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In northern climates, sun exposure is not sufficient在北半球,秋天,冬天和in the fall, winter, or spring春天的日照不充足to maintain Vitamin D levels.难以保持维生素D的含量Therefore, it is especially important to因此,特别重要的一点是consume foods rich in Vitamin D during these months.要在这些季节食用富含维生素D的食物The discovery of multiple functions of Vitamin D研究发现维生素D的多种功能that are important for growth and development它对生长和发育非常重要including regulation of cellular differentiation对细胞分化and apoptosis, preeclampsia, immune system development细胞死亡,惊厥前期,免疫系统的发育and brain development has led to increase interest及大脑发育都非常重要,这项研究已经引起了in the role of this vitamin during pregnancy.大家对期卫生素D作用的关注In 2007, Bouldenar et al. investigated the link2007年 Bouldenar和他人合作between preeclampsia and Vitamin D deficiency.一起研究了惊厥前期与缺乏维生素D之间的关系In the study, women between sixteen weeks gestation在这项研究中,调研的女性是怀6周to birth were followed.到即将临盆的Serum samples were taken at less than血清样本是在22 weeks gestation, a pre-delivery,怀不到22周,临盆前and from the cord blood.以及脐带血中提取的The study included 55 women研究对象是55名有惊厥前期症状的女性with preeclampsia and 220 controls.同时还有220人组成的控制组The results were that maternal Vitamin D deficiency研究表明,母体在怀22周内at less than 22 weeks gestation缺乏维生素Dwas a strong independent risk factor for preeclampsia.是引发惊厥前期的一个重要因素Importantly, there was a dose response relationship至关重要的是,一个剂量反应存在于between maternal serum Vitamin D产妇血清中维生素D含量and risk of preeclampsia.与惊厥前期风险之间As maternal serum Vitamin D concentrations随着产妇血清中维生素D的含量at less than 22 weeks increased,在怀22周得以增加the risk of preeclampsia stikingly decreased.发生惊厥前期的可能性会大大降低Additionally, they observed that此外,研究人员发现neonates born to preeclamptic mothers有惊厥前期的母亲产下的婴儿were significantly more likely to更有可能have a poor Vitamin D status缺乏维生素Dthan neonates of control mothers.和那些控制组的母亲所产的婴儿相比的话Early pregnancy maternal Vitamin D concentrations怀早期,母体的维生素D含量less than 37.5 nanmolars per liter was associated with每升低于37.5的a five fold increase in the odds of preeclampsia.惊厥前期的发生率会提高5倍At delivery, maternal Vitamin D concentrations分娩时,母体的维生素D含量remained 15% lower in women with overt preeclampsia低于15%的会更易发生前期惊厥compared with non-preeclamptic controls.和那些不发生前期惊厥的控制组相比的话New borns of preeclamptic mothers前期惊厥的母亲产下的婴儿were twice as likely as newborns与控制组母亲产下的婴儿相比更有可能of non-preeclamptic mothers to have a low Vitamin D.维生素D含量不足Folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects叶酸能够降低先天畸形的风险that affect the spinal cord.这类畸形会影响到脊髓It is also needed to produce blood同时还需要为婴儿造血and protein for the baby.和蛋白质Unfortunately, most women have low intake遗憾的是,大多数女性叶酸用量不足of folate and therefore risk folate-related problems during pregnancy.因此,很易在期出现相关的问题For this reason, women are advised to所以,建议女性increase folic acid in the diet before they become pregnant.在怀前在饮食中增加叶酸的含量This may be difficult because many women这点也许很难,因为很多女性have unplanned pregnancies.都是意外受Therefore, it is crucial to increase intake因此,非常重要的一点是,增加叶酸摄入量when planning or capable of becoming pregnant.如果计划怀或者能够怀时For most women, starting folate supplementation对大多数女性而言one month before pregnancy is sufficient在怀前一个月开始用叶酸足矣to ensure adequate folate levels before pregnancy.这样就可以保满足期叶酸的需求量了Pregnant women need 600 micrograms of folic acid a day妇每天需要摄入600微克叶酸which is 200 micrograms a day more than non-pregnant women.就是要每天比未妇女多用200微克 Article/201503/364663。

  • Refugees in Toronto are celebrating their new country through sewing.多伦多的难民正在通过缝纫庆祝他们的新国家。The Darzee program is teaching women how to start their own seamstress businesses and integrate to the culture in the process.这个Darzee项目是在教会女性如何开始自己的裁缝生意,并在过程中融入当地文化。Each of the women receives training and a donated sewing machine.每个妇女接受培训,并获得一台捐赠的缝纫机。You need someone to give you the rod, not the fish.你需要有人给你鱼竿,而不是鱼。Their first collection of items for sale all revolved around Canada#39;s 150th anniversary.他们首先收集出售的物品都是围绕加拿大的第一百五十周年。The program is intended to promote self-sufficiency and give women the ability to provide for their families.该计划旨在促进自给自足,给妇女提供养育家庭的能力。They weren#39;t looking for handouts, so they#39;re not looking for handouts here. 他们过去不是在寻找救济品,所以他们现在不在这里寻找救济品。They#39;re very capable of being able to pave their way in this country; they just need some help.他们很有能力在这个国家走上道路,他们只是需要一些帮助。译文属。 Article/201703/497456。
