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泉港区治疗盆腔炎哪家医院最好的泉州市第一人民医院卵巢囊肿Jessica: So Kate what is, whats this future trip? What are you gonna do next year?杰西卡:凯特,你未来有什么旅行计划吗?你明年打算去哪儿?Kate: Next year, so when I leave Japan, Im going back to Australia to work for another 8 weeks and then Im off to New Zealand to see the rest of New Zealand and then Fiji and then, and then itd be nice there cause I get to spend some time lying on the beach and then go to the Cook Islands. After the Cook Islands Im going to go and see my best friend. She lives in Kuala Lumpur, so Im going to go and do the East Coast of Malaysia and then Im gonna go to Thailand and the Cambodia and then Vietnam and Lao and then India, and thats as far as I got.凯特:明年,我离开日本以后,打算回澳大利亚工作8周,之后我会启程前往新西兰,去游览我没看过的地方,然后去富士山,之后天气变得舒适以后我会在沙滩上度过一些时间,躺在沙滩上享受生活,之后我会去库克群岛。从库克群岛回来之后我会去看我最好的朋友。她住在吉隆坡,我会去那里,还有马来西亚东海岸,之后我会去泰国、柬埔寨、越南、老挝以及印度,这就是目前为止我所计划的。Jessica: OK, so after that point you dont know where youre gonna go?杰西卡:嗯,那之后你没有计划要去哪儿吗?Kate: No, I dont know where Im gonna go. Probably, probably Im gonna head towards Canada because one of my best friends immigrated there so Id like to see him.凯特:没有,我还不清楚要去哪里。可能,可能我会去加拿大,因为我有一个好朋友移民去那里了,我想去看看他。Jessica: Wow, so how long do you think youre going to be traveling for then?杰西卡:哇哦,你觉得你会旅行多长时间?Kate: Three years.凯特:三年。Jessica: For three years. Wow, so now, do you have, like a plan after that or?杰西卡:三年。哇,那之后你有计划吗?Kate: Yeah, after I finish my travels Im going to go back home and Ive just finished my Masters before I came up, so Im going to go back and do my PhD. in Psychology and then Im going to train to be a psychologist.凯特:有,在我完成这趟旅行以后,我会回家,我刚刚念完硕士,之后我会回去读心理学士,我会成为心理学家。Jessica: Wonderful. Great. Well thanks Kate.杰西卡:真棒。太好了。谢谢你,凯特。 /201311/264663泉州鲤城区药流费用 1、Wolf at the door2、Deadline3、To the day4、Bail-out5、Open and shut case6、Subsidiary7、Whole-sale8、Tabling a motion9、Tightening our belt10、In the gutter11、Get back on our feet /201311/263028经典句型: The CET4 is coming soon. 马上就要四级考试了。A:The CET4 is coming soon.甲:马上就要四级考试了。B:I tried it once,but failed.乙:我考过一次,但是没过。A:Do you think you will pass this time?甲:你觉得这次能过吗?B:Im not sure.乙:我不敢肯定。经典句型:I am always feeling nervous before exams. 我一到考试前就紧张。A:I am always feeling nervous before exams.甲:我一到考试前就紧张。B:Why?Youd better be relaxed.乙:怎么回事?你应该放松点儿。A:I forgot everything when I entered the examination room.甲:我一进考场就什么都记不起来了。句型讲解:fail是“考试不及格”的意思,pass是“及格”。两词既可做及物动词,又可做不及物动词。考试成绩除了百分制意外,还可以分成“优秀,良好,及格,不及格”,用英语表示分别是excellent,fine,middling,pass和fail。 /201312/269958泉州好的无痛人流医院

