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The divide between Russia and the rest of Europe, spurred by the Syrian civil war, appears to be growing deeper. 由于叙利亚内战的刺激,俄罗斯和欧洲其它国家间的分歧似乎日益加剧。Three Russian warships reportedly canceled a planned refueling stop at a Spanish port as they made their way toward the Middle East.据报道,三艘前往中东的俄罗斯军舰在西班牙港口取消了计划的加油。NATO put Spain under immense pressure to not allow the stop. The secretary-general of the alliance said he was concerned the warships might be used to attack Syrian civilians.北约给西班牙巨大的压力不允许停留加油。联盟秘书长表示,他担心军舰可能被用来袭击叙利亚平民。But Russia denied the refuel was ever going to happen, saying the vessels have plenty of fuel for the entire voyage. The Spanish foreign ministry said the ships pulled out after Spain wanted to make sure they wouldnt attack Aleppo.但俄罗斯否认曾经加过油,表示船只有足够的燃料完成整个航程。西班牙外交部称船只退出,在西班牙确认他们不会攻击阿勒颇后。Spain has let dozens of Russian ships refuel in that port over the past few years, but criticism of the practice is rising, and its uncertain whether Spain will let it continue.在过去的几年里,西班牙让数十艘俄罗斯船只在该港口加油,但对这一做法的批评正在上升,西班牙是否将继续这样做还不确定。译文属。201610/474932This time, I hit 43 miles an hour,这回 时速达到了每小时七十公里With cameraman Simon filming from a sledge right behind me.摄影师西蒙在我后面的雪橇上 拍摄这一过程Using the ice axe,Im stopped dead in 53 feet.在冰镐的帮助下 我滑行了十六米就停了下来But Simons still going flat-out.但西蒙仍开足了马力Lost in the snow cloud,he plows straight into me.在溅起的雪花中难辨方向 他径直撞向了我Is he okay? Is he okay?Stunned, the team fear the worst.他还好吗 他还好吗 队员们惊呆了 他们最担心的事发生了Me and my team are in the Canadian rockies,我和我的队伍在加拿大洛矶山脉nearing the end of our experiment,when disaster strikes.Okay, here we go.在试验的最后阶段 悲剧发生了 我上了Sliding downhill at 45 miles an hour,以每小时七十公里的速度滑下山坡 cameraman Simon and I have just suffered an enormous impact.摄像师西蒙和我狠狠撞到一起Within seconds, the safety team jump into action.随即 安全组迅速展开行动Bear, do you want to lie down, buddy?My leg has sustained a massive impact.贝尔 想躺着吗伙计 我的腿受到了严重的撞击The pains intense, and the worry is has my femur broken?剧痛阵阵 我担心股骨可能骨折Once Im on the stretcher,they move me to a snowcat to assess the damage.我被抬上了担架 转移到一辆雪地车上诊断伤情Bears got a bad leg injury.We dont know if its broken or not.贝尔的腿严重受伤 还不知道是否骨折了We hope not, please. Lets hope that its not broken.但愿没有 希望没有骨折Simons busted his nose.He got the camera in the face.西蒙撞断了鼻子 摄像机撞向了面部Whats left of the housing thats the front.外壳撞成这样了 这是正面Thats quarter-inch plate glass, that.Thats like a shop window.大约十厘米的玻璃板 就像橱窗那种玻璃And that went into Bears leg.It couldve been a lot worse.I just thank god theyre both alive.狠狠撞向了贝尔 这完全有可能要了他的命 不过谢天谢地 他们都还活着201703/498051栏目简介:Hundreds of young students aged between 5 to 18 will compete at a global robot challenge named FIRST this weekend in Shanghai.201706/510993TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441490The elephants are nearing the end of their long journey.象群正接近漫长旅途的终点After weeks of marching theyre desperately tired.经过数周的长途跋涉,它们都已是精疲力尽The matriarch can smell water and encourages the herd to make one last effort.母象首领闻到了水的气味,它鼓励象群再做最后的努力The youngsters are exhausted, but their mothers have made this journey before小象疲惫不堪,不过它们的母亲以前也经历过这种旅行and they know that theyre close to water.它们很清楚水就在不远的前方After many hundreds of miles theyve arrived.在完成数百英里的行程之后,它们终于抵达了目的地The lives of these elephants are dominated by the annual rhythm of wet and dry,这些大象的生活决定于一年一度的干湿季节交替a seasonal cycle created by the sun.这是太阳造成的季节循环201702/493537

