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郴州东方医院可以看男科吗?郴州医院包皮手术多少钱Learn three online resume tips from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟随职业专家Nicole Williams学习网上书写简历的三点建议。;The thing about doing an online resume is you have so much more opportunity to tell the potential hiring manager about you. Whether it be your portfolio, the opportunity to upload , links to websites, to work that youve actually done in the past, you can add so much more to your resume than just your average skills, abilities, experiences.网上书写简历的优势就是,你有更多机会让潜在的人事经理更好地了解你。无论是代表作,上传视频,网站链接,还是过去的工作经历,你都可以添加很多内容,而不只是一般的技能,能力和工作经历描述。The other thing about applying online that you need to consider is search engine optimization. A lot of times it is actually a computer who is initially reviewing your resume, so you need to make sure that you have words included within your online resume that this computer is going to find as being a fit between you and this company.网上申请职位需要考虑的另外一个因素就是搜索引擎优化。很多情况下,最初对你的简历进行筛选的其实就是电脑,所以,一定要确保简历中包含了电脑比较容易搜索到的与公司匹配的关键词。So the best thing that you want to do is go onto the website of the company, make sure that youre using comparable kind of language. Look at the job description, so that youre using the exact words. This is not the opportunity, or the time, to get creative. You dont want to describe the job or the work that youve had in the past in some creative kind of way that is going to get missed. So please make sure that you are using very specific and tactical words in describing your experience when using an online resume. ;你最想做的,也是最好的一点就是登陆公司网站,确保使用类似的语言。查看一下职位描述,这样就可以准确地用词。这并不是创新的机会或时间。你肯定不能以非常创新的方式描述过去的职位,否则会让你看上去很怀念以前的工作。所以,在书写网上简历的时候,要用非常特别非常技巧的词语描述工作经历。视频听力译文由。201402/276234郴州第四医院男科电话 Debt crisis weights heavy on Argentina Argentinas economy looks bleak for the second quarter in a row. CNNs Isa Soares reports. The flags are still flying high,the signs of pride that they reaped from football achievement.But behind the patriotic display,there is an undertone,uncertainty and fear in Buenos Aires.Here on the street,people are worried about fragile state of their economy,and implication of speaking what about it.After several intervew cancelation with other Argentines,we met moter L.P,who agreed to speak to me.And she dosent hold back when I asked how difficult the life has become for her.She tells me,every thing is much more expensive, our purchasing power has decreased significantly,as well as our standard of living has changed.My life style has changed.I changed my way I dress. I have comfort such as help my home.And I no longger have this.My childeren have to go to the school,and we have to lower the level of education and move schools.And then we have to change the social program we had as a family,such as eating out.Well no longger go to restaurants.Hollidays are no longger possible.This has all changed she says.Some one said he knows the hardest change may be yet to come.The countrys GDP was down at the first quarter this year,and the decline did further in the 2nd quarter, and recession would knowingly be made starker with the expectation the economy will contract by one and half percent this year.Economist E,S, his economy has been precarious the last several years.Basically, the economy has the highest deficit,high inflation,and instead of recuing those problems,the government decided to tighten the exchange rate controls.The only thing is, the only result of that was the declining who serve as world third,the government lost about 15billion dollars of itself,since october, 2011 to something to today.And the economy lost the momentum while we were growing at that time we are in the recession.And inflation at that time was about 25%,now was about 40%,so the thing went wrong for the government.This aly out of sustainable situation may become less sustainable still if the Argentina cant find way to pay for its exchange bunghole at the end of month.The country