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2018年02月26日 09:46:15 | 作者:百姓大全 | 来源:新华社
Meeting for the first time in three years, leaders from China, Japan and South Korea agreed on Sunday that they would meet annually and work toward greater trade ties, even as they continued to wrangle over territorial and historical disputes.本周日举行的会谈,是近三年来中、日、韩三国领导人的首次会面。尽管这三个国家间还存在领土和历史上的争端,三国领导人在会议上一致同意,日后将每年进行会面,加深三国之间的贸易联系。Given their countries long history of mutual grievances rooted in a wartime history, the meeting of Premier Li Keqiang of China, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and President Park Geun-hye of South Korea was in itself considered progress.鉴于三国之间由战争遗留下的长期怨怼,中国总理李克强、日本首相安倍晋三以及韩国总统朴槿惠的三人会面可以说是一项重大突破;This summit meeting carries a historic significance because it restores a system of cooperation among the three countries, which in turn is an important frame of peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia,; Ms. Park said during a joint news conference with the two other leaders.朴槿惠在联合新闻发布会上说:;此次首脑会议具有极大的历史意义,因为其修复了这三个国家之间的合作关系,并且也相应地为东北亚地区构建了和平昌盛的框架;During their talks, held at Ms. Parks presidential headquarters, the Blue House, the three appeared to have skirted their countries territorial and other thorny disputes, with their joint statement saying they would work for regional peace and stability ;in the spirit of marching to the future while looking squarely at the history.;在青瓦台举办的会谈中,三国领导人刻意回避了彼此之间的领土问题以及其他争端,联合发表声明称他们会就;面向未来、直面历史的精神;而为区域和平稳定做出努力。They also produced widely expected pledges to stay committed to ending North Koreas nuclear weapons ambitions and to add momentum to efforts to negotiate a trilateral free trade agreement, a new engine for joint economic advancement. They also agreed to meet again next year, in Tokyo, in a continuation of discussions that were suspended for three years because of political tensions between Japan and the other two.同时,他们也不负众望,承诺会共同致力于遏制朝鲜发展核武器,并且投入更多精力来商议三边自由贸易协定,为三国经济共同发展注入新动力。三国领导人也同意明年于日本东京再次会面,重启先前因为政治冲突而搁置三年的讨论。Even before the three leaders met on Sunday, few analysts expected any major deal to emerge. But their discussions reflected the fact that their countries, which are among the worlds largest economies, rely on one another for badly needed growth, despite the persistence of animosities rooted in Japans colonial aggression in the early 20th century.即便是在这三位领导人的周日会面之前,没有几位分析人士认为此次会谈会催生什么重大交易。但是他们的谈话表明,尽管日本在20世纪初的殖民侵略遗留下的深深仇恨仍未散去,这三个在世界名列前茅的经济体因为迫切的增长需求而互相依赖。During the news conference on Sunday, Mr. Abe said he had had a ;quite frank exchange of opinions; with Ms. Park and Mr. Li. But he did not mention any of the issues that have distanced his country from the two neighbors, like the recruitment of Korean, Chinese and other Asian women who were forced or lured into working in front-line brothels for Japans World War II soldiers.在周日的新闻发布会上,安倍晋三说他同朴槿惠以及李克强;相当坦率地交换了观点;。但是他并未提及任何使日本与其他两国疏远的事件,譬如二战时期从中、韩以及其他亚洲国家征召慰安妇的事件。Mr. Li came close to calling Mr. Abe to task during the news conference. Without mentioning Japan by name, he said that the three countries needed to ;heighten mutual political trust; and that ;mutual trust is conditioned on a mutual understanding of historical and other important issues.; He said that Beijing did not want its trilateral and bilateral ties with the others to be disrupted again.在新闻发布会期间,李克强靠近安倍,叫他分配任务。