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海盐县彩光祛痘多少钱平湖市开内眼角的费用Greenpeace, the international environmental group, is challenging the green credentials of outdoor clothing makers including The North Face, Columbia and Patagonia, accusing them of failing to eliminate toxic chemicals in their products.国际环保组织绿色和平(Greenpeace)对The North Face、哥伦比亚(Columbia)和巴塔哥尼亚(Patagonia)等户外装生产商的环保资质提出质疑,谴责它们未能清除自家产品中的有毒化学物质。The attack by Greenpeace came after its scientists this year found traces of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in the waters of high-altitude lakes around the world, including the Lago di Pilato in the Apennine mountain range of central Italy.绿色和平此次发难之前,该组织的科学家今年在世界各地高海拔湖泊的水体中发现了微量的全氟化合物(PFC),其中包括意大利中部亚平宁山脉的皮拉托湖(Lago di Pilato)。Greenpeace said its study — released on Tuesday — proved how slowly the environment breaks down these chemicals, which outdoor clothing makers routinely use in their waterproof gear.绿色和平表示,其周二发布的研究结果明,环境分解这些化合物的速度是多么的慢。户外装生产商经常在防水装备中使用这些化合物。”It is ironic to think that companies who depend on nature for their business willingly release dangerous chemicals into the environment,” said Mirjam Kopp, toxics campaigner for Greenpeace. “They need to set short-term deadlines for completely eliminating the entire group of PFCs in production processes,” she added.绿色和平反有毒物质活动家米丽娅姆科普(Mirjam Kopp)说:“那些依靠大自然发展业务的公司,竟然愿意向环境释放危险化合物,想想这有多讽刺。”她补充称:“它们需要设定一个不远的截至日期,在那一天到来前把生产工艺中涉及到的各种PFC彻底清除掉。”Greenpeace said Puma and Adidas have aly adopted “ambitious elimination targets” for PFCs and some companies have “entire collections “of PFC-free waterproof clothing. But it took aim at The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, Salewa and Mammut for showing “little sense of responsibility when it comes to eliminating hazardous chemicals such as PFCs”.绿色和平表示,彪马(Puma)和阿迪达斯(Adidas)已经定下了“雄心勃勃的清除(PFC的)目标”,有些公司推出了“完整系列”的无PFC防水装。但该组织把矛头指向了The North Face、哥伦比亚、巴塔哥尼亚、沙乐华(Salewa)和猛犸象(Mammut),因为这些公司“在清除PFC等危险化合物方面没有展现出什么责任意识”。Greenpeace criticism could be especially problematic since outdoor apparel companies go to great lengths to appear environmentally friendly. In their catalogues, advertisements and social media channels, they use stunning pictures of pristine landscapes and often include messages of conservation and calls for environmental action.绿色和平的批评可能会引起轩然,因为户外装公司总是竭尽全力表现得很注重环保。在产品目录、广告和社交媒体渠道中,它们会使用极具震撼力的展示原生态景观的照片,而且内容往往包含环保思想和对采取环保行动的呼吁。 /201509/397938浙江省荣军医院疤痕多少钱 War of Eight Princes八王之乱The War of the Eight Princes or Rebellion of the Eight Kings was a civil war for power among princes or kings of the Chinese Jin Dynasty from AD 291 to AD 306.八王之乱是皇子和君王之间对于权力的一场内战,这场战争自公元291年持续到公元306年。It devastated the country and triggered the Wu Hu ravaging.它不仅毁掉了国家还引发了“五胡乱华”。The term stemmed from biographies of eight princes collected in chapter 59 of the“ History of Jin Dynasty”(Jinshu).“八王之乱”的说法来源于《晋书》第59章的《八王传记》。The resultant winner was last surviving major prince, Sima Yue.最终的胜利者是活到最后的王子——司马岳。The struggle depopulated northern China and greatly weakened the strength of the Jin Dynasty.战争使中国北方的人口减少并削弱了晋朝的实力。