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福清治疗痔疮去那家福清输卵管碘水造影Ive spent the bulk of my time talking about how HP is helping customers build and manage their Extended Enterprise infrastructure. And its probably appropriate that this discussion has taken most of my time, because thats the foundation upon which everything else is built. On top of that, we have added some fascinating electronic-business solutions that help customers use the Internet to re-engineer their business processes or to create entirely new ways of doing business. For example, the China Goods Order System (CGOS) is the first country-wide comprehensive and multifunctional commodity ordering system in China, which is approved by the State Planning Commission and will be managed by the Internal Trade Bureau. The aim for setting up this system is to build up a computerized commodity wholesale market in China, which can provide commodity trade information, offer transaction service and quicken wholesale procedure. The significance of the systems operation lies in introducing an advanced ;network shopping; concept in Chinas commodity trade business.我花了很长的时间介绍惠普如何协助客户建立并管理其扩展型企业基础结构。或许这一介绍占去我大部分时间是合适的,因为这是我们构建一切的基础。在此基础之上,我们增加了某些饶有兴趣的电子业 务解决方案,帮助客户利用互联网重新设计他们的业务程序,或创建全新的经营方式。例如,中国商品订购系统(CGOS)是中国第一家全国性、综合性且多功能性的商品订购系统。该系统经国家计划委员会(译者注:该机构于1998年更名为国家发展计划委员会,又于2003 年改组为国家发展和改革委员会)批准,由国家国内贸易局(译者注:该机构已于2001年被撤销)管理。设立这一系统的目的是为了在中国建立—个计算机化的商品批发市场,以提供商品交易的信息,交易务,从而加快批发的过程。这一系统投入运行的意义在于,将先进的“网络购物;概念引入中国的商品贸易市场。Let me comment briefly on the three solutions you see listed here. Our E-Business software is based on breakthrough technology from HP, something we call the HP Changengine. It was developed in HP Labs. It has good patent protection, and has been used extensively within HP to automate key business processes. The customer need were addressing is this: quite simply, businesses cant change their applications fast enough to keep up with the speed at which they want to change their business processes.这里,我简单地介绍一下所列的三种解决方案。基于惠普的创新技术的电子业务软件——惠普Changengine。它是在惠普的实验室开发出来的,现已获得很好的专利保护,用来自动处理关键性的业务并在惠普内部得到广泛的应用。我们所强调的客户需求的精髓是极其简单,企业无法快速改变其应用程序以跟上业务过程的变化。201410/338729福建省福清市中心医院顺产多少钱 Nothing makes me prouder than to know that this is my culture. Like all of you, I am very proud to be Chinese, and very grateful that I have been given the gift of this wonderful heritage. It is a gift that serves as a source of strength and as a guiding compass every single day in my life and in my career.我为这是我们自己的传统文化而感到无比自豪。和你们所有人一样,作为中国人我很自豪,也为拥有这样的美好传承而无比感激。在生活和事业中,这一传承是我力量的源泉,指引着我每次前行的方向。In closing, I encourage all of you to take full advantage of the gifts you have been given.讲话即将结束,我鼓励大家充分利用你们拥有的优势。You have the benefit of a precious cultural heritage, including a respect for the value of hard work. You know what is important and you work to achieve it. And your are tenacious in pursuing your goals.你们拥有这份宝贵的传承,包括对勤奋工作的价值的尊重。你们知道什么是重要的,并且努力去完成。你们在追求目标的时候会坚持不懈。As you pursue these goals, I encourage you to aspire high.在你们追求这些目标的时候,要树立更高的理想。Dream big dreams. Dream bold dreams. Dream as far as your imagination will take you.大胆地梦想,拥有更大的梦想,极尽你们的想象力去梦想。Whatever it is you dream of, there is no doubt in my mind you can do it. The world is open to you. So go out there and make all your dreams come true. 不管你们有什么梦想,我相信你们都可以做到。世界向你们敞开大门。大胆地走出去,去实现你们的梦想吧。 /201304/234114福清中山男科怎样预约

