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WE ALL DREAM of flying first class. Admit it, when the plane pushes back from the gate and begins its taxi to the runway, those of us not quite as close to the cockpit as we had hoped begin to entertain envious thoughts about those up front, sipping vintage Champagne and nibbling their smoked salmon and Osetra caviar.我们都向往乘坐头等舱。承认吧,当飞机驶离登机门、开始滑向跑道时,我们这些觉得自己座位距离驾驶舱不顾近的人,就会开始对那些坐在前面的人各种嫉妒嫉妒恨:他们可以啜着陈年香槟,细细品味烟熏三文鱼和奥斯特拉鲟(Osetra)鱼子酱。I#39;m one of those who still experience a little pang of excitement as the catering trolley makes its way down the aisle. But such has been the downgrading of air travel in recent years that food is no longer a given, let alone wine. To compound matters, modern aviation regulations mean the oenophile hasn#39;t a hope of bringing his favorite bottle on board.我属于那种见到餐车推上过道心里依然会稍稍激动的人。不过,近些年航空旅行体验开始逐渐降格,机上食物不再免费,酒就更别提了。让事情变得更复杂的是,受到现代航运规定的限制,爱酒之人不可能把自己最喜欢的美酒带上飞机了。I#39;m always reminded of the final scene of #39;Hannibal#39; (2001) when Anthony Hopkins, flying in economy, takes delivery of a Dean amp; Deluca hamper complete with a half-bottle of 1996 Ch#226;teau Phélan Ségur from Saint-Estèphe, an assortment of fruits, caviar and cheese and, infamously, a tiny pot of brain.互动图:头等舱美酒我总是回想起电影《汉尼拔》(Hannibal,2001年)的最后一幕,搭乘经济舱的安东尼·霍普金斯(Anthony Hopkins)提着高档食品杂货店Dean amp; Deluca的食品包,外加半瓶源自 埃斯泰夫(Saint-Estephe)产区的飞龙世家酒庄(Chateau Phelan Segur) 1996年的美酒,以及水果、鱼子酱和奶酪等各式食品——不甚光的是,他还带了一小罐人脑。Not that I would recommend drinking such a delicate wine in such a small glass at 35,000 feet. Wines taste very different in the air; a combination of altitude and low humidity tends to accentuate a wine#39;s acidity and alcohol. Meanwhile, the cabin#39;s dry atmosphere will make the tannins--the bitter-tasting compounds found in red wine--more pronounced. And it#39;s not just the wines that are affected. The way we taste things also changes at altitude. As the recycled cabin air dries the mucus in our nasal passages, our sense of smell diminishes, wreaking havoc with our olfactory appreciation.我并不是要推荐在35,000英尺(约合10,668米)的高空用那么小的杯子享用如此精美的葡萄酒。葡萄酒在高空品起来味道非常不同,高空环境及低湿度会凸显出葡萄酒的酸度和酒精度。同时,机舱内干燥的环境会让单宁——红酒中那种味道涩口的物质——的味道变得更为浓烈。此外,受影响的不只是酒本身。我们品尝东西的方式在高空也会发生变化。由于机舱内的循环空气让我们鼻道中的黏液变干,我们的嗅觉会随之变弱,对气味的辨识会因此遭到破坏。Saint-Estèphe is known for producing wines with plenty of tannins and acidity in their youth--Dr. Lecter would be advised to plump for something a little riper and softer to pair with his brain; maybe an Australian Shiraz.埃斯泰夫以出产在年轻期就单宁丰富和酸度高的葡萄酒而闻名——所以这里要建议莱克特士(Dr. Lecter)选择成熟一些、更柔和的葡萄酒来搭配他的人脑餐。澳大利亚的设拉子(Shiraz)葡萄酒或许是一个选择。Which brings me to Australia and its flagship carrier, Qantas, which has, for the second year running, picked up a string of prizes in the annual #39;Cellars in the Sky#39; awards. The airline was judged to have the best overall wine cellar, above Emirates, which won silver, and El-Al and Cathay Pacific, which shared bronze.这让我想到了澳大利亚及其旗舰航空公司——澳洲航空(Qantas)。该公司连续第二年在一年一度的“空中窖藏奖”(Cellars in the Sky)评选中摘得了一系列奖项。它被评为最佳的葡萄酒整体窖藏,位列获得银奖的阿联酋航空(Emirates)及共享铜奖的以色列航空(El-Al)与国泰航空(Cathay Pacific)之上。Qantas says its success lies in its wine panel, created in 2003 and comprising three Australian winemakers: Vanya Cullen, Stephen Pannell and Tom Carson. They meet several times a year and assess hundreds of wines, asking questions such as, does it represent a premium wine? Is it a benchmark of its style? Is it drinking well and will it show well under flying conditions?澳洲航空称,其成功得益于它的葡萄酒专门小组。该小组成立于2003年,由三名澳大利亚葡萄酒生产商组成:万尼亚·库伦(Vanya Cullen)、斯蒂芬·潘内尔(Stephen Pannell)和汤姆·卡森(Tom Carson)。他们一年会面几次,对数百种葡萄酒进行评估,并且提出一系列问题如:它是否是优质葡萄酒?是否是该类葡萄酒的标杆?口感是否上乘?以及它在飞行条件下的表现是否出色?。A spokesman for the panel says altitude dulls a wine#39;s aroma, potentially ruining a good bottle of wine. Soft fruit and citrus flavors are reduced, whereas wines with riper, red-berried fruit tend not to be so badly affected. Meanwhile, a young wine can seem hard whereas older wines tend to taste better.该小组的一名发言人称,高空环境会减淡葡萄酒的芳香,可能会毁掉一瓶好酒。柔和的水果及柑橘味会减淡,而更成熟、红色浆果味的葡萄酒受到的影响则没那么严重。与此同时,较年轻的葡萄酒可能会显得苦烈,而较成熟的葡萄酒的味道往往会更好。With its mainly Australian wine list, Qantas has got it right. My advice to fliers has always been to opt for those wines that are bigger, riper and more expressive, with low acidity. Something like a Merlot, Pinotage or Shiraz for reds or Chardonnay, Semillon and Viognier for whites.在这个方面,主要配备本国葡萄酒的澳洲航空公司做对了。我对航空旅客的建议一直是选择那些更浓香、更成熟、更具特色且酸度更低的葡萄酒。红酒的话可选择梅洛(Merlot)、品诺塔吉(Pinotage)或设拉子,白葡萄酒则可选择霞多丽(Chardonnay)、赛美蓉(Semillon)和维欧尼(Viognier)。It does seem a shame, though, that some of the finest wines in the world are consumed under such poor conditions. Having said that, if I were traveling first class and were handed a cool glass of effervescent vintage Krug after takeoff, I#39;d take it.然而,一些世界最好的葡萄酒却要在如此糟糕的条件下品饮,这着实可惜。话虽如此,假如我坐上了头等舱,空乘在飞机起飞后递给我一杯沁凉的陈年Krug起泡酒,我还是会接受的。WILL LYONSWILL LYONS /201404/290976

