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A number of recent books have lauded the connection between walking - just for its own sake - and thinking. But are people losing their love of the purposeless walk?最近许多书都赞扬走路这一行为本身和思考的联系。但是人们是否正逐渐对漫无目的的行走失去兴趣?Walking is a luxury in the West. Very few people, particularly in cities, are obliged to do much of it at all. Cars, bicycles, buses, trams, and trains all beckon.走路在西方是件奢侈事。少有人会去步行,尤其是在城市里。汽车、自行车、公交车、电车和火车,这些都更吸引人。Instead, walking for any distance is usually a planned leisure activity. Or a health aid. Something to help people lose weight. Or keep their fitness. But there#39;s something else people get from choosing to walk. A place to think.走路反而通常是一种有计划的休闲活动,或者是保健运动,是有助于减肥或保持健康的活动。但是人们还可以从步行中得到其它一些东西,一种思考的环境。Wordsworth was a walker. His work is inextricably bound upwith tramping in the Lake District. Drinking in the stark beauty. Getting lost in his thoughts.华兹华斯(Wordsworth)喜欢步行。他的工作让他不可避免地要经常在湖区行走,在纯粹质朴的美景中饮酒,沉浸到思考之中。Charles Dickens was a walker. He could easily rack up 20 miles, often at night. You can almost smell London#39;s atmosphere in his prose. Virginia Woolf walked for inspiration. She walked out from her homeat Rodmell in the South Downs. She wandered through London#39;s parks.查尔斯?狄更斯(Charles Dickens)也喜欢走路。他可以很轻松地走完20英里,而且经常是在夜里。从他的文章中你几乎可以嗅到伦敦的气息。弗吉尼亚?伍尔夫(Virginia Woolf)为寻求灵感而行走,她从家乡南唐斯的罗德麦尔出发,在伦敦的公园里漫步。Henry David Thoreau, who was both author and naturalist, walked and walked and walked. But even he couldn#39;t match the feat of someone like Constantin Brancusi, the sculptor who walked much of the way between his home village in Romania and Paris. Or indeed Patrick Leigh Fermor, whose walk from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul at the age of 18 inspired several volumes of travel writing. George Orwell, Thomas De Quincey, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bruce Chatwin, WG Sebald and Vladimir Nabokov are just some of the others who have written about it.自然主义者、作家亨利?大卫?梭罗(Henry David Thoreau)则每天都在行走。但即使是他也无法做到康斯坦丁?布朗库西(Constantin Brancusi)那样的壮举。布朗库西是一位雕塑家,从罗马尼亚的农村老家到巴黎这一路,他几乎都是走着去的。更厉害的是帕特里克?莱斯?法莫(Patrick Leigh Fermor),他18岁时从荷兰角港徒步到伊斯坦布尔,旅程给了他灵感,让他写出了好几卷游记。乔治?奥威尔(George Orwell)、托马斯?德?昆西(Thomas De Quincey)、纳西姆?尼古拉斯?塔勒布(Nassim Nicholas Taleb)、弗里德里希?尼采(Friedrich Nietzsche)、布鲁斯?查特文(Bruce Chatwin)、 温弗里德?格奥尔格?泽巴尔德(WG Sebald)、弗拉基米尔?纳科夫(Vladimir Nabokov)也都写过关于行走的文章。From recent decades, the environmentalist and writer John Francis has been one of the truly epic walkers. Francis was inspired by witnessing an oil tanker accident in San Francisco Bay to eschew motor vehicles for 22 years. Instead he walked. And thought. He was aided by a parallel pledge not to speak which lasted 17 years.近几十年来,环保主义者、作家约翰?弗朗西斯(John Francis)可谓真正的英雄般的行者。弗朗西斯在旧金山港目睹一场油罐事故,受此影响22年来一直决绝乘坐机动车辆。所以,他步行,同时思考。他还发誓不开口说话,坚持了17年。But you don#39;t have to be an author to see the value of walking. A particular kind of walking. Not the distance between porch and corner shop. But a more aimless pursuit.不过,要发现行走的价值,不一定要成为作家。一种特殊的行走方式,不是从家门口走到街角的商店,而是一种漫无目的的行动。