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4_02 Airport Check-in I’m checking in. 我要办登机手续. Here’s my ticket and pass-port. 这是我的机票和护照. I have two bags and one carry-on.我有两件行李要托运. I want an aisle seat. 有一件手提行李. I want to sit in the front. 我要靠走道的座位. Can you get me a first row seat? 我要坐前面的座位. How about the emergency row? 紧急出口旁的那排座位. Please try your best. 请你尽量试试. I appreciate your effort. 辛苦了,谢谢你. /200706/14147

So Im here to tell you a story of success from Africa.在这里,我要跟大家分享一个在非洲的成功故事。A year and a half ago,一年半以前four of the five people who are full time members at Ushahidi,在这里的5个人是Ushahidi的专职委员which means ;testimony; in Swahili, were TED Fellows.“Ushahidi”在斯瓦希利语里的意思是“据”,其中4个人是TED的同道中人A year ago in Kenya we had post-election violence.一年前在肯尼亚的一次选举后发生了一起暴力事件And in that time we prototyped and built,而在那个时候我们利用短短三天in about three days, a system that would allow anybody with a mobile phone建造了一个系统平台的雏形,这个系统平台允许任何人通过手机to send in information and reports on what was happening around them.发信息和报告那些发生在他们周围的事情We took what we knew about Africa,我们把我们所认识的非洲the default device, the mobile phone, as our common denominator, and went from there.默认装置,手机,作为我们的共同点,信息就是来源于那里We got reports like this.我们收到这样类似的报告This is just a couple of them from January 17th, last year.这只是在去年1月17日众多短信里的几条And our system was rudimentary. It was very basic.那时候我们的系统平台发展还未成熟,非常基本的It was a mash-up that used data that we collected from people, and we put it on our map.我们从人民那里收集数据,这是一个混合模式,然后我们把它标在在地图上But then we decided we needed to do something more.但是那时我们意识到我们需要做更多东西We needed to take what we had built and create a platform out of it so that it could be used elsewhere in the world.我们需要更好地利用这个已经建立和创造好的平台,以便它能够在世界其他地方中应用And so there is a team of developers from all over Africa, who are part of this team now --于是产生了一个开发人员的团队,现在,团队成员有来自非洲各地from Ghana, from Malawi, from Kenya.来自加纳、马拉维和肯尼亚There is even some from the U.S.甚至有一部分是来自美国的Were building for smartphones, so that it can be used in the developed world, as well as the developing world.我们正在开发智能手机,以便于它不仅能够在发达国家里使用,也能在发展中国家里使用We are realizing that this is true.我们渐渐意识到这是正确的If it works in Africa then it will work anywhere.如果它在非洲管用的话,那么它在任何地方都管用And so we build for it in Africa first and then we move to the edges.于是我们先在非洲建立它,然后再向外发展Its now been deployed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.现在已经在刚果民主共和国做好系统的部署Its being used by NGOs all over East Africa, small NGOs doing their own little projects.东非很多的非政府组织也有使用,小型的非政府组织做他们自己的小项目Just this last month it was deployed by Al Jazeera in Gaza.就在上个月,我们把这系统应用到加沙的半岛电视台But thats actually not what Im here to talk about.但是实际上这不是我在这里要讲的东西201605/445562


  The first job of the federal government is to keep our country safe. And if weve learned anything over the past eight years, its that the Presidents foreign policy is not doing the job. Look no further than: the vanishing red line in Syria, the faulty reset with Russia, the attempt to ;lead from behind; in Libya, followed by the rise of a terrorist safe haven on the Mediterranean Sea. He made a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran. Hes not done enough to take on ISIS. You add all of this up, and what do you see? All across the world, our enemies dont fear us, and our friends dont trust us. The Presidents foreign policy has left a power vacuum, which our rivals are all too happy to fill. So, to say this foreign