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The lesson here is you should never ask Weibo users to make you look cooler in a photograph.教训:不要请微用户帮你P相片。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look more dangerous.;求P得更危险些。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like the son of a powerful politician!;求P的像某位政治权贵的儿子。Photoshop Request: ;Make me look like hot shit, please!;求P成暴帅的“热翔”。Photoshop Request: ;My friend behind me looks a little dull. Can you make him more dramatic?;背后的朋友看上去有点呆,大神能把表情P生动点吗?Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like a hero with courage!;求P成勇敢的英雄。Photoshop Request: ;This is me celebrating my graduation. Can you make it look more like a celebration?;这是我庆祝毕业的照片,求P得欢乐一点。Photoshop Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”求P得没那么疲惫。Photoshop Request: ;Lose the clothes, more tattoos, and I want a knife. Make me look like the kind of person who would take all your money and your life.;求P掉衣,P多点纹身,再P把刀,P成有能力杀光抢光那种。Photoshop Request: ;I wanna look more like a hero. Maybe put a lady in there?;求P成个英雄,顺带P条女。Photoshop Request: ;Dear artisans, please make this background more powerful.;各位大神们,求把背景换得强大点!Photoshop Request: ;That kid walked into the shot. I don#39;t want any kids in this photo.;有个小屁孩闯入我的相片,求P掉。 /201502/35798512. China#39;s Number One Bridge12. 中国第一桥一赵州桥Zhaozhou Bridge has a novel structure meters and beautiful shape. It is 50.82 meters long and 9.6 meters wide, with a Span of 37.37 meter. It is a one arch bridge consisting of 28 independent arches. At each shoulder of the big arc there are two small round arcs used to help drain flood water, reduce the weight of the bridge and save some stone. It is a pioneering work in the history of bridge construction. On the parapet of the bridge, there are various delicate and vivid pictures and designs. Structurally speaking, the bow-shape big arc and the small round arcs on the shoulder make the bridge look light despite its bulk body and give you the feeling that it is about to fly away. Its outline is very strong but gentle, stable but vivid, magnificent and meaningful. The sculpture of a dragon head on the top of the main arc and the Yangtianshi at the side of the bridge in the shape of a nine-petal lily expresses the wish that the bridge will be spare from the damage of floods and lasting forever safely.赵州桥结构脯,造型美观,全长50.82米,宽9.6米,跨度为37.37米,是一座由28道独立拱券组成的单孔弧形大桥。在大桥洞顶左右两边拱肩里,各砌有两个圆形小拱,用以加速排洪,减少桥身重量,节省石料,这是建桥史上的创举。桥面两边的栏板望柱,雕有各种精美图案,刀法苍劲,造型生动。在结构上,弧形平拱和敞肩小拱给人一种巨身轻灵、跃跃欲飞的动感。线条刚劲之中见柔和,稳重之中显轻灵,雄伟之中含隽永。在主拱顶上雕有龙头的龙问石一块,八瓣莲花的仰天石点缀于桥侧。这些雕像,寄寓着大桥不受水害,长存永安的愿望。 Ever since the song Dynasty,there was a prevailing myth of lu Ban building the bridge, and people honor li Chun ;saint;. The legend says in ancient time, the river Jiao was always full of rolling waves in summer and autumn, and often flooded t during which people who lived by the river could not cross it even when they had emergencies. At regular time they crossed the river in a ferry, but it was very inconvenient. One night, the moon was brightly shining, lu Ban, the father of craftsmanship, drove a herd of white sheep to the bank of the river, and suddenly ail of them were converted into