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大理无痛人流手术好吗大理妇科医院地址For all the costs that sanctions are inflicting on the Russian economy, the Russian flag still flies over Crimea, Moscow remains undeterred and the ceasefire in Ukraine is at risk. Worse still, Russia is using its own form of economic warfare as a shield and a sword.尽管制裁为俄罗斯经济带来了巨大代价,但俄罗斯国旗依然在克里米亚上空飘扬,莫斯科方面没有被吓倒,乌克兰停火面临风险。更糟糕的是,俄罗斯正在动用自己的经济战手段展开攻防。Western strategy has focused on blocking future deals with the Russian military sector, restricting Russian banksaccess to long-term capital, depriving elements of the Russian oil sector of technology they need for deep-sea and shale drilling, and freezing the overseas assets of individuals tied to the Kremlin.西方的战略迄今聚焦于几个方面:阻止与俄罗斯军工部门达成未来交易、限制俄罗斯的获取长期资金、禁止向俄罗斯石油业的某些部门提供他们急需的深海及页?油气钻探技术,以及冻结克里姆林宫相关人士的海外资产。But most existing contracts between western interests and their Russian clients have been allowed to continue. Rather than dealing an instant blow, the aim has been to starve the country of capital by sowing doubts among western investors about the wisdom of investing in Russia. Contracts and capital have evaporated, growth has slowed and leading Russian companies such as Aeroflot, the airline, have been unable to acquire necessary investment.不过,西方企业与俄罗斯客户之间的多数现有合同被允许继续履行。制裁的目标并不是要对俄罗斯发动立竿见影的打击,而是要在西方投资者心目中播下疑虑的种子,让他们怀疑投资俄罗斯是否明智,从而令俄罗斯陷入资本枯竭。大量合同和资金已经蒸发,增长已经放缓,包括俄罗斯国际航空公Aeroflot)在内的俄罗斯领先企业无法获得必要投资。But there is a limit to the amount of financial pain that the west can inflict on a big economy with substantial economic ties to Europe and the rest of the world. Russia’s entanglements are vulnerabilities but they also allow Russia to exact a price of its own.然而,对于俄罗斯这样一个与欧洲乃至世界其他地区有着大量经贸往来的大型经济体,西方制裁能够造成的痛苦是有限的。俄罗斯对外经济联系是它的弱点,然而这种联系也被俄罗斯用来让其他国家付出代价。Companies subject to western sanctions are making moves to circumvent the restrictions.受到西方制裁的企业正在采取措施,规避各项限制。Rosneft, the Russian oil company, is set to buy 30 per cent of Norway’s North Atlantic Drilling, enabling it to gain access to offshore drilling capabilities in the Arctic despite technology export bans and financial restrictions.俄罗斯石油公Rosneft)将买入挪威北大西洋钻井公North Atlantic Drilling) 30%的股份,这让该公司能够绕开技术出口禁令和财务上的限制,获得北极海域的海上钻井能力。Meanwhile, Russian investors deepen their economic interests in London, Frankfurt and New York. And the Russian sovereign wealth fund will be tapped for billions of dollars to shore up capital requirements at banks hit by sanctions.与此同时,俄罗斯投资者在深化自己在伦敦、法兰克福和纽约的经济利益。而俄罗斯主权财富基金将拿出巨额资金,满足受制裁打击的的资本需求。Moscow is biting back. In June it ended flows of oil and gas to Ukraine, and it is restricting exports to other European customers as winter approaches.莫斯科方面在发动还击。今月,该国关闭了流向乌克兰的石油和天然气。在冬天临近之际,俄罗斯也在限制对欧洲其他客户的油气出口。The Kremlin has banned agricultural imports from countries that have participated in the sanctions. It has closed four McDonald’s restaurants, using health inspections as a pretext, and it is flirting with a national payment system that could replace Visa and MasterCard. Western airlines may find themselves unable to fly over Siberia, forcing flights to Asia to take big detours. American consulting and accounting firms may be prevented from operating in Russia.