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ALTAY, China — It has been a bad year for the big-tailed sheep. The grass in the high mountain pastures here in northwest China has been sparse, and the sheep have not eaten well. They are scrawny. That means the Kazakh herders have suffered, too.中国阿勒泰——对于大尾羊来说,这是糟糕的一年。中国西北部的高山草地牧草稀疏,羊群吃不饱,全都骨肉如柴。这意味着哈萨克族牧民的日子也不好过。“The drought has affected everyone,” one herder, Aijamal, 32, who like many others here uses one name, said on a recent afternoon as she rode horseback and drove hundreds of sheep across a barren plateau. “We can’t sell the sheep for the same price we did before.”最近的一个下午,32岁的牧民艾贾玛(Aijamal)骑马驱赶羊群穿过一片贫瘠的高原。“所有人都受干旱影响,”她边骑马边说说。“我们的羊卖不出以前的价格了。”她像这里的很多人一样,只使用单名。Sheep that wholesalers bought for 1,000 renminbi, about 0, last year are commanding only 830 renminbi now, she said. The price drop has come as a big blow to the nomadic Kazakh herders whose families have for decades produced the most famous sheep in China.她表示,批发商去年花1000元购买的羊现在只值830元。价格下跌给哈萨克族游牧民造成巨大打击,这些游牧家庭数十年来一直在饲养中国最知名的羊。And the season for fattening up the sheep is at an end. Across this remote area of pristine grasslands and alpine forests, along the southern slopes of the Altai Mountains, nomads are in the middle of their annual multiweek autumn migration, as they bring their families, yurts and livestock down from the high pastures to lower altitudes for the winter. They are using horses, camels and flatbed trucks for transport, and horses and motorcycles to herd their animals. Clouds of dust rising from the steppes signal nomads on the move.羊只长膘的季节已经到了尾声。牧民们每年秋季都会花费数周时间进行迁徙,他们正沿着阿尔泰山南山坡穿越未遭破坏的草地和高山林区,带着家人、圆顶帐篷、牲畜从高山草地向海拔较低的地方迁徙过冬。他们利用马、骆驼及平板货车充当运输工具,用马和托车驱赶牲畜。草原上飞扬的尘土说明游牧民正在迁徙。This lifestyle has continued for centuries here, north of the Xinjiang region’s desolate Dzungarian Basin and near China’s borders with Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Russia, despite official efforts to force nomads to settle in newly built villages. The nomads pass the winter near the lower towns before making the reverse migration once the snows begin melting.尽管政府迫使游牧民迁入新建的村庄,在新疆北部的准噶尔盆地,以及中国与蒙古、哈萨克斯坦和俄罗斯的边境附近,这种生活方式已经持续了几个世纪。游牧民们在纬度较低的城镇过冬,然后在雪开始融化时再进行反向迁徙。A history museum in Altay pays tribute to this way of life. “The Altay region has been a paradise for nomadic peoples since ancient times,” the text on one display says. “The Tiele, Scythians, Xiongnu, Xianbei, Rouran, Tujue, Mongol and Kazakh have lived here successively for thousands of years and created a splendid grassland culture. They have contributed to the history of not only the Altay region but also of Xinjiang and China.”阿勒泰的一个历史物馆向这种生活方式致以纪念。“阿勒泰地区自古以来就是游牧民族的天堂,”一件展品的文字说明写道。“铁勒人、斯基泰人、匈奴人、鲜卑人、柔然人、突厥人、蒙古人及哈萨克族人相继在这里生活了数千年,并创造了辉煌的草原文化。他们为阿勒泰地区及新疆和中国的历史做出了贡献。”The big-tailed sheep of the region, especially those near Fuhai Lake, have been prized for more than 1,000 years, according to the Ministry of Commerce website. During the Tang dynasty (618 to 907 A.D.), rulers in the area sent sheep as tribute to the imperial court in Xi’an. During the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the region’s mutton was served as official food to athletes from Muslim countries, according to an Altay government website.商务部网站显示,该地区——特别是福海附近——的大尾羊早在1000多年前就受到人们的追捧。唐朝时期(公元618年-907年),当地统治者曾将福海大尾羊作为贡品献给唐朝宫廷。阿勒泰政府网站声称,在2008年北京夏季奥林匹克运动会期间,阿勒泰羊肉成为穆斯林国家运动员的官方指定食物。Adult sheep can weigh more than 300 pounds, making them ideal for meat production. The sheep are known for tails that weigh more than 20 pounds, where they store fat for the winter.成年羊体重高达300多磅(约合136公斤),因此非常适合做成肉制品。大尾羊以重量可达20多磅的尾部著称,大尾羊依靠尾部储存脂肪过冬。One recent day, Aijamal — dressed in a turquoise sweater and a red head scarf (Kazakhs are mostly Sunni Muslims) and astride a white horse — was watching over 200 sheep. Her two children were in a mud-walled shelter nearby. She and her family were in the middle of their migration, driving the sheep down to winter pastures near a riverside village.近日,身穿青绿色毛衣、头戴红色头巾(哈萨克族人大多数是逊尼派穆斯林)的艾贾玛骑着一匹白马,看管着200只羊。她的两个孩子待在附近的泥墙房中。她和家人正在进行迁徙,要将羊群赶往一个河畔山村附近的冬季牧场。There, they would hire other herders to look after the sheep until the spring. That is an increasingly common practice among some Kazakhs, especially those who have traded their nomadic occupations for other pursuits.他们会在那里雇佣其他牧民看管羊群,直到春天。在一些哈萨克族人中,这种做法越来越普遍,特别是那些放弃游牧,从事其他工作的人。“We’ll stay here for a few days,” Aijamal said as she got off her horse. “Then we’ll go down after the sheep have eaten.”“我们会在这儿待几天,”艾贾玛边从马上下来边说。“羊群吃完草后,我们将继续往下走。”She said she and her husband had just sold 80 lambs to two wholesale meat merchants, ethnic Uighurs who were among the few Uighur buyers visiting this year. Officials in Xinjiang have been restricting their movements because of a surge in ethnic violence.她表示自己和丈夫只向两名维族肉类批发商卖出了80只羔羊,他们是今年前来买羊的为数不多的维族买家。由于民族冲突加剧,新疆地区的官员限制维族人的活动。Many Uighurs resent rule by the Han, the dominant ethnic group in China, and hundreds of people have been killed this year amid violence in Xinjiang. Chinese officials blame terrorist groups among the Uighurs, though insurgency experts and scholars of Xinjiang say they have seen no evidence of a widesp terrorist influence.许多维吾尔人对汉人的统治感到不满。汉人在中国的人口中占多数。今年已经有数百人在新疆的暴力冲突中死亡。中国官员将这些事件的责任归咎于维吾尔人中的恐怖组织,不过,研究叛乱活动和新疆问题的专家和学者称,他们没有发现恐怖主义在新疆拥有广泛影响力的据。The shortage of buyers has also contributed to the drop in the price of sheep, Aijamal said. “Before, the Uighurs would come north from Urumqi to buy our sheep,” she said, referring to the capital of Xinjiang, a vast region that makes up one-sixth of China. “But now many of them can’t come.”买家的稀缺还导致羊肉价格下降,艾贾玛说。“以前,维吾尔人会从乌鲁木齐北上来买我们的羊肉,”她说。新疆地域辽阔,占中国国土面积的六人之一,乌鲁木齐是其首府。