  • Relatives of those on the Russian passenger plane that came down in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Saturday morning have been gathering at a hotel near Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg.周六上午俄罗斯一架客机在埃及西奈半岛坠毁,遇难者亲属已在圣彼得堡普尔科沃机场附近的一旅馆集合。A large proportion of the 224 people on board the crashed jet were from the western Russian city, according to a senior local official.据一位高级官员称,坠机遇难的224人中大部分来自俄罗斯西部城市。Psychologists have been on hand to help those coping with the tragedy.心理学家们一直在帮助遇难者家属面对不幸。I was on my way to meet my wife,says this man. I found out that the plane had crashed after receiving a phone call on my way to the airport, he adds.我在见我妻子的路上,这个男子说。在去机场的路上我接到一个电话后发现飞机坠毁了,他补充道。The accident is the worst air disaster in Russian history.这次事故是俄罗斯史上最严重的空难。According to a spokesman for the operating airline Kogalymavia, the Airbus A321 had been through all the safety checks and the pilots were experienced.据科加雷姆航空公司发言人称,A321航班已经通过了所有的安全检查,飞行员也是经验丰富的。As the first of the victim’s bodies was due to arrive home in St.Petersburg, residents like this woman offered their condolences to the friends and relatives who in one instant lost their children, sons, mothers and wives. It’s horrible, she added.随着第一位遇难者的尸体运回圣彼得堡家中,像这位妇女一样的市民向那些一瞬间失去孩子、儿子、母亲和妻子的朋友和亲人表示哀悼。这太可怕了,她补充道。Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared Sunday a day of mourning.俄罗斯总统普京宣布星期日为哀悼日。Meanwhile in Ukraine, flowers were left at the Russian embassy in Kyiv in an act of solidarity with the victims of the accident.与此同时在乌克兰首都基辅,人们将鲜花放在俄罗斯大使馆外表达与遇难者团结在一起。Three of those on board were Ukrainians.机上有三人是乌克兰人。译文属。 /201511/407298。
  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201612/481056。
  • 500 mln trips expected during Golden Week国庆7天长假期间出行人次将达到5亿人And what would National Day be without some time off?假如国庆节假期没有假期会怎样?Empty office buildings in big cities today as the week-long National Day holiday gets underway.在国庆7天长假于今天开始后,大城市的许多办公楼都已经变得空荡荡。But, bus terminals, train-stations and airports are seeing waves of holiday makers.但公交车站、火车站及机场却迎来了一波接一波的人潮。More than 500 million journeys are expected during the golden week.黄金周期间预计将会有超过5亿人出行。The railway system has seen some 13 million passengers on the first day.在国庆7天长假的第一天1300万名乘客已经选择搭乘铁路系统。The number is expected to top 100 million for the entire week, a 10 percent increase from last year.而整个7天假期当中旅客数量将会达到1亿—同去年同期相比增涨10%。Heavy traffic on the highways nationwide, too.全国高速公路同样也面临交通拥堵状况。The densely populated Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Beijing as well as its surrounding regions are expected to see the worst traffic jams.人口密集的长江三角洲、珠江三角洲,北京及周边地区将会出现最严重的交通堵塞状况。And three major airlines are operating over 42,000 flights to domestic and international destinations.而3大航空公司也有多达42000多次的国内及国际航班。 译文属 Article/201510/401968。
  • John Harris has been investigating these tar pits for the past 20 years.John Harris过去20年中一直都在研究焦油熔池What happened would be a horse or a ground sloth or a camel would wander along,情况可能是一匹马、一只地懒,或是一头骆驼正在这里散步and get stuck and... Just demonstrating here.一不小心陷了进去,我来示范一下Once it#39;s in, it takes a great deal of strength to pull it out.陷进去后,需要用很大力气,才能把它拔出来And of course if an animal gets stuck on the surface like this,因此一旦动物陷进这种地方when it#39;s trying to pull out one leg, it#39;s pushing in three others.当它们试着拔出一条腿时,其它3条腿就会越陷越深And so very soon it will get totally immobilized.很快它们就动弹不了了The trapped animal would lure predators to the swamp, who would, in turn, become stuck.受困的动物把掠食者引来沼泽,它们也跟着一块儿陷了进去It would be meat on the hoof, waiting for the sabre-tooths and the dire wolves to come in and feed from it.这是送到嘴边的肥肉,剑齿虎和恐狼赶过来吃它们,And they would come in and, they in turn, get stuck.结果也跟着落入陷阱The down would come vultures to feed for a moment and they would get stuck.然后秃鹫也飞下来吃,它们也陷进去了In would come the flies, and they would get stuck, too.后来苍蝇也过来吃尸体,它们同样难逃厄运In pretty short order, you#39;d build up the example whole food chain.所以在短期内,这里说不定已经有了一条食物链Over time, hundreds of dinosaurs would have sunk into traps.随着时间的推移,数百只恐龙落入了陷阱Millions of years later, the tar and mud has turned to rock,亿万年后,焦油和泥浆变成了岩石the bones fossilized, and the site would look like any normal rocky bone bed.骨骼变成了化石,这里也就成了很普通的化石场If Currie#39;s dig site was actually a prehistoric predator trap,如果Currie的挖掘地点是一个史前掠食动物陷阱it would destroy his theory that the tyrannosaurs lived and hunted in packs.那将全盘否定他关于暴龙是集体生活和狩猎的观点But how could the paleontologists tell?那么,古生物学家又是如何解释的呢 Article/201612/484375。
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