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美国习惯用语-第62讲:eyes pop outnot even bat an eye美国英语里有不少成语和俗语和“眼睛”,就是英语里的eyes这个字有关的。今天我们就来给大家介绍两个由eyes这个字组成的习惯用语。人们在碰到突然的、出乎意料之外的事的时候往往会睁大了眼睛表示惊奇。美国人在形容这种情景时经常说: "Somebody's eyes pop out."其实,中国人在形容某人感到十分惊奇时也经常说:那个人的眼珠子都快掉出来了。这和英文里的eyes pop out很相似。现在我们来举个例子吧:例句-1: "My wife's eyes popped out when she saw the necklace I bought her for our twentieth wedding anniversary."这个人说:“在我们庆祝结婚二十周年时,我给我的妻子买了一条项链。当她看到那条项链时,她眼睛睁得可大了。”大家可能都知道,美国的离婚率是很高的,正因为如此,人们对结婚周年是很重视的,特别是逢十的结婚周年,如二十周年、三十周年等,一般当事人都要举行盛大庆祝活动。Have your eyes popped out还可以用在其他场合,下面就是一个例子:例句-2: "I hadn't seen my niece since she was a child, so when she visited town the other day my eyes popped out -- she's grown into a very beautiful young woman."这个人说:“我还是在我侄女是个孩子的时候见过她。自从那时起,我一直就没有机会见到她。因此,那天她突然来这儿访问使我感到十分惊奇。她已经长大,变成一个很漂亮的年轻少女了。”有的人不管发生什么大事,似乎从来也不会感到惊奇,他们总能保持镇静,连眼睛都不眨一下,这在英文里就是:Not even bat an eye。Bat这个字的一个解释是眨眼睛。可是,在这种情况下,它经常是以否定的形式出现的。举一个例子就更能说明这个问题了:例句-3: "Bill didn't even bat an eye when they told him he had just won the lottery. He just shrugged and said, 'Well, I guess I can use the money.'"这句话的意思是:“当比尔听到他中了头奖的时候,他连眼睛都没有眨一下,只是耸耸肩膀说:“行,我想这些钱是会有用的。”中了头奖不表现激动,这已经很不容易了。要是一个人在赌钱的时候输了钱,还要保持镇静的话那就更不容易了,可是比尔就能做到。请你们听一听和他一起赌钱的人是怎么说的:例句-4: "Bill lost five thousand dollars on this one poker hand, but he didn't even bat an eye--he just shrugged and said, 'Easy come, easy go. Come on and deal the next hand!'"这个人说:“比尔在仅仅打一付扑克牌游戏的过程中就输了五千美元。可是他眼睛都没眨一下。他只是耸耸肩说:“来得容易,去得容易。快,发牌吧。”以上我们给大家介绍了两个由eyes这个字组成的习惯用语。第一个是eyes pop out。Eyes pop out是指当一个人在感到很惊奇的时候,眼睛睁的大大的。我们今天讲的另一个和eyes有关的俗语是not even bat an eye。Not even bat an eye是眼睛都不眨一下的意思。 /200601/3017。

  • I want to share a few keys on how you can do that我想来分享几个有用的方法,告诉你们如何才能保to make sure that we can see that your science is sexy and that your engineering is engaging.让我们也觉得你们的科学;性感;迷人、你们的工程学魅力四射。First question to answer for us: so what?第一个要回答我们的问题:高科技又怎样?Tell us why your science is relevant to us.告诉我们,为什么你们的科学与我们有关。Dont just tell me that you study trabeculae,别光告诉我你们研究骨小梁,but tell me that you study trabeculae, which is the mesh-like structure of our bones要告诉我你们研究骨小梁是因为这种骨骼的网状组织because its important to understanding and treating osteoporosis.对认识和治疗骨质疏松症很重要。And when youre describing your science, beware of jargon.另外当你们描述科学原理时,要注意术语的使用。Jargon is a barrier to our understanding of your ideas.术语是我们理解你们想法的一个障碍。Sure, you can say ;spatial and temporal,; but why not just say当然了,你们可以说“空间性与瞬时性”,可是为什么不说;space and time,; which is so much more accessible to us?;空间与时间;呢?这对我们来说容易理解多了。And making your ideas accessible is not the same as dumbing it down.让你们的想法简单易懂并不等于简化它,Instead, as Einstein said, make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.相反,正如爱因斯坦所说,让一切尽可能的简单,而不是简化。You can clearly communicate your science without compromising the ideas.你不必非得改变你的观点才能清楚地传达出你的科学理论。A few things to consider are having examples, stories and analogies.可以考虑用一些例子、故事还有类比。Those are ways to engage and excite us about your content.这些都是使你们的谈论内容吸引我们、让我们兴奋的方法。And when presenting your work, drop the bullet points.还有在用幻灯片演示你们的研究成果时,不要使用点句式。Have you ever wondered why theyre called bullet points?你想过为什么点句式符号叫;子弹;点儿吗?What do bullets do? Bullets kill, and they will kill your presentation.子弹是干什么的?子弹能杀人,也能灭了你的演示报告。A slide like this is not only boring, but it relies too much on the language area of our brain, and causes us to become overwhelmed.像这样的幻灯片不仅仅乏味无聊,而且太过依赖我们大脑的语言区,使我们不知所措。Instead, this example slide by Genevieve Brown is much more effective.而这张由Genevieve Brown制作的示例幻灯片效果就好多了。Its showing that the special structure of trabeculae are so strong that they actually inspired the unique design of the Eiffel Tower.它向我们说明骨小梁的特殊结构超级强大,甚至连埃菲尔铁塔的独特设计都受到了它的启发。201704/501971。
