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福州哪个医院看多囊好宁德检查封闭抗体哪里比较好JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon on Tuesday told the company’s employees and shareholders that he’s been diagnosed with curable throat cancer and that his prognosis is excellent.上周二,根大通(JPMorgan Chase)董事长兼首席执行官吉米·戴蒙告知公司员工及股东,他已被诊断出患有可治愈的喉癌,而且预后效果非常奀?While Dimon’s diagnosis isn’t apparently life-threatening, it nonetheless prompted the question of who will succeed him at JPMorgan’s JPM -1.04% helm. But his announcement raised an even broader question: just what is expected of CEOs when it comes to their health?虽然诊断结果显示戴蒙的生命看来没有受到威胁,但人们仍然要问,谁会接替他执掌根大通。此外,戴蒙的声明还带来了一个更大的问题,那就是对于CEO的健康状况,人们到底应该了解哪些信息。The U.S. president receives regular check-ups and discloses the results every few years. (At President Barack Obama’s last exam in June, doctors deemed him healthy since he “exercises daily, remains tobacco-free, and only drinks alcohol occasionally and in moderation. Is the same expected of business leaders, who are often indelibly linked to a company’s financial performance?美国总统定期接受体检,而且每隔几年都会公布体检结果(美国总统奥巴月份刚刚进行了体检,医生的结论是他很健康,原因是他“每天都运动,不抽烟,偶尔适度饮酒。”)企业负责人往往牢固地跟本公司的财务表现联系在一起,他们是否也该这样做呢?A JPMorgan spokesman told Fortune on Wednesday that the company has no requirement that Dimon receive regular check-ups. Though he gets regular exams anyway because, as a person close to Dimon told us, the JPMorgan CEO “focuses on his health, regularly playing tennis and running with his wife and kids.”根大通发言人上周三告诉《财富》(Fortune)杂志,公司从未要求戴蒙定期体检。不过,一位接近戴蒙的人士告诉我们,他确实定期体检,原因是戴蒙“很关心自己的健康,而且经常跟妻子儿女一起打网球、跑步”。While that’s the case at JPMorgan, practices certainly vary from company to company, says Dennis Carey of Korn Ferry, who has led CEO recruitment and succession planning efforts for companies like 3M, ATamp;T, and Office Depot.猎头公司Korn Ferry副董事长丹尼斯o凯里指出,这是根大通的情况,各公司在这方面的做法当然各不相同。Korn Ferry曾牵头为3M、美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)和欧迪办公(Office Depot)等公司规划CEO招聘和继任事务。Companies are known to buy so-called “key personinsurance policies for their CEOs, which put a dollar amount on executivescontributions to the company and protects against a financial hardship should they die. Before those policies are issued, a CEO is usually required to disclose any health risks, says Keith Martinsen, executive vice president at ABD Insurance and Financial Services. And, depending on the policy, a CEO might also be expected to get a physical every year or so, the hope being that any catastrophic illness would be caught early.人们都知道,各家公司都会为CEO购买所谓的“关键人物”保险,投保金额根据高管对公司的贡献决定,目的是防止这些高层人员身故导致公司陷入财务困境。ABD Insurance and Financial Services执行副总裁基思o马丁森指出,签订保险合同前,一般都会要求企业负责人披露所有的健康风险。而且,CEO可能每年或者每隔一段时间都要进行体检,目的是尽早发现重大疾病,具体如何执行则取决于保险合同。The JPMorgan spokesman said that the bank has no specific insurance policy on Dimon, though he may be covered by a group plan for the bank’s top employees.根大通发言人称,公司并没有给戴蒙够买保险,不过他可能参加了公司最高层的集体保险。Carey says he always advises his clients to include at least a stress test as part of their due diligence when hiring executives from the outside. “In some cases, companies are billing out tens of millions of dollars to buy out an executive [from a previous employer] only to find out that the exec has an illness,Carey says. “It’s more prevalent in the Fortune 200 and less so as you go down into mid-market companies.”