The eight princes included:八位王子包括:Sima Liang (司马亮),son of Sima Yi (司马懿), titled the Prince of Runan (汝南王)司马懿的儿子,淮南王司马亮;Sima Wei (司马讳),son of Emperor Wu, titled the Prince of Chu (楚王).晋武帝的儿子,楚王司马玮;Sima Lun (司马伦),son of Sima Yi, fitted the Prince of Zhao (赵王).司马懿的儿子,赵王司马伦;Sima Jiong (司马冏),nephew of Emperor Wu, titled the Prince of Qi(齐王).晋武帝的侄子,齐王司马冏;Sima Ying (司马颖),son of Emperor Wu, titled the Prince of Chengdu(成都王).晋武帝的儿子,成都王司马颖;Sima Yi (司马乂),son of Emperor Wu, titled the Prince of Changsha(长沙王).晋武帝的儿子,长沙王司马乂;Sima Yong (司马颙),distant cousin of Emperor Wu, titled the Prince of Hejian.(河间王).晋武帝的堂兄弟,河间王司马颙;Sima Yue (司马越),distant cousin of Emperor Wu, titled the Prince of Donghai (东海王).晋武帝的堂兄弟,东海王司马岳。 /201510/398402嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院抽脂减肥

浙江嘉兴麦格假体隆胸多少钱Can You Decipher These Teen Text Codes?你能破译这些青少年短信代码吗?Usually, there#39;s so much going on in a day that it#39;s almost impossible to keep everything afloat without a little tech help. Unfortunately, updated gadgets and machinery also mean that our teens communicate way differently than we ever did. Is anything worthy of spelling out these days?! If you#39;re baffled by your kid#39;s shorthand texts, we hear ya. Here#39;s the meaning behind some of the most popular teen phrase and number code definitions. Prepare to be enlightened!通常情况下,一天发生的事情太多了,没有科技的帮助几乎不可能完成所有事。不幸的是,现代化的工具和机器还意味着青少年与我们交流方式不同。如今还有什么事情是值得拼出来的吗?!如果你被你孩子的简写短信弄糊涂了,我们了解了。以下是一些最常见的青少年短语和数字代码的定义。准备好被洗礼吧!9 OR 99If you see either one of these number patterns, it#39;s definitely not a typo. 9 is code for parent watching and 99 means parent gone.9 或 99如果你看到了这两个数字之一,它一定不是打错了。9是家长正在看的代码,99的意思是家长走了。TBHAn acronym for ;to be honest,; it precedes how the sender is actually feeling.TBH“实话说”的首字母缩写,它写在发送人真实感受的前面。ATMCommonly used by banks and financial institutions, this ATM has nothing to do with money. It actually stands for ;at the moment.;ATMATM机常被和金融机构使用,但这里的ATM和钱则无关。它实际上代表着“目前当下”。LITWhen used to describe a person, place or thing, the adjective ;lit; means truly exciting, cool or fun.LIT当这个形容词用来形容一个人,地点或事物,意思是真的激动,酷或有趣。LIVESimilar to lit, this phrase is used to describe something as really awesome.LIVE和lit相似,这个词用来形容非常棒的事情。303If you look closely, the letter three resembles an m when flipped on it#39;s side — maybe that#39;s why this numerical code means mom.303如果你靠近看,3这个字如果倒向一边则跟m很相似——或许这就是为什么这个数字代码的意思是妈妈。420Gone are the days where cannabis is referred to as pot, these days kids are calling it ;420.;420把大麻用“罐”来代指的日子已经过去了,如今孩子们叫它“420”。143At first glance, this number sequence seems innocuous, and it actually is. The numbers 4 and 3 combine to make a sideways heart and the code means ;I love you.;143一眼看去,这个数字的顺序似乎无关,然而它实际上是有的。数字4和3结合起来组成了倒向一边的心形,这个代码的意思是“我爱你”。IKRThough it may look like an odd pairing of letters at first, IKR stands for ;I know, right.;IKR尽管它一开始看起来好像一组奇怪的字母搭配,但IKR代表“我知道,对的。”SMHFor those times when you can#39;t do it in real life, SMH is an acronym meaning ;shaking my head.;SMH针对你现实生活中无法做的事情,SMH是“摇头”的首字母缩写。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430229嘉兴发际线低怎么调整 嘉兴曙光整形医院脱毛排名