When Julia Fowler was working as a fashion designer in Australia back in the early 2000s, she found herself frustrated by the lack of information available to help her understand and respond to the latest trends.2000年代初,当时还在澳大利亚从事时装设计工作的茱利亚o法勒发现了一个恼人的问题:手头上的信息源太少了,没法帮她及时了解和响应最新的流行趋势。“We had internal data on the performance of previous seasons’ products and access to inspirational trend sites,” she recalls, “but no way to understand opportunities we’d missed or concrete data on how we could improve our product assortment.”“我们掌握着前一季产品业绩的内部数据,也可以访问一些能够给人启发的时尚网站,但是没法知道我们错过了哪些机会,也没有具体数据告诉我们怎样才能改进我们的产品搭配。”她回忆道。With nowhere to turn, Fowler decided to take it upon herself to develop a solution to the problem. Her timing was just right: A methodology and series of technologies collectively called “big data” was beginning to swell in the technology industry.由于不知道向谁求助,法勒干脆决定自己开发一套解决方案。她挑选的时机再恰当不过。当时。一系列被合称为“大数据”的方法和技术刚刚开始席卷整个科技行业。Fowler has since swapped her title of designer for that of co-founder at Editd (pronounced “edited” and stylized in all caps), a company she launched five years ago with technical co-founder Geoff Watts, who now serves as the company’s CEO. Their mission: to help the world’s apparel retailers, brands, and suppliers deliver the right products at the right price and the right time.没过多久,法勒的头衔就变成了Editd公司联合创始人。另一名负责技术的联合创始人吉夫o瓦茨目前担任这家公司的CEO。他们的目标是帮助全球装零售商、品牌和供应商在正确的时间、以正确的价格交付正确的产品。“Every time you see a product on discount, it’s because the wrong decisions were made,” Fowler says. “This leads to a lot of wastage in the industry. I wanted to fix that problem.”法勒表示:“每次你看到一个产品打折,那都是由于错误的决策导致的。它导致这个行业出现了大量损耗,我希望解决这个问题。”Editd says it now has the biggest apparel data warehouse in the world. It offers that data up to customers along with real-time analytics and an assortment of other tools, powered by 120 servers and hundreds of terabytes of data. The London-based company, which has 27 employees and million in investment, counts Gap and Target among its customers. It’s also profitable, Watts says, though he declined to disclose the company’s revenues.Editd公司号称拥有目前全世界最大的装数据库。凭借120台务器和几百兆兆字节的数据,该公司不仅向客户提供各类装数据,还提供实时分析与各种其它工具。总部设在伦敦的Editd公司目前拥有27名员工和600万美元的资本,快时尚品牌Gap和塔吉特百货(Target)等大公司都是它的客户。瓦茨声称,Editd公司目前已经盈利,不过他拒绝透露该公司的具体收入。53 billion data points530亿个数据点Part of Editd’s secret sauce is the way it aggregates fashion trend and sales information from a wide variety of sources around the globe—from retail sites, social media, designer runway reports, and blogs covering trends—and then makes it accessible in real time. The company’s dataset includes no fewer than 53 billion data points on the fashion industry dating back more than four years. It covers more than 1,000 retailers around the globe and boasts 15 million high-resolution images. Its Social Monitor feature, an aggregated dashboard of social activity by fashion influencers and experts, includes more than 800,000 people.Editd的成功秘诀之一是,它汇总了来自全球各种来源的流行时尚数据和销售信息——从零售网站、社交媒体,到设计师的T台走秀报告,再到流行客——然后设法实时获取这些数据。该公司的数据库包含了至少530亿个来自时尚行业的数据点,有些信息可以追溯到四年前。它还涵盖了全球1000多个零售商,同时拥有1500多万张高清图片。它的“社交监控”功能监控着全球80多万名有影响力的时尚潮人和专家的社交活动。To keep its data ily accessible, Editd stores most of it in memory, not on disk. “That’s really important,” Watts explains. “We need to access all of that and query that in any possible way. It needs to be super-responsive.”为了随时读取这些数据,Editd公司把大部分数据储存在内存而不是硬盘里,对此瓦茨解释道:“这是非常重要的。我们需要以任何可能的方式读取和查询所有数据,它必须具有超强的响应力。”It also needs to be easy for a layperson to grasp. “People shouldn’t have to be data scientists to understand the insights,” Watts adds.另外,它必须足够简单易懂,让外行也能知道数据的意义。瓦茨表示:“用户不必非得是一名数据学家才能理解这些数据的含义。”With Editd’s service, apparel professionals in merchandising, buying, trading, and strategy can set up and tailor their own dashboards and monitor whatever they choose from virtually any device. The service spans menswear, womenswear, children’s apparel, accessories, and beauty. Because the output can be customized, a denim merchandiser at a premium retailer, for instance, would see a very different set of data than a women’s knitwear buyer at a mass-market chain store.借助于Editd提供的务,从事新品规划、采购、贸易和战略规划等工作的装业从业者几乎可以在任何设备上设置他们自己的“社交监控器”。Editd的务涵盖男装、女装、童装、配饰和美容等多个领域。由于输出端的信息是可以定制的,所以一家高端装店负责牛仔的业务员所看到的数据,与一家平价装连锁店的女款针织衫采购员所看到的数据是截然不同的。Editd issues daily and weekly retail reports to highlight new and discounted products in chosen market categories. Its analytics tools are intended to help industry professionals track the competition and refine their own product planning. A visual merchandising archive helps shape promotion strategies for upcoming seasons.Editd公司每天和每周分别都会发布反映特定市场类别的新品和打折商品情况的零售报告。它的分析工具则致力于帮助业内人士追踪竞争情况,改进自己的产品规划。Editd还有一个虚拟的销售规划档案工具,可以帮你制定下一季的促销战略。One of the biggest benefits of using Editd is that industry professionals no longer need to “comp shop,” short for competitive shopping, to research the competition. At one of Editd’s more data-driven customers, the entire buying and merchandising team used to stop work for one week every six to spend the time visiting competitors’ websites for information —how many types of skinny jeans are on offer, for example, and how they were priced.使用Editd的最大好处之一,就是业内人士们不必再去“竞争性购物”(即调查竞争对手)了。比如Editd公司就有一个非常重视数据的客户,该公司的整采购和销售团队每过六个星期就要专门抽出一周时间,到竞争对手的网站上搜集信息,比如他们有多少款紧身牛仔裤,每款定价多少钱等等。“They’d put together the reports in Excel, then the booklets were bound and distributed around the company,” Fowler says. “That was their playbook for the next six weeks.”