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If smartwatches just aren#39;t fashionable enough for you, designers from California are hoping a smart bracelet will tempt you into the world of wearables.如果智能手表对你来说还不够时尚,加利福尼亚州的设计师们希望下面这款智能手镯会让你爱上可穿戴设备。The Eyecatcher has a curved, 5-inch display that wraps around the wearer#39;s wrist and this #39;always-on display#39; shows notifications from a connected smartphone.Eyecatcher智能手镯有一块5英寸曲面显示屏,包裹住佩戴者的手腕。这一“常亮”的显示屏可以显示与之相连接的智能手机上的通知。Wearers can select which notifications they receive and even change the device#39;s wallpaper to match their outfit.佩戴者可选择接收哪些通知,甚至可以更换手镯的壁纸来搭配自己所穿的衣物。The Eyecatcher was developed by Looksee Labs, based in Oakland, and the firm has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the device.Eyecatcher智能手镯由奥克兰的Looksee实验室开发。Looksee实验室在Kickstarter上发起了众筹活动,为生产该手镯筹集资金。There are three models - two for women and one for men - and each come in small, medium and large.该手镯有三种款式,两种为女性设计,一种为男性设计,每种又有小、中、大三种尺寸。The female Mercury model is made from white bronze while the Venus model is made from sterling silver. The male, Mars model is made from stainless steel.为女性设计的墨丘利款,由淡色青铜制成,维纳斯款由标准纯银制成。男款马尔斯由不锈钢制成。Each device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app where wearers can select a display design, manage their notifications and choose which widgets appear.每件手镯通过蓝牙与智能手机上的应用程序相连接,使用者可在应用上选择显示图案,管理通知及选择显示哪些小部件。These include activity tracking, calendar events, maps, text messages, breaking news, and stock details.这些小部件包括活动追踪、日历事件、地图、文字短信、突发重大新闻及股票行情。The bracelet uses a low-power e-ink screen and the designers claim the device will last a year on a single charge.手镯使用低能耗的电子墨水屏,设计者称,该手镯充电一次可使用一年。If the campaign is successful bracelets will be shipped in February 2016.如果众筹成功,该手镯会在2016年2月发货。 /201510/402653

The Great Wall长城Construction of the Great Wall began during the Spring and Autumn Period to the Warring States Period. Several vassal states built wall fortifications successively along the precipitous mountain ridges to ward off the plunder of nomadic people and the invasion of each other. In 221 B. C. when Qin Shihuang united China, he ordered to link the walls up. During the following dynasties, the Great Wall was destroyed continuously by natural disasters and human beings.Among the remaining broken pieces of walls, those constructed in the Ming Dynasty are the most well-preserved and splendid ones. The Great Wall stretches some 6,300km from Jiayuguan Pass in the west to the Yalujiang River in the east, traversing 11 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Not only is it the most magnificent ancient military defense work, but one of the most remarkable ancient buildings in the world.长城始建于春秋战国时期。各诸侯国为互相防御和抵御北方游牧部落的侵扰,在地形险要之处相继兴筑长城。公元前221年,秦始皇统一中国后,将从前的长城连接起来。在以后的几个历史时期,由于自然和人为因素的毁坏,保存到今天的大都已是断断续续的遗迹。而在这些遗迹中保存最完整、最套固、最雄伟的是明代长城。长城绵亘中国的11个省、市、自治区,西起嘉峪关,东到鸭绿江,全长约12600华里。它不仅是古代最雄伟的军事防御工程,也是世界上最非凡最伟大的古老建筑之一。 /201601/419350It was only a matter of time before the Apple Watch inspired some far-out concept s for new Apple products the faithful would like to see. Strangely, the arrival of the company#39;s first signature wearable has inspired the below bizarre take on an iPhone 7 that borrows the watch#39;s novel dial, called the ;digital crown; by Apple.