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芜湖男科检查项目芜湖治疗男科的医院有哪些When Apple released its iOS9 mobile operating system it included a new feature - the ability for women to log their sexual activity alongside details of their menstrual cycles. An earlier version of its HealthKit software - which tracks everything from electrodermal activity to chromium intake - had lacked the facility. Other apps existed that could pick up the slack, but it had led to claims that Apple - and other phone companies - had not focused closely enough on women#39;s health. Samsung#39;s S Health and Android#39;s Google Fit have yet to add this feature into their health apps, but it#39;s likely to only be a matter of time before they do.苹果公司发布的ios9系统有一个新功能--帮助女性记录她们的性行为和生理期的琐事。以往版本的HealthKit应用软件记录了所有的事情,从皮肤电反应到铬摄入量,但是却缺少这项便利功能。虽然已经有应用软件弥补了这个功能空缺,但是苹果公司和其他手机生产公司这一功能的缺失导致他们被指责不够关心女性健康。三星的Health和安卓的Google Fit还没有增添这项功能到他们的健康应用软件里,但是,添加只是个时间问题而已。Women who are trying to get pregnant often track a number of health signals in order to fully understand their monthly cycle and therefore catch their most fertile times - much as a marathon runner would track their fitness metrics.想要怀的女性经常通过记录她们的健康信号来理解她们的周期,然后抓住最容易怀的时间,就像马拉松运动员记录他们的健康指标一样。According to Apple, users decide which information will go into the Health app and which third-party apps can access the data. Those third-party apps must have a privacy policy. When phones are locked, the health and fitness data is encrypted. If users choose to back up health data to iCloud, that is encrypted as well.苹果公司称,用户将决定Health应用软件收入哪些信息以及哪些第三方应用可以获取这些数据。那些第三方应用必须有保护隐私的政策。当手机上锁后,有关健康的数据应该被加密。如果用户选择上传健康数据到iCloud,那么这些数据也会被加密。;A lot of people are monitoring data that helps them plan for a family,; says Ricky Bloomfield, a doctor at Duke University who is currently engaged in trials for HealthKit with his patients. ;The impact here can be quite significant in giving users tools to do that more accurately.;The categories people can track include sexual activity, including whether protection was used, basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test results and spotting.杜克大学的医生现在正和他的病人们一起从事于HealthKit的开发,他表示:“很多人通过检测健康数据来帮助他们解决生育问题,现在可以利用这个应用更准确地使用这些数据了。”人们能够追踪到的性行为的数据类型包括是否采用保护措施、基础体温、宫颈粘液质量、月经期、排卵测试结果和定位。Dr Nathaniel DeNicola, a gynaecologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said the sex-tracking technologies had the power to help people take more charge of their health care and communicate better with their doctors.Gynaecologists take the last menstrual period as a vital sign and when women can log it in their phones, they are much more likely to have accurate dates on hand, said Mr DeNicola. ;It#39;s almost ubiquitous now that women will have an app to track their pregnancy,; he said.宾夕法尼亚大学妇科学家纳撒尼尔·迪尼克拉士表示,追踪性行为的技术能帮助人们更好地掌控自身的健康以及更好地和各自的医生交流。他说,妇科学家将最近一次的生理期作为近期生命体征,因此如果女性将它记录在手机里,她们将有可能得到更准确的数据。现在,女性普遍利用应用软件记录她们的期。He does not always recommend patients track their reproductive health via an app, but he asks patients about it and tells them it can be useful. There are no studies proving that these apps improve the chance of getting pregnant, or cure diseases, but this kind of digital recording can enhance patient memory, he said. Often, questions asked at the gynaecologist#39;s office can turn into a ;guessing game;. Patients used to do a diligent job with pen and paper, tracking activity when trying to get pregnant. Now it has gone digital. ;It#39;s pretty clear if they#39;re putting it in the phone, it#39;ll increase recall, and help us in dating pregnancies,; he said. Mr DeNicola notes that apps to track health are ;inherently fraught with limitations;. ;I think we always see tech as having risks...but since the evolution seems inevitable, we may as well find the positive,; he said.