克里姆林宫已禁止从参与制裁的国家进口农产品。该国还以卫生检查为借口,关闭了四家麦当McDonalds)门店。该国还在探索能代替Visa和万事达MasterCard)的国内付系统。西方的航空公司可能被禁止飞越西伯利亚,迫使飞往亚洲的航班绕一大圈。美国咨询公司和会计师事务所可能被禁止在俄罗斯运营。The country has more cards to play.俄罗斯手上还有更多牌可打。It could cut off supplies of engines to the US space programme. It is a big exporter of titanium and other resources needed by western companies. Moscow could emerge as a sanctions-busting financial partner to a country such as Iran, at the height of nuclear negotiations.俄罗斯可以切断供应给美国空间项目的发动机。该国还是西方企业需要的钛和其他资源的出口大囀?俄罗斯还可能破坏对伊朗的制裁,在核谈判的紧要关头充当伊朗的金融合作伙伴。The Kremlin could also enlist criminal networks to attack the computer systems of western targets, including big banks.克里姆林宫还可能动员犯罪网络,攻击西方目标(包括大)的电脑系统。The west needs a comprehensive strategy that intensifies financial pressure on Moscow while deterring Russian escalation. Sanctions should no longer be tied to diplomatic milestones. Instead, they should be seen as a continuous campaign that leaves President Vladimir Putin and the markets guessing. These financial measures should be targeted principally on Russian illicit conduct that threatens the integrity of the financial system. This approach has proved highly effective in Iran.西方需要一套完善的战略,一方面强化俄罗斯所受的财务压力,另一方面能吓阻俄罗斯,使其不敢升级。制裁行动不应再与外交里程碑挂钩。相反,制裁行动应当被视为一场持续的斗争,让俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和市场捉摸不定。金融制裁举措应该主要针对俄方威胁金融体系完整性的非法行为。事实明,这种方法在针对伊朗的制裁中非常有效。New Russian investments in the west need to be carefully scrutinised, and western commercial contacts with suspect individuals and companies further constrained. Europe needs to secure alternative sources of oil and gas, though this will take time. Other countries, too, should seek back-up supplies of resources they buy from Russia.俄罗斯对西方的新投资必须受到仔细审查。此外,还要进一步限制西方与可疑个人和企业的商业往来。欧洲还必须找到替代的油气来源,尽管这将需要时间。其他国家也应该寻找从俄罗斯进口资源的替补供应源。Unless Washington and Brussels are willing to endure some economic pain, their sanctions campaign will prove ineffective. They should be prepared for a frozen conflict in which Moscow is willing to use its own economic weapons.如果美国和欧盟不愿意忍受一定程度的经济痛苦,他们的制裁就不会奏效。他们应该做好准备,迎接一场俄罗斯动用其经济武器的天寒地冻般的冲突。来 /201409/332514云龙县人民医院专家预约 Pope Francis is set to deliver his second annual Christmas blessing to thousands of people gathered in St. Peters Square and many more watching from around the world.罗马天主教教宗方济各将向聚集在圣彼得广场上成千上万的人和世界各地更多的人发表他担任教宗以来的第二个圣诞致辞。The pope led a solemn Christmas Eve Mass Wednesday night at St. Peters Basilica where he called on the worlds 1.2 billion Roman Catholics to remember that Gods message of peace ;is stronger than darkness and corruption.;教宗方济各星期三在圣彼得大教堂主持了圣诞夜弥撒,呼吁全世2亿天主教徒牢记,上帝的和平信息强于黑暗和腐败。Before the service, Pope Francis spoke by telephone with Christian refugees in northern Iraq who fled from Islamic State militants. He told them: ;You are like Jesus on Christmas night. There was no room for him either, and he had to flee to Egypt later to save himself.;弥撒开始前,教宗方济各给逃离伊斯兰国武装分子后在伊拉克北部地区一座难民营栖身的基督徒打电话说:“你们就像圣诞夜的耶稣。