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福州省妇幼医院检查输卵管造影要多少钱三明市卵泡监测专业医院宁德卵泡监测那家医院好 Hey everyone, it’s Stephane from Talkways again嗨大家好,我是来自在聊世界的StephaneSo, a natural thing that started happening when I began to travel was that当我在各个国家之间旅行的时候I started to make friends with people from different places我开始交到不同国家的朋友So if you look at Facebook, Twitter, you have messages coming in from different languages所以在我用Facebook或者是Twitter的时候,大家发的状态有很多不同的语言When talking to people, I have to use Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Viber, KakaoTalk,Whatsapp, and the list keeps on getting longer and longer and longer或者是当我在跟朋友发信息的时候,现在有越来越多的聊天工具Facebook Messenger,微信,Skype,Viber,KakaoTalk,Whatsapp,等等But when my friends are talking to me they started using characters to express how they are feeling然后大家都会在对话的时候使用很多不同的字母和符号People from different places, they are going to use different characters so I had to get used to them因为朋友来自不同的国家,我也要慢慢习惯这些不同的用法But the simplest one out of all of them, and I think we all know it, is LOL不过所有这些里面,大家可能都知道的,最简单的LOLWhich is an abbreviation for laugh out loud是“开怀大笑”的字母简写It’s commonly used when people think something is funny and they just type it一般在我们觉得一件事情很好笑的时候会用到However, saying everyone uses LOL is not quite true尽管如此,并不是所有人都用LOLIn Spanish countries, Spanish speaking countries, you have jajajajaja, J-A-J-A比如在西班牙语国家,你会用“jajajaja”For them, the J sound is “Ha”因为在西班牙语里,“J”发“哈”的音So it’s like ha ha ha ha ha所以听起来跟哈哈哈哈一样InKorea, they use different characters, they go with K在韩语里,他们用的则是字母KSo it’s like kkkkkkk比如KKKKKIt’s like the jajajaja turning into hahaha, but the Korean version of it这跟jajajaja变成哈哈哈哈的用法一样InJapan, it’s a little bit more awkward, they use wwwwww日语的情况则比较奇怪,他们用wwwwwImagine saying wwwww over and over again, it makes no sense试试连着念w,听起来很滑稽对吧But the w is for the character for Warai, which means to laugh, it’s a smile但是日语里的这个w代表的是Warai“わらい”,也是日语里笑的意思So instead of typing that character, you take W, and you add it over again所以有的时候大家不把字拼出来,只是用连续的字母wIn French speaking countries there is an interesting case法语国家的表现形式也很有意思It sort of has LOL, but they use MDR跟LOL差不多,但是他们用MDRSo what’s MRD?MRD是什么?It’s short for mort de rire, which means dying of laughter是mort de rire的简写,意思是“笑死了”But when comparing all of them actually当我开始对比所有这些的时候the ones that I found to be the most interesting are actually the ones used in Asian countries我发现亚洲国家的是最有意思的Thailandhas 55555, and it has the sound ha ha ha ha ha比如如果在泰国用55555,发音是哈哈哈哈That’s why it’s used when people try to say something is funny, or when you are trying to say lol大家会像用LOL一样用55555But in Chinese, it means something totally different, 555, you are crying但是在中国,他的意思就完全不一样了,是呜呜呜,表达你哭了If you look at other characters咱们再看看别的For 8, In Japan it means Hachi, so when you write 8888, it’s like pachipachipachi, like you areclapping your hands比如数字8,日语的发音是Hachi,所以当你写出来8888的时候,跟鼓掌的声音pachipachi很像,表示你在鼓掌But in Chinese, if you write 8, like 88888, that’s like bye-bye但是在中文里,如果你写88888,那是在说拜拜It’s interesting, it takes the bye-bye of English, but then you add the Chinese influence to it, andthat’s how you say bye to someone这很有意思,本来拜拜这个用法是从英语里来的,在中国文化影响之后,可以使用888来道别So the same numbers, 55555, which means laughter in language and crying in another language所以同样的数字,55555,在一个语言里是笑,而另一种语言里是哭And 88888, meaning bye-bye in one language and clapping your hands in another language而88888,在一个语言里是道别,而另一个里是鼓掌That was quite interesting, but I started looking into those characters