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There are hundreds of islands out here.The vast majority are deserted.这里有上百座岛屿 大多数都荒无人烟Im heading for one of these unpopulated islands,and from a distance, its an awesome sight.我将前往其中的一座无人岛 从远处看 这的景色棒极了But appearances can be deceptive.但请不要被表面假象蒙蔽People often think of desert islands as some sort of paradise,人们往往把荒岛 想象成人间天堂but the reality is they can be the ultimate prison.但事实上 这里往往是终极地狱For shipwrecked sailors through the ages,古往今来 诸多的船只失事早已明islands like this have proved the supreme challenge,此类的岛屿神秘面纱之下隐藏着无尽杀机and Im gonna show you how the smart few survived.我将向您展示 千古智者如何脱离险境100 feet now.My first task is to get ashore.高度 100英尺 我的首个任务是 上岸With nowhere to land, Im gonna jump.50 feet now.苍茫大海无处着陆 我必须跳入水中 现在 50英尺Its too shallow inside the reef,so Im gonna drop into the deep-blue waters outside.近岸处暗礁太多 水位太浅 所以 我将跳进深蓝色的水域Okay, Bear, off you go.Need to swim in through the surf now.好的 贝尔 出发 看来我得从海浪里游出去了I want to get out of this dangerous deep water,我想尽快离开这危险的深海域but that means braving the waves that break over the shallow reef.但这意味着 我将必须破浪前行Theres only a few feet of water between me and the sharp coral reef beneath.我和尖锐的珊瑚礁 相隔仅仅几英尺Coral cuts are a real danger,and blood in the water can attract sharks.若不幸被划伤 情况将十分凶险 因为水中的血腥味能把鲨鱼引来But Im through the breakers and into the lagoon.但很快 我突破重重困难 进入浅滩What Im concerned about is that sharks are gonna love this sort of area.我一直在担心 鲨鱼应该很喜欢这样的海域They can shoal fish in here and come to feed.它们能够将鱼群赶到此处 围猎进食You just need to be vigilant, keep a good eye out here.你需要非常的警惕 眼观六路201703/498705You tell your friend that eating fats can be part of a healthy diet and he gets mad你告诉朋友吃一些高热量的食物也是健康饮食的一部分,and starts yelling at you, ;Oh, so you want me to eat McDonalds all day?!他非常生气的向你吼道,“你是想让我整天吃麦当劳You want me to eat trans fats all day?!和反式脂肪吗?Is that what you call healthy?!;这就是你所谓的健康饮食?”In his mind, hes somehow rebutting your argument.在他的意识中,想要反驳你的观点。However, what hes done is essentially twisted what you said into something that you didnt say,然而,他是把你的观点扭曲了,and now hes attacking his own little constructed argument.而且他也在攻击他自己的小论点。You tell him that you were thinking more along the lines of nuts and seeds,你告诉他你在思考坚果和种子的纹路,but for some reason, he continues to be very angry with you.但是出于某些原因,他仍然跟你生气。You and your friend are debating the complex question of how taxes should be collected.你和朋友正在讨论怎样收税这种复杂的问题。Youre more fiscally conservative while hes more fiscally liberal.你更倾向于财政保守,他却更倾向于财政自由。And so far, the argument has been going great but all of a sudden he brings up Donald Trump到目前为止,讨论进入白热化阶段,但他却突然提到唐纳德·特朗普and all the bad things Trump has done in his life.以及他的一生所为。He goes on and on about Trump maybe thinking that hes somehow strengthening his position,他不停的讲特朗普,可能以为是在强化自己的观点,but hes essentially introduced something thats irrelevant to the debate,但是从本质上讲,他做的陈述和此次辩论毫无关联,and his argument of whether Trump is a good guy or a bad guy而且关于特朗普是否是好人的论辩really says nothing overall about the merits of fiscal conservatism没有凸显任何财政保守主义的优点just like whether Hillary is a sketchy lady or a nice lady says nothing about the merits of fiscal liberalism.就类似于,不管希拉里是不是一位和蔼的夫人,这都和财政自由主义的优点无关。Youre debating your friend about a topic and you bring up some very valid points.在辩论的时候,你提出了有力的论点。