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When was the last time you told your parents how grateful you are just for being their children? When was the last time you told your parents how sorry you are for the troubles you have caused in the past? When was the last time you bought a present for your parents outside their birthday? When was the last time you were on your way home with the thought of seeing your parents?最后一次告诉父母作为他们的孩子你是多么地感恩是在什么时候?最后一次告诉父母你对过去犯下的错误感到抱歉是在什么时候?最后一次送父母礼物(除生日)是在什么时候?最后一次只是为想见父母而回家是在什么时候?Remember, your parents did all this for you, long before you could say a word. They did it, not because they had to, but because they loved you and they will keep doing it forever. For them, loving you is like breathing, how can they stop?记住,在你会说话之前,你的父母为你做了这一切。他们做了,不是因为必须做,而因为他们爱你,以后也会继续做。对他们来说,爱你就像呼吸,他们怎能停下来?

  5.Improperly Designed Garbage Incinerators Are Polluting The Atmosphere5.垃圾焚烧炉的不合理设计污染大气China is struggling to contain the insane amounts of waste the country produces. Landfills are quickly overfilling, leaving them with nothing to do but simply destroy the garbage if they can. In many situations, this has led to a strategy of garbage incineration, with the fumes vented straight into the atmosphere. While this probably doesn#39;t sound like a great idea even in the best of situations, there are some incinerator plants in China that are having a serious environmental impact. Regulations aren#39;t well designed and there are a plethora of incinerator facilities that aren#39;t even close to standard, belching nasty smoke into the air with mercury and every other poison you could imagine. The horrible toxic fumes that spew forth have caused protests by everyone near them, and they#39;re an obvious threat to everyone#39;s health for miles.中国正在努力解决垃圾处理问题,大量垃圾给生存环境造成的压力不容小觑。由于垃圾掩埋场很快被填满,对垃圾进行焚烧成为无奈之举。很多情况下,垃圾焚烧产生的烟雾会被直接排放到大气中。不仅如此,垃圾焚烧机也会对环境造成严重负担。由于法律漏洞和监管不力,很多垃圾焚烧机都达不到环保标准,焚烧产生的烟雾异常难闻,当中还混杂不少像汞这样的化学物质,影响附近居民的身体健康。4.It#39;s Become The Largest Dumping Ground For E-Waste4.中国正在成为最大电子垃圾倾倒场E-waste is an increasingly vexing problem for the world. When old electronics are tossed out they often aren#39;t properly recycled because it#39;s too time consuming, unsafe or expensive. In many cases, a venue that recycles old cell phones and computers may just take all that junk and send it to another country to pick over as they please. This is technically illegal, but there#39;s little deterrent. Using both the guise of donations and straight up smuggling, China has becoming the leading importer of e-waste to the point that 70% of the world#39;s e-waste is ending up there.对全世界来说,电子垃圾正在成为一个愈发棘手的问题。回收废旧电器要付出相当大的物力和财力,而且存在安全问题,因此这些电子垃圾常常和普通垃圾一样废弃一边,得不到妥善处理。在许多情况下,一个回收旧手机和电脑的场所,很有可能仅仅是另一个愿意接收这些垃圾的国家。尽管严格说起来这种行为触犯法律,但显然并不具有震慑力。其他国家利用捐款和直接走私的幌子,导致中国已经成为电子垃圾的主要进口国,世界上百分之七十的电子垃圾都在这里。One town called Guiyu has become a hot zone for the stuff, and many entrepreneurs have risen up around mining old electronic garbage for valuable metals and other useful scrap. Unfortunately, this is terrible for their health and the environment. The process often involves burning plastic or using hydrochloric acid, neither of which is good for the user or the atmosphere. To make matters worse, this pollution has also affected the town#39;s water supply and rice crops. While the local government is trying to stop the flood of e-waste into the town, they face resistance from some residents because it#39;s the only way they know how to make a living.