凯里说,他一直建议客户从外部招聘高管时至少把压力测试作为尽职调查的一部分。他说:“有时候,为了把某位高管(从前任雇主那里)挖过来,一家公司要付出数千万美元的资金,结果却发现这位高管有病在身。这种情况在《财富00强企业中比较普遍。在排名低一些的中型企业中,出现这种情况的公司较少。”While there is no overarching standard on how to handle an executive’s health, in general, boards of directors and CEOs are adhering to a more liberal interpretation of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rule that requires companies to publicly disclose material information about a CEO (i.e. anything that would influence an investor’s decision to buy or sell securities) in what Carey referred to as the “post-Jobs era.”虽然在高管身体健康的问题上并没有统一的标准可循,但一般来说,美国券交易委员会的规定要求各家公司公开披露涉及CEO的实质性信息(即所有可能影响投资者就买卖券作出决定的信息)。在凯里所说的“后乔布斯时代”,董事会成员和首席执行官需要遵守对这项规定更为宽泛的解释。When Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer and received a liver transplant, Apple’s mishandling of his sickness became the standard of what not to do when a CEO falls ill. The company never fully informed investors about Job’s failing health, even as the Apple founder became noticeably thin and took leaves of absence. The SEC later investigated whether the company had misled investors.史蒂夫o乔布斯当初被诊断患有癌症并接受肝移植手术时,苹果公司(Apple)对他的病情处理欠妥,已经成为CEO患病时公司处理方式的反面教材。苹果方面从来没有把乔布斯每况愈下的健康情况完全告知投资者,甚至是在乔布斯明显消瘦、开始休假的时候也是如此。美国券交易委员会后来还对这家公司是否误导投资者进行了调查。Dimon’s announcement on Tuesday mirrors the approach Warren Buffett took when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. Even though doctors had said it was “not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way,the Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO chose to announce his early-stage diagnosis in a letter to shareholders戴蒙在上周二发布声明的做法跟2012年沃伦o巴菲特被诊断出患有前列腺癌时采用的方法一致。尽管医生说病情“对他的生命没什么威胁,甚至不会让他明显衰弱”,但作为伯克希哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)的董事长兼首席执行官,巴菲特仍然决定致信股东,宣布医生的初步诊断结果。“The Steve Jobs situation was the tour de force in terms of reminding boards to get out in front of this sort of stuff,Carey says.凯里说:“出现这种局面时,有的公司会告诉董事会不要插手,史蒂夫o乔布斯的情况就是这方面的典型事例。”Additional reporting by Stephen Gandel.史蒂芬·甘德尔也参与了这次报道 /201407/310074福州检查宫外孕比较好的医院 BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Monday exonerated a teenager executed more than 18 years ago for the rape and murder of a woman, drawing approval from judicial reform advocates who saw his death as a symbol of the miscarriage of justice in capital punishment cases.路透社北京125日电 本周一,中国对18年前被控强奸杀人并被判处死刑的少年重新宣判无罪。司法改革提倡者们本将这名少年的死视作死刑案件审判不公的标志,而重新宣判无罪的消息让他们称赞。A retrial by an Inner Mongolian court found that Huugjilt, then 18 years old, was wrongly convicted in 1996 of raping and killing a woman in a public restroom.内蒙古法院的重审发现,当8岁的呼格吉勒图在1996年是被误判以公厕内的奸杀罪名的。Another man confessed to the murder in 2005, but a retrial was not conducted until this year, the official Xinhua news agency reported.据新华社官方报道005年,另一个人承认自己犯下了那起杀人案,但直到今年重审才进行。A court official apologized to Huugjilts sobbing parents, who had been petitioning judicial authorities since 2006 to re-try the case, state media reported.国家媒体报道,法院一名官员向呼格吉勒图啜泣的父母道歉,他们从2006年起就一直向司法机关请愿要求重审案件。