would be in default.And then fears Argentines likeliness daily faces every day may be hard to escape from.She tells me, I try not to be fearful,I fight not to be fearful,but there are things that went through on daily basis,some makes your fearful.First, economy uncertainty has been made turn out,then pressure we faces over individual freedom and security.The fears are there,they are permanent.Im trying not to fear them,but they are there,she says.Getting people to talk openly and on camera,but economic reality is there,facing it has been a challenge.Many are fearful the government will look into their finance, into how they spend their money.Well, when Argentina you wish not to be on camera,basically you told me,you can smell the recession,its every where.Well, with soaring inflation,depleted reserves and social discontent, you are gonging to have smelt it, you can see it. /201408/319073But the experiment doesnt end there.但实验并未在这里结束All the words produced by the first candidate前一位候选人所创造的单词are used to create the language for the next person in the experiment,都作为下一位候选人创造语言时的参考including the words they invented for the unfamiliar fruit.包括他们为陌生水果创造的那些单词Each of these learners thinks每个实验对象都认为that theyre giving us back the same thing that we trained them on,自己是尽力将我们教他们的东西as best they can,原样交给我们but in fact each of them,但实际上随着时间推移 unconsciously, is changing that language,原始语言一点点地被他们每个人changing it piece by piece over time.无意识地改变了As its passed through generations of users,经过了一代代测试对象的改进the language slowly turns from a random chaotic one测试的语言从最初的混乱无章to one of structure with combinations that can be easily remembered.慢慢地形成了容易记忆的语法结构By the ninth generation, the words have been divided into parts到了第九代 单词已被分为几部分and each of these has a different meaning.每部分都有其自身的含义N, L and R describe the different colours.N L R用来表示颜色The middle of the word describes the number,中间部分用来表示数量and the end of the word like ;plo; or ;pilu;而单词末尾比如;plo;和;pilu;describes the type of fruit.用来表示水果种类201501/353203郴州治疗早泄的医院哪家比较好

郴州东方医院治疗阳痿早泄S.Korea condemns Japanese ministers visit to war shrine韩国谴责日政客参拜靖国神社South Korea has also voiced criticism of Yoshitaka Shindos visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. The South Korean foreign ministry denounced the visit as ;glorifying past aggression;, and ;defying international concerns;.韩国对日本总务大臣Yoshitaka Shindo参拜靖国神社行为表示谴责。韩国外交部谴责日方此次参拜是“美化侵略史”和“挑衅国际关系”的行为。In a statement, it said Japanese politicians should make efforts to mend South Korea-Japan ties through ;humble retrospection towards history.;一份声明指出,日本政客应该通过“谦虚回顾历史”来改善日韩关系。201404/287823郴州汝城县治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 Back in the roost, the young are left on their own. Special pads on their wings help them to grip on the bamboo walls-most of the time.小家伙们被留下来看家。翅膀上独特的肉趾帮助他们攀爬竹壁,绝大多数时候。The young bats use the extra space to prepare for a life on the wing by preening and stretching.小竹蝠们在剩下的空间里用伸展腰肢整理翅膀为日后的飞行早做准备。Packed in like sardines, they would make an easy target for a snake.就像罐头里的沙丁鱼挤得满满的,将成为容易被蛇攻击的目标。But the snake has no chance of getting in. The entrance is thinner than the width of a pencil.但是蛇却没有收获的机会。入口的宽度比铅笔还要细。When the mothers return, they can push through the narrow entrance only because of their unusually flattened skulls.当蝙蝠妈妈回来时,穿过狭窄的入口必须要依靠它们与众不同的扁平颅骨。But its still a squeeze. Bamboos are exploited in a very different way by another forest dweller. Fresh bamboo shoots are an important forest crop.同样还是需要用力才能挤进去。另一个深林的原住民在竹子的采集与使用方面独辟蹊径。新鲜的竹笋是重要的深林作物。 /201404/291670郴州市第四医院不孕不育科