policy is not making us any safer is – well, an understatement. But we House Republicans need to take action. Its not enough to sit on the sidelines. Its not enough to criticize. We have to propose an alternative. And we have. Were calling it A Better Way. We are showing the American people what we will do in 2017 and beyond if given the opportunity. We developed this plan from the bottom up, hearing from our constituents and working with all the members of our conference. And now were taking our case to the American people. In fact, Im talking to you from a small business in my district that makes security systems for public buildings. As Ive met with people I represent across my district, so many of them have told me that national security is an issue. Its an issue that concerns them the most. A Better Way is our answer to the challenges we face. Our plan includes 67 specific ideas to strengthen our national security. We lay out our four objectives: Keep Americans safe at home, defeat the terrorists, advance Americas interests abroad, and renew our national security tools. We focus a lot of attention on defeating radical Islamist terrorism because rooting out this extremist ideology is crucial to protecting Americans at home and abroad. We also wrote our plan with the understanding that our homeland faces a number of threats from border security to cybersecurity, and with the understanding that new threats will emerge. It renews our friendship with our allies. It makes sure our military and law enforcement officers have the tools they need to complete their missions. It makes sure our veterans receive the care they have earned. It also requires the federal government to work with technology experts, and bring together the best minds in one room to find ways to combat cyber threats. President Reagan famously called for ;peace through strength.; That is still the case today. America will be safe only when we are strong. And I believe our plan will accomplish just that. To learn more about our plan, go to our website: better.gop. Thank you.201608/462658。

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  Now, notice, something interesting --接下来有意思的事情来了Well, I should tell you about the Supreme Court first.哦,我先说一下最高法院的审理结果吧The Supreme Court decided.最高法院判定:What do you suppose they said?你们猜是怎样?They said yes, that Casey Martin must be provided a golf cart.最高法院同意了马丁的请求,判决他可以使用高尔夫球车Seven to two, they ruled.投票表决七比二胜出What was interesting about their ruling一件很有意思的事情是and about the discussion weve just had is that关于他们的判决以及我们刚才的讨论,the discussion about the right, the justice, of the matter depended on figuring out what is the essential nature of golf.此案的公平公正取决于判断什么才是高尔夫运动的本质And the Supreme Court justices wrestled with that question.最高法院的大法官们就这一问题展开了激烈交锋And Justice Stevens, writing for the majority,大法官史蒂文斯,站在大多数人一边said he had all about the history of golf,他号称他读了所有关于高尔夫运动的历史文献and the essential point of the game is得出的结论是:to get very small ball from one place into a hole in as few strokes as possible,这项运动本质是把一个很小的球从某处打入洞中,击打杆数越少越好and that walking was not essential, but incidental.场上的走动并非本质,而是附带事件Now, there were two dissenters, one of whom was Justice Scalia.有两位法官持不同意见,其中一位是大法官斯卡利亚He wouldnt have granted the cart, and he had a very interesting dissent.他不同意使用代步车,他反对的理由很有意思Its interesting because he rejected the Aristotelian premise underlying the majoritys opinion.