高山镇中心医院可以用社保卡吗Have you ever wanted to stay young a little longer大家有没有想过要年轻再久一点and put off aging?延缓衰老呢?This is a dream of the ages.这是很久以来的梦想了But scientists have for a long time不过科学家以前一直认为thought this just was never going to be possible.这大概根本永远不可能They thought you just wear out, theres nothing you can do about it --他们认为每个人就是慢慢被消耗这个事实没办法改变kind of like an old shoe.就像被磨损的旧鞋子But if you look in nature,不过转而观察大自然的话you see that different kinds of animals我们发现不同种的动物can have really different lifespans.寿命差异可以非常之大Now these animals are different from one another,这些动物彼此不一样because they have different genes.是因为它们有不同的基因So that suggests这就启发我们that somewhere in these genes, somewhere in the DNA,在这些基因里的某个地方,在DNA里面are genes for aging,有控制衰老的基因genes that allow them to have different lifespans.让动物们有不同的寿命期So if there are genes like that,所以有这样的基因then you can imagine that,我们就能想像到if you could change one of the genes in an experiment,如果我们通过实验改变一个基因an aging gene,那个衰老基因maybe you could slow down aging and extend lifespan.说不定就可以延缓衰老,延长寿命And if you could do that, then you could find the genes for aging.如果这样做了,就可以找到那些衰老基因And if they exist and you can find them,如果这些衰老基因真的存在并且能找到then maybe one could eventually do something about it.那也许有人就能对它做点什么So weve set out to look for genes that control aging.所以我们就开始寻找那些控制衰老的基因And we didnt study any of these animals.不过我们没有研究刚才那些动物Instead, we studied a little, tiny, round worm called C. elegans,而是研究一种小小圆圆的蠕虫,叫做秀丽隐杆线虫which is just about the size of a comma in a sentence.大小刚好和句子里面逗号的大小差不多And we were really optimistic that we could find something我们很有信心能找到相关的基因because there had been a report of a long-lived mutant.因为曾经有种长寿变异的个体记录在案So we started to change genes at random,所以我们就随机改变线虫的基因looking for long-lived animals.寻找长寿的那些And we were very lucky to find结果我们很幸运地发现that mutations that damage one single gene called daf-2损坏单个基因daf-2的这种变异doubled the lifespan of the little worm.能让这种小虫的寿命翻倍So you can see in black, after a month --所以能看到这条黑色曲线,一个月以后--theyre very short-lived; thats why we like to study them这些线虫的寿命很短,这就是为什么我们用它们来做for studies of aging --寿命的研究--in black, after a month, the normal worms are all dead.黑色曲线表示一个月以后,正常线虫都死亡了But at that time,但是同时most of the mutant worms are still alive.大部分变异线虫还活着And it isnt until twice as long直到又过了同样长的时间that theyre all dead.它们才死亡And now I want to show what they actually look like in this movie here.现在我来用视频演示线虫真正是什么样子So the first thing youre going to see首先这里看到的is the normal worm是正常的线虫when its about college student age -- a young adult.大概在我们大学生的年龄--青年人的年龄Its quite a cute little fellow.很可爱的小家伙And next youre going to see the long-lived mutant when its young.下面你将看到年轻的长寿变异体So this animal is going to live twice as long.它会活到正常线虫两倍的年龄Is it miserable? It doesnt seem to be.很可怜吧?其实不是Its active. You cant tell the difference really.它相当活跃,和正常线虫几乎看不出区别And they can be completely fertile --而且它们也有繁殖能力--have the same number of progeny as the normal worms do.后代的数目可以和正常线虫的一样多Now get out your handkerchiefs here.现在准备拿出手绢来擦眼泪吧Youre going to see, in just two weeks,你会看到,就在仅仅两周之后the normal worms are old.正常的线虫就老了You can see the little head moving down at the bottom there.可以看见它的头在屏幕下面,在动But everything else is just lying there.但是其它部位就只是躺在那儿不动The animals clearly in the nursing home.它显然已经在老人院了And if you look at the tissues of the animal, theyre starting to deteriorate.再看它的身体组织,能看到已经老化了You know, even if youve never seen one of these little C. elegans --你看,就算从来没见过秀丽隐杆线虫--which probably most of you havent seen one --多数人应该是没见过--you can tell theyre old -- isnt that interesting?你就知道它们老了--这不是很有意思吗?So theres something about aging thats kind of universal.衰老这件事是有普世性的And now here is the daf-2 mutant.现在这个是daf-2变异体One gene is changed out of 20,000, and look at it.20000个基因里只改变了一个,看Its the same age, but its not in the nursing home;年龄是一样的,但是它不在养老院里its going skiing.