And instead of addressing those points, he gets angry and starts telling you他没有论述那些观点,反而非常生气的how youre wrong because youre an asshole or because youre ugly指责你是怎么错的,因为你人品有问题,又或者是因为你很丑,implying that your character or your physical attributes以此来暗示了你的性格或身体特征somehow have anything to do with the validity of your argument.与你论点的有效性相关。A friend of yours asks you to explain in detail everything since the start of the universe.朋友让你解释从宇宙起源以来的所有细节。You tell him that even though we know quite a bit, we dont know every single detail about everything你说尽管我们知道很多,但我们不可能懂得所有事情的每一个细节,but were looking for evidence constantly and working on putting the puzzle together.但是我们一直在寻在据,并致力于整合这些问题。He laughs in your face. See, you have no answers but he does.他当面嘲笑你。瞧,你回答不了,他却可以。He tells you that the spaghetti monster created everything with his loving tentacles.他告诉你是意大利面飞行怪用它可爱的触手创造了万物。Youve just been served an argument from ignorance.多么无知的论调。We dont know certain things for sure, therefore it must be the spaghetti monster.有些事情我们确定不了,所以就把它扣在意大利面飞行怪的头上。Your friend tells you that he saw on TV that if he eats some crazy herb every day, he wont get cancer anymore.朋友告诉你,如果每天多吃一些药草,他就不会得癌症。And youre kind of skeptical and ask for more evidence,你有点怀疑并希望他能提供更多的据来明这一点,and he tells you that its true because the guy who said it on TV is this famous doctor and he also has a PhD.他坚信那是真的,因为是一个非常有名的士医生在电视上讲的。Unfortunately, just because someone has a PhD doesnt mean that theyre not full of shit.不幸的是,拥有士学位并不能表明他的言论就完全可信。And also unfortunately, a lot of people dont seem to understand this.遗憾的是很多人貌似都不明白这一点。201706/513834【视频讲解】From the start of the year to the first week in March, Uber’s market share in America has fallen from around 80% to 74%, according to 7Park Data, which tracks the industry. Lyft, a smaller ride-hailing firm, seems to have been the chief beneficiary. The dip in market share for Uber could reverse, though the firm is unlikely to grow as effortlessly as in the past. There is, at least, still plenty of room to expand at home. Only around 6% of American mobile-phone users hail a ride through Uber and Lyft once a month or more.据追踪该行业市况的市场调查公司7Park Data的数据,从今年初到3月第一周,优步在美国的市场份额已从约80%下降至74%。较小型的网约车公司Lyft似乎是主要受益者。虽然优步已不大可能像以前那样毫不费力就实现增长,但它还是有可能扭转微跌的市场份额。至少在美国国内还有很大的扩张空间。在美国手机用户中,仅6%会每月通过优步和Lyft打车一次或以上。track v.追踪- tracking numberchief adj.主要的beneficiary n.受益人- benefit n.好处- beneficial adj.有益的dip n. 下跌 (drop)- a dip in popularityreverse v.扭转Yet Uber’s enormous valuation also depends on the firm pulling off a harder task: dominating most markets for ride-hailing around the world. Fortunately, there is little evidence that Mr Kalanick’s antics have dented its prospects outside America. But the goal of worldwide dominion remains distant, even though no other private technology firm has ever spent so much money to gain a global foothold. It is competing against a strong competitor, Grab, in South-East Asia and was spending billions to compete against its Chinese rival, Didi, until it struck a deal last year to withdraw from the country in exchange for a 20% stake in that firm.但要撑起它的巨额估值,优步还要完成一项更艰巨的任务:成为全球多数市场的网约车霸主。幸运的是,几乎没有迹象表明卡兰尼克的乖张言行有损公司在美国以外市场的前景。但要实现称霸全球的目标依旧遥遥无期,尽管还没有哪家私人科技公司像优步一样花费巨资来建立全球布局。优步正与强劲的对手Grab争夺东南亚市场。而之前优步已花费数十亿美元与中国的竞争对手滴滴出行一较高下,直至去年与之达成协议而退出中国市场,换取了滴滴20%的股份。