all kinds of stones. lu Ban wielded his hammer and started to work. By dawn, a grand stone bridge, in the faint rays of the dawning sun, had stretched over the Jiao River. This good news caused a sensation. People ran around sping the news, even the world af immortals knew about it. Zhang Guolao, one of the ;eight gods;, was very surprised to hear that. He made an appointment with Prince Chai to test the bridge. As itwent, Zhang Guolao, riding his donkey, went in front, in a bag on the back of the donkey were the sun and the moon; Prince Chai followed him pushing a handicart with the five great mountains of China in it. As they advanced to the middle, the bridge began to shake under the pressure, and looked like if was about to be crushed. Grasping the peril, lu Ban plunged into the river and proped up the bridge with his hand. Only by his effort could the bridge survive. On the surface the bridge, there are some deep footprints left over by the donkey when it was exerting; as the handicart was too heavy, there was a deep rut too; prince Chai left a knee mark on the bridge when he slipped because of over exertion. Beneath the bridge, lu Ban left a big hand print when he tried to prop up the bridge. This is how these marks on the bridge come from.自宋代以来,广泛流传着鲁班修桥的神话故事,人们把匠师李春喻为;圣人;。相传古代,蛟河水一到夏秋两季便浊浪翻滚,常常泛滥成灾,两岸百姓有急事谁也过不了河;平时也只能靠木船摆渡,很不方便。一天夜里,月光皎洁,工匠祖师鲁班,赶着白花花的羊群来到蛟河边,瞬间,羊群化作各种各样的石头,鲁班挥锤工,至拂晓时分,一座雄伟壮丽的大石桥身披晨曦横跨蛟河两岸,这一喜讯即刻轰动了百姓,人们奔走相告,同时也风闻到仙界。“八仙”之一的张果老十分惊讶,约了柴王爷一同试桥。只见张果老倒骑毛驴在前,驴背褡裢里装着日、月;柴王爷推车在后,车上装着五岳名山。行至桥中心,将桥压得摇摇欲坠。鲁班见势不妙,纵身跳人水中,用于将桥托住,才使大桥安然无恙。桥面上,毛驴上坡吃力,留下了几个深深的驴蹄印;小车过重,车轮碾出了一道深沟;柴王爷用力过猛,右脚一打滑跪在桥上,留下了一个大大的膝盖印;大桥下面,鲁班用力托住桥身,留下了一只大手印。这就是大石桥上留下各种痕迹的由来。Zhaozhou Bridge has a deep influence on the construction of Bridge in our country. Yongtong Bridge, located outside the west gate of the capital of Zhao Country on more than five kilometers away from it, is an example. Yongtong Bridge is also called ;small stone bridge;, stretching over Qingshui River. Built during Cahangnian year of the Jin Dynasty(1190-1195), it has a completely the same structure and formation as that over the An#39;ji River. It, too, is a single whole arc bridge, with a length of 32 meters,a span of 26 meters and a width of 6.3 meters, consisting of 20 single arches standing side by side. The carves on the parapet are exquisite. There is a popular saying among native people: ;Have honor for the big stone bridges,and apprectiate beauty of the small stone bridge. ; That is to say,from the big stone bridge, we can learn that it has made a great contribution to the history of bridge construction,and from the small bridge, we can appreciate the exquisite decoration. Legend has it that the night when Lu Ban was building the big stone bridge, his sister, Lu Jiang, was building the small stone bridge. They competed with each other and agreed to finish their work in one night. Lu Jiang was not as skilled as her brother, and was forced to imitate her brother#39;s work The day was about to dawn,yet she was not at all finished. Fortunately, she got helps from a god, and beat her brother. Some part of the bridge was even more beautiful than the big bridge. Another legend says that this bridge was built by Lu Ban#39;s second pupil Yongcong, so it was named Yongcong Bridge. As time went by, there were slips of mouths about ;Yongcong; and ;Yongtong;,and it was called Yongtong Bridge in the end.