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The general manager of a Chinese culture communication company said on condition of anonymity that some celebrities take drugs to stave off their psychological woes.。

奥巴马夫妇被曝分房而睡 --5 :5:9 来源: 奥巴马夫妇被曝分房而睡President Obama and wife Michelle slept in separate bedrooms due to a marital fight during a first-term Martha’s Vineyard vacation, according to an excerpt from Ed Klein’s newly released book “Blood Feud.”“They slept in their own bedrooms,” a Blue Heron Farm staffer told Klein his expose on the Obamas’ relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton, released Monday. “They both had stacks of books by their beds. The president was ing The Bayou Trilogy by Daniel Woodrell and Rodin’s Debutante by Ward Just. I don’t know if they visited each other’s bedroom at night, but I didn’t see any signs of that.”“The president ate in bed,” the staffer added. “You had to change the sheets every day. He smoked cigarettes and didn’t try to hide it at all. And he snores. I heard him. He ate a lot of junk food, chips and stuff. He loved fudge and bought it from Murdick’s Fudge. It was a wonder that he stayed so thin.”The staffer’s testimony will only serve to fuel rumors of marital strife between the First Couple, which have been reported widely in the press since President Obama snapped a selfie with attractive blonde Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. The marital problems were on display during the couple’s vacation, according to the staffer ed by Klein.“The Obamas seemed like they were bickering a lot, but they whispered so you couldn’t exactly hear what it was about,” the staffer said. “But I can tell when people are pissed off at each other, and they seemed to be pissed a lot.”“In fact,” the staffer said, “I didn’t see much warmth between the president and the first lady at all. They almost seemed to avoid each other.”“When the president was going on about something, Michelle would put on her earphones and listen to her iPod. She tuned him out.”“And they didn’t do much together. Michelle went out with her friends to lunch or dinner,” Klein’s source claimed, “and he stayed at home or went to the gym to play basketball or had a game of golf.”自奥巴马总统与丹麦美女首相施密特在曼德拉的葬礼上自拍后,其与妻子米歇尔关系不和的传闻被媒体大量报道近日,新书《血海深仇更为这一传言添油加醋作者埃德?克莱恩在《血海深仇中称,奥巴马在总统第一任期,曾带妻子米歇尔到马萨诸塞州玛莎葡萄园岛度假,期间两人因吵架而分房就寝岛上一家农场的职员向克莱恩描述道:“他们各自睡在自己的卧室内,两人床上都堆满书,总统在读丹尼尔?伍瑞德尔的《海湾三部曲和沃德?贾斯特的《罗丹的初次亮相我不知道他们晚上是不是到过对方卧室,不过我没看出来任何迹象”该职员说:“总统在床上吃东西,床单每天一换他随意抽烟,无所顾忌,我还听见他打呼噜奥巴马吃了好多垃圾食品、薯条之类的,还超爱乳脂软糖,经常买莫迪克(Murdick)软糖吃,他能一直保持那么瘦真不可思议”该工作人员还对克莱恩说:“奥巴马夫妇似乎经常吵架,但他们声音很小,所以听不清到底怎么回事,但我看得出互相生气的样子,他们似乎总是在生气“事实上,我几乎看不出总统和第一夫人之间有何温存他们似乎都在避免碰面”“当总统有事找米歇尔时,米歇尔会戴上耳机,听她的iPod,对奥巴马视而不见”克莱恩的这位消息人士继续讲道:“他们几乎很少一起行动米歇尔和她朋友们出去午餐或晚餐,而奥巴马呆在家里或去体育馆打篮球或者高尔夫球”。

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "She'd like to get pregnant but isn't so sure about marriage."。