enormous adj.巨大的pull off 克困难顺利完成 (to carry out despite difficulties)There is little evidence that...没有据表明...antics n.愚蠢举动dent v.削减prospect n.前景dominion n.统治distant adj.遥远的foothold n.立足之处strike a deal 达成协议stake n.股份Investors particularly want to see the ride-hailing giant reach profitability in developed markets. Its sales, of around .5bn in 2016, are growing rapidly, but it has to spend a lot in American cities where there are rival local firms such as Lyft and (smaller) ones such as Juno and Via. For every dollar that Lyft spends in subsidising fares, it costs Uber four times the amount to hold onto customers and drivers, because of its far larger size. Foreign expansion adds still more expense, and it is unclear whether the competition at home and abroad, which hurts Uber’s chance of becoming profitable, will ever ease up.投资者尤其希望这家网约车巨头能在发达市场实现盈利。其销售额在2016年约为55亿美元,正快速增长,但优步需要在有本土对手公司Lyft以及Juno和Via等更小型公司出没的美国城市花费大量资金扩展。Lyft每花一美元补贴车费,优步就需要花四倍的成本来挽留顾客和司机,因为它的规模大得多。海外扩展进一步增加了出,国内外的竞争削弱了优步实现盈利的机会,而这些竞争是否会减弱还是个未知数。profitability n.利润,盈利subsidise v.补贴fare n.费用hold onto 紧紧抓住ease up 减轻There are other threats to watch out for. Uber’s performance depends on its software working smoothly and not being hit by outages, and this could suffer if more executives on the technical side leave. It may also struggle to hire talented engineers during this rough patch.还有其他威胁需要留心。优步的表现要靠其软件无间断地顺畅运行,假如更多技术高管离职,这方面可能受到影响。在这段艰难时期,优步要觅得才华出众的工程师也非易事。outage n.短缺 (lost in storage)patch n.时期 (a period of time)- Im going through a tough patch.201705/510407

Me and the crew are in a narrow tunnel,and theres a train coming.我和摄制组当时正在一条狭窄的隧道 有一列火车开了过来Within a minute, come on, go, go, go, go, go!马上就开过来了 快跑 快跑啊In the tunnel, were running away from this thing.在隧道里的时候 我们怕被火车撞到Its entered the tunnel. And its just the blackness and this light,and then the ;Ernn; the sound of the horn.火车开了进来 突然一黑 然后一道灯光 紧跟着传来了汽笛的声音Very disorientating and very, very intimidating.辨不清方向 十分吓人Keep following me! Run!Were running, and Im behind Bear, running.跟紧我 快跑 我们一直在跑 我在贝尔后面I trip and land on the tracks.Get up, get up, get up, get up!我突然摔倒在铁轨上 快起来 快 起来And it does occur to me,and you know this thing cant stop.我当时脑子一懵 想到这火车肯定停不下来and Bear turns around, and then,literally in a heartbeat,hes grabbed me, throws me in front of him,贝尔反身回来 就在这时 毫不夸张的说 电光石火间 他把我抓起来 扔到他前面and were running out, and the cameras now pointing backward.Run!然后我们往外跑着 摄像机一直对着后面 快跑Hot and crazy, and were legging it out of this tunnel.我们浑身大汗疯了一样地逃出隧道We get to the end of the tunnel, dive out.到隧道口的时候 赶紧扑到外面So, immediately, weve hit dirt,Bears up on his heels again, and hes running.刚落到地上 贝尔就爬了起来 继续跑We can make it!Get board this train.还来得及 跳上了火车And we both climb onto the train,and then he does the classic sort of wild west thing where hes jumping between carriages to carriages.我们也跟着爬了上去 然后他做了经典西部片的动作 从一节车厢跳到另一节车厢And, finally, he runs on the flatbed cars and gets up to the train,最后终于跑到了车皮上 走到火车头那里and you see this beautiful Montana vista in front of you.然后就是这一幅美丽的蒙大纳原野美景So it was a really successful pickup,a really dramatic ending to a great show.这是一次很成功的获救 也给这集摄制留下了一个完美的结尾The end of the journey or the trip is always a highlight.拍摄的最后阶段往往都是全片的高潮所在Everyone takes a deep breath and thinks that, that was good,and theres always something great to reflect on.