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China’s flagship international development bank is hoping to pave a new Silk Road, with at least three of its initial projects focused on transport arteries in central Asia and Pakistan. 中国的旗舰国际开发正希望铺设一条新的丝绸之路,其首批项目中至少有三个聚焦于中亚和巴基斯坦的交通要道The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will help fund a highway in Pakistan, an expressway from Tajikistan’s capital to the border with Uzbekistan, and a ring road in Almaty, Kazakhstan, according to people with knowledge of the projects and tender documents. 据了解相关项目和招标文件的人士介绍,亚洲基础设施投资(AIIB)将帮助资助巴基斯坦的一条公路,从塔吉克斯坦首都至该国与乌兹别克斯坦边境的一条高速公路,以及哈萨克斯坦阿拉木Almaty,见上图)的一条环路The AIIB was formally launched in January after attracting dozens of Asian and European member countries, many of them US allies that ignored Washington’s concerns about the emergence of a Chinese rival to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. 亚投行是在今月正式启动的,此前该行吸引了亚洲和欧洲的数十个成员国,其中许多国家是美国的盟国,它们没有理会华盛顿方面对于中国主导的机构叫板世界(World Bank)和亚洲开发银ADB)的顾虑In an effort to counter the Obama administration’s initial criticism, the AIIB has said it will enforce governance standards on a par with those at the World Bank and ADB. Last week Jin Liqun, AIIB president, and his World Bank counterpart signed a framework agreement to work together on co-finance projects. The AIIB expects to approve about .2bn in financing this year, including about a dozen projects with the World Bank that have not yet been announced. 为了回应奥巴马政府最初的批评,亚投行已表态称,它将执行与世行和亚开行同等水平的治理标准。上周,亚投行行长金立群和世行行长签署了一项框架协议,使两家机构能够开展合作,共同为项目融资。亚投行预计今年将批准约12亿美元融资,其中包括十几个与世行合作的尚未宣布的项目The AIIB will also co-finance projects with the Washington and Tokyo-led ADB, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the UK Department for International Development. Japan was the only major US ally to refuse Beijing’s invitation to join the AIIB. 亚投行还将同美国和日本主导的亚开行、欧洲复兴开发银EBRD)以及英国国际发展DFID)共同为项目融资。日本是美国主要盟友中唯一没有接受中方加入亚投行邀请的国家In Pakistan, the AIIB will join the ADB and Department for International Development to fund a 64km stretch of road connecting Shorkot to Khanewal, according to a tender document. 根据一份招标文件,亚投行将在巴基斯坦联手亚开行和英国国际发展部,为一条连接绍尔果Shorkot)和哈内瓦Khanewal)4公里长公路提供建设资金The ADB-led project’s terms were recently revised to allow the AIIB to participate. Under its guidelines, the AIIB can only fund projects open to companies from all countries, while the ADB restricts participation to bidders from its member nations. 由亚开行牵头的这个项目最近修订了条款,以便让亚投行参与。根据其指导原则,亚投行只能向对所有国家的企业都开放的项目提供资金,而亚开行规定只有其成员国的企业才能投标But the ADB will not cede its lead role. “ADB is the lead financing partner for the project and administers it on behalf of the other co-financiers,the tender document said. “Bidding shall be carried out in accordance with ADB’s procurement guidelines and procedures.但是,亚开行不会让出其牵头角色。“亚开行是项目的牵头融资伙伴,并代表其他共同出资方管理项目,”招标文件称。“招标将按照亚开行的采购准则和程序进行。In Tajikistan, the AIIB will join the ADB and EBRD to help fund a road between the country’s capital, Dushanbe, and Tursunzoda on the Uzbekistan border. The third transport link that the AIIB is expected to help fund is the Bakad Ring Road, a joint World Bank-EBRD project in Kazakhstan’s commercial capital, Almaty. 在塔吉克斯坦,亚投行将联手亚开行和欧洲复兴开发,帮助为连接该国首都杜尚别(Dushanbe)至与乌兹别克斯坦接壤的图尔孙扎德(Tursunzoda)的一条公路提供建设资金。