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A:May I help you?我能帮你什么?B:Id like to cash this check, please.我想把这张票兑现A:Do you have an with us?请问,您在我方有账户吗?B:Yeah. Here my identification card.是的这是我的身份A:Do you want large or small bills?你想要大面额的还是小面值的现钞?B:Actually, I want to buy some traveler checks.实际上我想买一些旅行票A:What denomination?什么面额的?B:Twenties would be fine.面值的就好A:Do you want the whole amount in traveler check?所有的钱都用来买旅行票吗?B:Yes, please.是的 5A: Hi, I'm John Sandals, and I have a reservation.B: Would you show me your ID, sir, please?A: Here you go.B: Thank you very much. Now, sir, do you have a credit card?A: Certainly! Would you like my American Express card?B: Regrettably, Mr. Sandals, we accept only MasterCard or VISA.A: I thought American Express was accepted everywhere. Never mind. Here's my VISA.B: Thanks. You're in room 5, a big, nonsmoking room, with a queen bed. Is that okay, sir?A: Yes, that's just fine.B: I'm happy to hear that. Here is your key. Just dial 0 if you need anything. 967:游山 693

3.Platypus3.鸭嘴兽This semiaquatic, fur-covered, duck-billed, web-footed mammal that lays eggs seems to have been assembled from bits of other animals.鸭嘴兽是半水栖的卵生哺乳动物,全身长毛,鸭嘴蹼足,看起来像是其它动物组装而成的Hailing from Australia, the platypus is about feet (61 centimeters) in length and weighs just 3.5 pounds (1.5 kilograms).鸭嘴兽主要分布在澳大利亚,身长约英尺(61厘米),重约3.5英磅(1.5公斤)In fact, the platypus is so odd that when English naturalists first obtained a carcass study in 99 from New South Wales Gov. John Hunter, they worried that it might be a hoax foisted upon them by a mischievous taxidermist.99年,新南威尔士州的官员约翰·亨特把鸭嘴兽的尸体送给英国的物学家研究,由于鸭嘴兽的样子太奇怪,他们一度以为这个尸体是某个动物标本剥制师的恶作剧The platypus is a ager that scoops up insects, larvae, shellfish, worms and gravel with its bill from the mud on the bottom of streams.鸭嘴兽以昆虫、幼鱼、贝类和蠕虫为食,它们用扁扁的嘴巴从溪流底部的河床搜寻食物It stores its finds within cheek pouches until it reaches the surface and then uses the gravel to mash up the food eating – a platypus has no teeth.把食物同砂砾一起放到腮帮子里,然后浮出水面,由于鸭嘴兽没有牙齿,所以它们就用砂砾把食物挤碎再吃下去Despite its seemingly awkward design, the creature turns out to be a surprisingly adept underwater swimmer, thanks to its webbed feet and beaver-like tail.尽管样子看上去很奇怪,但鸭嘴兽却是一个游泳高手,这归功于它那条跟海狸一样的尾巴.Devil Bird.林雕鸮In Sri Lankan folklore, a woman whose child was murdered by her husband went mad and ran off into the jungle to commit suicide.据斯里兰卡民间传说,一个女人因孩子被丈夫谋杀,发疯后跑进丛林自杀After her death, the gods transmed her into a creature called the ulama, or devil bird, whose horrible, human-sounding wail in the distance is a portent that something terrible is about to happen.她死后,上帝把她变成乌力马,即恶魔鸟它的叫声像人的哀嚎,哪怕在远处听到,也一般预示着会发生可怕的事情But was this a real animal? In the 1950s, ornithologist George Morton Henry, author of a definitive volume on the birds of Sri Lanka, decided that the devil bird actually was the spot-bellied eagle owl.但这种动物真的存在吗?在二十世纪五十年代,鸟类学家乔治·莫顿·亨利,《斯里兰卡的飞鸟最终卷一书的作者,认为恶魔鸟就是林雕鸮This predatory bird, which is also known as the est eagle owl, is found in a swath of south Asia stretching from India to Burma.这种食肉鸟类又叫猫头鹰 ,在亚洲南部,从印度到缅甸的大片土地都可以发现它的踪迹It is about 1 inches (53 centimeters) in length and has heart-shaped spots and prominent black-and-white ear tufts that give it a suitably eerie appearance.