“但是现在,很多人都来不了。”But the drought has been a much bigger problem. This year, it killed 8,000 animals and destroyed 3,800 square kilometers of crops in northern Xinjiang, according to a report in the state news media. Three million animals lack sufficient drinking water. The Civil Affairs Bureau said 800,000 people were affected, and officials estimate the economic loss at 4.7 billion renminbi, or 0 million.而更加严重的问题是干旱。官方媒体的一篇报道称,今年,干旱共导致新疆北部8000头牲畜死亡,3800平方公里的庄稼受到破坏。目前,有300万头牲畜缺乏足够的饮用水。民政局称,受灾人数达80万人,官方估计,经济损失可达47亿元人民币,合7.6亿美元。Some nomads were leaving earlier than usual from the summer pastures so their sheep could graze lower down. North of the town of Burqin, near a mountain pass, a man named Los’han was dismantling his yurt with his family and tossing their furniture into the back of a white flatbed truck. Nomad families sometimes split the daily rental rate of 0 or more for a truck and driver for their migration.一些游牧者比往常更早地离开了夏季牧场,好让羊群到南边吃草。在布尔津县北部的一个山口附近,一位名叫罗斯汉(Los’han)的男子正在和家人拆掉毡帐,同时把家当扔上一辆白色的平板卡车。在迁徙时,游牧民族家庭有时会合租一辆卡车和司机,分担每天至少100美元的费用。“My older brother is watching our sheep in the mountains,” said Los’han, 40. “He’ll bring them down to join us.”“我哥在山上照看我们的羊,”现年40岁的罗斯汉说。“他会把羊群赶下山和我们汇合。”East of Altay, in the area of Koktokay, a nomad on horseback pointed to some of his 200 or 300 sheep. Way too thin, he said.在阿尔泰东部的可可托海地区,一个游牧者骑在马上,指着他的一些羊说,太瘦了。他总共有两三百头羊。“Soon there won’t be any grass,” said the man, Urzbek, 62. “Maybe next year there will be none at all, because it hasn’t rained.”“很快就没有草了,”这个名叫乌尔兹别克(Urzbek)的62岁男子说。“可能明年就什么草都没有了,因为没下过雨。”He lives with his family in one of a half-dozen white yurts by a road leading to the Koktokay nature park, a Yosemite-like valley with towering granite peaks through which the Irtysh River flows to the Arctic Ocean. In the park, nomads were coming down from the summer pastures each day with camel caravans.他和家人住在通向可可托海国家地质公园的公路旁的一座白色毡帐里,周围还有五座这样的毡帐。可可托海国家地质公园是一个类似约塞米蒂谷的地方,有高耸的花岗岩山峰,额尔齐斯河经由这里流入北冰洋。在公园里,每天都有游牧者带着骆驼队从夏季牧场走下来。On this morning, Urzbek’s daughter walked among their sheep to help ensure that none of them wandered off. A half-dozen camels that his family owns loped in formation, tied together, near the dry hills. Then there was the horse on which Urzbek rode. “My horse is more important than my life,” he said.这天早上,乌尔兹别克的女儿走在羊群中间,帮助确保不会有羊走散。他家养的六只骆驼绑在一起,保持着队形,在干旱的山峦附近阔步前行。跟在后面的是骑在马背上的乌尔兹别克。“我的马比我的命还重要。”他说。He began riding off. “I need to keep the sheep in line,” he said. He whistled and cracked a short whip to get the sheep moving.他开始策马远去。“我得把羊群看好,”他说。他吹了一声口哨,甩响了短鞭,驱赶着羊群。 /201410/338314Wealthy countries are channelling around bn a year to help poorer nations deal with global warming, according to new findings on one of the most contentious issues in UN climate talks.对联合国(UN)气候谈判中最具争议的问题之一所做的新研究发现,富裕国家目前每年输出约570亿美元用于帮助较贫穷国家应对全球变暖的问题。The figure, from a study by the OECD group of developed nations, comes two months before delegates from nearly 200 countries head to Paris to broker a climate change accord that will lower greenhouse gas emissions.该数据来自经合组织(OECD)所做的一项研究,该组织由发达国家组成。再过两个月,来自近200个国家的代表将前往巴黎参加气候变化大会,以期达成一项旨在减少温室气体排放的气候变化协议。The sum is likely to be seized on by diplomats from wealthy nations to argue that their governments are well on the way to fulfilling a 2010 pledge to raise 0bn a year in public and private climate finance for poorer countries by 2020.富裕国家的外交官们很可能会抓住该数字不放,以此辩称他们的政府正在朝着兑现2010年一项承诺的方向前进。这项承诺是到2020年每年从公共和私人来源为较贫穷国家筹集1000亿美元应对气候变化资金。But it will be scrutinised in minute detail by envoys from poorer countries who say they cannot sign up to a deal in Paris if it lacks the funding they need to shift to greener energy systems and deal with the floods and heatwaves that scientists say are likely to increase as the climate changes.但是,该数字将受到来自较贫穷国家的代表们的严密审视,他们称,如果协议中没有列明他们转向更清洁能源体系以及应对洪水和热浪所需资金的来源,他们将不会在巴黎签署协议。科学家称,随着气候变化,洪水和酷热天气很可能会日益增加。French president, Fran Hollande, warned last month that efforts to seal a successful accord in December could fail unless wealthy countries make a serious commitment on climate finance.法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗德(Fran Hollande)上个月警告称,在12月签订气候协议的努力或将失败,除非富裕国家就气候融资作出郑重承诺。But figuring out what should and should not be counted as climate funding from the complex web of foreign aid budgets, multilateral bank lending and other sources of money has proved extremely difficult.但是,从外国援助预算、多边贷款以及其他资金来源构成的复杂资金网中判断哪些资金应该被算作气候融资,已经实是极为困难的。Studies since 2010 suggest the figure could be anything from bn to 5bn a year.自2010年以来的研究表明,该数字可能介于每年400亿至1750亿美元之间。In an attempt to get a clearer picture before the Paris meeting, the French government and its Peruvian counterpart, which hosted last year’s UN climate talks, asked the OECD to do a more detailed analysis on how close countries were to meeting the 0bn a year goal.为了在巴黎气候大会前得到一个较清晰的概念,法国政府以及去年主办联合国气候谈判大会的秘鲁政府,要求经合组织进行一项更详细的分析,以了解各国距离每年提供总计1000亿美元气候融资的目标还有多远。The result is a 61-page report that concludes wealthy countries mobilised .8bn in 2014, up from .2bn in 2013, making an average of bn a year for those two years, mostly from public rather than private sources.结果是一份61页的报告,结论是2014年富裕国家调动了618亿美元,较2013年的522亿美元有所增加,使这两年的平均数字达到570亿美元,大部分资金来自公共部门而非私人来源。“We take that as quite an encouraging picture of progress,” said the leader of the research, Simon Buckle, head of the OECD’s climate, biodiversity and water division.“我们认为这是相当鼓舞人心的进展,”该研究的带头人——经合组织气候、生物多样性及水资源部门的负责人西蒙巴克尔(Simon Buckle)称。“This is clearly not a perfect estimate,” he told reporters, explaining that the task confronting his team was so large he had not been confident that it would be possible to arrive at any firm figure.“很明显这并非一项令人非常满意的估计,”他向记者表示,解释称其团队面临的任务非常艰巨,他原本甚至没有信心能够得到确切的数字。