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  • For most of Michigan, this has been one of the driest starts to summer weve seen in a long time.With Fourth of July coming up, there are concerns about fires in these dry conditions.For this reason, Julie Secontine, the State Fire Marshal, has been considering banning fireworks this Fourth of July.As of now, no burn ban or fireworks ban has been issued.;But we are monitoring the situation very closely and its a day-to-day assessment,; Secontine said.Fireworks can aly be dangerous, but this dry spell has upped the ante.;Its a very serious concern,; Secontine said. ;I cannot stress safety enough. Safety is something that people generally make fun of, but this is a very serious situation in Michigan with the dry weather and we are monitoring the situation closely.;Suggested precautionsIf located in an area where a local burn ban or fireworks ban has not been issued, Secontine said its crucial to take ;extreme caution; when lighting fireworks, a grill or campfire.;The area in which you ignite fireworks has to be clear of all debris, people and pets,; Secontine said. ;Most injuries occur to bystanders, so you want to make sure the area in which you ignite is clear.;She also recommends igniting fireworks only from a hard surface, like a driveway, and having water at-the-y.;You need to make sure you have a bucket of water, a hose thats y and charged, maybe even wet the area down,; Secontine said. ;But with consumer-grade fireworks, the biggest problem is theyre airborne and we never know where theyre going to land or where the sparks from them are going to land.;For more safety tips, like what to do if your fireworks dont explode, listen above.GUESTJulie Secontine, State Fire Marshal201607/452576。
  • Special Report特别报道From darkness, dawn冲破黑暗,走向黎明After years of underachievement and rising violence, Mexico is at last beginning to realise its potential, says Tom WainwrightTom Wainwright说道经过长年停滞和内乱,墨西哥终于迎来曙光The Apocalypse was on its way, and it would begin in Mexico. Where elsen When archaeologists dug up Mayan calendars that ominously seemed to run out in the final days of 2012, some doomsayers predicted the end of the world. To many Mexicans it seemed like just another example of their country’s unending run of bad luck. The steepest recession on the American mainland, a plague of H1N1 swine flu and a deepening war against organised crime had made the preceding few years fairly grim. In the Pentagon had given warning that Mexico could become a “failed state”. Armageddon would be the icing on the cake.《圣经·启示录》中的预言正在实现,而首当其冲的就是墨西哥。舍此其谁?考古学家挖掘出的玛雅日历似乎到2012年末为止,这一凶兆为部分末日论者所用,预言为世界末日。而众多墨西哥人看来,这不过是他们无限厄运的另一实例而已。除了美洲大陆上经济最为不佳之外,墨西哥还遭受H1N1猪流感和缉毒战争的洗礼,其前途一片黯淡。年,美国五角大楼(Pentagon)警示称,墨西哥可能成为“失败国家”。《启示录》中的“大审判”(Armageddon)不过给其“锦上添花”罢了。But it turns out that the Mayan glyphs were misunderstood. The men with magnifying glasses now say that the world is not about to end—in fact, it seems that the Mayans were predicting something more like a renewal or a fresh start. Could the same be true of Mexicon?但事实上,人们误解了玛雅石雕上的日历。现在,石雕上手握圣杯的男子已不再表示终结。相反,玛雅人的预示似乎更接近重生或新生。而同样的事能在墨西哥成真吗?This special report will argue that there is a good chance of it. Some awful years are giving way to what, if managed properly, could be a prosperous period for Latin America’s second-largest economy. Big, irreversible trends, from a falling birth rate at home to rising wages in China, are starting to move in Mexico’s favour. At the same time the country’s leaders are at last starting to tackle some of the home-grown problems that have held it back.