贵屿镇已经成为这类垃圾倾倒的热门场所,许多企业家在这周围兴建工厂提炼有价值的金属和其他一些有用的材料。不幸的是,这对健康和环境都很不利。提炼的过程通常都包括燃烧塑料,使用盐酸,没有一种是对使用者或大气是有益的。更糟糕的是,这种污染也影响了当地的供水和粮食作物。虽然当地政府正在阻止电子垃圾涌入城镇,但是他们遇到了一些阻碍,因为当地居民认为这是他们所知的维持生计的唯一途径。3.Pollutants Are Making The Food Supply Unsafe3.污染物让粮食供应变得不安全It stands to reason that if China#39;s air and water isn#39;t doing well, their soil probably isn#39;t faring much better. The problem with the soil may actually be more serious than any others. While many farmers are worried about the constant pollution levels they#39;re exposed to, most of the country is worried about the safety of their food supply — a supply they#39;re increasingly unable to trust.如果中国的空气和水质都不好的话,那么显然他们的土壤也不会好到哪里去。实际上,土壤的问题可能比其他任何问题都要严重。虽然许多农民都担心他们一直在接触污染物,但大多数国家更在意他们粮食供应的安全性——他们越来越担心粮食的安全问题。The soil problem has been one of the most carefully guarded secrets in China. In fact, a few years ago the Chinese government conducted a study of the soil in order to assess environmental concerns. The results have never been released, which led to speculation that they#39;re worse than anyone could have imagined. To give you some idea, a group of Chinese officials found levels of cadmium beyond what#39;s recommended as safe in 155 samples of rice. One official commented that eight million acres of Chinese farmland was so poisoned with heavy metal contamination that it should no longer be used to grow crops. The worst part is that it#39;s almost impossible for Chinese consumers to know whether or not their food is contaminated.土壤问题已经成为中国最不愿被人提及的秘密了。事实上,为了检测环境问题,几年前中国政府曾经做过一个有关土壤问题的研究。研究结果从未公开过,这引起了外界的各种猜测,他们怀疑问题可能比任何人设想的都要严重。但有项调查可以得见,在被认定为安全的155份大米样本中,镉的含量全部超标。其中一位政府工作人员披露,中国已经有八百万英亩的土地被重金属严重污染,这些受污染土壤不应该再用来种植粮食。更糟糕的是,食品安全问题一直是主流媒体鲜少报道的话题,国人维权意识淡泊,对许多问题食品的内幕往往毫不知情或了解甚少。2.Cancer Villages2.癌症村Since the late 1990s, international activists and groups in China have been working on the problem of cancer villages. A cancer village is a small town of 100 or so residents that#39;s extremely close to industrial plants. These plants are constantly producing some of the nastiest pollutants on earth. People from the villages describe it as a nightmare, with chemically tainted water that can#39;t be purified and clouds of toxic ash floating through the air.从上世纪九十年代后期起,国际环保人事和环保组织就一直致力于解决中国癌症村的问题。一个癌症发病率较高的村庄往往紧邻化工企业,村里居住人家仅百户左右。这些化工企业长期排放对环境危害严重的污染物,造成当地水源污染,无法净化使用,空气中弥漫着有毒灰尘,严重危害当地人的身体健康,可以说是无法承受的噩梦。The Chinese government doesn#39;t want to address or acknowledge the issue, but like the smog the problem has become bad enough that no amount of covering up can hide it. Unfortunately, these villages are unlikely to go away anytime soon. As it turns out, the richer citizens of China don#39;t like pollution when it affects them, so they#39;ve been pressuring the government to move industrial plants. The government obliges and moves them near poor villages that lacks the political influence to do anything about it.随着癌症村数目的不断上升,这个问题同雾霾一样已经到了难以整治的地步,成为中国政府不愿提及的痛。造成这一困境的原因之一是短期内不太可能将癌症村的居民重新安置妥当。事实明,许多经济发达地区愈发重视环境问题,不断向政府施压要求迁移重污染企业。于是这些企业开始迁往内陆经济欠发达、政治影响力相对较弱的贫困地区。1.It Affects The Entire World1.