“But we really think it’s a robust, up to date estimate that will be useful,” he said.“但是我们的确认为这是一个站得住脚的最新估算,它将是有用的,”他称。Mr Buckle said one of the report’s biggest contributions was its attempt to clarify how climate financing can be measured and defined.巴克尔称,该报告最大的贡献之一是它试图明确对气候融资进行衡量和定义的方式。The study does not, for example, include money relating to coal projects, even though Japan and Australia say funding for more efficient coal plants should be considered as a form of climate finance.例如,该研究并未将与煤炭项目相关的资金包括在内,尽管日本和澳大利亚方面认为,为更高效的燃煤发电厂提供资金应该被视为气候融资的一种形式。Japan has provided up to .2bn for such projects over 2013-14.2013-14年间,日本为这类项目提供了多达32亿美元的资金。The bn figure also excludes pledges wealthy countries have made totalling just over bn to a newly-established Green Climate Fund set up as a result of past UN talks.570亿美元的数字也未计入富裕国家承诺向新成立的绿色气候基金(Green Climate Fund)提供的总计逾100亿美元资金。该基金的成立是联合国气候谈判的成果之一。Several countries have made significant commitments of more funding in recent weeks, including the UK and China, which has offered .1bn over an unspecified time period.最近几周,一些国家做出了提供更多资金的重大承诺,其中包括英国和中国,后者在未指明的时间段内已经提供了31亿美元的资金。But poverty campaigners say a new draft of a negotiating text for a Paris accord released on Monday is still short on detail about how much money wealthy countries are willing to offer poorer nations in future.但是,代表较贫穷国家的活动人士称,周一公布的为巴黎协议所拟的谈判文本的新草案,在富裕国家愿意在未来向较贫穷国家提供的资金额的问题上仍然缺少细节。The text has an option for scaling up the 0bn a year pledge “from 2020”. But that is not good enough for an agreement that is supposed to be an enduring global response to climate change, said Tim Gore, climate change policy adviser at Oxfam.该文本中有一项是“从2020年起”在每年1000亿美元资金的基础上逐步增加金额。但是,乐施会(Oxfam)气候变化政策顾问蒂姆戈尔(Tim Gore)称,对于一项应该作为全球应对气候变化的长期协议来说,该条款不够理想。“To have nothing to say about the cost of achieving all this just seems barely credible,” he said.“对实现这一切的成本只字不谈,似乎是不可信的,”他称。 /201510/402453

Beijing’s persistent smog seems to have put a dent in the city’s appeal to tourists. Last year, Beijing Youth Daily reported that the number of visitors to Beijing had fallen 50 percent in the first nine months of 2013, compared with a year earlier; the newspaper attributed the decline, at least in part, to the city’s infamously bad air quality. Hiring managers in China also report greater difficulty (subscription required) attracting mid-career expats to Beijing, especially those with young children.北京持续不退的雾霾使来京旅行的游人减少。去年,《北京青年报》报道,2013年的前九个月北京的游客数量较去年同期下降了50%。该报认为,至少在某种程度上,游客数量下降应归咎于北京糟糕的空气质量。中国人事部经理报告说,吸引外籍人士(特别是有小孩的处于职业生涯中期的人)到北京也更加困难了。The blanket of toxic smog hasn’t hurt Beijing’s office market, which jumped up three notches on a global ranking by Cushman amp; Wakefield to become the fourth-most-expensive location to rent office space in the world. According to the real estate firm’s “Office Space Around the World 2014” report, office space in Beijing’s Central Business District costs on average /201403/278435

The Chinese central bank has made an emergency money injection after a surge in interbank rates, trying to prevent a repeat of the cash crunch that rattled global markets this year.中国央行在中国的间利率飙升后进行了紧急注资操作,试图阻止今年早些时候冲击全球市场的“钱荒”重演。In a highly unusual move, the People’s Bank of China said it had conducted a “short-term liquidity operation” to provide credit to banks in need of money.在一次极不寻常的行动中,中国人民称,它已通过“短期流动性调节工具”(SLO),向亟需资金的提供了信贷。According to the central bank’s own rules, it is only meant to announce SLOs one month after their implementation, but on this occasion it was unwilling to brook such a delay. It used its account on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, yesterday afternoon to tell a jittery market that it had provided banks with the emergency cash.根据中国央行自己的规则,它应当在实施SLO操作的一个月后才予以宣布,但这一次它显然不愿忍耐这种迟延。昨日下午,中国央行利用其新浪微(Weibo,类似于Twitter的微客平台)账户“央行微播”,告诉紧张不安的市场:它已向相关提供了紧急资金。Chinese money market rates had soared earlier in the day to levels last seen in late June when the country was hit by a liquidity squeeze that alarmed investors around the world about the potential for a financial crisis in China. The seven-day bond repurchase rate, an important gauge of short-term liquidity, rose to nearly 10 per cent as banks hoarded cash.昨日早些时候,中国货币市场利率飙升至6月下旬以来未见的高位。中国短期流动性的关键指标——7天期质押式回购利率——升至近10%,纷纷囤积资金。今年6月下旬,中国遭遇一场流动性紧缺,令世界各地投资者震惊,担心中国可能爆发金融危机。The central bank also extended trading in the country’s interbank market by 30 minutes yesterday to give financial institutions additional time to line up funds. The central bank last allowed an extended trading session during the June cash crunch.昨日中国央行还将中国间市场交易延长了30分钟,让金融机构有更多时间获得资金。央行上一次延长交易时间是在6月份“钱荒”期间。“It’s very clear they want to calm market fears,” said Zhou Hao, an analyst with ANZ in Shanghai. “The PBoC does not want to see the cash crunch repeated.”“很显然,他们希望消除市场担心,”澳新(ANZ)常驻上海的分析师周浩表示。“中国人民(PBoC)不想看到钱荒重演。”Yet the immediate cause for the sudden panic gripping the market was the central bank itself. Over five consecutive trading sessions, it had refrained from injecting cash in the financial system through its regular open-market operations.然而,引发突如其来的市场恐慌的直接起因正是中国央行。此前央行连续五个交易日没有通过常态化的公开市场操作向金融体系注入资金。That surprised traders and posed a challenge for banks, which need to refinance a large number of assets before the end of the year.这让交易员们感到意外,并对各构成一个挑战,这些需要在年底前对大量资产进行再融资。During the cash crunch in June, central bank officials explained that they had allowed the money market to tighten as a warning to banks to improve their liquidity management. Several banks had become overly reliant on the interbank market as a cheap source of funds and were using the cash to finance risky off-balance sheet loans.