预计亚投行将会参与出资的第三个交通项目是Bakad环路,这是世行和欧洲复兴开发在哈萨克斯坦商业之都阿拉木图的一个联合项目All three projects will receive preliminary approval from the AIIB’s investment committee before the end of this month, according to two people familiar with the process, followed by a formal go-ahead from the bank’s board in June. The AIIB declined to comment. 据两名熟悉相关过程的人士称,这三个项目将在本月底之前获得亚投行投资委员会初步批准,随后在6月获得该行董事会的正式批准。亚投行拒绝置评。来 /201604/438548Seoul said on last Monday a North Korean two-star general had defected to the South last year in a rare move by a such high-level military official.上周一,韩国首尔方面宣布,一名朝鲜二星中将于去年投诚韩国。这样的行动在像这种职位的高层军官中是十分罕见的。The army senior general had handled spy operations targeting South Korea at the Norths General Bureau of Reconnaissance before arriving in Seoul, South Koreas Yonhap news agency said.据韩国联合通讯社报道,这名军队高级将领在来到韩国首尔之前,在朝鲜侦察总局负责的是对韩间谍工作。Unification and defence ministry spokesmen in Seoul confirmed the report but declined to elaborate on details including the officials name.韩国联合防御部发言人在首尔确认了这篇报道的内容,但是并未透露该将领的姓名等细节;He is the highest-level military official to have ever defected to the South,; said a Seoul government official ed by Yonhap.韩国联合通讯社援引政府官员的发言称:“他是有史以来投诚韩国的最高级别军官。;He is believed to have stated details about the bureaus operations against South Korea to the authorities here,; said the unnamed official.这位匿名官员表示:“据说他已经向韩国官方透露了该部门之前针对韩国的间谍活动细节。”North Korea has condemned Seoul and Washington for spearheading a sanctions drive at the UN over its nuclear and missile programmes, while also lashing out at annual, large-scale military war games that South Korea and the US kicked off last month.朝鲜已经针对韩美两国因核弹和导弹项目,而在联合国上带头发起对朝鲜制裁的行为进行了谴责。此外,朝鲜还猛烈抨击了韩美两国上月举行的一年一度的大规模军事演习。Nearly 30,000 North Koreans have fled poverty and repression in the isolated North, despite risk of imprisonment and torture when caught, and settled in the South.据悉,已经有万名朝鲜人民不顾被捕后会遭遇到监禁和凌虐的后果,毅然逃离了贫穷落后及充满压迫的朝鲜,选择在韩国定居。来 /201604/437903

Malaysians in North Korea have been temporarily banned from leaving the country, state media in Pyongyang reported on Tuesday, amid an escalating spat over the death of Kim Jong Nam平壤的朝鲜官方媒体周二报道称,在朝鲜的马来西亚人被暂时禁止离开该国。目前,金正Kim Jong Nam)之死引发的争执正不断升级。The move was aimed at securing the safety of its citizens in Malaysia, according to the Korean Central News Agency report.据朝中社(Korean Central News Agency)报道,这项禁令旨在保障在马朝鲜公民的安全。Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un, was killed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport last month.金正男是朝鲜最高领导人金正Kim Jong Un)同父异母的哥哥,上月在吉隆坡国际机场(Kuala Lumpur International Airport)遇刺。The murder, widely believed to have been instigated by Pyongyang, sparked a wider diplomatic row between Malaysian and North Korean authorities. On Monday, Pyongyang’s ambassador was expelled from the Southeast Asian nation.这起人们普遍认为由平壤方面唆使的谋杀,引发了马来西亚与朝鲜当局之间更大范围的外交争端。周一,朝鲜驻马大使遭马方驱逐出境。According to KCNA, Malaysia’s embassy in Pyongyang has been informed of the exit ban.根据朝中社的说法,这项禁止离境的禁令已告知马来西亚驻平壤大使馆。It was unclear whether citizens from other nations were affected.目前还不清楚来自其他国家的公民是否会受到影响。来 /201703/496346