海宁去黑眼圈多少钱Italian fashion house Dolce amp; Gabbana (Damp;G) launched its first collection of abayas and hijabs as high-end fashion is positively booming in the Middle East.鉴于中东地区的高端时尚正蓬勃发展,意大利奢侈品牌杜嘉班纳(Damp;G)近日推出首个长袍和头巾系列。Damp;G#39;s new line manages to be both respectful of their Middle Eastern shoppers#39; needs while staying true to their spirited, Sicily-inspired aesthetic: think lush lace embellishments, bright floral details and even a vibrant lemon print.杜嘉班纳(Damp;G)这一新产品系列在尊重中东客户需求的同时,也坚持了从西西里汲取的、热情奔放的审美趣味:奢华的蕾丝装饰、鲜艳的花朵细节甚至亮眼的柠檬印花。While growth in luxury sales in established markets like the U.S. and Europe is increasingly dependent on tourism, high-end fashion is positively booming in the Middle East.在奢侈品销售增长的同时,美国和欧洲等市场的奢侈品销售额也越来越依赖于旅游业。但与此同时,高端时装在中东地区正蓬勃发展。Management consultancy Bain recently reported that sales of personal luxury goods in the Middle East hit .7 billion in 2015 — up from .8 billion the year before.管理咨询公司贝恩最近发布的报告显示,2015年中东地区的奢侈品销售额达87亿美元,较此前一年的68亿美元明显增高。Women from wealthy oil states have long expressed their flair for fashion with pricey handbags and shoes, visible when worn with an abaya and hijab.当长袍和头巾被穿在身上开始,来自富有的石油国家的妇女对昂贵且具有时尚风格的手袋和鞋子的渴望就可见一斑了。Damp;G aly operates 13 stores and boutiques in the ed Arab Emirates alone, with multiple outposts across Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.杜嘉班纳(Damp;G)仅在阿联酋就已经开设了13家专卖店和精品店,在巴林,科威特,卡塔尔和沙特阿拉伯的多个国家还有更多分店。 /201601/420902 Culture: The tradition of ancestral worship has a long history in China. Archeologists have found it was practiced even in Prehistoric Times.文化:祭天祀祖在中国有着悠久的历史,在史前时期的考古中曾一再发现这类遗存。With the emergence of farming, people worshipped the heaven in hope of favorable weather for crops. It was actually a kind of nature worship.随着农业的出现,人们为祈求风调雨顺的好年景而产生了对天的崇拜,这是自然崇拜中的一种。Another kind of worship was ancestor worship, also called soul worship.祖先崇拜又叫灵魂崇拜。People offered sacrifice to their ancestors, praying for blessings bestowed by their ancestors.人们祭祀祖先,为的是求得先人的保佑。From the Xia Dynasty onwards, the primitive religion changed greatly.自夏代开始,原始宗教的内容发生很大变化。Kings were endowed with supreme authority. In order to secure his power, the king combined ancestral worship and nature worship to create the God or the Heaven, and proclaimed himself the agent or the worldly descendent of the God.由于帝王是世上最高的统治者,为了维护他的统治,就把祖先崇拜与自然崇拜结合起来,创造了天或上帝这样的至上神,并称自己为上天的使者或是其子孙。Characters had existed in the Shang Dynasty, and discovered written materials are the remains of the late Shang, which mainly preserved on tortoise shells or shoulder blades of cattle. Nowadays, they are referred as oracle-bone inscriptions.商代已有文字,现在已发现的文字资料都是商代后期的遗物,主要保存在龟甲和牛肩胛骨上的,今人称之为甲骨文。Since mainly used to record the facts of divination, it is also called oracle inscription.因多为记录占卜之事,亦称卜辞。A piece of it is about forty or fifty words, the longest a hundred words or also.卜辞一篇约四五十字,最长的有百字左右。Apart from this, some bronze vessels are also engraved with a few characters, called jin wen (writings on bronzes) or zhong ding wen (writings on bells and tripods).在少量铜器上亦铸有一些文字,称为金文,或钟鼎文。The longest writing consists of forty or fifty words, while the shortest one only five or six words, even one or two.铜器铭文长的有四五十字,短的只有一二字或五六字。