每个人都深呼一口气 想着 这下好了 而且总会有一些特别的闪光点When we come to the end of the show,and Bear gets on the plane, helicopter, or train,每当摄制进入尾声 贝尔成功登上 飞机 直升机 或者火车的时候Its such a good feeling. We know its a wrap,and we know were going home.A nice feeling.我们都会如释重负 我们知道都结束了 我们就要回家了 感觉真的很好Its been a privilege, fantastic journey.Its a really exciting,really exciting job to do.那是一场美好 刺激的旅程 这是一份非常令人兴奋的工作The truth is, I absolutely love doing the show.You know,we go to amazing places,face some pretty intense adventures and challenges.说实话 我很爱制作这档节目 如你所见 我们去了各种神奇的地方 面对各种激烈的冒险与挑战And theres no doubt in my mind, without the crew,this show would never happen.而且我脑海里始终铭记 没有这个团队 就不会有这档节目201611/477686

In Alaska, the best route to safety was to get onto a glacier,在阿拉斯加 最安全的路径 就是站到冰川上去but that meant a jump across icy water for me and for Simon.但那就意味着要跳过刺骨的冰水 我要跳 西蒙也得跳Dont like the look of this stuff at all.You see, its just all free-floating,broken ice.这些东西全都暗藏杀机 你看 冰块全是活动的 全是碎冰To get to the glacier,you had to sort of step across which were effectively icebergs floating in the water.Often theyre pretty unstable.为了到冰川上去 你得跨过 那些看起来很结实的冰山 实际上他们很容易碎的Here we go, twinkletoes.出发 水上漂Just,okay ,come on then,give me your hand, this last bit.差点 好了 过来 最后这一段我能拉你一把He said,No, come on.Do this last one. Its great.Well make it. Well make it.他说 不 快来 挺过这最后一个 感觉棒极了 我们能行 我们能行Ok. Look down, look across,Go for it, commit to it.好吧 看看下面 看看对面 就奋不顾身地冲过去了One, two, three.Good. good, good. And again.Nice.1 2 3 好 很好 不错 真棒Simon -- hes no slouch in those situations,and danced across it really well.西蒙在这种环境中游刃有余 一把就跳了过去But he also has to hold a camera.但是他还要举着摄像机Sometimes you just got to commit to these things. Okay.有时候你得全情投入 走吧Im as careful as I can be,but theres always an element of risk for me and crew.我已经尽可能小心翼翼 但我和摄制人员还是常遇风险There was a scree slope which Bear and I were powering down.那里有一处布满碎石的斜坡 我和贝尔要速滑下去We got to about 20 feet before the end of this thing,and Bear says to me,;Im gonna stop by that tree;.And he doesnt stop.差不多要滑20英尺才能到坡底 贝尔跟我说 我会在那棵树的地方停下来 可他并没能停下来201610/473393The aboriginals talk about these tasting like salty oysters.土著觉得它们有与盐水牡蛎并称的美味I say thats a compliment to the worm.他们可真能拍马屁In the thick mangrove, with few visual references,finding a bearing is difficult.在厚密的红树林中 少有可视的参照物 使得辨认方向难上加难Use a long, straight stick like this.找一根像这样又长又直的杆子Gonna help us keep on our direction and stop us going round and round in circles.它能帮助我们朝正确的方向前进 避免不停兜圈子Jam it through in a straight line.将它沿一条直线放置And then however I weave my way to it,然后不论我如何迂回绕路过去as long as I weave my way back to the end of the stick,pick it up, I know Im gonna be on line.只要能绕到杆子的另一端 然后捡起杆子 我就不会走歪Also, people tend to have a dominant foot,Whether its left or right.而且 人们往往都有优势足 有可能是左脚也有可能是右脚When theyre in terrain thats really confusing to stay on course,当人们身陷 方向难辨的环境中时theyll tend to veer towards that dominant foot行走的路线便会朝优势足那边偏移and just end up going round and round in these slow circles.最后 他们只是在慢慢兜着圈子Finally, I emerge from the mangrove into a clearing.终于 我从红树林钻了出来 进入一片空地Theres footprints ahead, and theyre not crocodile.前面有些脚印 不是鳄鱼These are human. Look.Lets go. Follow them.Hey! Wait up!是人类 瞧 出发 跟着脚印走 喂 等等My Arnhem land encounter is over,an ancient place where aboriginal hunters have survived in harmony with nature for over 40,000 years.我的阿纳姆地探险结束了 在这片古老的大地上 土著猎人和自然和谐相处了4万余年Its an extraordinary place,and its been an extraordinary experience.这是片神奇的大地 也留下了我的一段神奇经历201701/489298TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441516

