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北京/市第一人民医院修眉多少钱北京/市协和医院激光去胎记多少钱With still Hispanic heritage month, so today we are talking about some words with Spanish origins.仍然在拉丁文化月中,所以今天我们要讲讲一些有西班牙起源的单词。Did you know, some words we use actually have Spanish ties, like Cafeteria.你知道吗,我们所使用的一些单词实际上与西班牙语有关,比如说自助餐厅。You might be thinking about the one in school, but in Spanish its pronounced cafeteria, and in that language it means coffee house.你可能会想到学校里的餐厅,但在西班牙语里他的发音是这样,在那种语言中,它表示的是咖啡屋。Gator sounds pretty American, but alligator dates back to the 1500s and the Spanish word el lagarto, which means ;the lizard.;“Gator”的发音听起来很美式,但短吻鳄这个词可以追溯到16世纪时的西班牙语单词“el lagarto”,是蜥蜴的意思。We have one more for you, key, not like the one in your pocket, we mean like a reef or an island like the Florida Keys.还要为你介绍一个单词,钥匙,并不是指的你兜里的那个,我们指的是暗礁或者是岛屿,就像佛罗里达群岛。The word is a noun, and it comes from the Spanish word for key, which is cayo.这个词是一个名词,它来源于一个表示“key”的西班牙单词“cayo”。 /201210/203856大兴人民医院吸脂手术多少钱 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Goldens U.S. and world history classes at the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts in Baltimore, Maryland.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了戈尔登女士的美国和世界历史课堂。Who painted this famous artwork? You know what to do. Was it Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello or Raphael? Youve got three seconds, go!这幅名画是谁画的?你知道该怎么做。他是达#8226;芬奇,米开朗琪罗,多纳泰罗还是拉斐尔?你有3秒钟的时间,开始!Youre looking at Michelangelos masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;你所看到的正是米开朗琪罗在西斯廷教堂天花板上的杰作。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Michelangelos masterpiece is celebrating a big birthday this week.这周,米开朗琪罗的杰作在庆祝一个大生日。In 1512, exactly 500 years ago, it was finished and open to the public.在1512年,刚好500年以前,它完工了并对公众开放。The different panels on the Sistine Chapel ceiling show people and events from the Bible.西斯廷教堂天花板上不同的面板向人们展示了来自圣经的人物和事件。The most famous one is the creation of Adam, which shows the arms of God and Adam reaching out to each other.其中最有名的一幅是创造亚当,展现了上帝和亚当把他们的手伸向彼此的场景。The painting has survived centuries of war and severe weather.这幅画在经历了几百年的战争和严峻天气下保存了下来。But now, its facing a new threat, one that comes from an unexpected source.但是现在,它受到了新的威胁,这个威胁来自一个意想不到的原因。BEN WEDEMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Today the greatest threat to this priceless art comes from those who flock to admire it.现在对这无价的艺术品的最大的威胁来自观赏它的人们。About 5 million people visit the Sistine Chapel every year, that means 5 million people with sweat, with heat, with dust.每年有大约5百万人参观西斯廷教堂,那会带来5百万人的汗水,热量和灰尘。The number of visitors is expected only to grown in coming years.预计未来几年的参观人数只增不减。The Vatican is planning to upgrade the current climate control system for the chapel, but officials are hesitant to turn tourists away.梵蒂冈正在计划升级当前对教堂的气候控制系统,但是官员们对赶走游客表示犹豫。 /201211/208466The drill hits a pocket of explosive gas and water.钻头击中了爆炸气体和水层The pressure forces gas back up through the pipe.压力迫使气体顺着管道回流Theyre lucky to survive.他们能活着已属幸运I see a really strong parallel between the culture of prospecting and the culture of entrepreneurial endeavors.我在开采者和企业家努力的身影中看到了相同点You do all your surveys you plan it out, you think its really great,you dig down and theres nothing there.做足全方位的调查功夫,制定出完整的计划,觉得万事俱备了,于是开始挖掘 但一无所获 Its really hard to predict.一切都难以预料Progress is slow.Theyre fighting for every foot.进展缓慢,每一英尺都举步维艰The sand is too fine even for their drill.沙子对于钻探来说太细太滑The walls of the bore hole are starting to collapse.钻孔壁开始坍塌Normally these kinds of rigs pump water into the bore hole to support its walls.通常对于这样的钻井台,需要给钻孔内泵水来撑孔壁But the sand is too fine, the water too thin They need a thicker liquid.但是沙子太细,水的密度太小,他们需要密度更大的液体Theyre forced to improvise,using only material they have on hand.不得不作临时补救,用他们手中仅有的材料Water... Dirt...and cows.水,土和奶牛We brought in a small herd of cattle and turned them loose in a nearby water pit.我们引进了一小群牛在附近的小水坑里放养The cattle stomped around and made lots of mud for us.牛群来回趟过制造了许多泥浆The answer to all their problems is mud.解决问题的关键就是泥浆With mud holding up the walls of the bore hole theyre back on track.用泥浆来撑钻孔壁,他们的工程重回正轨From then on,we operated the rig 24 hours a day.从那以后,我们一天24小时都在钻井台上工作Curts innovation is still in use today,only now rigs use synthetic compounds.科特的创新沿用至今,只不过现在是用设备进行人工合成But drilling fluids like this are still called mud.不过像这样的钻井液仍叫做泥浆Its January 10, 1901.The Hamills have been drilling for over two months.1901年1月10日,哈米尔兄弟已经钻井两个多月了Theyre past 1,100 feet--still no break through.他们已经钻了1100英尺却仍然没有突破Another 100 and theyll have to quit.再钻100英尺就不得不放弃了Then....I walked over and looked down the hole there.然而,我走上前,朝洞里面看过去I heard--sort of heard something kind of bubbling just a little bit, and looked down there.我听见某种好像冒气泡的声音,很轻微,我向下看And here, this frothy oil was starting up.在那里 冒着泡的石油蠢蠢欲动It was just breathing, like, you know,coming up and sinking back with the gas pressure and it kept coming up and over the rotary table,and each flow a little higher,and a little higher and a little higher.就好像在呼吸一样随着气压上下颤动,然后石油不断冒上来溢出轮盘,一波又比一波高,一波更比一波高This is a day that changes America forever.这一天永久地改变了美国 /201212/215671北京/朝阳医院西院打溶脂针多少钱