  • Id like you to come back with me for a moment to the 19th century, specifically to June 24, 1833.我希望先带你们回到19世纪,确切地说回到1833年6月24日。The British Association for the Advancement of Science英国科学促进协会正在剑桥大学,is holding its third meeting at the University of Cambridge.召开第三届大会。Its the first night of the meeting,会议举办的第一天晚上and a confrontation is about to take place that will change science forever.发生了一次大讨论,永久的影响了科学的发展。An elderly, white-haired man stands up.一个白发苍苍的老者站了起来,The members of the Association are shocked to realize that its the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge,与会成员惊讶的意识到,他是诗人塞缪尔·泰勒·柯勒律治,who hadnt even left his house in years until that day.而今天是他多年来的第一次公开露面。Theyre even more shocked by what he says.但是更让他们震惊的是他说出来的话。;You must stop calling yourselves natural philosophers.;“你们不应该继续自称为‘自然哲学家’了。”Coleridge felt that true philosophers like himself pondered the cosmos from their armchairs.柯勒律治认为真正的哲学家应该是像他那样,坐在自己的靠椅上思考宇宙万物的。They were not mucking around in the fossil pits哲学家是不应该在化石坑里面折腾的,or conducting messy experiments with electrical piles like the members of the British Association.也不应该像英国科学促进协会的会员们那样拿着电极做些恶心的实验。The crowd grew angry and began to complain loudly.人们变得愤怒并开始大声的抱怨。A young Cambridge scholar named William Whewell stood up and quieted the audience.一位名叫威廉姆·胡威立的年轻剑桥学者站起来让大家安静了下来。He politely agreed that an appropriate name for the members of the association did not exist.他很礼貌的承认还没有合适的名字来描述协会成员的身份。;If philosophers is taken to be too wide and lofty a term,;“如果‘哲学家’一词过于宽泛和崇高,”he said, ;then, by analogy with artist, we may form scientist.;“那么,类比‘艺术家’与‘艺术’的叫法,我们可以使用‘科学家’一词。”This was the first time the word scientist was uttered in public, only 179 years ago.这是‘科学家’一词首次为公众所知,至今不过179年。201609/469158。
  • 056 literature Words Title author poet playwright time period main character antagonist protagonist scene chapter plot allegory alliteration Antithesis comedy tragedy novel euphemism onomatopoeia Point-of-view pun rhyme symbol genre imagery Phrases Be written by/in Judge a book by its cover To be a classic To be written for(an audience/someone) The plot thickens Play on words Beginner A: hi, Charlie! What are you ing? B: hi, bob. I’m ing a biography? A: who’s it about? B; it’s about bob Dylan. A; who is he? B: he’s a famous American musician. A; who’s the author? B: it was written by howard sounes. A: what do you think about it? B; it’s great! I’ve learned a lot form ing it. A; can I it when you’re done? B: sure, bob! I’m on chapter 12 now, so I’m almost finished. A; how many chapters does the book have? B; there are 15 chapters in total. A; when do you think you’ll have finished ing it? B; I should be done by Friday. I’ll give it to you in class then. A; thanks. Charlie! B; no problem. Bob. Intermediate A: I can’t believe my English teacher is making me pride and prejudice! B; why not! It’s a classic; in fact, it’s one of my favorite novels. A; but it’s so old. B; don’t judge a book by its cover. Do you kwon what it’s about? A: no, not at all. B; first of all, it’s a romance novel, set in the early 19th century. A; I didn’t realize it was a romance novel. What’s the main storyline? B: it’s basically about a father who tried to marry off one of his five girls. A: why does he want to do that? B; since he doesn’t have a son, he hopes that one of the girls will marry a wealthy man. That way, all of his daughters will be cared for. A; won’t they get his inheritance? B; no, that’s the problem. Though they are well-off, once he dies, his house will go to his cousin. So, when he dies, the girls will have nothing. A; I see. This sounds interesting! Maybe my teacher isn’t so horrible after all. B; so ,are you going to the novel or what the movie? A; :there’s movie? My teacher didn’t tell me that! B; that’s probably because she wants you to the book first. A: it would take a lot less time.., B: how about this. When you finish the book. I’ll get the movie and watch it with you. A; ok. That sounds like a deal. /200705/13715。