据美国CNET4月21日消息,苹果手表(Apple Watch)激发苹果新产品的设计灵感,推出“苹果粉”们希望看见的走在时代前端的概念视频。实现这样的目标,也只是时间的问题了。奇怪的是,苹果公司第一款独具特色的穿戴设备的发布,给iPhone 7带来的设计灵感却十分奇葩。它沿用了苹果手表的表冠,苹果将其称之为“数码”(;digital crown;)。The iPhone concept from designer Antonio De Rosa, who has turned at least one of his flights of fancy into a real product, imagines a fully upgraded iPhone 7 that incorporates the dial from the Apple Watch, relocating Touch ID and the home button to the front of the dial.该iPhone设计概念来自于意大利设计师安东尼奥·De·罗萨(Antonio De Rosa),他曾多次将自己的奇思妙想转化为真实产品。罗萨设计的iPhone 7在功能上全面升级,融合苹果手表的表冠,将指纹识别(Touch ID)及主页按键调整至表冠的前方。The space once occupied by the home button is replaced by a smaller bezel and a new ;Sense Button; that captures gestures and movements for more personalized control.主页按键的原先位置将由更小的边框及新的“传感按钮”替代。该按钮将捕捉手势动作和身体动作,提供更个性化的控制务。It remains to be seen if the digital crown will compel or confuse Apple Watch owners as a new means of user input. And if it is a hit, would it make sense for Apple to bring it over to the iPhone? The Sense Button actually seems less likely as it would seem to come up against Apple#39;s chief directive of simplicity.但是,作为用户输入的新方式,数码能否俘获苹果手表用户的心,还有待观察。假如它得到了消费者的热烈追捧,对苹果公司来说,将该功能引入iPhone又是否会收到同样的评价呢?实际上,“传感按钮”似乎不太可能能与苹果简单的指令系统相抗衡。 /201504/371800

If being big was enough, Alibaba would aly have it nailed. In its December quarter, reported yesterday, the value of goods transacted on its platform rose by one half from a year ago, to an incomprehensible 6bn. Revenues, alas, rose only 40 per cent. More sales are closing on mobile devices, and Alibaba’s profitability on these deals is below that of desktops. What’s more investment in “user experience” (oh, that) crimped the company’s margins. The shares fell 10 per cent.Margins are not the biggest Alibaba story this week. On Tuesday, China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) released findings of an investigation into ecommerce sites, performed last autumn. SAIC says less than two-fifths of the products it bought on Alibaba’s Taobao site arrived as advertised. Alibaba filed a complaint against the head of the SAIC’s online commerce department, saying he lacks objectivity. The SAIC then revealed that it had been investigating Alibaba during its listing process, but had not released the report at the time.Alibaba controls an estimated 80 per cent of the Chinese eretail market. It cannot avoid dodgy goods altogether. It has taken high-profile steps to combat counterfeits, spending 0m since the beginning of 2013 and employing a team of 2,000 people to police its sites. The issue could be political — with the authorities sending a gentle reminder about who is boss.Alibaba employs over 34,000 people directly. It has 70,000 “Taobao Village” merchants, which bring ecommerce and jobs to the countryside. Last year, the company announced it would invest .6bn over the next three to five years to boost online shopping in rural areas. The potentially damaging investigation indicates that the company’s size, success and central position in the consumer economy — which China is trying to promote — do not give immunity from regulatory oversight. Alibaba is big and important but it is not inviolable. Investors should keep this firmly in mind.如果只要规模大就足够了,那么阿里巴巴(Alibaba)就什么都不用担心了。