China has embarked on legal reforms, including reducing the use of death penalty, as public discontent mounts over wrongful punishment.中国已经开始了法律改革,其中包括减少死刑的使用,因为公众对于错误处罚愈发不满;This shows the spirit behind judicial reform in our country and that the will to pursue justice exists - thats a good thing,; said Chen Guangzhong, a top scholar of criminal law at the China University of Political Science and Law.Chen added, however, that there remain significant obstacles to reform of the death penalty and that abolishing capital punishment completely is unlikely at present.中国政法大学的顶级刑法学者陈光中说:“这表现了我们国家司法改革背后的精神,以及追求公正的意愿——这是件好事。”陈还补充道,尽管如此,死刑的改革还存在明显的障碍,彻底废除死刑现在还不太可胀?The decision to exonerate Huugjilt was the most talked-about topic on Sina Weibo, Chinas version of Twitter, with 84,000 comments.Huugjilts family could not be reached for comment. Many ethnic Mongols in China use only one name.对呼格吉勒图宣判无罪一度是中国版推特——新浪微上最热门的话题,4000条。我们无法得到呼格吉勒图的父母的。中国的许多蒙古族人只用一个名字。While wrongful executions have often stirred public outrage, capital punishment itself has wide support from the Chinese public.China guards the number of people executed annually as a state secret but anti-death penalty campaigners say it uses the death penalty in far greater numbers than other countries.虽然错误的审判常常激起众怒,死刑本身在中国民众之中具有广泛的持。中国对每年被处决的人数作为国家机密来保密,但反对死刑运动的参与者说,中国使用死刑的数量比其他国家多得多;Death penalty cases have been subjected to closer scrutiny in recent years, in large part in a response to domestic outcry in cases of individuals who are convicted of serious crimes like murder and rape who are found later to be innocent,; said Maya Wang of Human Rights Watch.人权观察组织的Maya Wang说:“一些人被判定犯下了诸如谋杀和强奸这样的严重罪行,后来又被发现是无辜的,国内对此有强烈抗议。最近几年,死刑案件受到了更仔细的审查,这很大程度上是对抗议的回应。”(译注:人权观察是一个非政府国际组织,总部设在纽约,以调查、促进解决人权问题为主旨。)The government has tightened rules on evidence to exclude confessions obtained through torture, although torture is still widely used, Wang said. China denies that the practice is widesp and says a torture ban is effectively enforced.Maya Wang说,虽然严刑拷打仍然被广泛应用,政府已经采用了更严格的取规则,禁止了在拷问下得到的供词。中国否认了酷刑的广泛存在,并表示酷刑的禁令是被有效执行的。China said in October it is considering trimming nine crimes from the list of offences punishable by death in a draft amendment to the criminal law.The death penalty applies to 55 offences in China, including fraud and illegal money-lending.中国在十月份的一份刑法修正草案中表示,国家正在考虑项罪行从死刑罪名中撤下。在中国5项罪名可被判处死刑,包括欺诈和非法借贷。IANS/IANS - BEIJING , Dec. 15, 2014 (Xinhua) -- Shang Aiyun, mother of Huugjilt who was executed in a controversial 1996 rape and murder case, cries in Hohhot, capital of north Chinas Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Dec. 15, 2014. An impeccance verdict was given on Monday at the retrial 18 years after Huugjilt was sentenced to death and executed in 1996. Huugjilt, who was 18 at the time, was found guilty of raping and murdering a woman in a public toilet in Hohhot on April 9, 1996. After Huugjilt was sentenced to death and executed in June 1996, another alleged serial rapist and killer, Zhao Zhihong, confessed to the murder after he was arrested in 2005. (Xinhua/Ren Junchuan/IANS)呼格吉勒图因1996年发生的有争议的强奸杀人案被判处死刑01425日,他的母亲尚爱云在中国北部内蒙古自治区首府呼和浩特哭泣。呼格吉勒图996年被判决并处以死刑,18年后的这个周一,案件进行再审并宣判无罪。呼格吉勒图当年18岁,被认为在1996日犯下了在一座公厕强奸并杀害一名女性的罪行。在呼格吉勒996月被判处死刑之后005年另一名犯下多起奸杀案的嫌疑人赵志红被逮捕,承认他才是当年的凶手。来 /201412/348868南平那些医院备孕体检