耶稣无处栖身,后来为了保全自己,不得不逃到埃及。”来 /201412/350619A former television comedian with no political experience was the victor in Sundays election for Guatemalas next president.危地马拉星期日举行总统选举,没有任何政界资历的前电视喜剧演员莫拉雷斯获胜,将出任下届总统。Jimmy Morales easily won the countrys top office after a corruption scandal toppled the countrys last leader and fueled voter outrage with the political establishment.莫拉雷斯在总统大选中轻易获胜。此前一桩腐败丑闻导致现任总统下台,并激起选民对政界的愤怒情绪。The conservative Morales started the race with just 0.5 percent support back in April.莫拉雷斯持保守立场。他今年4月开始竞选时,持率仅为0.5%。Playing up his outsider status and promising clean government, Morales surged in opinion polls after a probe into a multi-million dollar customs racket led to the resignation and arrest of President Otto Perez, who is awaiting trial on corruption charges.莫拉雷斯利用自己是政界圈外人的身份,承诺建立一个廉洁的政府。在一起涉及巨额款项的丑闻调查导致佩雷斯总统辞职和被捕后,莫拉雷斯的民调持率大幅上升。佩雷斯被控犯有腐败罪,目前正在听候审判。With 94 percent of the polling stations reporting, Morales won 69 percent of the votes against 31 percent for former first lady Sandra Torres who also vowed to tackle corruption, but was seen by many as part of the old political order.94%的投票站已将选票清点完毕,莫拉雷斯获9%选票,前第一夫人托雷斯获1%的选票,她也誓言打击腐败,但很多危地马拉选民将她视为旧有政治体制中的一员。来 /201510/406476大理宫颈糜烂轻度有什么症状

大理无痛人流医院哪好North Korea reportedly rejected the idea of resuming talks to abandon its nuclear program on Saturday, but said it would welcome negotiations for a peace treaty with Washington.据报道,朝鲜周日拒绝继续关于终止核计划的谈话,但称其欢迎与美国进行和平协议的谈判。North Koreas foreign ministry made the statement one day after President Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye said they were y to open talks with Pyongyang on sanctions if they were serious about dissolving its nuclear program, according to Reuters.距路透社报道,来自朝鲜外交部的这一声明发生在奥巴马与韩国总统朴槿惠做出声明的一天后,他们说已准备好与朝鲜开启关于制裁的谈话,如果朝鲜真的要解除其核计划。If the ed States insists on taking a different path, the Korean peninsula will only see our unlimited nuclear deterrent being strengthened further,; the North said in a statement.朝鲜在声明中说:;如果美国坚持走另一条道路,朝鲜半岛无限制的核威慑力量会进一步加强;North and South Korea are still technically at war after signing a truce in 1953 to temporarily end their conflict. The U.S. also signed the deal after backing the South.953年签订停战协议短暂结束了冲突后,朝韩实质上还是处于战争状态。美国也参加了协议的签署,在此之前它是韩国的持者。Obama, while meeting with Park on Friday, said Iran had been prepared to have a ;serious conversation; about the possibility of giving up the pursuit of nuclear weapons. He said theres no indication of that in North Koreas case.奥巴马于周五会见了朴槿惠,他称伊朗已准备对放弃核武器的可能性进行谈话,而在朝鲜的例子里没有这样的迹象;At the point where Pyongyang says, `Were interested in seeing relief from sanctions and improved relations, and we are prepared to have a serious conversation about denuclearization, its fair to say well be right there at the table,; Obama told a joint news conference.Obama在一场新闻联合会议中说:;对于平壤方面所说的我们对减少制裁、改善关系非常有兴趣,同时我们正为关于撤销核武器的会谈做准,我们可以很公正的说我已经做好了在谈判桌上的准备;In a joint statement after Fridays meeting, the U.S. and South Korea said that if North Korea decides to launch another rocket into space or test a nuclear explosion, ;it will face consequences, including seeking further significant measures by the U.N. Security Council.; The statement also said they would never accept North Korea as a nuclear weapons state.