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Cholera in the Dominican Republic. Dengue fever in the Caribbean. Measles in Ukraine. Lee Tamplin圣布拉斯岛海滩多米尼加共和国的霍乱,加勒比海的登革热,乌克兰的麻疹。 With summer travel season here, so are new warnings about health hazards in many exotic destinations. Granted, I#39;m probably more paranoid than the average middle-aged traveler, having been a bone-marrow transplant patient with a weakened immune system. And my idea of adventure travel is anywhere without a Four Seasons hotel. But in developing countries-and even in many developed ones-many travelers over 50 face special concerns, especially if they have chronic health conditions or take medications such as steroids that suppress the immune system. 随着夏季旅游旺季的到来,也出现了许多新的有关国外目的地的健康危险警示。的确,作为一个做过骨髓移植、免疫系统减弱了的人,我可能比一般的中年旅行者更多疑。而且我所认为的冒险旅行是去一个没有四季酒店(Four Seasons)的地方。但在发展中国家,甚至在很多发达国家,许多50岁以上的旅行者的确面临着特殊的问题,尤其是如果他们有慢性病或用类固醇等抑制免疫系统的药物,问题就更大了。;We see a lot of people who, after retirement, want to take the trek of a lifetime in Nepal, but it isn#39;t the same as going to Kansas City, and a lot of them don#39;t realize this,; says Phyllis Kozarsky, an infectious-disease expert at Emory University and travel health consultant for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both in Atlanta. Many popular areas lack basic medical care, let alone easy access to a local drugstore. 埃默里大学(Emory University)传染病研究专家、美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)旅行健康顾问科扎斯基(Phyllis Kozarsky)说,我们看到很多人在退休后想去尼泊尔徒步,但这跟去堪萨斯城可不一样,而他们很多人都意识不到这一点。埃默里大学和疾控中心均位于亚特兰大。很多热门地区都缺乏基本的医疗保健设施,更别说方便地在当地药店买到药了。See Your Doctor 看医生 Four to six weeks before foreign travel, it#39;s wise to visit a doctor for recommended vaccines and cautionary medications such as malaria pills and a prescription antibiotic in the event of a bad stomach bug. But it is also important to pack mosquito repellent and other precautions for outdoor activities in areas where malaria, yellow fever and other insect-borne diseases abound─and to stock up on other important items. 出国旅行前四到六周去看医生是明智的做法,询问医生应接种哪些疫苗,以及应该准备哪些预防药物,比如疟疾丸和用于治疗严重胃病的处方抗生素。但要是在疟疾、黄热病及其他昆虫传播疾病多发地进行户外活动,携带驱蚊剂及采取其他预防措施也同样重要,还应储备其他重要物品。 ;I walk through the aisles of my local pharmacy and carry the things I#39;d like to have with me in the event of a minor illness,; such as pain relievers and anti-diarrhea medication, says Dr. Kozarsky. 科扎斯基士说,我会去自己本地的药店转一转,拿些防治小病的药物,比如止痛药和抗腹泻药物。 The CDC travel health website has a regularly updated list of health risks and vaccination recommendations and requirements for specific countries. Some clinics use a software program, Travax, which tracks disease risk data. Paul McKinney, developer of the program and medical director of the travel clinic at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, says it also helps identify vaccine requirements for travelers who may be going from one foreign country to another. For example, travelers going to India from the U.S. don#39;t require a yellow-fever vaccination, but if they are first visiting countries where yellow fever is endemic, India may require them to be vaccinated. 疾控中心旅行健康网站列出了具体国家的健康风险和建议接种的疫苗及要求清单,并且会定期更新。有些诊所会用Travax软件程序,它能够跟踪疾病风险数据。该软件的开发者、肯塔基州路易斯维尔大学(University of Louisville in Kentucky)旅行诊所主任医师麦金尼(Paul McKinney)说,该软件还能帮助确认在国外不同国家间旅行者的疫苗要求。