法勒表示:“他们要把这些数据汇总到Excel表格里,然后做成小册子在公司里散发。这就是他们接下来六个星期里的‘销售兵法’。”Not only was the process time-consuming, but it was “fraught with danger,” Watts says. “So many errors creep into things.” In some cases, items might get double-counted. In others, different data collection methodologies might be used.瓦茨表示,这种方法不仅非常耗时,而且“充满了危险,很多错误都可能发生。”在一些情况下,有些项目可能被重复计算,还有些时候,一些不同的数据收集方法可能被混用。In a boundary-blurring business like fashion, categorizing products across retailers is another challenge. Pants, capris, or shorts—or something else entirely? “The way we analyze the kinds of products and the categories of products is very important,” Watts says. “We use computer vision and natural language processing to understand, for example, ‘This is a floral dress’ or ‘This is a cardigan.’ Unifying that and making it one consistent, clean data set is an incredibly important part of what we do.”在时尚业这样一个边界比较模糊的产业里,光是给产品分类就是一个不小的挑战。比如裤子就有长裤、七分裤、短裤等许多种类。瓦茨表示:“我们分析产品种类的方法也非常重要。我们使用了计算机视觉和自然语言处理程序给装分类,比如‘这是一件印花连衣裙’或‘这是一件羊毛开衫’等等。对于我们的工作来说,统一分类标准,生成一个干净、一致的数据库是一个极为重要的部分。”Today, an Editd user can simply run a query on cardigans, for example, and receive results in under a second, Fowler says. More than 50 million SKUs are tracked by the system, she adds.法勒表示,Editd的用户现在只需要输入“羊毛开衫”几个字进行查询,不到一秒钟便可以获取结果。她还补充道,Editd的系统可以追踪到5000多万个SKU(注:SKU即‘库存最小单位’。对于装业来说,某一款装的某一个颜色的某一个尺码,即是一个SKU。)One Editd customer, the British online retailer Asos, credits the company’s services for the 33% jump in sales it saw in the last quarter of 2013. The company gave 200 of its employees access to the Editd system with a particular focus on improving the pricing of its goods.Editd的用户之一英国在线零售商Asos声称,使用了Editd的务后,其2013年第四季度的销售额跃升了33%。这家公司尤其注重产品定价环节的改善,已经给予200多名员工进入Editd系统的权限。“What this technology and the changes to the industry are unlocking is the ability for customers to have exactly what they want and not necessarily what’s been decided for them,” Watts says. “It lets consumers be more fluid with their tastes and it lets the market be more efficient and more green.”瓦茨表示:“这项技术以及它给行业带来的变革,使客户能够获得他们真正想要的东西,而不是由别人决定给他们什么东西。它使客户可以更加动态地掌控他们的时尚格调,也使市场更加绿色。”A million products, 11 million SKUs100万个产品,1100万个SKUEditd isn’t the only fashion-focused company dipping its toes in the big-data waters. Vying for a share of the market is the British trend forecaster WGSN, which just last year launched its own first big-data offering, Instock.Editd并不是唯一一家试水大数据的时尚公司。英国时尚预测机构WGSN也想在这个市场上分一杯羹。WGSN去年刚刚推出了它的首个大数据务Instock。WGSN claims its dataset has more than a million products and 11 million SKUs each day from more than 10,000 global online brands and retailers. Instock, essentially a retail analytics service, is intended to complement its widely used trend-forecasting service by adhering to the same product-categorization taxonomy.WGSN称,它的数据库每天都从全球10000多个在线品牌和零售商那里搜集100多万个产品和1100多万个SKU数据。Instock本质上是一项零售分析务,它恪守着同一种产品分类方法,旨在补充该公司被广泛使用的时尚趋势预测务。“We link the taxonomy from the trend side in terms of how we categorize a specific shirt or dress or kimono and how we track it coming through and being presented in WGSN Instock,” explains Helen Slaven, global managing director for Instock. It’s a single, end-to-end taxonomy, in other words. By unifying the many ways in which different companies might interpret the same product line, industry professionals can make more effective decisions, she says.该公司负责Instock业务的全球常务董事海伦o斯拉文表示:“我们对一件T恤、一条裙子或一件和进行分类,并且将这种分类与它在WGSN Instock上的分类展示结合起来。”换句话说,它是一种统一的、端对端的分类方法。斯拉文指出,鉴于不同的公司对同一条产品线的命名可能存在差异,通过统一不同的命名口径,业内人士可以据此做出更有效的决策。More than 6,000 customers use WGSN’s trend service today. The newer Instock service counts almost 50 global clients in nine countries. This season, WGSN plans to complement its existing data on womenswear, footwear, and accessories with information on kids’ apparel and menswear. A new service called Analysis+ will offer custom cuts of the data and the option of additional analysis.目前已经有6000多个客户在使用WGSN的趋势务。最新推出的Instock务也已经在9个国家拥有了50名全球客户。除了女装、鞋类和配饰之外,WGSN还计划在本季继续补充童装和男装数据。另外,该公司还计划推出一项名叫Analysis+的务,用于向用户提供定制数据和附加分析功能。“It’s a really exciting time for big data and retail,” Slaven says. “By providing a lot more actionable insight, it’s completely changing the way retailers think about their process.”斯拉文表示:“对于大数据和零售业来说,现在真是个非常令人兴奋的时代。通过提供大量更加有可操作性的见解,大数据正在彻底改变零售商对业务流程的看法。”Watts, of Editd, agrees. “We help retailers have the right product at the right price and the right time,” he says. “That’s the kingmaking thing in retail. When you get that right, it unlocks a fortune.”Editd公司的瓦茨也认同这一点。“我们帮助零售商在正确的时间,以正确的价格,提供正确的产品。这在零售业可以说是惊天动地的事情。如果你做对了,它会为你带来一大笔财富。” /201409/332856