周五的会谈后,美韩发表联合声明称,如果朝鲜决定再发射一枚火箭或测试一次核爆炸,朝鲜将会面临后果,包括来自联合国安理会的严重措斀?这次声明还强调美韩绝不接受朝鲜作为一个核武器国家。North Korea had walked away from talks involving the U.S. and four other countries in 2008 and continued to conduct nuclear tests. It claims the only way to end conflict with Washington is to sign a peace treaty.朝鲜拒绝参与美国和其他四国于2008年的会谈,并继续开展核测试,它称与美方停止冲突的唯一方法就是签署和平协议。Parks visit Friday further strengthened South Koreas ties with the US.朴槿惠周五的访美活动进一步加强了韩国与美国的联系。U.S. retains 28,500 troops in South Korea, a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War, and nearly 50,000 troops in Japan. Obama called the U.S.-South Korean alliance ;unbreakable.; Park called it a ;lynchpin; of regional security.美国在韩国驻8500人,这一传统950年至1953年的朝鲜战争就遗留下来,美在日本驻军0000人。奥巴马称美韩关系牢不可破,韩国称其为区域安全的关键。In August, the two Koreas threatened each other with war after two South Korean soldiers were wounded by land mines Seoul says were planted by the North. The tensions have since eased, and the two sides have agreed to resume next week reunions of Korean families divided by the Korean War.八月,在两名韩国士兵被韩国方面称是朝鲜埋下的地雷炸伤后,韩国朝鲜两国以战争相要挟。冲突在之后有所缓和,双方同意继续下周举行的因朝鲜战争而被分开的家庭的团聚。The Obama administration has faced criticism from hawks and doves alike for a lack of high-level attention on North Korea, which estimated to have enough fissile material for between 10 and 16 nuclear weapons.奥巴马方面受到了来自鹰派和鸽派方面的批评,称其缺少对朝鲜方面的高度重视,朝鲜据估计拥有足够多的核燃料,和106个核武器。来 /201510/405453大理得了霉菌性阴道炎可以怀孕吗 巍山县人民医院网上预约电话

大理妇幼保健人民中心中医院有四维彩超吗 A radical leftist party and its 40-year-old leader swept to power Sunday in Greece, outdistancing the conservative New Democracy party led by incumbent Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.立场激进的希腊左翼联盟党及该党40岁的领袖齐普拉斯在星期日的选举中大胜,击败了现任总理萨马拉斯领导的保守派政党新民主党。Alexis Tsipras, the chief of the Syriza party who will be the countrys youngest prime minister in 150 years, has pledged to end years of austerity polices. However, the outcome of the election likely places Greece in conflict with the European Union and international creditors.左翼联盟党领袖齐普拉斯将成为希腊150年来最年轻的总理。他誓言结束几年来的紧缩政策。但选举结果很可能导致希腊与欧盟及国际借贷者发生冲突。Syriza fell just two seats in parliament short of the 151 needed to rule on its own without forming a coalition government.希腊左翼联盟党只差两个议席未能获得自组政府所需51席,这样就要组建联合政府。Repercussions from the win by the leftist party where felt almost immediately. Asian stocks were weak Monday, and the euro fell to an 11-year low, renewing fears the European common currency bloc could unravel. EU finance ministers are meeting Monday to discuss how their shared currency will be affected by the Greek election.几乎立即就能感觉到希腊左翼政党获胜的反响。亚洲股市周一走低,而欧元跌1年来的最低点,这反映出人们担心欧元区可能解体。欧盟国家的财政部长们星期一将举行会议,讨论希腊选举将对欧元产生的影响。来 /201501/356535漾濞县宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的大理市铁东医院




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