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英国公投落下帷幕 这几个国家或将步其后尘 --5 ::19 来源: 在英国对脱欧进行全民公投之前,就存在不少末日言论欧洲理事会主席唐纳德.图斯克曾警告说,英国退出欧盟将会严重威胁“西方政治文明”现在,随着英国公投结果的尘埃落定,这些担心也令人震惊的被放大预测欧盟将会解体可能还有点遥远,但一定会给下面这些有可能需要进行类似公投的国家一些动力 LONDON — There was no lack of doomsday rhetoric bee Britain’s referendum on E.U. membership. European Council President Donald Tusk warned that Britain leaving the European Union could seriously threaten "Western political civilization."伦敦——在英国对脱欧进行全民公投之前,就存在不少末日言论欧洲理事会主席唐纳德.图斯克曾警告说,英国退出欧盟将会严重威胁“西方政治文明”Now, those fears have been stunningly amplified by the decision of British voters to break away. Predictions that the E.U. could break apart might be a bit far-fetched, but there certainly are other countries where demands similar referendums could gain momentum.现在,随着英国公投结果的尘埃落定,这些担心也令人震惊的被放大预测欧盟将会解体可能还有点遥远,但这一定会给下面这些有可能需要进行类似公投的国家一些动力Sweden瑞典The country views itself as the Scandinavian equivalent of Britain: It refused to introduce the euro as a currency. And in terms of E.U. politics, Britain and Sweden agree on 90 percent of all issues.瑞典把自己看作是“斯堪的纳维亚半岛上的英国”,拒绝引入欧元作为货币,并且,在欧盟的政治方面,英国和瑞典在90%的问题上都持相同意见Hence, a Brexit would raise particular worries in Sweden. The country accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees last year but has struggled to integrate some of them. Consequently, Sweden’s far right has gained momentum in a development that has reminded some of the rise of pro-Brexit U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) in Britain.,英国脱欧可能会给瑞典带来特别的担忧去年,瑞典接收了数十万的难民,但仍一起致力于整合他们结果,瑞典的极右派在一次运动中取得了优势 ,这让人联想到了英国独立党中亲退欧派的崛起Most Swedes still have a positive impression of the E.U. However, this could potentially change if Britain voted "out." In that case, one of the central questions would be whether E.U. leaders will try to strengthen cohesion by deepening cooperation and focusing on core members, or whether they will loosen the union to allow national governments to have a bigger say.大部分瑞典人对欧盟仍持积极的态度,然而,这可能会因为英国“退欧”而发生改变在这种情况下,一个关键问题将是,欧盟领导人是否会尝试通过深化合作,聚焦核心成员,以增强凝聚力,又或者他们会放松政策,让各国政府有更大的发言权Swedes probably would start to have bigger doubts about whether their voice as a smaller country without the euro would still be heard in Brussels, should the E.U. continue its integration process.瑞典可能会怀疑作为没有使用欧元的小国,他们在欧盟是否仍有话语权,欧盟是否会继续一体化进程Denmark丹麦Denmark held a referendum last December, although with a much more limited impact: Danes decided against handing over more powers to the E.U.去年月,丹麦曾举行全民公投,然而影响力很有限:丹麦决定不移交更多的权力给欧盟That alone is not enough to predict whether Danes would really want to vote "out": In fact, most citizens of E.U. member states think that Brussels should not become more powerful than it is, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.仅此一点不足以预测丹麦是否真正想“脱欧”事实上,根据皮尤研究中心最近的一项调查,欧盟成员国大多数公民都认为,欧盟不应该比现在更强大As in Sweden’s case, two arguments would be particularly likely to influence voter behavior. First, many Danes fear that more immigration or an influx of refugees could threaten the small nation’s welfare system. Second, Denmark has so far relied on Britain as a strong ally in negotiations with the E.U. as both countries have had similar policy stances.