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这件衬衫能便宜点儿卖吗- :55:5 A:I like this shirt.How much is it?我喜欢这件衬衫,多少钱?B:.5美元A:Wow,that's sheer robbery.Shall I make an offer?太贵了,可以讲价吗?B:I'm sorry,sir.The price is fixed.对不起,先生,不能讲价,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 巧妙拒绝别人Ask time to check your calendar先查看日程表,再给明确答复 It an acceptable business practice to review your schedule or converse with other principals bee committing to an answer. 在给出回答之前查看一下日程安排或与其他负责人进行沟通,是可以接受的商业行为Dont respond with a quick yes that you cant deliver,or a quick no that will ruin a relationship. 不要马上同意你无法做到的事情,也不要当场拒绝,因为这可能破坏双方的关系In all cases, it important to commit to a date or time a final yes or no.无论如何,务必承诺一个给出最终决定的日期或时间converse vi.交谈,谈话; [计]对话,会话例句:The two deaf actors converse solely in signing.两名聋哑演员独自用手语交谈更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3638关于买书的英语对话--30 ::6 关于买书的英语对话Vocabularygenetic engineering 基因工程A: Excuse me. Have you got any books on genetic engineering? I've looked them everywhere,but I can't find any. 打扰了你们有基因工程的书吗?我到处找,但是找不到B: I'm not sure if we've got any now. Books of that kind are on this shelf. Well, I'm afraid we've sold out. 我不确定我们现在是否有那种书都在那个架子上额,恐怕我们已经卖光了A: What a pity! I should have come earlier. 好遗憾啊!我应该早点来的B: Come some time next week if you like. I think we'll have got some by then. 如果你想要,下周找个时间过来吧我想我们到时候会有的A: Ok, I will. 好的我会的

欢迎来到酒的世界- :7: A:Hello there, welcome to Wine World. Let me know if I can help you out at all.你好,欢迎来到酒的世界有什么可以帮助的吗?B:Um, yes, please, I could really use some help. I'm going over to my boss'house dinner tonight and don't know what kind of wine I should bring.嗯,是的,确实需要你的帮助今晚我要去老板家里做客,但是不知道带什么酒比较合适A:OK, do you know what kind of food will be served?好的,你知道你的老板会招待你们喝什么吗?B:Well, his wife is Japanese. He said she makes really good sushi.嗯,他的妻子是日本人他说她做的寿司很好吃A:Hmm, that's a bit of a challenge. Sushi is notoriously difficult to pair with wine. Well, let's see. have to be a white wine, of course.嗯,那会有点挑战众所周知寿司很难和酒搭配嗯,让我想想,当然必定是白酒B:Why? Wouldn't a red wine go well with sushi?为什么?没有红酒可以和寿司搭配的吗?A:No, I don't think so. Sushi is a very delicately flavored food, and red wine would be a jarring contrast. You need a white wine, which has more subtle flavors, to complement the fish.不,我不认为寿司是调味精致的食物,红酒会和它构成强烈的对比你需要一点白酒,和鱼搭配起来味道会很好B:I see. So should I get a bottle of Chardonnay? That's a white wine, right?我知道了我应该买一瓶雪当利,那是白酒,对吗?A:Yes, Chardonnay is a white wine, but I'm not sure it'd be your best bet. Chardonnay is one of the more fullbodied whites, and tends to be a bit oaky. I'd suggest that you go something brighter, like this Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.是的,雪当利是一种浓烈的酒,还行吧我建议你买一些淡一些,比如来自新西兰的白苏维浓B:Sauvignon Blanc? What's that?白苏维浓,那是什么?A:That's another varietal, or type of grape, just like Chardonnay.那是用一种葡萄酿制的葡萄酒,葡萄酒的一种,就像雪当利B:Let's see. The label says it's got "attractive citrus and grassy aromas that give way to crisp, mineral flavors and a bonedry finish. Serve chilled." Oh, no, how long will it take to chill the wine? I'm on my way to the dinner now.让我看看,标签上写着有具有魔力柑橘和甘草香气,非常松脆的,有矿物的味道,并且是全干的,适宜冰镇后食用A:It's OK, don't worry, we'll just choose a wine from the cooler. We don't have quite as extensive a selection over here, but...this Rhone Valley white would be lovely.好的,不用担心,我们只是从冰箱里面选择一瓶酒我们没有很多的选择,但是……罗纳河白酒很不错B:All right. What varietal is that?好吧,是用什么酿成的?A:Well, this is a French wine, so they don't always specify the varietal on the label. The French believe that the soil a grape is grown in is one of the most important factors in the final flavor of the wine. This wine is probably a blend of a few different types of grapes, mostly Viognier, I'd guess.嗯,这是法国酒,他们不明确地标注是由什么酒酿造的法国人认为葡萄生长的土地是酒最终味道的最重要因素之一这种酒是不同葡萄在一起酿成的,我觉得最多的是维欧尼B:And you think this is a good wine?你觉得这是好酒吗?A:Yes, this is one of our best-sellers. It's not quite as dry as the Sauvignon Blanc we were looking at earlier, which means it's more approachable. It's light and crisp, with a bit of a vanilla aroma.是的,这是最畅销的酒它不像我们之前看到的索维农葡萄那样那么干,它更加容易入口它又轻又脆,带有一点香草的香气B:Perfect! I'll take it!太好了!我就买这个了!