In the UK, May is National Walking Month. And a new book, A Philosophy of Walking by Prof Frederic Gros, is currently the object of much discussion. Only last week, a study from Stanford Universityshowed that even walking on a tmill improved creative thinking.在英国,五月是全国步行月。弗雷德里克?格罗(Frederic Gros)教授的一本新书《行走的哲学》(A Philosophy of Walking)目前广受关注。就在上周,斯坦福大学的一项研究显示即使是在跑步机上走一走也能促进创新思维。Across the West, people are still choosing to walk. Nearly every journey in the UK involves a little walking, and nearly a quarter of all journeys are made entirely on foot, according to one survey. But the same study found that a mere 17% of trips were ;just to walk;. And that included dog-walking.在整个西方,人们仍会选择步行。一项调查表明,英国几乎每一趟旅程都会包含一点步行的路程,近四分之一的旅程是完全徒步的。不过,该调查还发现17%的旅程就是“走路”,还包括遛。It is that ;just to walk; category that is so beloved of creative thinkers.“单纯走路”这一类型深受创新思维者的喜爱。;There is something about the pace of walking and the pace of thinking that goes together. Walking requires a certain amount of attention but it leaves great parts of the time open to thinking. I do believe once you get the blood flowing through the brain it does start working more creatively,; says Geoff Nicholson, author of The Lost Art of Walking.“走路的速度和思考的节奏是相通的。走路需要一定的注意力,但是也给思考留下了很大的空间。我很相信一旦血液流经大脑,大脑就开始创造性地工作,”《消失的艺术:步行》(The Lost Art of Walking)的作者,杰夫?尼克尔森(Geoff Nicholson)说。;Your senses are sharpened. As a writer, I also use it as a form of problem solving. I#39;m far more likely to find a solution by going for a walk than sitting at my desk and #39;thinking#39;.;“你的感官变得敏锐。作为一名作家,我还把它当做一种解决问题的方式。出去走一走比只是坐在桌前‘冥思苦想’更有可能找到解决办法。”Nicholson lives in Los Angeles, a city that is notoriously car-focused. There are other cities around the world that can be positively baffling to the evening stroller. Take Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. Anyone planning to walk even between two close points should prepare to be patient. Pavements mysteriously end. Busy roads need to be traversed without the aid of crossings. The act of choosing to walk can provoke bafflement from the residents.尼克尔森住在洛杉矶,这个城市出了名的车多。世界上有许多城市会让走夜路的人很犯难,例如,马来西亚首都吉隆坡。在相距很近的两地走路也要很小心。人行道很神秘地就走到头了。穿过繁忙的街道也没有斑马线。选择步行会让当地居民非常不解。“在很多地方,如果步行,你会觉得自己在进行一项有意识的活动,步行成了一种激进的行为,”《漫步的艺术:行走的作家》(The Art of Wandering: The Writer as Walker)的作者梅林?科弗利(Merlin Coverley)说。;A lot of places, if you walk you feel you are doing something self-consciously. Walking becomes a radical act,; says Merlin Coverley, author of The Art of Wandering: The Writer as Walker.But even in car-focused cities there are fruits for those who choose to ramble. ;I do most of my walking in the city - in LA where things are sp out,; says Nicholson. ;There is a lot to look at. It#39;s urban exploration. I#39;m always looking at strange alleyways and little corners.;但是即使在车水马龙的城市,选择漫步也会有所收获。“我大多数都是在城市里,洛杉矶街头异纷呈,”尼克尔森说。“有很多可以看的。这是城市探险。我常常去看小巷和街角。”Nicholson, a novelist, calls this ;observational;walking. But his other category of walking is left completely blank. It is waiting to be filled with random inspiration.尼克尔森是位小说家,他称这为“观察式”步行。不过其它种类的步行还空缺着,等待灵感降临时能补全。