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盐城去哪里做人流好亭湖区流产多少钱盐城/哪家医院人工流产做得好 The lovestruck male: Half of men know Miss Right after just one date... but women need at least six. A meaningful glance across a crowded room. A glimpse of a smile. A whiff of perfume. That, it seems, is all it takes to fall head over heels in love – if you are a man. A chap barely even needs to have spoken to the object of his desire before declaring she is the one, a survey has found. Women, on the other hand, appear to take much longer to give their hearts away. 铺天盖地的电视相亲节目有的人看得是津津有味,越来越多的宅男宅女走出自己的屋子,把谈恋爱这等10年前还属于羞羞答答范畴的事情“拿到了桌面”。关于约会的话题,我们通常听到的是“一见钟情”这类词语,可是“一见钟情”有没有什么科学依据呢?有意思的是,经过研究分析还真可以用数据来说明一见钟情的概率:男人只需要一次约会就能确定对方是不是自己的意中人,而女人啊!却需要整整六次才能判定呢! In the survey, one in five men claimed to have fallen in love at first sight. Just over half were smitten after one meeting and nearly three-quarters had lost their hearts within three dates. 在一项调查中,有20%的男人承认他们在第一次约会的时候就已经身陷不能自拔了,只有50%的男人需要更多的时间需要时间细细回味约会的感觉,一般来说,男人约会的战线不会拉得太擦还能跟,有75%的男人在3次约会时间之内就已经能确定自己是否找到意中人。 In contrast, only one in ten women said they had experienced love at first sight. Most waited until at least the sixth date before deciding whether or not they had found the "real thing". 与之相反,只有10%的女人承认她们经历过一见钟情,大多数的女人会等到6次约会之后,方能判断出对方是不是自己的真命天子。 Professor Alexander Gordon, a chartered psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society, was intrigued by the findings and agreed that the gender difference was stark. He said men tended to tick more superficial boxes, such as looks, to help them decide whether they were "in love". Women were a little more complicated and likely to weigh up the pros and cons before settling on their choice. 心理学家、教授Alexander Gordon说:“就谈恋爱而言,男人更主动的是表面、肤浅的东西,比如对方的长相、打扮等等,这些因素对他们定义自己的真命天女有着至关重要的作用。而女性的思维相对比较复杂,在判断对方适合不适合自己时,会需要更多的时间来权衡。” "Women are better at ing social situations and are more likely to ask more questions of themselves after meeting someone, like is he going to make me feel secure and will he be a good father to my children," he said. 他还总结:“女性对于社交约会的情形会更敏感,会更在乎对方在意不在意我?他能给我安全感么?他会是我孩子的父亲么?” According to the findings, the average British man falls in love just over three times in his life while the average woman falls in love only once.And more men than women claimed to have loved someone who did not love them back. Men were also more likely to say "I love you" first and to pine after their first love. 根据资料显示,英国男人的一生中可以经历3段较真挚的感情,而女人平均经历的感情数量就少得可怜,只有1次。此外,男人比较犯贱,他们会爱上根本不会爱上他们的女人。 /201110/159438Americans usually consider themselves a friendly people. Their friendships, however, tend to be shorter and more casual than friendships among people from other cultures. It is not uncommon for Americans to have only one close friend during their lifetime, and consider other "friends" to be just social acquaintances. This attitude probably has something to do with American mobility and the fact that Americans do not like to be dependent on other people. They tend to "compartmentalize" (划分) friendships, having "friends at work", "friends on the softball team", "family friends", etc.. 美国人通常认为自己是友好的民族。然而他们的友谊往往比来自其他文化的人们更短暂,更随意。生活中只有一个亲密的朋友,对美国人来说这很常见,他们认为其它的“朋友”只是社会上的泛泛之交。这种看法或许跟美国人的流动性和美国人不喜欢依靠别人的实际情况有关。他们往往将朋友关系划分为“工作朋友”、“运动朋友”、“家庭朋友”等。 Because the ed States is a highly active society, full of movement and change, people always seem to be on the go. In this highly charged atmosphere, Americans can sometimes seem brusque (无礼的) or impatient. They want to get to know you as quickly as possible and then move on to something else. Sometimes, early on, they will ask you questions that you may feel are very personal. No insult is intended; the questions usually grow out of their genuine interest or curiosity, and their impatience to get to the heart of the matter. And the same goes for you. If you do not understand certain American behavior or you want to know more about them, do not hesitate to ask them questions about themselves. Americans are usually eager to explain all about their country or anything "American" in which you may be interested. So much so in fact that you may become tired of listening. It doesn't matter because Americans tend to be uncomfortable with silence during a conversation. They would rather talk about the weather or the latest sports scores, for example, than deal with silence. 因为美国是一个高度活跃、充满运动和变化的社会,人们看起来一直在路上。在这种高度紧张的氛围里,美国人有时看似无礼或缺少耐心。他们想要尽快了解你,然后转身去做别的事。在交往初期,他们有时会问你一些你感觉很私人的问题。这不是有意的冒犯;问这些问题通常是出于他们真正的兴趣和好奇心或者他们没有耐心去得到事情的实质。换成你也一样,如果你不理解某些美国人的行为或你想知道他们更多的东西,就毫不犹豫地去问他们。美国人通常会热心地介绍有关他们国家或者你可能感兴趣的美国的任何事情。实际上他们如此地介绍这个东西可能使你听得很累。这无所谓,因为美国人往往会对交往中的沉默感到不安。例如,他们宁愿去谈天气或者最新的赛况,也不愿去对付沉默。 On the other hand, don't expect Americans to be knowledgeable about international geography or world affairs, unless those subjects directly involve the ed States. Because the ed States is not surrounded by many other nations, some Americans tend to ignore the rest of the world. 另外,别指望美国人熟知世界地理或国际事务,除非这些事情直接涉及到美国。因为美国并不与许多国家接壤。一些美国人往往忽略了世界其他地方。    /201103/127457江苏省阜宁县人民医院妇科预约