现在,和瑞典的情况差不多,可能导致丹麦投票行为的因素有两个:一是许多丹麦人担心更多的移民或难民的涌入可能会威胁该国的福利系统;二是至今为止,在与欧盟协商方面,丹麦过于依赖英国,把英国当成强大的盟友,因为两国有相似的政治立场"Without Britain, Denmark won’t have the locomotive to tow Danish interests,” political scientist Marlene Wind of the University of Copenhagen was ed as saying by Bloomberg News彭社援引哥本哈根大学的政治学家玛琳.温德的话称,“英国既已退出,在关乎丹麦的利益时,它就失去了掌舵人”Greece希腊The Greek government’s debt crisis has mostly disappeared from the public debate and the headlines -- but it will return sooner rather than later.希腊政府的债务危机终于从公众讨论和各大头条消失了——但早晚有一天,它还会卷土重来的Greek newspaper Kathimerini fears that this ongoing crisis combined with a Brexit could ultimately become a threat to Greece’s E.U. membership status.希腊《每日新闻报表示,希腊的债务危机和英国退欧最终将威胁其欧盟成员国的地位"Athens’s main concern should be that a victory Leave will weaken the eurozone’s resolve to bolster Greece’s position within the single currency, which could require more tools and a greater level of integration than currently exists," the paper argued.该新闻称,“希腊的主要担心是,英国退欧的胜利会削弱欧元区持希腊地位的决心,希腊使用单一货币,需要更多工具和比当前更高程度上的一体化”“In many ways, Greece depends on greater burden sharing in a closer-integrated eurozone.”“在很多方面,希腊更加依赖欧盟的更紧密的欧元区一体化的负担分摊”Hence, what Greece fears most is not an anti-E.U. referendum influenced by right-wing parties, but rather the E.U. pushing Greece out in order to save cohesion among the remaining members.,希腊最担心的不是受右翼政党影响呼吁反欧盟公投,而是欧盟为了增强其他成员国的凝聚力而将希腊移出欧盟The Netherlands荷兰Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad had a clear message the British ahead of Thursday’s referendum. "Don’t leave me this way," a cover story’s headline .荷兰《每日汇报此前曾针对英国星期四的公投发出了明确的信号,它的一个封面新闻的标题写道:“不要这样丢下我”But this may not reflect how most Dutch think about the E.U.不过这还不能完全反映荷兰人对欧盟的看法Geert Wilders, the head of a right-wing populist party, has supported a Brexit and hopes a similar referendum to take place in the Netherlands. "If we want to survive as a nation, we have to stop immigration and stop Islamization," Wilders told the B in a recent interview.荷兰右翼自由党主席吉尔特.威尔德斯曾表示持英国脱欧,并希望荷兰也举行类似的全民公投他最近在接受B的采访时说,“如果我们想作为一个民族生存下去,我们就必须阻止移民和伊斯兰化”"We cannot do that inside the European Union," said Wilders -- who is is currently leading in the country’s polls.当前正在领导荷兰公投的威尔德斯说,“我们在欧盟内,无法做到这些”Hungary匈牙利Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not known to be a particular friend of the E.U., either. In fact, he has gained quite the opposite reputation. Last May, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker greeted Orban, saying, "Hello, dictator," while TV cameras were recording the awkward incident.匈牙利总理维克托.奥尔班也一直因为与欧盟不友好而闻名,事实上,他最近还得到了相反的名声去年5月,欧盟委员会主席让-克劳德容克欢迎奥尔班总理时说,“你好,独裁者”,摄像机记录下了这尴尬的一幕Despite disagreements, Orban recently urged Britain to remain part of the E.U. -- but he did so most likely because E.U.-skeptical Britain is an important partner the Budapest-based government.尽管有分歧,奥尔班最近还是敦促英国留在欧盟,不过他这样做主要还是由于,对欧盟持怀疑态度的英国是匈牙利政府的重要合作伙伴In Hungary, it might not be a clear-cut "in or out" referendum about E.U. membership that could cause trouble but rather a referendum that is designed to indirectly question Brussels’s authority.