它看起来在滑雪This is whats really cool: its aging more slowly.这就是最酷的地方:它衰老得更慢It takes this worm two days达到正常线虫衰老一天的程度to age as much as the normal worm ages in one day.它们需要两天时间And when I tell people about this,而我告诉其他人这件事的时候they tend to think of maybe an 80 or 90 year-old person他们认为也许这就像一个八九十岁的人who looks really good for being 90 or 80.看起来身体仍然硬朗一样But its really more like this:但是其实更像这样:lets say youre a 30 year-old guy -- or in your 30s --如果你是个30岁、30多岁的单身汉and youre a bachelor and youre dating people.你去和别人约会And you meet someone you really like, you get to know her.然后你见到了一个中意的女孩,想多了解她And youre in a restaurant, and you say, ;Well how old are you?;在饭桌上,你问她,“你多大了?”She says, ;Im 60.;她说,“我60岁”Thats what its like. And you would never know.就像这样。你根本不知道You would never know, until she told you.根本不知道她有多大,要不是她告诉你的话201508/390086福清高山镇治疗淋病医院 Mr Jobs, yeah, you drawn as print, thats high-tech weve. Use your finger. Just point in the air...乔总,你可以用演示器,我们这儿也是有高科技的。What weve done is we bought this land right here. We try to buy the apartments at the corner but they are not for sale,我们买下这块地,本来还想买这初拐角,可对方不卖,so we couldnt buy those. And we bought everything else. And the campus we like to build there is one building holds 12,000 people.我们又不能强拆,所以只得放弃。我们打算在园区里建一栋楼,容纳12000人。And it is pretty amazing building. Let me show it to you. Its a little like a spaceship landed, there it is, and its got this gorgeous courtyard in the middle, but a lot more.听起来很炫,看起来更炫。华丽吧! 像不像太空飞船?中间还有个大院子,还不止呢。So lets take a close look at it. Its a circle. Its curved all the way around. If you build things, this is not the cheapest way to build something.让我们凑近了看,办公室的外观是个圆环。体形优美,造价不菲,There is not a straight piece of glass in this building. Its all curved.所有的玻璃都是弧形的线条。Weve used our experience making retail buildings all over the world now, and we know how to make the biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use.我们建造苹果零售店的经验派上用场了。硕大的弧形玻璃难不倒我们。We can make it curve all the way around the building. And you can see what it look like. It is pretty cool.让玻璃墙绕场一周。是不是很酷。Again, today, about 20% of the space is landscaping, several big asphalt parking lots. So 20% of this is landscape, we want to completely change this.目前整个园区只有20%的绿化,浪费了不少地方。我们想来一次乾坤大挪移。And we want to make 80% of landscape, and the way were gonna do this is were gonna put most of the parking underground.把停车场统统发配到地下,让绿化面积从20%暴增到80%。So we can have 80% of landscape, and you can see what weve in mind. I mean there is nothing like this in the property now. Its pretty bad.目的不言而喻,我们课不想像别的园区那样被人诟病。Today there are 3700 trees on the property wed like to just almost double that.目前园区里有3700棵树,未来会翻一倍。Weve hired one of the senior arborists from Stanford actually who is very good with indigenous trees around this area.我们聘请斯坦福的园林设计师来设计园区。So wed like to plant a lot of trees including some apricot orchards. Again you can see what it might be like.除了杏树,还会种其他植物。这是建成后的样子。This is some of the infrastructure. The main building, we have parking underneath the main building. Thats not enough unfortunately.这是我们的主楼,设有地下停车场。We have a parking structure here as well. The buildings four stories high as is the parking structure. Theres nothing high here at all.可惜地下停车场不够用,所以我们另设了一处停车点。We want the whole place human scale. Its actually about the same as we have in Cupertino right now..新办公楼是一座四层圆形建筑,中间有一个大庭院。天大厦我不感冒,我喜欢矮建筑。An energy center. We deal with - people using, sitting at computers all day writing software. And if the power goes out on the grid we get to send everybody home.保持和Cupertino现有建筑的高度一致。 我们的工作要对着电脑一刻不停的写程序,所以正常的工作离不开能源中心。要是没电,大家只能回家洗了睡。201412/349709福清选择适合自己的无痛人流方式很重要