A manhunt was under way last night for a suspected Isis bomber after co-ordinated attacks in Brussels killed at least 30 people, injured hundreds of others and brought a terrorist atrocity to a European capital for the second time in four months. 警方昨夜开始追捕一名“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的炸弹袭击嫌疑人,此前布鲁塞尔发生的连环爆炸造成至少30人遇难、数百人受伤,这是欧洲国家首都在4个月里第二次遭遇恐怖主义暴行Two explosions ripped through the check-in area at BrusselsZaventem airport, north-east of the EU’s capital and a few kilometres from Nato’s headquarters, shortly before 8am. A third device at the airport failed to detonate and was later dismantled by police. 昨天上午临近8点时,位于欧盟首府布鲁塞尔东北方向、距北约(Nato)总部仅数公里的扎芬特姆机Zaventem)办理登机手续的区域发生了两起爆炸。机场内的第3个炸弹未能引爆,后来被警方拆除Then a little more than an hour after the initial attacks, another blast ripped through a metro carriage at Maalbeek station in the heart of the district dominated by EU offices, killing at least 20 people. Belgian media reported 14 deaths at the airport, citing staff at hospitals. 最初这波袭击发生一小时后,位于欧盟办公大楼聚集的市中心Maalbeek地铁站的一个地铁车厢内再次发生爆炸,造成至少20人遇难。比利时媒体援引医院工作人员的话称,机场爆炸造成14人遇难At least two of the detonations were the work of suicide bombers, Belgian authorities said yesterday evening. Frédéric Van Leeuw, the country’s chief federal prosecutor, said two suspects photographed by CCTV at Zaventem airport had very probably killed themselves as suicide bombers. 比利时政府昨晚表示,至少有两次爆炸是自杀炸弹袭击者所为。联邦检察官弗雷德里#8226;范莱Frédéric Van Leeuw)称,扎芬特姆机场的闭路电视拍下的两名自杀式袭击嫌疑人很有可能已经在爆炸中自杀However, a third man caught on camera alongside them, dressed in a white jacket and a hat, was the subject of an active manhunt. 然而,摄像头拍摄到的与二人在一起的身着白色夹克、头戴一顶帽子的第三个人成为追捕目标Just days after police raids in the city had produced an apparent breakthrough in efforts to curb Belgium’s jihadi networks, Isisattacks, intelligence officials said, revealed an even deeper layer of operational capability for the terrorists in Europe than previously assessed. 情报官员称,警方在布鲁塞尔发起的突袭在遏制比利时圣战分子网络方面取得表面突破仅几天后,ISIS就能发动袭击,表明欧洲境内恐怖分子具有比此前的评估更深层次的行动能力“This kind of attack couldn’t really be organised in any less than four days and it would usually be weeks in the planning,said Matthew Henman, manager of IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre. “It’s certainly possible it was accelerated by the arrest of Abdeslam, but there must aly have been an attack plot and capability that was close to fruition.“此类袭击不可能真的在不天内组织实施,通常需要策划数周,”简氏防IHS Jane’s)恐怖主义和叛乱中心主管马修#8226;亨曼(Matthew Henman)称,“当然可能因阿卜杜勒-萨拉Abdeslam)落网而加速,但是之前袭击的策划和实施能力肯定已经接近成熟。Isis made a series of claims of responsibility for the attacks in a phased manner that experts saw as evidence of co-ordination between the perpetrators and Isis’s central operations in Syria. ISIS以分阶段的方式多次声称对这一连环袭击负责,专家们认为,这明行凶者与叙利亚境内的ISIS行动中枢之间密切配合Belgium has been on alert since many of the perpetrators of last year’s attacks in Paris were linked to the poor Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek. 由于去年巴黎恐袭案多名元凶与布鲁塞尔贫穷的莫伦贝克区有关联,比利时已经处于警戒状态Charles Michel, Belgium’s prime minister, said terrorists had carried out a “blind, violent and cowardlyact. Additional security measures were being rolled out across the country, he added, including “reinforced border checks and specific restrictive measures for public transport Belgium has been put at the highest level of terror alert. 比利时首相夏#8226;米歇Charles Michel)称,恐怖分子实施了“不分青红皂癀?暴力以及怯弱”的行动。他补充称,整个比利时已经采取了额外安保措施,其中包括“加强边境检查以及对公共交通采取特定的限制措施”。比利时已进入恐怖威胁预警的最高级别“We are confronted by a test, a difficult test and we have to confront this test united,Mr Michel said. “It is a black moment for our country.“我们面对着一场考验,一场艰难的考验,我们必须团结面对这场考验,”米歇尔称,“这是我国的一个黑暗时刻。”来 /201603/433229

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