在匈牙利,可能不会出现将带来麻烦的、明确是“保留还是退出“的全民公投,但会出现用来间接挑战欧盟权威的公投France法国The French are some of the biggest E.U. skeptics: 61 percent have an unfavorable view of the union. (In comparison, in Hungary, only 37 percent of the population hold a similar opinion.)法国是欧盟最大的怀疑论者之一,有61%的人不持欧盟(相比之下,在匈牙利,持相同观点的人仅占37%)Besides Germany, France is continental Europe’s driving ce. But it also faces a multitude of problems, including a weak economy and a high terrorism threat. Some of the origins of these problems have been blamed on the E.U. or conditions created by its member states.法国同德国一样,也是欧洲大陆的驱动力但它也面临着许多问题,包括疲软的经济、恐怖主义的威胁等法国将很多问题的根源都归咎于欧盟或其成员国

色情还是艺术?云南大理闹市区情侣拍裸照引争议 警方介入调查 -- ::30 来源: 最近,一对年轻情侣在云南大理拍摄的一系列大尺度裸照在网络上广为流传并引起广泛争议针对此事件,大理警方已介入调查 Police in southwestern China are investigating a series of photos of a young couple posing nude in the streets that have gone viral online.最近,一对年轻情侣在云南大理拍摄的一系列大尺度裸照在网络上广为流传并引起广泛争议针对此事件,大理警方已介入调查The photos, taken at night at various locations in Yunnan province’s tourist city of Dali, depict the pair either completely naked or half-dressed, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报报道,这些照片基本都是当事人在夜深人静之时辗转云南省大理街头的各个地点拍摄的图片中两人要么全裸要么半裸,尺度之大令人咋舌Posted on microblogging platm weibo early on Monday morning, the pictures – taken in front of a secondary school, a bar, a youth hotel and at a crossroad – went viral almost immediately.照片的拍摄地包括大理第四中学、一家音乐酒吧门口、春夏秋冬青年旅舍外以及一个十字路段周一早晨,当事人将这些照片通过新浪微发到网上,立即在网络上疯狂流传They were later deleted after strong criticism over their pornographic nature, the newspaper said.据报道,这些照片因涉嫌色情低俗等内容引来了许多网友强烈的抗议与批评,后来主就将这些图片删除了Many internet users said the nude photos brought shame to the city, especially that taken in front of the school.许多网友认为这些全裸的图片给大理这座城市带来了耻辱,尤其是在学校前拍这种照片,实在有伤风化Others, though, saw them merely as personal expressions of art and called greater tolerance from the public.还有一些网友认为这些图片只不过是个人表达和诠释艺术的一种方式,并请求公众给予他们宽容和空间The pictures were taken at night and did not feature any onlookers, suggesting that their photo-taking had not caused any disturbance to others, they said.上述网友认为,这些图片都是当事人在夜深人静的时候拍摄的,当时没有其他人围观,意味着他们的行为并没有对他人造成任何麻烦或困扰The controversy prompted Dali police to open an investigation to trace the source of the photos, the authorities said on weibo on Monday.周一,警方通过官表示,大理市警方已经开始着手调查这些颇具争议照片的真正来源The weibo user who posted the photos has since deleted most of his posts and changed his location from Chengdu, Sichuan province, to Beijing.自该事件发生之后,该主已删除了自己大部分的微内容同时,该主的所在地也进行了更改,由成都更改为了北京

老公签被拒 巴基斯坦新娘玩转“一个人的蜜月” -- 3::36 来源: 丈夫签被拒,无奈只有新娘自己去希腊度蜜月,结果她给丈夫发来的照片是这样的……虽然老公不能同游,但新娘却在旅行照中用自己的搞笑精神,告诉丈夫自己无时无刻不在想念他看到这些照片,难道不觉得也是另外一种浪漫吗? Holidaying alone has its complications - even more so if you’d originally expected to travel with someone else. And if that journey was supposed to be your honeymoon, but your husband can’t join you, what’s a newlywed to do? Why, have her picture taken in every location with a sad face and her arm out to indicate her missing husband, of course.一个人的旅行真的不好玩——而当原本预计的两人旅行变成一人单独出发,就更加糟糕了可如果这是两个人的蜜月旅行,丈夫却无法成行,那这对新人该怎么办?