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In the same way our diets and exercise regimes have become mainstays of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so too should we focus on our sleep in order to improve our moods and ability to perform tasks.在日常饮食和锻炼运动已经成为我们健康生活方式柱的背景下,我们也应该对我们的睡眠给与关注,从而改善我们的情绪,增强我们执行任务的能力。But it#39;s often been debated how long a woman needs to rest each night and what#39;s a healthy amount at each age.但是在关于女人每晚应该睡多少小时,不同年龄段应该睡多久这些问题上,人们一直争论不休。Sealy sleep analyst Dr Amy Reynolds spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the importance of a good quality snooze and what it means at every life stage.西利睡眠分析师艾米·雷诺兹士日前向《每日邮报》澳大利亚分社讲述了优质睡眠的重要性,以及每个年龄段女性的睡眠时间。1.Teenagers1.少女时期#39;Teenagers and students in high school need 8-10 hours of sleep on average but as few as seven and as much as 11 hours could be appropriate too,#39; Dr Reynolds said.雷诺兹士表示:“高中阶段的女孩们平均需要8到10个小时的睡眠,但是最少7个小时、最多11个小时也是可以的。”Our constant access to phones and the internet can inhibit our bodies ability to get good quality levels of sleep so it#39;s important to turn all electrical equipment off an hour before hitting the hay.由于长期使用手机和网络,我们的身体可能会丧失获得良好睡眠的能力,因此入睡一小时以前关闭所有电子设备很重要。2.Full-time Workers2.职场女性According to a Sealy sleep survey 70 per cent of Australians feel their everyday performance is affected by lack of sleep.据西利的一份睡眠调查显示,70%的澳大利亚人觉得睡眠不足影响了自己的日常表现。#39;People studying at university or working, typically between the ages of 18 and 25, should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night,#39; Dr Reynolds said.雷诺兹士表示:“大学生或者职场人士,一般18到25岁之间的人群,每晚应该保7到9小时的睡眠。”3.Mothers3.母亲时代There should be a bedtime routine for mums just like there is a system in place for young children.身为妈妈的女性应该和小孩子一样有一个固定的就寝时间。#39;Women between the ages of 26-60 should be getting around 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Try to get everyone in the family into bed at a reasonable hour by brushing your teeth together and ing a bedtime story,#39; Dr Reynolds said.雷诺兹士表示:“26到60岁之间的女性每晚应该保大约7到9小时的睡眠。可以通过一起刷牙和读睡前故事等方式来保全家人都在合理的时间上床睡觉。”4.Older Women4.老年女性#39;Women over 60 can get 7-8 hours of rest a night and remain perfectly healthy,#39; Dr Reynolds said.雷诺兹指出:“60岁以上女性每晚7到8小时的睡眠就可以保非常健康了。”If you find yourself having #39;poor#39; sleep it might be something to raise with your own doctor. Arm yourself with information and how you can best reinvigorate your sleep pattern.而如果你觉得自己的睡眠“很糟糕”,那你就该咨询一下自己的医生了。找找资料,看看怎么可以恢复自己的睡眠模式。In terms of trying to #39;make up#39; for lost sleep Dr Reynolds recommends just trying to aim for the recommended amount each night - #39;topping#39; up on sleep isn#39;t necessarily effective, she said.至于“补觉”的问题,雷诺兹士认为每晚只睡推荐时长就可以了,她表示:“补觉其实没什么用。” /201705/512006包拉托的色游戏迷惑了你的视觉,却也突显出你平常所无法看到的: 你的大脑如何工作。我们善变的视觉感官所得到的有趣并且直接的印象,展现了进化是如何渲染我们对真实事物之外的感知。 Article/201207/190365How To Get Naked Together For The First Time第一次脱光光的躺在一起,怎样才能不害羞不尴尬呢? Worried about that monumental moment in your relationship when you have to get your clothes off in front of the other person? VideoJug's resident lovers are here to guide the way, and help you feel better about getting naked together for the first time.Step 1: Clothes off!