  A submissive and clinging woman, or an unceremonious and independent woman, which one would you prefer? A recent poll shows that most people would choose the latter.百依百顺、黏黏糊糊的女人vs不拘小节、独立自主的女人,你更喜欢哪一个?最近一项调查显示,大部分人选择后者。This type of woman is called a nühanzi (“tough woman”) and always takes care of herself. Experts believe these characteristics have social and psychological roots among young females in China.这一类女性被称作“女汉子”,她们往往自己照顾自己。专家认为,这种性格与中国年轻女性的社会与心理现状息息相关。Su Hao’s friends all call her a tough woman, because the 19-year-old English major at Shandong University can finish tough tasks usually attributed to men. For example, she carries 10-litre water bottles to her dormitory on the 5th floor and can fix a broken fan. “I depend on no one but myself,” she says.苏晧(音译)来自山东大学英语专业,朋友们都叫她“女汉子”,因为这个19岁的姑娘能完成一些男生干的体力活儿。例如,她能一个人扛着10升水上5楼宿舍,还能修电扇。她说,“我只靠自己。”According to a recent survey by China Youth Daily, tough women have become rather common in society. Of the 21,265 respondents, 78.5 percent said they are acquainted with a tough woman. About 50 percent said they like women with tough characteristics, while less than 29 percent expressed the opposite view.《中国青年报》最新调查显示,时下“女汉子”十分普遍。在21265受访者中,有78.5%的人都认识 “女汉子”,约50%的人喜欢“女汉子”,而只有不到29%的人持反对意见。Why are tough women gaining popularity? Shen Meng, a certified psychological counselor, believes the fierce competition in society is contributing to this trend.为什么“女汉子”如此流行?心理咨询师沈梦(音译)认为,当前社会激烈的竞争是造成这种趋势的原因之一。“Women are often in a disadvantaged position compared to men,” Shen says. “In order to survive, they have to be independent, strong and tough.”她说“相较于男人,女人(在社会竞争中)常处于劣势地位。为了生存,她们不得不变得独立、坚强和强势。”Liu Xiaolin, professor of psychology at Wuhan Mental Health Center, believes tough women are nurtured this way.然而,来自武汉心理健康中心的心理学教授刘晓林(音译)则认为,“女汉子”是天生的。“They are often on intimate terms with their fathers, who teach their daughters to be brave and decisive,” he says. As a result, these women are more likely to be psychologically healthy and more tolerant to stress, according to Liu.他说,“这些女性往往和父亲关系亲密,被父亲教育成勇敢而有决断力的人。”因此,她们的心理更健康,更能够承受压力。Though Liu believes that this is a good trend, Hu Shenzhi, a psychologist at the Guangdong Sunflower Counseling Center, says the prevalence of tough woman indicates a blurred line between gender identities, which can lead to relationship problems.尽管刘晓林认为这是一个好趋势,来自广东向日葵咨询中心的心理学家胡申志(音译)则认为,女性越来越强势的趋势意味着性别差异的模糊化,这有可能会带来两性关系问题。“Some women with characteristics that deviate from the traditional female image may have a difficult time finding Mr Right,” he says. “Even if they get married, their manly characteristics might trigger family conflicts.”他说,“一些与中国传统女性性格相去甚远的女性更难找到另一半。即使结了婚,她们的‘男子气概’也很可能造成家庭矛盾。” /201406/305155

  The 31 year old redhead launched her line of ;casual clothes; at a show in the Turkish resort of Antalya.俄罗斯一名31岁的红发前女间谍在土耳其度假胜地安塔利亚开办了自己的首场个人休闲时装秀。Moscow#39;s most glamorous secret agent hired talented young designers from Russian fashion colleges, said a spokesman for her main employer.据该女间谍雇主的发言人说,这位莫斯科最美艳的特工聘请了来自俄罗斯时装设计学院的年轻设计师。She wanted to produce clothes ;you could wear anywhere, from a big city to a backwater village;, it was reported.据报道,她想制作出“在任何场合,不论是大城市还是偏远村庄都可以穿的装”。;Reporters and fashion magazines#39; buyers from all over the world will have a chance to see the first women#39;s clothing collection by Anna Chapman,; said the spokesman.发言人称,“全世界的记者和时尚杂志订购者都有机会看到安娜?查普曼设计的首个女装系列。”Her fashion range includes women#39;s handbags resembling books by famous radically-minded Russian writers, it is understood.据了解,她的时装系列包括外形像俄罗斯著名激进作家著作的女包。One is a mock-up of the book #39;Who is to Blame?#39; by Alexander Herzen, a 19th century writer and thinker known as the father of Russian socialism.其中一本“名著”女包的原型是19世纪作家、思想家、俄罗斯社会主义之父亚历山大?赫尔真写的书《该怪谁?》。The brand will be called Anna Chapman - the surname she took when she wed British former public schoolboy Alex Chapman who she met on a trip to London.这一时装品牌将被命名为安娜?查普曼,这是她嫁给毕业于英国公立学校的英国人亚历克斯?查普曼后用的名字。她是在去伦敦的旅途中遇到亚历克斯的。The daughter of an alleged KGB officer, the flame haired agent was busted by New York police in 2010 on accusations of being part of a network of sleeper agents.这位红发特工是一名前苏联国家安全委员会官员的女儿,她2010年曾经被纽约警方指控做过潜伏特工。She was deported in a Cold War-style spy swap along with nine others, and was then greeted by Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin who took part in a patriotic sing-song with her.她在一次冷战间谍互换协议中和其他9名间谍被遣送回国,并送到普京总统的欢迎,普京还和她一起唱爱国歌曲。Since her return to Russia, Chapman has dabbled in politics, taken part in risque photoshoots for men#39;s magazines, and hosts a TV show about the mysteries of the world.自从她回到俄罗斯后,查普曼涉足过政界,给男性杂志拍过淫猥的照片,还主持过一个探秘世界的电视节目。Her interest in a clothes brand ;all began three years and three months ago when Anna returned to Motherland after jail in a prison shirt,; said a statement.据称,她对装品牌的兴趣“始于三年零三个月前,在安娜穿过囚回到祖国之后”。;She disliked these alien clothes and Anna went on to search for a Russian dress that would please her soul. She kept looking for it but did not find.;“她不喜欢这些外国的装,于是安娜开始寻找一种能让自己的灵魂满足的俄罗斯装。她一直在寻找却没有找到。”She was previously reported to be interested in designing new uniforms for Russian cosmonauts, though the project failed to materialise.据报道她之前还有意为俄罗斯宇航员设计新制,不过这一计划没能实现。 /201401/273320。

  *(7t[m1m2USeveral years ago, that is since singer Rihanna and fashion icon Victoria Beckham made their haircuts as Bob, GFwuDZzGFx几年前自歌手蕾哈娜和時尚偶像维多利亚·贝克汉姆剪了个不对称波波头后,KPIxFDXS#Q,Rw+z-)vYv~@q7Q7jrX([[Bob cut soon became popular among people.;(3WdHeb~I|%E立即掀起了一阵不对称波波头的风潮LeezA344gjvi79M5Edv.。U!6SI-1XB4;LPh*BFHJaGu7Q[.^iQe+.FgAjFK#ouBS.S%,TNri(MtkH[MLCUFTBnHBLA1P]g]LZQ /201410/335407