自然,只好在每个地方拍照时留下一张悲伤的脸,伸出胳膊暗示丈夫的缺席啦Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever, a young Pakistani couple, married earlier this year. They were planning to go to Greece their honeymoon, but the Greek border agency had other ideas. Arsalaan was refused a visa, but only after the trip had aly been paid . So Huma went without him - but with her new in-laws, Arsalaan’s parents.巴基斯坦这对年轻的夫妇Huma Mobin 和 Arsalaan Sever今年初才结婚他们计划到希腊去度蜜月,可是,希腊边境署却没有这么痛快它们拒签了新郞的签,然而,此时所有的行程都已预定好并付款最后,新娘Huma和她的公公婆婆去了希腊,开启了没有新郎的蜜月之行The idea the unconventional photos actually started a year ago, when Huma and Arsalaan had just got engaged. He was sent to Budapest work, and sent back a single snapshot of himself, arm out and a pouty face to show how much he missed her.事实上,早在一年前,他们就萌生了拍这种“非常规照片”的念头当时,二人刚订婚,Arsalaan被派往布达佩斯工作,他就曾寄回过自己的单身照:伸出的胳膊以及一张撅着嘴的脸,以表达对Huma的思念Huma told the B World Service programme Outside Source: "Whenever one of us travels alone without the other, we do this. We can just show that we’re missing [each other]."Huma在接受B全球务节目采访时表示,“无论何时,只要我们单独旅行,我们就会这样做我们只是想表达对对方的思念The photos were taken by Arsalaan’s parents - Huma says she has a good relationship with her mother-in-law. So good, in fact, that the two would go out and hit the bars of Santorini at night.Huma的这些照片都是由Arsalaan的父母拍摄的——Huma称自己和婆婆的关系很好二人相处非常融洽,事实上,在圣托里尼时,婆媳二人晚上还出去泡吧But all that, Huma says she missed her husband dfully. "He’s the life of the party, my better half - I wouldn’t have gone without him but he ced me to."然而即便如此,Huma说她实在是太想念丈夫了“他总是聚会的灵魂人物,是我更好的另一半——我真的不愿一个人来度蜜月,但他要求我来”"The first night I cried my eyes out on my mother-in-law’s shoulder, who really comted me and told me to make the best of it," Huma says. Their friends in Lahore looked after Arsalaan while he was on his own.她说,“第一个晚上,我伏在婆婆的肩上哭了一夜,她一直在安慰我,并劝我好好放松心情度假”而他们在拉合尔的朋友也会帮忙照顾一个人在家的ArsalaanSo what was the reaction from other holidaymakers when they saw her putting her arm around her imaginary friend?当其他的度假的人们看到这位姑娘伸出胳膊去搂抱想象中的朋友,他们又会怎么想呢?"People were literally breaking their necks with the selfie sticks over there, so I came off really quite normal doing this," she says airily.Huma愉快的说,“人们个个都伸直了脑袋忙着自拍,所以我这样做很正常,没什么大不了”In the meantime, Huma’s photos have gone viral. She’s now back with Arsalaan in Lahore, and hoping they’ll be able to go away together their first anniversary.同时,Huma的这些照片也在网上走红二人现已在拉合尔团聚,希望能在他们的第一个结婚纪念日时一起出去度假

梅西退出阿根廷国家队 -- 1:51:3 来源:chinadaily 智利在点球大战中以-击败阿根廷蝉联美洲杯冠军尘埃方落,阿根廷足球巨星梅西宣布退出阿根廷国家队 Argentine football star Lionel Messi has announced his retirement from the national team. The announcement comes as Chile beat Argentina - on penalty shoot-out to win their second straight Copa America title. 在点球大战中,梅西直接将球踢过球门横木,罚丢点球阿根廷队上一次获得美洲杯冠军还是在1993年阿根廷队已经连续三年在重要比赛的决赛中失利,包括年世界杯对阵德国以及年美洲杯对阵智利 Messi putting his penalty kick over the crossbar during the shoot-out. Argentina's last major title win came in the 1993 Copa America. They have now lost the final of a major tournament in three consecutive summers, including the World Cup final against Germany and Copa America final, also against Chile.