因为他反对大多数人所认同的亚里士多德前提He said its not possible to determine the essential nature of a game like golf.他说定义高尔夫等运动的本质是一件不可能的事Heres how he put it.他的原话是:;To say that something is essential is ordinarily to say that;说某样事物是具有本质意义的,it is necessary to the achievement of a certain object.;等于在说它对能否完成某目标起决定作用;But since it is the very nature of a game to have no object except amusement,但是,文娱运动的本质就是漫无目的地取乐that is, what distinguishes games from productive activity,这是文娱活动区别于生产劳动的重要本质it is quite impossible to say that any of a games arbitrary rules is essential.;所以,没有哪条体育运动规则可以称得上具有本质意义So there you have Justice Scalia taking on the Aristotelian premise of the majoritys opinion.这就是大法官斯卡利亚对于亚里士多德前提的驳论201607/452677Ive got a confession. I love looking through peoples garbage.坦白地说,我喜欢翻看别人丢弃的垃圾。Now, its not some creepy thing.这可不是什么怪癖。Im usually just looking for old electronics, stuff I can take to my workshop and hack.我通常只是寻找旧的电子器件,那些我可以带回工作室进行改装的东西。I do have a fetish for CD-ROM drives.我尤其痴迷于光盘驱动器。Each ones got three different motors, so now you can build things that move.每一个驱动器都有三个不同的马达,这样你就能组装一些可以动的东西了。Theres switches so you can turn things on and off.驱动器还有开关,让你能够实现启动和关闭功能。Theres even a freaking laser, so you can make a cool robot into an awesome robot.它甚至还有一个非同寻常的激光器,让你能把一个看起来还不错的机器人变得炫酷无比。Now, Ive built a lot of stuff out of garbage, and some of these things have even been kind of useful.我已经用废弃材料造出了许多东西,而且其中一些还是很有用的。But heres the thing, for me, garbage is just a chance to play,不过事实上,对我来说,废品只是提供了一个玩转的机会,to be creative and build things to amuse myself.让我富有创造力,打造自娱自乐的东西。This is what I love doing, so I just made it part of my day job.这是我的兴趣所在,所以我把它融入了我的一部分日常工作。I lead a university-based biological research lab, where we value curiosity and exploration above all else.我带领着一个大学的生物研究实验室,我们把好奇心和探究精神摆在首位。We arent focused on any particular problem, and were not trying to solve any particular disease.我们不专注于任何特定的问题,也没有尝试去解决任何特定的疾病。This is just a place where people can come and ask fascinating questions and find answers.这只是一个人们可以来提出奇妙的问题并找到的地方。And I realized a long time ago很久以前我就意识到,that if I challenge people to build the equipment they need out of the garbage I find,如果我挑战别人用我找到的废品,造出他们需要的设备,its a great way to foster creativity.这是一种很好的培养创造力的方式。And what happened was that artists and scientists from around the world started coming to my lab.后来,全世界的艺术家和科学家们开始纷纷来到我的实验室。And its not just because we value unconventional ideas,并不只是因为我们重视新奇的想法,its because we test and validate them with scientific rigor.更是因为我们用科学的精确性检测并实那些想法。201609/467079

  Its useful, in part, because it reminds us that we all have feelings that we dont act upon, maybe shouldnt act upon.它的好处在于,这种区分提醒我们:我们都有很多并没有付诸行动的,或者本就不该付诸行动的情感和感受。Ill give you an example.比如。Sometimes Im in line, and theres somebody in front of me with one of those bluetooth earpieces on.有时我在排队的时候,前面有个人带着蓝牙耳机叽叽喳喳个没完。And theyre chattering and chattering, completely oblivious to the people behind them, were all waiting while they keep chattering.我行我素,完全不顾及后面被打扰的人的感受。And sometimes, when that happens, I fantasize for just a split second about pulling out a sword and chopping of their ear.而当这种情况出现时,有时我脑海里就会闪现这样的念头:我拔出一把宝剑,一剑下去切掉他的耳朵。Whoosh! I dont act on that feeling; dont act on that feeling.;嗖;的一声,世界清静了。我并没有把这种感受付诸行动。You may have had similar feelings.相信你们也会在某些时候有类似的感受。We all have feelings we dont act upon, and thats part of being a grownup.