李克强并未刻意提及日本,说三个国家需;加强彼此政治互信;,并;这种互信建立在对于历史以及其他重要事件的共同认识之上;。他说中国不希望其三边及双边合作关系再次破裂。Leaders of the three neighbors held five annual trilateral meetings between 2008 and 2012, but those ended after Mr. Abe took office in late 2012. Tokyos relations with Seoul and Beijing, aly frosty because of territorial disputes over islands and conflicting interpretations of wartime history, chilled further after the Japanese leader visited or sent offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, where war criminals, as well as other war dead, are honored.008年到2012年期间,这三个相邻国家的领导人曾举办了五次年度三边会议,但自2012年底安倍晋三上台执政后中止。日本对中、韩关系因为领土争端和彼此矛盾的侵略战争历史观而不断恶化,并因日方领导人祭拜靖国神社和供奉战犯而更加恶劣。Mr. Abes insistence that there was no proof that Japans military systematically forced Korean and other Asian women to serve as sex slaves during World War II so angered South Koreans that Ms. Park has refused to meet with him one on one. She has met with Mr. Li and President Xi Jinping of China several times since taking office in early 2013.安倍晋三坚称,没有任何据表明二战期间日军曾有组织地逼迫韩国以及其他亚洲妇女成为性奴。此举一度激怒朴槿惠,使她拒绝和安倍一对一会面。朴槿惠013年上任来已与中国总理李克强、中国国家主席习近平有过几次会面。Mr. Abe was traveling with no compromise on historical issues, South Korean officials said. The rift between him and Ms. Park remained so wide, especially over the sex slaves, known euphemistically as comfort women, that South Korea decided not to hold a state banquet for him, an honor it bestowed on Mr. Li on Saturday, when he discussed trade and other ties with Ms. Park and South Korean business leaders.韩国官员称,安倍此次与会并没有任何在历史问题上妥协的意味。安倍和朴槿惠之间的嫌隙极深,尤其是在慰安妇问题方面。此次韩国并未以国宴规格招待安倍晋三。而在周六,李克强则受到国宴规格的款待,当时他和朴槿惠以及韩国的商业领袖们一起讨论贸易和其他往来联系。Washington has repeatedly asked Japan and South Korea, its key allies in Northeast Asia, to mend ties to cope with Chinas growing regional influence.美国一直敦促其在东南亚的重要盟友要修复和中国的关系,以应对其日益壮大的区域影响力。Mr. Abes arrival in Seoul came as many Japanese accuse Ms. Park of taking South Korea too close to China, to the detriment of the regional security partnership linking Japan, South Korea and the ed States. South Korea recently completed a free-trade agreement with China, aly its biggest trading partner.安倍在首尔的露面引发了日本国内对朴槿惠的诸多不满,许多人指责朴槿惠与中国太过亲近,会对日、韩、美三国的区域安全合伙造成不利。近期,韩国和中国达成一项自由贸易协定,中国俨然成为其最大的贸易伙伴。来 /201511/407492“GSK plc sincerely apologises to the Chinese patients, doctors and hospitals, and to the Chinese Government and the Chinese people#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.”“葛兰素史克总公GSK plc)向中国患者、医生、医院和中国政府、全体中国人民深刻道歉……”It is quite something for a company to apologise to 1.3bn people all at once. Focus on the doctors. They are the reason for the Rmb3bn fine (nearly 0m) which GlaxoSmithKline must pay in China.对一家公司而言,向13亿人一并道歉,不是件易事。把焦点放在医生身上吧。他们才是GSK必须向中国0亿元人民合近5亿美罚金的原因。GSK’s Chinese subsidiary was found guilty of bribery on Friday after a year-long investigation. The stock market was never bothered. The shares moved little when the investigation, and then the fine, were disclosed. China may be too small to matter much for now. It is under 3 per cent of GSK’s sales. And one might assume that China will continue to grow without much cost. After all, GSK’s apology does not suggest its Chinese business will face formal oversight unlike banks who pay fines to US regulators and must host embedded “compliance offices上周五,在经过长达一年的调查后,GSK中国分公司被认定犯有行贿罪。GSK股票从未收到此次调查的影响。当调查结果公布时、以及罚金被披露时,股价都几无变动。中国市场给GSK贡献的收入可能还太小,占GSK销售额的不%。