本篇特别报道持这一说法。惨淡的岁月已然过去。只要管理得当,在今后的日子里,这一拉美第二经济体将迎来繁荣昌盛。不可阻挡的时代潮流,已从劳动减少、成本上涨的中国,转而眷顾起了墨西哥。与此同时,墨西哥的政府高官最终开始处理个别阻碍其发展的国内问题。Many of the things that the world thinks it knows about Mexico are no longer true. A serially underachieving economy, repeatedly trumped by dynamic Braziln Mexico outpaced Brazil last year and will grow twice as fast this year. Out-of-control population growth and an endless exodus to the northn Net emigration is down to zero, if not negative, and the fertility rate will soon be lower than that of the ed States. Grinding povertyn Yes, but alleviated by services such as universal free health care. A raging drug warn The failure of rich countries’ anti-drugs policies means that organised crime will not go away. But Mexico’s murder rate is now falling, albeit slowly, for the first time in five years.世人所熟知的那个“墨西哥”已不复存在。那个“经济连年停滞的”、“总被势头较好的巴西踩在脚下的”墨西哥已不复存在——墨西哥的经济增速已于去年超过巴西,今年有望翻其一番;那个“人口增长失控,大量人群北迁”的墨西哥也已不复存在——墨西哥的净移民数(出境移民减去入境移民的结果,译者注)不计负数已减少至零,其出生率也即将低于美国。至于“百姓贫穷不堪”确实不错,但无偿公共卫生等公共务已加以缓和。而墨西哥“国内缉毒战争不断”也确非虚言。发达国家在反毒品政策上都比较失败,这导致毒枭集团始终存在。但墨西哥国内的谋杀率在近五年来首次下降(尽管下降速度不大)。A vast country with deeply ingrained problems and unreformed corners, Mexico could yet squander the opportunities that are coming its way. But there are signs that it is beginning to realise its potential. With luck, the dire predictions made by the Pentagon and others may turn out to be as reliable as a mis Mayan calendar.由于深陷国内各种问题以及改革不力的窘境,墨西哥也有可能错失眼前的机遇。但是种种迹象表明,其潜力已被开发。若一切顺利,五角大楼等等关于墨西哥的消极预言可能也终将和遭误解的玛雅日历那般不靠谱。Preparing to lead Mexico into this brightening future is the party most associated with its past. The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) ran Mexico without interruption for most of the 20th century, silencing opposition through a mixture of co-option, corruption and occasional violence. Only in 2000 did it give up its grip on power to the conservative National Action Party (PAN), which fielded two presidents in succession: Vicente Fox, a former executive at Coca-Cola, and Felipe Calderon, a lawyer whose father was a founding member of the party. On December 1st Mr Calderon will hand over the presidency to the PRI’s Enrique Pena Nieto, who won a clear election victory on July 1st. A handsome 46-year-old with a gift for communication, Mr Pena claims to be the opposite of the crooked party men who ran the country in its pre-democratic days. But will the change be more than superficialn?带领墨西哥走向光明的重任落在其历史悠久的党派上。“革命制度党”(PRI)就曾领导了墨西哥不间断地度过20世纪的大半,期间该党通过游说拉拢、贪污行贿、时而付诸暴力的手段,让反对派偃旗息鼓。直到2000年,该党才选择退位,由保守派的“国家行动党”(PAN)当政,期间先后轮替了两位总统:曾任可口可乐(Coca-Cola)首席执行的福克斯(Vicente Fox)和担任律师的国家行动党元老子弟卡尔德隆(Felipe Calderon)。今年12月1日,卡尔德隆总统即将让位给革命制度党的裴纳尼托(Enrique Pena Nieto),后者于今年6月1日的选举中大获全胜。46岁的裴纳尼托外表俊朗、善于演讲。他自称将与那些“墨西哥前民主时期”当政的狡猾政客背道而驰。但他所宣称的改革究竟能否触及核心?Mr Pena says his priority is to make the economy grow faster in order to reduce poverty. Nearly half the population are poor, many of them in the south (see map). To achieve more rapid growth he will need to introduce a series of big economic reforms, some of which Mr Calderon attempted during his presidency, only to see them get stuck in Mexico’s cantankerous Congress. 裴纳尼托表示,他将优先推进经济增长,以减少贫困。墨西哥约半数人口处于贫穷状态,大部分集中在南部(见地图)。为此,裴纳尼托需引入一系列经济改革,这些措施在卡尔德隆总统执政期间也曾受到推行,但却堵在争论不休的国会之中。翻译:沈骜译文属译生译世201608/462915。