脱吧脱吧!Taking each other's clothes off can be incredibly sexy. But if your horniness has made you all fumbling and sausage-fingered, then shoes socks and anything with lots of buttons are probably best left to each other. TOP TIP FOR HER You aren't a puzzle that needs a solution- help him out! TOP TIP FOR HIM Women don't understand how ties work, so unless you like a bit of strangulation, handle this yourself.Step 2: Things to hide需要掩饰的地方Remember you're in this situation because they fancy you, so the naked you is bound to get a warm reception. But if you still hate the idea of full frontal then you can: use props or your environment to give tantalising glimpses of nudityuse soft lighting to take the shimmer off your thighssay what the hell, and just go with it….Step 3: Tackle out!策略 The human body was designed to be used naked. It's clothes that are wrong. If you're worried you're not the honed Adonis your creator intended you to be, make the most of what you have, by tricking them.... Rather than facing your partner straight on, angle your body away and then turn from the waist to look at them. Keep one leg in front of the other, drop your shoulders and arch your back, subtly, to give you a more slimline shape. For more tips see VideoJug's 'A Girl's Guide to Looking Good Naked', that's girls guide, for girls. If all this is a bit much, just get into bed as quickly as possible.Step 4: The morning after第二天早晨 You've just had a fantastic night, but the soft lamplight of evening has been replaced with the harsh glare of daylight. And you need a wee. In theory, you should stride out of bed with a spring in your step, wearing only a smile. But if last night's magnificence has deserted you. Then try sliding to the edge of the duvet and making a lunge for an item of clothingstaying in bed until your partner cracks, and gets up first. This may be 3 in the afternoon, but so be it. Article/201108/148195

Counting calories is the first step to any weight loss. A body#39;s fuel is its caloric intake. Learn how to calculate how many calories you need and know what it will take to lose weight…the answer may surprise you.计算热量是任何形式减肥的第一步。身体的燃料就是吸收的热量。学习一下怎样计算你的身体需要多少热量,要减肥应该摄入多少热量。结果可能让人匪夷所思。Step 1: Determine Your Intake1.确定应该摄入的热量Determine your body#39;s BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is the number of calories your body would need, while at rest, to keep functioning. There are two calculations; one for men and women. Calculate your BMR using the following equations:计算你的基础代谢率(Basal Metabolic Rate,简称BMR)。这是你在静止的时候身体维持运转所需的热量。计算公式有两个,男女不同。利用下面的公式来计算你的BMR。MEN:(6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years) + 66 BMR男:(6.23*体重 单位:磅)+(12.7*身高 单位:英寸)-(6.8*年龄 单位:岁)+ 66 BMRWOMEN:(4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years) + 655 BMR女:(4.35*体重 单位:磅)+(4.7*身高 单位:英寸)-(4.7*年龄 单位:岁)+ 655 BMROnce you have your BMR number, multiply it by one of these figures depending on how active you are. The result is your total caloric intake. This is the amount your body needs to maintain your current weight.计算出BMR数值之后,根据活跃程度乘以以下数字,结果就是你需要摄入的能量总数。这是你的身体维持目前的体重所需的能量。Sedentary BMR x 1.2,Light Active BMR x 1.375,Moderate Active BMR x 1.55,Very Active BMR x 1.725Extra Active BMR x 1.9久坐不动BMR x 1.2,少量运动 BMR x 1.375,适度活跃 BMR x 1.55,非常活跃 BMR x 1.725,极度活跃 BMR x 1.9Step 2: Reduce Your Intake2.减少热量摄入3,500 calories equals one pound. That#39;s how many calories you need to give up to lose one pound. If you want to lose a pound a week, give up 500 calories a day (3500/7500). Exercise changes the equation. The more you work out the more calories you#39;ll burn. Take into account low impact and high impact exercises when calculating how many calories you#39;re burning.3,500卡相当于1磅。