  With February well upon us, it seems that those New Year#39;s diets are failing fast.随着二月份到来,不少人新年时制定的合理膳食计划似乎很快被抛之脑后。A new survey has revealed that half of Britons have aly ditched the diet they started last month and it#39;s afternoon snacking that#39;s to blame.一项新的调查表明,一半的英国人没有延续一月份的饮食规律,这都是下午的零食惹的祸。New research has identified 4.12pm as the time of day that people are most likely to wreck their diets by indulging on unhealthy foods with crisps, biscuits, cake and chocolate being named as the biggest downfalls.新研究发现一天中的下午4:12,人们最容易沉溺在薯片、饼干、蛋糕和巧克力等不健康食品中,这些是导致原有饮食习惯遭到破坏的罪魁祸首。But rather than blaming ourselves for the afternoon downfall, we#39;re pointing the finger at others.但饮食失衡除了责怪我们自己,其他人也是重要因素。Over a third of those surveyed blamed their partner while one in ten blame colleagues for #39;forcing#39; unhealthy snacks on them in the workplace.超过三分之一的人将此归咎于自己的伙伴们,其中十分之一的人抱怨同事们在工作场合“强迫”自己吃不健康食品。Over a quarter attributed lack of flavour in their healthy meals as the reason they craved afternoon snacks, and 36 per cent said seeing other people snacking made it harder to curb the cravings.超过四分之一的人将自己下午吃零食归咎于正餐味道不好,36%的人则表示看到其他人吃零食,自己就更难克制(不吃零食)。Men, however, do seem to have more willpower when it comes to diets with over two thirds (69 per cent) sticking to their diet one month in, compared to 63 per cent of women.不过,男性坚持正常饮食的意志力比女性更强,超过三分之二(69%)的男性能在一个月内坚持规律饮食,而同样能做到这样的女性比率为63%。#39;Sticking to a diet, for some people, can be tricky and understanding that 4.12pm is the time people crave sweet and unhealthy snacks, means that you should be prepared for this so you don’t ruin a diet plan,#39; said Nutritionist Dora Walsh of the study by Seasonal Berries.参与《Seasonal Berries》这一研究的营养学家Dora Walsh说道:“对于一些人来说,坚持合理饮食的习惯很难,在下午4:12想吃甜食和不健康零食也是可以理解的,这就是说你得做好准备,以防破坏合理饮食计划。”#39;At this point in the day, blood sugar can be low and cause you to crave sweet treats but doing things like eating little and often throughout the day and having pre-prepared snacks can help.#39;“在一天中的这个时候,体内血糖很低,这会促使你想吃甜食。不过在一天里少食多餐和吃点儿提前准备好的小食会很有帮助。” /201402/275127

  Joe Ariel is a New York City transplant who opened up shop in San Francisco with his startup Goldbely. The idea is simple: a food delivery service.乔·埃里尔属于纽约市外来人口,他的初创型公司Goldbely在旧金山设有门店。业务思路很简单:递送食品。That#39;s not new, of course. But the company distinguishes itself by finding locally sourced gourmet foods from around the country and delivering them to a person#39;s doorstep. And not just so-called gourmet food, either: Think cannolis from Carlo#39;s Bake Shop -- of ;Cake Boss; fame -- in New Jersey, sourdough b from Boudin in the Bay Area, Blue Bell ice cream from Texas, or a pastrami and corned beef sandwich from Katz#39;s Delicatessen in New York City.这当然不是什么新事物。但Goldbely的与众不同之处在于,它在美国各地寻找当地生产的精美食品,然后把它们送到人们的家门口。而且并不仅仅是一般所谓的精美食品,想想看:新泽西州Carlo#39;s Bake Shop制作、因为电视真人秀节目蛋糕大王(Cake Boss)而名声大噪的奶油甜馅煎饼卷;旧金山湾区的Boudin酵母面包;来自得克萨斯州的Blue Bell冰激凌;还有纽约市Katz#39;s Delicatessen的五香熏牛肉和腌咸牛肉三明治。Ariel, 37, wants to help local purveyors gain a national audience. He calls it ;democratizing the food industry.; And lest you think he is just one more in a long line of trendy food entrepreneurs, Ariel insists that he dislikes the pretension of the word ;foodie; (preferring to call himself a ;food explorer;) and simply wants to share the best that America has to offer.37岁的埃里尔希望帮助当地食品供应商获得全美国消费者的关注。他把这称为“食品行业民主化”。为了避免人们只是把它看成流行食品创业者大军中的普通一员,埃里尔坚持说他不喜欢“美食家”这个词带来的自负感(他更愿意把自己称为“食品探索者”),而且他只是希望和别人分享美国最好的东西。Ariel is a serial entrepreneur -- he was once the CEO of Delivery.com and Eats.com -- and holds a bachelor#39;s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University. He spoke with us.埃里尔已经连续多次创业,他曾是食品快递网站Delivery.com和美食网站Eats.com的首席执行官。他在范德堡大学(Vanderbilt University)获得了经济学学士学位。他和我们的谈话如下:1. Who in technology do you admire most? Why?1. 你在技术领域最欣赏的人谁?为什么?Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos. They#39;re all entrepreneurs who play by their own rules. For Jobs, it#39;s his vision and true emphasis on design. For Branson, creativity and wildness. For Bezos, it#39;s building for the long term and being unapologetic about it; that idea is very freeing for entrepreneurs who are trying to build their own business. As a marketer, I also admire Hugh Hefner. He#39;s created his own reality. He saw something that he wanted to build and marketed it like no one else could. I feel the same way about Goldbely.史蒂夫?乔布斯、理查德?布兰森和杰夫?贝佐斯。他们都是按自己的规则行事的企业家。对于乔布斯,我欣赏的是他的眼光和对设计的真正重视。至于布兰森则是因为他的创造性和无拘无束。对于贝佐斯,则是他的长期投入和无怨无悔。对于正在设法构建自身事业的创业者来说,这个想法非常自由。作为推广者,我还欣赏休?海夫纳。他创造了自己的现实。他发现了自己想要的东西,而且用唯我独尊的方式进行推广。我对Goldbely有同样的感觉。2. Which companies do you admire? Why?2. 你欣赏哪些公司?为什么?One company that I admire is Y Combinator for realizing that there#39;s a new economy coming. It#39;s one thing for investors to make investments for financial gain, but it#39;s another to actively help thousands of entrepreneurs build out their dreams and give them a better chance to succeed. We#39;re fortunate to have been a part of the program, and I admire a lot of what they do. In the e-commerce space, I admire Amazon and Zappos for pretty obvious reasons. With Zappos, the ;customer service first; focus is something we instill deeply in our team, and Amazon#39;s ambitiousness is inspiring.