人们可能会认为,中国市场将会继续增长,而成本不会大幅上升。毕竟,GSK的道歉并不表明其中国业务被监管机构正式“盯上”了——不像那些向美国监管机构付罚金的,它们必须建立“合规办公室”。A fine, an apology and a rethink of practices might seem to be enough. Except for the doctors. They are not paid much. One of the country’s top physicians told the National People’s Congress this year that the annual incomes of hospital doctors in Guangzhou are four times their official salaries. China’s drugs market is bn in size third largest in the world, with four-fifths of sales via hospitals. If the physician is right about the gap between salary and income, there will be more drug company investigations.处罚、道歉、重审业务模式——GSK做的看上去已经够多了。但别忘了中国医生。中国医生的工资不高。一位顶尖的医生今年曾在全国人大(NPC)表示,在广州,医生的实际年收入是他们正常工资倍。中国药品市场规模为800亿美元,居全球第三,其中五分之四的销售额是通过医院实现。如果这位医生有关工资和实际收入差距的言论是正确的,那么未来将出现更多的针对制药公司的调查。GSK’s apology is for improperly paying “non-government personnel a euphemism for doctors. And beyond the changes it promises for the Chinese business price cuts GSK will stop payments to doctors for junkets and revise how it pays salespeople. That is likely to mean revenues one of the few parts of its China business that GSK discloses will slow. In any case, shareholders in GSK and other pharma groups should demand to know much more about their companiesChinese businesses. This story is not over.GSK此次道歉,是因为它不正当地给予“非国家工作人员”(这是对医生的委婉说法)财物。除了承诺在中国改革(也就是降价)之外,GSK将停止向医生付旅游费用,并修改其销售人员的工资计算方式。这可能意味着,收入将减少(收入是GSK公布的有关其中国业务为数不多的信息之一)。不论怎样,GSK和其他制药企业的股东都应当要求这些公司披露更多在华业务信息。故事还没有结束。来 /201409/331784Most politicians try to say something uplifting when they take office. Arseniy Yatseniuk took a different approach. Accepting the post of interim prime minister of Ukraine in February, his opening words were: “Welcome to hell.”大多数政客在就职时会试图说一些鼓舞士气的话。阿尔谢#8226;亚采纽克(Arseniy Yatseniuk)则没有这样做。今月,他在接受乌克兰临时总理一职后的开场词是:“欢迎来到地狱。”Sitting in Mr Yatseniuk’s office in Kiev late last week, I asked him if the job had proved as hellish as anticipated? The prime minister, a gaunt 39-year-old, removed his glasses and rubbed his face wearily. “Worse,he said. “We face the Russian military, Russian-backed terrorism, the economy is insolvent, our own military has been dismantled, the police are disorientated. The last government stole everything they could.”上周末尾,在亚采纽克位于基辅的办公室里,我问他,这份工作是否如预想的那般恐怖?这位39岁、一脸憔悴的总理取下眼镜,疲惫地揉揉脸,说:“比预想的还可怕。我们面临俄罗斯军队和俄罗斯持的恐怖主义,经济崩溃,我们自己的军队遭到解散,警察士气涣散。上一届政府把一切能偷走的都偷走了。”The day after our conversation, the Ukrainian government responded to this desperate situation by launching an offensive to retake buildings and territory in the east of the country that had fallen under the control of pro-Russian separatists. The authorities in Kiev felt that if they did not fight back, they risked losing the eastern half of their country by default.谈话次日,针对这种令人绝望的境况,乌克兰政府发起了攻势,开始收复乌克兰东部被亲俄分裂主义者攻占的大楼和领土。乌克兰当局觉得,如果不回击,他们可能会眼睁睁失去东部那半边国家。But the fighting in towns such as Slavyansk and Donetsk carries its own risks. The large number of civilian casualties, particularly in Odessa, further west, opens the government in Kiev to charges of brutality. The fact that much of the fighting is between Ukrainians feeds into the Russian narrative that Ukraine is a deeply divided country, many of whose citizens look to Russia for protection. Above all, the fighting risks giving Russia an excuse to send troops into Ukraine, under the guise of a “peacekeeping mission但在斯拉维扬斯克(Slavyansk)和顿涅茨Donetsk)这样的城市作战,本身也有风险。