在6月的“钱荒”期间,中国央行官员解释说,他们有意让货币市场收紧,作为对商业的一个警告,要求它们改进流动性管理。此前多家变得过于依赖间市场,将其视为一个廉价资金来源,并利用这些资金为高风险的表外贷款融资。The central bank has since guided money market rates to levels roughly 150 basis points higher than the average before the cash crunch. With China’s stock of credit soaring to about 200 per cent of gross domestic product, from 130 per cent five years ago, analysts believe the government is trying to encourage companies and investors to reduce their debt loads.自那以来,中国央行将货币市场利率引导至高于“钱荒”之前平均值大约150个基点的水平。鉴于中国的信贷存量已从5年前相当于国内生产总值(GDP)的130%升至GDP的大约200%,分析师们相信,政府正试图鼓励企业和投资者降低各自的债务负担。“The PBoC wants money market rates to remain relatively high in order to lower leverage and contain financial risks,” said Duan Jihua, deputy general manager of Guohai Securities. “But they won’t push rates so high that it would actually trigger defaults or bankruptcy.”“中国人民希望货币市场利率保持在相对较高的水平,以便降低杠杆率,遏制金融风险,”国海券(Guohai Securities)副总经理段吉华表示。“但他们不会把利率推高到足以引发违约或破产的水平。” /201312/269606Since imperial times, China has permitted its citizens to file official complaints. But the State Bureau for Letters and Calls that governs the system is again warning petitioners to respect its protocol, or expect their petition to be ignored. 中国自帝王时代就允许国民上访。不过,管理上访制度的国家信访局再次告诫信访人遵守该局的程序,否则他们的信访事项将不被受理。In its newest body of regulations, the bureau said this week that anyone with a complaint should pursue it close to home and preferably in writing. The regulations take aim at efforts by many protesters to cut red tape and pursue their bureaucratic, legal and financial grievances in Beijing, where they hope to get a fair hearing -- despite a low rate of success. The rules state that petitions that arrive from outside the channels will not be accepted. 国家信访局在本周公布的规定中称,信访人应当向依法有权处理的本级或上一级机关提出信访事项,同时应采用书面或走访形式。该规定针对的是很多试图简化手续,就官僚、法律和经济方面的冤情到北京上访的信访人。虽然成功率很低,但信访人仍希望能在北京讨回公道。新规称,来自其他渠道的信访事项将不被受理。The bureau#39;s new rules include instruction to government departments to close cases where they are the target of a complaint within 60 days -- if they accept the case -- and to not extend that period more than 30 days. The state bureau said a complainant unhappy with the initial decision can appeal one step up the bureaucratic ladder within 30 days. 国家信访局的新规还要求,有权处理机关在受理信访事项后要在60天内办理相关事项,如需延期办理,延期时间也不要超过30天。国家信访局还称,对信访事项处理意见不的信访人可以在30天内向上级机关提出复查请求。 The changes are the latest to a system that everyone -- from government officials to police to petitioners -- says needs fixing. The central government has repeatedly introduced laws and technology in ways that petitioners and rights groups say suppress complaints to the capital. The suppression is at times backed up by brute force typically attributed to authorities where the complaints originally initiated. But petitioners who claim to have been wronged by corrupt officials, unfair courts and cruel employers and can#39;t get redress at home continue to flood to the letter bureau#39;s Beijing offices and to supreme court and prosecutor#39;s offices and other ministries. 目前,从政府官员、警察到上访者,所有人都认为中国现行的信访制度需要调整,而国家信访局公布上述条例正是对信访制度的最新调整。对于中央以各种方式多次颁布的法规和推出的技术手段,上访者和维权团体认为这都是为了压制上访者到北京上访。这种压制有时会借助暴力手段,而实施暴力的一般都是上访者原籍的当地政府部门。但声称受到腐败官员、不公正法院和残忍雇主迫害且冤屈不能在家乡得到伸张的上访者还在继续涌向北京的信访部门、最高法院、检察院和其他政府部门。Petitioners include people like Zhou Li, a former policeman from the northern city Shijiazhuang who has petitioned for redress since 2002 for what he says was his wrongful murder conviction in the 1980s. Mr. Zhou said by telephone on Thursday that he was railroaded, spending 14 years in prison following an accident involving the police car he was driving that left dead the son of a local government official. 来自石家庄的上访者周立(音)曾经是一名警察。他从2002年开始上访。周立说,上访的原因是自己在上世纪80年代被错误地判定为谋杀罪。周四他在电话中说,自己被冤入狱14年,只是因为他驾驶的警车发生了一起事故导致当地一位政府官员的儿子身亡。In response to the latest rules, Mr. Zhou said it is unrealistic to expect decisions within 60 days, in particular in criminal cases like his. 对于国家信访局最新公布的条例,周立表示,在60天内得到答复不切实际,特别是像他这样的刑事案件。He said any efforts to enforce the latest regulation will make some petitioners #39;go to extremes.#39; He added, #39;If you have top-down policies, local people always find a way around them.#39; 他说,任何执行这些最新条例的举动都将迫使一些上访者“走极端”。他还说,上有政策,下有对策。In the latest exposé of the lengths authorities sometimes go to block petitioners from reaching Beijing, the Chinese investigative magazine Caixin on Thursday published a lengthy story in English that detailed how some would-be protesters were allegedly stopped on their way to Beijing and held in a village house that the publication called a #39; black jail.#39; 最近的相关报道显示,有关部门有时会阻拦上访者去北京上访,中国杂志财新《新世纪》周四刊登了一篇文章,详述了一些打算上访的人是如何在去北京的路上被截访和被关押在一个“黑监狱”里的。Chinese government officials, including a representative of the letters bureau, affirmed citizens#39; right to petition and the illegality of black jails late last year in a review before the ed Nations Human Rights Council: #39;China is committed to keeping the channel open for people to express grievances and make complaints. It prohibits restriction of normal acts of petition in any forms, and would never allow suppression of petitioners or establishment of any forms of #39;black jails,#39;#39; it said. 包括信访局一名代表在内的中国政府官员去年底在向联合国人权理事会(ed Nations Human Rights Council)做的报告中重申,中国公民有上访权利,将上访者关入黑监狱是不合法的。报告称,中国致力于使人民表达不满和进行抱怨的渠道保持开放,禁止以任何形式限制正常的上访活动,并且永远不会允许镇压上访者或者建立任何形式的黑监狱。Reminders by Chinese authorities that complaints must be handled within existing bureaucratic strictures aren#39;t new. 这并不是中国有关部门首次提醒不要越级上访。In August 2009, the Communist Party#39;s Political and Legislative Affairs Committee warned petitioners to #39;not seek solutions by visiting Beijing#39; and instead instructed them to seek redress though legal channels locally. 