赵州桥对我国桥梁建筑影响深远。坐落在赵县城西门外、与其相距不足五里之遥的永通桥便是一例。永通桥又称;小石桥横跨清水河上。建于金代明昌年间 (1190 -1195),与安济桥结构形式完全一样,亦为单孔石拱桥,全长 32米,跨度 26米,宽 6.3米,由 20道并列的单拱构成。桥上栏板雕刻精美,当地老百姓中流传着一种说法大石桥看功劳,小石桥看花草。;意思是说,大石桥看的是对世界桥梁史的贡献,小石桥看的是精美的装饰。俗传鲁班修大石桥时,其鲁姜修小石桥,兄争胜,限一夜完工;鲁姜技艺不如鲁班,只得处处模仿大石桥,天将拂晓,工犹未竣,幸得天神暗中相助,竟胜兄,且若干部分较大桥为优美。另有民间传说,此桥为鲁班的二徒弟永聪所造,因而小石桥名永聪桥,年代久了,人们叫溜了口,叫成了;永通桥;。 /201505/373253It#39;s Time to Take the ;Positive;Out of Positive Psychology是时候把;正面;从积极心理学中拿走What is the prescription for optimalliving? The burgeoning field of positive psychology appears to have many of theanswers: We should be kind and caring to others, forgiving of transgressions,gracious and compassionate in our daily lives, and upbeat and optimistic aboutthe future. Following this simple plan should keep us happy and healthy.到底什么是理想生活的灵丹妙药?积极心理学新兴领域出现了很多:我们日常生活中应该善待并关心别人,原谅别人的罪过,亲切、富有同情心,还有要乐观,对未来充满希望。跟随这种简单的建议就可以使我们健康快乐。But as with most things, it turns out thatthe answer might not be that simple (link is external). What#39;s good may notalways be good, and what#39;s bad may not always be bad. Being kind and caring isa good thing-as long as the person you are kind and caring towards deservesyour kindness. Being forgiving may produce contentment-except when the forgiverhas no plans to make amends. Being optimistic about the future may keep yourspirits up and help you feel happy-unless you are a gambler who believes thenext bet will be the big one.但在大多数情况下,(与外部链接后)事实并没有那么简单。好的开始并不总是好的结果,而坏的开始也并不一定总是坏的结果。善良且富同情心是好的--前提是你善待及关心的人值得你对他好。宽恕原谅可能带来满足--被宽恕者没有打算赎罪除外。对未来感到乐观可能让你充满精神且让你开心--除非你是个赌徒且总是相信下一个赌注将有好结果。We have labeled certain traits and states;positive; and others ;negative; but according toresearchers Jim McNulty and Frank Fincham ;psychological traits andprocesses are not inherently positive or negative; instead, whetherpsychological characteristics promote or undermine well-being depends on thecontext in which they operate.;我们把一些特点标记为;正面;,另一部分标记为;负面;,但根据研究者Jim McNulty和Frank Fincham, ;心理特质和过程并非天生的正面或负面,取而代之,心理特征是否促进或破化幸福感取决于他们的操作。;How do we take the positive out of positivepsychology? According to McNulty and Fincham, we stop assuming that;positive; traits such as kindness are always beneficial forwell-being and instead dig a big deeper to figure out when, for whom, and towhat extent, being kind and caring, forgiving, or compassionate, actually leadsto greater happiness and health. What does this mean exactly?我们怎样把把;正面;从积极心理学中拿走?根据McNulty及Fincham,我们应停止假设;正面;性格如善良,总是对有利于得到幸福。取而代之是更深地挖掘:什么时候、对谁、做到什么程度,去展示友善、关怀、宽恕或怜悯,才真实地到来更大的幸福感。这到底怎么理解呢?They suggest three approaches:对此他们有三个方法:1. Consider the context. In order tounderstand when traits and processes are beneficial, we need to consider themwithin the social context. ;Positive; traits and processes may not bepositive in all conditions, and under certain circumstances, they couldactually be harmful. Forgiving your spouse might strengthen your relationshipif her transgression is forgetting to turn off the lights, and it#39;s clear shefeels bad about her forgetfulness. But if she is constantly belittling you infront of your friends, and shows no remorse for her actions, forgiveness maynot be the best approach.