福清市人民医院有几个主任After all, I dont know if youve seen it 我不知道你们见过这个没有This weeks Time Magazine called you 本周的时代杂志把你们称作lazy entitled narcissists 懒惰的自恋狂who are part of the Me Me Me Generation你们是;我我我一代;的一部分So self obsessed, tweeting your Vines 如此自我沉醉 用推特发送Vinehashtagging your Spotifys 为Spotify加标签and Snapchatting your YOLOs 对YLO使用Snapchatyour generation needs everything to be about you 你们这一代需要一切都围绕着你们And thats very upsetting to us baby boomers 这让我们婴儿潮这一代很不爽because self-absorption is kind of our thing因为自我陶醉本应是我们的东西We are the original ;Me Generation; 我们是最初的;自我一代;We made the last 50 years all about us 我们让过去50年都围绕着我们We took all the money 我们赚了所有的钱we soaked up all the government services 我们攫取了所有的政府务and weve deep fried nearly everything in the ocean 我们炸透了几乎海洋里的一切It may seem that all thats left for you is unpaid internships 似乎留给你们的只剩下没有工钱的实习Monday to Tuesday mail delivery 周一到周二的邮件递送and thanks to global warming 还有得益于全球变暖soon semester at sea 很快 海上学期will mean sailing the coast of Ohio 就会成为沿俄亥俄洲海岸航行Now in our defence, in my generations defence 下面为我们这一代人辩护how were we supposed to know that you were coming? 我们怎么知道你们正继往开来We thought it went like this 我们以为是像这样Every successive generation of mankind一代人接一代人and then us 然后是我们roll credits这就完了but while 不过 虽然we may be leaving you with an economy 我们留给你们的经济环境with fewer job opportunities for the new graduate to slip into 对于新毕业生而言 工作机会可能确实更少了while traditional paths may seem harder to find 虽然传统工作似乎更难寻找了that also means 但这也意味着that you may learn sooner than most generations the hard lesson 你们能够比其他很多代人 更快学到艰难的一课that you must always make the path for yourself 也就是 你必须为自己铺平道路201603/430029 Mine moved quickly 我的世界变化很快yours moves even more quickly 你的世界变化更快As traditional structures are breaking down 在这个传统结构正被打破的时代leadership has to evolve as well 领导班子也需要演变from hierarchy to shared responsibility 从设立阶层到责任共享from command and control to listening and guiding 从命令与控制到聆听和引导Youve been trained by this great institution 你在HBS这个伟大的学院学习not just to be part of these trends 不仅是为了能够跟上浪潮but to lead 更重要的是能去引领潮流As you lead in this new world 当你在这个新世界里乘风破浪时you will not be able to rely on who you are or the degree you hold 你能依靠的不是你是谁 也不是你的学位Youll have to rely on what you know 你要依靠的是你的知识Your strength will not come from your place on some org chart 你的力量不会源自你在公司的位置your strength will come from building trust and earning respect 而来自于建立信任 获得尊敬Youre going to need talent, skill, and imagination and vision 你会需要天赋 技能 想象力和视野But more than anything else 不过最最重要的是youre going to need the ability to communicate authentically 具有真诚沟通的能力to speak so that you inspire the people around you 既能鼓舞你身边的人and to listen 又能聆听他们的建议so that you continue to learn each and every day on the job 在每一天的工作中不断学习进步If you watch young children 如果你留意小孩youll immediately notice how honest they are 你会立刻发现他们是多么的诚实My friend Betsy from my section 我的一个HBS小组里的朋友Betsya few years after business school was pregnant with her second child 在毕业后几年怀上了第二个孩子And her first child, Sam, was about five 她的第一个小孩 Sam 那时大概五岁and he looked around and said, Sam环视了下她问Mommy, where is the baby? 妈妈 小宝宝在哪里啊?She said, The baby is in my tummy 她说 小宝宝在我肚子里He said, Really? 他说 真的么?Arent the babys arms in your arms? 难道小宝宝的手不在你的手里?She said, No, the babys in my tummy 她说 不 小宝宝在我肚子里Really? Are the babys legs in your legs? 真的?小宝宝的腿不在你腿里?No, the whole baby is in my tummy 不 整个宝宝都在我肚子里啊And he said, Mommy 然后她说 妈妈what is growing in your butt? 为什么你的屁股越来越大?201511/409497福建福清市第二人民医院做输卵管通液多少钱福清原发性生殖器疱疹的治疗



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