大量平民伤亡,特别是在更靠西的敖德Odessa),让乌克兰政府面临被控实施暴行的风险。战斗双方多为乌克兰人,这给了俄罗斯口实;俄方声称乌克兰内部严重分裂,许多乌克兰公民指望俄罗斯提供保护。最重要的是,开战可能为俄罗斯提供借口,让其能够打着“维和行动”的旗号向乌克兰出兵。The Ukrainian government knows that it would lose a conventional war with Russia, whose military is larger and better-equipped. Russia also has an air superiority of more than 80:1. The Ukrainians would like Nato to declare a “no-fly zoneover their country, in the event of a Russian invasion. But that is a daydream. The Americans are not going to shoot down Russian jets.乌克兰政府知道,与俄罗斯打常规战,自己肯定会输;俄军的规模更大、装备也更精良。俄罗斯的空军实力也为乌方的80倍以上。乌克兰希望,如果俄罗斯入侵,北Nato)能宣布乌克兰上空为“禁飞区”。但那是白日做梦。美国人是不会动手打俄罗斯飞机的。The Russian parliament has aly pre-authorised an invasion of Ukraine and a large Russian army is hovering on the Ukrainian border. But what does President Vladimir Putin want? Mr Yatseniuk argues that “Putin has no limits#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; He wants to become the emperor of a new type of Soviet empire.”俄罗斯议会已经预先批准入侵乌克兰,大量俄军正在乌克兰边境集结。但俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)到底想要什么?亚采纽克称,“普京没有底线……他想成为一种新型苏维埃帝国的皇帝。”But many in Kiev still find the thought of a full-scale Russian invasion hard to credit. When I asked Victor Pinchuk, one of Ukraine’s richest and most internationally connected businessmen, if Russia might seek to go all the way to Kiev, he rolled his eyes and said “science-fiction An alternative theory is that Mr Putin simply wants to create enough chaos in Ukraine to prevent a presidential election, planned for May 25 as well as thwarting any thought of Ukraine moving closer to the EU.但基辅的很多人仍然不相信俄罗斯会全面入侵。维克托#8226;平丘Victor Pinchuk)是乌克兰最富有、与国际联系最为紧密的商人之一。当我问他,俄军是否会一路攻入基辅时,他转了转眼睛,说,“天方夜谭”。另外一种说法是,普京只不过想在乌克兰制造足够的混乱,以搅黄计划5日举行的总统选举,并挫败乌克兰进一步向欧盟(EU)靠拢的任何企图。But the military aspect is just the most high-profile part of the struggle for Ukraine. The government in Kiev also needs to win a propaganda battle and a war on corruption.但军事问题只不过是乌克兰面临的困难中最显眼的部分。乌克兰政府还需要打赢一场舆论战和一场反腐战。The Russian media is pumping out the message that the government in Kiev is run by “fascistsand anti-Semites, who are said to be the direct descendants of those Ukrainian partisans who fought with the Nazis against Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union. That message has been widely transmitted in eastern Ukraine and has also found an audience in parts of the EU. But Ukrainian Jews, some of whom are serving in the Kiev government, are unconvinced. When I put the allegations of fascism and anti-Semitism to Mr Pinchuk, Ukraine’s most prominent Jewish businessman, he replied, succinctly: “It’s bullshit.”俄罗斯媒体大肆宣称,乌克兰政府掌握在一群“法西斯主义者”和“反犹分子”手中,这些人据说是当年与纳粹一道、跟约瑟#8226;斯大Josef Stalin)领导的苏联打仗的那部分乌克兰人的后代。这种说法在乌克兰东部广为流传,在欧盟一些地方也不乏听众。但乌克兰籍犹太人并不相信这种说法,他们中的一些也在乌克兰政府中任职。平丘克是乌克兰最知名的犹太商人。当我向他转述有关乌克兰政府法西斯主义和反犹的说法时,他简洁地答道:“胡说八道。”What is true is that the red-and-black flag of wartime Ukrainian nationalism is very visible on the barricades that still remain on Kiev’s Independence Square. When I asked some of the demonstrators, clad in military fatigues and camped under the flag, why they were still on the streets, one replied: “To make sure that the new government does not steal the money that is coming from the IMF.”千真万确的则是,基辅独立广Independence Square)的路障还在,上面仍有非常显眼的黑红相间的旗帜,那是二战期间的乌克兰民族主义象征。我问一些穿着军、在旗帜下扎营的抗议者,为什么还在这里抗议,其中一人的回答是:“为了确保新政府不会偷走国际货币基金组织(IMF)给的钱。”