我欣赏的公司是Y Combinator,原因是它意识到了一种新经济的到来。投资者为了金融收益而投资是一件事,但去积极地帮助数千名创业者实现自己的梦想、帮助他们提高获得成功的几率则是另外一件事。我们很幸运能参与这项活动,对他们所做的许多工作我都很赞赏。在电子商务领域,我欣赏的是亚马逊(Amazon)和鞋类网站Zappos,原因很明显。Zappos以“客户务至上”为重点,这一点深植在我们的梦想里。亚马逊的远大抱负让人很受启发。3. What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?3. 你对那些希望从事你这样工作的人有什么建议?Travel, eat, repeat! When I was planning this venture, I knew it had to be something that I was super-passionate about. But at the same time, you can have ideas that you#39;re really passionate about that at the end of the day don#39;t align with your skill set. So, find the intersection of what you love and what you#39;re good at and identify any and every potential opportunities in the market. Once you find the sweet spot, dig in like you never have before.旅行、品尝,反复这样做!筹划这家公司时,我知道它必须能引起我极大的热情。但同时,你可以有这样的想法,那就是你真正热衷的东西最终并不和你的技能相匹配。所以,要在你所热爱的东西和你所擅长的东西之间找到交叉点,同时发现市场中所有的潜在机遇。只要找到了最佳结合点,就用前所未有的力量进行发掘。4. What is the best advice you ever received?4. 别人给你的最佳建议是什么?As an entrepreneur, Paul Buchheit -- who is one of the partners at Y Combinator and the creator of Gmail -- always said build something that a few people absolutely love rather than build something that a lot of people just kind of like. For any startup entrepreneur those are some of the wisest words because it#39;s easy to push out something that#39;s kind of good, but it#39;s really, really hard to push out something that#39;s amazing. That#39;s what you should strive for.身为创业者,Y Combinator合伙人之一、Gmail之父保罗?布赫海特总是说,要做出有些人绝对热爱的东西,而不是许多人仅仅有些喜欢的东西。这对任何一位创业者来说都是最高明的建议,因为拿出较好的东西很容易,但要拿出令人叫绝的东西真的、真的很难。那就是我应该为之奋斗的目标。5. What#39;s the next big project you want to tackle?5. 你打算着手的下一个大项目是什么?I think we#39;ve really hit on something with the convergence of content and commerce in food, specifically in the way we tell the stories of the products and artisans we showcase. We view ourselves equally as an e-commerce company as we do storytellers. Video has always been a fascinating medium for me, and we#39;ve just started delving further into -based content. Photography has always been core to our user experience, but I think there#39;s an exciting opportunity for us to use to take our content far deeper.我想,我们真的已经在食品领域找到了把内容和商业结合在一起的东西,特别是通过我们讲述产品的故事以及对那些制作者的介绍。我们觉得自己既是电子商务公司,又是讲故事的人。我一直觉得视频是一种奇妙的媒介。摄影一直是我们用户体验的核心,但我想我们可以借助视频把我们的内容深入到远远超过现在的深度,这是一个令人兴奋的机遇。6. What challenges are facing your business right now?6. 你的公司目前面临着哪些挑战?We#39;re fortunate in that we#39;re growing pretty quickly. The challenge with that is continuing to grow at a fast pace, and at the same time maintain focus on culture and quality of hiring, while at the same time building for speed. If there#39;s one thing that keeps me up at night, it#39;s that. Making sure we find the right spot.很幸运,我们增长得相当迅速。由此带来的挑战是继续高速增长,同时保持对文化和招聘质量的关注,而且还要为增长速度搞好积累。如果说有什么让我夜不能寐,那就是这件事——确保我们找到了正确的位置。7. What is one goal -- either personal or professional -- that you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?7. 无论是个人方面,还是职业方面,你希望自己能够实现的终身目标是什么?Building an industry-changing business. To create something that not only serves millions of consumers, but also empowers an entire industry of producers would be something really special. I think Etsy has done this for the crafts industry, and that is something I admire. There#39;s a lot of symmetry with what we#39;re doing for gourmet and specialty food. It#39;s exciting to create a platform that uplifts an entire industry.打造一家能改变整个行业的公司。一个人创造的东西不仅能务于数百万消费者,还能赋予整个行业的生产者一些能力,确实是件很特别的事。我认为手工艺品交易网站Etsy已经为手工产品制造者做到了这一点,对此我很欣赏。我们正在为精美食品和招牌食品所做的工作和Etsy极为相似。创建一个能提升整个行业的平台让人很振奋。8. What do you do to live a balanced life?8. 你怎样平衡自己的生活?Since I was a kid, if I don#39;t run around or play a sport and work up a sweat, I get antsy. If I go a few days without exercise, I have a hard time focusing. It can be anything from playing tennis or basketball to going for a run or a hike. The gym is super-important for me.从小时候起,如果不到处跑,如果不参加体育活动,出一身汗,我就会坐立不安。如果有几天不运动,我就难以集中精力。可以是任何运动,网球、篮球、跑步或者骑自行车都行。体育馆对我来说超级重要。9. What was the last book you ?9. 你最近读了哪本书?David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. I love his books in general with the intersection of psychology and business and history. This one in particular talks about the advantages of being an underdog. In my world, that means a startup, and it#39;s very inspiring to hear historical takes about little upstarts that can do amazing things.马尔科姆?格拉德韦尔的《大卫与歌利亚》(David and Goliath)。他的书把心理、商业和历史交织在一起,我都很喜欢。这本书特别谈到了处于下风时的优势。在我的世界里,处于下风就意味着建立一家初创型企业,听听历史上初出茅庐的小人物所成就的了不起的大事非常让人受启发。10. What is one unique or quirky habit that you have?10. 你有什么独特或者奇怪的习惯吗?I feed people constantly and love to see their reaction to trying something new. I think I get it from my father, who has always loved cooking and feeding people. Especially when there#39;s a new product that I#39;ve sampled that I know is just amazing -- I just need to share it. So much of what we do is sp happiness through food. A dish can be so nostalgic and bring back such great memories. Getting to facilitate these moments and share these experiences with people is really special.我经常请人吃饭,而且喜欢看他们在尝试新食品时的反应。我觉得这个习惯来自我父亲,他总喜欢做饭,请人吃饭。特别是在我尝试了新产品,发现它让人赞不绝口的时候——我就是需要和别人分享。我们很大一部分工作就是通过食品来传播幸福。一道菜也能很怀旧,让人重温美好的回忆。帮助人们更容易地找到这样的时刻,同时和别人分享这样的经历,这确实是件很特别的事情。 /201403/282527