但是,他不总推荐病人使用应用程序记录她们的期,他会问病人的意愿,然后告诉她们这些应用可能有用。他说,没有研究表明这些应用可以提高怀几率或治疗疾病,但是这种电子数字记录能够增强病人的记忆。所以通常情况下,人们问妇科学家的问题就是个“谜题”。从前,当病人们想要怀时,她们用笔和纸勤劳地记录。现在,全部都是电子化的了。很明显,如果她们将数据记录在手机里,人们会更多地回顾和帮助医生。但他还说:“用应用追踪健康状况有其天生的限制,我们认为,技术总是有风险。但是既然改革势在必行,我们还是看它的积极面比较好。”Tara Culp-Ressler, a Washington, DC-based journalist who tracks reproductive health issues closely, said the tech giant#39;s announcement was a welcome change to views on women#39;s health in 2015. ;Regardless of whether women think it#39;s a useless app compared to other tracking apps - it is a good step to see such a huge company, especially one that#39;s been criticised in the past, really stepping up and making a statement that women#39;s health and hygiene is integral part of healthcare,; says Ms Culp-Ressler.华盛顿记者塔拉·卡尔普雷斯勒正在紧密追踪生育健康问题,她表示,从2015年关于女性健康的角度看,科技巨头(苹果)的此项改变是一个好的改变。她说:“不管在和其他记录健康数据的应用相比之后,女性是否觉得苹果的这个应用有用,这都是个进步。因为这表示大公司,特别是之前受到相关批评的大公司,真正开始关注并承认女性的健康和保健是卫生保健不可缺少的一部分。Reproductive organs are just another part of the body one might want to track like heartbeat or sleep patterns and that message coming from Apple is an important one, Ms Culp-Ressler said.卡尔普雷斯勒女士表示,人们会想要记录身体的部分,比如心跳或睡眠类型。对生殖器官也是一样,而苹果记录的消息又很重要。Megan King, who lives in New York City, had used Clue - one of the other reproductive health trackers - for about a year before iOS9 was released.Such apps are a good way to track menstrual cycle and fertility, she said.;This is the year of females owning their feminine hygiene,; she added.;Apple integrating is a huge step forward because it#39;s showing its support of women being aware of what#39;s going on in their own body, and they want it to be something important to everyone.;住在纽约的梅根·金在ios9发布之前,使用了Clue这款生殖健康追踪应用已经用了一年。她说,此类的应用是记录生理期和生育力的好帮手。今年是女性关注她们的卫生保健的一年。苹果的改变是前进的一大步,因为这一举动表示,苹果对女性关注自身身体变化的持和对女性身体变化重要性的承认。 /201510/404584镜湖区妇幼保健人民中医院阳痿早泄价格 Windows 10 pricing remains up in the airWindows10价格未定Microsoft has bold ambitions for Windows 10: To power 1 billion devices by 2018. To achieve that goal, the company will let most users update to the new version at no charge for one year after Windows 10’s release.微软公司对Windows10系统信心十足,期望到2018年,有10亿台电脑使用该系统。为了达成这个目标,微软公司决定,在Windows10系统发布后的一年内,用户可以免费将系统更新至最新版本。After that, however, Microsoft doesn’t know what it will charge customers to upgrade -- or how it will deliver upgrades in the future.但微软公司尚不明确一年之后,如何收取更新费用,或者以后如何收取更新系统的费用,Joe Belfiore said Thursday the company’s primary concern is getting the operating system onto a critical mass of devices as quickly as possible. How will people get their hands on Windows 10 after the first year? ;I don’t know, ; Belfiore said at a press event.副总裁乔·贝尔菲里奥本周四表示,现在最重要的是让众多重要的设备都安装该系统。但是,一年之后,人们怎么安装Windows10系统?“我不知道。”贝尔菲里奥在发布会上说道。While Microsoft hasn’t claimed it would never charge customers to upgrade to its latest software, executives have put greater emphasis on casting the software as far as possible than on pricing. Users who update to will get ;new features and benefits for a long, long time,; said Belfiore. Those add-ons will include application and full OS updates, he added.虽然微软公司并未明确表示客户可以享受免费更新软件的务,但是主管人员对软件的重视程度远远超过了对价格的重视。贝尔菲里奥表示:“选择更新系统的客户将能长时间享受各项一些新的功能和各项福利。”这些额外的好处包括应用以及操作系统的完全更新。Microsoft is taking a big gamble with Windows 10: That Windows can become integral to every mobile device and every piece of software we use. That’s because the one operating system can run universal apps developed for any device.对微软公司来说,Windows无异于一个赌注:或许该系统对于我们所用的所有移动设备或者软件都是不可或缺的。