For Rockefeller and Carnegie, Morgans passing is a reminder-- time is running short and the realization triggers a new contest.对洛克菲勒和卡内基来讲 根的去世敲响了警钟 提醒他们时间不多了 意识到这点 新的较量也随之开始No longer is their competition about who makes more money, now the question is who can give more away.现在他们比的不是谁赚的钱多 而是谁捐的钱多了Andrew Carnegie was the first of the big capitalists of this era to be bitten by the philanthropy bug.安德鲁·卡内基是这个时代 第一个热心慈善事业的大资本家了He decided that he was going to use his wealth to good purpose and he said that a man who dies rich dies disgraced.他决定用他的财富做善事 他说抱着钱死去是一种耻辱Andrew Carnegie was not a very popular man among his millionaire friends because he demanded that the millionaire has to give away all of his money.安德鲁·卡内基在他的富豪朋友圈内不是一个很受欢迎的人 因为他要求他们把钱全部捐出去Theres nothing wrong with making a lot of money. Making money is fun. I enjoy that very much. But I enjoy giving away money, even more so.赚很多钱没什么不妥 赚钱很好玩 我也乐在其中 但相比之下 我更喜欢捐钱Carnegie gives away more than three hundred and fifty million dollars.Sixty-seven billion, today.卡内基捐款超过三点五亿美元相当于今天的六百七十亿Most goes to education and his favorite cause--libraries.大多数都用在教育以及他的挚爱 图书馆As more than twenty-five hundred ;Carnegie libraries; are built in forty-nine states and around the world.在四十九个州乃至全世界 一共有两千五百多座卡内基图书馆But even in this contest Carnegie will be bested by his old rival.但是即使是捐钱比赛 卡内基还是输给了他的老对手201608/457584In a sweltering, rainy jungle,在闷热多雨的热带丛里中all the colonists efforts went into lugging Cannon殖民者们倾尽全力将加农炮into a primitive stockade bravely christened Fort St Andrew.拖入原始的栅栏中 这栅栏被冠以;圣安德鲁堡垒;这一英武之名They were dying now of disease and hunger at a rate of ten a day,每天都有十人被疾病和饥饿抛向死亡and their supplies ran with maggots.而他们的物资也生蛆腐烂And there was no outside help.没有人前来营救他们Tropical New Caledonia was a direct threat to the English trading empire深陷热带的新喀里多尼亚 使英格兰的贸易帝国地位岌岌可危and the government in Westminster was determined it should fail.英格兰政府也决意宣告失败A law was passed making it illegal for any Englishman to invest in the scheme政府出台了相关了法令 规定任何投资or give assistance to the desperate Darienite或者挽救这个计划的行为都属违法When a second Scottish expedition arrived at New Edinburgh,all they found were hundreds of graves.当第二苏格兰远征队踏上新爱丁堡时 触目皆是成百上千座坟墓Back home, when the full extent of the disaster sunk in,当故国的人们了解了这起悲剧的始末后the fate of the Darien expeditions became a national trauma.第一批冒险者的多舛命运使举国哀痛They consumed a full third of Scotlands liquid capital.这次冒险消耗了苏格兰 整整三分之一的流动资金but the most serious casualty of the fiasco had been the last,而这次惨败的最大损失在于best hope of a national rebirth Scotland going it alone.它覆灭了苏格兰依靠自己的力量 涅槃重生的美梦That hope died in the malarial swamps of Darien.那希望被达连充满瘴气的沼泽吞噬殆尽 /201705/508645This was not what John Pym wanted to hear.约翰·皮姆并不想听到这样的言论Even as he was dying, tortured by cancer of the bowel,尽管罹患肠癌 行将就木to squash a peace movement,he pulled off a last coup which would transform the war.仍不忘要粉碎和平运动 他以最后一击 扭转了战争局势On September 25th, 1643,an alliance was struck between parliament and the Scots:The Solemn League and Covenant.1643年9月25日 议会派与苏格兰人结成了联盟 神圣盟约In 1637,Scotland had begun the resistance against Charles I.1637年 苏格兰开始抵抗查理一世Seven years later, the Covenant would all but finish him off.