这是你减肥1磅需要放弃的热量。如果你想在一周内减掉1磅的重量,每天放弃500卡的热量(3500/7500)。如果经常进行体育锻炼,这个公式要做出改变。锻炼的越多,身体燃烧掉的热量越多。计算身体燃烧掉的热量的时候要考虑低强度还是高强度的运动。Step 3: Take Your Time3.循序渐进Don#39;t cut more than 1,000 calories a day and don#39;t try to lose more than two pounds a week. Doing so may cause your body to enter ;starvation mode;, where your body conserves its energy and prevents weight loss. This can lead to larger health problems. Remember to pace yourself, the changes will not come overnight.每天减少的热量不要超过1,000卡,不要试图一周之内减肥超过2磅。否则会导致你的身体进入“饥饿模式”,身体会自动储存能量,防止体重损失,而且导致更严重的健康问题。记住要循序渐进,变化不可能一夜之间出现。Thanks for watching How To Count Calories感谢收看“怎样计算能量”视频节目。 /201210/203717These are Chinese mitten crabs,这些是中华绒蝥蟹named for their strange hairy claws.因它们长毛爪子得名They may migrate as much as 1,500 kilometres它们可以迁移长达1500公里from tributaries and lakes to the river mouth,从流和湖泊一直到河口where they gather to breed.他们在那里繁殖后代A similar migration is made by the giant Yangtze sturgeon,中华鲟也有相似的迁徙which can reach four metres long and weigh half a ton.中华鲟能长到4米长 半吨重In recent years,its numbers have declined dramatically近些年来 它们的数量骤减as its migration is impeded by ever more river dams.这是由于它们的迁徙被越来越多的河坝阻挡了But it isn#39;t just animals like the sturgeon that are in trouble,但是不仅中华鲟有这样的境遇the entire Yangtze River ecosystem is being poisoned.整个长江的生态系统都遭到了破坏In spite of being the subject of an ambitious clean-up plan,虽然有显耀的清理计划项目today the river is reckoned to be the biggest估计长江是最大的single source of pollution entering the Pacific Ocean.污染太平洋的单向水源 /201209/202436Beer has a variety of household uses, many of which may surprise you.啤酒在居家方面有许多用途,其中许多用途会让你大吃一惊。Step 1 Marinate meat1.浸泡卤肉Marinate meat by placing it in a plastic zipper-top bag with beer. Let the meat marinate for several hours before draining and cooking.将猪肉放在装有啤酒顶端带拉链的塑料袋中。浸泡几个小时的时间,然后就可以把啤酒倒掉,拿卤肉来烹煮了。Beer’s acidic nature breaks down the tendons in the meat and acts as a tenderizer.啤酒的酸性分解肉中的肌腱,可以用作肉的柔嫩剂。Step 2 Add flavor to food2.为食物增添风味Add flavor to recipes by using beer as an ingredient in the sauce, base, or coating.将啤酒作为沙司,汤底或包衣的原料,可以为食物增添风味。Step 3 Polish copper3.擦亮铜制品Polish the tarnished bottom of a pot, or any other copper object, with beer to remove stains and give a lustrous finish. Pour the beer on, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off.啤酒可以去除锈迹,抛光生锈的铜罐或其他铜制品,让它们重新焕发出特有的光泽。向铜制品中倒入啤酒,放置几分钟,然后擦拭干净。Step 4 Deal with pests4.消灭昆虫Deal with pesky snails, slugs, and bees by leaving a shallow dish filled with beer in your garden. The creatures will climb in and drown.用一个较浅的盘子装满啤酒放入花园中,可以消灭令人讨厌的蜗牛,蛞蝓和蜜蜂。这些昆虫会爬进盘子被溺死。Step 5 Fall asleep easier5.帮助睡眠Fall asleep easier by washing your pillowcase in beer. The hops in beer give the pillowcase a comforting nutty scent, which will help you relax and go to sleep.用啤酒洗一下枕套,帮助入睡。啤酒花可以让你的枕套有一股舒适的坚果味,帮助你放松,入睡。Use a beer shampoo to add shine to your hair.使用啤酒香波也可以增加头发的光泽。Step 6 Make beer-sicles6.制作啤酒冰棒Make beer-sicles by freezing beer in a popsicle maker. Adults will enjoy this unusual summer treat.把啤酒冰冻在冰棒模具中,成年人会非常喜欢这种夏季非凡的食品。Don#39;t drink unless you#39;re of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.未到法定年龄不要饮酒。饮酒要负责任,千万不要酒后驾车。Step 7 Take a beer bath7.啤酒浴Pour a few cans of beer into your next bath. The vitamins and yeast are very good for the skin. Take a quick shower after!下次沐浴时加入几罐啤酒。啤酒中的维生素和酵母对皮肤非常好。随后再用清水快速淋浴!Did you know? Hops, a primary ingredient in beer, were introduced in North America in 1629.你知道吗?啤酒中的首要成分啤酒花最初于1629年由北美引进。 Article/201301/220016