它大约1英寸长(53厘米),有心形的斑点和突出的黑白耳毛,这让它看起来很怪异But people who are fearful of it shouldnt worry, because it eats only game birds (like pheasants), reptiles and fish.但害怕它的人其实不必担心,因为它只吃鸟(像野鸡)、爬行动物和鱼1.Tasmanian Devil1.袋獾Some might think the Tasmanian devil is a fictional creature, cooked up by an imaginative animator the Warner Bros. ;Looney Tunes; shorts.有些人可能认为袋獾是虚构的生物,是由华纳兄弟创造的想象力丰富的动画“兔八哥”里的角色But it actually a real animal, Sarcophilus harrisii, which is indigenous to Tasmania, an island to the south of the Australian mainland.但实际上它是一种真正的有袋类动物,是靠近澳洲大陆南岛的塔斯马尼亚岛上的原生物种The size of Tasmanian devils varies considerably, depending on diet, habitat and age, but large males can grow as long as .5 feet (80 centimeters) and weigh as much as 6 pounds ( kilograms).袋獾的大小有很大差别,这取决于它们的饮食、生境和年龄,但男性可以能长到.5英尺(80厘米),重达6磅(公斤)The devil is a stocky animal with brownish-black fur, white throat patches and spots on its sides and backside, pink snout and a big powerful head and jaw.袋獾身材矮胖,棕黑色皮毛,白色的喉咙,两侧和背面有斑点,粉色的鼻子和一个巨大的头部和下颚The latter enables the scavenger to gnaw on the aly dead carcasses of wombats, wallabies, sheep and rabbits, though devils also will eat insects, larvae, snakes and vegetation when the opporty presents itself.虽然它也会吃昆虫、幼虫、蛇和蔬菜,但它们通常是机会主义者,多食腐肉,以咬死的袋熊,袋鼠、羊、兔的尸体为食Contrary to its cartoon counterpart, the actual Tasmanian devil is a slow, lumbering creature, not a frenetic whirlwind, though it is known to get loud and rowdy when eating in groups.虽然袋獾一起进食时声音很大众所周知,但与它对应的卡通形象相反,袋獾实际上是一种缓慢而低效的生物,而不是一个凶恶的生物And despite its fearsome reputation, conservationists are worried about the devils long-term survival, because theyre threatened by a contagious facial cancer that killed off 60 percent of the population between 00 and .尽管它们声名狼藉,自然资源保护论者依然很担心此物种的存活,因为一种传染性面部肿瘤威胁着它们的生存,这种面部肿瘤在00到年间曾导致60%的袋獾丧生 55

An Ohio woman says a Pizza Hut employee asked her to leave the restaurant when she began breastfeeding her child at the table.近日,俄亥俄州一位年轻母亲声称,自己因在餐桌上给孩子喂奶而遭到一位必胜务员的驱逐Page Martin was dining at a Northwest Ohio Pizza Hut with her husband and 3-month-old son when she says her baby began to cry. Martin started to nurse her hungry infant in the dining room but she says a restaurant server rushed over and asked her to cover up.当时佩奇·马丁和丈夫带着仅三个月大的儿子一同在俄亥俄州西北部的一家必胜客餐厅用餐,当时孩子开始大哭起来马丁随即在餐厅当众给孩子喂奶不久一餐厅务员急忙赶来,要求自己拿遮蔽物遮挡;I was approached by an employee there who asked me if I could cover myself up with a blanket and I said no it my right because he wont eat with a blanket over his head,; Martin told Cleveland WTOL.马丁接受克利夫兰的WTOL电视台采访时说道:;那位务员走到我面前询问我是否可以盖上毯子以作遮挡,我果断拒绝了他的要求,我认为这是我的权利,更何况在那种条件下孩子不会吃奶的;The young mother says she was wearing two shirts and tried to cover herself but that her infant does not like to be fed when covered. When she refused to cover up with a blanket, Martin says the Pizza Hut employee asked her to move to a less crowded area.