That concern seems reasonable enough. A point that the governments in Moscow and Kiev actually seem to agree on is that Ukraine has been miserably misgoverned by a succession of corrupt and kleptocratic governments. Mr Yatseniuk is generally regarded as straight. But, even as the country faces the prospect of civil war or invasion, there are still interim ministers who, with remarkable single-mindedness, are said to be intent primarily on stealing.这种担忧看上去合情合理。俄罗斯和乌克兰政府事实上似乎都同意的一点是,乌克兰不幸地受到一届又一届腐败盗贼政府的糟糕统治。人们普遍认为亚采纽克还比较正直。但即便在国家面临内战或入侵的情况下,有一些临时官员据说仍然一门心思打算捞一笔,这种冥顽不灵简直令人难以置信。The image of a corrupt, chaotic and divided Ukraine killing and robbing its own citizens suits the Russian government very well. If Russia can convince the outside world that Ukraine, which only gained independence in 1991, is not really a “propercountry, it will be much easier to dismember.乌克兰给外界的腐败、混乱和分裂印象,包括杀害和抢劫它自己的国民,正中俄罗斯政府下怀。如果俄罗斯能说外界相信,1991年才独立的乌克兰,其实不是一个“合格”的国家,那么分裂乌克兰将变得容易得多。So it is important to remember some basic facts. While there clearly is a cultural divide between eastern and western Ukraine, 91 per cent of the country’s citizens voted to be an independent nation in 1991, with a majority in all regions. Millions of Ukrainians died in the Stalin-imposed famines of the 1930s, which gives modern Ukrainians good grounds to be suspicious of Russian offers of “protection因此,记住一些基本事实很重要。尽管乌克兰东部和西部存在明显的文化差异,但991年,该国1%的公民投票持乌克兰成为独立国家,并且独立在乌克兰的所有地区都取得了多数人的持。上世纪30年代,数百万乌克兰人在那场斯大林造成的饥荒中死亡,这让现代乌克兰人有充分理由对俄罗斯提出的“保护”打个问号。When thousands of Ukrainians demonstrated in Kiev earlier this year and more than a hundred died they were not demanding a “fascistgovernment. Instead they were calling for an end to corruption and for eventual membership of the EU. Those goals are both worthy and attainable. Amid all the current chaos and violence, they still deserve support.今年早些时候,数千名乌克兰人在基辅抗议,一百多人在抗议引发的冲突中丧生。那时他们要求的并不是一个“法西斯”式政府。相反,他们要求的是终结腐败、并最终加入欧盟。这两个目标是值得实现的,并且可以实现。尽管目前局面混乱不堪、充斥着暴力,他们仍值得持。来 /201405/296882

With the countdown clock winding down in the latest round of talks over Iran’s nuclear program, the top U.S. and Iranian diplomats began another meeting in Vienna Sunday evening, possibly pushing the announcement of a final deal to Monday.随着最后一轮伊朗核谈判最后期限的倒计时钟声即将敲响,美国和伊朗高级外交官员星期天晚间在维也纳开始了又一次会晤,可能在努力推动星期一宣布达成一项最终的核协议。A senior U.S. State Department official warned that ;major issues; remain to be resolved in the talks, and Iranian foreign affairs official Alireza Miryousefi called a Sunday announcement of the 100-page accord “simply logistically impossible美国国务院一名高级官员警告说,谈判中仍然需要解决一些“重大议题”,伊朗外交官员阿里雷札称星期天宣布的一00页的协定“从逻辑上根本不可能”。The Associated Press first reported that the announcement would be made Monday.美联社首先报道说,达成协议的声明将在星期一宣布。Among other disagreements, the sides are split over a U.N. arms embargo on Iran, which Western powers want to keep in place.其它意见不一的方面包括,各方对是否解除联合国对伊朗武器禁运的问题意见分歧。西方大国希望继续保持禁运。EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, who is also part of the talks, said Sunday morning negotiators were in the ;decisive hours.;参加核谈判的欧盟外交政策主管莫盖里尼星期天早晨表示,谈判代表正处于“决定性的时刻”。The foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany were also in Vienna. It remains unclear when China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, will rejoin negotiations in person.现在六大国当中除了中国外长之外,都已经会聚维也纳。目前还不清楚中国外长王毅是否会再次亲自参加谈判。来 /201507/385247

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