从源头抓起解决人民最关注问题 Article/201301/222331乔布斯的辞职使各界大为震惊,人们认为这标志着一个时代的结束。现在,苹果公司未来的发展方向成为了人们关注的焦点。 After Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple, the company he co-founded decades ago, analysts and customers in Europe believe the move signals a change, but is not likely to have a huge impact on the innovation of the company. With a showman's flair, Steve Jobs always seemed to delight in maximizing the drama of his time in the spotlight. 'And one more thing' was the phrase the Apple faithful had come to expect from the company's co-founder and visionary boss. It was the signal that a rabbit would be pulled from a hat, or at least the technological equivalent. On a personal level, he'd fought and survived a rare form of pancreatic cancer which had aly forced him to step back from running day to day operations more than once. By announcing his resignation as CEO and backing Tim Cook as his replacement Jobs signaled it was time to move forward. Outside the Apple store in London's Covent Garden, consumers contemplate what the shift means for the brand he built into a global powerhouse. Shopper Ilya Ryndin said, "The company will miss him, because I know he was the face of Apple." Simon Leavesley said, "It is quite a shock, but I can't blame him with the health issues that he has." Holly Wilson said, "Shocked, but not devastated. I'd still be comfortable with buying anything from Apple, it's an established brand, I trust the quality of their products." Mark Mulligan is an independent digital strategist who's observed Jobs in action on several occasions. Independent Digital Media Strategist Mark Mulligan said, "He's clearly charismatic. He's clearly somebody who I would say is a force of personality, and somebody who manages to inspire leadership in people. There is no way that he would've been at the top of his game through so many challenges, personal as well as business. He's managed to hammer through things nobody else has achieved in negotiations." Carolina Milanesi is the chief Apple analyst at Gartner Research and says the question everyone's asking is: He said, "It's almost as if some people think of this as the end of Apple which is absolutely the wrong way to look at the company with iPhone 5, with the new version of the iPad, with iCloud. To some extent Apple is starting on a new journey if you like and maybe this is the right time for Steve Jobs to hand over the reins to Tim Cook to drive that next phase of the company. At the moment where the company is safe and doing very well." There is little about this news that comes as a genuine surprise, other than perhaps its precise timing. Still that doesn't diminish the impact of hearing that the man who engineered the most remarkable corporate turnaround of our times is planning to take a lesser role in the company he helped to found.重点词汇讲解:1. resignation n. 辞职, 辞呈, 顺从常用搭配: tender/hand in/offer/give/send in one's resignation 递交辞呈2. have a huge impact on “对……有重大影响”,类似表达有:have an influence on3. signal n. 信号;标志 v. 发信号;标志着4. contemplate vt. 思忖,思量,仔细考虑 vi. 冥思苦想,深思熟虑[(+on/upon)]5. hand over 移交 Article/201108/151108

在这个内容丰富的,发人深省的TED阿姆斯特丹演讲中,凯文·凯利畅谈在我们的生活中,从个人层面到宇宙空间,技术都意味着什么。 Article/201205/182159

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