因为该操作系统可以运营所有设备的通用应用。The result is a very different strategy for how the world’s largest software maker delivers and sells its products. To that end, Microsoft has transformed Windows from a one-time software license into a perpetual service. It’s also making sure its applications can live on many different devices, even those not running Windows.结果导致了世界上最大的软件制造商在销售产品时采取了不同的策略。为此,微软公司摒弃了一次性软件许可,转而决定为客户提供永久性务。此外,微软公司确保这些应用在各式设备上都能使用,不再运行了Windows系统也不例外。Uncertainty about Windows 10’s price tag may urge more PC users to upgrade sooner rather than later. Yet it also raises questions about the benefits and new features users can expect when they pay for Windows 10.但微软公司尚未确定一年之后Windows10系统的价格,这使得更多用户在一年之内更新系统。但是,人们仍然好奇花钱购买Windows10系统时还能享受哪些新的功能。So how Windows 10 operate in the future? It will be ;pretty similar to the model you see with phones,; said Belfiore.那么,在未来Windows10将何去何从呢?贝尔菲里奥表示这与“手机的更新换代是一样的。” /201505/377953芜湖最好的治疗尖锐湿疣医院

芜湖东方国康门诊部男科电话芜湖一院男性专科 When you#39;re a famous CEO, you end up giving so many interviews that you might forget what you#39;ve said in them all.You might also give interviews on particular days when you#39;re in particular moods. This can lead to particular articles being published that you particularly regret.如果你是一位著名CEO,在接受了无数采访之后,你可能都不记得你说过什么了。可能某天你在接受采访时心情不佳,采访后刊登出来的文章会让你对自己所言十分后悔。So it is, perhaps, with an interview in which Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave to Germany#39;s Handelsblatt. In it, he suggested -- jokingly?-- that the Cupertino, California, tech titan hires Tesla#39;s engineering castoffs.德国商报采访特斯拉CEO埃隆·马斯克就是这种情况。在采访中,或许是半开玩笑,马斯克说技术行业的大亨——位于加利福尼亚州的库皮蒂诺市所雇佣的是特斯拉之前解雇的工程师。;Did you ever take a look at the Apple Watch? No, seriously,; he said of Apple#39;s alleged foray into cars. ;It#39;s good that Apple is moving and investing in this direction. But cars are very complex compared to phones or smartwatches.;;你之前看过苹果手表吗?没有;。马斯克在谈到苹果公司有意进军汽车行业时说道:;苹果公司转向这个行业是件好事。但是同手机和智能手表相比,汽车可比那些东西复杂多了。;Some wondered whether Apple and Tesla had endured a falling out. It had once been rumored that the two companies might come together.有些人担心苹果和特斯拉是否会因此产生嫌隙。之前曾传闻两家公司或将合并。Thankfully, Musk took to Twitter on Friday to dismiss the very notion that he and Apple weren#39;t BFFs.好在周五时,马斯克发推特,否认自己与苹果公司关系不佳的谣言。;Yo, I don#39;t hate Apple, he first tweeted. ;It#39;s a great company with a lot of talented people. I love their products and I#39;m glad they#39;re doing an EV.;;嘿!我可没说自己讨厌苹果,;他在推特中称:;苹果公司有许多才华横溢的人。我喜欢他们的产品,我很高兴他们准备生产电动汽车。;Those of punctilious mien might suggest that Apple#39;s ;talented people; still just weren#39;t talented enough to work for Tesla. They might also muse that Musk seems to know definitively that Apple is making an electronic vehicle. Might that be because the alleged castoffs from Tesla who now work at Apple have told him?这些精心设计过的推文也许是在说这些;才华横溢;的员工仍然没有资格为特斯拉效力,或者马斯克已经确定苹果公司在研究电动汽车。这难道是那些被特斯拉解雇的员工跑回来告的密?Musk followed up with another tweet addressing his views on the Watch. ;Regarding the watch, Jony amp; his team created a beautiful design, but the functionality isn#39;t compelling yet. By version 3, it will be.;马斯克随即又发了第二条推特,提出自己对苹果手表的看法。;对于手表,乔尼和他的团队所设计出来的产品十分漂亮,但是功能尚且不够完善。也许到第三代会很不错。;Translation: Version 2 will still be an inadequate lump of beautiful design.话外音:第二代仍然是个功能残次的绣抱枕头。Commenters on Musk#39;s tweets weren#39;t all amused. Someone called Joe Zou suggested that Tesla#39;s CEO was merely jealous that the Apple Watch made more profit in three months than Tesla will in 2015.马斯特的推特的并不都十分不搞笑。一位叫乔伊·周的网友认为特斯拉的CEO纯粹就是在嫉妒苹果手表三个月内的盈利比特斯拉2015年的年盈利还要多。 /201510/403208芜湖东方医院冶疗早泄怎样

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