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襄阳妇幼保健医院看鼻炎哪家医院最好襄阳妇幼保健院治疗流鼻血LG G Flex curved smartphone revealed in press renders, will launch next month LG型号为G Flex的弯曲屏智能手机渲染图泄露,将会在下月发布。LG has admitted that ;bendable and unbreakable; smartphone displays are aly in production, and we#39;ve heard plenty of rumors about a device known as the G Flex which features the new tech. Engadget has come across a trio of renders of the upcoming device, and we have learned from our sources that it will be coming out sometime next month -- pricing and availability (as well as hard specs) are as of yet unknown, however. As you can see in the images (above and below), the G Flex offers a curved display, but LG#39;s version approaches it at a literally different angle from the Galaxy Round that was announced last week: instead of it curving from left to right, the G Flex goes orthogonally from top to bottom. We#39;ll update you with more information and images as we get closer to the device#39;s launch.LG承认已经在生产可弯曲的智能手机显示屏,我们听到了很多关于使用此项新技术的型号为G Flex的设备的谣言。瘾科技拿到了很多此款机器的渲染图,从我们的消息源处得到了消息,这款设备将会在下个月发布,但是,价格,供货时间以及规格都不确定。从上下两张图中可以看出G Flex有一个弯曲的显示屏幕,但是LG的这个版本跟上周三星发布的Round弯曲角度完全不一样,不是左右弯曲,二十上下弯曲。随着发布的临近,我们会提供更多的消息和图片。 /201310/260315襄阳那里治鼻咽喉 GM's challenge - Survive and save DetroitNo city in America has been more entwined with the fortunes of a single industry as Detroit with autos. The nicknames "Motor City" and "Motown," coined years ago, have stuck for good reason. Most of the industry pioneers -- names like Wayne and Hupp, Packard and Maxwell -- have long since disappeared, and foreign automakers are expanding not in Michigan but farther south. Yet Detroit remains the home of the Big Three. In Detroit, GM is the biggest game in town. Even after Chrysler fled to a northern suburb and Ford (F, Fortune 500) retreated to its Dearborn, Mich., campus, GM doubled down on the city. In the mid-1990s it moved its headquarters to the city's most prominent landmark on the Detroit River, known appropriately as the Renaissance Center. After the investment of several hundred million dollars, GM's headquarters has become the centerpiece of the city's efforts to revive its downtown and develop its riverfront. General Motors and Fortune have grown up together too. As Time Inc. founder Henry Luce was creating the modern business magazine at the end of the 1920s, GM was passing Ford to become the world's largest automaker. In 1930, when -- Depression be damned -- Luce launched Fortune, GM showed its grit by introducing the first Cadillac with a 16-cylinder engine. When GM's legendary CEO Alfred P. Sloan published his landmark memoir, "My Years With General Motors," in 1963, the title page bore the name of his collaborator, a Fortune editor named John McDonald. With this issue, Fortune commences its contribution to Time Inc.'s "Assignment Detroit" series with a look at two sides of GM: its management under the new leadership of president and CEO Fritz Henderson, and its manufacturing, as seen in the Poletown plant, one of two factories still assembling cars within the Detroit city limits. Poletown, symbol of decades of strategic misdirection, represents the actions of an arrogant company that still believed, long after it had any reason to, that what was good for GM was good for the city of Detroit and the country. Henderson's strategy for GM is simple: to focus on the car business again. Past CEOs were distracted by corporate debt and legacy costs, work rules, and franchise laws. Now those