2009年8月份,中共中央政法委员会曾警告上访者称,不得透过上访北京来谋求解决问题,而应该依靠基层解决问题,坚持靠法制解决问题。That announcement, the committee said, was designed to ensure a #39;harmonious#39; celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Communist Party rule in October 2009. The latest announcement comes six weeks before the 25th anniversary of the 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square. 该委员会称,这一声明旨在确保新中国成立60周年(2009年10月份)庆祝活动拥有和谐稳定的社会环境。James T. Areddy / Fanfan Wang James T. Areddy / Fanfan Wang /201404/291940The flood of allegations, lawsuits and official reports into clerical abuse reached a peak in 2009 and 2010, which observers say may explain the spike shown in the document.据英国广播公司报道,在2009年和2010年间,大量有关神职人员性虐儿童的指控、诉讼和官方报道已经沸腾了。The Holy See is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a legally binding instrument which commits it to protecting and nurturing the most vulnerable in society.梵蒂冈是联合国《儿童权利公约》的签署者。这是一份具有法律约束力的文书,承诺保护和照顾儿童。It ratified the convention in 1990 but after an implementation report in 1994 it did not submit any progress reports until 2012, following revelations of child sex abuse in Europe and beyond.1990年,罗马教会批准了这个公约。但是在1994年的执行报告后,直到2012年才提交了进展报道,在欧洲和其他地区儿童受到性虐曝光后。Last month, the Vatican refused a request from the UN#39;s Committee on the Rights of the Child for data on abuse, on the grounds that it only released such information if requested to do so by another country as part of legal proceedings.上个月,梵蒂冈拒绝了联合国儿童权利委员会关于提供受虐儿童数据的要求,理由是只有其他国家提出要求、作为法律程序的一部分,才能公布这些信息。In a homily on Thursday, Benedict#39;s successor, Pope Francis, called abuse scandals ;the shame of the Church;.在周四的说教中,本尼迪克特的继承者——弗朗西斯一世认为这个虐待丑闻是教会的耻辱。He announced in December that a Vatican committee would be set up to fight sexual abuse of children in the Church.弗朗西斯一世在2013年12月宣布,梵蒂冈将设立委员会来与教会性虐儿童作斗争。 /201403/278219

Thousands of residents in Hong Kong rallied Sunday to protest what they see as waning press freedoms in this Chinese city.数千名香港市民周日举行了游行示威活动,抗议他们所称的新闻自由遭打压的现象。According to organizers, more than 6,000 demonstrators--including reporters, college students and retirees--rallied under blue skies by the edge of Victoria Harbour. Police put the number at closer to 2,200 at its height. Crowd estimates from police and organizers usually vary widely in Hong Kong.组织者称,有超过6,000人参加了在维多利亚港边上举行的游行活动,其中包括记者、大学生和退休人员。香港警方说,最高峰时游行人数接近2,200人。警方与示威组织者对游行人数的估计通常有很大差异。The rally is part of continued unease in Hong Kong about the influence of mainland China, which controls the former British colony under a one-country, two-systems agreement. In a report earlier this month, the Committee to Protect Journalists said that Hong Kong#39;s traditionally freewheeling press was under attack, citing past violent incidents against the pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, and rising rates of self-censorship.香港人对中国大陆的影响一直感到不安,游行凸现了这种担忧情绪。保护记者委员会(Committee to Protect Journalists)本月早些时候发布报告称,香港一向都很自由的新闻界正在遭受压制,报告列举了针对亲民主刊物《苹果日报》的暴力事件以及新闻界日益上升的自我审查频率。Karen Kwok, a cable-television reporter at the rally who attended alongside at least 10 colleagues, said the future of freedoms #39;depends on what kind of fight we put up.#39;与至少10名同事一起参加游行的有线电视记者Karen Kwok说,未来的自由取决于现在进行什么样的抗争。#39;If we don#39;t speak up, of course it will only get worse,#39; she said, as she stood before a wall of blue ribbons that protesters had tied to the fence surrounding the government#39;s office.她表示,如果不抗议,情况只会越来越糟。抗议人群在香港政府办公楼周围的栏杆上系满了蓝丝带。A government spokesman said the city was committed to continuing to guard freedom of speech and freedom of the press, as the two are #39;major elements in sustaining Hong Kong#39;s status as an international metropolis.#39;香港政府一位发言人说,香港致力于继续维护香港言论自由和新闻自由,这两项自由都是维持香港国际大都会地位的主要元素。Hong Kong#39;s global press-freedom ranking this month slipped three places to No. 61 this year, according to the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders. Anger in Hong Kong has also been simmering since the start of the year over the ousting of a top editor at the well-regarded Ming Pao newspaper, which many staff believed was politically motivated.根据总部设在巴黎的无国界记者(Reporters Without Borders)的报告,香港在全世界新闻自由排行榜上的名次今年下降三位,至61位。而今年年初香港《明报》(Ming Pao)总编辑被撤换一事也激起了香港人的不满,该报许多员工认为撤换总编辑背后有政治意图。One local magazine reporter who marched on Sunday said he believed Chinese authorities were increasing pressure on Hong Kong publications as calls for political reform mount in advance of 2017, the year that Beijing has said is the earliest local residents can begin directly electing their leader.一位参加周日游行的香港杂志记者说,随着要求政治改革的呼声在2017年到来前不断高涨,中国当局加大了对香港新闻刊物的钳制。中国政府表示香港最早可于2017年直接选举特首。In particular, he said, he had been personally pressured by his editors to ensure that any print references to #39;Occupy Central#39;--a plan to occupy the city#39;s financial district to demand full universal suffrage--were accompanied by language emphasizing the potentially destructive impact of such a movement.他特别指出,他自己就受到过编辑的压力,编辑让他务必在提到“占领中环”的新闻报道中附带强调这一行动会造成的破坏性后果。#39;I definitely see more censorship,#39; said the reporter, who declined to be named out of fear of jeopardizing his job.他说,他遇到的审查肯定是更多了。这名记者因为担心自己的工作受到影响而不愿透露姓名。 /201402/277287The first novel I really fell in love with I rescued from being used as toilet paper.我真正喜欢上的第一本小说差点用作了厕纸,是被我抢救回来的。When I was a teenager, growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution, our ing list was extremely limited. We weren’t allowed to anything that was “feudalist,” “capitalist” or “revisionist.” That meant all classical Chinese poetry and fiction; all Western literature; all writing from our treacherous rival, the Soviet Union. Nobody told us specifically what we could . But the ingenious thing about Chairman Mao’s commandments was that when you subtracted all the books that were objectionable — backward, bourgeois, tainted by religious thought, adulterated by wrongheaded Soviet ideas — that cut out pretty much the entire literary legacy of the human race.