Not everybody is prepared to wait. There are many people who regard walking from place to place as ;dead time; that they resent losing, in a busy schedule where work and commuting takes them away from home, family and other pleasures. It is viewed as ;an empty space that needs to be filled up;, says Rebecca Solnit, author of Wanderlust: A History of Walking.但不是每个人都愿意等待。有许多人认为步行往返两地是“停滞的时间”,他们不愿从忙碌的日程安排里耽搁这点时间,在他们忙碌的日程里,工作和上下班让他们远离了家庭和其它乐趣。步行被看做是“需要填补的空白,”《浪游之歌:走路的历史》(Wanderlust: A History of Walking)的作者雷贝嘉?索尔尼(Rebecca Solnit)说。Many now walk and textat the same time. There#39;s been an increase in injuries to pedestriansin the US attributed to this. One study suggested texting even changed the manner in which people walked.现在许多人一边走路一边发短信。因为这个原因美国行人受伤率有所上升。一项研究显示发短信甚至会改变人们走路的方式。It#39;s not just texting. This is the era of the ;smartphone map zombie;- people who only take occasional glances away from an electronic routefinder to avoid stepping in anything or being hit by a car.不仅仅是发短信。这是“智能手机地图僵尸”的时代——人们偶尔从电子导航上抬头看一眼,以防踩到什么东西或被车撞。;You see people who don#39;t get from point A to point B without looking at their phones,; says Solnit. ;People used to get to know the lay of the land.;“不看手机人们就没法从一个地方到另一个地方,”索尔尼说。“过去人们都会去主动了解一个地方。”People should go out and walk free of distractions, says Nicholson. ;I do think there is something about walking mindfully. To actually be there and be in the moment and concentrate on what you are doing.;人们应该出去,不受干扰地行走,尼克尔森说。“我真的认为有用心行走这回事。此时此地,专注于你正做的事。”And this means no music, no podcasts, no audiobooks. It might also mean going out alone.这意味着没有音乐,没有播客,没有有声读物。或许还指独自行走。CS Lewis thought that even talking could spoil the walk. ;The only friend to walk with is one who so exactly shares your taste for each mood of the countryside that a glance, a halt, or at most a nudge, is enough to assure us that the pleasure is shared.;克利夫?斯特普尔斯?刘易斯(CS Lewis)认为即使是说话也会破坏行走的过程。“走路时唯一的朋友是能够完全分享你在乡间行走时的每一个心境的体验的人,一个眼神、一个停顿、或者至多轻碰一下就足够确定我们同享这一乐趣。”The way people in the West have started to look down on walking is detectable in the language. ;When people say something is pedestrian they mean flat, limited in scope,; says Solnit.在西方,人们对走路的轻视在语言中也有迹可循。“人们说某样东西‘pedestrian’,就是说它平淡无奇、很一般,”索尔尼说。Boil down the books on walking and you#39;re left with some key tips:总结这些关于行走的书,可得出一些要点:Walk further and with no fixed route走远一点,不要局限于一条路线Stop texting and mapping不要再发短信、看导航了Don#39;t soundtrack your walks不要边走边听有声读物Go alone独自出发Find walkable places走可走的路Walk mindfully用心行走Then you may get the rewards. ;Being out on your own, being free and anonymous, you discover the people around you,; says Solnit.那么你会得到回报。“独自出发,自由自在、漫无目的地行走吧,去了解你周围的人,”索尔尼说。 /201405/297089

ONE SHOULD HAVE an established policy when a strange new bottle of liquor arrives on one#39;s doorstep. It is like a baby in a basket: Once you bring it into your house, you must watch over it as if it were your own. Work with it carefully and it will thrive, mature, charm your guests and keep you warm in old age. Allow it to mix with the wrong associates and you will end up the central figure in a farfetched melodrama.当一瓶新奇的酒送到你家门口时,你应当有一个既定的对策。它就像一个放在篮中的婴儿:一旦你把它带进屋,你就必须像对待自己的亲生孩子那样照料他。小心翼翼地对待他,他就会茁壮成长、成熟起来、赢得客人的喜爱,并在你年老之时给你带来温暖。