国内污染影响整个世界While it#39;s important for China to help its own country, the problem affects more than just China. The massive amount of pollution is starting to affect the rest of the world, and the results aren#39;t pretty. Scientists at Texas Aamp;M University ran climate simulations both with and without China#39;s current air pollution and found troubling results. According to their simulations, cyclones in the Pacific Ocean are being strengthened by the pollution levels, and there#39;s an increase in ocean storms in general. If that wasn#39;t bad enough, tracing the pollutants led to the conclusion that some of it#39;s reaching the western ed States, and much of the pollution levels in those states could be blamed on China.环境污染问题不仅对国民生活危害巨大亟需治理,其他国家也会受到负面影响,后果严重,令人堪忧。德州农工大学(Texas Aamp;M University)的科学家们分别在受中国大气污染影响和不受影响的条件下进行了气象模拟。模拟显示,随着污染程度加深,太平洋的飓风日益增强,且海洋风暴的发生次数也在不断上升。如果你认为这些影响还不算严重,那么通过追踪污染物会发现一些污染物漂洋过海甚至到达美国西部地区,这些污染源基本都来自中国。As the study points out, this is massively ironic because the ed States — and other developed countries — rely on China for cheap consumer goods. While many countries have outlawed practices that are bad for the environment, they turn around and buy massive amounts of goods from countries that continue to poison the environment. Countries like China fill a void by allowing us to get things for cheap while feeling like we#39;re taking the high road by enacting tougher pollution laws at home. These countries#39; economies quickly become based on manufacturing, and the cycle becomes hard to break. While China may need to change, it#39;s a problem of more than just their making. If we want China to stop polluting, the rest of the world needs to find a more environmentally sustainable way to produce the goods that drive our economies.调查实,这是极大的讽刺,美国和其它发达国家从中国进口大量廉价消费品,同时又禁止污染环境的产业在本国生存,导致发展中国家的环境污染问题严重。这些国家很快转变为以小商品制造业为柱产业,牺牲环境为代价的经济发展模式。这种模式一旦形成,环境污染问题就会进入恶性循环,很难被打破。中国需要作出转变,污染并不只是制造业带来的问题。如果我们希望中国摆脱环境污染,就必须找到一种环保的替代生产方式,转变产业结构,建立新的发展模式。审校:玛格 编辑:旭旭 来源:前十网 /201508/392747


  如果你身边有这样的中年男子,经常光顾酒吧和俱乐部等社交场所寻找;猎物;,;猎捕;的女子通常比自己小十至十五岁,总是回避有关自己的年龄婚姻状况,穿着打扮比自己的实际年龄年轻,小心,他们就是;少女猎手;。Manther is a middle-aged man who seeks sexual or romantic relationships with significantly younger women.少女猎手是那些总喜欢和比自己小很多的女性发生性关系或谈恋爱的中年男子。Lee Rangel is a Manther, but likes older women as well. The 57-year old is dating a 36-year old. ;Usually women that are older are married. They have multiple children and they don#39;t really like to have a lot of fun, the ones that I#39;ve met. And women that are younger tend to want to go do things and have fun and enjoy themselves and that#39;s what I like to do.;李bull;兰杰尔是一个少女猎手,但也喜欢老女人。57岁的他正在和一个36岁的女人约会。;年龄大一些的女人通常都已经结婚了。就我认识的那些,她们都有一大帮孩子要养,也不是很喜欢尽兴玩乐。年轻一点的女性则会想去做点新鲜事,尽情享乐,这也是我所喜欢的。;Women are often interested in older men because they appear more mature, self-assured, confident and the attraction could be the result of an unavailable father. While an age difference doesn#39;t necessarily mean trouble for a couple, there could be age-related problems.女人对老男人感兴趣是因为他们看上去更成熟、自信。这种吸引力可能源于女人缺乏父爱。尽管年龄差距不一定会导致情侣或夫妻之间的矛盾,但是年龄差距过大也会产生一些问题。 /201202/171901


  They’re the essential bits of Christmas. Squeezing a fir tree into your living room. Eating an odd-looking bird. Welcoming an intruder who breaks in by coming down the chimney. Gazing at your fifth mince pie of the day and finally wondering what on Earth might be in it.他们,是圣诞节最核心的部分。让一棵冷杉树挤满你小小的起居室;吃一个外形奇怪的鸟兽;欢迎一个从烟囱闯进你家的“入侵者”;盯着第五块咸肉饼,好奇里面究竟会有些什么。How many of us stop to think how it all began? Let’s have a look where our festive traditions come from.有多少人会停下来想自己为什么要这样做?你真的懂圣诞吗?现在就来验一下吧。Father Christmas圣诞老人Red robes, white beard, waist-slapping jollity and booming ho-ho-hos. He’s been around for ever, hasn’t he?