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460625

Thats what my sister say. Mika. Uh-huh. In the black shirt.米卡,这是我说的。恩恩。穿黑T恤的那个。Mika. She got the black on. You remember Samara?米卡,她穿着黑衣。你还记得萨马拉吗?Do I remember...I dont know none of these women. Dont start this.你还...这些人我一个都不认识,不要问我这些问题。No, all of them...Stop pointing at these. Stop pointing at these women. I dont know these women.不是,所有人...不要指,不要指了。我不知道这些女人。Stop waving. I dont know you!不要挥手!我不认识你!Dont wave up here no more. Dont wave no more.别挥手!别挥手!I dont know you. I dont know none of you. This is Steve Harvey! Be quiet!我不认识你。我一个都不认识。他是史蒂夫·哈维!别说话!I dont know you, you, you, or you.我不认识你,你,你还有你。Tell me, you know Samara. I dont know Samara. I dont know Tamara.你认识萨马拉。不管是萨马拉还是塔玛拉,我一个都不认识。You better come and sit down, boy! Oh, my gosh. Oh! Sit down now.你最好来这边坐!老天!坐下。You not gonna come on here and ruin me with rumor and gossip. Lord Jesus.我不会让你用绯闻毁了我的一生。我的老天啊。I spell her name for you. N-Y-T-H-A-T-Y. Samara S.我为你拼她的名字。N-Y-T-H-A-T-Y。萨马拉·SSpell Samara again.你再说一遍?N-Y-P-H-L-T-Y. S. Samara. Samara. Yeah. Deal with it.N-Y-P-H-L-T-Y。S·萨马拉。萨马拉。解决了。Bet you cant spell it.我觉得你也不会拼。Shes nervous. You aint.她紧张了。你没有。Dont point at me. Im the one who get her.别指着我。我说对了她的名字。I went over there to straighten those women out because,我要过去和她们了结了,因为...Well, you shouldnt explain no woman out loud. Well, yes, I will if I wanted to.喔,你不能和她们嚷嚷。我想做就做。I straighten these women out.我要和她们有个了结。Im telling your wife, Mrs Marjorie, on you. You aint. Thats why Im trying to get you not to tell my wife, Mrs Majorie.我会告诉你妻子玛乔丽。你不会。我不会让你告诉她的。Cause I dont know them women over there.因为这些女人我一个都不认识。Theres a lot they telling you that aint true.她们告诉你了许多胡话。You dont spell her name N-Y-P-S either. Shamara N. Well, your name Nipsy.你也不会拼她的名字N-Y-P-S。萨马拉·N。我知道你叫Nipsy。She always like to do bad stuff.她总是做些不好的事情。But my mom always tell her to stop. Thats why always she get a poppin.妈妈一直在劝她停止。所以她总是受处罚。Shes 38 years old. How is gonna get a poppin? Shes 38 years old?她38岁了。她怎么个受处罚法?她38岁?And your mama still pop her? Bet she didnt want that out on TV.你妈妈还老惩罚她?看来她也不想让这些在电视上播出。And my mommy is 68 years old.我妈妈68岁了。And my sister Cresha...wait, wait, wait, wait. ...is 58 years old.我克雷沙,先等等,58岁了。Your mama is 68, your sister is 58, and you 5.你妈妈68,你58,你5岁。Your mama had a baby when she was 10?你妈妈10岁生的孩子?We gonna get yall a reality show.我们将为你们做一档真人秀节目。Can you do one thing for me before we go?最后了,你能为我做一件事情吗?Could you pray for me? Mm-hmm.你能为我祈祷吗?能。Come on. I want you to go pray for me. Mm-hmm. Okay. Come on.好,我想让你为我祈祷。好的。来吧。Okay. Get on your knees. Get what? On your knees. On my knee?好。跪下来。什么?跪下来。跪下来?Dont be looking at me like Im crazy.别这么看我,别以为我很疯狂。You messing with the wrong person.你惹错对象了。This is my show.这是我主持的节目。Let me tell you something about you.让我来说说你吧。Heres a couple of facts you dont know.你有几件事情不太清楚。Number one, you aint really 5.第一,你不是五岁。I think youre about 52 years old.我认为你差不多有52岁。I think that aint your mama over there.我不认为坐在那里的是你妈妈。I think thats your little sister. Thats who I think it is.那是你的。我真这么认为。Cause your whole family crazy.因为你们全家都很疯狂。Now listen to me, now come on and pray for me. Get on your knees.来,为我祈祷吧。跪下来。Okay, Im down on my knees. Just like I told you. Yes, Im down here. Oh, no.好吧,我跪下来。照我说的做。好的,我跪下了。哦,天啊。Everybody bow your heads and close your eyes. Yes. No peeking.所有人低下头,闭上眼睛。好的。别偷看。Father, Lord, I just thank you for Mr. Steve Harvey, God. You bless him.神父,我们为史蒂夫先生而感恩于你。请为他祈福。Oh, please stop cussing in the name of Jesus, God.哦,不要以神的名义诅咒。You bless Mr. Steve Harvey, God. You bless his family, God. You bless Mrs Marjorie, God.愿主保佑史蒂夫先生。保佑他的全家。保佑玛乔丽女士。You bless, you bless anything that happens to him, God. Everybody say Amen. Amen.祝愿他所做的一切事情。所有人说阿门。阿门Ladies and gentlemen, Natalie!女士们先生们,娜塔莉!201706/513844

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