七年后 这项盟约终于要了他的命At Marston Moor, outside York,on a wet afternoon in July 1644,1644年一个阴湿的七月午后 在约克城外的马斯顿荒原the full force of the Anglo-Scots alliance hammered the Royalist army.联盟派出全部兵力 重创了保皇派军队It was the bloodiest battle of the war,the cream of Charless army was annihilated.这是开战以来伤亡最惨重的一役 查理的精英部队全军覆灭Among the victors was the MP for Cambridge,a cavalry officer with iron in his soul.胜利者中有一位来自剑桥的议员 一个内心刚毅的骑兵军官His name was Oliver Cromwell,and he was, he thought, doing the Lords work.他叫奥利弗·克伦威尔 他认为 自己在替天行道Cromwell was himself an East Anglian country gentleman,克伦威尔本是东盎格鲁的一名乡绅but he knew that gentility was no use in this war,only effective fighting men.但他知道这场战争需要的不是绅士 而是勇于作战的斗士After Edgehill, he had told John Hampden:边山一役之后 他曾对约翰·汉顿说I had rather have a plain russet-coated captain that knows what he fights for and loves what he knows我宁愿要一个虽不起眼却知为何而战 并珍爱他的经历的老上尉than that which you call a gentleman and is nothing else.也不愿要你所说的最纯粹的绅士 /201703/499512

Okay, you y to jump for this?Im gonna jump onto the berg and hope that the ice doesnt give way.准备好跳了吗 我准备跳到浮冰上 它可千万别塌了But as I leap off,the raft is unbalanced,and my crew plunge into the icy waters.但就在我纵身一跃的时候 筏失去了平衡 我的队友掉进了冰冷的海里I got you, I got you. Thats it.We need to work fast if hes gonna spot us.抓住你了 好了 要想让他发现我们 就得动作快点In situations like this,the boat could be out of range in minutes.在这种情况下 船在几分钟内便可能不见踪影So any signal fire needs to be a quick build.Build this baby up.所以必须快速制造信号火 赶快把火生起来My emergency fire-making materials are quick to ignite,but theres not nearly enough smoke for my signal fire.我的急救助燃材料很快就能燃烧起来 但冒出的烟雾还不够浓烈Its giving off some smoke,but its only white smokes.Its never gonna show against all this ice.虽然冒出了些烟 但这些烟是白色的 在这些皑皑浮冰之间 是不会被看见的What we need to now do is use just some rubber off the bottom of my boot.现在我们要做的是 利用我的鞋底胶Burning rubber produces thick, black smoke which will show up clearly against the white of the ice.橡胶燃烧时能产生很浓的黑烟 与白色的冰反差很大 会相当显眼See if they see this.With the black smoke and my bright-red jacket,Ive given myself the best chance of being seen.看看它们瞧得见这个不 依靠浓烟和我的亮红色外套 这是我被发现的最佳机会了Hold your arms up in this big ;Y; Shape.Its the international distress sign for ;Yes. I need help.;Hey! Help!举起你的手 呈;Y;型 这是国际通用的遇险信号 代表;我需要帮助; 救命 救命啊The trawler has slowed and is altering course.渔船减速了 并且调转了方向There could be no better sight in the world for the survivor than seeing their rescue ship turn towards them.对于幸存者来说 看到营救船转向他们 是最激动人心的景象The boat is coming to get me.He wont want to hang around in these icy waters,so this is gonna be a one-shot deal.船开过来救我了 它不会在这片充满浮冰的海域逗留太久 因此我必须一次成功Man, that is coming fast and straight towards us.We need to move to make this.伙计 船朝着我们来了 它开得又快又直 我得换个好位置The boat is gonna come alongside the iceberg,and Im gonna make a leap for it.船与这块浮冰擦身而过 这时我需要跳上去Ive got to be 100% confident of making this jump.I do not want to end up crushed between this and the ice.我必须做好准备再起跳 我可不想最后被挤扁在 船和冰的中间But shes coming in too hot and too close.And at the last moment, it crashes into the ice.但是它开得太快 距离也太近了 在最后一刻 它撞进了浮冰A close shave, but Ive made it.Just!And Im heading home.千钧一发 我成功了 刚刚好 终于可以回家了201605/440856In the British section of year nine,在进行英式教学法的初三班上Bohunt head of maths Pete Whitworth is also gearing up for the exam.