如果纵容他与糟糕的伙伴混在一起,最终你会成为一场乱七八糟的的闹剧的中心人物。My new guest is a bottle of Génépy des Alpes, which arrived on an otherwise innocent-looking sunny day. As with a baby, I first endeavored to ascertain its origins. Its papers proclaim Génépy des Alpes--which Google Translate helpfully informs me means #39;Génépy Alps#39;; isn#39;t technology grand?--to be a #39;legendary alpine herbal liqueur,#39; which startled me, because I was holding the legendary thing in my hands. Despite the liquor#39;s French pedigree--they mix up the stuff in Chambéry using a hush-hush recipe--the marketing copy provided by one distributor sounds more Californian (#39;Efforts to brand this style of product have been nothing short of epic#39;--dude, really?), and the importer#39;s serving suggestions are as flimsy as edelweiss. The liqueur is #39;very welcome after a fondue,#39; the label says, but what isn#39;t welcome after a fondue? #39;Serve immediately after very satisfying sex,#39; it might as well say, #39;and enjoy.#39;F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal, Styling by Anne Cardenas, Lettering by Angela Southern for The Wall Street Journal我的新客人是一瓶阿尔卑斯蒿酒(Genepy des Alpes),它是在某个阳光明媚、看上去平和清 的日子里送到我家的。如同对待一个婴儿一样,我首先做的就是设法查明它的出身。它的标签上印着“Genepy des Alpes”——谷歌翻译(Google Translate)提供了帮助,告诉我它在英文中的意思是“Genepy Alps”,科技是不是很伟大?标签上宣称它是一种“传奇的阿尔卑斯草本利口酒”,这让我有些惶恐,因为我的双手正捧着这传奇之物。尽管这款酒源自法国——它是生产商采用一个秘方在尚贝里(Chambery)调制的——一位分销商提供的宣传材料听上去却更像加州风格(“给此款酒品打品牌的活动简直就是一次惊人的壮举”——伙计,你是说真的吗?),同时进口商的饮用建议则如高山火绒草一般虚幻。标签上写着,这款利口酒“在芝士火锅后享用非常宜人”,但是在吃过芝士火锅后还有什么东西会不受人喜爱呢?倒不如这样说好了,“在令人非常满足的性爱后立即好好享用。”I ushered the new arrival out of its things and took a good look at it. Génépy des Alpes is pale green, almost jaundicey, an alarming color for a baby but an alluring one in a shot glass. It has a light, crisp smell, much better than a baby, presumably due to the #39;petite and rare variety of artemisia#39; that the label tells me is #39;most prominent#39; in the taste. It reminded me of Chartreuse, the French liqueur pretentious people drink in novels and pretentious novelists serve to people, so I poured a dose of that into a shot glass and lined them up. They eyed each other like step-siblings. #39;We are all family,#39; I told them. #39;My love for you, Chartreuse, will not diminish with this new arrival.#39; The silence seemed companionable, which I thought was a good start, and so I tried Génépy des Alpes as a substitute for Chartreuse in a Last Word, a cocktail renowned in my household because a) it#39;s weird, b) it#39;s easy to make and c) it gets everyone knackered. I christened this variation the Yodeler, because it#39;s an Alpine Last Word--get it?我把这位新客人请出来好好端详了一番。阿尔卑斯蒿酒的色泽为淡绿色,有些接近黄绿色,这种颜色若出现在婴儿身上会让人警惕,但出现在子弹杯中却是一种诱人的颜色。它的香味浅淡清爽,要比婴儿好闻多了,这大概是因为如标签所示,它的原料包括“一种娇小而稀有的蒿草”,这种蒿草的味道在它的味道中“非常突出”。它让我想起了查特酒,小说中的自命不凡之人喜欢品饮、自负的小说家给大家奉上的那种法国利口酒,于是我倒了一点儿查特酒到子弹杯中,然后把两杯酒并排摆放。它们就像非亲手足那样相互注视着对方。我对它们说道:“我们都是一家人,查特酒,我对你的爱不会因为这个新成员的到来而减淡。”它们的沉默似乎是友善的,我觉得这是一个很好的开始,所以我以阿尔卑斯蒿酒代替查特酒把它调入了“Last Word”(意为“好得无以复加的东西”)中。这款鸡尾酒在我家很出名,因为a)它很奇特,b)容易调制而且c)它让大家都酣畅淋漓。