concerns have been mostly eliminated, stripped out during the bankruptcy process, and Henderson can apply his energy where it is most needed. Henderson will be finding out what customers think by going out and talking to them, forcing his executive team to pay more attention to the competition, and applying more intellectual and financial capital to the creation of new products. Board chairman Ed Whitacre has given him his orders: GM needs to generate more revenue and more profit. There is no question where the buck stops. Now that GM has decided to focus on four brands -- Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC -- Henderson's challenge is to persuade customers to take a look at them. The new model to watch next year won't be the overpriced Chevy Volt but a small car called the Chevy Cruze. Since the 1960s GM has failed to build a small car that could compete with foreign brands. If it can't compete with the Cruze, it might as well throw in the towel. So far, reports on its design, fit, and finish are encouraging. Henderson's biggest challenge is to find a way to change GM's thinking. Bankruptcy notwithstanding, there remains a tendency to explain away shortcomings. GM could use some outside talent, but so far it has found none. Henderson promises to recruit managers from other companies but says government restrictions on compensation have prevented him from doing so. GM's CEO won't like to hear it, but he could learn a thing or two from Alan Mulally, his competitor across town at Ford. Mulally has identified a clear vision of the future, gotten his managers behind it, and created a no-excuses culture. Ford executives today are dealing with the world as it is, not as they wish it would be. Can Henderson do it? Yes, he can. I have never met an executive who was better prepared for his job. But can GM do it? There, I'm not so sure. With a few exceptions, there haven't been enough signs of fresh thinking or new ways to convince me that the new GM is a winner. All the ingredients are there, but they have to be successfully mobilized for GM to succeed. For the sake of Detroit, all of America should hope that it does. /200909/85183You no longer have to identify as ;male; or ;female; on Facebook. Beginning today, you can choose from 56 different gender identities.在Facebook的性别选项中,你不再非得选“男性”或“女性”了。从今天开始,你可以在56种性别中进行选择。Facebook stated the adjustments, launched on Thursday, initially quilt the corporate’s 159 million monthly Customers in the US and are aimed toward giving folks more picks in how they describe themselves, such as androgynous, bi-gender, intersex, gender fluid or transsexual.上周四(2月13日)Facebook发布的这个调整,该公司称最初针对的是其在美国的1.59亿月度用户,目的在于给大家更多描述自己的选择,如雌雄同体、双性人、阴阳人、流性人、跨性别。“There’s going to be lots of people for whom that is going to imply nothing, But for the few it does impression,’’ stated Facebook device engineer Brielle Harrison, who labored on the challenge and is herself undergoing gender transformation, from male to Feminine. On Thursday, whereas watchdogging the tool for any issues, she said she was additionally changing her Facebook id from Female to TransWoman.“这一改变对于世界上许多人来说毫无影响,但是对少数人来说影响深远。” 推进这一挑战的Facebook设备工程师布瑞尔·哈里森说道,她自己同时也在经历着由男性转化为女性的性别转化。周四在监测这一工具的故障时,她表示已经把自己的Facebook账号从女性改为跨性女。Facebook, which has 1.15 billion energetic month-to-month Customers around the globe, additionally lets in them to maintain their gender identity Private and can continue to do so.Facebook在全球拥有11亿5000万月度活跃用户。除新性别系统外,Facebook将继续允许用户保护性别隐私。