福州哪个医院看无精症比较好福州市解扎最好的医院 福州晋安博爱医院做宫腔镜

福州B超监测卵泡去那里12:The different types of travel restrictions to be eased as a result of the restored ties, including family visits and official visits as well as journalistic and education work, according to The New York Times. Tourism, however, will reportedly remain prohibited.12:作为恢复邦交的成果之一,两国将放宽12类不同的旅行限制,据《纽约时报》报道,放宽后的规定将允许美国人到古巴进行探亲和官方访问,以及从事新闻采访和教育工作等,但是依然禁止观光旅游8:The months of “secret talksthat were hosted by Canada and which led to President Barack Obama to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro, according to The New York Times.18个月:据《纽约时报》的消息称,在加拿大的斡旋下,两国举行了一系列“秘密会谈”,历时18个月,终于促成美国总统奥巴马与古巴总统卡斯特罗的会晤5:The percentage of Cuba’s economy that goes to exporting raw sugar. That’s followed by 15% refined petroleum, 14% nickel mattes, 14% rolled tobacco and 6.7% hard liquor, according to the Observatory of Economic Complexity, which is run by MIT. The top five export locations are China (30%), Spain (11%), Brazil (5.1%), Belgium-Luxembourg (5%) and Italy (3.2%).25%:原糖出口占古巴经济总产值的百分比。据麻省理工学院的经济复杂性研究中心统计,精炼石油占古巴总产值的15%、镍锍占14%、辊压烟草占14%和烈酒占6.7%。古巴最重要大出口国是中囀?西班牙、巴西、比利时和卢森堡以及意大利0:The number of years that passed between the U.S. and Cuba before talking once more on Dec. 17.50年:美国和古巴在过去50年无正常外交关系,两国领导人将于127日再次会晤8.23:The number of dollars in billions that Cuba’s GDP is worth, according to the World Bank. The country also has a population of 11.26 million.682.3亿:世界(World Bank)的数据显示,古巴国内生产总值为682.3亿美元,该国总人口为1,126万64:The number of dollars in millions that the U.S. government has spent in Cuba through the U.S. Agency for International Development to aid democracy in Cuba, The New York Times reported.2.64亿:根据《纽约时报》的报道,在帮助古巴推进民主化的进程中,美国政府通过美国国际开发署在当地投入了2.64亿美元的资金00:The number of dollars that U.S. travelers can import from Cuba. That’s up from 0 previously, according to media reports.400:根据媒体报道,现在美国公民可以携带400美元进入古巴,而之前只能带100美元:The numbers of years American contractor Gross was held captive in a Cuban prison. He worked for Development Alternatives which reportedly held a million contract with the U.S. Agency for International Development. The country accused Gross of crimes related to bringing satellite phones and computer equipment to Cuba’s Jewish community.5年:美国承包商格罗斯在古巴被关押的时间。格罗斯供职于发展选择公司,据称,该公司与美国国际开发署签订了一00万美元的合同。古巴方面曾指控格罗斯向古巴犹太社区提供卫星电话及计算机设备,000:The number of dollars that President Obama will allow to be sent to Cuban nationals every three months. That’s up from just 0.2000:奥巴马总统决定放宽古巴侨民的汇款限制,从原来的每三个月500美元上升,000美元。(财富中文网) /201412/350628 The European institutions overseeing Greece’s bailout have expressed “serious concernsover the sustainability of the country’s debt, bringing them into line with the more pessimistic assessment of the International Monetary Fund.监督希腊纾困的欧洲机构对该国债务的可持续性表示“严重关切”,这使欧方的口径与国际货币基金组织(IMF)比较悲观的评估基本一致。The European Commission and the European Central Bank argue in a new analysis that debt relief measures, including extending repayment periods, would allow Athens to achieve debt sustainability, a solution advocated by the IMF. They say such moves would avoid the need for a full-scale haircut.