我们都会产生一些感受,却不遵循它们去行动。这是成熟的表现。Thats part of being a human being; you have self-restraint.这是人的正常表现。你会有自制力。Just because you have a feeling, doesnt mean you ought to act on it, and this distinction reminds us of that.并不仅仅因为你产生了一种感受,就意味着你一定要将其付诸行动。这种区分方法提醒我们这个道理。Its a problematic distinction because it over-simplifies.而另一方面,这种区分方式也存在着过于简化的问题。For one thing, it draws a very sharp contrast between feelings and activities, when the contrast between those things is not always so sharp.比如,它在情感感受与具体行为之间,划出了一条非常清晰的界线,而界线的两边,情感感受和具体行为实际上却往往不是那么泾渭分明的两种事物。Sometimes theyre intimately connected.有时这两者紧密相连。Sometimes who we are and what we do are profoundly connected, and this distinction maybe makes us forget that a little bit.有时,;我们是谁;和;我们要做什么;这两者有着极大的关联,而这种武断的区分,会让我们忘了这一点。Its also problematic because it over-simplifies each of the elements involved, both sexual orientation and sexual activity.这种区分的另一个糟糕之处是它过度简化了问题里相关的元素:性取向和性行为。Let me say something about each of those elements.我不妨解释一下两者。Lets start with activity.先从行为开始。What do I mean when I say, ;homosexual activity?;当我们提到;同性性行为;的时候,我们指的是什么?Well, what do I mean when I say, ;heterosexual activity?;当我们提到;异性性行为;的时候,我们指的又是哪些东西?Intercourse? Sure. What about kissing? Sometimes.是指;性交;吗?当然!那么;接吻;算吗?有时候算。What about holding hands?那么;牵手;呢?What about going for a romantic walk with someone?或者;浪漫地和某人一起散步;?What about making a nice dinner for someone?又或者;给某人做一顿美味佳肴;?What about waiting outside someones door because you have a crush on that person?抑或仅仅是;在暗恋的对象家门前守候;。Yeah, you know who you are.可别想歪了哦。Think about all of the activities that make up our romantic lives, broadly understood.大家想象一下那些构成我们情感生活的所有行为,那么显而易见。When we talk about heterosexuality, we talk about that wide range of activities.当我们讨论异性恋的时候,我们会去讨论上面的这些各种各样的行为。When we talk about homosexuality, we focus on the sex part of it.而当我们讨论同性恋的时候,我们却把所有的焦点集中在;性;这一点上。And that gives us the kind of picture like the bedroom is the only room in the homosexual persons house这给了人们一种错觉,仿佛同性恋家里只有一间屋子,那就是卧室,or the most important part of our lives and relationships, and its a false picture.仿佛性才是我们生活中和情感里最重要的东西,而这大错特错。This is not the only time we get this sort of false contrast.这已经不是第一次遇到这种错误的区别对待了。I mean we say things. We say, yeah, heterosexual people, we talk about relationships.人们讨论问题的时候,当讨论异性恋者,会去他讨论他们的;情感生活;。Homosexual people, we talk about sex.而当说到同性恋者,却只会讨论;性;这个话题。We say heterosexual people have lives; homosexual people have ;lifestyles.;人们会说,异性恋者过的是;生活;,而同性恋者过的是;生活方式;。I teach at a state university.我在州立大学教书。I dont make enough money to have a ;lifestyle.;我挣得那点钱可让我过不上什么;生活方式;。 We say heterosexual people have a moral vision; homosexual people have an agenda.人们会说异性恋者有;伦理道德观;,而同性恋者是;行事态度;。The words we use to talk about these things really affect our way of thinking about them.我们讨论一个事物时用的那些词汇,会真切地影响到我们思考他们的方式。Now, Im going to focus on homosexual sex tonight because thats the part that bothers people,我们今晚将着重谈谈同性恋的性这个话题,因为让很多人感到不安的,正是它。but I dont want you to get this kind of skewed picture但是我不想让你们得到这种歪曲的观念,thats the only part of homosexual activity, homosexual relationships, or homosexual peoples lives.以为性是同性恋行为,同性恋情感关系,或者同性恋群体的人生的全部。201605/443508I didnt end up getting kicked out -- I did that to myself.我没有被开除,我想办法留下来了。Priscilla and I started dating. And,普莉希拉开始和我约会。you know, that movie made it seem like Facemash was so important to starting Facebook. It wasnt.