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合川永川区打胎多少钱九龙坡南岸区治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的重庆哪家医院无痛人流比较好 One Cigarette by Edwin MorganNo smoke without you, my fire.After you left,your cigarette glowed on in my ashtrayand sent up a long th of such quiet greyI smiled to wonder who would believe its signal of so much love.One cigarette in the non-smoker tray.As the last spire trembles up,a sudden draught blows it winding into my face.Is it smell, is it taste?You are here again, and I am drunk on your tobacco lips.Out with the light.Let the smoke lie back in the dark.Till I hear the very ash sigh down among the flowers of brassIll breathe, and long past midnight, your last kiss. 367838Elena: How do you like your new job at the Veteran Hospital?埃琳娜:你觉得你在荣民医院的新工作如何?Wieland: I like it a lot. It really rewarding.维兰德:我非常喜欢,而且受益颇多Elena: What do you do there, exactly?埃琳娜:你在那儿具体做什么工作?Wieland: My job is to help returning vets who have been physically injured adjust to living with their medical disabilities.维兰德:我的任务就是帮助从战场回来、负伤的老兵适应残疾的生活Elena: You mean people who have lost limbs?埃琳娜:你是指那些失去四肢的老兵?Wieland: Yes, some of the vets have had one or more limbs amputated. But that only one of the many disabilities we see at the hospital. instance, this week Im working with a vet who suffered serious hearing loss and a woman who has developed a visual impairment.维兰德:是的,有些老兵遭受了一个部位或者几个部位的截肢这只是我在这家医院面对的许多残疾症状中的一种例如,这星期我就照顾了一位丧失听力的老兵,还有一位患有视觉障碍的女兵Elena: It sounds like a very hard job.埃琳娜:听起来这个工作很辛苦Wieland: It can be, but it also inspiring sometimes. Ive seen people who are paralyzed—paraplegics and quadriplegics—overcome their disabilities and lead full and happy lives. With the help of wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, seeing-eye dogs, and modified cars, a lot of people with disabilities can learn to be independent. That part of my job.维兰德:可能吧,不过有时也是鼓舞人心的工作我看到有的残疾人——有些是下肢瘫痪,有些是四肢瘫痪——他们克障碍,又重新过上充实快乐的日子在轮椅,假肢,导盲犬,改装车的帮助下,许多残疾人能够学会独立这就是我工作的一部分Elena: Then youre just the person I need to help my brother.埃琳娜:那么你就是那个能帮助我弟弟的人Wieland: Is he disabled?维兰德:他身有残疾吗?Elena: Yes, he has a serious case of paralysis, caused by extreme laziness. Is there any help him?埃琳娜:是的,因极度懒惰造成了严重的瘫痪他还有救吗?原文译文属! 18南川铜梁区治疗妇科疾病多少钱

酉阳土家族苗族自治县治疗尿道炎多少钱When you are old《当你老了By William Butler Yeats叶芝When you are old and grey and full of sleepAnd nodding by the fire, take down this bookAnd slowly , and dream of the soft lookYour eyes had once, and of their shadows deep当你老了,头发花白,睡意沉沉,倦坐在炉边,取下这本书来,慢慢读着,追梦当年的眼神那柔美的神采与深幽的晕影How many loved your moments of glad graceAnd loved your beauty with love false or trueBut one man loved the pilgrim Soul in youAnd loved the sorrows of your changing face多少人爱过你青春的片影,爱过你的美貌,以虚伪或是真情,惟独一人爱你那朝圣者的灵魂,爱你哀戚的脸上岁月的留痕And bending down beside the glowing barsMurmur, a little sadly, how Love fledAnd paced upon the mountains overheadAnd hid his face amid a crowd of stars.在炉栅边,你弯下了腰,低语着,带着浅浅的伤感,爱情是怎样逝去,又怎样步上群山,怎样在繁星之间藏住了脸收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 866合川永川区四维彩超医院 Basketball Court-Sports-Saturday篮球场-体育-星期六My friend Jason called me this morning to play basketball.I was kind of tired,but I still went because I love to play basketball.我的朋友杰森今天早上打电话约我去打篮球,我本来有点累,但我还是去了,因为我非常喜欢打篮球By the way. did I tell you my favorite basketball player is MiChael Jordan?He is very cool and he s my idol That is Why I practice every day to be Just like him.顺便说一下,我有没有告诉过你,我最喜欢的篮球选手是Michael Jordan(迈克尔·乔丹),他很酷且是我的偶像这就是为什么我每天练习,希望将来能像他一样If I can,Ill try out NBA someday.Though it seems like a dream so far away,but dreams will eventually come true.如果我能够的话,总有一天我会参加NBA的选拔赛,尽管这看起来像是一个遥远的梦想,但梦想总有一天会成真的Enough of talking. I have to go practice now.That is the only way me to ever get closer to my dream.Just like people say,practice makes perfect.I agree with that.不讲了(说够了),我现在必须去练习啦,对我而言,这是唯一能使我逐渐接近梦想的方法,就如俗语(人们)所说:“熟能生巧”,我同意这样的说法 31重庆中医院打胎流产好吗

重庆哪个妇产科医院好 Let those who are in favour with their stars,让那些人(他们既有吉星高照),Of public honour and proud titles boast,到处夸说他们的显位和高官,Whilst I, whom tune of such triumph bars,至于我,命运拒绝我这种荣耀,Unlookd joy in that I honour most.只暗中独自赏玩我心里所欢Great princes favourites their fair leaves sp,王公的宠臣舒展他们的金叶But as the marigold at the sun eye,不过像太阳眷顾下的金盏花,And in themselves their pride lies buried,他们的骄傲在自己身上消灭, at a frown they in their glory die.一蹙额便足雕谢他们的荣华The painful warrior famoused fight,转战沙场的名将不管多功高,After a thousand victories once foild,百战百胜后只要有一次失手,Is from the book of honour razed quite,便从功名册上被人一笔勾消,And all the rest got which he toild毕生的勋劳只落得无声无臭:Then happy I, that love and am beloved,那么,爱人又被爱,我多么幸福!Where I may not remove nor be removed.我既不会迁徙,又不怕被驱逐 7重庆最好的白带异常医院重庆治疗附件炎医院哪家最好



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