例如从美国到印度的旅行者不需要接种黄热病疫苗,但如果他们要先去黄热病多发的国家,印度可能会要求他们接种疫苗。Vaccine Risk 疫苗风险 Live vaccines such as the one for yellow fever can be risky for those over 60 or 65, Dr. McKinney warns, because of a higher likelihood of side effects. Patients taking steroids, which lower resistance to viral infection of any kind, are also less likely to have a good response to a vaccine. 麦金尼士警告说,黄热病疫苗等活疫苗对60或65岁以上的人会有危险,因为产生副作用的可能性较大。用类固醇的病人也可能对疫苗的反应不佳,因为类固醇会降低人体对各种形式病毒感染的抵抗力。It#39;s also important to be up-to-date on routine vaccinations such as flu and tetanus before leaving the U.S. A shingles vaccine for those over 65 can reduce the chance of being struck with a painful and debilitating case of the virus, which is related to childhood chickenpox. Measles are also a growing concern in Europe, Dr. Kozarsky says. If you#39;re unsure whether you had measles or a childhood vaccination for it, a blood test can determine if there are antibodies to the disease. 还有很重要的一点是,在离开美国前应接种最新的流感和破伤风等常规疫苗。65岁以上者接种带状疱疹疫苗能减少严重感染这种病毒的几率,这种病毒与儿时的水痘有关。科扎斯基士说,麻疹在欧洲也日益受到关注。如果你不确定自己是否得过麻疹或小时候接种过疫苗,那么血液化验可以判定你是否有麻疹抗体。Travelers also need to be careful about organisms that can penetrate the skin while swimming, or bacteria found in drinking water-as well as raw foods such as salad and fresh fruit. 旅行者还需要小心在游泳时能穿透皮肤的有机生物或饮用水中以及沙拉和新鲜水果等生食中发现的细菌。 In Case of Emergency… 万一遇到紧急情况……For the worst-case scenario, it is also a good idea to consider an emergency medical evacuation program. Before a trip to Russia last year, Marvin Freedman, a retired Justice Department investigator and avid world traveler, bought a membership from MedjetAssist, on the recommendations of some fellow travelers. He admits he was skeptical it could deliver as promised: evacuation to the hospital of his choosing for the 0 plan. 如果遇到最坏的情况,最好是考虑紧急医疗后送方案。去年前往俄国之前,热衷世界旅行的美国司法部退休调查员弗里德曼(Marvin Freedman)在一些同行者的建议下,购买了MedjetAssist的会员计划。他选择的是价格260美元的计划,保能在发生情况时将他护送到医院。他承认起初自己对其是否能实现承诺有所怀疑。While poking around historic towns in the Golden Ring area outside Moscow, Mr. Freedman picked up a bug that worsened by the time he got to St. Petersburg. Admitted to a hospital there, he was pumped full of antibiotics by doctors who diagnosed a bacterial infection. But he wasn#39;t getting better. After a few days he placed a call to MedjetAssist, where he was connected to doctors at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center who determined he needed to be brought home. 在游览莫斯科郊外金环地区(Golden Ring)的古镇时,弗里德曼感染了一种疾病,在他到圣彼得堡时病情开始恶化。他住进了当地的一所医院,医生诊断他是细菌感染,给他注射了抗生素。但他并没有好转。几天后,他打电话给MedjetAssist,联系上了匹兹堡大学医学中心(University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)的医生,他们认为他需要被送回美国。The next morning, a Lear Jet with a flight doctor and a nurse arrived to take him on the first leg of a long journey back to Wisconsin. Doctors there determined it was in fact a viral infection-which doesn#39;t respond to antibiotics-and discontinued the drugs. After making a full recovery, Mr. Freedman says he is undaunted from globe-trotting and aly has a journey to India in the planning stages. 第二天一早,一位航空医生和护士乘坐一架Lear喷气式飞机抵达,带他回到了威斯康星州。那里的医生认为这实际上是一种病毒感染,因此不会对抗生素产生反应,医生停用了之前的药物。完全恢复后,弗里德曼说自己对环球旅行的热情并没有受到打击,现在已经开始筹备印度之行了。 /201206/187908Which country has the most generous people in the world? A poll of 153 countries ranked global philanthropy in three categories: individual donations, volunteer time, and the number of people willing to help a stranger. Gallup’s 2010 World Giving Index Report was released Wednesday.  哪个国家的国民最慷慨?一项按个人捐赠、做志愿者的时间和愿意帮助陌生人三项指标调查了全球153个国家,给他们的慈善情况排名。盖洛普民意调查周三公布了《2010世界捐助指数报告》。  The US tied with Switzerland for the fifth place. In the US,60 percent have donated to organizations, 39 percent once were volunteers at organizations and 65 percent are willing to help a stranger.  美国与瑞士并列第五。在美国,向机构捐赠的人占60%,在机构当过志愿者的人有39%,愿意帮助陌生人的人为65%。Ireland and Canada were tied for the third place. Ireland is one of the many nations where women are more likely to help a stranger than men. Canadians' higher rank than Americans is based largely on their giving more money to charities. Canada has more government-led charity campaigns than the US.  爱尔兰和加拿大并列第三。在爱尔兰,很多国家,女性都比男性更倾向于帮助陌生人,爱尔兰是其中之一。加拿大人排在美国前面的主要原因在于,他们向慈善事业捐的钱比较多。在加拿大,由政府领导的慈善事业也要比美国多。 /201009/113616

Impressed by his success in hosting the Olympic Games, nearly three-quarters of Britons now want London mayor Boris Johnson to become prime minister, according to a survey on Saturday.根据周六的一项调查,伦敦市长伯里斯因为成功举办了奥运会而让英国民众印象深刻,现在有近四分之三的英国人希望他出任首相。The 48-year-old former member of parliament who once said he had as much chance of becoming prime minister as being decapitated by a frisbee or finding Elvis, has been widely acclaimed for his role in promoting the Games.这位48岁的前国会议员曾说过,他成为首相的几率就像被飞盘砸掉脑袋或找到猫王的几率一样渺小,然而这次他却由于宣传奥运会的出色表现而广受赞誉。In the UK-wide survey conducted for Ladbrokes bookmakers, 71 percent of respondents said they would like him to become premier.这项为立公司开展的全国性调查显示,71%的应答者称他们希望伯里斯成为首相。Ladbrokes is now offering odds of 2/1 that he is re-elected mayor in four years#39; time and of 3/1 that he becomes prime minister before 2030.立公司现在对伯里斯四年内再次当选市长提供2比1的赔率,2030年前成为首相提供3比1的赔率。The blond, mop-haired mayor vigorously denies any interest in seeking the top job and has sought in vain to quell growing speculation that he might one day follow in the footsteps of fellow Conservative politician David Cameron.然而顶着一头乱蓬蓬金发的市长却极力否认自己对一把手的位置有任何兴趣,并徒劳地试图平息愈演愈烈的猜测,即他有一天也许会追随同为保守党人的戴维#8226;卡梅伦的脚步。;What do I have to do to make this silly-season story go away?; he wailed earlier this week. ;How could anybody elect a prat (fool) who gets stuck in a zip wire?;上周早些时候他诉苦道:“我到底要怎么做才能让这个新闻饥荒期的无聊故事不再传下去?怎么可能会有人选一个被高空飞索卡住的傻帽来当首相?”He was referring to footage of him on a 150 feet- (46-metre)-high wire at a publicity event last week when he was left dangling over a crowd of people for several minutes, clutching a Union Jack flag, as the pulley from which he was suspended got stuck.他指的是上周他在参加一个宣传活动时,由于滑轮卡住,他在众目睽睽之下被吊在150英尺(46米)高空中几分钟之久,手里还攥着英国国旗。这一场景被录了下来。Several political observers have noted that the self-deprecating Johnson is perhaps the only politician in Britain who could escape from such a mishap with his dignity intact.一些政治观察家们指出,善于自嘲的约翰逊也许是唯一一位碰上如此不幸事件仍能保持其尊严完好无损的英国政治家。To become prime minister, Johnson would first have to stand for election to parliament again, having left to become mayor in 2008. While few doubt his public appeal, many commentators say his tangled private life would be an obstacle to his ever becoming prime minister.在2008年的选举中约翰逊当选了伦敦市长,并宣布辞去国会议员。要成为首相,他首先需要再次参选国会议员。