book exploring the pseudoscience of beauty products. The book#39;s title is “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? How the Famous Sell Us Elixirs of Health, Beauty, and Happiness”.我们可以相信所有这些承诺么?这个问题是一本旨在探索化妆品伪科学的新书提出来的。书的名字叫做《格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛是不是完全错了?名人是如何将健康、美丽及幸福的万能药兜售给我们的》。The author, Timothy Caulfield, is a professor of law and public health at the University of Alberta in Canada. He spent the past few years looking at scientific literature and testing out celebrity health and beauty tips, reported vox.com. Some of these tips are simply pseudoscience, such as detoxing by only drinking juice and keeping fit by only choosing organic food.书籍作者蒂莫西#8226;考菲尔德是加拿大阿尔伯塔大学法律与公共卫生系教授。据综合类网站vox.com报道,他过去几年花时间研究了科学文献,并对名人给出的健康和美丽秘诀进行了检验。结果明,其中的一些建议完全是伪科学,比如说只喝果汁可以排毒,只选择有机食物就可保持健康。“Publishers don#39;t generally sell magazines by reminding ers that nothing works,” writes Caulfield. “Consequently, getting straight answers about anti-aging and beauty products is nearly impossible.”考菲尔德写道:“出版商如果告诉读者什么都不管用,一般也卖不出杂志。因此,这些关于化妆品的广告和建议一般不对化妆品的效果给出明确的,而是使用一些模糊词汇。”He concludes that phrases such as “clinically proven” or “dermatologist approved” are as vague as they are evasive.他的结论是,那些声称化妆品经过了“临床验”或者“皮肤科专家认可”的遣词用语既混淆视听又逃避事实。Research void研究空缺“For example, what kind of study led to the representation that a given product was clinically proven?” he asks. “Did the manufacturers simply ask a couple of buyers? Do not be fooled by this kind of language.”他问道:“比如说,什么样的研究可以得出某项产品是经过临床验的?难道是制造商随便问问几个买家就可以?不要被这些用词给骗了。”“In addition, little literature produced by independent researchers is out there. For many beauty products, there seem to be either no data or only small studies produced by proponents of the product.”“除此之外,市面上甚少有第三方研究人员做出的研究成果。许多化妆品都是要么没有数据撑,要么就是由产品的一些拥趸提供小范围调研。”To some degree, this is understandable, says Caulfield: “Government research entities have little interest in funding big studies on the efficacy of, for instance, the bird-poop face cream used by David and Victoria Beckham. So there isn#39;t a lot of good science to draw on.”考菲尔德认为,某种程度上来说,这是可以理解的:“政府研究部门几乎没有兴趣资助大型研究去试验大卫贝克汉姆和维多利亚贝克汉姆用的鸟屎洗面奶效果怎么样。因此,没有什么正经科学可以用来考。”To make matters worse, says Caulfield, mass media are rarely critical of new beauty products. The vast majority of articles simply trumpet their alleged value, using vague phrases such as “feel revitalized” and “appear radiant”. It#39;s difficult to find any evidence or expertise beyond personal testimonies. The so-called experts who are ed in these stories are often part of the beauty industry or individuals with no research background.考菲尔德称,更糟糕的是,大众媒体很少去评判新型化妆品。大多文章都只是吹嘘他们所谓的功效,使用一些似是而非的词汇如“焕发新生”和“光照人”等。除了普通人提供的明之外,很难找到任何其他据或者专业解答。这些故事里引用的所谓专家都是美容业的一份子,或者是没有任何科研背景的个人。An article from Pacific Standard magazine also points out terms such as “clinically proven” or “dermatologist recommended” have no industry standard definition. And since most manufacturers aggressively guard their products with patents or laws that protect trade secrets, consumers have no way of knowing what is actually in the products or how they were tested.科学期刊《太平洋标准》中的一篇文章同样指出,诸如“临床验”或者“皮肤科专家认可”这类术语没有产业标准认。它们还用专利法规和其他保护商业机密的法律来保护他们的产品,因此消费者根本无法知道产品真正成分,也不知道它们是怎样经过检验的。 /201506/379030A beauty pageant contestant who labelled herself #39;terribly ugly#39; has been disqualified after being voted through to the final because organisers thought she had tampered with the vote.俄罗斯一项选美比赛的一名自认为“长得很丑”的参赛者,在被选进决赛后却被取消了资格,原因是大赛主办方认为她以不正当手段干预了投票结果。Maya Shelkovaya from Sochi was shocked when she ousted more than 400 other girls in Russian contest Miss Games 2014 to make it through to the last five.