我十几岁的时候,中国正值“文化大革命”,我们能读到的东西非常有限。任何“封建主义”、“资本主义”和“修正主义”的东西都不能读,这就意味着所有中国古典诗词和小说、西方文学,以及来自闹翻的对手——苏联的文学作品都不能碰。没有人告诉我们能读什么。但是毛主席的戒律的高明之处就在于,剔除所有不受欢迎的内容——落后的、小资的、涉及宗教思想的、掺有错误苏联思想的——人类的整个文学遗产几乎一点不剩了。I was 15 and had just started to in earnest when I arrived on Xipei Rubber Plantation in southern China, on the island of Hainan. Like most well-off city kids, I was coming to the countryside to be “re-educated” through agricultural labor. I came voluntarily; with my entire family either scattered or behind bars for political reasons, there wasn’t much left for me in my hometown, Guangzhou. My luggage consisted of two wooden crates containing my father’s collection of Chinese classics, which I’d rescued after my house was ransacked. I couldn’t them, though — not because they were forbidden, but because the form of Chinese in which they were written was too antiquated for me to understand.那年我15岁,来到海南岛的西培橡胶农场,刚刚开始喜欢上读书。和大多数家境良好的城市孩子一样,我来到农村干农活,接受“再教育”。我是自愿前来的,因为政治原因,我的家人不是分散各地,就是进了监狱。家乡广州已经没有什么值得留恋。我的行李里有两个木质板条箱,里面装着父亲收集的中国古典文学,是我家被抄家时抢救下来的。不过我还没法去读它们,不是因为它们是禁书,而是因为它们是用文言文写的,我还看不懂。I was a bookish kid with almost no books to . When my work squad took breaks from watering rubber saplings, I hid in the shade of the rubber trees, out of the pounding tropical heat, and leafed through my dad’s old books. Shrimpy, bespectacled, the youngest kid in the unit — and worst of all, the child of counterrevolutionaries — I was immediately singled out for punishment by the older city boys, those who would have been in high school if the schools hadn’t been closed down. They pried open my boxes, stole my stuff, put water in my kerosene lamp so the oil would explode when I tried to light it, keeping me from ing at night.我是一个爱读书的孩子,但却无书可读。每当我们的劳动小组完成了灌溉橡胶树苗的工作,可以休息片刻的时候,我就躲进橡胶树荫,远离热带的酷暑,翻看父亲的旧书。我是单位里年龄最小的孩子,戴着眼镜,佝偻着身子——最糟的是,还出身于反革命家庭——就这样,我很快被那些城里来的大男孩们拎出来欺侮,如果当时学校没有关门,他们本应在上高中的。他们撬开我的箱子,偷走我的东西,往我的煤油灯里倒水,在我点灯的时候,煤油就会爆炸,这样我就在夜里没法看书了。Then, one morning, as I was preparing to go to work, I saw a thick wad of paper nailed to a door with a heavy metal spike. It was a novel by Liu Qing, and it was called “To Build a New Life.”后来的一天早晨,我正要去干活,看到有扇门上用一粗大的钉子钉着厚厚一摞纸。那是柳青的小说,名叫《创业史》。The older boys liked to steal books from the shuttered plantation library and pin them to their doors, so they could tear off pages to use as bathroom tissue when they went to the latrine. Plucking up my courage, I knocked on the door:年纪大的男孩们喜欢从当时已经关门的农场图书馆偷书,把它们钉在自己的门上,上厕所时就撕下几张来当厕纸。我鼓起勇气敲响了那扇门。“Can I have that?” I asked.“这个能给我吗?”“Only if you find something else I can wipe myself with,” the boy replied.“那你给我找点别的东西擦屁股,”那个男孩回答。The leader of my work squad was a man named Hong Dejiang, one of the better-educated of the local laborers. With an elementary-school education, he could at a basic level. Hong saw that I was hardworking and liked books. I asked him if he had any paper I could trade. After carefully removing all the pictures of Mao from a copy of Red Flag magazine — we’d have gotten in trouble if we were found using the chairman’s image as toilet paper — Hong tore up the remaining pages and gave them to me so I could swap them for the book.我的劳动小组的组长叫洪德江(音译),是受过较好教育的本地人之一。他上过小学,有最基本的阅读能力。他知道我干活卖力,又喜欢书。我就问他有没有什么纸可以让我拿去交换。洪找来一本《红旗》杂志,小心翼翼地把上面所有毛主席像都撕扯下来——在那个时候,如果有人发现你用毛主席像当厕纸就会有麻烦——把剩下的纸页给了我,让我去换那本书。After that, Hong let me move my desk into his own quarters — a single room less than 10 feet square, occupied mostly by the bed on which his family slept — and lent me his own small kerosene lamp. Every evening after supper, after bathing by the well, I’d go quietly to his room and for an hour or two. Then, when the whole family had fallen asleep and my eyes had started to smart from ing by dim lamplight, I’d slip outside, closing the door gently behind me.后来,洪让我把我的桌子搬进他的房间,那是个不到10平方英尺的单间,他全家人都睡在上面的那张床占了大部分空间。他还把自己的小煤油灯借给我。每天吃完晚饭,在井边洗完澡,我都会悄悄到他的房间里去读一两小时的书。等到他全家人进入梦乡,我的眼睛也开始因为在昏暗的灯光下阅读而酸痛时,我就会悄悄走出去,轻轻关上房门。My real education began in that room. After ing three or four other books that I saved from a similar fate, I moved on to the copies of Balzac and Turgenev that some of the city kids were circulating secretly among themselves. We all knew who the other would-be intellectuals were. To avoid getting caught, people would tear the covers off books. I first 19th-century classics like “Eugénie Grandet” or “Le Père Goriot” in these faceless editions. Before long I was tackling tougher material: Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” and Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of the Red Chamber,” which my dad had kept in a locked drawer at home and whose three volumes I’d paged through yearningly as I was just learning to .我真正的教育就是在这个房间里开始的。读过三四本遭受类似命运、被我救下来的书之后,我便开始阅读一些城里孩子们私下流传的巴尔扎克和屠格涅夫的书。我们这些自诩有知识的人彼此都互相认识。当时人们会把书的封面撕下来,以防被抓到。我第一次读到《欧也妮·葛朗台》(Eugénie Grandet)、《高老头》(Le Père Goriot)等19世纪的经典作品,都是这种没有封面的书。不久后我又开始读更难的书籍:托尔斯泰的《安娜·卡列尼娜》、曹雪芹的《红楼梦》,在家里的时候,父亲把《红楼梦》藏在一个锁着的抽屉里,如今我如饥似渴地阅读着这部三卷本的巨著,就好像刚刚学会读书一样。I lent my father’s books around the countryside, trading them for other ones I wanted to . Ten years later, when I came back from Hainan to go to university, my father picked me up on the pier. One of the first sentences out of his mouth was, “Did you bring back my books?” I did. I brought back the entire set.在农村,我把父亲的书借出去换回自己想读的书。十年后,我从海南回到家乡上大学,父亲来到码头接我。一见我就说:“我的书你带回来了吗?”我带回来了,整套书我都带回来了。 /201503/362996