身穿红色长袍,面长白色长胡,欢乐地拍打自己胖胖的腰部,发出“呵呵呵”的声音,他就是一直以这种形象陪伴我们成长,不是吗?Actually only since 1935, when Haddon Sundblo, a Madison Avenue advertising man, created Santa Claus for a Coca-Cola campaign.直到1935年,麦德逊大道(美国广告业中心)的广告人Haddon Sundblo为了可口可乐运动创造了圣诞老人。In previous lives he was thinner and paler, a character based on a 4th Century Asian bishop called Nicholas, who became the patron saint of children in most of Europe.先前他效仿四世纪一个叫的Nicholas亚洲主教,把自己弄得既瘦又苍白。在欧洲大部分地方,孩子们都把这位主教看成是自己的保护神。It was in Holland, where they called him Sinterklaas, that he earned his reputation for giving stuff away. A small pair of wooden shoes would be left by the fireplace and he would fill them with sweets.在荷兰,因为他经常派礼物给人们,赢得了不少名誉,人们称他为圣尼古拉。如果人们在火炉旁放置一对小小的木鞋子,他就会把它们塞满糖果。What about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer? Debt-ridden shopworker Robert Mays invented him in 1947 as the hero of a bestselling book that made him a fortune.那红鼻子驯鹿鲁道夫又是怎么来的?负债累累的店员Robert Mays在1947年创造了它作为畅销书的主角,因此赢得了丰厚的回报。Crackers饼干The mastermind behind the Christmas cracker was a London sweetshop owner called Tom Smith. In 1847, after spotting French bonbons wrapped in paper with a twist at each end, he started selling similar sweets with a “love motto” inside.想出圣诞饼干的才人是伦敦一间糖果店的店主Tom Smith。在1847年,他发现法国小糖果用一张纸把两边扭着包裹,他也开始售卖相类似的糖果,并在里面放有“爱的誓言”。They were so popular as a Christmas novelty that Tom made them bigger and included a trinket. But the real flash of inspiration came when he poked the fire and a log exploded with a sharp CRACK! That gave him the idea for a package that went off with a bang.作为圣诞节新奇的小礼物,这种包装的糖果十分受欢迎,于是Tom把糖果制造得更大,里面可以放一个小饰品。但是真正激发他灵感的是,当他戳破炉火引起一块木头爆炸而发出的巨大的声音。这让他想到可以把袋子爆破引起响声。He launched his “Bangs of Expectation” with top-of-the range gifts such as jewellery, ivory carvings, perfume and miniature dolls.于是,他发射了名为“期望爆炸号”的超级有分量的大礼品,如珠宝、象牙雕刻、香水和微型玩偶。Turkey火鸡Goose was the popular choice for Christmas dinners for generations. Middle-class families with lots of relatives might go for a boar’s head, while the seriously rich showed off with a swan.鹅是每个年代很受欢迎的圣诞节晚餐料理。中级家庭会和亲戚们共享野猪头,而最有钱的家庭会用天鹅来炫耀。The turkey didn’t arrive until the 1600s, when merchants brought it back from America and marketed it as an exciting new festive taste – if you stuffed it with sage and onions and laced it with cranberries.直到17世纪,火鸡才呈现在大家眼前,是由商人们从美洲带回来的,并推销其成为让人心动的新的节日美食——如果你把它填满鼠尾草和洋葱,并用蔓越莓把它围起来。The tree圣诞树So who DID suggest cutting down a huge piece of shrubbery, dragging it into the house, covering it with lights, then sticking a model fairy on top? Then leaving it there until it drops needles all over the floor.到底是谁建议砍掉一棵参天巨树,然后把它拖进房子,挂满节日灯,并在树顶插上一个精灵模型,又任由它的针叶掉满地上而不管?Blame a German. The Romans had hung up the odd bit of green branch, but it was evangelist Martin Luther from Saxony who first decorated a whole fir tree.要怪就怪德国人吧。是罗马人开始挂起这种奇怪的绿色树木的,但萨克森州的福音传道者才是装饰起冷杉树的第一人。That was in 1510. The idea finally sp to Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign when her German-born husband Prince Albert had one sent over to remind him of his own childhood Christmases.在1510年,这个主意传到了维多利亚女王统治的英国。有人送了一棵圣诞树给女王的丈夫—出生于德国的Albert王子,以唤起他对童年圣诞节的回忆。Cards圣诞卡The first were sent in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, boss of the Victoria and Albert Museum. He was far too busy to write letters so had an artist design 1,000 cards, illustrated with a festive family scene on the front and printed with the greeting, “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You”.Horrified at being caught out, all his friends sent him one back the next year.