这位年轻母亲表示,事实上她穿了两件衬衫试图遮挡自己,无奈孩子在头部被遮挡的情况下不会进食等到她拒绝务员的要求之后,该务员便让她起身去人少的地方;She said well could I get you to move to a private booth because we have some parents here who dont want to expose their children to that,; recalls Martin. Martin says she became increasingly embarrassed by the situation and told the employee that she could legally breastfeed her child in public. Ohio law states that ;a mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location of a place of public accommodation wherein the mother otherwise is permitted.;马丁回忆道:;那位务员说带我去一个较隐蔽的座位,因为曾经有很多父母不想这样公开暴露自己的孩子;当时马丁感觉非常尴尬,她告诉务员在公开场合哺乳是合法的俄亥俄州法规定;孩子的母亲可以在任何公开场合进行哺乳,马丁认为自己这一举动没有任何问题The employee then said ;well Ill have to ask you to leave,; according to Martin.WTOL reached out to the restaurant in Wauseon and received a written statement from its corporate office:随后,该员工说道:;好吧,那么我要求你离开这里”事后WTOL电视台专门赶去沃西翁市的这家必胜客店进行采访,同时还得到了来自其公司总部的一份书面声明:;Pizza Hut fully supports state law regarding a mother right to breastfeed in our restaurants. While this customer was not asked to leave the restaurant, but rather offered another table with greater privacy, we deeply apologize that this situation in anyway upset her or if she felt mistreated. We will take this as an opporty to further train our employees.;;基于俄亥俄州法律关于哺乳喂养的相关规定,本店完全持并维护该母亲在本店哺乳的相关权利事实上,本店员工从未强行驱赶该顾客,只是出于对隐私方面的考虑,建议其移步到另一个较为僻静的餐桌如果该位女士受到了任何困扰,我们深表歉意今后我们会多加注意,并对本店员工进行进一步培训;Martin insists that she was asked to leave the restaurant and hopes her story will prevent this type of thing happened to breastfeeding moms in the future.但是,马丁却坚持称该店务员当时强行要求自己离开餐厅,并希望其他哺乳期的母亲也引以为戒,愿此类事件不再发生;Stick up yourself, stick up your rights. Im not just doing this myself Im doing this all breastfeeding mothers,; said Martin.此外,马丁还表示:;我认为我们要坚持自己,坚决维护自己应有的权利这不仅仅是为了我自己,更是为了全天下所有哺乳期的妈妈们; 35988导购口语:I think you look wonderful in blue.我觉得你穿蓝色非常好看You look god in red shirt.你穿红色衬衫好看You look good in black.你穿黑色好看语句:You look good in + 颜色 表示“你穿……好看”当in后面加上一个表示颜色的形容词时,它表示穿某种颜色的衣,这种用法很普遍上文中的You look good in red shirt.也可说成You look good in red.情景再现:A: Maybe I should change into something else?B: No, you look great in red.A:我是不是该换件衣穿?B:不用了,你穿红色很好看 189987

导购口语:Please come in to look around. Here are some of the latest fashions.请进来看看,这些都是最新式样Please try it on if you like. It doesnt matter whether you buy or not.喜欢就试试,买不买都没有关系We have a wide selection of styles. What kind are you looking ?我们的款式很多你需要什么款式的呢? 语句:Try it on if you like喜欢就试试;it doesnt matter 没有关系; whether you buy or not 不管你买不买; a wide selection of styles 款式很多 情景再现:Where is the miniskirt displayed on the manikin?模特身上展示的这条迷你裙在哪儿?Please show me the yellow jacket that is hanging over there.您好,请把挂在那儿的黄色夹克衫让我看看I like turtlenecks. That the thing Im looking .我喜欢高领毛衣那正是我一直想买的 1967A:Stupid girl, making me spend so much money,now I have to get it from the ATM...这个傻妞,让我花了这么多钱,现在我要从取款机上拿回来B:Hello, welcome to Universal Bank. Please insert your card into the slot.你好,欢迎使用联邦请把卡擦进插卡口A:I know where to put my card! Stupid machine,talking to me like I’m an idiot.我知道在哪儿插卡你也是傻妞,别用这样的口气跟我说话,降低我智商B:Please input your 6 digit PIN code followed by the pound key. Thank you. Please select an option.Thank you. You have selected withdrawal.请输入六位卡密码谢谢请选择务的种类,谢谢您选择了取款A:Yeah, yeah, I know what I selected. Just give me my money! 废话,我当然知道我选的是什么把钱给我吐出来B:Please type the amount you would like to withdraw.Thank you, you want to transfer 000 USD to the World Wildlife Foundation. If this is correct please press 1.请选择你想要的取款金额谢谢,你想转账1万美元到世界野生动物基金如果确认转账,请摁一A:No, no! Stupid machine, what are you doing! No!啊,不,不,你这死机器,你在做什么!不!B:Confirmed. Thank you using our bank! Please remove your card from the slot. Goodbye! 转账已确认谢谢使用我们的务请取卡再见 1973

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