你们知道,那部电影(《社交网络》)说的Facemash对创造脸书好像很重要似的,其实并没有。But without Facemash I never wouldve met Priscilla,但是没有Facemash的话,我就遇不到普莉希拉了。and Priscilla is the most important person in my life, so you could still say it was the most important thing I built in my time here.她是我生命中最重要的人,所以从这个角度来说,Facemash的确算是我人生中做出的最重要的一样东西。We have all started lifelong friendships here, and some of us even families.在这里,我们会结交到一生的挚友,甚至有的以后会成为家人。Thats why Im so grateful to this place. Thanks, Harvard.这就是为什么我对这里如此感激。真的谢谢你,哈佛!Today I want to talk about purpose.今天我想谈谈目标,But Im not here to give you the standard commencement about finding your purpose.但是我不是来给你们做一些形式化的宣言,告诉你们如何发现目标。Were millennials. Well try to do that instinctively.我们是千禧一代,我们会出于直觉和本能发现目标。Instead, Im here to tell you that finding your purpose isnt enough.今天我站在这里要说的是,仅仅发现目标还不够,The challenge for our generation is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose.我们这代人面临的挑战,是创造一个人人都能有使命感的世界。One of my favorite stories is when JFK went to go visit the NASA space center,我最喜欢的一个故事:约翰·F·肯尼迪访问美国宇航局太空中心时,and he saw a janitor holding a broom and he asked what he was doing. The janitor replied:看到了一个拿着扫帚的看门人,他走过去问这人在干什么。看门人回答说:;Mr. President, Im helping put a man on the moon;.“总统先生,我正在为把一个人送往月球而贡献自己的一份力量。”Purpose is that feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself, that you are needed, and that you have something better ahead to work for.目标使你们意识到你们比自己更强大更被需要着,目标是你们需要更为之努力的东西,Purpose is what creates true happiness.它能创造真正的快乐。and youre graduating at a time when this is especially important.今天,你在这个特别重要的时代毕业了。201705/511705

  Im here today to tell you that we are on the verge of another huge change,我今天想要告诉各位,我们即将经历另一次剧变,and that this change, surprisingly enough, is going to come from manufacturing, again.这次改变,出乎意料的是,也再次会从制造业开始。It will get us out of our growth slump它将使我们走出经济的萧条期,and it will change radically the way globalization has been shaped over the last decade.会从根本上改变过去十年全球化塑造的状况。Im here to tell you about the amazing fourth manufacturing revolution that is currently underway.现在我要告诉大家,第四次工业革命已经在发生了。Its not as if weve done nothing with manufacturing since the last revolution.这并不意味着,自上次工业革命以来我们没有任何进步。Actually, weve made some pretty lame attempts to try to revitalize it.事实上,我们做了几次努力,试图重振工业经济。But none of them have been the big overhaul we really need to get us growing again.但成效甚微,不足以让经济恢复增长。For example, weve tried to relocate our factories offshore in order to reduce cost and take advantage of cheap labor.比如说,我们曾试图将工厂迁至海外,利用当地廉价劳动力,从而降低成本。Not only did this not inspire productivity, but it only saved money for a short period of time,但这不仅没有提高生产力,还只是在短期内节省了成本,because cheap labor didnt stay cheap for long.因为廉价劳动力不会永远廉价。Then, weve tried to make our factories larger and we specialized them by product.之后,我们还试图把工厂做大,对每种产品进行专门化生产。The idea was that we can make a lot of one product and stockpile it to be sold with demand.这个想法是基于如果我们可以只做一种产品囤积起来以根据需求售卖。This did help productivity for a while.这个做法确实在一段时间内提高了生产力。But it introduced a lot of rigidities in our supply chain. Lets take fashion retail.但它让我们的供应链非常死板。让我们以饰时尚零售业为例。Traditional clothing companies have built offshore, global, rigid supply chains.传统的装企业建立了位于海外的,全球化的,僵化的供应链。201703/498100