江苏省盐城/市协和医院药流多少钱Compatibility for Capricorn and Libra is questionable due to the ‘prim and proper’ Capricorn not being able to quite understand the ‘adventurous and frivolous’ Libran. This is within the application of study on the two sun signs, however, beyond it, the duo are capable of magic! 要让羯座人与天秤座人和谐共处看似不太可能,因为一本正经的羯不能很好地理解天秤的冒险与轻狂。这一点是从这两种人的星座研究中得出的,然而,更甚的是这两个星座的关系非常神奇! There are a number of enthusiasts who believe firmly in the common traits observed in people of the same sun sign and the compatibility ient between the various signs. Over the years, there have been numerous efforts made towards understanding the sun signs and the commonalities in people born within each. This effort has resulted in a study that uncannily merges world wide, within every attempt made and there are people who form impressions and take important decisions on the basis of the traits observed in people of a particular sign. The compatibility for Capricorn and Libra signs has been part of such study and the results are amazing. 有相当一部分的星座爱好者坚信这样的共性,这些共性是从相同星座和不同星座的和谐系数中观察所得。这些年来,研究者已花费巨大的努力,企图明白人的个性与星座间的联系。这些努力得到了一些神奇的具有世界性的结果,那就是许多人以星座的描述基础来形成对人的印象以及做重大的决定。羯座和天秤座的和谐性就是这些令人吃惊的研究结果中的一个。 The Capricorn is identified and credited with being organized and is very appealing to the Libran, especially one who is experiencing a transition between love affairs. The Libran is credited with being a ‘people’s person’ and is ily a good host. This works wonders in the case of the hard working Capricorn who could be vying for a rise in fortune through the chosen career. The compatibility for Capricorn and Libra signs is sure to woo those who matter to the planned ascent. This trait of the Libran is greatly admired by the Capricorn. It is interesting to note that the Libran feels tied down and stifled very soon and hates the feel. 羯座是个有条理且严谨的星座,这对于天秤座来说非常具有吸引力——尤其是在恋爱当中。天秤座人非常乐于做领袖,而且好客,喜欢热闹。对于羯座这样的善于通过选择职业而参与财富竞争的工作狂来说,这种能力非常神奇。羯与天秤的共性之一就是都会追求那些对其事业上进与攀登有利的人的持,这让他们互相间的好感来得非常容易。羯座及其羡慕天秤座的这个特质,但有趣的是,天秤座却感到受牵制与苦闷,并痛恨这样的感觉。 The Libran is always embarking on the quest to find excitement and make life more enjoyable and quickly becomes disenchanted with relationships. The Capricorn is known to be a finance fanatic and saving and planning mean more to the Capricorn than seeking small or large pleasures. The Capricorn is credited with being a seeker of security, while the Libran sports the ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude and this creates the perfect opposite – opposites do attract, in certain cases. While the Libran is vocal and revels in verbalized declarations, the Capricorn is the silent type! This does stress the compatibility for Capricorn and Libra signs.天秤座在开始时总是乐于应对类似找刺激和使生活更舒适的要求,但很快会对此失去兴趣,慢慢稳定下来。而羯座是众人皆知的财迷,在生活上勤俭节约和对未来充满计划对羯座来说比追求大大小小的愉悦来得重要。羯很缺乏安全感,而天秤座的信条是“享受生活,不要担心”,这造成了两者极大的不同——也可以算是互补,于是这极大的差别在某些情况下变得很吸引人。天秤座很开朗,羯座喜欢沉默,试想一下这个情景:当天秤得意洋洋地发表宣言时,羯只会安安静静地听!这个差异可能会让此二星座的相处存在些许压力。 /201012/120899盐城男科哪个医院比较好 Marriages improve after children fly the coop, according to researchMarriages improve after children grow up and move out, according to an academic study which suggests an "empty nest" is not always a bad thing.Popular wisdom has it that parents' relationships may suffer once their young fly the coop, because they feel they have lost their purpose in life.However a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that many couples actually feel happier when their children leave home because they are able to enjoy spending time together.In total, 123 American mothers born in the 1930s were tracked for 18 years and asked to rate their satisfaction levels shortly after marrying, when they were bringing up babies, once their children reached their teenage years and finally at age 61, when almost all had "empty nests".Although not all said they were happier in general, most claimed their marriages had improved since their children had left