问路的英语对话:去火车站怎么走- :37:18 A:Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the railway station?打扰了,你可以告诉我去火车站怎么走吗?B:The railway station? Just go down this street and turn left at the second corner. The station is at the end of that street.火车站?沿着这条街向南走,在第二个拐弯处向左转,火车站就在那条街的末尾处A:How long will it take me to get there?去那里要多久?B:It's about a ten-minute walk.走路大概分钟A:That's very clear. I think I can find my way now. Thank you.非常清楚了我想我现在可以找到路了谢谢你B:Not at all.不客气《行尸走肉第三季回归收视再创新高 (组图) -- ::50 来源:   《行尸走肉(Walking Dead)在冬歇后回归,获第四季预定,遗憾送别制作人格伦·马扎拉(Glen Mazzara)   在两个月的冬歇期后,伴随着第四季的预定和制作人格伦·马扎拉的退出,AMC台的《行尸走肉终于在上周日回归了,创下自开播以来收看总人数的新高  第三季《行尸走肉的冬歇回归在9点钟首播时吸引了30万观众收看,而第三季开播时该数据为万收看总人数与第二季冬歇回归相比上涨了5个百分点   在18-9岁人群中,和CBS台播出的格莱美奖颁奖典礼对抗的《行尸走肉吸引了770万观众,创下有线电视台的记录,与去年十月份第三季开播相比上涨6%到目前为止,该丧尸题材电视剧本季在18-9岁人群中平均收看人数达到了680万,完胜《生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory)、《登家庭(Modern Family)、《海军罪案调查处 (NCIS)等其它剧集在该人群中,与第二季冬歇回归相比,收看人数上涨了%在5-5岁人群中,于9点播出的《行尸走肉吸引了670万观众,比去年上涨了51%  在收看总人数、18-9岁人群、5-5岁人群、18-35岁人群、18-9岁男性、5-5岁男性和18-岁男性中,《行尸走肉第三季均位列有线台最受广告商欢迎的电视剧第一名 3

《吸血鬼日记第五季全剧第0集:Damon和Elena很难和好 --19 3:6: 来源: 《吸血鬼日记(The Vampire Diaries):该剧明年1月份回归时将播出全剧第0集——故事紧接5×,就连时间都没有变化(两集故事发生在同一天内)!当被问及Damon和Elena是否有重归于好的可能时,该剧的执行制片人Caroline Dries一口就否定了:「Yeah, no. They just had a big blowout fightbreak-up. But we have to see going ward, the next time they’re in the same room together, how they deal with it.」……「Delena」的拥护者,你可以死心了另一方面,Caroline Dries称第0集将描述Katherine躺在病床上的模样,她树敌太多,没有人愿意留在她身边照顾她——除了Stefan之外不过他们已经没有闲工夫来考虑爱情问题,救命要紧Enzo和Damon的关系很复杂,他们并非完全是敌人,但也绝不是朋友用Caroline Dries的话来说,他们的关系之中「混杂着好与坏」 吸血鬼 日记 第五People always say ;there no such thing as a free lunch in this world.; But what if a free meal is offered those in need? People living in a residential commy in Shanghai now can get free food from a refrigerator. The nearby restaurants or supermarkets replenish the fridge and keep it full.Is it a good idea to avoid food waste? 798