As China’s equity markets cool and its currency is devalued, attention will return to the question of whether its property market is heading for a fall. In my view the boom days are over, but with buyers required to put at least 30 per cent cash down, the risks of a crisis are low.随着中国股市降温和人民币贬值,人们的注意力将重新回到中国房地产市场是否步入下行通道的问题。在我看来,房地产繁荣期已经结束,但由于房地产买家被要求付至少30%的首付款,发生危机的风险很低。The housing market is one of the most important parts of the economy, and one of the most misunderstood. Important because residential real estate and construction account directly for more than 10 per cent of gross domestic product. Misunderstood because few observers appear to grasp the structure of the residential property market.住房市场是中国经济最重要的领域之一,也是被误解程度最深的领域之一。重要是因为住宅房地产直接占到10%以上的国内生产总值(GDP)。误解是因为似乎很少有观察人士真正理解中国住宅房地产市场的结构。Under the Communist party most workers have been allowed to buy their government housing at a steep discount to market value, with the result that the home ownership rate is among the highest in the world: 89 per cent, compared with about 64 per cent in the US and the UK. But this does not mean the appetite for new homes has been sated. A large share of homes are substandard, so demand for upgrading is significant. Only 55 per cent of the population is urban, a share that will continue to rise, driving demand for housing.在党管一切的时代,大部分工人被允许以大幅低于市场价的价格购买政府住房,结果是中国住房拥有率高达89%,跻身世界最高水平之列,而美国和英国的住房拥有率大约为64%。但这并不意味着中国人购置新房的愿望都得到了满足。相当大一部分住房不合标准,因此升级需求非常可观。只有55%的人口住在城镇,城镇人口比例还会继续上升,推动住房需求。Almost all new homes sold in China are apartments, not single family homes. Some 80 per cent of those apartments are bought one year or more before construction of the building will be finished, known as presale. That is one reason it takes time for new Chinese cities to fill up.在中国销售的几乎所有住房都是公寓,而非单户住宅。约80%的公寓是在建成一年或更早之前卖出的,这被称为预售。这是中国新城市需要一段时间才会人气上升的一个原因。In Zhengzhou, for example, featured on many lists of “ghost cities”, people bought apartments in a new area with the intention of not moving in for several years, based on the view that house prices would be higher after the subway lines were completed. The first line has since opened, and the new area is thriving. This pattern is repeated across the country.例如,在众多“鬼城”榜单上被列入的郑州,人们在新区买房的意图就是要在几年后才住进去,他们的决策依据是房价将会随着地铁线路的开通而上涨。自那之后第一条地铁开通,新城开始繁荣起来。这种格局在全国各地重复出现。One of the biggest misconceptions about China’s property market is that most buyers are speculators. In fact the residential market is driven by owner-occupiers. Data collected from sales managers across the country reveal that during the past three years less than 10 per cent of buyers were investors.关于中国房地产市场最大的一个误解是,大多数买家是投机者。实际上,住宅市场由自有住房者驱动。从全国各地的销售经理们收集来的数据显示,在过去3年期间,投资买家不足10%。The 9 per cent average annual growth in residential property prices over the past 10 years may appear the hallmark of a bubble, but it was accompanied by 12 per cent average annual nominal urban income growth.过去10年间住房价格年均上涨9%貌似符合泡沫的特征,但与此相伴随的是城镇居民名义收入年均12%的增长。Unprecedented income growth not only supports China’s remarkable consumption story; it also underpins a healthy property market. During the past decade inflation-adjusted urban income rose 7 per cent or more every year, while real rural income increased 7 per cent or more for each of the past nine years. In contrast over the past decade real income rose at an average annual pace of 1 per cent in the US and 0.3 per cent in the UK.史无前例的收入增长不仅持了中国引人瞩目的消费故事,还持了健康的房地产市场。过去10年期间,经通胀调整后的城镇居民收入每年增长7%以上,同时在过去9年间农村居民实际收入每年增长7%。相比之下,过去10年期间美国和英国的实际收入年均增长率分别为1%和0.3%。An important precondition for a bubble in any asset class is a high level of leverage, because in the absence of high leverage the consequences of a sharp price decline are limited. In China there is low leverage among homebuyers because about 15 per cent of buyers in the past three years have paid cash, while for those using mortgages a minimum deposit of 30 per cent is required.任何资产类别出现泡沫的一个重要前提是很高的杠杆水平,这是因为如果没有高的杠杆水平,价格大幅下跌的后果就是有限的。在中国,购房者的杠杆水平较低,因为在过去3年大约15%的买家是全款购房,而贷款购房者被要求最低付30%的首付款。 /201508/393780The worst password of 2013 is #39;123456#39; according to new research.根据一项最新调查显示,2013年度最差劲密码非“123456”莫属了。The 25 most common passwords have been released by Splashdata which makes password management applications.密码管理应用设计商Splashdata发布了一份“25个最常见密码” 榜单。;password; had held the top spot in the rankings since the annual list began to be compiled. In 2013 it slipped to number two on the list.自这份年度榜单编制之初,“password”就占据了“最常用密码”的榜首位置。而在2013年榜单中,“password” 排名下滑到了第二位。The swap is due largely to the major security breach at software company Adobe in October which affected tens of millions of users.这个变化很大一部分原因是因为去年十月软件巨头Adobe公司发生了重大安全漏洞,致使数百万用户遭受影响。Splashdata#39;s list shows that many people use easily guessable passwords. Some other passwords in the Top Ten include ;qwerty,; ;abc123,; ;111111,; and ;iloveyou.;Splashdata发布的榜单显示,很多人都使用很容易让人猜中的密码。其他几个排名前十的“最差劲密码”还包括“qwerty”、“abc123”、“111111”和“iloveyou”。Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData said: ;Seeing passwords like #39;adobe123#39; and #39;photoshop#39; on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing.SplashData的首席执行官根·斯兰说:“当你看到‘最差劲密码’榜单上出现‘adobe123’或者‘photoshop’,你就该意识到,在你正在使用的网站或应用上,不该用它本身的名字作为密码。”;Another interesting aspect of this year#39;s list is that more short numerical passwords showed up even though websites are starting to enforce stronger password policies.;“今年榜单有趣的地方之一是,尽管网站都开始实行更严的密码设定政策,位数少的密码仍出现在今年的榜单上。”The data was released to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords. Mr Slain added:;As always, we hope that with more publicity about how risky it is to use weak passwords, more people will start taking simple steps to protect themselves by using stronger passwords and using different passwords for different websites.;SplashData发布这份榜单是为了鼓励大家使用复杂的密码。