玛雅来自索契,当她得知自己从参加2014俄罗斯游戏选美大赛的400多名女孩中脱颖而出进入五强的时候,非常吃惊。She said she didn#39;t expect to win a single vote and only entered the pageant because she wanted to win some of the Allods Team games offered to the finalists, according to Vocativ.她说自己参加比赛根本没期望能获得哪怕一张投票,只是为了能赢得大赛为决赛选手提供的一些Allods Team。But organizers suspected she had cheated and sent her an email which did not set out a clear explanation for her disqualification.但是主办方却怀疑玛雅以欺诈手段获取投票,并因此取消了她的资格,但在给她的邮件中并未给出具体明确的原因。She uploaded a photo to enter the competition, saying she thought she was #39;terribly ugly#39; and received an onslaught of online abuse.玛雅参加比赛时上传了一张照片,称自认为“长得很丑”,之后就收到了网友们的攻击和谩骂。Many commented saying she was #39;fat#39; and #39;should go to the gym#39;, but others praised her bravery and voted for her to stay in the competition.有人说玛雅“胖”“该去健身房”,但也有一些人称赞她的勇敢并投票给她希望她不被淘汰。#39;Mostly people write that I#39;m brave and honorable. But, to be honest, I don#39;t know where they got that from. I#39;m completely average,#39; she said.玛雅说:“中有很多人说我勇敢、诚实。但说实话,我不知道她们这么说的依据是什么。我真的只是个普通人。”#39;In general, for me personally, all kind people are beautiful. Kindness adorns their faces, and it#39;s impossible to call them ugly no matter what their appearance.#39;“总的来说在我眼里,所有的人都很漂亮。只要心地善良,不管长成什么样子都不可以被称作丑陋。”The organizers of the pageant, run by Russian email service, Mail.ru, have now announced the winners, one of whom was given a trip for two to a five-star hotel in Egypt.比赛的主办方目前已经宣布了获胜者名单,其中一位还得到了入住五星级酒店埃及双人游的机会。They said: #39;We are pleased to announce the completion of the contest. As we warned all the votes obtained by dishonest means, when calculating the results have been removed.#39;主办方称:“我们非常高兴,大赛圆满落幕。之前我们曾警告过参赛者,任何通过不诚实的手段获得的投票在计算最后结果时都将被排除在外。” /201412/347527

So you want to be a better you this year, and have the life you say you want, the ever elusive dream. The dream that lingers year after year until you know if you don`t do something about it, you will simply fade into oblivion.在这一年里你想超越自己,过上你念念不忘、梦寐以求的生活,实现遥不可及的梦。梦想年复一年地徘徊,直到你明白如果再不做点什么,你将会淡忘它的存在。Now the New Year is here! What will you do? Will you once again set intentions and resolutions only to be disappointed? Or will you set intentions and resolutions, create a plan and move into action.现在新的一年就在眼前!你要做什么?你还要继续纸上谈兵,最后失望而归吗?还是遵循自己的想法,做一个计划并付诸实践呢?Now you may be thinking, create a plan, is she crazy? I don`t have time for that! I`m aly busy enough and she wants me to take time from my busy life and create a plan. Yes, you`re exactly right! I know that life can be very busy and without a plan, your dream will remain a dream.你可能在想:做计划,疯了吗?我哪有时间做那个!我已经够忙了,还想让我从百忙之中抽出时间做计划!是的,完全正确!我知道你的生活很忙碌,但是如果没有计划,梦想将永远只是个梦。Life is about choosing. Claiming and using your right to choose is very important in having the life you say you want, turning your dream into reality. Throughout the year, when you find that you`re wavering, ask, ;is this my dream and how bad do I want it;. If you`re motivated by your answer, you know you`re on the right track.生活充满了选择。大声说出你想要的生活并做出选择至关重要,它让你的梦想成真。在这一年之中,当你发现自己犹豫不决时,就问问自己,;这是不是我的梦想?我有多渴望实现它?;。如果你的能够鼓舞你,那你就站在了正确的轨道上。So that this year will be different and since you`ve waited to get started, here are some tips to help you make meaningful resolutions and set intentions that support you in having the life you say you want. Your dream is awaiting your action.所以这一年将是不同寻常的一年,因为在开始之前你已期盼良久,下面就奉上有效地解决问题的秘诀,让你踏上自己梦想生活的征途。梦想在即,等待你追随的脚步。1. Take an in depth look at your life, who you are and how you show up.1.深刻地反思你的生活,你是谁,在别人面前你又是谁。2. Decide if this is the way you want your life to be 365 days from now.2.从现在开始365天每天都做出判断,这样的生活是不是你想要的。3. Give yourself permission to move in the direction of the life you say you want.3.