吃货拍照必备:社交网站美食拍照技巧 --01 ::38 来源:chinadaily Learn how to take pictures of food like a professional CREDIT: PETER DENCHA cursory scroll through Instagram on any given day is likely to return three types of pictures: selfies, sunsets and food. Lots of food. 不管哪天,在Instagram上走马观花地浏览都能看到三种照片:自拍,日落,和食物,有很多很多食物照片The untunate truth is that unless you've got a particularly good eye, even the most delicious meringue can end up looking a foamy mess under the merciless flash of a smartphone camera. 不幸的是,除非你有一双慧眼,即使是最美味的酥饼也能被残忍的智能手机拍照手法照的像泡沫一样糟糕Read on hints and tips from seasoned food photographer Hugh Johnson, who has shot Heston Blumenthal, Yotam Ottolenghi and Thomasina Miers' creations, to learn how your images can look as good as these. 读完下面这些来自经验丰富的美食摄影师休bull;约翰逊的提示和建议,来学习如何把照片拍的和这些一样好他曾负责给赫斯顿bull;布卢门撒尔,约塔姆bull;奥图蓝吉,托玛西娜迈耶斯的作品摄影1. Don't overcrowd the shot 1.不要让镜头太拥挤Don't try and capture too much in a single image, especially if it's going to be cropped and uploaded to Instagram anyway. Focus on a key area, such as the sheen of an egg yolk or a steak's pink centre, but not so closely a viewer won't be able to tell what it is. 不要试着在一个镜头里捕捉太多,特别是它将要被裁剪和上传到Instagram上关注重点部分,比如蛋黄的光泽或者牛排粉嫩的部分,但是不要太近以至于别人看不出它是什么. Consider the lighting .注意照明Using a flash in a dim restaurant will bleach your food of any defining features and splashes of colour. A plate will always look better in natural light, but when sunshine is out of the question, make sure you're focused on using as much of the available light as possible, or try and use the shadow to your advantage. 在昏暗的餐厅使用闪光灯能让你食物的特点和颜色变得明显餐具在自然光下会显得更好看但是当没阳光的时候,尽量使用更多的光,或者试着利用阴影的优势CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON3. Keep it steady 3.保持稳定Tuck your elbows closely into your sides to keep the camera as stable as possible and avoid blurring. Optical image stabilisation on smartphones including the HTC , LG G5 and iPhone 6s Plus can also help to keep this to a minimum. 肘部靠近自己来让照相机尽可能的稳固并且防止模糊智能手机例如HTC ,LG G5和苹果6plus的图像稳固功能能尽量减少这种情况CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON. Move things around .移动周围的物品Too many people ruin what would be a perfectly good shot by failing to consider the backdrop properly. Make sure all s and unruly napkins are out of sight, alongside any dirty cutlery or smartphones on the table, and let the food take centre-stage. 太多的人因为没能考虑合适的背景而毁了一张可能很棒的照片确保照不到菜单和凌乱的餐巾纸,还有任何脏的餐具或者桌上的手机,来让食品成为主角CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON5. Consider using a proper camera 5.考虑使用合适的照相机While smartphone cameras are increasingly capable, they don't all come with the array of functions and lenses as you can achieve with a DSLR. If you're serious about your Instagramming, changing lenses is helpful to achieve focus.手机的照相功能变得再多,它也不能完成你用一台单反就能完成的功能如果你对在Instagram上传照片真的很在乎,当景深不足时,为了实现聚焦效果,换个镜头很有帮助6. Use the widest aperture possible 6.