The change to the gender choice option is viewed as an incredible step towards acceptance for people who don’t self-establish as male or Female, but the high-profile construction appeared senseless to those that believe in two genders, no more.性别选项的变化被看做是一个重大突破,意味着对那些自我性别认同不是男性或女性群体的接受。但这一引人注目的结构对那些相信只有两性的人来说毫无意义。Agender:无性别。没有发育性别,或者没有感觉到自己有任何强烈性别归属的人。他们不见得认为自己没有性别,但可能觉得性别不是自己的核心特质。Androgyne:两性人。拥有混合特征或者两种特征都很强烈的人。更强调对内的自我认同。Bigender:双性人。自我性别认定可以在两种之间切换的人。两种性别未必是男和女,可以是这里提到的许多种其他非传统性别。Female to Male(FTM):女变男。出生时被归属为女性,但是已经完全或正在进行向男性自我认同的转变的人。Gender Fluid:流性人。在不同时间经历性别认知改变的人。和Bigender(双性人)不同的是,双性人在两种明确的状态间切换,而流性人的变化是连续谱。Pangender:泛性别。认为自己是各种性别特质的混合体,每样都有一点儿。Cis:顺性人。自我性别认定和出生时的生物性别相同的人。大部分人归于此类。Trans:跨性别。和顺性别相对,自我性别认定和出生时生物性别不同。Transsexual:变性别。不但自我认同性别与出生性别不同,还采取了医学措施、改变了自己的生理和解剖特征的人。Two-spirit:两魂人。来自北美原住文化的术语,“体内同时含有男人和女人灵魂的人”。和两性人Androgyne基本同义,但和来自希腊文的冷冰冰医学术语不同,这个北美词语强调的是神秘主义和浪漫主义特性。 /201402/276817宜城人民医院治疗声带小结多少钱

襄阳四医院看耳聋哪家医院最好Beware first-class travellers! Passengers sitting in the rear of a plane have the best chance of survival in the event of a crash, an extraordinary and costly aviation experiment ever conducted has revealed.[qh]头等舱的乘客要当心了!一项耗资巨大的特别飞行试验揭示,在坠机事故中生还机会最大的是坐在飞机尾部的乘客。[qh]In a unique aviation experiment recently, the 170-seat Boeing 727 was made to crash in a controlled manner in a remote part of Mexico`s Sonoran Desert.[qh]在近日开展的一项独特的飞行试验中,一架有170个座位的波音727飞机被控坠落在墨西哥索诺拉沙漠的一个偏远地带。[qh]After pilot James Slocum parachuted out of the plane at 2,500ft, the jet was guided into the ground by a pilot in a following Cessna via a remote-control device, the reporters reported.[qh]据报道,在飞行员詹姆斯#8226;索罗克姆于2500英尺高空跳伞离开飞机后,后面跟着的赛斯纳飞机上的一名飞行员用遥控设备操纵飞机向地面降落。[qh]On board the jet were three sophisticated crash-test dummies designed to move like humans.[qh]试验飞机上有三具精密的坠机测试专用人偶,这些假人的四肢可以像真人一样移动。[qh]They were arranged in three positions: one in the classic brace and wearing a seat-belt; one belted but not in the brace position; and one neither belted nor in the brace.[qh]它们以三种姿势摆放:一个人偶用标准方式系紧安全带,一个人偶扣上安全带但没系牢,还有一个人偶完全没有系安全带。[qh]After the jet hit the ground nose-first, experts found that the dummy in the brace position would have survived the impact, the one not in the brace would have suffered serious head injuries, and the dummy not wearing a seat-belt would have perished.[qh]在飞机以头朝地的形式坠落到地面后,专家发现,安全带系得很紧的人偶会逃过坠机这一劫,松松地系着安全带的人偶头部会严重受伤,没有系安全带的人偶会毁掉。[qh]Using this, experts predicted that 78 percent of passengers on board would have survived the impact, but that coming down nose-first, all the first-class travellers would have died because the front of the fuselage sheared off.[qh]根据这一试验结果,专家预测,78%的飞机乘客会生还,但因为飞机是头朝下落地,所以所有头等舱的乘客都会死亡,因为机身前端被削掉了。[qh]Those sitting at the back would have had the best chance of survival.[qh]那些坐在飞机尾部的乘客生还机会最大。[qh]The 1 million pound project, to be screened on Channel 4 next month, aimed to recreate a serious but survivable incident and allow scientists to study the crashworthiness of the aircraft`s frame and cabin, as well as the impact on the human body.[qh]这一耗资100万英镑的试验项目将于下个月在第四频道播放。该项目的目的是通过再现一场严重但有生还机会的坠机事故,让科学家研究飞机机架和机舱的耐撞性能,以及坠机对人体的影响。[qh]It is also hoped that the findings may help increase the chances of passengers surviving such a crash in the future.[qh]研究人员还希望这些研究结果能有助于提高未来这样的坠机事故中乘客的生还几率。[qh]The Boeing was packed with dozens of cameras to record the impact from the inside. Footage was also collected on the ground, in chase planes, and even from the ejecting pilot`s helmet.[qh]这架波音飞机上安装了几十个摄像机,从飞机内部来记录坠机影响力。地面上、跟踪的飞机、甚至跳伞飞行员的头盔内也安装了摄像头来采集视频。[qh] /201209/201137襄樊看鼻咽喉科到哪个医院 襄阳市中心医院看鼻中隔偏曲哪家好