考虑环境因素。为了能了解什么特征及处理是有利的,我们需要考虑我们所在的社会环境。不是所有的情况;正面;的性格及处理方法都能带来正面的结果,在某种情况下,它甚至会造成伤害。原谅你的配偶可能会更加巩固你们的关系,若对方的错误是忘记关灯且她已经意识到自己的疏忽。但如果她不断的在你的朋友面前贬低你并对自己的行为没有丝毫懊悔,原谅并不是最佳的方式。2. Consider the sample. The positivepsychology movement helped psychologists realize that we cannot understand thewhole of the human condition if we focus only on those who have problems.Likewise, we cannot understand how to promote well-being if we focus only onthose who are aly happy. In order to uncover the secrets to living a happyand healthy life, we must examine the effects of psychological characteristicsnot just within samples of people who are functioning optimally, but also thosewith dysfunction. Perhaps optimism is only beneficial for those who havesomething to be optimistic about. To find out, we must conduct studies on boththe college undergraduate with the bright future and the medical patient whowas diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.细想这个例子。积极心理学运动帮助心理学家意识到若我们只聚焦在存在问题的人的身上,我们没办法明白人类的整体情况。同样地,若我们只关注那些实际已经感到开心快乐的人身上,我们并不能知道怎样促进健康。为了揭开能快乐健康生活的秘密,我们不但要观察身心已处于最佳状态的人的心理特征,我们还要观察那些功能失调的。或许,乐观只有利于那些有事物可让他们感到希望乐观的人上。为了查明,我们进行了研究:一方是前途光明的大学生,另一方则是被确诊癌症第四期的患者。3. Consider the timeline. Most psychologicalresearch is cross-sectional (measuring how a bunch of people feel at one pointin time). To find out how psychological characteristics truly influencewell-being, we need to look at them longitudinally (sampling the same people atmany different time points throughout their lives). This is important becauseresearchers are discovering that what can be good in the short term might bedetrimental over the long run. Spouses who deal with serious relationshipproblems by being kind to each other instead of critical report feeling betterabout their relationships in the moment, but over time they become lesssatisfied relative to spouses who were more critical. Why? The critical spousesactually deal with their problems which helps to improve their relationships.考虑到时间轴。绝大多数的心理研究都是代表性研究(测量一群人在特定时间中的感受)。但若我们希望查明心理特征怎样实实在在地影响幸福感,我们需要纵向地去看(同一群人中,在每个人人生不同的点都进行抽样)。纵向观察很重要,因为研究员发现一些有利于短期的事件却不利于长远。在夫妻关系出现严重问题时,选择善待彼此的夫妻比选择指责批评的夫妻在短期内觉得关系更好;但随着时间过去,(比起;指责组;)善待彼此的夫妻却对关系更感不满。为什么?因为;指责组;实际上是在处理他们之间的问题,从而改善他们的关系。Why does this matter? The positivepsychology movement is widesp and many of us have taken the movement toheart. Therapies, self-help books, and better living apps are now centered onthe promotion of positive characteristics, such as being more kind andforgiving. But if characteristics like kindness and forgiveness aren#39;tnecessarily a good thing for everyone, than we need to move forward withcaution, only promoting these characteristics in the contexts in which they arelikely to be fruitful.为什么这事重要?积极心理学运动广为流传,我们中有很多人已把这运动刻在心中。疗法、自助书籍,协助更好生活的应用程序......已经成为促进积极的特征中心,如更善良和宽容。可是,如果善良、宽容这类特征未必对每个人都是好事,那我们需要非常谨慎探索;只能在了解事情背景并认为善良、宽容这类特征会有对得到正面的成效时才去做。Did you hop on the positive psychologybandwagon? Do you agree it#39;s time to take the ;positive; out ofpositive psychology? Suggestions for other ways to do this?你会指责积极心理学见风使舵吗?你同意是时候把;正面;从积极心理学中拿走?你有其他好的建议吗? /201506/382140