使用最大光圈This will only apply to those using full cameras, but using the widest aperture available to you will ensure the maximum level of light, allowing the majority of focus on the eground. 这只适用于那些使用全功能相机的人,但是尽可能的使用最大光圈能够确保最大亮度,来让焦点尽量聚焦在前景上CREDIT: PETER DENCH7. Add oil or water 7.加点油或者水Adding oil or water to food, particularly salad or vegetables, adds an appealing glisten that works well on camera. This can help avoid the meal looking flat or like it's been sat out a few hours, which it might well have. 给食物加点油或者水,特别是沙拉蔬菜一类,加点诱人的光亮能给照片添色不少这能防止食物看起来单调,或者看上去已经放了好几个小时,尽管它已经这样CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON英文来源:每日电讯报译者:朱卓(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

3D打印遇上医疗 为你私人订制脊椎(双语) -- ::9 来源:sohu 小到食品,大到别墅,3D打印正在改变着人们的生活这一技术在医疗领域擦出的火花更加令人惊艳——它能精准地打印出私人定制的“人体骨骼”,帮助医生完成过去想都不敢想的手术 近日,在北京大学第三附属医院里,一台六小时的手术成为了世界上以3D打印植入物替代脊椎长度最长的手术北京的医生应用3D打印,为一个癌症缠身而必须切除5节脊椎的男人创造了新的脊柱医生介绍,该手术是世界上第一次用如此长度的3D打印脊椎 Rencently,doctors in Beijing have used 3-D printing to create a new spine a local man after five cancer-riddled vertebrae were removed from his body. The six-hour procedure is a world first the length of vertebral bodies replaced by a 3-D printed implant. The procedure is a world first in terms of the length of vertebrae replaced this way, the doctors say. 0岁的北京患者袁先生,接受了长达6个多小时的手术手术将长达19厘米的3D打印胸椎和腰椎椎体植入他的脊椎主治医生刘忠军介绍,如果没有3D打印技术的持,患者的治疗几乎无望3D打印的人工椎体具有微孔结构,能够允许相邻的正常脊椎骨细胞长入到人工植入物之中,最终实现骨融合刘医生介绍,医院已经有60 多名患者接受了这种3D打印骨科植入手术正如在许多其他领域一样,3D打印技术在骨科领域的应用具有广阔的前景 The man, surnamed Yuan, 0, of Beijing, underwent a surgery over six hours to have a 3-D printed implant of multiple thoracic and lumbar vertebral bodies, measuring 19 centimeters, inserted into his spine.Without 3-D printing technology it would have been impossible to treat him.; The 3-D printed implant also has pores that allow bones on healthy vertebrae to grow into the artificial implant and eventually to fuse with it.More than 60 patients have benefited from 3-D printed orthopedic implants in the hospital, Liu said. 3-D printing technology in orthopedics is promising, as it is in many other fields. 年9 月,国家食品药品监督管理总局批准注册了由北京大学第三医院骨科团队研发的我国首个金属3D打印人体植入物——人工髋关节产品同年5月又批准了该团队研发的人工椎体产品据了解,目前我国批准注册的3D打印人体植入物产品仅此两个刘医生补充说,3D打印技术在医学领域的应用在全球来说都是一个全新的科学领域然而,我国这项技术要比其他国家更具优势,急需国家卫生部门高效的评审程序以批准这些产品的临床使用 Last September, the China Food and Drug Administration approved the use of 3-D printed hips joint product developed by the team, and in May the administration approved the team's 3-D printed artificial vertebral body product. Medical application of 3-D printing is quite a new scientific field internationally, he adds. However, to have a competitive advantage in the medical application of 3-D printing technology compared with other countries, it is urgent the Chinese health authorities to have an efficient and comprehensive evaluation procedure to approve the clinical use of such 3-D medical products, Liu says.、 English Source: China Daily

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