  • Metaphor lives a secret life all around us.暗喻秘密地生活在我们中间。We utter about six metaphors a minute.于我们的言谈中,每分钟大约会出现六个暗喻。Metaphorical thinking is essential to how we understand ourselves and others,暗喻思维是一把钥匙,它可以开启我们相互理解how we communicate, learn, discover and invent.沟通、学习、发现和创新的大门。But metaphor is a way of thought before it is a way with words.首先,暗喻是一种思维方式。Now, to assist me in explaining this, Ive enlisted the help of one of our greatest philosophers,为了说明这一点,我请教了一位当代最伟大的哲学家,the reigning king of the metaphorians, a man whose contributions to the field are so great that he himself has become a metaphor.当权的暗喻皇帝,一位因其对暗喻学的巨大贡献而自身成了一位暗喻的人物。I am, of course, referring to none other than Elvis Presley.当然,我指的不是别人,正是猫王埃尔维斯-普雷斯利。Now, ;All Shook Up; is a great love song.好,《神魂颠倒》(意即整个人都被动摇了)是一首经典情歌。Its also a great example of how whenever we deal with anything abstract也是一个极好的暗喻范例,它诠释了当我们面临抽象事物时,ideas, emotions, feelings, concepts, thoughts -- we inevitably resort to metaphor.无论是主意、情绪、感觉、概念亦或是思想,都不得不求助于暗喻。In ;All Shook Up,; a touch is not a touch, but a chill.在《神魂颠倒》中,触摸不再是触摸,而是寒气。Lips are not lips, but volcanoes. She is not she, but a buttercup.嘴唇不再是嘴唇,而是火山。她不再是她,而是毛茛花(一种小黄花)。And love is not love, but being all shook up.爱情也不再是爱情,而是变得神魂颠倒了。In this, Elvis is following Aristotles classic definition of metaphor在这里,埃尔维斯采用的完全是亚里士多德对暗喻的经典定义,as the process of giving the thing a name that belongs to something else.亦即是把B事物的名称赋予给A事物的过程。This is the mathematics of metaphor. And fortunately its very simple. X equals Y.这就是暗喻的数学公式。幸好它很简单。X等于Y。201704/504918。
  • Thank you. Im honored. Im honored to be here. Ill just say a few things about myself. Thats all I really know about. And itll be brief.Thank you. Twenty years ago, I was almost a student here. Cornell University actually accepted me. I still tell people that I was accepted at an Ivy League school because, well, thats very impressive. It was the cold one in the middle of nowhere, but it was still an Ivy.But way back when I graduated high school, I didnt leave California to join all the bright students here wearing face masks in the winter to keep out the wind chill. I went to sunny UCLA. Since then, Ive been to a ton of schools and a bunch of these graduations. Some good, some boring.And being someone whos probably been to more of these than most, at least as a student, I can tell you that I remember very little from any of them, except for my high school graduation, when Steve Jobs spoke because his daughter was in my class. And he told us that, before dropping out of Reed, he took a calligraphy class, which led to all the different fonts that are now available to Mac users. So take that as a lesson. Learn calligraphy, and maybe you, too, will one day have a movie made about you starring Michael Fassbender.But anyway, this being only your first college graduation, take it from me – you wont remember much of what I say today, but dont worry. Despite that, Ill still try to give you some of my best wisdom. Now, if you know anything about me, you probably know that Ive played a lot of characters who actively partake in the use of marijuana. Actually, thats often the only thing that people know about me. And I dont know whether I should take that as a compliment of my acting abilities – because I actually dont smoke weed – or if I just have a naturally stonerish demeanor that lends itself to movies like Pineapple Express and This is the End. Resting stoned face, you could call it.But in fact, for most of my adult life, Ive done the opposite of checking out. Ive been struggling to find a way to check in. After not enrolling in an Ivy League school, I dropped out of UCLA because I knew that I wanted to be an actor and I wasnt in their theater program. So I went to an acting school in the San Fernando Valley. My parents said that they would no longer support me if I wasnt in college, so I got a job at the only place that would hire me: McDonalds. And as you can imagine, my parents were very proud of their son, who left a first-class education to work at the drive-thru window.But at the time, I knew that I wanted to be an actor at any cost. But what I didnt know was that I could actually act and go to school at the same time. If the me today could pull a Matthew McConaughey and talk to the James Franco of the past, I would say, ;Dude, you only went to one school? You couldnt act and go to school?;201606/450927。
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