Rotating your plate as it is placed on the table may improve the taste of your food, psychologists claim.心理学家称,食物摆上桌后,转动盘子,换一个方向,可能会让食物更好吃。People have a subconscious preference for food that points away from them, according to Oxford University experts, to the extent that it can affect the flavour.牛津大学的专家说,人们的潜意识认为没有摆在自己正前方的菜更好吃,这可能影响食物的口味。An experiment involving 12,000 people, carried out at London#39;s Science Museum, suggests that most people prefer their meal to be aligned facing away from them, and marginally to the right.研究人员在伦敦科学物馆对12000位受试者进行测试,实验结果表明,大部分人们倾向于让食物离自己远一点,最好摆在稍微偏右的地方。The perfect orientation, the scientists discovered, is for food to point at 3.2 degrees clockwise, a tiny fraction to the right of the vertical axis of the plate.科学家发现,食物摆放的最佳方位是在顺时针偏右3.2度的位置,也就是在盘子垂直轴稍稍偏右。The effect is so pronounced that people actually experience an improved taste when the alignment is correct, the psychologists claim.心理学家表示,这个心理效应十分显著,当食物摆放正确,人们会觉得更好吃。The results, published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, were obtained after thousands of people took part in an experiment at the Science Museum#39;s ‘Cravings Exhibition#39;, which explores the way reward circuits in the brain that determine flavour are altered by outside influences.该实验结果发布在《食物品质与偏好》杂志上。上千人在科学物馆的“食欲展览”上参与实验,该展览探讨大脑中决定食物风味的回报回路如何受到外界影响。Charles Michel, a chef and researcher on food aesthetics at Oxford University, said many people instinctively adjust their plate when it is placed in front of them.主厨兼英国牛津大学食物美学研究员查尔斯·米歇尔说,在食物摆上桌时如果正好摆在他们面前,许多人会不自觉地调整盘子的位置。‘This everyday action that some of us do might hint at the fact that we all enjoy our food more when it is “oriented” in the best way possible.“我们一些人的这个日常动作可能正好说明了一个事实,那就是当食物以最佳‘朝向#39;摆放时,我们会觉得更好吃。”‘Indeed, by arranging the food to “look better”, we might be unconsciously enhancing its perceived value, and hence our enjoyment of it.#39;“事实上,通过将食物摆放得‘更好看#39;,我们可能无意识地提高食物的感知价值,提高了食物带来的满足感,”Experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence, who contributed to the research paper, said the instinct is rooted in early human evolution.参与了该实验论文的实验心理学家查尔斯·斯朋斯教授说,这种直觉源于人类进化。Items that are directed towards the body are perceived as a threat, he thinks.他认为,直接朝着人体摆放的物体会被认为是威胁。‘Something pointing towards us triggers brain-fear circuits, and this is why it might be liked less,#39; Professor Spence said.斯朋斯教授说,“当有东西朝着我们摆放的时候,会触发大脑的恐惧环路,这就是为什么我们不喜欢东西直接指向自己的原因,”‘What we see automatically sets expectations about what it is that we are about to eat, and how much we think we are going to like it. ‘We also get a sense of how much effort put into dish#39;s preparation.“对于我们所看到的食物,心里会自动产生关于这是什么,以及合不合口味的预期。”我们还能感觉到厨师做这道菜花了多少心思。‘Those expectations anchor our subsequent experience when we come to taste - hence what we see really can change what we taste.#39;“这些预期定位了我们之后品尝时的味觉体验——因此我们的所见确实能够影响我们的味觉。”Mr Michel added: ‘In our Western cultures, we seem to associate left with “wrong” and down with “less”, also, right with “right”, and up with “more”.米歇尔先生补充到:“在西方文化中,我们通常把左边和‘错误#39;联系在一起,下边与‘少#39;相关,右边是‘正确#39;,上边与‘多#39;相关。”‘Also, might be that we associate left with “past” and right with “future”, because that#39;s the way in which we write.