按照该公司昨日发布的业绩报告,在截至去年12月的这个季度里,其平台上交易的商品价值同比上升一半,达到不可思议的1260亿美元。可惜营收仅同比增长40%。更多的销售在移动设备上完成,阿里巴巴在这些交易上的盈利水平低于在桌面电脑上完成的交易。这还不算,对“用户体验”的投资压低了该公司的利润率。昨日阿里巴巴股价下跌10%。利润率不是本周有关阿里巴巴的最大新闻。周二,中国国家工商行政管理总局发布了去年秋天调查电商网站的结果。国家工商总局表示,其从阿里巴巴旗下的淘宝网(Taobao)购买的商品中,只有不到五分之二是正品。阿里巴巴提交了针对国家工商总局在线商务主管部门负责人的投诉,称他缺乏客观性。国家工商总局随即透露,它曾在阿里巴巴上市过程中调查该公司,只是当时没有发布报告。阿里巴巴控制着中国电子零售市场的大约80%。它不可能完全避免有问题的商品。该公司已采取高调措施打击假冒商品,自2013年初以来为此投入1.6亿美元,并雇用了一2000人的团队来监督旗下网站。这个问题可能是政治性质的——当局发出了一个“友情提醒”,希望企业明白谁是真正的老大。阿里巴巴直接雇用逾3.4万人。它拥有7万“淘宝村”商家,为农村地区带来电子商务和就业机会。去年,该公司宣布将在未来三到五年投资16亿美元,以提振农村地区的在线购物。具有潜在破坏性的调查表明,该公司的规模、成功以及在(中国官方正试图促进的)消费者经济中所占的核心地位,并不能使其免受监管部门的监督。阿里巴巴大而重要,但它不是不可侵犯的。投资者应牢记这一点。

Samsung Electronics has replaced the head of its mobile business for the first time in six years, as it seeks to reverse a recent trend of falling smartphone sales.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)六年来头一次更换其移动业务部门主管,试图逆转近期智能手机销量的下跌势头。Shin Jong-Kyun, who fostered the successful Galaxy smartphone series as Samsung’s head of mobile communications from 2009, will hand the mantle to Koh Dong-jin, head of mobile research and development, the company said on Tuesday.作为2009年以来的三星移动通信部门主管,申宗均(Shin Jong-kyun)曾在其任内推出了极为成功的Galaxy系列智能手机。周二,三星表示申宗均将把这一重任交给移动研发部门主管Koh Dong-jin。Mr Shin, 59, will retain his formal position as one of three co-chief executives, to focus on long-term strategy — but he will “step back from day-to-day operations”, Samsung said.三星表示,59岁的申宗均将保留其作为三名联席首席执行官之一的正式职位,以便把主要精力放在长期战略上,不过他将“退出日常运营”。The move follows extensive speculation — beginning in the lead-up to last year’s reshuffle — that Mr Shin would be sidelined in response to setbacks in the mobile division.在三星这一举措前,去年三星的洗牌之前就开始有大量猜测认为,为回应移动部门所遇的挫败,申宗均或将退出该部门。Samsung remains the world’s leading smartphone producer by sales but its handset profits have fallen since the first half of last year, as it lost share to lower-cost Chinese peers at the low end of the market, and a resurgent Apple at the high end.三星依然是全球销量顶尖的智能手机制造商,不过自去年上半年以来,随着其市场份额在低端输给成本较低的中国对手,高端输给再次崛起的苹果(Apple),其手机盈利已经滑落下来。“In the context of Samsung’s culture, somebody has to be held responsible,” said Daniel Kim, an analyst at Macquarie. “I expected him to resign last year, actually, but he stayed another year and the handset division is still not showing any meaningful sign of improvement.”麦格理(Macquarie)分析师丹尼尔金(Daniel Kim)表示:“按照三星的企业文化,必须由某个人承担责任。事实上,我本来预计他去年会辞职,然而他却又呆了一年,手机部门仍未显示出任何改善的明显迹象。”Mr Shin’s retention as co-chief executive seemed a “mark of respect for his contribution in the past”, Mr Kim said, calling his move “one step towards retirement”.丹尼尔金表示,申宗均留任首席执行官似乎是“表示对其过去贡献的尊重”,并称他的这一变动“离退休更近了一步”。The Galaxy series achieved huge market success from 2011 onwards, spearheading Samsung’s rise to become the world’s leading smartphone maker. But as competition intensified last year, the bloated portfolio of products that cost more than those of Asian rivals failed to attract consumers.2011年以来,Galaxy系列智能手机取得了巨大的市场成功,引领三星崛起为全球头号智能手机制造商。然而随着去年竞争加剧,臃肿的产品组合导致成本高于其亚洲对手,不能吸引客户。This year’s Galaxy S6 flagship won enthusiastic reviews but sales undershot targets.今年推出的Galaxy S6旗舰手机赢得了热情洋溢的评价,销量却未能达到目标。 /201512/413506Bill Gates is planning to double his personal investment in innovative green technologies to bn over the next five years in an attempt to “bend the curve” on climate change.