我把加入阿尔卑斯蒿酒的这款酒取名为“约德尔歌者”(The Yodeler),因为它是阿尔卑斯风格的“Last Word”——明白了吗?The Yodeler“约德尔歌者”#190; ounce Génépy des Alpes3/4盎司阿尔卑斯蒿酒#190; ounce lime juice3/4盎司酸橙汁#190; ounce maraschino liqueur3/4盎司黑樱桃利口酒#190; ounce Bluecoat (or similar solid but unshowy) gin3/4盎司Bluecoat(或者同样纯正但不招摇的品牌)杜松子酒Stir and strain over ice into a glass from which everyone suddenly wants to sip.搅拌均匀后把酒从冰块上滤入杯中,每个人都会想要马上抿上一口这款酒。In a Yodeler one needs a gin that acts as a wet nurse, nourishing its young charges without exposing itself overmuch. The results, according to a small group of grownups who suddenly gathered round, were quite lively. The Yodeler is less complex than the Last Word, but yodeling, in its way, is less complicated than talking. #39;You know what this reminds me of?#39; asked one of my comrades, who would not like to be identified but nevertheless is novelist Andrew Sean Greer. #39;That purple stuff you put in Aviations.#39;调制这款鸡尾酒,你需要一种充当乳母角色的杜松子酒,它在滋养小东西的同时又不会过度暴露自己。据突然围到我身边的那一小群成年人称,调出来的酒相当清新爽口。它没“Last Word”那么复杂,但是吟唱约德尔调本身就没说话那么复杂。我的一位伙伴说道:“你知道它让我想起了什么吗?你调入Aviation(意为“飞行”)中的那种紫色的东西。”他不愿意透露自己的姓名,不过我可以告诉你他是小说家安德鲁·肖恩·格里尔(Andrew Sean Greer)。#39;Good call, Andrew Sean Greer,#39; I answered, and quickly mixed up an Aviation with a splash of Génépy des Alpes instead of Crème de Violette, the ingredient that gives the Aviation a curiously 1980s purple hue--too much Crème de Violette and my household changes the name of the drink to the Prince and the Revolution. With Génépy des Alpes, however, we called it the Saint-Exupéry, after the author of #39;The Little Prince,#39; who also flew reconnaissance missions with the French Air Force.“说得好,安德鲁·肖恩·格里尔,”我答道,然后迅速以少许阿尔卑斯蒿酒代替紫罗兰酒(Creme de Violette)混入一杯Aviation中。紫罗兰酒会给Aviation赋予一种奇妙的上世纪80年代的紫色调——如果加入的紫罗兰酒过多,我们家就会把这款鸡尾酒改称为“The Prince and the Revolution”(意为“王子和革命”)。不过,以阿尔卑斯蒿酒代替了紫罗兰酒的话,我们则以《小王子》(The Little Prince)作者的姓 埃克苏佩里(Saint-Exupery)来命名这款鸡尾酒,这位作家还曾为法国空军执行过空中侦察任务。The Saint-Exupéry“ 埃克苏佩里”#189; ounce lemon juice1/2盎司柠檬汁#188; ounce maraschino liqueur, which you aly have lying around from the Yodeler1/4黑樱桃利口酒,可以用调制“约德尔歌者”剩下的酒2 ounces Bluecoat gin两盎司Bluecoat杜松子酒Dash of Génépy des Alpes少许阿尔卑斯蒿酒Stir and serve to the other guests who have arrived just in time.搅拌均匀,然后把它端给刚好这时候赶到的其他客人。#39;Too strong,#39; was the verdict, and it was true: The Génépy des Alpes was quite overwhelmed, as if the citrus was an overly boisterous family friend, causing our new adoptee to hide behind the curtains. #39;Come on out,#39; I told the shivering liqueur. #39;Let me try you in a Martini.#39;大家的评判是:“太浓烈了”,事实确实如此:阿尔卑斯蒿酒在相当程度上被压制住了,就好像柠檬是一个过分喧闹的家庭友人,导致我们新收养的孩子藏在了 子后。我对这不停颤抖的利口酒说道:“出来吧,让我试试把你调入马提尼当中。”Introducing a new bottle to unadorned gin is like introducing a stray child to the mistress of the household: If they don#39;t get along, it#39;s not gonna happen. Given Génépy des Alpes#39;s softer, slightly citrusy bouquet, I chose a different gin, the ed Kingdom#39;s Sipsmith, which is A.S. Byatt to the American Bluecoat#39;s Toni Morrison: fancier, more flowery and drives on the other side of the road. #39;Tastes like #39;Possession,#39; #39; raved Mr. Greer after the first sip, and I#39;m almost positive he meant the celebrated novel and not a demon clutching an innocent soul.