双语新闻:白宫公布国安局监控行为审查报告 -- :56:30 来源: The White House has released an independent panel's review of U.S. intelligence practices, with recommendations that are expected to serve as a basis a revision of policy procedures guiding the National Security Agency. President Barack Obama met with panel members Wednesday to discuss 6 recommendations they made on how to modify U.S. surveillance practices.   白宫公布了一份由一个独立调查小组对美国情报搜集行为的报告预计美国国家安全局将会以该报告中提出的建议为基础,对国安局的指导政策规程作出修改美国总统奥巴马星期三会晤了该小组成员,和他们讨论了有关如何修改美国监控行动的6项建议   The White House stipulated that the administration is looking into ways of how to best use its intelligence gathering capabilities to protect U.S. national security without unnecessarily infringing on civil liberties and personal privacy.   白宫表示,奥巴马政府正在考虑如何在为保护美国国家安全而进行情报搜集工作的同时,避免不必要地侵犯公民自由和个人隐私   The review panel recommended several measures the better safeguarding of civil liberties and careful analysis of the consequences of collecting intelligence. It also called protection of the privacy of non-U.S. citizens.   审议小组对更好地保护公民自由和谨慎研究情报搜集行动的后果提出了建议该小组还呼吁对非美国公民的隐私加以保护   Stephen Vladack, a law professor at American University in Washington, said that protecting non-U.S. citizens is important, and that even U.S. citizens abroad are not protected by the U.S. constitution.   位于华盛顿的美利坚大学法学教授斯蒂芬·维拉戴克表示,这一点非常重要,因为这也是保护在海外的美国公民的宪法权益   "I think the real questions non-citizens outside the ed States is if there are ways to improve privacy protections and constraints on surveillance powers short of Constitutional invalidation, are there ways Congress to legislate tighter safeguards to ensure that the NSA is not just vacuuming up all the inmation that it can, but that it’s only collecting inmation when it has a reason to," said Vladack.   维拉戴克说:“我认为,对于美国以外的非公民来说,真正的问题在于是否能够改善隐私保护、在宪法没有界定的领域限制政府监控的权力,还有就是国会是否会立法规定更为严格的保护措施,保NSA不能搜集一切他们想要搜集的情报,而只是在有正当理由的情况下才搜集他们所需要的情报”   At the White House, spokesman Jay Carney said President Obama will not make any immediate decisions regarding the 300-page report.   白宫发言人卡尼说,奥巴马总统不会立即对这份长达300页的报告作出任何决定   "He is not going to make snap judgments. He is going to look at it and assess it. The overall internal review won't be completed until January. After that, the president will have more to say about it, and more to say about the outcomes of that work," said Carney.   他说:“总统不会迅速作出一个决定他会仔细研究和评估整个内部调查将会在1月份才完成之后,总统会对此有更多了解,会对这份报告的结论有更多了解”   The review group worked under the director of national intelligence to examine NSA practices following allegations from mer agency contractor Edward Snowden that the NSA collected data on telephone calls made by private citizens. Carney acknowledged that Snowden's disclosures have had an effect, and pointed out that the president instigated the review with the intention of making changes in the U.S. surveillance program.   这个审查小组在美国国家情报机构负责人的领导下对美国国安局的行为进行了审查此前,前美国国安局合同雇员斯诺登指称,NSA搜集普通公民的电话记录白宫发言人卡尼承认,斯诺登泄密造成了影响但他表示,奥巴马总统要求对国安局进行审查,目的就是要对美国的监控项目进行调整   "Changes that will be important even as we make clear that the work that is done by the NSA and the other parts of the intelligence commy is vital to the security of the ed States and the American people and our allies, and that we will not compromise the work that we do on behalf of the security of the ed States," said Carney.   卡尼说:“一些改革是很重要的,但我们也很清楚地表明我们的立场,也就是国安局和其他情报部门的工作对美国和美国人民、以及美国的盟友是至关重要的在事关美国国家安全的事情上我们是不会妥协的”   President Obama defended U.S. surveillance programs in a speech in August, shortly after Snowden leaked some of the documents he allegedly stole from the NSA.   在斯诺登泄露了一些据称是他从国安局窃取的资料不久后,奥巴马在8月份的一次演讲中为美国的监控项目进行了辩护   "I want to make clear once again that America is not interested in spying on ordinary people. Our intelligence is focused above all on finding the inmation that's necessary to protect our people and, in many cases, protect our allies," said Obama.   奥巴马总统说:“我想重申的是美国对监视普通人没有兴趣我们的情报工作主要是为了保护美国人民安全,以及在很多情况下,是为了保护我们盟友的安全”   Obama has promised greater transparency on how and when the surveillance systems are used.   但奥巴马也承诺,将增加有关美国监控项目运作的透明度   Snowden is currently in exile in Russia. He is wanted by the ed States on charges of espionage, but his supporters hail his act spurring a global discussion on security practices that affect ordinary citizens -- a discussion that many consider long overdue.   斯诺登目前在俄罗斯逃亡他被美国以间谍罪名起诉,但他的持者认为斯诺登的行为引发了一场有关国家安全措施对普通百姓影响的大讨论很多人认为,这样的讨论来得太迟了。