even more and thoseInternet phrases这对我来说很有意思,所以我开始更深入了解更多的网络用语I found that Chinese has quite a few complicated ones然后我了解到了几个复杂一些的中国网络用语So I want you guys to tell me if you know any of these不知道你们知不知道这些And I’m probably going to say them very wrong我可能发音发的会非常不准But just for the sake of it, let’s try不过咱们还是来试试吧So when you want to say something is good, like something is awesome当你要描述一个东西很好,棒极了的时候 You’d say Geili你会说“给力”When you want to say something is so advanced, it’s beyond you, it’s like cool当你想说一个东西太高级,超越你水平太多的时候You’d say like, Bumingjueli你可以说,不明觉厉When someone randomly makes a joke about you, especially uses stereotypes for the joke, it’s like come on man, you are killing me, Tangqiang当一个人开的玩笑莫名奇妙的跟你相关,尤其是用到一些社会观念的时候你可以说,躺When you want to say, life is hard man, life is hard enough as it is, why do you need to make iteven harder for me you would say like, Renjianbuchai当你想说,人生已经够艰难了,为什么还要揭穿我,让我过的更不好你可以说,人艰不拆So they are some of the really common ones that I learned from my friends inChina这些是我从一些中国朋友那里了解到的,在中国常用的网络用语And what do they show about the Chinese society?这能让我们分析出什么呢?The Internet if you look at it, it’s a method of communication首先,互联网提供了一个大众交流的平台It can represent the zeitgeist and the mentality of the people它可以代表一种时代思潮After four phrases slash words that we talked about刚才我们讲的这四个短语Other than geili, three have a similarity除了给力之外,另外三个都有一个共同点They all kind of talk about the hardships of life, or the lack of status他们都在用一种非常幽默的方式去调侃In a joking way actually, in a really joking way人生的一些艰难And when we look at the other one, Geili让我们看看另外一个短语,给力Did you guys know that, the phrase actually started as Bugeili大家知道吗,这个词的首次出现是“不给力”(日和西游记,不给力啊老师)Which means something that is not awesome, not good, booboo描述一件事不好,很差劲That was the meaning of it这是它的原意The feeling that I am getting from analyzing these phrases is that通过分析这些短语,我能感觉到的是The people ofChinais not completely content with the quality of the life中国的大部分人民对生活并不百分百满意However they are complaining or escaping the reality但是他们并没有消极的抱怨,或者逃避现实They are making light hearted jokes about the situations他们在开这些情况的玩笑It’s a way for them to just laugh about it对一些事一笑而过This is form of optimism这是一种积极的心态These are the power that such phrases in the Internet have这是网络用语所拥有的力量They are not in the dictionary也许它们不在字典里出现Okay, that we know, but none the less, they still hold some sort of power, it’s hard to describe但是尽管如此,它们仍然很有力量They vary amongst culture不同文化也有不同的用法They hold different meanings and they can pass different ideas from one person to another它们可以在人们之间传达不同的概念But none the less, it still has this ability to communicate what the person wants to with the veryshort amount of words最重要的是,它们能够用非常少的字来清醒的表达一个人想表达的意思Now let’s bring it back, the conversation to LOL让我们回到最一开始的话题,LOLIt seems that, that simple word is getting more popular and popular in the future这个网络用语的知名度一直在增加,而且看来未来会持续增长So what I’m asking myself is, where there ever be a word that will supersede the almighty LOL所以我的疑问是,未来会不会出现一个用语,超过无上的LOLWould any of the words like 555, or anyone of them become as great, or even better than thatword会不会有一个像555这样的网络用语,能够跟它媲美,或者超过它On that note, I would like to say thanking you for watching this cast today最后,我想感谢大家收看我们今天的节目And I want you to share with us, your ideas about globalization and stories about the internetphrases that your friends and you use every single day. Thank you我想邀请你来跟我们分享,你身边网络用语的故事和你对全球化的看法谢谢大家 Article/201406/307729福州去那间医院人工授精好

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