航特的数学教研组长皮特·惠特沃斯也在为考试做准备Todays lesson is your final lesson before your test on Thursday.这堂课是周四考试前的最后一堂How do you find the area of a trapezium?梯形面积怎么求You do half the sum of the parallel sides...上下两边之和除以二OK, so lets do that then.好,那算一下which is 12 add 9 divided by 2.也就是十二加九然后除以二Is she right?她做得对吗Mr Whitworths class is much smaller, and the kids have been grouped by ability.惠特沃斯老师的班规模小得多,孩子们按照能力进行分组His approach is also more personal.他的授课方式更具针对性Which one are you doing?你在算哪道题With maths, youve got to put a bit of personality into it to make it a bit more fun.要把数学教得生动一些,才能增加趣味Youve got to get to know the students.你得了解自己的学生If you get the students on your side, you build a good relationship.如果能让学生们认同你,那就建立起了良好的师生关系Where are we? Which one are you showing me?算到哪里了,你想让我看哪道题All of them.全都看You havent put any workings with any of these.可你每道题都没写计算过程啊No, cos these ones dont need workings.因为这些题不需要写过程OK, so these are all Pythagoras ones, are they?好吧,这些用勾股定理就能解决对吧Its important for me that the students come in and they enjoy maths.让学生喜欢数学对我来说很重要Thats a really big thing.这很重要If they enjoy maths, then theyre much more likely to want to do it.如果他们喜欢数学,他们就更有可能去认真学Whats the matter?什么问题Mr Whitworth may have a softly, softly approach in the classroom,惠特沃斯老师在课堂上可能有些温和but hes deadly serious about the exams.但是他对考试的态度是极其认真的Anyone who knows me knows Im insanely competitive.了解我的人都知道我非常好胜And of course, I want my students to do well.我当然也希望我的学生们表现出色I want it to look like what we do at Bohunt works and prove that.我想明航特的教学方法管用Perfect. Right, what well do is we will end it there.非常好,今天我们就到这里Im very much aware that Ive set you a homework of a double page sp of revision.我记着给你们留过作业了,两页纸的复习Enjoy whats left of this lovely afternoon.祝你们下午过得愉快See you later. Be good.再见,祝好运。201605/444214When the rain started, a week after the outbreak of the fire,allowing an early stocktaking,火势持续一周后 大雨降临 人们开始清点损失the scale of the devastation horrified even the pessimists.然而灾难带来的损失令所有人膛目结舌13,200 houses had been destroyed,along with some of the most famous buildings of the city.共有13200户房屋受损 其中包括几处标志性建筑St Pauls Cathedral was in ruins.圣保罗大教堂亦化为废墟The new Leviathan, it seemed, had no fire insurance.似乎这庞然大物中 无任何防火设施Still, there were those who were determined that London would rise as a phoenix from its ashes不过 仍有人坚信 凤凰涅槃 浴火重生 伦敦必然会崛起and, like the reborn, rebuilt Rome, astonish the world.如同重建的罗马一样 让世界为之震惊This sort of thing had long been on the mind of Christopher Wren,皇家学会的数学家兼建筑师mathematician, architect and brilliant prodigy of the Royal Society.天才克里斯多夫·雷恩 对此更是深信不疑So when Roman antiquities were found in the debris around St Pauls,人们在圣保罗大教堂的废墟附近发现罗马遗物one of them a tablet bearing the Latin inscription其中有一块碑上刻着一行拉丁文;Resurgam; I shall arise,;Resurgam; Wren took the message to heart. 我将崛起 雷恩将这句话铭记在心London had once been a great Roman city and now would outdo the ancients,伦敦是罗马人建起的伟大城市 而今 她将超越历史with great piazzas, broad avenues,calculated to afford geometrically satisfying vistas and up to fifty new churches.大型的广场 宽阔的街道 都经过精心设计 构成完美的几何图案 此外还将新建五十座教堂And at its heart would be a new St Pauls,而城市中心将会修建一座新的圣保罗大教堂a cathedral the like of which had never been seen in northern Europe.一座在北欧 前所未见的大教堂 /201704/505122

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