郴州不育不育检查优惠 If you really want to get a sense of Chinas imperial and cultural history, there was no better destination than the Taiwanese capital. The collections oldest pieces—chunky jewelry made of jade—date back over 8,000 years.如果你真的想要感受一下中国的帝国及文化历史,没有比台湾的首都更好的地方了。藏品之中最古老的展品--玉制的厚重首饰--回溯到八千年前。There are elegant pottery statues of court ladies from the Tang dynasty, a tiny boat carved from an olive stone—its even difficult to make out the details from a magnifying glass. And one of the museums most celebrated pieces—a cabbage chiseled from jadeite—uses the natural colors of the stone to create the vegetable.有唐朝宫廷仕女典雅的陶瓷雕像、以橄榄核雕制而成的迷你船只--甚至用放大镜要辨认那些细节都很困难。此物馆最着名的展品--以硬玉凿成的白菜--使用玉石原始的颜色来创造出那蔬菜。Ceramics too are exquisite like classic blue and white designs from the Ming dynasty, ostentatious Qing vases, or rare jun porcelain from the 11th century of which only 70 pieces are known to exist in the world—nearly half of them are here.陶器同样也很精美,像是明朝的经典蓝白设计、豪华的清代花瓶、或是现在知道只剩七十件留存在世界上的十一世纪稀有钧瓷--它们有几乎一半都在这。There are a lot of big museums in the world, such as, you know, the British Museum and the Louvre or the Metropolitan. And then they have it, you know, in terms of Chinese collection. And this is the best. And this is the most comprehensive. So, yeah, I will see. You know, if you see Chinese culture and Chinese art, this is the best place.世界上有许多大型物馆,像是,你知道,大英物馆还有罗浮宫,或是大都会物馆。他们都有些藏品,你知道,提到中华藏品这方面。但这里是最好的。这里是最完整的。所以,对的,我会乐见。你知道,如果你想欣赏中华文化和中华艺术,这里是最棒的地方。If it is puzzling why so many of Chinas treasures are here on this island, you need to look back 60 years. During the height of the civil war in the 1940s, Chiang Kai-sheks nationalists retreated to the island of Taiwan, leaving Maos communists to the mainland. With them they carried a large and important portion of the imperial collection from Beijings Forbidden City.如果为什么这么多中国的珍宝在这座小岛这里让你很困惑的话,你需要回顾到六十年前。在1940年代内战高峰时,蒋中正的国民政府成员撤退到台湾这小岛,将毛泽东的共产党成员留在大陆。在他们身上,他们带着来自北京紫禁城的大量又重要的帝国藏品。And while the nationalists think they saved Chinas art treasures by bringing them to Taiwan, some on the mainland consider the act theft. That split has continued for six decades.虽然那些国民政府成员认为他们借由将藏品带来台湾,拯救了中国的艺术珍宝,但有些在大陆的人认为此举为偷窃。那样的分裂持续了六十年。But now a new exhibition has brought together pieces from Beijing and Taipei under one roof, here at the National Palace Museum. The exhibition is focusing on Emperor Yongzheng, who reigned in the early 18th century during the Qing dynasty. On show are painted enamel vases, epistles to and from the emperor, and lacquerware, Beijing has contributed nearly a fifth of the exhibits.但现在一场新的展览将来自北京和台湾的藏品集结到到一个屋檐下,就在国立故宫物院这里。此展览聚焦在雍正皇帝上,他在十八世纪初叶清朝时执政。在展览中有图绘珐琅花瓶、寄给皇帝及皇帝所写的书信、还有木制漆器,北京贡献了将近五分之一的展品。The loan from Beijings Palace Museum will make the exhibition more complete. For example, the National Palace Museum in Taiwan doesnt have portraits of Emperor Yongzheng. This is the first time the two museums have collaborated on an exhibition. In Taiwan, Mainland China, and in the Chinese-speaking world, this is a very important affair.从北京故宫借来的藏品将会使这场展览更加完整。举例来说,台湾的国立故宫物院并没有雍正皇帝的肖像。这是首次两间物馆合作举办一场展览。在台湾、中国大陆、还有华语地区,这是场非常重要的盛会。For now, loans will only be one-way. Taipei says there are obstacles to sending artifacts in the other direction. Firstly, they worry whether the prospective loans will ever be returned. Secondly, Beijing rejects the word national in the Taiwanese museums name.目前,借来的展品只会是单向的。台北方面表示朝对岸运送艺术品会有许多阻碍。首先,他们担心即将借出的展品是否有天会归还。第二,北京否定了台湾故宫名字中的“国立”二字。But openness is increasing between the two sides, including in the movement of tourists. Until last year, Chinese from the mainland were not allowed to visit Taiwan. But after that policys changed, thousands are coming every day. And the National Palace Museum is benefiting from the boost in numbers.但两岸间的开放性正逐渐成长,包括游客的流动。直至去年,大陆的中国游客并不允许造访台湾。但在政策改变之后,每天都有数千人过来。而国立故宫物院受惠于这些旅客人数的暴增。This exhibition will also help raise awareness of the National Palace Museums permanent collection. Internationally it is still not well-known outside of East Asia, but it can now assert to hosting one of the most groundbreaking exhibitions of the year, called Harmony and Integrity: the Yongzheng Emperor and his Times and itll run until January 10, 2010.这场展览同样也会帮助提高对国立故宫物院固定展品的关注。在国际方面,它在东亚以外的地方尚未出名,但现在可以主张举办年度最具开创性的展览,名为“雍正清世宗文物大展”,将会展到2010年一月十日。201411/345168郴州割包皮多少费用郴州男科医院咨询qq



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