  A new study suggests individuals choose a partner based upon their perception of a potential mate’s attributes and upside or downside potential.新研究表明,个人在选择伴侣时往往基于潜在另一半的个人特征及其上升潜力或下行空间。Researchers determined men and women often use a framing process evaluating suitors from both positive and negative perspectives.研究人员称,男性和女性通常运用框架思维,从积极和消极两个方面去评估追求者。Still, as described in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, decision-making varies as each gender uses different criteria and viewpoints to make their choice.尽管如此,正如杂志《进化与人类行为》所讲,不同性别做决定时的标准与观点有所不同。For example, researchers from Concordia University discovered men responded more strongly to the “framing effect” when physical attractiveness was described.例如,来自肯高迪亚大学的研究者发现,当外表吸引力被发现时,男性对于“框架效应”往往会做出更强烈的反应。Also, it may come as a surprise to learn that when we choose a partner, the framing effect is even stronger in women than it is for men.并且,我们惊讶地发现,当我们选择伴侣时,框架效应在女性身上的体现甚至比男性更强烈。“When it comes to mate selection, women are more attuned to negatively framed information due to an evolutionary phenomenon called ‘parental investment theory, ’” said Gad Saad, Ph.D.“当我们选择伴侣时,女性更倾向于选择消极的框架信息,这应该归因于一个被称为‘亲本投资理论’的进化现象,”萨德-加德士说。“Choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and for her offspring. So we hypothesized that women would naturally be more leery of negatively framed information when evaluating a prospective mate.”“选择那些贫穷的养家者或者缺乏爱心的父亲将会给一个女人和她的后代带来严重的影响。因此我们推测女性在衡量未来的另一半时,对消极信息更加敏感。”To prove this, Saad and fellow researcher Tripat Gill, Ph.D., called on hundreds of young men and women to take part in their study.为了明这个理论,萨德及其同事崔帕德·吉尔士,邀请了上百个年轻的男性和女性参与调查。Participants were given positively and negatively framed descriptions of potential partners. For example, “Seven out of 10 people who know this person think that this person is kind” (positive frame) versus “Three out of 10 people who know this person think that this person is not kind” (negative frame).参与者都被给予潜在伴侣的积极和消极的框架说明。例如,“认识这个人的10人中有7人认为这个人是好人”(积极的框架)以及“认识这个人的10人中有3人认为他不友善”(消极的框架)。The researchers tested the framing effect using six key attributes, two of which are more important to men and women respectively, and two that are considered as necessities by both sexes:研究者用6个关键性控制程序测试框架效应,其中的两个分别对男性和女性更重要一些,并且这两个被看做是两性必需品:attractive body (more important to men);有吸引力的身体(对男性来说更重要)attractive face (more important to men);有吸引力的面孔(对男性来说更重要)earning potential (more important to women);收入潜力(对女性来说更重要)ambition (more important to women);雄心壮志(对女性来说更重要)kindness (equally important to both);仁慈善良(对两性都很重要)intelligence (equally important to both).聪明智慧(对两性都很重要)Participants evaluated both high-quality (e.g. seven out of 10 people think this person is kind) and low-quality (e.g. three out of 10 people think this person is kind) prospective mates for these attributes, in the context of a short-term fling or a long-term relationship.参与者通过这些特征,在一个短期恋情或者长期关系的情境下来衡量高品质的(10人中的7人认为他是好人)和低品质的(10人中的三人认为他是好人)未来伴侣。More often than not, women said they were far less likely to date the potential mates described in the negatively framed descriptions —even though in each instance, they were being presented with exactly the same information as in the positively framed descriptions.通常,女性称她们不太可能与消极框架下的潜在伴侣约会,尽管在每个例子中,她们被提供的信息和积极框架下的信息几乎完全相同。Women also proved more susceptible to framing effects in attributes like ambition and earning potential, while men responded more strongly to framing when physical attractiveness was described.同时,研究也明女性会对框架效应更加敏感,尤其像抱负、收入潜力等特征,而男性则更看重外表。 /201405/295160



  Are you aware of a variety of interesting facts and details about a kiss? Is kissing good or bad for you? Can you slim down by kissing too much? Below are some of the most curious things about kissing.你知不知道关于接吻还有很多有趣的事情和细节?接吻对你是好还是不好?经常接吻能减肥么?下面这些就是与接吻有关的有趣事情。1. Sensitivity of the lips is 200 times higher than that of the fingers。嘴唇的敏感度是手指的200倍。2. Every other person on the planet has his first amorous kiss before reaching the age of 14.这个地球上,每两个人中就有一个人在14岁之前有了初吻。3. On the average, a person spends 20,160 minutes (two weeks) of his life on kissing。平均来说,人一生中花在接吻上的时间是20160分钟,大约是两周。4. According to U.S. statistics, an American woman would kiss an average of 80 men before she gets married。根据美国的统计数字,美国女性在结婚之前平均会亲吻80个男人。5. A kiss that lasts one minute can relieve your body of 26 calories。接吻一分钟,可以消耗26卡路里的热量。6. A quick romantic kiss will burn about 2-3 calories, whereas French kiss (an openmouthed kiss with tongue contact) will obliterate more than 5 calories。一个飞快的轻吻可以消耗2-3卡路里,而法式热吻(张开嘴的舌吻)则会消耗至少5卡路里的热量。7. As a rule, 66 percent of people keep their eyes closed while kissing. The rest take pleasure in watching the emotions run the gamut on the faces of their partners。作为一种习惯,66%的人在接吻时会闭上眼睛。另外一些人则喜欢观察他们的伴侣在接吻时脸上的表情变化。8. It is thought that men who kiss their wives goodbye before going to work live five years longer than those who just slam the door. Men of the latter category are said to be more prone to traffic accidents。