home.Researchers believe this is not just because the spouses were spending more time together, but because they were able to enjoy each other's company more.One of the participants in the study, which is published in the journal Psychological Science, said: "Once the kids grow up... there's some of that stress removed... that responsibility removed, so things are a little more relaxed."Psychologist Sara Gorchoff, who carried out the investigation, said: "The take-home message for couples with young children is 'hang in there'."Her co-author Oliver John added: "Don't wait until your kids leave home to schedule quality time with your partner."However Dr Dorothy Rowe, from the British Psychological Society, said the effects of living in an "empty nest" will depend on the parents' relationship with their children."If you're just waiting for them to leave home so you can get on with your life, then of course you'll be pleased to see them go,' she said."But if you've built your life around your children you'll be terribly bereft. For some parents, their world falls apart when their children leave." /200901/60601盐城/男性尿道炎症状及治疗

盐城妇科那里好We might like to think we#39;re not influenced by other people, but a new study into the group;buying mechanisms ; like those used on coupon sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial ; reveals that telling buyers who come later to the offer how many have aly signed up increases the number of purchasers.我们也许认为我们不会受到他人的影响,但一项针对团购机制(正如Groupon和LivingSocial等团购网站的机制一样)的研究表明,告诉后来的买家已经有多少人报名参加能够增加购买者的人数。Researchers at the University of Toronto#39;s Rotman School of Management wanted to understand why group buying sites that have entered the market recently have enjoyed greater success than those operating a decade ago, such as Mercata and MobShop.多伦多大学罗特曼管理学院的研究人员想要知道为什么近期进入市场的团购网站比十年前的Mercata和MobShop等团购网站经营更成功。Earlier attempts typically left potential buyers waiting for days before confirming whether or not they had got the offer they had signed up for.团购网站过去总是让潜在的买家在报名后等上好多天,才能确认是否能享受到折扣品。;We think one of the reasons group;buying has been successful recently is because of the short time horizon,; says Rotman Professor Ming Hu, who co;wrote the study with Professor Mengze Shi and PhD student Jiahua Wu. ;It allows for a herding effect.;罗特曼商学院的教授胡明(音)说:;我们认为近期团购网站成功的原因之一是较短的时限。这就出现了羊群效应。;他和石梦泽(音)教授以及士生吴嘉华(音)共同撰写了该研究报告。Another reason is the use of an information structure that discloses to later arrivals how many have aly signed onto the deal.另一个原因是使用了一种信息结构,让后来者看到已经有多少人下单购买。Researchers looked at two ways of designing the purchasing mechanism for a group buy: a simultaneous mechanism, where no one knows how many buyers have come before them, and a sequential mechanism, where a second group of buyers has the advantage of knowing the size of the first group.研究人员研究了设计团购机制的两种方式,一种是同步机制,没人知道之前有多少人来过;另一种是顺序机制,第二拨买主能够知晓第一拨买主的规模。The researchers#39; analytical model shows the most successful mechanism is the sequential one because it eliminates uncertainty for those coming later to the deal, and improves the confidence of those who sign on early, as they#39;re able to track the numbers of those who come after them.研究人员的分析模型显示,第二种机制最成功,因为这为后来的买家消除了不确定性,并增进了先前买家的信心,因为他们也可以看到随后买家的数量。;That boosts confidence,; says Professor Hu, who teaches operations management. Deals for ;luxury; services, versus everyday items, work better in a group buy scenario because they offer consumers a greater benefit.胡教授说:;这增进了自信。;他教授运营管理课程。与日常商品相比,;奢华;务类商品团购效果更好,因为消费者能得到更大实惠。 /201202/172436 你家的老公是“放养”还是“圈养”?看过电影和电视剧版《手机》的人大概都了解这两种相处方式的特点和可能造成的后果。当然,影视作品都会对生活现状进行夸张表现。不过大部分男士应该都愿意做个“放养老公”吧。 Free-range husband is a man who enjoys a fair amount of freedom in married life. His wife would allow him a private space, understand the pressure he is suffering from work and encourage him to take part in social activities and make new friends. 放养老公指婚姻生活中享有相当自由的男人。妻子会给他适度的个人空间,理解他来自工作方面的压力,鼓励他多交朋友,参加社会活动。 Mutual trust and respect is something that really matters in marriage. Based on this, making your man a free-range husband is believed to be a wise decision. If a woman makes every effort to keep her husband sticking around all the time, that will surely use up the passion soon and lead to enmity and contempt between them. 婚姻中,最重要的就是彼此间的相互信任和相互尊重。在此基础上,对男人适度放养,是一个女人的聪明之举。女人若是处心积虑地要老公和你每天黏在一起,是很容易消耗完彼此的热情和的,夫妻容易产生敌视与轻视情绪。 /201111/159737江苏省国营新洋农场医院挂号盐城/治男性生殖器疱疹



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