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永昌镇妇女医院不孕医生富阳怀孕三个月人流Maintaining FL310.1.保持高度310。Descending to FL290.2.下降到高度290。Reaching FL190.3.到达高度190。Maintaining FL90 over WXJ.4.过WXJ时保持高度层90。Continue descent to 3000 feet,QNH 1012.5.继续下降到3000英尺,修正海压1012。Passing FL180 for FL310.6.通过高度180,继续上升到高度310。Cleared to enter controlled airspace not above FL100.7.可以进入管制空域,但不高于高度层100。Request further climb.8.请求进一步上升。Fly direct to SHA, not below FL180.9.直飞SHA,高度不低于180。After passing CGO descend to FL80.10.过CGO后下降到高度层80。Stop descent at FL210.11.高度210时停止下降。Descending to reach FL150 by WXI.12.到WXI前下降到高度150。Unable to reach FL150 by ZHO due performance.13.由于性能原因到ZHO之前不能到达高度150。Climbing to FL290, to be level by 55.14.上升到高度290,55分前改平飞。Descend at 2000 feet per minute.15.以每分钟2000英尺的下降率下降。Climbing at 1000 feet per minute or greater.16.继续以每分钟1000英尺或更大的上升率上升。When y, descend to FL210, level at PLT.17.准备好时下降到高度210,在PLT到达。Right heading 330, descending to 3000 feet, cleared for ILS approach Runway 36R.18.右转航向330,下降到3000英尺,可以盲降进近,跑道36右。Descend to 3000 feet, information P is current.19.下降到3000英尺,最新通播P。Expedite descent to FL180.20.加速下降到高度180。 /201702/493592富阳最好的治疗软下疳医院 经典句型:There are so many skyscrapers! 这里有这么多的高楼大厦。A:I cant believe my eyes!甲:我简直不敢相信自己的眼睛!B:What makes you excited?乙:什么事情让你这么兴奋?A:There are so many skyscrapers!甲:这里有这么多的高楼大厦。B:Is it the first time you have come to this city?乙:这是你第一次来到这个城市吗?A:Yes.Id been living in the countryside all the time before I came here.甲:是的。来这里之前我一直住在乡下。经典句型:I dont like to take elevator every day. 我不喜欢每天乘坐电梯。A:I dont like to take elevator every day.It makes me dizzy sometimes.甲:我不喜欢每天乘坐电梯。有的时候让我感到眩晕。B:So do I.乙:我也是。句型讲解:如果你觉得什么事情太不可思议,就可以说I cant believe my eyes!我简直不敢相信自己的眼睛! /201503/3667779.We cannot find your name.我们找不到你的姓名。Useful Expressions常用语句1.Id like to check in,please.我要办理住宿手续。2.I made a reservation aly.我已经办理了预约。3.I need a single room with bath for two nights.我需要带有浴室的单人房住两个晚上。4.Do you have any vacant rooms available?你们还有空的房间吗?5.What is the room rate?住房费多少钱呢?6.Is the tax and service charge included?包括税金和务费吗?7.Is there any other same class hotel near here?这附近还有其他同样等级的饭店吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Do you have a reservation?你有预约吗?B:Yes,heres our confirmation slip.是的,这就是我们的确认单。A:Im afraid we have no reservation by this name.我恐怕我们找不到这个名字的预约。B:No reservation?Well,then,do you have any rooms available?没有预约?哦,那么你们还有空房间吗?A:Im afraid all the rooms are fully booked.我恐怕所有房间都订满了。B:You mean we cant stay in this hotel tonight?你意思是我们今晚不能进住这家饭店吗?A:Youre right.We have no more rooms available for tonight.你说对了。我们今晚没有多余的空房间了。B:Then,would you recommend any other nearby hotel?那么,请你推荐附近其他饭店好吗?A:OK,Ill call ahead.好的,我就打电话。 /201501/355321杭州富阳中医医院门诊

富阳医院最便宜的妇科Todd: Mike, youre giving tips about weight training and weve talked about upper body. Now what about lower body and legs? I actually dont want to lift weights with my legs. I just... It is OK if I just skip it?托德:迈克,你分享了重量训练的一些注意事项,我们之前聊了上半身训练。现在来说说下半身训练和腿部训练吧?我真的不想做腿部的重量训练。我不做也可以吗?Mike: Well, you should do your legs because you should get a full body workout because if you just do one part of your body it affect the other parts of your body as well, so you need to be balanced.迈克:你应该进行腿部训练,你要进行全身训练,因为如果你只锻炼身体的一部分,也会对身体的其他地方造成影响,所以锻炼要平衡。