尽管多数人都相信他的公共号召力,但很多者称他纠缠不清的私人生活将会是他成为首相的一大障碍——如果他有机会当选的话。;Each blunder only seems to add to his charm,; said Ladbrokes#39; Alex Donohue in a statement. ;His stock is at an all time high following the Games.立公司的亚历克斯#8226;多诺霍在一份声明中指出:“他每犯一个错误似乎都只会增加他的魅力。他的行情随着奥运会的进行涨到前所未有的高度。”;The odds now clearly reflect the fact that he could soon be moving on up in the world of politics.;“现在的赔率显然反映了他可能很快就会在政界继续高升。”Ladbrokes believes the gaffe-prone mayor could still commit a faux pas during Sunday#39;s closing ceremony and is offering 33/1 that he knocks over the mayor of Rio de Janeiro with the Olympic flag at the ceremonial handover to the next host.立公司认为这位频频失态的市长在周日的奥运会闭幕式上可能还会失态,并以33比1的赔率打赌市长会在给下个主办城市的奥运旗帜交接仪式上把里约热内卢市长撞倒。 /201208/195039



  Tokyo has regained the unenviable title of the world#39;s most expensive city for expatriates, while the eurozone crisis has made many European cities cheaper, according to a survey published on Tuesday.周二发布的一项调查显示,东京又重新荣获全球最贵移民城市的称号,而欧元区危机让许多欧洲城市的生活花费都降低了。At the other end of the scale, the survey by the Mercer group named the Pakistani port Karachi as the least expensive city, with living costs around three times cheaper than in the Japanese capital.在排行榜的另一端,美世集团开展的这一调查将巴基斯坦海港城市卡拉奇评为生活花费最低廉的城市,该城市的生活成本大约比日本首都东京低三倍。The report, published annually to help companies assess compensation allowances for expatriate workers, compared the cost of over 200 items in 214 cities, using New York as a reference. The items on the list included housing, food and transport.这一年度调查报告旨在帮助公司估算给驻外员工的补贴数额。该调查以纽约的生活花费为参照,比较了214个城市的200多项条目,包括住房、饮食和交通。Tokyo pushed the oil-boom Angolan capital Luanda into second place to retake the top spot in the survey. Another Japanese city, Osaka, came third, the Russian capital Moscow in fourth, and Geneva fifth.调查报告中,东京将盛产石油的安哥拉首都罗安达挤到了第二位,重新抢占冠军位置。另一个日本城市大阪位居第三,俄罗斯首都莫斯科排在第四位,日内瓦排在第五位。Cities in the eurozone slid in the rankings as the euro has slid against the US dollar during the debt crisis. Paris dropped 10 spots to 37th, Rome fell eight to 42nd, and Athens tumbled 24 to 77th.由于欧债危机中欧元对美元贬值,欧元区城市的排名有所下滑。巴黎降了10位,排名第37,罗马降了8位,排在第42位,雅典排名大幅下滑,降了24位,排名第77。London slipped from 18th in the table one year ago down to 25th place.伦敦从一年前排行榜中的第18位降到了第25位。Six Australian major cities are among the top 30 because of a stronger Australian dollar, according to Mercer.根据美世集团的调查,澳大利亚的6个主要城市都跻身前30名,因为澳元走强。The survey showed that the six cities had all experienced further jumps up the global list since 2011, with Sydney ranked 11th and Melbourne 15th, whereas Perth and Canberra both jumped 11 places to numbers 19 and 23.该调查显示,自2011年以来,这6个城市在这一全球排行榜上的名次都上升了。悉尼位居第11名,墨尔本第15名,珀斯和堪培拉都上升了11位,分列第19名和第23名。Brisbane rose by seven places to take 24th position while Adelaide moved up 19 places to 27th.布里斯班上升了7位,位居第24名,阿德莱德上升了19位,排在第27名。Australia now has three surveyed cities in the top 20 and all six surveyed cities in the top 30, Mercer said.美世集团称,澳大利亚现在有3个被调查城市进入了前20名,而且被调查的6个城市都进入了前30名。Sydney has become the most expensive Australian city for expatriates.悉尼已成为最昂贵的澳大利亚移民城市。;Demand for rental properties has also increased significantly in all the Australian cities we rank,; Mercer principal Nathalie Constantin-Metral said in a statement.美世集团的总裁娜萨莉#8226;康斯坦丁-梅特拉尔在一份声明中说:“在所有入榜的澳大利亚城市中,租房需求也大大提高了。”;Coupled with very limited availability, the result has been very tight markets and increased prices.;“再加上可供给量十分有限,其结果就是市场供不应求,价格上涨。”Shanghai climbed five places to 16th and Beijing moved up three places to 17th, overtaking Seoul.首尔排名被上海和北京赶超。上海上升了5位,排名第16,北京上升了3位,排在第17名。Shenzhen rose by 13 places to 30th while Guangzhou was up seven places to 31st.深圳上升了13位,排在第30名,广州上升了7位,排在第31名。 /201206/186756

