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惠州友好医院不孕科惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱惠州哪里能治最好支原体感染 3 Listen to your stomach. 3 听听你的胃怎么说 many people ,a weight problem is linked to a more basic problem-they can tell when they’re really hungry.Something tells them to eat.but that ;something;is not necessarily hunger,They eat because a clock tells them it time to eat.because everybody around them is eating or because something looks too scrumptions to pass up.They may be quite satisfied,even stuffed,but they go ahead and eat anyway.对许多人而言,体重问题和以下这个更基本的问题有关-一他们无法分辨他们是不是真的饿了有某种东西在怂恿他们吃东西,但那“某种东西”却并不一定是饥饿感他们之所以吃是因为时钟告诉他们吃的时间到了,因为周围的人都在吃,或是因为某样东西看起来太美味而不忍错过当然,他们也许很饱了,甚至是胀胀的,但他们还是照吃不误Can you remember the last time you experienced hunger pangs?Not just a little twitch or two but a real stomach grumble.Were you really hungry the last time you ate, or did your hand just happen to be in close proximity to that bag of potato chips? Your stomach has been cleverly designed to shout when it’s hungry. So listen up,remembering that you can’t hear it very well if you’re busy chewing.你还记得最近一次所体验到的那种因饥饿引起的痛苦吗?我指的不是一两次小小的胃部抽搐,而是肚子真的在咕噜咕噜叫着你最近一次吃东西是真的因为饿了吗?还是那包洋芋片恰巧就在你伸手可及的地方?你的胃设计得有够炫,只要一饿,它就会咆哮所以要仔细听,记住,你要是光忙着嚼东西是听不清楚的唷!健身短语1.pass to ...放弃;放过.in proximity to. . . 在……的附近3.listen up 注意听 3697惠州市中心医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

惠阳区龟头炎症A:Doctor, here my report my IVP examination.医生,这是我的静脉肾盂造影检查报告B:Let me have a look. Can you see there a stone in your kidney?让我看一下你能看到你的肾里有一块石头吗?A:Oh, yes, is it dangerous?哦,看到了,严重吗?B:No, but it painful.不严重,但是你会很疼A:Do I have to have an operation?我必须要做手术吗?B:No, it not necessary since the stone is not big.不,除非石块特别大时才需要做手术A:Good, I can still attend the Olympic Games.太好了,我还可以参加奥运会B:Yes, youre lucky. But you should go to the Ultrasonic Department to disperse the stone. Meanwhile, Ill give you some herbal medicine.是的你很幸运但是你应该去超声科弄碎那块石头同时我会给你开一些草药A:Oh, Ive heard a lot about the Chinese herbal medicine. I believe it will work.哦,我经常听说中国的草药我相信它肯定很管用 69惠州市第一医院男科大夫 惠州友好医院收费

陈江镇医院地址在哪面试英语口语Lesson50:Personal Ability经典对话:9.I am a good ant and have a thorough knowledge of the English language.本人是一名优秀的会计,并精通英语9.I am proficient in typewriting and shorthand and have attained a speed of eighty and sixty words per minute respectively.本人精通打字和速记,速度分别为每分钟80字和60字9.I am well acquainted with office works and could handle business correspondence independently.本人熟悉办公室工作并能独立处理对外商务文书9.I am able to take dictation in English and transcribe them rapidly into Chinese.本人会英文记录,并能立即将其改写为中文9. all the time I was in their employ,I had the sole charge of their correspondence.在该公司务时,本人负责全部对外通信9.I have a good knowledge of bookkeeping by double-entry.本人对联单记账十分熟练9.I will graduate from A College.My outstanding record at school and experience in business has prepared me the task ahead.我将从A学院毕业,以我优异的成绩及商业经验,相信能胜任贵公司的职位空缺918.As the executive secretary to the general manager,I have had extensive training in secretarial skills.当我担任总经理行政秘书时,我获取了极全面的秘书训练919.I am a graduate of Beijing University,and have in addition the M.A.degree from UCLA.本人毕业于北京大学,并在加州大学获硕士学位9.At school I won a scholarship and the first prize in speech contest.求学时我曾获得奖学金及演讲比赛冠军91. the past three years,I have been working as a computer programmer with A company.In addition to this,I have sound educational background in computer science.过去的三年中,我一直是A公司的电脑程序员此外,我亦有良好的电脑教育基础9.With my understanding of computer language and commitment to work,I could help to tailor new programs which meet the needs of clients.凭我对电脑语言的认识及对工作的投入,我定能为客人编制最切合他们需要的电脑程序93.I have a fair know ledge of shorthand,and can write ninety words per minute.本人熟悉速记,每分钟速度90字9.I have received a good education,and know English,Spanish and shorthand.我曾接受良好的教育,熟悉英语、西班牙语及速记95.Since leaving school in June,I have attended a language class,with a view to increase my spoken and written English.I have also attended classes in typewriting and short-hand.从6月份离开学校以后,我曾参加语言课程班,旨在提高自己的英文书写及听讲能力此外,我亦曾修读打字及速记课程96.As a English major,I have developed strong language and writing skills which are necessary a good editor.作为一个主修英文的学生,我掌握了极强的语言技巧,这是作为一个编辑的必要条件97.I have just left school,but have a good knowledge of English.本人虽刚离校门,但对英语非常精通Notes 注释:1.thorough a.彻底的,详尽的,全面掌握.be proficient in doing sth.擅长于,精通于……做某事很熟练3.correspondence n.通信,信件 business correspondence 商业书信.transcribe v.译,意译5.double-entry n.复式记账,联单记账6.outstanding adj.杰出的,优秀的7.commitment n.投入,许诺8.the needs of clients 客户的需求 client n.当事人,顾客9.spanish n.西班牙语.with a view to... 为了……的目的 356619 惠州友好医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱惠阳区人民男科医院阳痿早泄价格



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