你为什么在看这些分类广告- :: A:Why are you ing the classifieds? What do you need?你为什么在看这些分类广告?你需要买什么?B:I'm looking a bookcase, but I don't want to buy a new one.我想找个书架,但是我不想要一个新的A:Are you having any luck?有没有什么好运气?B:Not really. There aren't any used bookcases listed. But there are a few rummage sales on Saturday. I think I'll go to them.还没有这里没有列出任何旧书架但是星期六有几个清仓大拍卖我想去看看A:Do you mind if I go with you?你介意我和你一起去吗?B:Not at all. These private sales are great places to bargain. And sometimes you can find terrific things among all the junk.一点都不这些私人买卖很好去还价而且有时候你可以在这些旧货中找到一些很好的东西A:I learned to negotiate from my mother. I thought I was pretty good at bargaining, but I had a problem the other day at Kimble's Department Store.我从我妈妈那里学会了杀价我原以为我很会讨价还价,但是不久前一天在金商场,我就有过一点麻烦B:What happened?发生了什么事?A:I wanted to buy a beautiful wool sweater my girlfriend. It was priced at ty dollars, so I started by offering the salesclerk thirty.我想为我女朋友买件漂亮的羊毛衫标价是四十美金,所以一开始,我就向售货员出价三十美金你是独生子女吗-6 ::7 A:Hi, Natasha, how's life?嗨,娜塔莎,最近怎么样?B:Great. My family came to visit me.挺好的,我家里人来了A:Oh, you must be very happy. How many people are there in your family?那你一定很高兴了顺便问一下,你们家有几口人?B:My immediate family is very large. It's my mother, my father, my two older brothers, my younger sister and me.我的直系亲属很多,有妈妈,爸爸,两个哥哥,和我A:I have a small family. They are my parents, my younger brother and me.我家人不多父母,弟弟和我B:I thought you were the only child in the family. Didn't China practice the only-child policy in the early 1980s?我以为你是独生子女呢中国不是从世纪80年代早期就开始实行计划生育政策了吗?A:Yes, it did. But my parents are ethnic minority people. It's a preferential policy an ethnic minority family to have two children.是的,的确是,不过我父母是少数民族的少数民族极家庭可以享受优惠政策生个孩子B:Interesting. What do you think about families with only one child?挺有意思的,那你怎么看待独生子女家庭呢?A:The child must feel very longly. My younger brother is years younger than me. Bee he was born, I used to be the only child and always dreamed that I would have a younger sister or brother one da我觉得孩子一定很孤独我弟弟比我小十岁他出生之前,我一直是家里的独生子,那时我一直希望自己能有个弟弟或B:Do you get along well with each other?那你们相处的好吗?A:Yes, we are very close. He is years old and very smart. He always makes us laugh a lot.是的,我们俩关系很好他今年岁了,很聪明经常逗得大家笑个不停B:You are very lucky to have such a nice family.你真幸运,有这么幸福的家庭A:Thank you.谢谢你概述亦称魔鬼三角区[1]和丧命地狱   据说已有50多只船和多架飞机在此处神秘失踪该地区略呈三角形,位于美国南岸、百慕达岛和大安地列斯群岛之间该地区无法解释的事件可上溯至19世纪中叶船只失踪有时原因不明,有时还没有发出遇难讯号即无影无踪突出的实例是装载着锰矿的美国海军辅助船“独眼神号”在1918年3月失踪,迄今仍是一个谜195年有5架美国轰炸机从佛罗里达州罗德岱堡空军基地起飞,在飞行训练途中用无线电报告他们遇难,然后电讯逐渐减弱消失,救难队也告失踪  百慕大群岛是世界闻名的一个地方,位于美国北卡罗来纳州正东约600公里的海上百慕大三角的具体地理位置是指位于大西洋上的百慕大群岛、迈阿密(美国佛罗里达半岛)和圣胡安(波多黎各岛)这三点连线形成的三角地带,面积达0万平方英里百幕大三角由360多个岛屿组成的群岛,这些岛屿好似圆形的环躺卧在大西洋上,由于百慕大群岛与美洲大陆之间有一股暖流经过,,这里气候温和,四季如春,岛上绿树常青,鲜花怒放百慕大又被称为地球上最孤立的海岛.因为它与最接近的陆地也有几百英里之遥,,百慕大群岛四周是辽阔的海洋,具有蓝天绿水,白鸥飞翔,花香四溢的秀丽风景  不过,百慕大之所以出名,并非是由于它的美丽的海岛风光,而是,提起百慕大,人们就会联想到恐怖而神秘的“百慕大三角海区”相传,在这里航行的舰船或飞机常常神秘地失踪,事后不要说查明原因,就是连一点船舶和飞机的残骸碎片也找不到以致于最有经验的海员或飞行员通过这里时,都无心欣赏那美丽如画的海上风光,而是战战兢兢,提心吊胆,唯恐碰上厄运,不明不白地葬送鱼腹现在,百慕大三角已经成为那些神秘的、不可理解的各种失踪事件的代名词   “百慕大魔鬼三角区”名称的由来,是195年月5日美国19飞行队在训练时突然失踪,当时预定的飞行计划是一个三角形,于是人们后来把美国东南沿海的西大西洋上,北起百慕大,延伸到佛罗里达州南部的迈阿密,然后通过巴哈马群岛,穿过波多黎各,到西经0线附近的圣胡安,再折回百慕大,形成的一个三角地区,称为百慕大三角区或“魔鬼三角”在这个地区,已有数以百计的船只和飞机失事,数以千计的人在此丧生从1880到1976年间,约有8次失踪事件,其中大多是发生在199年以来的30年间,曾发生失踪97次,至少有00人在此丧生或失踪这些奇怪神秘的失踪事件,主要是在西大西洋的一片叫“马尾藻海”地区,为北纬°-0°、西经35°-75°之间的宽广水域这儿有世界著名的墨西哥暖流以每昼夜0-190千米流过,且多漩涡、台风和龙卷风不仅如此,这儿海深达000-5000米,有波多黎各海沟,深7000米以上,最深达918米摘自百度百科 019961

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