给自己一张通行,踏上圆梦之路,终点是理想的生活。4. Chart your course; set goals toward achieving your dream life.4.给圆梦之路画好规划图,为理想之巅设立高目标。5. Do something daily that takes you closer to your dream.5.坚持每天所做都让你更靠近自己的梦想。6. Keep a journal of your progress.6.写日记记录进步的点滴。7. Celebrate something daily.7.每天都做小小的庆祝。8. This is about you and for you.8.要做与自己有关而且能让自己进步的有用之事。9. Ask for help when you need to.9.需要帮助时就开口。10. Express gratitude daily.10.每天都表达谢意。Each day is a new opportunity to choose. Just in case you`re wondering where to start, my friend Sallie Felton gives excellent advice with, ;Start where you stand.;每天都会有新的机遇等待你去选择。为了不让你担心该从哪开始,我的朋友莎莉·菲尔顿给出了很好的建议:;就从你的脚下开始。;Saying that you want something different without thinking and acting differently ensures that you continue to have your pipe dream. Are you willing to stop procrastinating and start doing? Imagine the difference you will experience knowing that you took full responsibility and control in creating the life you say you want!你总是在念叨想要不同的生活,却不想也不做不同的事,这会保你永远做的是白日梦。你想要不再耽搁时间并开始做事吗?发挥你的想象力,假设你终于完全负责并主宰自己的圆梦之路,尽情想象到那时的不同感受吧!Wishing you joy, health, prosperity and love in the New Year!愿新的一年中,快乐、健康、成功和爱常伴你左右! /201501/351624A police public appeal for the whereabouts of a New Zealand man took an unexpected turn on social media when it was met by taunts from the wanted man himself.警方公开通缉一名下落不明的新西兰男子,谁知这名被通缉的男子自己在社交网络上回复并奚落了警方发出的公开信息,事情的发展让人大跌眼镜。Christchurch police issued an image of Samuel Evan Lake on their Facebook page at about 10pm on Saturday night in an effort to help find and arrest him.周六晚上10点左右,新西兰基督城的警方在脸谱网的官方页面上发布了一张萨缪尔·伊万·雷克的照片,希望公众提供线索以便找到并捕获此人。However, a cat-and-mouse line of dialogue between police and Mr Lake himself, who began to tease the officers, soon formed below the post.不过,在照片发布之后,雷克先生本人竟开始调戏警方,于是,一场警察和雷克之间的猫鼠对白很快在布告栏中上演起来。#39;Samuel Evan Lake has a warrant for his arrest. LAKE is 23 years of age, 171cm tall and of thin build. ;Fate; is tattooed on his neck,#39; the police social media post .在警方的社交网络布告栏上如是写道:“我局被批准逮捕萨缪尔·伊万·雷克。雷克现年23岁,身高171公分,体型消瘦。颈部有‘命运’字样纹身。” Instantly, Mr Lake himself responded to the post which included an image of his face.马上,雷克先生自己回复了那张带有自己照片的布告。#39;I need to get a new mug shot,#39; the 23-year-old wrote in a comment that has since been liked over 3,000 times and had over 186 replies.这位23岁的男子在一条中写道:“我需要一张新的入案照片。”这则已经被3000多次点赞,并获得了超过186条回复。Christchurch police responded to his comment with their own jibe, writing: #39;come see us and will arrange at no cost.#39;基督城的警方也用幽默的语气回复了这则:“来看我们,我们就免费给你重新拍照。”Their response has since gained almost 6,000 likes.他们的回复至今已经获得了6000多个赞。A number of Facebook users praised the quick wit of the police department, with comments that included #39;what a comeback#39; and #39;bloody legends#39;.许多脸书网用户称赞该警局机敏过人,他们纷纷说警方“反败为胜”,“热血铸就传奇”。But that wasn#39;t the end of the row. Shortly afterwards, Mr Lake added: #39;If only they were as good at finding me as they were with comebacks.#39;但是回复栏下面还有下文。不多一会儿,雷克先生又说:”如果他们搜捕我的本领像他们迅速回复的本领一样好就好了。”A spokesperson for Christchurch police told Daily Mail Australia that they regularly release mug shots on their Facebook page as it has prompted individuals to turn themselves in to police in the past or other members of public to provide information on their whereabouts.基督城的警方发言人对《每日邮报》驻澳大利亚记者说,他们时常在脸书网的页面上公布入案照片,这种做法曾经促使犯人向警方自首,也便于其他公众向警方提供嫌疑人的行踪线索。#39;Yes, we have had similar responses before,#39; the spokesperson said of Mr Lake#39;s comments, adding that the sought after person#39;s presence on social media has also previously helped to locate them.“我们曾经受到过类似的。”关于雷克先生的照片,这位官方发言人说,“警方曾经通过跟踪嫌疑人在社交网络上的行踪来确认他们的实际位置。” /201411/341980

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