  A woman who lived in a coma for 42 years, meticulously cared for by her family, died Wednesday in her home in Miami Gardens, Fla., the Miami Herald reported。根据《迈阿密先驱报》的报道,一位昏迷长达42年的女性21日在位于迈阿密花园的家中辞世,终年59岁。在她昏迷的这么多年中,家人一直不离不弃悉心照料。Edwarda O’Bara was a 16-year-old high school student in 1970 when she became sick from her diabetes medication and slipped into a diabetic coma.1970年,当时16岁的爱德华达·欧贝拉还是个高中学生,因为糖尿病接受药物治疗,最后失去知觉陷入了昏迷,医学上称为糖尿病昏迷症。According to the Herald, just before she lost consciousness, Edwarda asked her mother, Kaye O’Bara, to never leave her side, and her family never did。《迈阿密先驱报》报道称,在她失去知觉前对母亲凯伊说的最后一句话,是让母亲不要丢下她。而在她昏迷的42年中,她的家人一直坚守当初的承诺。Edwarda’s father, Joe O’Bara, and Kaye took care of their daughter — ing to her, playing her music, making sure she was turned every two hours, bathed, given insulin and given nourishment through a feeding tube — until their deaths in 1976 and 2008, respectively. After that, Edwarda’s sister Colleen O’Bara took over。爱德华达的父亲乔和母亲凯伊一直悉心照顾女儿,读书给她听,为她弹奏音乐,每隔两小时帮她翻一次身,为她洗澡,为她注射胰岛素,用食管给她喂食,两位老人一直坚持做这些直到两人相继去世:1976年父亲乔因心脏病去世,2008年母亲凯伊去世。母亲去世后,科林恩接棒继续照顾她。Edwarda O’Bara spent more than four decades in a coma, but her family’s unending care for her became a story told across the world。爱德华达昏迷了40多年,而她的家人不离不弃的悉心照料也让她的故事传遍了世界。And visitors from across the world traveled to the Miami Gardens home, every year, sometimes appearing at the doorstep on random days, other times for Edwarda’s yearly birthday party, a boisterous affair with decorations, balloons and cake。每年都会有从世界各地来的人前往迈阿密花园拜访他们。有些人可能随时来,有一些人则会赶在每年爱德华达的生日聚会来。每年的生日聚会人们都会帮忙装饰,气球和蛋糕给家里带来欢乐的气氛。Through it all, Edwarda remained in a coma. But to her family and followers she remained vibrantly alive. Colleen O’Bara described her as “the best sister in the whole wide world。”虽然这些年爱德华达一直处于昏迷状态。但对她的家人和关注她的人来说,她一直都在充满活力的生活着。科林恩描述她是“这个世界上最好的”。“She taught me so much, and I’m talking about now, after she was in the coma,” Colleen O’Bara said. “She taught me so much about unconditional love that I couldn’t say I had it before. She taught me about patience, that I didn’t have before. I learned so much from taking care of my sister. It’s like I grew up overnight。”科林恩这样说道:“她教给了我很多,我指的是特别在她昏迷之后。她教会我要无条件地付出爱,这些我以前真的都没有做到;她教会我以前所没有的耐心。在照顾的这些年里我学到了很多,就算是一夜之间长大了一样。”In an announcement of Edwarda#39;s death posted Thursday on a website dedicated to her, Colleen O#39;Bara wrote: ;Yesterday while taking care of Edwarda I noticed her looking directly at me and gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen. She then closed her eyes and joined my Mom in Heaven.;周四科林恩将爱德华达去世的消息公布在专门为她设立的网站上,她在公告中写到:“昨天在照顾爱德华达的时候,我注意到她直直的看着我然后给了我一个大大的微笑,这是我见过她笑得最开心的一次。然后她闭上眼睛,去天堂和我的母亲相会了。” /201211/210994

  Beautes were dressed as Santa Claus to greet guests in a London department store.英国伦敦百货商店一角,装扮成圣诞老人的美女迎接客人。 /200912/92930






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