欧盟委员European Commission)和欧洲央ECB)在一项新的分析中提出,债务减免措施(包括延长还款期)将使雅典方面能够实现债务可持续——这正是IMF倡导的解决方案。他们表示,这样的举措将意味着不需要全面减记债务。The conclusion provides a boost to Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras on the day he seeks to push a highly contentious reform and austerity programme through parliament as part of a new 85bn rescue programme agreed in outline on Tuesday. It will heap pressure on Berlin to back substantial debt relief for Athens when Greece’s creditors discuss the issue in the autumn.这个结论有利于希腊总理齐普拉斯騠虎克西Alexis Tsipras),他正在推动该国议会通过一项备受争议的改革和财政紧缩计划,这是各方在周二达成框架协议的850亿欧元新救助计划的一部分。另一方面,这个结论将使柏林方面受到压力,要求其在希腊的债权人今秋讨论这个问题时,持向希腊提供大幅债务减免。But the study could also exacerbate German concerns about ploughing ahead with a new bailout, given the scepticism in chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative CDU/CSU bloc about Greece’s ability to deliver on reform promises and create the conditions for economic recovery.但这项研究也可能加剧德国对于推进新纾困计划的担忧。德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)领导的保守的基民基社CDU/CSU)执政联盟,本来就对希腊兑现改革承诺、为经济复苏创造条件的能力持怀疑态度。Germany, together with some other hardline eurozone members, has given Greek calls for debt relief short shrift, saying that any “nominal haircutwould be illegal under the EU treaties.对于希腊要求债务减免的呼吁,德国和其他一些强硬的欧元区成员国一直不屑一顾。他们称,根据欧盟条约,任何“名义减记”都是不合法的。But the analysis by the European institutions suggests that extending maturities coupled with other grace periods would make an outright haircut unnecessary.但上述欧洲机构的分析表明,延长偿债期限,加上其他宽限期安排,将意味着没有必要进行全面减记。Without maturity extensions or similar actions there would be “serious concerns regarding the sustainability of Greece’s public debt it says.分析报告称,若不能延长偿债期限,也没有类似行动,就会存在“对于希腊公共债务可持续性的严重关切”。Eurozone finance ministers are due to debate the outline agreement between Athens and its bailout monitors on the new 85bn rescue today. Germany has said the deal is insufficient and wants more time to work out the details.欧元区财长将于今日辩论雅典方面与纾困监督员就新的850亿欧元救助方案达成的框架协议。德国曾表示,这份协议力度不够,并希望有更多时间来敲定细节。But Berlin is becoming increasingly isolated in its reluctance to endorse a new rescue as other hardliners gave it their blessing. Alex Stubb, Finland’s finance minister, said he was y to give the go-ahead to a new bailout. “We are turning the page in this crisis. Hopefully we will see Greece back on the path of recovery. The messages we are getting from Athens are probably a bit more committed than in the past.”但是,柏林方面不愿持新救助方案的立场,正使其越来越孤立,因为其他强硬的欧元区伙伴已表示赞同。芬兰财长亚历克斯斯图布(Alex Stubb)表示,他准备同意新的纾困方案。“我们正在翻开这场危机的新的一页。希望我们会看到希腊回到复苏的道路上。我们从雅典方面获得的承诺很可能比过去诚恳了一些。”Although debt relief will not be formally discussed until after the summer, it could still become an issue in today’s talks. Berlin is insisting on the IMF’s full participation in a new bailout of Greece before deciding whether to back the deal. But the IMF whose involvement is also critical for other hardline countries warned last month that it may not be able to take part in a third Greek bailout if the country’s debts were unsustainable.虽然正式讨论债务减免将是夏季以后的事情,但此事仍可能成为今日磋商中的一个议题。柏林方面坚持要求IMF首先承诺全面参与新的希腊纾困,然后才会决定是否持协议。其他立场强硬的成员国也希望IMF参与。但IMF上月警告,如果希腊的债务是不可持续的,它可能无法参与对该国的第三轮纾困。来 /201508/392902福州总院做试管多少钱福州治输卵管积水哪家医院好



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