襄阳老河口市看耳聋哪家医院最好 China’s state industrial complex is accelerating efforts to launch a commercial passenger plane and challenge the global Boeing-Airbus duopoly.中国一家国有工业联合体正加速主推一款商用客机,挑战国际市场的波音(Boeing)和空客(Airbus)双头垄断。Comac is developing the ARJ21, a small regional jet, and the larger single-aisle C919. Both projects, which have experienced multiple delays, will be the focus of much attention at China’s premier air show, which opens Tuesday in the southern city of Zhuhai.中国商用飞机公司(Comac,中国商飞)正在开发小型线客机ARJ21 和更大的单通道客机C919。这两个都曾多次被延迟的项目,成为周二开幕的珠海航展上引起广泛关注的焦点。Six years after its maiden test flight, the ARJ21 has yet to enter commercial service. Last year Comac also confirmed that the C919’s maiden flight and delivery date, originally scheduled for 2014 and 2016 respectively, would each be delayed by at least a year.在首次飞行试验6年之后,ARJ21仍未进入商业务市场。去年,中国商飞也曾确认了C919 的首飞和交付日期,起初分别定于2014年和2016年,但都将推迟至少1年。The Chinese government has huge economic interests riding on both planes – and also a mooted wide-body variant of the C919, the C929, which may be developed in partnership with Russia’s ed Aircraft Corp. In September, Boeing predicted that China would eclipse the US as the world’s largest aviation market by 2033, saying that Chinese airlines would purchase some 6,000 aircraft – mostly single-aisle planes – worth 0bn over the next two decades.中国政府指望这两款客机、以及提议中C919的宽体型号C929客机产生巨大的经济利益。C929 可能会与俄罗斯的联合飞机公司(ed Aircraft Corp)联合开发。波音在9月预测,到2033年中国将超过美国、成为全球最大的航空市场。波音表示,未来20年,中国的航空公司将采购大约6000家飞机(主要是单通道飞机),价值达8700亿美元。From both a technical and financial perspective, industry executives say Comac is well positioned to realise its ambitions, but caution that could take years.行业高管表示,从技术和财务角度看,中国商飞已做好实现抱负的准备,但警告称,这可能要需要多年时间。“I would say it’s between 10 and 20 years until Comac’s planes will be in widesp service,” says one executive who asked not to be named because he works closely with China’s state-owned aviation companies.一位要求匿名的高管表示,“我觉得中国商飞的飞机获得广泛应用,将要等上10至20年。”The challenge for Comac will be to integrate the thousands of components and systems in an aircraft certified as safe by both the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the US Federal Aviation Administration. The latter’s sign-off would ensure the ARJ-21 and C919’s acceptance in the international market.中国商飞面临的挑战,将是把数百种部件和系统整合到一种飞机上,然后使其获得中国民航总局(CAAC)和美国联邦航空局(FAA)的安全认。后者的认可将确保ARJ-21 和C919 被国际市场接受。Money is less of a problem. Comac enjoys the support of a cash-rich state backer – a factor that was essential to Airbus’s emergence as Boeing’s main rival.资金基本不成问题。中国商飞得到充足的政府机构的持——而这一因素是空客成长为波音的主要对手关键因素。Marketing the new planes in international markets will be difficult, however, even with strong credit support from state policy banks such as China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China.然而,即便得到中国国家开发(CDB)和中国进出口(China Eximbank)等国有政策性的强力信贷持,在国际市场上推销新飞机仍非常困难。“Selling the ARJ-21 and C919 will be tricky because when you’re buying an aeroplane you’re not just buying a piece of kit that’s going to fly around for a few years,” says a senior European aviation executive. “You’re buying into the whole support package that the manufacturer has to stand behind for the lifetime of the aircraft – and that’s a huge unknown quantity in the case of Comac.“销售ARJ-21 和 C919将很有难度,因为当你买入一架飞机时,并非仅仅买入未来几年里飞往各地的一件工具,”一位欧洲航空业高管表示。“你是在买入由制造商提供的涵盖飞机整个寿命周期的一揽子持务——你买入中国商飞的飞机时,面临的未知因素实在太多了。” /201411/342241襄樊市第一人民医院看过敏性鼻炎哪家医院最好襄樊医院什么有治耳喉



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