将一种新奇的酒调入 实平淡的杜松子酒就像把一个流浪的孩子介绍给家中的女主人:如果他们相处不好,事情就没法办成。考虑到阿尔卑斯蒿酒的香味更柔和且有淡淡的柑橘味,我选择了一种不同的杜松子酒——英国的Sipsmith杜松子酒,它好比是英国的A.S.拜厄特(A.S. Byatt),而Bluecoat就像美国的托妮·莫里森(Toni Morrison):它更奇特、更花哨,而且风格不同。“喝起来像‘占有’,”格里尔在品了第一口后赞道。我几乎能确信他说的是那部知名小说《占有》(Possession),而不是指一个攫住一个无辜之人的恶魔。The Byatt“拜厄特”1 ounce Génépy des Alpes一盎司阿尔卑斯蒿酒3 ounces Sipsmith gin三盎司Sipsmith杜松子酒Stir and serve up with a peel from the desiccated lemon still hanging around after the Saint-Exupéry.搅拌均匀,配上少许柠檬皮,可采用调制“ 埃克苏佩里”后留下的变干的柠檬。#39;Not bad,#39; pronounced the only actual mother in my household, my charming wife, who birthed a child who surely someone remembered to pick up from elementary school. #39;But try it in a vodka Martini.#39;“还不错,不过再在伏特加马提尼中试试吧。”家中唯一真正的母亲——我迷人的妻子如是评价。她给我们家诞下了一个孩子,肯定会有人记得把他从小学学校接回来的。All babies who enter my household are instructed that there is no such thing as a vodka Martini, just as there is no such thing as a just war or a charming child who is awake at 9 p.m. Nonetheless I humored the lady of the house, and thought the adopted child#39;s meek, fruity demeanor might mingle nicely with Core Vodka, which they distill in Valatie, N.Y., from local apples. Hmm, what to name the thing? What else is alpine and fruity?所有进入我家门的孩子都会被告知没有伏特加马提尼这种东西,正如世上不存在正义的战争或晚上九点还醒着的惹人喜爱的孩子一样。尽管如此,我还是迁就了夫人,同时想着这个“养子”柔和而具果味的特性或许能和纽约州韦莱舍(Valatie)用本地苹果蒸馏制成的Core伏特加很好地融合在一起。嗯,给它取个什么名字呢?还有什么是来自阿尔卑斯又具有果香的呢?The Ricola“利口乐”(Ricola,译注:Ricola是瑞士著名的喉糖与薄荷糖品牌)1 ounce Génépy des Alpes一盎司阿尔卑斯蒿酒3 ounces Core Vodka三盎司Core伏特加Strain into the waiting arms of my charming wife.滤入我迷人的妻子张开双臂拿着的杯子中。She did not cough while she sipped it, and when she passed it around the results were curiously vanilla, by which I mean not #39;sexually tame#39; but #39;actually tasting like vanilla.#39; #39;I like vanilla,#39; said my wife, unnecessarily exposing herself to ribald mockery, but thank goodness dinner was y. I had seared some salmon with a gorgonzola crust, not quite fondue but as close as it gets in my house without scrounging around the basement for a long-ago wedding gift. Hastily, I poured a dose of Génépy des Alpes into several flutes and filled the rest with Champagne. Bubbly? French? My DVD player could name this drink itself.她抿了一小口酒而且没有呛咳嗽。她把酒传给了大家品鉴,众人的评价是它有一种奇妙的香草味。我的意思不是说“性平淡”(译注:“香草性爱”(vanilla sex)意为“平淡的没有新意的性爱”),而是“品上去真的有香草味”。我妻子说道:“我喜欢香草”,毫无必要地让自己面临着遭到粗俗嘲弄的风险,幸亏这时晚饭做好了。我撒了一层戈尔根朱勒干酪烤了些鲑鱼,它不是非常浓稠,但程度接近于走入我的房子而没有去地下室四处搜寻很久以前的一件结婚礼物。我迅速往几个高脚杯中倒了些阿尔卑斯蒿酒,然后再在杯中倒满了香槟。起泡?法式风格?我的DVD播放机能给这款鸡尾酒起一个名字。The Jacques Tati“贾克·大地”(Jacques Tati,译注:Jacques Tati为法国电影导演与演员)#189; ounce Génépy des Alpes1/2盎司阿尔卑斯蒿酒Fill with Champagne or sparkling wine and serve to people who are aly tipsy.再在杯中加满香槟或起泡酒,然后把它端给已经喝得醉醺醺的客人。#39;Fruity!#39; exclaimed the novelist. #39;Flowery!#39; exclaimed the missus. Myself, I was putting the baby to bed. It had been a very busy evening for Génépy des Alpes, and it was all tuckered out. Tomorrow, we would try it in a sidecar (the Citro#235;n?) and with white wine (the Kir Bourgie?), but for now, the bottle needed to go where all my guests end up sooner or later. In the liquor cabinet.“果香丰富!”小说家惊叹道。夫人则赞道:“花香浓郁!”