比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)计划在未来5年将自己对创新绿色技术的个人投资增加一倍,至20亿美元,希望借此改变气候变化的趋势线。The billionaire philanthropist said he had invested about bn in dozens of early-stage companies — including battery, next generation nuclear and free air carbon capture — hoping they would develop “breakthrough” technologies.这位亿万富翁慈善家表示,他已对数十家早期阶段公司投资约10亿美元,希望它们将开发出“突破性”技术。这些公司活跃于电池、下一代核电和大气层碳捕捉等领域。Mr Gates, who is listed by Forbes as the world’s richest person with a net worth of almost bn, said he had invested directly in about 15 companies and indirectly in another 30. “Over the next five years, there’s a good chance that will double,” he told the Financial Times.以接近800亿美元净资产被《福布斯》(Forbes)列为世界首富的盖茨表示,他已直接投资了约15家公司,另外还间接投资了30家公司。他对英国《金融时报》表示,“未来5年里,投资额很可能将翻倍。” /201506/383336Microsoft’s second quarter earnings report released Monday had a few bright spots, including rising sales in mobile devices and cloud services. Overall, the company’s sales were up 8% in the quarter ending Dec. 31, though costs related to acquisitions and layoffs meant profits were down 10.6% to .9 billion.上周,微软发布了第二财季收益报告,其中出现了一些亮点,比如移动设备和云务的销售额不断上升。虽然由于收购和裁员影响,微软的利润下滑了10.6%,降至59亿美元,但该公司截至2014年12月31日的季度销售额总体还是实现了8%的增长。Despite the company’s good sales numbers, revenue from copies of its Windows operating system installed on new computers, long a reliable source of cash, were down 13% year-over-year. Why?尽管微软销售额涨势喜人,新电脑安装Windows操作系统所带来的收入却同比下降了13%,要知道它一直是个可靠的收入来源。为什么会出现这种情况?First, the consumer PC market has been either slipping or stagnant for years, meaning there’s fewer devices capable of running Microsoft’s PC operating system being sold.首先,个人电脑市场近年来一直不景气,也就是说,运行微软操作系统的个人电脑销量减少了。But there’s another reason that’s far more under Microsoft’s control.但还有另一个原因是微软完全不能控制的。Back at the end of 2013, Microsoft MSFT -9.25% was on the verge of ending technical support for Windows XP business customers. That convinced lots of IT and accounting departments it was finally time to upgrade from the decade-plus-old operating system, driving sales of Microsoft’s newer OSes, like Windows 8.到2013年年底,微软就已经基本不为Windows XP的商务用户提供技术持了。许多公司的IT部门和财务部门因此笃信,终于是时候升级这款已有十多年历史的旧系统了,而这将提高微软新系统如Windows 8的销量。However, that XP end-of-life phenomenon wasn’t around to drive sales last year, helping explain Windows’ poor year-over-year numbers. (Microsoft also said cheaper copies of Windows it sold to academic buyers cut into the category’s revenue).然而,XP的寿终正寝并未在去年拉动Windows系统的销量,这就解释了Windows年度同比销量表现低迷的原因。(微软还表示,出售给学术机构的Windows系统售价较低,也影响了该类别的收入。)It’s safe to expect Windows to be less of a moneymaker for Microsoft in the future. Last week, the company announced that its upcoming iteration of the operating system, Windows 10, will be a free upgradefor users with older versions aly installed. That’s a consumer-friendly move that should help drive adoption rates, but it will eat even further into Windows’ revenue figures. Still, if Microsoft continues to be successful in mobile and cloud services, that could more than make up for the free upgrade.我们可以预计,Windows在未来可能不再是微软的摇钱树。该公司近期宣布,即将面世的下一代操作系统Windows 10将为旧版本的Windows用户提供免费升级。这项举措对消费者十分友好,应该会提高该系统的采用率,但它会进一步降低Windows的收入。不过,如果微软能在移动和云务上继续高歌猛进,由此产生的收入将足以弥补免费升级的损失。(财富中文网) /201502/358731

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