#39;“此外,我们觉得左是‘过去#39;,右是‘未来#39;,因为这是我们的书写顺序。”Many food psychologists are convinced that a range of external circumstances change the way we experience and taste our food.许多食物心理学家坚信,一些外部环境会影响我们的品尝体验和食物的风味。Professor Spence#39;s previous work has established, for example, that a heavier glass makes a gin and tonics taste better and that a fine dining cloth will improve the flavour of a meal.斯朋斯教授先前的研究已有成果,例如,重一些的玻璃杯装松子酒和奎宁水能让其更好喝,一块漂亮的桌布能让食物变得更美味。He has also discovered that plastic blue spoons make food taste more salty, white spoons make food taste creamier and black spoons make it taste less sweet.他还发现,蓝色塑料汤匙能让食物变得更咸,白色的汤匙让食物变得更顺口,黑色汤匙让食物变得不那么甜。 /201505/375823

NEW DELHI — On a sticky morning last week, Deputy Commissioner Chandra Shekhar Sahukar of India’s Agriculture Ministry (animal husbandry department, small ruminant section) found himself in a yoga class for the first time in his 57 years, miserably grasping his ankle.新德里——上周,在一个闷热的早上,印度农业部(畜牧处小型反刍动物科)的副主管钱德拉·谢卡尔·萨胡卡(Chandra Shekhar Sahukar)在瑜伽课上艰难地抓着自己的脚踝,这是他生平57年来第一次上瑜伽课。In his bag he carried a photocopy of a memorandum advising senior officials to familiarize themselves with certain postures ahead of International Yoga Day this Sunday, when they will take part in a mass outdoor yoga session scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. The session is intended to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records, the memo says, warning, “If some officials turn up without practice, there will be risk of the record claim being affected.”他的包里有一份备忘录的复印件,上面建议高级官员在周日的“国际瑜伽日”(International Yoga Day)之前熟悉某些姿势,因为预定从周日早上7点开始,他们将参加一场大型户外瑜伽活动。这个活动旨在创下吉尼斯世界纪录,备忘录警告说,“如果一些到场的官员没有事先做好练习,纪录就有可能受到影响。”At the front of the room, the instructor was folding and unfolding himself like a pocketknife, and pointedly reminding members of the class that they would soon be performing under the scrutiny of “Modi-saab.” When he asked the students to press their faces to their knees, Mr. Sahukar — whose professional duties, he noted later, include “a lot of sitting” — could keep silent no longer.在房间的前部,老师一边像折叠刀似的叠合、展开自己的身体,一边毫不含糊地提醒学员,他们很快就要在“莫迪大大”(Modi-saab)的监督下做这些姿势了。当他要学员们把脸埋在膝盖上时,萨胡卡再也无法保持沉默了(他后来提到,他的工作“很多时候都需要坐着”)。“It’s not touching!” he exclaimed. “I can’t bend anymore!”“我挨不到!”他喊道。“我没法再弯了!”Of the major initiatives that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced since taking office, few have generated as much static as Yoga Day, which will feature a 35-minute public demonstration of poses by more than 35,000 government employees, students and other citizens. Though the Western world regards yoga primarily as physical exercise, Indians are more apt to see its postures and Sanskrit chants as freighted with ideological or religious meaning.印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)上任以来推出了一些重大举措,其中几乎没有哪一个产生了“瑜伽日”这么大的声势。瑜伽日要求逾3.5万名政府雇员、学生和其他公众进行35分钟的公开表演。尽管西方世界觉得瑜伽主要是锻炼身体的方式,但印度人更倾向于认为,瑜伽姿势和梵语念诵具有意识形态或宗教意义。Shripad Naik, India’s first minister overseeing yoga and traditional medicine, who has helped organize this month’s celebration, said it was time to clear away the vestiges of a Western lifestyle left behind by colonial powers.