至于我嘛,我正在安顿这个孩子上床睡觉。对阿尔卑斯蒿酒来说,这是一个非常忙碌的夜晚,它已经累得筋疲力尽。明天我们将在一辆托车边车(雪铁龙(Citroen)?)中尝试把它与白葡萄酒调在一起(Kir Bourgie?)。不过,现在它需要去往我所有的客人迟早都要呆着的地方——酒柜。Daneil HandlerDaneil HandlerMr. Handler is the author of four novels, including, most recently, #39;Why We Broke Up,#39; with illustrator Maira Kalman. As Lemony Snicket he has written the series #39;All The Wrong Questions#39; and #39;A Series of Unfortunate Events.#39;(本文作者丹尼尔·汉德勒(Daneil Handler)是四部小说的作者,最近一部为他与插画家迈拉·卡尔曼(Maira Kalman)合作的《我们为什么分手》(Why We Broke Up)。他还以雷蒙·斯尼奇(Lemony Snicket)的笔名创作了《谁是嫌疑人》(All The Wrong Questions)和《雷蒙·斯尼奇的不幸历险》(A Series of Unfortunate Events)系列小说。) /201405/294375

White wine bargains are always rarer than their red counterparts but there are 28 truly fine wines here, from all over the world, listed in ascending order of lowest-known price in the UK.特价白葡萄酒比特价红葡萄酒要少见得多,不过这里我要推荐28款来自世界各地的精品,本推荐中的产品以价格升序排列。Vigné-Lourac, Cuvée Classique 2012 IGP Comté TolosanVigné-Lourac, Cuvée Classique 2012 IGP Comté TolosanBlend of southwest France (Mauzac, Loin de l’Oeil, Muscadelle) and Sauvignon Blanc grapes make an intensely “local” and comfortable wine with a certain smoky perfume and only moderate acidity. 12%采用长相思(Sauvignon Blanc)与法国西南部葡萄品种混酿,包括莫扎克(Mauzac)、千里目(Loin de l’Oeil)和慕斯卡黛勒(Muscadelle)。这款葡萄酒的“地方特色”很强,有令人愉悦的烟熏味道和中等的酸度。酒精度:12%#163;6.95 Great Western可购于:伟西酒业(Great Western)价格:6.95英镑Jér#244;me Choblet, Le Fief Guérin Vieilles Vignes Sur Lie 2012 Muscadet-C#244;tes de GrandlieuJér#244;me Choblet, Le Fief Guérin Vieilles Vignes Sur Lie 2012 Muscadet-C#244;tes de GrandlieuRelatively full-bodied Muscadet but definitely saline and fun. Very juicy and salivatory with real depth of flavour. 2012 was a great Muscadet vintage. 12%一款酒体相对丰满的蜜思嘉黛(Muscadet),但带有咸味,很有趣。口感多汁,香气也有一定的深度。对于蜜思嘉黛来说,2012是一个好年份。酒精度:12%。#163;7.99 Waitrose可购于:维特罗斯酒业(Waitrose)价格:7.99英镑Thymiopoulos Malagousia 2012 NáoussaThymiopoulos Malagousia 2012 NáoussaFull marks to Mamp;S for seeking out a fine example of the Greek Malagousia grape that is responsible for this clean, fragrant wine with an attractive undertow of molten honey and lively vegetation. Very good balance and interest. 12%进口商能够找到这么好的一款由希腊品种马拉格西亚(Malagousia)酿造的葡萄酒,真是值得称赞。这款酒纯净芳香,拥有诱人的蜂蜜和草本新鲜感,非常平衡。酒精度:12%。#163;8.99 Marks and Spencer可购于:玛莎百货(Mamp;S, Marks and Spencer)价格:8.99英镑Miguel Torres, Cordillera Chardonnay 2011 Limarí ValleyMiguel Torres, Cordillera Chardonnay 2011 Limarí ValleyHalf the fruit grown in this new, cool region was fermented in new French oak barrels. With its vaguely stony nose, it tastes more like Chablis than any other European style. Not the utmost in sophistication but great value. 13.5%来自于新兴的凉爽产区,有一半的葡萄汁在全新的法国橡木桶中发酵。这款葡萄酒有一点矿石的味道,更像是夏布利(Chablis)风格,而不是欧洲风格。虽然不是很复杂但是性价比很高。酒精度:13.5%。#163;10.44 Wilks amp; Co可购于:威克斯酒业(Wilks amp; Co)价格:10.44英镑Maison Roche de Bellene, Cuvée Spéciale 2011 BourgogneMaison Roche de Bellene, Cuvée Spéciale 2011 BourgogneMost Bourgogne Blanc comes from M#226;con but this barrel-fermented, keenly priced example, made by Nicolas Potel, is very pure and tastes very C#244;te d’Or. Creditably long. This would make a great house white. 