Todd: OK, so Im convinced. Im gonna work on my legs. Whats the most basic exercise I should do?托德:好吧,你说我了。我会做腿部训练的。我应该做哪些最基本的训练?Mike: I think you should start off squatting. Thats where you put... make sure you have a squat rack, and you put the bar behind your head on your shoulders and you just squat as if you are sitting on a bench and come back up.迈克:我想你应该先从蹲起开始训练。你要用到深蹲架,把头部后面的杠铃放到肩膀上,然后下蹲,蹲到你好像坐在椅子上那样,然后起立。Todd: Now often I see guys in the gym that do that. They have the big weight belt. Do I need to get a weight belt?托德:我经常看到人们在健身房做这种训练。他们都用负重腰带。我也要用负重腰带吗?Mike: It would be good, that if youre just starting off to use the weight belt but once you get the motion I would advise you to to not use the weight belt so that it forces you to keep good posture yourself.迈克:可以用,如果你刚开始训练可以用负重腰带,不过在掌握动作要领以后,我建议你不要再用负重腰带了,尽量让自己去保持正确的姿势。Todd: Now, when you do the squat, like how low should I go. Should I go until Im almost sitting on the floor?托德:做蹲起的时候,我要蹲到什么程度?是几乎要坐到地上那种程度吗?Mike: As is there was a bench underneath your.....迈克:就像你下面有个椅子……Todd: Bottom?托德:臀部下面?Mike: Bottom.迈克:臀部下面。Todd: Right. Yeah, right. So basically, your legs and your knees should be about 90 degrees.托德:对,对,没错。基本上来说,就是腿和膝盖要成90度。Mike: Yeah.迈克:对。Todd: OK, so thats... that will work out all my legs? Thats all I have to do is squats?托德:好,这可以锻炼腿部肌肉?只要做蹲起就可以了?Mike: Yeah, thats probably the best one you can do.迈克:对,这是你可以做的最好的锻炼方法。Todd: OK, and that is for my calves and my hamstrings too?托德:好,那也能锻炼小腿和腿筋吗?Mike: Not your calves but for your hamstrings and your bottom.迈克:不能锻炼小腿,但可以锻炼腿筋和臀部。Todd: OK. So what should I do for my calves?托德:好,那小腿要怎么锻炼呢?Mike: You can do calf raises, which is... you can do it on a squat rack, and you just hold the bar in the same position as you would a squat and just raise your legs up on your toes.迈克:可以做提踵练习,可以借助深蹲架作提踵练习,和做蹲起一样把杠铃放到肩膀上,然后提起脚跟。Todd: OK, so in terms of how... of sets, like how many sets should I do of the squats?托德:好,那要做几组蹲起训练?Mike: I think you should start off with three sets.迈克:我想可以从三组开始。Todd: Three sets.托德:三组。Mike: The same as the other exercises.迈克:和其他训练一样。Todd: And about ten reps?托德:也是每组10次?Mike: And about ten reps, yes.迈克:对,每组10次。Todd: So do I always keep the weight constant? I dont have the weight go up or down?托德:那是一直保持同样的负重吗?不用增加或减少重量?Mike: Well, once you get used to the motion and the position that youre in, then you can start increasing the weights as you go.迈克:你掌握动作要领以后,可以开始慢慢增加负重。Todd: OK, but I mean, each set should always be the same weight.托德:好,我是问,每组练习的负重一样吗?Mike: Yeah, when youre starting off.迈克:对,刚开始的时候是一样的。Todd: OK, yeah. And also just for the calves, just do three sets?托德:好。提踵练习也是做三组?Mike: Yep, just do three sets.迈克:对,做三组就可以。Todd: Sometimes I see people doing hamstring, stuff like curling your legs and land on a bench, and they pull the way out...托德:我看到有人做腿筋练习时,会把腿弯曲,放到椅子上,然后拉伸……Mike: From the machine?迈克:用器械吗?Todd: Yeah, from the machine. Should I do that?托德:对,用器械。我也要那么做吗?Mike: Yeah, thats a good one. That...that...you can supplement your workout from those machine workouts.迈克:对,那个方法不错。这样可以对其他器械训练进行补充。Todd: Alright. Well, thanks a lot, Mike. Im gonna get started.托德:好。非常谢谢你,迈克。我要开始锻炼了。 译文属 /201603/432210富阳治疗前列腺增生费用 富阳看尖锐湿疣医院

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