北京/大学首钢医院激光脱毛多少钱北京/美容整形 President Hu Jintao has expressed his condolences and sympathy following the death of former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk. On behalf of the Chinese government and the people, he expressed his deepest condolence to King Norodom Sihamoni, Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath and to the Cambodian people.柬埔寨前国王西哈努克10月15日在北京逝世,中国主席胡锦涛向柬埔寨政府和人民表示了哀悼和慰问。胡锦涛主席代表中国政府和人民,向柬埔寨国王和太后以及柬埔寨人民致以最沉痛的哀悼和最深切的慰问。President Hu says Sihanouk was Cambodias father of independence, and he dedicated his whole life to the cause of national independence and peace. His death is a great loss to the people of Cambodia. Hu Jintao said Sihanouk was an old friend of the Chinese people, and he was committed to the friendly relations between the two countries. Jiang Zemin has also expressed his sympathy to Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath.胡锦涛主席说西哈努克是柬埔寨国家独立运动的教父,为国家独立与和平倾尽心血。他的逝世是柬埔寨人民的巨大损失。胡锦涛还说,西哈努克是中国人民的老朋友,致力于两国友好关系。江泽民也向柬埔寨国王西哈莫尼、太后莫尼列表示了慰问。201210/204331北京/妇女儿童医院双眼皮多少钱

北京/西苑医院纹眉多少钱影史传奇巨星费雯丽与劳伦斯奥利佛纠缠20多年的恋情,一直是世人热中谈论的话题,大家都认为劳伦斯是费雯生命中的至爱,但他们在1960年离婚,此后各自有新伴侣。On August 11, 1962 - Laurence Olivier founded the National Theater in London. "Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism, not quite the occupation of an adult." So said Laurence Olivier, whose mastery of such an occupation won him many adult awards and accolades." What I've been saying I was only playing to described to you a measure of my gratitude and my pride at this moment. "In 1962, Olivier founded the National Theater and helped establish its later residence on the South Bank in London. The National Theater is a fitting legacy for the man who offered definitive interpretations of Henry V, Hamlet and Richard III. Following his much publicized, often tortured marriage to actress Vivien Leigh, Sir Laurence fathered four children with the actress Joan Plowright and went on acting.201008/111435 Qingdao Underwater World, located near LuXun Park, is China's first public aquarium. Opened in 1932, the Qingdao Underwater World consists of four main areas on both sides of LaiYang Road connected by an underground passage. There is a moving platform that takes visitors through a tunnel in the aquarium itself that provides a spectacular 360 degree view. Located next to the bathing beach # 1, a morning at the aquarium and a late afternoon at the beach make for a great summer day. Don't miss the popular mermaid shows! Check out www.qdunderwaterworld.com for more info.Closest Bus Stop:LuXun GongYuan: #6, #26, #202, #214, #223, #228, #231, #304, #311, #312, #316, #321, #501, #801.201009/114463北京/医院整形科去痘多少钱北医三院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱



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