Up till now, not many of such inscriptions have been found, but they are a primary source of historical materials for the research of the Shang period.迄今为止,发现的钟鼎文数量并不多,但它们是研究商代的重要历史资料。Oracle-bone inscriptions are the important state archives.甲骨卜辞是商朝的国家档案。The Shang rulers were very superstitious, and they would enquire ghosts and gods through divination when there was sacrifices, wars, hunting, diseases, agricultural affairs, weather conditions etc.商统治者非常迷信,凡遇祭祀、征伐、田猎、疾 病、农业的丰歉、天气的阴晴风雨等大事,都要用占卜的方法询问鬼神。Usually, a question was written on a tortoise shell or shoulder blade of cattle, then fired ; when cracks were produced, the oracle was interpreted on the basis of the pattern of them, and the interpretation was then written on the bone, too.每次占卜时,先将所问事项刻在龟甲或牛肩胛骨上,然后把骨头放在火上烤,直至有裂纹出 现,这时就可以根据裂纹的形状进行占卜。占卜的结果亦刻在骨上。After the predicted event occurred, the date of the occurrence was also written on the bone.日后预言成真时,事件的发生日期也会被刻到龟骨上面。One hundred thousand of pieces of oracle-bone in-scriptions have been found in the ruins of Yin, which contains about 4500 characters and about 2000 have been deciphered. The written characters were aly formed in four different ways: pictographs, ideographs, associative compounds and phonetic compounds.在殷墟发现的甲骨卜辞约有10万多片,所记甲骨文单字总数约有4500左右,今已确认者约有2 000千字左右,基本上具备象形、指事、会意、形声等造字方式。Scientific Achievements: The development of production is closely related to the advance of scientific knowledge.科学发展:生产的发展与科技进步密不可分。The Shang people made great achievement in astronomy, calendar and mathematics.商代人民在天文、历法、数学等发面均取得了巨大成就。The oracle-bone inscriptions have records of solar and eclipse, some constellations and newly discovered stars, for example, the Shang astronomers discovered Mars and various comets.甲骨文中有日蚀、月蚀、星座和新发现的星宿的记载。商代的天文学家已发现了火星及各种流星。The Shang calendar had been quite perfect. It used a lunar calendar combinedwith the solar year,disciplining month by moon, numbering year by sun and adjusting season with an intercalary month.商代的历法已相当完善,为阴阳合历,以太阴(月)纪月,以太阳纪年,用闰月调整季节。The common year was 12 months, and the leap year 13 months.平年12个月,闰年13个月。The intercalary month was at first added at the end of the year, but later inserted in the middle.最初年终置闰。商代后期,也在年中置闰。Ten characters known as “heavenly stems” and twelve other known as “earthly branches” were used to name the days in a cycle of sixty days.用干纪日,十干,即“天干”和十二地相配合,60日为一个周期。There is a complete list of stems and branches in the oracle bone inscriptions, which is the earliest one in the Chinese history.在甲骨文中发现有完整的干表,这是我国最早的干记录。The advanced astronomy and calendar were closely connected to agriculture.商代的天文学和历法的进步,与农业生产的发展有密切关系。Oracle-bone inscriptions show that numbers as large as 30000 with a decimal system were used ;ideas about odd and even numbers came into being ; the primary ability to calculate was also developed.数学:商代甲骨文中有大至30000的数字,明确的十进制,奇数、偶数和倍数的概念,有了初步的计算能力。Optics knowledge was applied to long ago. The convex mirror unearthed can reflect a man’s whole face in a quite small surface.光学知识在很早就得到应用,出土的商代微凸面镜,能在较小的镜面上照出整个人面。 /201511/407421嘉兴韩式三点双眼皮嘉兴小腿减肥多少钱



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