  27 Requirements要 求Part One: Expressions1. The price tag says .99.价格标签上写着99元99分。2. How silly of me to forget.我竟然忘了,真蠢。3. How would you like to pay for these?你以何种方式付款呢?4. I think I have the cash. 我想我用现金(付)。5. What sort of warranty comes with this stereo?这种音响装置有何种质量保?6. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on any factory defects.如果是厂方责任,生产厂家提供为期1年的质量保。7. What conditions are there on the store policy?商店(质量保)有何具体条款?8. I’d like to return it, please.我想退货。9. Do you want your money back?你想退钱吗?10. Here’s a receipt for store credit. 这是商店退货单的单据。Part Two: Dialogues1.Sales Tax 销售税A:I’d like to buy these shoes.B: O.K. Let me see. That will be 4.99.A: The price tag says .99.B: Yes, miss, but there is a five percent sales tax in Maryland.A: Oh, of course. How silly of me to forget.B: No problem. How would you like to pay for these?A: I think I have the cash. Let me check. Yes, here you are.B: 0.00, your change is .01. Thanks very much.A: Thank you.A: 我想买这双鞋。B: 好的,让我看看。104元99分。A: 但是价格标签上面写着99元99分。B: 是的,。但是在马里兰还要收取5%的销售税。A: 噢,当然。我真是蠢,竟然忘了。B: 没关系。你如何付呢?A: 我想我可以付现金吧。让我看看。是的,给你。B: 110元,找回您5元1分。非常感谢。A: 谢谢你。2. Receipts and Warranties收据和质量保A: Can I help you, sir?B: Yes, what sort of warranty comes with this stereo?A: Well, our store offers a 90-Day return policy and the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on any factory defects.A: What conditions are there on the store policy?B: We’ll give you your money back as long as the stereo is returned in the original packaging and with a receipt.A: O.K. How do I get the manufacturer’s warranty?B: Just send in the warranty card with a copy of your receipt.A: All right, those sound good. I’ll take it.B: Very well, I can ring you up over here, sir.A: 有什么可以为您效劳的,先生?B: 好的,这种音响有哪种质量保?A: 哦,我们商店提供90天的退货保。生产商则会提供为期1年的质量保,如果是生产厂家造成的责任的话。B: 退货保有何具体条款?A: 如果有收据,而且音响以初始包装退还的话,我们会将您的钱给与退还。B: 好的,那么如何得到生产厂家的质量保呢?A: 只要把质量保卡和收据的复印件寄过去就好了。B: 好的,很不错。我买下了。A: 很好,先生,请在这儿付款。3. Exchanges and Returns换货和退货A: Hi, there’s a problem with this stereo. I’d like to return it, please.B: What’s the problem?A: The tape player doesn’t work.B: O.K. Do you have your receipt?A: Yes, here you are.B: Thank you. Do you want your money back, or would you like to exchange it?A: I think I’d like to just get another stereo, please.B: O.K. Here’s a receipt for store credit. Just take it back to the stereo section and one of our salesmen will help you.A: Thanks a lot.B: No problem. Thank you.A: 你好,这台音响有点问题。我想退货。B: 是什么问题呢?A: 磁带的放音装置坏了。B: 好的,您有收据吗?A: 有,给你。B: 谢谢。你是想拿回现金呢还是想换一件商品。A: 我想我还是换另一台音响。B: 好的,这是我们商店退货单的单据。把它拿去音响部,售货员会帮您的。A: 非常谢谢。B: 不客气。谢谢你。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: The (price tag/ sign/ advertisement) says .99. B: Yes, but there’s sales tax.(价格标签/标签/广告)上说99元99分。是的,可是还有销售税。2. A: How (silly/ stupid/ lame brained) of me to forget. B: That’s alright.我竟然忘了,(真蠢/愚蠢/苯)。没什么。3. A: (How would you like/ How do you want/ What would you like to use) to pay for these? B: Cash.你想(如何/怎么/以何种方式)付款?现金。4. A: I think I have the (cash / money). B: O.K.我想我有(现金/钱)。好的。5. A: What sort of warranty (comes with / is there on/ do you offer on) this stereo? B: We offer a 90-day return policy.这种音响(附带/包括/你们提供)何种保?我们提供90天的退货保。6. A: The manufacturer offers (a one-year warranty on any factory defects / an unlimited 90-day warranty). B: Great.生产厂家提供(1年的厂家责任保/无限制90天保)。太好了。7. A: (What conditions are there/ Are there any conditions/ What restrictions are there) on the store policy?B: None.商店的优惠政策有哪些(具体条款/说明/限制)?没有什么。8. A: I’d like to (return it/ exchange it/ get my money back), please. B: O.K. Do you have your receipt?