  • The Republican response共和党回应When Joni poked Barry乔尼戳巴里脊梁骨A polite request for the president to co-operate客气要求总统合作JONI ERNST did not flub her lines or commit any gaffes. So compared with Republican efforts of recent years, her response to Barack Obamas state-of-the-union message was a success. But the new senator from Iowa had promised, during her campaign, to make Washington squeal like a hog having its testicles removed, and platitudes rarely have that effect. Her personal stories of hardship—like using b bags as a child to keep rain off her shoes—were aimed more at the heart than any other organ.琼妮厄恩斯特没有站错阵营也没哗众取宠。与近几年来共和党的表现相比,她对奥巴马国情咨文的回复真是一大创举,这位来自爱荷华州的新议员许诺她的竞选将让白宫饱尝撕心裂肺的苦头,而这绝不是说说而已,她的个人经历就充满着艰难困苦,比如童年时代曾用面包袋挡鞋子上的雨水,而这比任何东西都能打动人心。Like the president before her, Mrs Ernsts speech suggested little willingness to compromise. Having walloped the Democrats in the mid-term elections, Republicans feel that the president should move in their direction. Mrs Ernst called for repealing Obamacare, which Mr Obama obviously wont allow, and building the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which he probably wont.和奥巴马一样,厄恩斯的言辞也是斩钉截铁的语气,在中期选举一举击垮民主党之后,共和党人只觉得牵着总统鼻子走也是理所应当,厄恩斯呼吁撤销奥巴马医改建设基石管道,前者没有商量的余地,而后者可能还有一线生机。She called for tax reform, without raising rates as Mr Obama would like. She urged the president to get on board, though her party doubts he will. Mr Obama shows “no willingness to even meet somewhere in the middle on issues that have been percolating for some time”, said Richard Burr, a senator from North Carolina.她呼吁税务改革,拒绝顺着奥巴马的意愿提高税率,并要求奥巴马回到谈判桌前,但对此她也不抱什么希望,“奥巴马也没有任何在这个已僵持过得问题上折衷”北卡罗来纳州议员理查德说。That is not entirely true. Mr Obama and Mrs Ernst agreed on the need for trade deals with Asia and Europe. And Republicans seem likely to authorise the use of force against Islamic State, as the president asked. But on domestic issues, the gulf between the parties is as wide as ever. “What hes talking about so far he knows doesnt have any chance whatsoever of passing,” said Lamar Alexander, a senator from Tennessee. Mrs Ernst was more polite. “With a little co-operation from the president,” she said, “we can get Washington working again.”这也不是完全正确,奥巴马和厄恩斯在对亚洲和欧洲的贸易协定上达成了一致,共和党似乎也如总统所愿同意授权出兵打击伊斯兰国势力,但双方在国内问题上争执不下,田纳西亚议员亚历山大说,他所说的那些他自己都知道不可能通过,厄恩斯更为客套,她说,只要总统有一点合作的意向,我们就能让华盛顿运作起来。译者:张孟夏 译文属译生译世 /201501/356685。
  • Do you watch movies like that?I do, I like movies like that.你会看这种电影吗 我会的 我喜欢这种电影You like getting scared? - I dont like scary movies.Do you like getting scared? - But I like being-Ahh!你喜欢被吓到吗 -我不喜欢惊悚片 我是说你喜欢被吓到的感觉吗 -不过我喜欢 啊啊啊Hey youre early.Where the damned ?Why are you so angry?今天来这么早 那该死的的录影带在哪 你生什么气啊What you did in my classroom today..Youve been avoiding me.你今天在我的班里是怎么回事 你一直在躲我What do you think its just kind of game were playing here?你以为这很好玩吗This is real life.That is my home.Okay youre doing things Your cheating, lying husband?这是真实生活 那是我的家 你在我的孩子 我的丈夫面前 那个欺骗你还搞外遇的丈夫Okay, whats your plan?What do you think, what do you think?好了 你想干什么 你以为会怎样 你到底怎么想Were gonna date?Were going on family vacations together?难道我们要去约会吗 我们一起去过家庭假期吗What do you think is gonna happen here?你以为我们能怎样Jennifer Lopez in ;The Boy Next Door;.So its ;The Boy Next Door;. - It is.詹妮弗·洛佩兹主演 ;邻家男孩; 电影是关于一个 ;邻家男孩; -是的And, you have a little fling with him?Well, thats not the whole movie.你跟他在电影里有一段风流韵事 那只是电影的一部分The movie is about a woman, Claire Peterson,who basically is at a really low point in her life.电影是说一个叫克莱尔·彼得森的女人 她正处在人生的低谷Her husband is separated, contemplating divorce.和她的丈夫分居了 正在考虑离婚Hes cheated on her.She is feeling not her best, obviously.她的丈夫对她不忠 可想而知 她的心情比较低落And a boy moves in next door,who be befriends her son.这时隔壁搬来了一个男孩 和她的儿子成为朋友 /201512/413719。
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