根·斯兰还说道:“和往常一样,我们还是希望通过了解使用简单密码存在很大风险,大家能设立比较严谨的密码来保护自己,并在不同的网站上使用不同的密码。”The company advises consumers or businesses using any of the passwords on the list to change them immediately. Splashdata warned that even passwords with common substitutions like ;dr4mat1c; can be vulnerable to attackers#39; increasingly sophisticated technology.SplashData公司建议,使用榜单上出现的密码的用户和公司赶快修改自己的密码。SplashData公司警告称,用数字代替字母的常见密码,像“dr4mat1c”,也很容易遭到破解,因为现在密码入侵者的科技手段也越来越高端了。They say that it is especially risky to use the same password for entertainment sites as for email and social networking accounts.SplashData公司称,在网站上使用和邮箱及社交网站相同的密码尤其不安全。Most common passwords of 2013:2013年最常用密码:1. 1234562. password3. 123456784. qwerty5. abc1236. 1234567897. 1111118. 12345679. iloveyou10. adobe12311. 12312312. admin13. 123456789014. letmein15. photoshop16. 123417. monkey18. shadow19. sunshine20. 1234521. password122. princess23. azerty24. trustno125. 000000 /201401/274345Estate agents, rejoice. The rich are getting richer and more confident, and there is nothing they like more than buying fancy homes.房产中介们,高兴吧。富人越来越富,越来越自信,他们最喜欢的事情莫过于购买豪华住宅了。New data from a global study of #39;ultra-high-net-worth individuals#39;-the top 0.01%-shows a stark rise in house prices in the most desirable parts of cities across the world.一项有关“超高 值个人”(最富0.01%)的全球性调查提供的新数据显示,世界各国城市最抢手地段房价上涨明显。The study, by real-estate broker Knight Frank, looked at the lifestyles of the superrich-those with more than million in net assets-and the very expensive penthouses, castles, mansions and estates they buy.这项调查是房地产经纪公司莱坊(Knight Frank)实施的,考察了 资产逾3,000万美元的超富人群的生活方式,以及他们购买的非常昂贵的顶层公寓、城堡、公馆和庄园。Prices in prime locations rose last year in 54 of the 90 cities surveyed by Knight Frank. That#39;s a greater proportion of gainers than in the prior year#39;s survey, when half the cities showed rises.莱坊调查的90个城市当中,去年黄金地段房价上涨的有54个,高于前一年调查中一半城市房价上涨的比例。The data suggest that the rich are sping their wings, after years of retreating to a relatively small number of stable cities. When the banking crisis kicked off in 2008, a #39;big wave of money#39; flocked to investing in cities like London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver, said Liam Bailey, global head of residential research at Knight Frank in London.数据说明,富人在退隐到相对少量的稳定城市数年之后,如今正在将触角伸向其他城市。莱坊驻伦敦住宅研究部全球负责人利亚姆#12539;贝利(Liam Bailey)说,2008年危机爆发时,“一大股资金浪潮”涌入伦敦、纽约、悉尼和温哥华等城市进行投资。That wave is sping out. Six of the 10 cities with the biggest average price gains in Knight Frank#39;s Prime International Residential Index were in the Asian-Pacific region this year. Jakarta, Indonesia, was on top with a 38% gain.如今这股浪潮正在向其他地区扩散。今年莱坊“黄金地段国际住宅指数”(Prime International Residential Index)平均价格涨幅最高的10个城市里面,有六个都位于亚太地区。印度尼西亚的雅加达以38%的涨幅高居第一。Los Angeles was the only North American city in the top 15, posting a 14% rise.洛杉矶是前15个城市里面唯一一个北美城市,涨幅为14%。While Europe continued to slump-the region lost 1% and contributed to 80% of all locations where prices declined last year -there were signs of recovery. Dublin captured the fifth spot on the index with a 17% gain, and Madrid posted an increase of 5%.欧洲房价继续下跌,2013年跌幅为1%,在去年房价下跌的所有城市当中占了80%。但该地区也出现了复苏的苗头。都柏林以17%的涨幅在指数中排名第五,马德里也上涨了5%。The ranks of the superrich appear to be growing. The study estimates that there were around 168,000 people who met the million threshold last year, close to 5,000 more than in 2012. Their wealth totaled .1 trillion.超富人群似乎是越来越多了。调查估计去年 资产达到3,000万美元的人有16.8万左右,比2012年多了将近5,000人。他们的财富总额是20.1万亿美元。And they like property. Houses account for 30% of their combined wealth. On average, each of the superrich has 2.4 homes, the survey said.而且他们喜欢房产。调查显示房产占他们财富总额的30%,平均每位超级富豪拥有2.4处住房。Demand for mansions and penthouses across the world sp out from traditional havens like London and New York last year. While caution among the superrich-invoked by the half-decade-long financial crisis-continued to ease, their money continued to grow.去年,对世界各地公馆和顶层公寓的需求从伦敦和纽约等传统避风港向其他城市扩散。超富人群因五年金融危机产生的谨慎心理继续缓和,他们的财富也在继续增长。Alongside the uptick in wealth creation, confidence in the economic recovery lead investors to branch out from traditional havens, especially benefiting Asia. But not all markets in the region were strong. In Singapore and Hong Kong, governments moved to cool superhot markets.除了财富的增长之外,对经济复苏的信心也促使投资者走出传统避风港,亚洲尤其受益。但这个地区不是所有市场都很红火。在新加坡和香港,政府采取了冷却过热市场的行动。Tighter lending regulation in Singapore and a stricter tax regime in Hong Kong #39;really slowed the markets down#39; in 2013, said Nicholas Holt, head of research, Asia-Pacific, at Knight Frank.莱坊亚太区研究主管尼古拉斯#12539;霍尔特(Nicholas Holt)说,2013年新加坡贷款监管收紧、香港税收机制趋严,“切切实实地放缓了市场”。But the havens haven#39;t lost their luster. Despite not showing huge price growth at the upper reaches, Monaco, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Geneva and New York remain among the world#39;s highest-priced luxury-home markets.但避风港也没有失去光芒。虽然纳哥、香港、伦敦、新加坡、日内瓦和纽约的高端房产价格没有显现出巨大的涨幅,但它们仍然位于世界上豪宅价格最高的市场之列。In those cities, homes in the most desirable districts are phenomenally expensive. In Monaco#39;s top-tier residences, million buys enough square footage for a bathroom. In London, it fetches a large dining room. For New York, it#39;s a large reception room.在这些城市里面,最抢手地段的住房贵得惊人。100万美元在纳哥上流社区只能买下卫生间大小的面积,在伦敦买得下一间较大的餐厅,在纽约则是一间较大的接待室。#39;You might think that if risk appetite has returned, it would undermine the safe haven story,#39; Mr. Bailey said. #39;But no. Those prices are still rising.#39;贝利说:“你或许会认为,如果说风险偏好已经回归,避风港概念就会削弱。其实不然,那些地区的房价还在涨。” /201403/279298

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