据说那些在出门前跟妻子吻别的男人比那些直接关上门离开的男人要长寿5岁。后面那种男人更容易发生车祸。9. Kissing can help women relax and ease the effects of stress。接吻能帮助女性放松,并缓解压力造成的不适。10. An act of kissing puts 29 facial muscles in motion. In other words, kissing can be used as an effective exercise to prevent the development of wrinkles。接吻过程过程中要动用29块面部肌肉。换句话说,接吻是一种有效地预防皱纹的运动。11. Lovers swap saliva containing various substances e.g. fats, mineral salts, proteins while kissing. According to latest studies, the exchange of the above substances can give a boost to the production of antibodies which are made specifically to deal with the antigens associated with different diseases as they are encountered。情人接吻时交换的唾液含有多种成分,比如脂肪、矿物质、蛋白质等。根据最新的研究,这些物质的交换可以增强抗体的产生,这些抗体是在面对疾病的不同抗原所特别产生的。12. Smooching passionately for 90 seconds will elevate blood pressure and cause the pulse rate to go racing. It will also increase the level of hormones in the blood, thus reducing life by one minute。90秒钟热吻会升高血压、加速脉搏,还会增加血液中的荷尔蒙,由此会导致生命缩短一分钟。13. The bodies of those engaged in kissing produce a substance that is 200 times more powerful than morphine in terms of narcotic effect. That is why the kissing partners can experience feelings of euphoria and bliss in the process。接吻会产生一种物质,其麻醉的效果比吗啡强200倍。这也就是为什么在接吻的时候,人们会有种轻飘飘的幸福感。 /201310/262486

  Seeing Yang Leiguang, you might never imagine that the skinny boy traveled independently to Tibet for one month. More surprisingly, the 21-year-old from Henan University of Science and Technology brought only 500 yuan with him and earned other funds for travel on the way. He thinks that, with this trip, he accomplished his dream because he experienced some of the most memorable moments of his life.看着杨磊光,你可能怎么也不会想到正是这个清瘦的男生独自在西藏旅行了一个月时间。而更令人意想不到的是,这名21岁的河南科技大学学生身上只揣了500元,剩下的路费都是边走边赚的。他认为通过这次旅行,自己经历了人生中一些最难忘的时刻,从而实现了自己的梦想。Most desirable destination向往已久Yang acquired his love for Tibet after watching a documentary about the holy place. “I remembered watching people kowtow in front of the Potala Palace. Their devoted faces and sincere emotions just touched me so much that I wanted to go there myself,” he says. So he started to prepare for his long-awaited trip after he entered university and had more free time.在观看了一部讲述西藏的纪录片之后,他就爱上了这处圣地。他说:“我记得纪录片里人们在布达拉宫前叩首的场景。他们脸上的虔诚触动了我,因此我想自己去那里看看。”上大学后,有了更多的空闲时间,于是他便开始着手准备这次期待已久的旅程。Most thrilling experience兴奋不已Though Yang had been preparing for the Tibet trip for three years – doing exercise, learning hiking and wilderness survival skills, practicing photography and ing travel guides – he still met some unexpected challenges on the way.杨磊光为这次西藏之行筹备了三年时间。期间,他坚持锻炼、学习徒步旅行以及野外生存的技能、练习摄影并阅读旅行指南。但在途中,他还是遇到了一些突发状况。“Since it was my first time in Tibet, I underestimated the cost. I had to use every means to live cheaply and make more money,” he says. In one month’s time, he did several different jobs. He got paid to mark down the names of the people who reserved tickets to enter the Potala Palace; he handed out leaflets; and what he felt most thrilled about was selling souvenirs.他说:“因为这是我第一次进藏,因此低估了此行的费用。我必须开源节流”在一个月的时间里,他打了几份工:记录预定布达拉宫门票的游客的名字、发传单、还有最令他兴奋不已的贩卖纪念品生意。“I learned from one of my fellow backpackers that he was making money from selling souvenirs, so I bought accessories from the open market and sold them in the city center just as he did,” Yang explains. But that work was not risk-free. Like all the other vendors, Yang ran away whenever someone came to tell him to stop selling souvenirs.他解释道:“我从一位驴友那里得知他靠贩卖纪念品挣钱,因此我就效仿他,从自由市场上采购了一些配饰,到市中心去卖。”但是这份工作并非零风险。和其他的小贩一样,一旦被人阻止,他就要仓皇而逃。Most difficult moment艰难时刻For most of the trip, Yang handled situations properly, but there was one moment when he felt embarrassed and devastated.尽管旅行中的大多数状况他都可以应对自如,但是有一次尴尬经历几乎令他崩溃。“That was at Nam Co,” he says. “A girl and I wanted to go back to Lhasa, but we couldn’t get a free ride until 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon when a pickup truck came and agreed to take us”. But there was only one seat available. Yang is a gentleman, so he gave his seat to the girl, but he left all of his stuff on board.他说:“在纳木错时,我和一个女孩想要回拉萨,但没人愿意免费送我们一程。直到下午三四点时,一辆皮卡路过,答应捎上我们。”但车上只有一个空座。杨磊光发扬绅士风度,将座位让给了那个女孩,但同时他也将全部行李都落在了车上。When he realized his mistake, it was aly too late. He couldn’t catch up with the vehicle, and he didn’t have a cell phone to call the police or the girl. He had to walk alone along the road. “I walked for hours on the road, and I even worried about the worst result – that I may die of thirst or freeze to death,” he says. He was lucky enough to eventually catch a bus to Lhasa, where he met the girl again and got his stuff.当他意识到自己的错误时,为时已晚。他追不上那辆车,没有手机,既不能报警也无法联系上那个女孩。他不得不沿着路走下去。他说:“我在路上走了好几个小时,甚至还担心过最坏的结果——被渴死或冻死。”幸运的是,他最终搭上了一辆开往拉萨的大巴,在拉萨他再次见到了那个女孩,拿回了行李。The trip didn’t only bring Yang good memories and friends but also beautiful photos. He used these photos to make postcards and sell them on his campus. “I earned some money from this business, which will fund my next trip,” Yang says.这次旅行给他带来的不仅仅只有美好回忆以及路上结交的好友,还有一张张漂亮的风景照。他将这些照片做成明信片,在校园里出售。他说:“我会用赚到的钱来作为下次旅行的费用。” /201312/267711

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