惠安妇幼保健院是公立Hurry up! We are running late for school.赶快!我们快来不及了。Lets take the MRT. lts faster and cheap.我们坐地铁好了,地铁又快又便宜。Which line should we take if we go to Danshui?我们要捂哪一条线到淡水?We should take the red line. Lets get the tickets.我们应该搭红线,我们到自动售票机买票吧。How much money should linsert in the slot?我应该要投多少钱进去?5o dollars. Later you have to place your ticket near the sensor50美元,等一下你必须把票放在靠近感应器的地方。lsee.我懂了。lts so crowded. All the seats are taken. Lets go there. There is a seat over there.好挤喔!所有的椅子都被坐满了,我们去那边,那边有一个座位。lts a priority seat. We can not take it.We should give the seats to those old, pregnant and disable people.那是爱心座位,我们不能坐。我们要让给老年人、妇和行动不便的人。Yeah, you are right. Lets stand. It takes only about 20 minutes.嗯,你是对的,我们站着吧!20分钟就到。lf we go to Danshui in the morning on weekdays, we are sure to have seats since its not in the rush hour.如果我们在非假日早上去淡水,一定会有位子坐,因为不是高峰时刻。Anyway, we are arriving at Danshui soon.I cant wait to watch the beautiful sunset.无论如何,我们快到淡水了,我等不及看美丽的夕阳。 /201310/260827泉州新阳光医院妇科联系电话 泉州市新阳光妇科医院电话号码

泉州哪做流产做好Jessica在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是于苗要问的:闺蜜。Jessica:Wow, 于苗! What are you doing all dolled up!YM:我今天要去见我最最好的朋友! 她是我大学同学,我们都两年没见了!Jessica:Oh wow, sounds like you guys go way back!YM:可不! 她可是我的标准闺蜜! My best friend!Jessica:Actually in English, you can call her your BFF. BFF stands for Best Friend Forever. People use this term to refer to their best friends.YM:原来BFF就是永远的好朋友! Yes, shes definitely my BFF! We were college classmates and lived in the same dorm for four years. 我们特别铁,无话不谈。咦,这个;铁;用英文要怎么说呢?Jessica:You can say:we are tight! Tight是关系紧密的意思,也就是说你们特别铁!YM:可不! 话说来跟我们一块吃饭的还有另外一个人! 我们吧,也挺好的, 不过吧, Shes super competitive. She always wants what I have! 你说这种人该怎么说? Partial BFF? Partial tight?Jessica:哈哈.... that sounds like a frenemy of yours. Frenemy consists of friend and enemy, it is basically half friend and half enemy!YM:原来如此! This girl is a frenemy. 我们俩表面不错,但是暗地里好象老是在明争暗斗的。Jessica:Sounds like a love-hate relationship to me!YM:Thats so true, 我对她绝对是又爱又恨,你看,今天我跟我闺蜜见面,她又跟来了! 哎...Jessica:哈哈,开心点!Before you go, tell me what youve learned today!YM:今天我们学到的内容包括:第一,闺蜜是best friend forever, 也就是BFF,第二,关系很铁可以用 tight;第三,亦敌亦友,叫做frenemy;第四,爱恨交加是 a love-hate relationship! /201306/245439 今天分享的这个词组是“ throw a party ”,意为“开派对,举办聚会hold a social gathering ”.精台词:Peach is throwing a party ? Peach 要举办生日聚会吗?双语例句:Tom threw a bachelor party one day before his wedding. Tom结婚前 一天举办了一个告别单身的派对。 We re throwing a housewarming party。 我们要举办一个庆祝乔迁新居的宴会。今天分享的这个词组是“deadbeat ”,意为“二流子,游手好闲的人,赖帐的人 A lazy person or loafer; also, one who does not pay debts”.精台词:I watch you over there. Much sexual tension with that deadbeat bartender. 我看到你们俩了。你跟那个游手好闲的酒保真是眉来眼去啊。双语例句:My dead beat cousin never worked a day in his life .我那二流子的表第这辈子就没上过一天班。Dont be a deadbeat father.别做个不负责任的父亲。 /201411/341860泉州在哪做人流手术好泉州那治疗宫颈糜烂好些



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