第一封圣诞卡是1843年由维多利亚和阿尔伯特物馆(世界上最大的装饰艺术和设计物馆)的老板Henry Cole先生发出的。他由于工作太繁忙而没空写祝贺信,于是他请了艺术家设计1000份贺卡,在卡片首页画有家庭节日相聚的场景,然后印刷带有“祝你圣诞节快乐和新年快乐”的祝福语。由于怕被发现没回信,他的所有朋友都在下一年送回他一张卡片。In 1880 cards became so popular.1880年,圣诞卡开始普及。Tinsel金灿灿的装饰The first mass-produced Christmas decoration, it was made in Europe in the 1600s from sheets of silver alloy hammered until they were paper-thin and cut into strips.第一批大量制造的圣诞节装饰,是在17世纪在欧洲制造的,把银合金片不断捶打直到变成薄片,然后切割成条。The idea was to reflect the light from candles and fireplaces. Problem – after a few Christmases, the silver turned black. A cheaper, throwaway tinsel made from aluminium-based paper swept the festive market in the 1950s. Problem – it went up like a flash when it caught fire.这些装饰是为了反射蜡烛和火炉的光亮,营造温馨气氛。问题——在圣诞节一系列活动后,银条会变黑。一种更便宜的,可丢弃的装饰条使用铝做的,在20世纪50年代横扫节日饰品市场。问题——如果遇火它会像闪电一样爆发。 /201212/215881

  It is an admission that is verging on sacrilegious for a French president. But Nicolas Sarkozy#39;s top chef has revealed that the French head of state has banned cheese from the table at the Elysée Palace.尼古拉#8226;萨科奇的御用大厨透露,这位法国总统将奶酪逐出了爱丽舍宫的餐桌,这对于一名法国总统来说,几乎是冒天下之大不韪。Charles de Gaulle once famously declared: ;How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?;夏尔#8226;戴高乐曾有一句名言:“一个人该怎样治理一个拥有246种奶酪的国家?”The fitness mad Mr Sarkozy has chosen to remove the source of De Gaulle#39;s angst from his sight, according to presidential chef Bernard Vaussion, who is cooking for his fifth French head of state.曾为5位法国首脑烹制菜肴的总统御厨伯纳德#8226;沃森透露,为了身材而疯狂的萨科奇决定将戴高乐忧心的根源移出视线。The French were famously dubbed ;cheese-eating surrender monkeys; by irate US Republicans when they failed to support the 2003 invasion of Iraq.2003年法国未能持美国进攻伊拉克,当时恼怒的美国共和党人就冠以法国人“吃奶酪的投降猴子”的称号。But Mr Sarkozy has done away with the high-fat stuff altogether after meals, his chef explained, as ;it was too much; for him.但是萨科奇的大厨解释道,这位法国总统已经摒弃了这些餐后的高脂肪食物,它们实在让他无法忍受。His cheese aversion even threatened to spark a diplomatic incident last October, when he offended Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, by telling another EU leader that over dinner ;she says she is on a diet and then helps herself to a second helping of cheese;.在去年十月份的时候,他对奶酪的厌恶甚至差点引起一场外交事故。当时,萨科奇在席间对另一位欧盟领导人说:“她(德国总理安吉拉#8226;默克尔)说她在节食,然后却一再取奶酪吃”,这句话惹到了默克尔。The health-conscious leader opts instead for ;light, balanced meals and poultry to red meat;, his chef said, in a clear break with his predecessors who were not afraid of heartier fare, even at lunchtime.他的大厨还说道,这位重视健康的总统选择了“用清淡、均衡的食物和家禽代替红肉”,这和不忌惮丰盛食物的前几任总统完全不同,甚至午餐也如此。The French had aly found it hard to swallow the fact that their leader drinks no wine, a source of great national pride. The latest revelation risks striking another symbolic blow to the leader#39;s credentials as a flag-bearer of French gastronomy.法国已经很难接受他们的领导人不喝葡萄酒,因为葡萄酒是法国民族自豪感的来源之一。而最新的奶酪禁令将再次给这位领导人的“法国美食旗手”资格造成象征性冲击。On the advice of his former supermodel wife, Carla, 13 years his junior, the one-time chocoholic president has been on a draconian fitness and nutrition programme for most of his presidency, served a frugal diet of fish, vegetables, salads and sorbets. Cottage cheese, it is believed, still makes the grade.在比自己小13岁、做过超模的妻子卡拉的建议下,曾经酷爱巧克力的萨科奇总统在任期的大部分时间里一直进行着严格的健身和营养计划。他仅吃鱼类、蔬菜、沙拉和冰沙等食物。不过据认为白干酪还是被列入了萨科奇的食谱。Some blamed the low-calorie diet on Mr Sarkozy collapsing in 2009 during one of his gruelling daily jogs.2009年萨科奇曾在一次艰苦的慢跑锻炼中晕倒,有些人将这归咎于他的低热量饮食。 /201204/176887





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