13%大多数勃艮第白葡萄酒(Bourgogne Blanc)来自于马孔(M#226;con)地区,不过这款出自力高宝德(Nicolas Potel)的橡木桶发酵葡萄酒非常纯净,口感有典型的金秋(C#244;te d’Or)风格,尾韵之长也是实至名归。可以作为一款非常棒的酒店特选白葡萄酒(house white)。酒精度:13%。#163;10.95 The Wine Society可购于:酒协佳酿(The Wine Society)价格:10.95英镑André Pigeat 2012 QuincyAndré Pigeat 2012 QuincyQuincy can offer great value compared with its more famous neighbour Sancerre; much older vines too. Amazingly rich nose for a Sauvignon Blanc. Really seriously broad, floral and fun – but sufficiently fresh too. 12.5%坎西(Quincy)产区比相邻的桑赛尔(Sancerre)产区更能够提供高性价比的葡萄酒,葡萄植株的年龄也更大。一款香气非常丰厚的长相思。口味有一定的宽度,充满花香,同时又很新鲜。酒精度:12.5%。#163;11.95 Jeroboams可购于:耶罗伯安酒业(Jeroboams)价格:11.95英镑Ridgeback Chenin Blanc 2012 PaarlRidgeback Chenin Blanc 2012 PaarlMildly nutty nose with some flowers, honey and tension on the palate. No hurry to drink this. It’s unusually easy to see a relationship with Chenin Blanc’s roots in the Loire. Good stuff. 13%柔和的坚果味道中带有一些花香、蜂蜜香,口感有张力,还可以继续陈放。在这款葡萄酒中很容易就能够找到白诗南(Chenin Blanc)在自己故乡卢瓦尔(Loire)所表现出的特色,确实非同寻常。一款很好的葡萄酒。酒精度:13%。#163;11.99 Real Wine Co可购于:真实酒业(Real Wine Co)价格:11.99英镑Dom Lyrarakis, Thrapsathiri 2012 CreteDom Lyrarakis, Thrapsathiri 2012 CreteThrapsathiri is the grape. Some skin contact. Exciting grip on the palate and some refreshing aromas of vegetation. Produced in tiny quantities and offering real substance and interest. Neat finish. 13.5%葡萄品种的名称叫做斯拉普萨斯里(Thrapsathiri)。酿造时进行了一些浸皮处理。有令人兴奋的紧致口感和新鲜的草本香气。产量很小,一款真材实料的葡萄酒。收尾非常干净。酒精度:13.5%。#163;12.95 Berry Bros可购于:贝瑞兄弟(Berry Bros)价格:12.95英镑Finca Vi#241;oa 2012 RibeiroFinca Vi#241;oa 2012 RibeiroSmart, heavy bottle. Made from a blend of four Galician grape varieties – mainly Treixadura. Satisfyingly complete, refreshing and persistent. 13.5%酒瓶漂亮厚重。采用四个加利西亚(Galician)葡萄品种酿造,以特雷萨杜拉(Treixadura)为主。有非常好的完整性、新鲜感和持久度。酒精度:13.5%。#163;13.50 H2Vin可购于:菁华酒业(H2Vin)价格:13.5英镑Dr Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheimer Riesling trocken 2011 PfalzDr Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheimer Riesling trocken 2011 PfalzUnusually exuberant for a “village” rather than a single-vineyard wine. Perhaps prolonged biodynamic viticulture has imbued it with some extra zip and flavour. 12.5%属于村庄级而非单一园级别,充满非同寻常的活力。这样的特点可能是来自酒庄持久以来奉行的生物动力学种植法(biodynamic viticulture)。#163;13.50 Tanners可购于:泰纳酒业(Tanners)价格:13.5英镑Dom Vincent Dampt 2012 ChablisDom Vincent Dampt 2012 ChablisVery pale. Quite intense and sculpted. Good apéritif. A fine emissary of the superior 2012 vintage in Chablis. 12.5%颜色非常浅,非常浓郁,是一款很好的餐前酒。很好地体现了夏布利产区2012年份的优势。酒精度:12.5%。#163;13.95 Corney amp; Barrow可购于:科内巴罗(Corney amp; Barrow)价格:13.95英镑Ch#226;teau Roquefort, Roquefortissime 2012 Entre Deux MersCh#226;teau Roquefort, Roquefortissime 2012 Entre Deux MersAn all-Sauvignon dry white bordeaux from a family estate. Excellent price for a creamy wine aged in new French oak barrels. Bright-fruited and seductive. Good balance and aly drinking well with no obvious oak. Green fruit flavours. 13%来自家族式酒庄的长相思单品种葡萄酒。全新法国橡木桶陈酿,拥有奶油质感,性价比非常好。果香明显,非常诱人。有很好的平衡度,现在饮用已经很不错。橡木味道并不突兀,有绿色水果的香气。酒精度:13%。#163;13.99 Waitrose可购于:维特罗斯酒业(Waitrose)价格:13.99英镑 /201312/269610

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