什里帕德·奈克(Shripad Naik)是印度主管瑜伽和传统医学的第一部长,他帮助组织了这个月的庆祝活动,并表示现在是时候清除殖民列强遗留的西方生活方式的印记了。“Earlier, our people used to get up before sunrise and sleep before sunset, but now our lifestyle has changed. They are going to the pub, they will go in the middle of the night, at 12 or 1, and eat chicken and many, many new dishes,” said Mr. Naik, who, like the prime minister, rises before dawn and practices yoga daily. He recommends going to sleep by 9 p.m., gets his news from the Hindi-language press and proudly declares that he has never had an injection.“过去,印度人在日出前起床,日落前休息,但现在我们的生活方式发生了变化。人们会去酒吧,而且在深夜12点或1点去,还吃鸡肉以及很多、很多新菜式,”像莫迪一样,奈克每天在黎明之前起床练瑜伽。他建议大家在9点前睡觉。他通过印地语媒体了解新闻,而且自豪地宣称自己从未打过针。“There will be a lifestyle change,” he said. “Our style will come.”“这里会出现生活方式上的改变,”他说。“我们的生活方式将会到来。”Mr. Modi is not the first Indian leader to promote yoga. Indira Gandhi was so devoted to her yoga instructor, Dhirendra Brahmachari, that he accompanied her family when it traveled, and became known as the “flying guru.”莫迪不是第一个推广瑜伽运动的印度领导人。英迪拉·甘地(Indira Gandhi)对她的瑜伽教练迪伦德拉·婆罗马恰里(Dhirendra Brahmachari)非常信任,以至于当她的家人旅游时,他也会陪伴同行,因此还有了一个“飞行大师”的称号。At events, Mr. Modi often shares the dais with Baba Ramdev, who presides over an ayurvedic medical empire and has preached against influences he describes as foreign, among them the English language, chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Mr. Naik, the yoga minister, himself learned yoga through the R.S.S., and said he hoped that the widesp practice of yoga would lower rates of violent crime.在各种活动中,莫迪经常与巴巴·兰德弗(Baba Ramdev)同场演讲。此人经营着一个阿育吠陀医学帝国,鼓吹反对英语、化学农药和化肥等事物,并称它们是“外国”的影响。主管瑜伽的部长奈克是通过RSS学会瑜伽的,他希望瑜伽的普及可以降低暴力犯罪率。“You see these rapes happening, all these bad habits. When he is doing something positive, the bad will be out of him,” he said.“你看到会有强奸案发生,人们有那么多坏习惯。当人们做积极的事情时,就会摆脱那些坏事情,”他说。As for government workers, Mr. Naik said, they will become more productive and less corrupt. “There will be a definite change in the way the bureaucracy functions,” he said. “When they are thin, all their energy will go into producing better work. There is no need to do it forcefully, once we have put them on the right path.”至于政府工作人员,奈克表示,他们会提高效率、减少腐败。“职能机构的工作作风会产生明显的变化,”他说。“当他们瘦下来,他们的全部精力就会用在更好地开展工作上。一旦我们让他们走上正确的道路,就不需要采取强制手段了。”Bal Mukund Singh, the yoga instructor, ended the class by urging his students to become Hanuman, the monkey god, and then watched as they dispersed to the offices where they would spend their days handling dusty file folders and eating fritters. When they were out of sight, he checked off the characteristics he had observed, things like “big tummy, rigid body, less flexibility, stress, tension, depression, diabetes.” Still, he said cheerfully, these are good days.瑜伽教练巴尔·木孔德·辛格(Bal Mukund Singh)在这堂课结束时,敦促学员们向猴神哈努曼(Hanuman)看齐,然后目送学员们回到各自的办公室。这些人日常处理尘封的档案夹,爱吃油炸面团。当他们离开视线之后,他列举了观察到的学员特征,比如“肚子大、身体僵硬、灵活性较差、压力大、紧张、抑郁、有糖尿病。”不过他高兴地说,现在的形势很好。“They heard it on TV, and they are running toward the yoga,” he said. “The prime minister is the king. If the king does something, that is very effective. And this time, our king is doing yoga.”“他们在电视上看到了新闻,就跑来做瑜伽,”他说。“总理就像国王。如果国王在做什么事情,就会产生非常好的带动效果。目前,我们的国王正在做瑜伽。” /201506/381120

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