我想(退货/调换货品/退钱)。好的,你有收据吗?9. A: (Would you like/ Do you want) your money back? B: Yes. / No.你(想/要)退钱吗?是的。/不是。10. A: Here’s (a receipt/ a voucher/ check) for store credit. B: Great. Thanks.这是商店退货单的(收据/凭/单据)。好的,谢谢。Part Four: MonologueManufacturers and stores in America will often take back things you buy if they don’t work properly. You usually need your receipt to take advantage of these offers. The store policies are usually better than the manufacturers. The will often give you your money back if you decide you don’t like what you bought. American law requires that their return policies have to be posted in writing near the cash registers. Manufacturer’s warranties normally only cover problems that were built-in to their merchandise. Both the stores and manufactures offer to take back merchandise to make people feel comfortable about buying it. This is especially true of expensive items, such as electronics and cars.在美国,如果顾客购买的商品不能正常运转的话,生产厂家和商店通常会接收退货。要获得这项优惠必须有收据为。商店提供的政策通常比厂家的更优惠。如果你确实不满意自己购买的物品,商店通常会将你的钱退回。美国法律规定商店必须把退货条款书写在收银台的旁边。生产厂家的质量保通常只涵盖其产品自身带来的问题。为了使顾客对其购买的商品满意,生产厂家和商店双方都会接收顾客退货。对于价格较贵的货品如电器和小汽车来说,这种情况尤为如此。Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases--sales tax 销售税(在货物零售价格上征收的,由零售商收集的税款)--exchange 交换;调换;兑换--return 归还,退回--warranty 保书;保单--manufacturer 制造业者,厂商,厂主;--store credit 赊帐购货,店铺赊销(卖方欠条,顾客以后来此店买东西可以把它当钱来使用)--receipt 收据,收条--defects 缺点,缺陷,不足之处--original 最初的,本来的,原始的 /200704/11843。



  美国习惯用语-第68讲:to kick up one's heelsto kick off 大家大概都看到过一匹年轻的俊马在宽阔的草原上兴高烈地奔跑的情景吧!这是一幅很美丽的图象,马的前腿往前伸展,后腿很有节奏地往上踢。美国有一个俗语就是建筑在这一形像之上的。这个俗语就是:to kick up one's heels。To kick up one's heels,从字面上来解释就是:把后脚往上踢。但是,实际上to kick up one's heels是用来形容人们到外面去寻欢作乐,就像马在草原上奔跑一样。比如说,有两个人在办公室里说话,其中之一说: 例句-1: "How about coming out with us Wednesday night? We're all going to take Bill Glover out to dinner. Then later we'll drop into a few night spots. It's Bill's last chance to kick up his heels, you know--he's getting married the next morning." 这人说:“星期三晚上跟我们一起出去玩,怎么样?我们大家一起请比尔格洛弗出去吃晚饭。然后,我们再到几个像夜总会那样的地方去玩。这是比尔到外面去寻欢作乐的最后一次机会了,你知道,他第二天上午就要结婚了。” To kick up one's heels并不一定是年轻人的事,上了年纪的人有时也想到外面去轻松轻松。下面的例子就很能说明问题: 例句-2: "My mother and dad are over sixty, but they still like to go out once in a while to have dinner and do a little dancing and kick up their heels. Of course, they go home a lot earlier than they used to." 这个人说:“我的爸爸和妈妈已经六十多了,但是他们有时还是喜欢到外面去吃晚饭、跳跳舞,高兴高兴。当然罗,他们现在回家的时间要比以前早多了。” 下面我们还要给大家介绍一个和kick这个字有关的美国俗语。这个俗语是:to kick off。To kick off的意思是一项活动,或一个计划的开始。To kick off原来是用在足球比赛的。每次比赛开始都是由一个球队把球踢到对方球队去。可是现在这个俗语几乎可以用在任何方面,意思是:开始。美国人经常用to kick off来表示竞选活动的开始。有时,你可以从电台上听到这样的报道: 例句-3: "Last night Michael Smith kicked off his campaign for the U.S. Senate with a speech here promising lower taxes and a bigger budget for schools and more help to the farmers." 这则消息说:“昨晚,迈克尔斯密斯在这儿发表讲话,作为他竞选美国参议员竞选活动的开始。他在讲话中向选民们保降低税收,增加学校经费,并给予农民更多的帮助。” 下面这个例子是学生在准备他的暑期活动。他说: 例句-4: "Now that my exams are all finished, I'm going to kick off the summer vacation by going down to Ocean City for a week to get some sun, some surf and a chance to look at the girls." 这个学生说:“现在考试已经全部结束,我要先到欧欣城去玩一个星期,去晒晒太阳,在海上玩冲浪,还可以看看那里的姑娘们。这就作为我暑假的开始。” 我们现在来复习一下今天讲的两个美国人经常用的俗语。第一个是:to kick up one's heels。To kick up one's heels是指到外面去寻欢作乐,高兴高兴。我们今天讲的第二个俗语是:to kick off。To kick off是指开始一项活动,或一个计划。 /200601/3023

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